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  1. Western Boone At Mooresville on Wednesday (6/29)
  2. I am not sure the Sagamore survives in the next 2-3 years... Gut feel. @superjay mentioned something I hadn't heard, but it's certainly interesting... Just don't know the level of detail that would go into putting something like that together. I just wonder if Danville, Tri-West, Lebanon all outgrow the Sag and start looking for something that makes more sense for them to prepare for playoffs... Danville has approved 3 new housing neighborhoods, I believe there is 1 or 2 around the Tri-West area that may come to fruition, and Lebanon is adding growth/housing (not to mention a LARGE industrial project coming). Here is the Conf. Champioins in Football..
  3. Exactly... Or just because is school is good in football it may not be a good fit in terms of geography, school population, & competitiveness in other sports..
  4. I don't see this for WeBo... Going to Triton Central for a Thursday Night Freshman Basketball game makes zero sense... Football wise, maybe. not for the other Sports.
  5. Yes, the FB page still exists.. I find it somewhat comical that he copies and pastes quite a bit of stuff from here and is asking for sponsors/$. The best thing he does is the coach interviews.
  6. We would never hear the end of it from Cody... 😂
  7. Crawfordsville Open and Clinton Prairie closed https://www.journalreview.com/stories/schlicher-named-new-coach-of-gophers-steps-away-from-chs-football,187576
  8. Yes, much like basketball there could be a chance that you play a Semi-State home game. As for 4-6A wanting to let smaller schools play at their facility... Not sure the difference is if a 1A school is playing basketball at Seymour vs a 1A football team playing there? We also don't seed the basketball tourney either. Not sure what "losses" the host school would have (unless you are talking about a torn up field)? There are a lot of questions, I agree... But I don't understand that thoughts of we do it in basketball and not football...
  9. It's my understanding the AD's submit packages to host Sectionals, Regionals, Semi-States in Basketball.. Certainly seating as well as probably many other things are taken into account when this occurs. It could be done with Football... Semi-State hosts to have plenty of seating & a turf field. Little to no maintenance (at least not additional unless there is a snow storm). Track hosts have to have at least an 8 lane track.. Why couldn't it be mandated that Semi-State hosts have to have Turf? Good points by both @foxbat& @oldtimeqb
  10. I believe Mater Dei is in the same boat... 5 points.. Regional Championship in 2020, Semi State Champion (State Runner up) in 2021.
  11. I honestly don't care. We beat Luers and Mater Dei in 2020. I was just pointing out that those 3 schools in particular are not correct as far as the enrolment numbers that were released last week. No idea what other schools are or are not. I think ours is close and we are probably border line 2A or 3A.
  12. The enrolment numbers released are not correct... Andrean & Luers won't be 3A... Mater Dei will not be based on enrolment either.
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