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  1. Tri-West (Northwest Hendricks school Corp) is putting in a big facilities upgrade with includes field turf.
  2. I am not trying to make it anything... Seeger is the only school in Warren County. They have had success. My point was/is that does the success come from good Community support or does the community support come from the success?
  3. Explain Western Boone... or Seeger Memorial? Both have multiple small towns and multiple elementaries that feed into 1 Jr High and High School. There isn't a parade from homecoming around the "town". I think you will find instances of both support/pride and instances of programs that stuggle to get that. It really is what came first the chicken (success) or the egg (support/pride/identity)?
  4. The IFCA All State Teams have been announced and most Region All Star Teams (that lead to the North/South Game selections) have been picked. Why is the AP All-State team so important?
  5. Southport Hires Alex Bettag according to Southport Athletics Twitter http://www.perryschools.org/featured/shs-names-new-head-football-coach/ @Coach Nowlin
  6. They have classes, but the last few years the success have pieces for a few classes the last few years that have made them successful. They will lose 10 seniors. 6 or 7 that played a lot (1 that would have, but was injured early in the year). They played a lot of Sophomores last year and a couple of Freshman. The Coaching Staff has done a really good job getting kids to buy in and they do a really good job of preparing the kids and adjusting their plans with the talent they have. They have been in 3A in the past, but as XStar mentioned, they have ran into some really good teams during the
  7. Congratulations to Western Boone's Luke Marsh named 2nd Team All American by Max Preps. Marsh was the only athlete named from Indiana. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/wbPC-KBOd0midbr_6bzsbg/2020-maxpreps-small-school-high-school-football-all-america-team-.htm
  8. But wouldn't those kids HAVE to be enrolled in some school (somewhere)? My assumption is that regardless if they went in person every day, did full remote, or did a hybrid they were enrolled in some school corporation.
  9. Congrats to Carson Steele! https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/12/18/indiana-mr-football-2020-winner-carson-steele-center-grove-eric-moore/3951341001/
  10. One of those kids is going to West Point (Miller). Kermode is going to play at the next level as well.
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