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  1. Webo in 18 & 19... Undefeated in 18, but would argue the team in 19 was more dominant.
  2. Congrats to Western Boone's Spencer Wright on his Selection to the 2020 South All-Star Team
  3. Yep, booked a house in Naples for the week with a private pool... In the event they start shutting everything down (Ft Lauderdale/Miami Beaches have been closed)
  4. My kid wasn't happy about this...
  5. Not A Disney Cruise (Carnival) and we are driving to the port (New Orleans).
  6. Western Boone has cancelled all athletic activity as well as closed school until after Spring Break (March 30). I am supposed to go on a cruise on Spring Break (Boat leaves the 22nd)... We are holding out and still going... Though with the closure of Disneys, I suspect the cruise may get cancelled as well.
  7. Wasn't this one open last year as well when Hutchins went to CG?
  8. Congratulations to Jake Jones on his commitment to Franklin College! UPDATED LIST OF WEBO COMMITMENTS: Brett Wethington RB/LB-- IU* Caleb Freeman DL--St. Francis* Casey Foster OL--Indiana Wesleyan* Max Johnson OL--Franklin College* Connor Hole DB--IU Spencer Wright QB--Franklin College Jake Jones OL--Franklin College Out of a Senior Class of 18, 7 have committed to play at the next level (there may be 1 more to add to that).
  9. Jason Thompson was at Cascade I believe Scott West was at Monrovia.
  10. Webo has to win regionals to move up to 3A after the 2020 season. Bigger school, yes. Not sure what "more resources" mean. If resources means $? I don't know that this job is an upgrade.... But I won't pretend to know what he is thinking either. I think Danville will get some quality candidates in what KC has built there. Thompson has head coaching experience and was on Staff last year.
  11. A little biased.... It's not a huge stadium, but it's ours.. And on Friday Nights it's packed & it's loud.
  12. I don't believe it is anywhere in Indiana....
  13. @Coach Nowlin According to Kyle Neddenriep (Twitter), Indian Creek has hired Steve Spinks (former Cascade HC)
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