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  1. Indy Star typically announces as the title sponsor of the award the Week of Christmas.
  2. Purdue had hopes for this JUCO, chose Maryland instead https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/johari-branch-255279
  3. Just saw IU got Dylan Powell, OL who originally committed to Hazel's Boilers, went to Stanford, then transferred out now to IU: I believe 2 years left to play.
  4. LB on campus this past weekend: With hiring of Lane Kiffin, not sure if they can officially flip him or not https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/daylen-gill-234423 This guy coming in this weekend https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/damarcus-mitchell-255247
  5. does not surprise me to see these guys in the Portal: TE Darius Pittman, Jr. WR Noah Ellison, So. CB Tyler Hamilton, So. G/DT Alex Criddle, Sr. WR Jordan Bonner, RSFr. LB Ja’Qurius Smith, RSFr. DL Giovanni Reviere. So.
  6. Alabama did the same last year as well or 2 years ago I guess
  7. No doubt there pal!!! I thought in all honestly, when they moved the walk on Center Garvin in at Center, the OL started to come together and you saw RUN game improve: I thought Nebraska, NW and IU were good running games towards the end of the year. I think the goal for PU run game should be anything over 4 yards a carry and that will continue to loosen up the defense
  8. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/12/09/eric-schnur-steps-down-bosse-high-school-football-coach/2629455001/
  9. Boilers have 4 guys, 3 stars as seen here verbal for Boilers: However, only one of that list that I could see getting on the field 1st is Zionsville's Hartwig: The rest will need to develop it seems. https://247sports.com/player/gus-hartwig-46041714/ https://247sports.com/player/jared-bycznski-46052072/ https://247sports.com/player/josh-kaltenberger-46080403/ https://247sports.com/player/nalin-fox-46085614/ Trying to snag these 2 guys yet in this cycle: QB: https://247sports.com/player/malik-hornsby-46037405/ Word on the street is between Ducks and Boilers OT: https://247sports.com/player/courtland-ford-87847/ Word on the street is between Rowing Boats or Boilers Here is a link to everyone they have extended offers to: https://247sports.com/college/purdue/Season/2020-Football/Offers/ Got his much leaner teammate from 2019 class in Tippman up in land of Bucky.
  10. I really think it will be hard to defend Purdue next year: The question will be can they get enough stops. You saw a walk on come in and light up teams ( I thought he looked better than Plummer from simple aspect that he got the ball out on time with some zip but does have mobility concerns) without their All American Slot WR. You add Rondale on the same formation with David Bell, capable TE (Durham, 2 RS Frosh they will have) and Combo of Milton Wright, Amad Anderson, TJ Shelfield, ole reliable Jackson Anthrop, newest 4 star WR incoming in Malik Carr and a capable run game with King Duruane, Horvath, incoming RB Murphy. That is really tough for defenses to figure out how to stop. Maybe they do turn into a B12 type team as DT said, win them 56-48 baby!!!
  11. I was doing an English lesson here in the lab and wanted to show the difference of poor grammar and how it changes the conversation!!
  12. Please GID GODS, don't let us crash again!! Daddy wants some Chuck Wagon!! Good Times!! Nebraska: Toss Up: Purdue won last time they visited Lincoln Memphis: Take the Boilers at Home Air Force: Take the Boilers at Home Boston College: Take the Boilers on the Road Rutger: Scarlet Knights beat them last time they played, though I take Boilers at Home Illinois: Snag that Cannon back Michigan: Tough one: Maybe out score them?? Doubtful NW: DUBS baby Minnesota: Why should lose? Major Blizzard game, I will concede to Gophers in the Blizzard Wisconsin: Boilers finally get them at Home Iowa: Purdue owns Iowa!!! IU: WIN BABY!!! I got me 9 wins baby!!! Maybe 11 if they get Nebraska and Minny!! LETS GO !!! In all honestly, it really does change projections week to week. Health in sports always a concern in any sport, any level.
  13. And if the Boilers get to 8 + wins next year??? I am sure it will be crickets....... Time will tell
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