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  1. I’m impressed you have knowledge about a school in a county that borders Tennessee and Virginia. That’s nowhere near Indiana. Lol
  2. Didn’t know much about Bell County except that, like Mount Vernon (Posey), their enrollment is in the 600s. Maybe I’m not giving those schools enough credit, but I penalized them both for that.
  3. 2021 Non-Conference Schedules BNL: at Martinsville, at Bloomington North, vs Madison Columbus East: at Whiteland, vs Columbus North, at Indianapolis Chatard Floyd Central: at Louisville Male, vs Louisville Manual, vs Silver Creek Jennings County: at Norwell, vs Brown County, vs Madison Jeffersonville: vs Bell County (KY), at Mount Vernon (Posey), at Silver Creek New Albany: at Bloomington South, vs Gibson Southern, vs Bloomington North Seymour: at South Dearborn, vs Brownstown Central, at Madison If you had to rank these non-conference schedules, w
  4. Still wouldn’t work for conferences with an odd number of teams. There’s always going to be a week where a team doesn’t have a conference opponent.
  5. More than nine-team conferences with eight conference games?
  6. Yeah I completely understand. By no means was I favoring a nine game conference schedule. On the positive side, it’s super easy to schedule and you don’t have to worry about finding a non-conference opponent for a certain week. On the other hand, you don’t get a good grasp of how you measure up to other schools in the state. I know the Summit Athletic Conference has had a ten team, nine conference game schedule since 2015 and the Southern Indiana Athletic Conference started doing the same this past season. Nevertheless, the consensus from the players, coaches, and fans in the SAC is
  7. @DanteEstonia What’s your opinion on ten team conferences in which you play everyone and don’t have non-conference games? Like it? Dislike it?
  8. They were somehow able to make it work for four years but I’m sure each year provides a new challenge due to the fluidity of the scheduling throughout the state.
  9. Thought I’d post this article from the Seymour newspaper. http://www.tribtown.com/2021/05/14/three_local_conferences_to_have_different_look_in_fall-3/?fbclid=IwAR2Uoava93zYpYlYU-8n55TYDwdi-vp7sgkPI7KkgH9Ud9qdFCg08X8NC8Y The two main points as it relates to the HHC are: 1. Madison applied for membership to the Mid-Southern Conference. With Clarksville leaving the conference at the end of the school year, the MSC will be down to eight football schools (Brownstown Central, Charlestown, Corydon Central, Eastern (Pekin), North Harrison, Salem, Scottsburg, and Silver Creek). The M
  10. Crazy to think Steve Cooley is now the longest-tenured coach in the HHC. He’ll only be in his fifth season.
  11. As much as I hate to compliment our rival, I have to agree. They have such a good athletic program and there’s a lot of value to the school overall.
  12. What’s the reasoning for why they wanted separation?
  13. Yeah but Columbus North is the Bull Dogs (two words) so there’s that. 😂
  14. Interesting. I had seen the student population had shrunk greatly over the last ten years but I didn’t realize they were considering going away from the three-school set-up.
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