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  1. Yeah I think Snider beats the winner of sectional 13 in the state championship. The Bloomington schools aren’t very reliable.
  2. Oh there actually was a debate? I thought @Impartial_Observer was just being funny.
  3. My opinion is that the top team in 5A isn’t legitimately a top 5 team in 5A. They’re just the only one that’s undefeated.
  4. Both Bloomington schools have their flaws. South has always had a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot with penalties. North doesn’t usually live up to expectations very well and has a tendency to play down to their competition. If either of them make it to semistate, I think it’ll be the end of the road. I think the state representative out of the south will come from sectional 13. Snider is still my pick to win it all though, even with last week’s loss to Homestead.
  5. I think it just comes back to what they’ve done so far this decade and how they’ve lost games a lot of people thought they’d win. I remember you and a lot of people saying they’d be sectional champs in 2020 only to get upset by Jeffersonville in the championship game. That shocked a lot of people, especially considering Floyd Central had beaten them by 35 and by 28 earlier in the year. In 2021, after East’s HHC win streak had ended at the hands of Seymour and the home winning streak ended two weeks later against New Albany, you and a lot of people predicted Floyd Central would be the next team to avenge nearly two decades of defeats. Instead, East won by 14. This was three weeks after Floyd Central had surprisingly lost to a Silver Creek team that had lost a lot of experience from the prior year’s 9-1 team. Then, last year, you and a lot of folks had Floyd Central winning the HHC. Instead, they opened HHC play with a loss to Seymour. Two weeks later, Floyd Central beat an East team that had beaten Seymour. Now the Highlanders were in position to clinch at least a share of an HHC title. Instead, they dropped their next two against teams they were favored to beat. BNL knocked them off and then Jennings County pulled a major upset and beat them. So that’s why folks like me and @Impartial_Observer are a little hesitant with your Highlanders. It’s nothing personal. Just feels like we’ve been let down by expectations. Personally, I think this year’s team is different but we will find out on Friday night and beyond.
  6. I guess my question is what has been the best team since that team? Is it this year’s team?
  7. This week’s games (week 7): BNL (4-2, 4-0 HHC) at 5A #10 Floyd Central (5-1, 3-0 HHC) Jeffersonville (0-6, 0-3 HHC) at New Albany (1-5, 1-2 HHC) Seymour (3-3, 2-2 HHC) at Jennings County (3-3, 0-3 HHC) Columbus East (2-4) at 5A #1 Bloomington North (6-0) Notes: -Floyd Central moved down one spot to #10 in the 5A media poll. They are still unranked in the 5A coaches poll and still not receiving votes. -Bloomington North is #1 in both the 5A media and coaches polls.
  8. Where does this team rank for you over the last 20 years? Top 3? #1?
  9. If they get drawn to opposite sides of the bracket, I highly doubt Seymour or Columbus East will stand in the way of a Bloomington North and Bloomington South showdown in the sectional championship.
  10. Even with Snider’s loss, I still think they’re the best team in 5A.
  11. Floyd Central is looking for its first HHC title in 20 years and its sixth overall. BNL is looking to win back-to-back HHC titles for the third time ever as well as its first outright HHC title since 1995. It would be their eighth HHC title overall. Considering Floyd Central’s remaining HHC games are Jennings County and New Albany, and BNL’s remaining HHC game is Columbus East, I’m pretty confident that the winner of Friday night’s game will go unbeaten in the HHC and be the outright champion.
  12. By the way, I’ve got nothing against you at all. I just don’t want this to be the hill you die on. Lol
  13. I didn’t think the crew was that bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve been to so many high school football games that I’ve seen the bar set really low. Maybe it’s because I lost focus due to my young daughters getting rambunctious after the first quarter and a half and not being able to sit still after that. Or maybe it’s because my team (Columbus East) stinks and I knew no matter how many calls favored us it still wasn’t going to influence the outcome of the game. I don’t know. What I can tell you is that I thought (for the first quarter and a half I was able to focus on the game) they did a pretty good job. Yes, the calls were heavily against Floyd Central during that time. However, they all looked legit to me except for one PI call where legs got tangled and the East receiver went down. Is it possible that there were missed calls on East that I didn’t see? Maybe. I’ve learned over the years that vantage points matter. There are times when one side of the field is throwing a fit and the other side is confused or critical of those throwing a fit. For example, in the 2014 semistate game at New Palestine, East had a receiver running down the visiting sideline and wasn’t able to haul in a long pass because the corner grabbed his outside hip to slow him up. We all threw a fit while the New Pal fans were across the field and not in position to see it. The officials were out of position to see it as well so it never got called. I’m sure there were missed calls against East that I never saw because of vantage points. Nevertheless, I now base my feelings on how the coaching staffs react. If they’re throwing a fit then I’m going to feel like it’s ok for me to be upset. If they’re not reacting then there’s no reason for me to react. I think fans get carried away sometimes and we want to act like we know the rules better than the refs or coaches involved. I think we also have a tendency to anticipate penalties or see them when they’re not actually there based on evidence presented to us. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard fans complain the other team’s o-line is holding when, in reality, they’re just frustrated that the other team’s o-line is so good. We’ve also got to be better about the ratio of calls. They shouldn’t always be dead even and, sometimes, they’re legitimately not even close to 50/50. I’ve seen the complaining in basketball too about how many fouls were called on each team or how many free throws were attempted by each team. Moral of the story? Let it go and move on. The result of the game wasn’t influenced by calls or the lack thereof. Floyd Central still whooped us as we all knew they would. Just my two cents.
  14. Yeah I believe that’s the case. Lots of folks live there with no previous ties to the county. Seems like a lot of the youth there move out once they become adults.
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