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  1. I am not sure the Sagamore survives in the next 2-3 years... Gut feel. @superjay mentioned something I hadn't heard, but it's certainly interesting... Just don't know the level of detail that would go into putting something like that together. I just wonder if Danville, Tri-West, Lebanon all outgrow the Sag and start looking for something that makes more sense for them to prepare for playoffs... Danville has approved 3 new housing neighborhoods, I believe there is 1 or 2 around the Tri-West area that may come to fruition, and Lebanon is adding growth/housing (not to mention a LARGE industrial project coming). Here is the Conf. Champioins in Football..
  2. Exactly... Or just because is school is good in football it may not be a good fit in terms of geography, school population, & competitiveness in other sports..
  3. I don't see this for WeBo... Going to Triton Central for a Thursday Night Freshman Basketball game makes zero sense... Football wise, maybe. not for the other Sports.
  4. Yes, the FB page still exists.. I find it somewhat comical that he copies and pastes quite a bit of stuff from here and is asking for sponsors/$. The best thing he does is the coach interviews.
  5. We would never hear the end of it from Cody... 😂
  6. Crawfordsville Open and Clinton Prairie closed https://www.journalreview.com/stories/schlicher-named-new-coach-of-gophers-steps-away-from-chs-football,187576
  7. Yes, much like basketball there could be a chance that you play a Semi-State home game. As for 4-6A wanting to let smaller schools play at their facility... Not sure the difference is if a 1A school is playing basketball at Seymour vs a 1A football team playing there? We also don't seed the basketball tourney either. Not sure what "losses" the host school would have (unless you are talking about a torn up field)? There are a lot of questions, I agree... But I don't understand that thoughts of we do it in basketball and not football...
  8. It's my understanding the AD's submit packages to host Sectionals, Regionals, Semi-States in Basketball.. Certainly seating as well as probably many other things are taken into account when this occurs. It could be done with Football... Semi-State hosts to have plenty of seating & a turf field. Little to no maintenance (at least not additional unless there is a snow storm). Track hosts have to have at least an 8 lane track.. Why couldn't it be mandated that Semi-State hosts have to have Turf? Good points by both @foxbat& @oldtimeqb
  9. I believe Mater Dei is in the same boat... 5 points.. Regional Championship in 2020, Semi State Champion (State Runner up) in 2021.
  10. I honestly don't care. We beat Luers and Mater Dei in 2020. I was just pointing out that those 3 schools in particular are not correct as far as the enrolment numbers that were released last week. No idea what other schools are or are not. I think ours is close and we are probably border line 2A or 3A.
  11. The enrolment numbers released are not correct... Andrean & Luers won't be 3A... Mater Dei will not be based on enrolment either.
  12. The numbers the IHSAA sent out were not correct. 535 would be 3A. That number likely isnt correct
  13. The link is gone again.. They must be correcting it again... I've seen Monkey $#!t fights as the zoo more organized than this... As my friend @Donnie Bakersays, I swear to God I have.
  14. I get it... but "Point totals from 2020-21 and the current school year (2021-22) will be used to determine Tournament Success Factor movement." With that, all 3 move back to enrolment based class. The sectionals will be completely different... At least sectional 37... Speedway moves up to 3A because of enrolment Seeger appears to be on the border of 2A/1A, Webo appears to be on the border of 3A/2A. All the sectionals will be completely different... Look at 3A now, you have Andrean, Evansville Mater Dei, and Bishop Luers all moving up because of enrolment... That will have an affect on the sectionals in both 2A & 3A.
  15. Microsoft Word - 030222.Enrollments.docx (ihsaa.org) Link is down on this also
  16. I enjoyed those as well... Until he bashed Mark Bless (because Bless wouldn't do an interview with him) and then stated Rodenberg couldn't get along with others (paraphrasing here)... I wonder if other coaches will see that and shy away from doing any interviews with him... He has done several coaches a handful of times already...
  17. Webo/Chatard/LCC will either be playing in a class up again for the next 2 years (making 3 years in the SF) or they only do 1 year and reset everything (wipe the slate)… I highly doubt (with almost a 99% certainty) that the IHSAA is not going to go through this exercise again (enrollment, sectional alignments, etc.) next year to ensure 3 schools stay up for their mandatory 2 year cycle. Wherever the IHSAA puts us (Webo), we’ll show up and play.
  18. Disagree completely... Had zero to do with Race... it had everything to do with competition and $.
  19. I don't need to compare Popeye... You are certainly entitled to your opinion.
  20. I get you trying to prop up your kid. But I think you are trying to compare Apples to Oranges. Brady Allen was the best QB in the State. In my opinion, Caden Curry was the best football player. I also know that it is extremely difficult for a Lineman (OL or DL) to win this award because many look directly at Stats.
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