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  1. Grizzlies going to let him continue to play QB or move him to one of the many positions he will also be good at?
  2. updated many postings this morning on IFCA New Prairie Mississinewa Cascade Assistant Coach Job at Bloomington North and Wabash
  3. whoever they go with will have a slew of dudes to work with. That is for sure.
  4. Coach Jensen of Manchester reached out to me to help get the word out on the 2nd session (typically bigger schools) of Manchester Team Camp. June 22nd-25th: PRICE: $170 per camper, very very reasonable. COACHES ARE FREE They have went thru a huge upgrade of field turf and new stadium, based on pictures I have seen on Twitter, it looks close to be done before summer sessions begin, but not 100% on that. 3 meals, great dorms, support staff, weight room/film rooms, the whole 9 yards. **EDIT** JUST CONFIRMED THRU COACH: NEW STADIUM WILL BE READY TO BE USED I believe Lake Central has committed: Other schools who have been there in recent years, Zionsville, SB St Joe, Mish. Marian, Mississinewa with Coach Funk, but maybe he brings Fishers up now. Coach Nate Jensen nwjensen@manchester.edu
  5. Show me where Indian Creek has made an announcement? Thats what I thought...... Not a hard process to follow Love getting emails wondering why names getting put on here when nothing has been approved at any level. Good Times.........
  6. I am still waiting on long lost Coach G to get me my winnings from like 2008, when I told him why Whitesox would win more games then his Tigers......... thought I had Free BWS coming my way!! what's the Juice on that after all these year?? 😎
  7. Dave Sharpe: Double Tight, Power T formation. Curt Funk: At least at Ole Miss, some single wing jet concepts, I have seen them in unbalanced lines to under center, lots of different packages.
  8. Its official tonight, Curt Funk has been hired at Fishers, Much love to my buddy on his new opportunity. Coach Funk easily one of the best guys in the state!!
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