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  1. These twins from St. Edward just committed to the Buckeyes. After all, today is “Two for Tuesday.”
  2. Not interested in hijacking the thread by turning it into a debate about the motivations involved in organized education-based athletics.
  3. And the IHSAA operations will be funded by charitable donations. 😂😅🤣
  4. OK, call it “growing up.” But I think, at bottom, your concept of the mission of a high school is narrower than mine.
  5. Calpreps says the 2022 CG would beat 2022 Oakland on a neutral field in a very close game. PROJECT A MATCHUP neutral field [2022] Center Grove (Greenwood, IN) 30 (57%), [2022] Oakland (Murfreesboro, TN) 28 (43%)
  6. The most successful athletic team in University history chalks up its 13th NCAA championship, this one a three-peat.
  7. Nice indoor practice facility. https://oaklandpatriotsfootball.weebly.com/facilities.html
  8. I doubt they’re afraid to play anyone … but I get your point. 😉 Hats off to CG. First, St. Ed’s, now these guys. They play in 6A, Tennessee’s largest school division. Oakland High School - State Champs - 1984, 1998, 2008, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022 State Runner-Up - 1988, 1989, 2016
  9. Assuming he avoids indictment, I hope for the good of the country he just declares “victory,” and goes away.
  10. The phrase that comes to mind is “oral contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.” 😂
  11. Once a kid commits well ahead of time, it really cuts down on the # of competitors. In the new world of NIL many commits flip when a better deal comes along.
  12. There have been a few Eagles who have flown north over the years, starting with my classmate, Jim Lyall, back in the 70s..
  13. Let the real recruiting begin! I’ve got a $25 donation to the GID that says he doesn’t go there.
  14. Consensus appears the be the Bears take an offensive tackle with their #9 pick. I love it. Either the kid from Northwestern or the one from Ohio State. https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/the-player-matt-eberflus-has-been-watching
  15. Indiana Preps is reporting that ‘24 Cathedral QB Danny O’Neil has committed to Colorado & Coach Prime.
  16. Nope. Just buy guns. Then you won’t have any trouble getting gold or seeds. 🤣
  17. Both state champs in Div. 1 & 2, respectively.
  18. I actually thought about that. Maybe give the varsity a bye week and just bring the JV.
  19. We have had a pretty good presence from Linton on here in the past. I’d love to have someone share what the thought process was in Linton making this game. The Miners are a traditionally very successful program, with a great fan base … for an Indiana 2A school. But Hoban is on a totally different level. Take last season as an example. Linton finished 13-1 in 2A, losing only to eventual state champ Mater Dei in the semistate. A great season. But think about Linton trying to match up with Center Grove. Hoban was Div. 2 (corresponding roughly to Indiana’s 5A) state runner up … which is actually below their average finish in the last 8 seasons. Yet, Calpreps has this to say about a matchup between Hoban and Center Grove last year: neutral field [2022] Archbishop Hoban (Akron, OH) 35 (73%), [2022] Center Grove (Greenwood, IN) 26 (27%) That’s how good an average Hoban team is … compared to Indiana’s 3 time defending 6A champs. The better question is why would Hoban want this game? Beating a 2A school doesn’t do much for their point accumulation under Ohio’s playoff qualification system. Even though Linton is likely to have a successful season, Hoban won’t accumulate a lot of “second level” points, since Linton plays small schools. It’s a head-scratcher.
  20. Perhaps there is a lack of appreciation for the fact that coaches are teaching when they are coaching. There have been innumerable posts on this Forum extolling football as a sport that teaches valuable life lessons … a contention with which I wholeheartedly agree. Coaches direct that instruction.
  21. Is this true? Starting in 2015, Hoban won 5 of 6 Div. 2 championships, and they’ve been runners up the last 2 seasons. They routinely go toe to toe with Div. 1 heavyweights St. Edward and St. Ignatius. According to Calpreps, if the 2022 versions of these teams had played on a neutral field, the Knights win 62-13, fwiw.
  22. Frankly, I’m not sold on Rogers’ ability to lead a team through the inevitable adversity they will encounter during the long regular season and in the playoffs. Not sure how well his hand-picked list of free agent cronies will sell in the locker room if they don’t come out of the gate hot. Bottom line — I don’t trust him. The Jets may have been a QB away, but I don’t believe it’s that particular QB.
  23. Balance of power in the AFC may have shifted overnight. Chiefs lose their All-Pro left tackle Orlando Brown to free agency. He signs with their principal rival, the Bengals. Great move by the Bengals to keep Joe Burrow upright. Whatever “gap” there was between the Chiefs and Bengals just narrowed significantly.
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