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  1. This is another Rinse Repeat... last time it was Ernie Acorssi to help the clues one named George.......that led to Pace/Fox.....to Nagy...... Now Bill Polian.....who was best known for drafting Peyton Manning..... which got him in the HOF.... yea real reach there.... https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2017/02/former_bills_gm_bill_polian_says_chad_kelly_is_most_talented_qb_in_2017_nfl_draf.html Tom Brady doesn't come with Leftwhich..... as stated.... neither does Mahomes, Kelce, Hill with KC OC..... The franchise still has not recovered from firing Lovie Smith in 2012 after going 10-6...... His teams were disciplined, played hard, played their hearts out for the organization and he was PERFECT for Chicago ... but struggled to get the OC right, so Bears get what they deserve for not riding with Lovie At this point, they continue to be a business decision for this guy.... profited $200 this year somehow.....
  2. https://www.ccsjathletics.com/sports/sprintfbal/2021-22/releases/20211222u2eh4w HC Jay Novak leading the way I believe former Griffith HC Ben Geffert just signed on as OC
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U4jOrcDh08 My favorite Rex Ryan moment....
  4. Pace should be fired not because of the draft issues, all GMs have the good ones and bad ones He should be fired for: Signing Tarek Cohen to stupid extension Signing Eddie Jackson to stupid extension after 2nd year of Rookie deal Trading for Nick Foles... ok, so be it, but then Signing another nick Foles in Andy Dalton and keeping Foles on the books For SOMEHOW paying Jimmy Graham like 8 or 10 Million ..... when Jesse James would of been just fine... but ya know Jimmy caught last TD of 2020 season against the Lions.... so..... let's not cut him.... 2nd year in a row, Bears ornaments did not go up on the tree. Somehow, I made money on my tickets again this year.... oh my...not sure how
  5. Um, sir, they were done the MOMENT they didn't fire Nagy after last year WAKE UP I like the sound of that
  6. Man, cannot believe all your Domers missed this one: Players Coach Marcus Freeman (have always been big fan, really seemed impressive the times I saw him work at Purdue) https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/marcus-freeman-notre-dame-college-football
  7. See what I can do, since ya know. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
  8. IMO, how much can Andrean Protect the QB and get their WR downfield on what I am sure will be a typical softer mid November field, Andrean has some flat out dudes in the pass game if they can get footing and get going, which is hard to do at this time of year QB from Eastside is very very good football player. The chatter on Bowen, ha, at best. I promise you that all 300 + football schools and every power 5 division 1 school would be thrilled if he was an overrated player on their team.
  9. Went about how I expected.
  10. what it means to me is that all the noise of that they should be respected with the upper echelon of B10 and College Football was just a lot of noise, which is what I have lamented on here for years when I have went thru their schedule each year..... Today sounded like ROCK bottom for this year
  11. Speed deferential of OSU offense vs PU defense .... mercy
  12. He has been fun to watch the last 2 weeks, Love when you see a very competitive QB who wills their team to win. Eastbrook is losing one of those kids too.
  13. Sophomore year for this guy, what a day Hats off to the defense yet again, playing so well, 3rd down conversions were unbelievable. Why did it have to be a monsoon when Minnesota rolled into town.
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