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  1. Look for a new by-law coming where some of this maybe addressed I believe there will be a situation where you teams can not be bound by the original 75 that gets turned in.
  2. I'm good with my original post that started the topic and will follow up with
  3. Bombers in 2014 for class 2a really put on an offensive show 2013: We had 13 defensive touchdown returns 2014: we had 5 safeties on the year. I would put those dudes in 2014 up with anyone in class 1a-2a being bantered about, however, I am clearly biased, just know how darn competitive that group was.
  4. IHSAA deems Summer completely voluntary activity. So July 31st, that Monday is the date to keep in mind: If all systems go then season goes in as is, maybe with less summer time to prepare, but again, IHSAA looks at that completely separate. If schools/state still are closed up for on site participation by July 31st then you can see some issues to come around. You need 10 practices (1 a day) to participate in any game, among other stuff, but as far as 21 practices, that is just how much time is in between day 1 of official season to week 1 game. With Scrimmage/Jamboree 14 days after start of season. I think everything is a wait and see approach across the state. Next benchmark will be May 1st. Then ............
  5. I am being lazy; what team in the 70s or maybe 80s almost shut out the entire state ??
  6. I would stack that Warren under Kevin Wright up against anyone in any era
  7. It will be an open competition I am sure. Hate the Jimmy Graham signing.... Love the Quinn signing as a big upgrade from Floyd and cut his 13.2 M I think Mitch wins the job.
  8. Central Noble and DeKalb stayed in house: DC Wilcox promoted at DeKalb and Teacher and Head Track coach at Central Noble, Coach Kilgore gets the nod there
  9. Congrats to Bomber Noah Bierma and 7 other Region 4 guys who made the list!! GO NORTH
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