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  1. I just realized 16 will be losing BNL too since the Stars are now a 4A school. If Cathedral gets moved up to 6A and New Palestine gets moved back to 4A then I could see Whiteland, Franklin, Columbus East, and Seymour being in sectional 14. Then I could see sectional 16 going back to an alignment they used in the past where Floyd Central, New Albany, Castle, and Evansville North are together.
  2. With the addition of Dugger Union next year and Purdue Polytechnic the following year, that would basically give you 32 teams in 5A and 6A and 63 teams from 1A-4A, and you would still have one team left over to throw into one of the classes.
  3. With Jeffersonville now back in 6A, I wonder if the sectional will shrink to four teams or if they will pull someone else in as the fifth team. Probably depends on who’s in 5A once the IHSAA determines who’s moving up and who’s moving down due to the success factor.
  4. @HoopsCoach released the new enrollment numbers in another thread and Madison’s enrollment dropped by over 100. They are now firmly in 3A.
  5. According to the new Department of Education enrollment numbers that @HoopsCoach posted in another thread, here are the enrollment numbers and rankings within the state. 29. Jeffersonville - 2,099 43. Floyd Central - 1,854 47. New Albany - 1,787 54. Seymour - 1,604 60. Columbus East - 1,534 69. BNL - 1,391 82. Jennings County - 1,180 Jeff, Floyd Central, Seymour, and East all experienced some growth. New Albany, BNL, and Jennings County all shrunk. I understand why Jennings County shrunk but what’s the deal with New Albany and BNL?
  6. Madison applied to join the Mid-Southern Conference last February after Clarksville announced it was leaving. The conference’s principals voted to table the application and stick with eight for the 2021-2022 school year.
  7. Unfortunately, I don’t quite remember if the two tried to get in the EIAC. However, I do know they both were heavily considering it.
  8. Maybe I’m incorrect but the last few years it seems Lawrenceburg has also distanced themselves from the rest of the conference, sans East Central. The Trojans have some distance between themselves and Lawrenceburg and then the Tigers have some distance between themselves and the other six teams in the conference. Therefore, if East Central were to leave as you suggested, wouldn’t it just be Lawrenceburg’s conference to win every year?
  9. Would you want Jennings County and Madison in place of Rushville and Connersville? I believe both Madison and the former North Vernon High School were once part of the conference. JC and Madison both seem to be a better fit for the EIAC these days than they do (or, in Madison’s case, did) the HHC.
  10. This is why I don’t want to coach. I’d get myself in trouble because I would’ve asked her why she wasn’t coaching if she knew so much about it.
  11. I’m a huge fan of the AD. I’ve always said the previous regimes stunk because they never brought an outsider in. The school has a history of losing so bringing in your own begets more losing. A culture change was needed. Luckily, Cory Stevens was hired in from the Chicago area and he has a vision of building the athletic department into a winner. He’s upset the status quo but has found he actually has a lot more support from the community than what people would’ve originally thought. He has made a couple of good football hires now and the baseball coach he brought in seems to be a winner as well. While wrestling has gone down a bit, boys and girls cross country have been really good and the boys track team has been winning sectional titles in recent years. On top of that, both the boys and girls basketball teams are having great years this year thus far. The girls have been on the rise for awhile while the boys shot up this year with their combination of experience and tremendous shooting ability. These are some exciting times right now in the county and there’s starting to become an energy around here again. Hopefully it continues. It’s long overdue in this county.
  12. It should be noted that the Mount Vernon program Vasilchek inherited was on a 20-game losing streak. It’s also important to note Vasilchek is a native of Evansville, Indiana and played college football at Kentucky Wesleyan where he graduated in 2003. He stayed on at the school as a tight ends coach after graduating before taking a couple of assistant coaching jobs at Indiana high schools (not sure where). I found an article about him from when he took over the Mount Vernon job in Washington. Here’s his quote about his offensive scheme. “I like to run the spread, but run first,” he said. “It’s no-huddle with a little different pace. Yes, it’s a running game out of a spread formation.” Here’s what the article said about his defensive scheme. On defense, Vasilchek runs an active 3-5 scheme with multiple blitzes. It’s a defense, he said, that doesn’t require big players.
  13. Just did some research on this guy and here’s what I found. Luella High School Lions (Luella, GA - 45 minutes south of Atlanta) 2010 (5A): 3-7 2011 (5A): 4-6 2012 (6A): 2-8 2013 (6A): 5-6 *clinched playoffs* 2014 (5A): 5-5 2015 (5A): 4-6 2016 (4A): 5-6 *clinched playoffs* - 28-44 (.389) record over seven seasons with two playoff appearances. - First coach in school history to clinch a playoff spot more than once. Mount Vernon High School Bulldogs (Mount Vernon, WA - 1 hour north of Seattle) 2017 (4A): 4-6 2018 (4A): 8-3 *clinched playoffs* 2019 (4A): 5-5 *clinched playoffs* - 17-14 (.548) record over three seasons with two playoff appearances. -Ended the school’s 21-game losing streak to their rival. Went 3-0 against them during his tenure. -First coach in school history to clinch back-to-back playoff appearances. Totals: 45-58 (.437) record over ten seasons with four playoff appearances. My takeaway is that this guy has a track record of taking over bad programs and finding some success with them. Whether he can do that long-term is a reasonable question as his coaching tenure has never exceeded seven years at a particular school. Nevertheless, the short-term results are there and I think this is an exciting hire for a school that is in a similar situation as Vasilchek’s previous two head coaching stops.
  14. New Albany’s non-conference schedule is now complete on John Harrell’s website. The Bulldogs will once again play Gibson Southern in week 2. Floyd Central is the only team in the conference that doesn’t have its non-conference opponents listed.
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