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  1. Appreciate that! 😆 You can all leave us out of this... 😆 We have been in 3A going on 3 years... We will more than likely be back to 2A in the fall of 2024.
  2. Webo will more than likely be 2A in the next enrolment count. Could their enrolment go up as a result of the Lilly Development? Absolutely. But people or developers are going to pay a large premium for that farmland. That they want to build houses on... The State and Lilly set the bar pretty high when they came in and purchased the land for $50K-$60K an acre...
  3. Webo, CVille, North Montgomery, Southmont, North Putnam will be a league that schedules and plays those teams. There are rules in place that all individual leagues have agreed to. The Webo 6th grade team will also play Lebanon, Danville, and Tri-West because they need more games (I assume the other schools will pick up teams as well to fill a schedule). We structure our league that Minors is 2nd/3rd grade, Majors is 4th/5th grade, and then a 6th grade team (1 team unless numbers dictate you can do more than 1). Southmont and Lebanon's 6th grade teams are a school team (just like 7th and 8th grade football), but the other schools all run theirs as part of the youth organization.
  4. I think they are referring to the kids leaving Avon or Brownsburg and going to school at Danville or Tri-West but not actually moving into the district maybe? Like the kid maybe 3rd string or not be able to play at a 6A school (Avon/BBurg) but could start at a 3A or 4A school? Not speaking for VanHalen6, but I think that is what they are referring to?
  5. It is posted on Facebook. Search North Putnam Youth Football It only is in regard to youth leagues is the way I read it.
  6. Not that I can think of. We don't have many kids leaving for Zionsville, Lebanon, Traders Point, etc. Maybe there is and I am just missing it... Or maybe there were a few large classes that contributed to the 557. Again, the class of 2023 is large... The class of 2026 is large... The class of 2028 is large.. But 2027 and 2029 are small.
  7. Maybe there will be changes, there will not be... My whole issue with this is that DT, Jim Reamer, and others (?) have posted that this has already happened (which it has not). I am so tired of media and everyone wanting to break the news that they get it wrong with absolutely no repercussions.
  8. I don't think people are leaving for Lebanon... I think it is what it is... A small community school corporation. Class sizes in the elementary schools are small. The freshman class and senior class right now are rather large, but the current 8th grade class is small. I don't think there is any one thing or any rhyme or reason as to why. I don't think we are losing kids to Trader's Point either.
  9. Very True. I would say lack of inventory and the cost of buying land (I honestly don't know about the zoning laws). The Eli Lilly project and the State have driven up the price of farmland... The price they were buying the land for the Lilly project was life changing (for those with large acrerage)... Still a lot of farmers in Western Boone Co that also want to keep that land and continue to farm it.
  10. Webo isn't growing. Though I have heard there is 1 small housing development going in Thorntown (though I don't know if it is approved yet), while Lebanon is growing rather quickly. The Lilly facility they just broke ground on is land that Lebanon annexed into the town. Maybe at some point the sprawl heads out toward Webo, I think we are a long way away from that. I suspect that Webo will be a 2A team in Football (as well as every other sport) in the next enrolment cycle and will probably sit in the 2A class for a while (success factor not withstanding). There just isn't an abundance of housing in the Webo district.
  11. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/12/16/indiana-mr-football-2022-winner-drayk-bowen-andrean-notre-dame-recruit-ihsaa/69734805007/?fbclid=IwAR09VGm-S9xBuALI8XJQqCxTesNa-mMmUwM9ClHUxdeM4__CQc8-xmkUfVc&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  12. When does the I can’t believe _______ (who is on Top 50) didnt make __A All-State start happening? **Edit— @Coach Nowlin already put the disclaimer out there. 😂
  13. Webo & Tri-West Share the Conference Title. Going into Sectionals 4 of them play each other 1st round. Lebanon & Frankfort both with a tough draws... Danville/TW round one is tough as it's a big rivalry game... Danville has struggled the last couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see how this one goes. The North Montgomery and Speedway game could be the game of the week. Webo gets Crawfordsville and South gets North Knox (have no idea other that they are 4-5 and will see a heavy dose of Woodall & Chadd.
  14. Sagamore Conference up for Grabs! TW vs Southmont Webo vs Lebanon
  15. Webo 31 Southmont 0 35 seconds left in 3rd
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