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  1. Posted by IndyStar last night. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/01/07/indiana-high-school-football-2019-class-6-a-all-state-team/2836124001/ (if you open the link all classes are there)
  2. I believe it is only in the 2nd half when it starts. The rule "goes away" after Sectionals.
  3. 2A: Webo, Evansville MD, Lewis Cass, and then either Andrean or Eastbrook. OR the Top 4 here:
  4. Webo Youth league is taught the offense that Coach Pelley runs. With that said, he adapts to his personnel too. So while everyone from 2nd-6th grade knows the base offense, by the time they hit High School they can adapt to the personnel they have. Webo lined up and that base offense (with success) all year. But you would see them going to a pistol set or spread set too. I believe if your kids can teach/run a base of what the high school runs, you are already ahead.
  5. Congrats to Charlie! His numbers may never be touched (or even get closed to being touched).
  6. One could argue that ISU/NDSU is bigger football than the Chicago Bears.
  7. Perhaps you should go start your own message board/forum... OH WAIT.....
  8. You should probably leave that to Dave Ballou
  9. Kevin Wright Hired Dave Ballou (from Avon Standout and IU player) as a Strenght & Conditioning Coach away from Avon when Wright got the HC job at IMG. Ballou left 2 or 3 years ago and went to Notre Dame for a year and is now at IU. I am guessing Kevin Wright has an offer on the table from a Division I program... Whether thats a Coordinator/Position Coach or a HC job at a lower level Division I program.
  10. Coach, you are allowed to have your opinion thats what makes this forum great. You saw Adams twice and his stats (which are crazy). Wright called plays at the line and audible out of stuff as he saw Defenses. He didnt have to throw for for yards... I kept waiting for Defenses to stack just so he could throw it. Eastbrook kind of did that and Spencer did what Spencer does and he made plays. I feel like because Spencer didnt throw for 2500 yards people will say he is underserving. But for those that watched all 30 games he played in the last 2 years know how good he is. I honestly believe Webo doesnt win back to back titles without 7 behind center and I think that in large part is why he is a finalist.
  11. Ask the IFCA. They are the ones that selected him. Did either of one of them win back to back State Championships?
  12. I think a lot of it has to do with him winning State in back to back years and the stats he put up in both State Finals games. 2018 25/35 330 yards 4 Tds and 1 Int & 84 yards Rushing 2019 14/18 254 yards, 2 Tds & 1 INT & 56 yards Rushing
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