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  1. Week 7 Predictions Bloomington North (3-3) at Columbus East (3-3): From 2012-2017, these two teams opened their seasons against one another with the Olympians winning all six games. Prior to that, they last played in 1998 which is the last time you can find a Cougar win. In total, East leads the series 12-4. As for tomorrow night, East’s winning streak is in jeopardy. While I cannot tell you firsthand what Bloomington North has personnel-wise, I have to believe they aren’t lacking in size and skill. They may not be the biggest or the most athletic, but any bit of either is enough to give East’s offense problems. Last week is a prime example of why East needs to put up points to be successful. As a matter of fact, East is 1-19 since 2007 when they score less than 20 points. East’s defense is good but I don’t think the offense will do their part. Bloomington North wins. Floyd Central (3-3, 2-1 HHC) at Bedford North Lawrence (3-3, 3-1 HHC): The Highlanders have won four straight against the Stars and lead the all-time series 29-23. It’ll be interesting to see how Floyd Central performs in this game after such a huge win last week. Will they be level-headed and not take BNL for granted? I believe their approach to this game will decide the winner. Considering how they’ve performed thus far, it’s hard to go against them now. Floyd Central is my pick. Jennings County (1-5, 0-3 HHC) at Seymour (3-3, 3-1 HHC): Of all the HHC rivalries, it doesn’t get any more lopsided than this one. The Owls hold a 46-10 advantage and have won seven straight in the series. The Panthers haven’t even won two in a row against them since the 70s. There isn’t much to say here as I expect it to be a bloodbath. Seymour wins big. New Albany (1-5, 1-2 HHC) at Jeffersonville (1-4, 0-3 HHC): Another rivalry game, although this one is much better, as the Red Devils lead the series 41-36-2. The teams have traded wins the last four games and I wouldn’t be surprised if that continues this year. Jeff finally got in the win column last week after stifling Silver Creek and now they have a good chance of getting into the HHC win column this week. For the Bulldogs, this game is their best shot at picking up a second conference win. However, if Jeff stays poised and disciplined then they should be fine. I’m taking Jeff.
  2. Apologies to BNL and their fans. We have completely overlooked the fact they only have one loss as well.
  3. Yeah I think the lack of skill guys was very evident last night. It’s why I wasn’t critical of this loss like I was the first two. Granted, Whiteland and Columbus North were much tougher opponents. The issue I had, though, was the mismanagement of substitutions that either led to penalties or unnecessary timeouts. That seems to have gotten cleaned up since then. I try not to be critical but it’s hard. I was spoiled watching East dominate the HHC for 17 years. 13 of those years they were a threat to be a semi-state team at the very least. Even during the run, we all knew it could come to an end at any time but we didn’t expect it to go on as long as it did. I think that makes it harder. Nevertheless, nothing ever stays the same and context matters. I’m trying to be better and I think I have been. While this team likely won’t make it far in the tournament, I’m at least going to enjoy how the rest of the regular season goes. I think it’s going to be fun seeing three teams chase at least a share of an HHC championship. It hasn’t been this competitive in a long time. 2006 was the last time a conference championship was shared. 1990 was the last time it was shared by three teams.
  4. HHC Pick ‘Em Standings (after week 6) @LC_Bears_04 25/29 @Frozen Tundra 24/29 @Olympian06 24/29 @boilerfan87 23/29 @Owls2005 22/29 @mamasa 21/29 @Uncle Bubba 14/17 (.824) @swcgillespie 14/20 (.700) @Fkfootball 5/8 (.625)
  5. I’m not too confident in East though. They have the toughest remaining conference schedule of the three and I believe could end up losing either or both of their final two HHC games. East Week 8 - vs Jeffersonville Week 9 - at BNL Floyd Central Week 7 - at BNL Week 8 - at Jennings County Week 9 - vs New Albany Seymour Week 7 - vs Jennings County Week 8 - at New Albany Seymour has the easiest remaining schedule. They play the two worst teams in the conference. It’s their HHC championship to lose.
  6. Kudos to you for actually meeting with them. That took balls. Lol
  7. The offense was the thing that worried me about this game. Oh well. Just gotta take care of business and not overlook Jeffersonville or BNL. Both have the ability to beat us if we play offense like we did tonight.
  8. Bloomington North up 28-7 after the third quarter on New Albany
  9. Seymour 28 Brownstown Central 24 Final Jeffersonville leads 21-14 with 3:45 left
  10. Seymour with the touchdown and now up 28-24 with 1:21 left
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