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  1. Pick ‘Em Standings (after week 5): @Frozen Tundra 19/24 @Olympian06 18/24 @LC_Bears_04 16/24 @boilerfan87 15/24 @mamasa 14/24 Quite a bit of movement this week.
  2. They won at Floyd Central 35-7 in the 2018 sectionals
  3. Based on how both teams played Jeffersonville, BNL should win comfortably. We’ll see though. Two weeks until that game.
  4. If Floyd Central remains unscathed, the week 9 rivalry game with New Albany will be for the conference championship. We’ll see if they can get by BNL though. It’s possible we could have co or tri champions depending on what those three teams do. Also, congratulations to Jennings County on scoring the HHC’s first non-conference win. That puts us 1-14 on the season 😂
  5. Floyd Central picks it off with 36 seconds to go. Victory formation and it’s over. Floyd Central 20 Jeffersonville 13 Final
  6. 45 yard touchdown pass by Floyd Central. They lead 20-13 with 44 seconds left Probably. I put my picks in this morning. Honestly, I didn’t even know you picked a game on here.
  7. I picked them too!!! Lol Jeffersonville ties it up with a touchdown. 13-13 with 2:02 left in the game. Floyd Central could be going to overtime for a second straight week.
  8. Jennings County 10 Madison 6 Final BNL 35 Seymour 29 Final
  9. Week 5 Predictions BNL (1-3, 1-1) at Seymour (1-2, 1-1): The Owls made history two weeks ago by snapping East’s 96 game HHC winning streak. However, COVID got in the way and caused them to take a week off. Has their momentum been ruined or can they build on the big win? The transitive property of inequality says if BNL is better than Jeffersonville and Jeffersonville is better than Seymour then BNL is better than Seymour. Seymour has a new QB, though, so that throws a wrench in things. Nevertheless, I’m taking BNL. I still remember how awful Seymour was the first two weeks of the season and I need to see more from them to be a believer. Floyd Central (0-4, 0-0) at Jeffersonville (1-2, 1-1): The Highlanders are FINALLY playing a conference game. They’re going to be looking to avenge last year’s upset loss to the Red Devils in sectionals. I have to think Floyd Central is more than prepared for the HHC after playing four really tough non-conference games. Floyd Central is my pick. Madison (2-2) at Jennings County (0-4): The Panthers are the first of three conference teams that get to face a Madison team no longer in the HHC. Say what you want about these two but the Railroad Rivalry is the second-closest rivalry (outside of Columbus East and Columbus North) involving an HHC team. Jennings County leads the overall series 30-27 and has won seven out of the last 11 games after things were tied up 23-23 in 2010. However, the Cubs can put up points and win games which is something Jennings County hasn’t shown they’re capable of. I have Madison winning by a lot. New Albany (2-2, 2-0) at Columbus East (1-3, 1-1): If the Olympians want to extend their record of 17 straight HHC championships, they’re going to have to win out the rest of their conference games. A second loss would pretty much end the streak unless a miracle of Biblical proportions occurred. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs look like the best team in the conference. Unless the Seymour loss somehow rejuvenated East, I don’t see anyone competing with New Albany outside of maybe Floyd Central. New Albany gets the W.
  10. Pick ‘Em Standings (after week 4): @Olympian06 17/20 @Frozen Tundra 16/20 @boilerfan87 14/20 @mamasa 14/20 @LC_Bears_04 13/20 @Fkfootball 9/16
  11. Yes but who are we to tell them what’s best for them? That’s not our job to decide that. They left after the 2020-2021 academic year because that was the right time for them.
  12. The last time they beat Center Grove was the last time they won a sectional, 2007. It’s been eight straight losses to Center Grove since that time and only one of those games was close. The average margin of defeat has been 29 points.
  13. First of all, there are more sports than just football. Secondly, it doesn’t really matter. The HHC won’t magically get better at football just because Madison is gone. Having that extra opening to schedule a third non-conference opponent isn’t going to change things.
  14. To be fair, nobody knew East was going to win 17 straight conference titles. Heck, even those of us that went to East didn’t foresee us winning three straight. We thought we’d drop off after Stevie Brown graduated. Then we thought we’d drop off after Drew Kiel graduated. Then we thought we’d drop off after the last Kiel (Gunner) graduated.
  15. Wasn’t meant as a knock. Just thought it should be pointed out 6A size in Kentucky isn’t the same as in Indiana.
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