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  1. For my money, she stole the show in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  2. Michigan will run the ball down their throats. It won’t be pretty. The question is whether Michigan’s defense can limit TCU’s big plays. TCU really depends on those.
  3. He has the quickest release of any QB I’ve seen, other than The GOAT. I guess that’s what comes from leading the league in getting sacked for a couple of seasons.
  4. Please feel free to join the Eagles’ live stream celebration today at 11:30 a.m. Eastern. https://www.stedwardeagles.com/live-broadcast
  5. Irish will play South Carolina in the Gator Bowl, Dec. 30.
  6. I would buy a ticket to see that. For what it’s worth, Calpreps: PROJECT A MATCHUP neutral field [2022] St. Edward (Lakewood, OH) 31 (87%), [2022] Center Grove (Greenwood, IN) 14 (13%)
  7. Moeller last won in 2013, Ignatius in 2011. There's a new sheriff in town.
  8. #20 Lakewood (OH) St. Edward defeats Springfield, 28-14, to win the Ohio Div. 1 title. That gives the Eagles rings for 2010, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021 and 2022. If there was any doubt before, it’s now clear that the mighty, mighty Eagles have surpassed St. X, Elder, St. Ignatius, Moeller, and the rest as Ohio’s premier program. As always, it’s a great day to be an Eagle!
  9. Heard today that Buchner was QB1 in the first 2 practices this week, to Pyne’s very obvious dissatisfaction.
  10. Actually, just a reflection of the times. Pyne knew he wasn’t going to be the starter in the Spring, when Buchner had recovered from his shoulder surgery. So, why risk his value to another program by participating in the bowl game, where he might get injured.
  11. Coaches, publicize this to your seniors who have played their last football games. A great way to stay connected to the game.
  12. The Div. 2 championship game featured two one-loss teams … both of whom lost only to St. Edward this year.
  13. No love for the Eagles? Division I – Friday, 7:30 p.m. No. 1 Lakewood St. Edward (14-1) vs. No. 4 Springfield (13-1)
  14. No doubt the multiplier is a blunt instrument, while a success factor actually addresses the issue in a more focused fashion.
  15. The IHSAA “claims a monopoly” on broadcast rights in the same way you claim a monopoly on the sale of your home. You are entitled to the “monopoly” because you are the exclusive owner of the product. It’s the IHSAA’s tournament. They take the risk, they’re entitled to a reasonable return on their investment.
  16. I’m happy to pass along suggestions about rules or officiating-related topics. But on something like this, my opinion carries no more weight than that of any other fan. I try to stay in my lane.
  17. Calpreps has the Eagles as a 4 pt. favorite, with a 60% chance of winning, FWIW.
  18. Sort of goes against the notion that it’s all about the $$, doesn’t it?
  19. Cue @Lysanderas to why that could never happen.
  20. Strictly my personal opinion, but I don’t find it useful to compare costs like that…because the experiences are not comparable. Two totally different animals. For me, the question is which do I like better, and is it worth the cost, including the investment of my time.
  21. Sunglasses are legal. This is a safety rule. In the event of a head injury, medical personnel need to see the kid’s eyes, while stabilizing his neck. Sunglasses can be removed. A tinted visor must be detached from the helmet, more difficult to do while stabilizing the neck.
  22. Correct. Doesn’t matter if you have a letter personally signed by the Surgeon General. No tint in visors. The rule specifically states that any eye shield attached to the helmet must be “Clear without the presence of any tint.”
  23. It’s early in the morning, but I can’t find a path to donate. Is there a link somewhere?
  24. I’d like to see the line items on the “anal budget” first.😉
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