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  1. Indianapolis Lutheran at Sheridan will be on Shine99TV.com
  2. So, I'm confused. Are you for the contraction of ALL 1A football? Or just the programs that have continuing failed programs?
  3. Why are there so many large school people trying to do away with football in the small schools on here? Seriously. So because schools only have 300 students, they shouldn't be allowed to play football? How dumb of a mindset is that?
  4. I haven't watched a second of SA or LCC this season, but I can confirm that Sheridan benefited greatly from playing in the Hoosier Conference. If a 1A school can hang in that conference, it sets them up great for the tournament.
  5. An absolute thriller in Sheridan last night against Delphi! Hawks pull out a 36-35 win following a TD with 26 seconds left in the game and 2 point conversion. Delphi attempted a game-winning FG with 5 seconds left, but the kick was short and wide right. You can check out the full broadcast at Shine99TV.com.
  6. All Sheridan football games will be broadcast live on Shine99TV.com
  7. Shine99TV.com will be live video streaming all Sheridan football games.
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