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  1. Im partial to donations of losing the bet to the upcoming GID yearly drive, but that is me Also: Marcus Freeman number 1 priority is to secure Drayk Bowmen from right down the road at a Catholic institution about 90 mins away and having him NOT go to Clemson or OSU https://247sports.com/player/drayk-bowen-46103028/
  2. Best part of picture: CORN FIELD in background Good Stuff
  3. Very impressive night for the South Great to be down with all the coaches and fans this week. Thanks for all those in IFCA, coaches and players who got it together for this summer
  4. Oh we can delete accounts, it just stays on the forum under "GUEST"
  5. Saw Coach Mason Tuesday night, he was very excited with a lot of his dudes and all the support from MC school corp on updated weight room and field turf replacement.
  6. He is up in Northern Indiana, but I know we have had some QBs enjoy and improve with Bill Reagan. He does travel http://reagantopgunqbtraining.com/about-coach-reagan/
  7. I barely made my picks last year..... you're asking ALOT!!! Still living rent free I see!! Cheers Line is always open!! The odds are NOT with me on that one on so many fronts Thanks brotha!!
  8. GID Friends and Foes (Im sure there still lingering out there) 😁 I am letting you all know like I did the others on the leadership team a few weeks back, that come August, I will be beginning a new position within Rensselaer School Corp, going into El Ed PE which was my original degree 18 years ago, so will finally enjoy getting myself back into that, but leaving behind 13 years of running our Alternative School and Credit Recovery program which allowed me to be in front of computer 8 hours a day running our lab for all of that, so being a primary member of the leadership team made sense
  9. Need to post the DOC to the thread @DT Coach Adams shut down STATELINESPORTS back in the day for pimping his site on our site, LOVE the content, but just posting your Facebook without providing the content on our site will not be well received.
  10. There was not 8 or 9 D1 guys on Merrillville last year Big OL Minnesota commit I believe Jo Jo went to ND Big DL national recruit GRANT, That is the 3 I know of Talented team, no doubt but were not close to double digit D1 kids
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