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  1. Region 4 clinic will be Wed April 1st. No joke ....
  2. In the year 2003, freshly graduated from Purdue, December of that year, was coaching 7th grade basketball for the Bombers, Got thrown out of the game ....yup... that 7th grade class was with Terry Davison, went onto Western Michigan, big dude, especially for 7th grade. He was getting penalized for being big, which I am sure @gonzoron can attest the frustration there with is tall daughter coming through youth leagues. He would post up and we toss it to him, he would jump and get the ball. He got called for 3 offensive fouls in the game, by simply just posting and jumping. Mind boggling. Got my 1st tech, for arguing, or as I like to put it, Defending my player!!. Then as I was told to sit down, I kicked the wooden bleachers, got warned again. Then I was a good boy, until there was another foul called, it was the other team's 7th team foul, we should have been in the bonus, I am yelling from the bench, hey we are in the bonus, we should be shooting. The dad helping me out kept trying to get their attention, he was even trying to get the middle school girl who was running the scoreboard to hit the horn, she wasn't going to do anything like that and looked very confused as well. The referee goes to inbound the ball, I am still going nuts trying to get them to stop the game and get our FTs we were supposed to get. So I politely walked out onto the court and tap the referee who was hanging out at mid court on the shoulder and he turned and looked at me, I got " WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SHOOTING FREE THROWS, WE ARE IN THE BONUS" Whistle toot toot, 2nd technical and sent a packing. We lost the game 14-11..... KV man..... KV ..... I had a terrible assistant coach who was some college kid from SJC who barely showed up, never got off the end of the bench and I had to share my check 51% to his 49%, yeah, I went to girls basketball right after that as I got a little wiser on the compensation portion of things Your standard for handsome couldn't be lower
  3. Triton Central this Saturday Perry Meridan end of February Region 4 in conjunction with Purdue will host one in April with combo of Purdue Spring practice
  4. https://ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/minutes/2019-20/011620.pdf?ver=2020-01-20-155604-767
  5. Found Jimtown's opening at their Corp Site, added it today Also found DeKalb opening on their corp site No Listings I could find so far for: Bloomington South Woodlan Twin Lakes Winamac Providence
  6. Lakeland High School: Currently internal posting thus far for its opening http://www.lakelandlakers.org/departments/human_resources
  7. NFC was WEAK SAUCE all year long minus the 49ers Fun Super Bowl matchup however
  8. Rob Gardner hired, he was coaching at Hammond Morton, will now be the Head Coach at Hammond High Providence Coach Denison has stepped down
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