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  1. When does the I can’t believe _______ (who is on Top 50) didnt make __A All-State start happening? **Edit— @Coach Nowlin already put the disclaimer out there. 😂
  2. Webo & Tri-West Share the Conference Title. Going into Sectionals 4 of them play each other 1st round. Lebanon & Frankfort both with a tough draws... Danville/TW round one is tough as it's a big rivalry game... Danville has struggled the last couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see how this one goes. The North Montgomery and Speedway game could be the game of the week. Webo gets Crawfordsville and South gets North Knox (have no idea other that they are 4-5 and will see a heavy dose of Woodall & Chadd.
  3. Sagamore Conference up for Grabs! TW vs Southmont Webo vs Lebanon
  4. Webo 31 Southmont 0 35 seconds left in 3rd
  5. Haven't been to Lebanon or Southmont yet, Muda? They both have it. It's obnoxious AF.
  6. I certainly think South will compete much more than they have in the past few years.
  7. You realize the Moore's are at North Putnam not North Vermillion, right?
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