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  1. All I know is I LOVE SCHEDULE release day..... We jack up the prices on our tickets. Sold 3 games in 1 night and made all buy 150 bucks back on my total price Season tickets. Love it
  2. Our middle school numbers are outstanding Our middle school staff does an outstanding job teaching the techniques in tackling and blocking, etc that will coincide with Heads Up tackling from USA Football, they have full access to all our tackling wheels. etc We won state in 2014, our defensive end who ended up going to SJC on scholarship money and named IFCA Top 50 player never played a down of pop warner like rest of his class did, his first organized football was 7th grade year. Shortly after we completely cut ties with Pop Warner and established our own feeder flag pr
  3. Just pulled up roster from sectional championship exchange..... 71 players on Andrean's roster last year. we showed up with 20 some due to mitigating risks of covid and we had to make a decision to cut ties with most of our roster and went with bare minimums in the tournament so that we didn't' get contact traced out of a game 3 2 way starters, Bowen started and a few carrels at RB, then gave way to next guy, #24 was two way DB/WR and Walsh was 2 way starter prior to injury. ZERO 2 way OFFENSIVE LINEMAN. HUGE advantage to be able to pull that off in any classificat
  4. Use a Tackling Wheel, bags, just about ANYTING ELSE, other than that. Bobbleheads in uniforms at that age, silly, in my opinion I personally think Flag Football age grade 2 thru 5th grade. Then Tackle starting in 6th, that is what we have done and to me I think we have fared just fine. Disclaimer**** I understand fully that there are MANY great youth tackle programs out there *****
  5. they have had a very competitive schedule for as long as I can remember (17 years in this gig) No doubt that this year will be very daunting challenge to start the year, but every team goes thru injury issue, you can get hurt playing Hammond Noll just as much as playing Crown Point. Injuries are not mutually exclusive to the size of school you play, at least not from my experience. I believe last year, Ryan Walsh got banged up a bit towards the end of the season 10/16 W 35-14 Lowell 16 143 8.9
  6. They have opened with Merrillville for the last UMPTEEN years..... why is adding Crown Point all of a sudden an issue? (Umpteeth + 12 years in a row, before Mvill, it was Portage, and before Portage it was Chesterton) Enrollment... laughable Andrean 459 bodied enrollment, yet have a football roster in the 70s ish. give me a break on saying due to enrollment figures a school like Andrean that has just about every male athlete in that building playing mulitple sports is going to suffer to this ole new challenge of playing Crown Point.
  7. I am FULLY aware of the Andrean resume But just because they play a great schedule, that does not make it an automatic ticket punching to Indy, as I have shown you in class 2a as they are 0-4 to make it state in their tenure in 2a. They are going to be a tough out like always, and for the team I am associated with, that is the team we will hopefully meet again come week 12, maybe the 4th time in Sectional championship will be the charm!!
  8. just checked 1st round exit to Wheeler Semi State loss to Luers then 3a success, led to 2 years of 4a then back to 3a where they ran into WL in Sectionals then back to 2a last 2 years: Regional Win vs Cass, SS loss to Eastbrook and Regional Loss to Pioneer last year.
  9. I would imagine winning a 2a state title would be their motivation, which the last time they have made it to Indy was in 3a. That "piddly 2a" tournament has produced for Andrean, a couple sectional titles and 1 Regional title, this also going back to coach Mason days....
  10. Coach Broughton was very much an active part of what the current HHC looks like today. Lost a good one https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2021/05/11/indiana-high-school-football-longtime-pendleton-heights-coach-john-broughton-dies-hall-of-fame/5040430001/ https://www.heraldbulletin.com/sports/long-time-ph-coach-john-broughton-passes-away/article_e7c3f1fa-b28b-11eb-8285-bf22cb3dbc2c.html
  11. I would love to pivot to waiting until Basketball to get restictions to competition days like football coaches assocation was told was going to happen, oh I don't know, maybe its been about 7 years now..... I've lost count
  12. of the 300+ High School teams in Indiana How many teams have a kicker who can actually kick it in the EZ 100% of the time let alone kick it 8 yards deep to run out in the first place? My money is on less than 20% teams
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