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  1. Got my NF rulebook, and it contains some more discussion of this year’s Points of Emphasis, including formations. It’s clear that the emphasis is on 2 things: 1. Offensive linemen who are actually not on the line because they don’t have a head or foot breaking the plane drawn through the waist of the snapper. 2. “Backs” who are not clearly in the backfield. “If an offensive player lines up by intersecting the waistline of the tackle, but not the snapper, Team A has committed an illegal formation foul because all Team A players must be a lineman or back.” We have been told unambiguously to enforce these rules as written. #2 is, IMO, the most overlooked penalty in HS football. It will be interesting to see if this causes problems.
  2. Undeniably his greatest cinematic performance.
  3. Bait. If we define “female” as someone who, at birth, has 2 X chromosomes, and a “male” as someone who, at birth, has both an X and a Y chromosome, what do we call those who, at birth, do not present with either of those configurations?
  4. When I was a little kid, and I’d play catch in the backyard with my brother, he would be Mickey Mantle, and I would be Willie Mays. I followed his career always. He was my first “sports hero.” Simply put, he was the greatest baseball player to ever walk between the white lines. The term “5 tool player” was invented for him. R.I.P. Willie.
  5. Using Lake County as an example, in 2023 the salary range for Deputy Prosecutors (the guys who actually try the cases) was from $87K - $137K. Assuming the top end guys are the ones trying the big felony cases, a top flight criminal defense lawyer in a decent sized urban area would make several times that. Of course, there are also advantages to being a prosecutor: you don’t have overhead, there are no worries as to whether you’ll get paid, and for the most part, you have a better client to work for.
  6. For what job? Are we hiring new law school grads, or trying to lure experienced attorneys from private practice?
  7. There are plenty of attorneys. This article focuses on one very small slice of the legal business pie: criminal felony prosecution and defense. The vast majority of attorneys graduating from law school will (hopefully) never see the inside of a criminal courtroom. The answer to the “shortage” is very simple. Pay prosecutors and public defenders more, and you will find more attorneys willing to assume those roles. The “shortage” is not the number of attorneys. The shortage is the salary the government is willing to pay.
  8. How many on here are old enough that they actually saw him play? I did. He was arguably the best player in the league at his position for several years. The first great shooter I can remember seeing. If the NBA had a 3 pt. line when he played, he’d probably be the all time career points leader.
  9. You can be a fashion follower … or a fashion setter.
  10. Both of you, please stop. There is only one helmet in college football that’s real gold.
  11. I want kids to be free to choose a school environment that allows them to maximize their potential, whatever their ambitions might be.
  12. Couldn’t have come up with a better example of what I’m talking about if I tried. And your reading of my posts is, apparently, very selective. But that, too, fits the pattern.
  13. This is the part of the so-called “debate” I find most objectionable. The demonizing of opponents and the trashing of institutions because the outcome was unfavorable. This is simply a substitute for critical thinking by those too lazy to actually have a reasoned discourse. Don’t agree with the jury’s verdict in the Trump case? Never mind analyzing the evidence and forming your own conclusion. Simply rail at the vindictive prosecutor, the political appointee judge, the 12 “woke” New York jurors. Intellectual laziness and/or dishonesty. No, he doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean the mold he does fit is any better.
  14. So, in a single post you compared Trump to both Jesus and a psycho killer. Congratulations, I think you win the internet today.
  15. I liked the old days better, too. But I am hard-pressed to come up with logical arguments against extending NIL and free transfers, to high school players. Maybe you have one?
  16. Just curious as to why you think it is ridiculous. If a high school kid gets a part time job while he’s in school, we call him industrious. If your kid was a whiz at math, what’s wrong with enrolling him in a school where he can develop that ability to the fullest? Why do we look at athletics differently than “real life?”
  17. @temptation is going to be pissed about this: https://fanrecap.com/56_ohio-state-buckeyes-helmet-crowned-the-most-iconic-in-college-football-history/ Ohio State Buckeyes’ Helmet Crowned The Most Iconic In College Football History In the pantheon of college football, few symbols are as instantly recognizable or steeped in tradition as the helmets worn by the players on the field. A recent ranking by 247Sports has crowned an iconic piece of headgear as the pinnacle of college football helmets, and it hails from the Big Ten. The Ohio State Buckies’ helmet, a dazzling silver complemented by distinctive Buckeye leaf stickers, has been named the most iconic helmet in the rich tapestry of college football history. This coveted designation underscores the helmet’s enduring legacy and aesthetic appeal across the sports landscape. Occupying the top spot in 247Sports’ rankings, the Ohio State helmet is celebrated not only for its striking silver color but also for the scarlet, white, and black stripes that have become synonymous with the Buckeyes’ brand since 1979. This design, while having undergone minor variations, has remarkably remained consistent up to the 2024 season, a testament to its timeless allure. While several college programs have adopted the practice of adorning their helmets with stickers, Ohio State’s green “Buckeye” decals have set the standard. These symbols of achievement and honor on the field have become a defining feature of what many consider to be the best helmet look in college football. In addition to the classic design, the Ohio State football program has also introduced a range of alternate helmets in recent years. Among these are versions in black, a throwback to scarlet, camouflage gray, and a two-toned variety with broader stripes, each adding a fresh twist to the iconic look without straying from the elements that make it truly special. The Ohio State helmet, with its blend of tradition, uniqueness, and visual appeal, stands out as not just a piece of protective equipment, but as a key component of one of the coolest and most recognizable looks in all of college football.
  18. In this context, I believe “draining the swamp” means getting rid of the other guy’s alligators so you can stock the swamp with your own.
  19. I was right all along … just not in the exact way I had hoped. This is a special kid. https://fightingirish.com/dear-notre-dame-from-tyler-buchner/
  20. Currently, the over/under on how many times @Coach Nowlin watches each episode of “Hard Knocks” is 2-1/2.
  21. Would you have felt the same way had there been an acquittal? I doubt it. The rule of law is not something that depends on the outcome. This is the USA, not some 3rd world tinpot dictatorship. When the law doesn’t go your way, you swallow hard, abide by the result, and move on.
  22. I worked his last high school game: a semistate loss to Sheridan and Nick Zachary. He was fabulous. Zachary was fabulous-er.
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