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  1. Webo/Chatard/LCC will either be playing in a class up again for the next 2 years (making 3 years in the SF) or they only do 1 year and reset everything (wipe the slate)… I highly doubt (with almost a 99% certainty) that the IHSAA is not going to go through this exercise again (enrollment, sectional alignments, etc.) next year to ensure 3 schools stay up for their mandatory 2 year cycle. Wherever the IHSAA puts us (Webo), we’ll show up and play.
  2. Disagree completely... Had zero to do with Race... it had everything to do with competition and $.
  3. I don't need to compare Popeye... You are certainly entitled to your opinion.
  4. I get you trying to prop up your kid. But I think you are trying to compare Apples to Oranges. Brady Allen was the best QB in the State. In my opinion, Caden Curry was the best football player. I also know that it is extremely difficult for a Lineman (OL or DL) to win this award because many look directly at Stats.
  5. From an outsider that all makes sense... Unless I am an AD/Coach at an HCC School in which it will become much more difficult to win a conference championship in football, country club sports, and even basketball. Fans and parents can discuss how the HCC is the strongest conference in Indiana or even the MW, but there is literally no value in that. Neither are bringing TV money... Other than an arguable comment about being the best conference, what is the actual value to HCC member schools? Again, it makes complete sense for both CG & Carmel to want to join...
  6. I don't know that this is 100% accurate. CG (and Carmel) needs to do what's best for them first and foremost. The frustration of having small gates for the "money maker sports" because the MIC fans do not travel well isn't a secret to anyone on this board. And though the MIC and the 6 Township schools can send out their statement about being "athletics should not drive a decision" is actually about the $. That said, when Colleges go through a Conference re-alignment typically it is around $. B1G bringing in Rutgers (so they can tap into the NY/NJ/East coast market), OK/TX going to SEC, etc. What does Carmel/CG bring to the HCC? Carmel dominates the country club sports, CG has dominated football the last 2 years, and both are pretty good at basketball. It's not like either bring significant $ (like colleges with TV contracts) so what would be the reason to allow both into the conference? Seems like it benefits CG/Carmel but not necessarily benefits most of the HCC Schools... A bigger gate (though most HCC schools travel pretty well), is that the draw to the HCC?
  7. UIndy also got a commitment from Zionsville RB Colin Price. I believe he was a 4 year starter at ZVille.
  8. I wonder if there are shake ups amongst not just the HCC & MIC... But perhaps the Mid State also? Does this shuffle other conferences in the Indy Metro Area... How? And I wouldn't be so sure... Also, what is the timing of this? Effective at the end of 2021-2022 School Year??
  9. Yearly reminder.... If they made the top 50 team, they won't be on their respective Class All-State Team. IFCA TOP 50 All-State 2021 https://ifca.net/download/IFCA-Mr.-Football-Position-WINNERS-2021.pdf IFCA COY & ACOY 2021 IFCA Class 1A SR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 1A JR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 2A SR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 2A JR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 3A SR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 3A JR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 4A SR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 4A JR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 5A SR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 5A Jr All-State 2021 IFCA Class 6A SR All-State 2021 IFCA Class 6A JR All-State 2021
  10. Not at all. I just believe that this is a 1 year cycle and they reset the sectionals this year. I am giving my opinion on what I think will happen, not "praying" for anything. This we agree on.
  11. I believe they are also putting a housing subdivision in Pittsboro as well. Danville is adding 3 large subdivisions and I believe it will be a matter of time before they are 4A (Danville will probably get to 4A before Tri-West).
  12. I am almost 100% certain it will be reclassified this year. Sectionals realigned with enrollment and success factors. It's either a 1 year cycle or a 3 year cycle. It would be nice if the IHSAA would clarify all of this. Clearly we all have differing opinions of how we interpret what they put out last March/April. There is a thread somewhere discussing this very thing.
  13. error on my part… I think CG will win by double digits… Have no idea why Input Westfield. Editing my post now
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