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  1. Friday, Sep. 3 Danville 42, Lebanon 19 © Southmont 13, Seeger 0 Tri-West 61, Frankfort 14 © Western Boone 49, Crawfordsville 6 © Friday, Sep. 10 Danville at Crawfordsville ©, 7 pm Frankfort at Southmont ©, 7 pm North Montgomery at Lebanon ©, 7 pm Tri-West at Western Boone ©, 7 pm Game of the week is Tri-West at Western Boone. Not sure if North Montgomery is out of quarantine yet or if they are out this week also. Current Sag Standings: SAGAMORE ALL TIMES EASTERN CONFERENCE ALL GAMES W-L Pts OP W-L Pts OP Streak Tri-West 1-0 61 14 3- 0 120 66 Won 3 Danville 1-0 42 19 2- 1 83 87 Won 1 Western Boone 1-0 49 6 2- 1 130 47 Won 1 Southmont 0-0 0 0 3- 0 73 20 Won 3 North Montgomery 0-0 0 0 1- 0 30 0 Won 1 Frankfort 0-1 14 61 2- 1 62 87 Lost 1 Crawfordsville 0-1 6 49 0- 3 38 122 Lost 14 Lebanon 0-1 19 42 0- 3 28 107 Lost 4
  2. actually it's year 1 of the 1 year cycle. Because enrollment was not taken into affect this past year, the sectionals will be reset after this year.
  3. $6 at Western Boone. You can pay cash/card at the gate, or buy online prior to the game.
  4. Friday, Aug. 20 Danville 20, Franklin 13 Frankfort 20, Clinton Central 12 Greencastle 26, Crawfordsville 6 Mooresville 35, Lebanon 7 North Montgomery 30, North Putnam 0 Southmont 28, Fountain Central 13 Tri-West 34, Central Catholic 32 Western Boone 55, Sheridan 13 Friday, Aug. 27 Clinton Prairie at Frankfort, 7 pm Crawfordsville at West Vigo, 7 pm Mooresville at Danville, 7 pm North Montgomery at Hamilton Heights, 7 pm Southmont at North Putnam, 7 pm Tri-West at Plainfield, 7 pm Western Boone at Western, 7 pm Zionsville at Lebanon, 7 pm Western Boone @ Western has been moved to Saturday Morning at 10:00 am North Montgomery @ Heights has been cancelled.
  5. 4 days until Kick off. Week 1 Match ups Friday, Aug. 20 Danville at Franklin, 7 pm Fountain Central at Southmont, 7 pm Frankfort at Clinton Central, 7 pm Greencastle at Crawfordsville, 7 pm Central Catholic at Tri-West, 7 pm Lebanon vs. Mooresville, 6 pm, Lucas Oil North Putnam at North Montgomery, 7 pm Sheridan at Western Boone, 7 pm
  6. Luers will be really good. Athletes EVERYWHERE. I mean their D Tackle was back deep to return kickoffs last year. Mater Dei was young last year as well. Scecina has to get through HC again. I don't know what Pioneer has coming back, but both Lewellen brothers graduated, right?
  7. One has a 4A enrollment and One has a 2A enrollment. They both participate in the Sagamore where Webo has won the Sagamore in 2018 & 2019 (as one of the smallest schools in the conference) and as @Footballking16 pointed out Webo has beat them 7 out of the last 10 times. Webo 538 students (grades 9-12) Lebanon 1017 students (grades 9-12) And it doesn't appear there is a Drastic difference in economically disadvantaged (Webo 32.4%, Lebanon 37.9%)
  8. We do a lot of the same things out here. The kids see Coach Pelley and HS kids out at the youth games. There is a camp which is run by the HS Coaching Staff and players. Basic offense/defense are taught. There is a Youth Football Night during a varsity game where all youth teams are announced during halftime of a varsity game. Coach Pelley is involved in the youth program (on the Board) and was fitting youth kids last night for equipment.
  9. My whole basis of posting was around Webo being tied to that word in bold on the first post that DT posted. I am sure there is some truth to the underlined. The underlined and Your second paragraph is the advantages that typically P/P schools have.
  10. That wasn't the context DT provided... "Upscale Western Boone Nips Private School...." Numerous... How many is that 5? 7? 35? How many farming families do you know in the Webo community? I am not arguing there are kids in the Frankfort community that have kids that have to work to help support their family. But you throw DOE data as it is all encompasing. There are kids that have to work to support either themselves or family. I know "numerous" as well. But because Webo has had some success in football then they are a bunch of rich kids (which is false). Again, my basis for posting was the challenging of Webo being "Upscale". Doesn't have anything to do with Frankfort.
  11. The fact that DT called Webo Upscale while being a farming community. We aren't Carmel, Fishers, or even Zionsville. I honestly don't understand... You guys only find things that fit your narrative. My posts were arround the fact that Webo Community wasn't upscale as identified by DT. That the community is a Middle Class farming community and for the life of me I can't understand how a middle class farming community can be described as upscale. That was the basis of my posts. How do you know that, Muda? Your perception/opinion isn't always reality/fact.
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