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  1. I think it's a no brainer... Division I college assistant coach or High School varsity coach? If he truly wants to make Coaching a profession, then I think the choice is obvious.
  2. 09er is moving on again... WC is back open. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/05/28/warren-central-basketball-needs-coach-kristof-kendrick-leaves-bradley/1258716001/
  3. I am not how many have been able to see what the North Montgomery Basketball Coach did... I am sure a very difficult decision. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/05/07/indiana-low-teacher-wages-reason-north-montgomery-coach-quitting/1131644001/ You can see more on his Twitter (@CoachEvertts)
  4. 2019 & 2020 Sectionals: Crawfordsville and North Montgomery are in an absolute meat grinder of a sectional.
  5. Glad to see Coach Pelley, Coach Comer, Devin Weakley, Spencer Wright, and the Webo team get some more recognition.
  6. South vermillion is 2A, Danville should be in there some where
  7. That’s the million dollar question and has been asked after the last 2 or 3 Head Coaches have been hired.
  8. Spencer Wright (will be Sr.) Western Boone 145/220 2469 yards, 31 TDS 6 INTs 2018 2A State Champion
  9. I hope they find someone that can turn it around.
  10. Per his Twitter account. Congrats to KJ and the Tipton Fans.
  11. Hard to tell if they will be better, Webo lost 13 Seniors... It will be different... Not many 2A teams can do what Webo did last year and 2 platoon... Very few kids played both ways and those that did, weren't full time players both ways.
  12. INDIANA FOOTBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION REGION 6 ALL STARS 2019 OFFENSE Position First Last School Class Ht Wt C Luke Martindale Avon 6a 6'3" 290 OL Cameron Ginter Cascade 2a 6'1" 260 OL Drew Greiner Plainfield 5a 5'10 270 OL Jack Sherman Terre Haute North 5a 5'11" 270 OL Jalen Cox Brownsburg 6a 5'11" 270 TE Brayden Vanslyke Tri West 3a 6'2" 190 WR Logan Benson Western Boone 2a 6'4" 180 WR Jon Eineman Mooresville 4a 6'2" 195 QB Josh Wagner Zionsville 5a 6'3" 180 RB Levon Bellemy Edgewood 4a 6' 180 RB Dawson Bassinger North Central (Farmersburg) 1a 5'11" 185 RB Jase Dressler Terre Haute South 5a 5'10" 205 Kicker Blake Newton Tri West 3a 6' 180 Off At Large Gage Woodard North Vermillion 1a 5'10" 200 Off At Large Tommy Fossett Zionsville 5a 5'8" 165 DEFENSE Position First Last School Class Ht Wt DT Patrick Shallenberger Western Boone 2a 6'3" 215 DT Caleb Booher Plainfield 5a 5'10" 275 DE Lawson Aiken Brownsburg 6a 6'3" 240 DE Gavin Bollman Greencastle 3a 6'4" 220 ILB Devin Weakley Western Boone 2a 5'7" 165 ILB Dalton Scott South Putnam 1a 6'2" 180 OLB/SS Alex Griffith Avon 6a 6'1" 215 OLB/SS Daniel Fritzen North Montgomery 3a 6'1" 180 CB Jalen Peterson Avon 6a 5'10" 175 CB MJ Shelton Northview 4a 5'7" 175 FS Cameron Johnson Lebanon 4a 5'8" 180 FS Travis Griffey Martinsville 5a 6'2" 215 Punter Caleb Urban Martinsville 5a 5'7" 145 Def At Large Luke Sanford North Putnam 2a 6' 205 Def At Large Trevor Cook Northview 4a 5'8" 160 Manager Maddie Runyon Brownsburg 6a Head Coach Justin Pelley Western Boone 2a Asst Coach Jayme Comer Western Boone 2a
  13. So.... Did you take the baton back or what? No Head Coach is going to answer all of these questions on an internet board... Or answer them to someone who is outside his community. How do you assess the feeder/youth systems in January? Come on, Man!
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