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  1. Let the Brian Brohm era begin!!!
  2. Many Hoosier conference teams skip JV game once the week turns as Sectional prep sometimes is better than long travel or otherwise I know we are not playing Western's JV for a 2nd time, but instead picked up 20 min trip of North White JV that our Freshman/C team will play tonight
  3. this is what I do know: Lots of energy spent by adults on dissecting reasons in an unprecendented season we are coming to a close on, the Covid Season. Be thankful any week your team you support gets to play: Have compassion for those teams and communities who cannot play any week. All the other conjecture is just sad.
  4. So seems like the weeks that Attica had issues fell on weeks that they were to play a good team, thats called a quinsedence The notion that Attica came up with Covid or stretch the truth on their covid to avoid playing good teams is far different than the fact that they had it to cause the cancellation I know you can see the difference.... For somone who doesn't care, you have spent some time and energy ..... NOT CARING.
  5. Hamilton Heights is looking for a road JV game for Monday, October 19th. Please email Head Coach Jon Kirschner, jkirschner@hhschuskies.org. Scratch that:
  6. Again, Hit the REPORT button if you feel like there has been some sort of violation of our policies.. I am one of 7 folks on the leadership team..... I promise, being a "booster" does not give you special treatment, however, we would absolutely take your $30 donation. I really do not see what exactly you are speaking of: Just a bunch of gray area mentions.... What is the exact issue you have:? Parke Heritage is or is not open? I do not know? Parke Heritage is or is not putting all thier sports kids in a bubble"? Again, know Idea ..... My issu
  7. final top 15 after 9 Weeks: 1). Speedway (66) 2) Monrovia (72) 3) Lewis Cass (81) 4) Andrean (85) 5) Woodlan (86) 6) Cascade (88) 7) Scecina (94) 8 ) Triton Central (97) 9) Eastern (Pekin) (101) 10). Heritage Christian (120) 11). Clarksville (121) 12). Southmont (127) 13) Rensselaer Central (132) 14) Western Boone (134) 15) Providence (138) as suspected: Andrean shot up SOS 2nd half of their schedule Surprises: Mater Dei and Luers SOS 221 and 199 respectivley.
  8. The CG Spotlight casts a large brightness....... My stories are meant to shine a light on those programs who may not have such a large light to be shined historically. I think that is my entire point here.
  9. I think you will find many schools have accomplished this, now I understand CG and MIC is different than say Pioneer per se ..... but I bet you will find it is far more prevalent you may think But no doubt. about playing in the MIC and doing that is certainly a tip of the cap
  10. Im sorry, but that "story" is not better than some of these other posts, CG as an established 6a powerhouse .... Vs. Stories like Fairfield Tell City Norwell Silver Creek Taking nothing away from Center Grove, but cmon man..... It would be a Story if THEY weren't 27-0 .....
  11. The Fairfield Falcons I have always followed them since we played them in our 1st Regional win many moons ago (2009) and love what Coach Thacker has done in short order for the Falcons. Conference Champs: Tough Sectional but fun opportunity awaits FAIRFIELD FALCONS Coach: Matt Thacker, 14-15 in 3rd year at school DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME
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