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  1. Coach Nowlin

    Zionsville FB

    me too me too
  2. I am more of a donkey guy anyways most consider it a jackass
  3. Lots of Football Fields have been renamed for good clips of money: Hospitals and Care Dealerships seem to be the most popular choices.
  4. Carlin was great at figurative language such as: Hyperbole that is what makes it entertaining
  5. I do love some George Carlin, however, he is an entertainer
  6. I hope he saved some Bomber Red and Black ties from his H.S. days for this job!!
  7. Schools in the nation that do not have them will have a worn out Back Judge !!! Get those arm exercises in!!
  8. Coach Nowlin

    Purdue Basketball

    wild night in Big 10 basketball and NCAA for that matter
  9. Coach Nowlin

    Purdue Basketball

    MICHIGAN: best team and one of the best coaches in the nation. Michigan State has shooting problems outride of PG Winston, the Langford injury hurts them in that respect. MSU big men are inconsistent it seems. Most national media folks believe B10 was looking at 8-9 teams. Latest seed line from Delphi: A place I would consider top notch in bracketology : http://www.delphibracketology.com/2019-seed-list.html they have 9 big 10 teams in tournament which includes IU
  10. Coach Nowlin

    Zionsville FB

    I hid this on Friday, it is now "unhid" congrats to Coach Turnquist
  11. many of you may already know, but Indiana led by Commish Faulkens instituted a pilot program utilizing the 40 sec play clock on 3 year pilot program. I believe at least 7 other states eventually joined. NFHS has officially adopted the 40 sec clock nation wide as the standard. REJOICE!!! Other notable NFHS rule changes: State associations can choose to utilize Instant Replay in state championship games also notable: Horse Collar has been adjusted to include the name plate area : I know we got called last year for it when our player grabbed the top of the number and pulled down. ugh. http://www.nfhs.org/articles/40-second-play-clock-postseason-instant-replay-among-football-changes/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=NFHS_Org
  12. Coach Nowlin

    Ifca region 5?

    yea, I saw same thing: I am sure IFCA will get it on their site this week as Meeting was yesterday I assume
  13. Coach Nowlin

    Lets go Crown Point!!!!

    I had to the pleasure of watching Northwestern's girls play at Rensselaer Regional Saturday, very talented squad. I believe they earned a 4a bump next year after the Regional win. They will still have 2 big 10 players at NW as SR's next year and they add a very talented incoming 8th grade group too. ODD: Benton Central: Also Hoosier Conference team, somehow was placed in the SOUTH for the basketball tournament. So they travel 3.5 hours SOUTH to JASPER to face Salem: If NW wins and Benton Central wins: then two Hoosier Conference teams will face off for 3a title in Indy. Neither team played each other in season
  14. Jason Garrett : Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger and Kevin O'shea: North Central