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  1. Marion High School is looking for a Week 1 Home Game for the 2021 Season. Please contact Athletic Director Steve Moritz, smoritz@marion.k12.in.us.
  2. Cass: Wing T Tipton: Multiple with a nice Spread and under center combo from what I have seen, usually very good skill kids HH: Seem to be on the uptick now. lots of numbers, Spread team NW: Hodge Podge last few years, mix of Double wing, wing t to spread, numbers were less than 50 last year I believe , Great facilities Western: Been big and physical last few years, Gun Single Wing with some Zone concepts, and spread concepts sprinkled in. Well coached, competitive program West Side Its been WL playground since 2015 RCHS: We run Double Tight Single Win
  3. Been away for last 2 weeks or so... Will try to free up some time later in the week to update some stuff around these parts
  4. Marion HS is looking for a Week 1 home game this season please Anyone have an opening please contact the school Thanks
  5. let it go for lots of pages, but the last 2 pages has resulted in what many of us who have been around her a long time figured would happen 1. Off topic 2. Personal attacks back and forth 3. Grammar Police So with that..... you all had your chance to have an actual conversation..... at times, it worked, last 2 pages it has not. Just know, even though we got Multple reports, we attempted to allow the conversation to be fruitful. Not suprised it derailed...... Continue in the Muda Playground......
  6. EXTREMELY hard pass on bringing in Pettine to Bears.... Another RETREAD..... Feel bad for new DC they just promoted.... I think Kyle Long said it best in Picture form
  7. http://www.greenfieldreporter.com/2021/02/11/long-time-county-coach-retiring-after-35-years/ Phil Morris hired at Eastern Hancock
  8. I head scratched Calvin Johnson..... Deion is NOT wrong....
  9. https://www.parkview.com/sports-network/news/sn-news-story?news=821 Congrats to Coach Johjnson on the promotion
  10. https://nwi.life/article/a-northwest-indiana-life-in-the-spotlight-jeanette-gray/ https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-football-lake-central-jeanette-gray-st-0802-20160801-story.html https://www.jimpeterspreps.com/post/female-football-coaches-opening-new-doors Coach Gray has been at LC for 5 years now
  11. Quite the scientific study there..... License Plates in parking lot
  12. he transferred from Indiana State to Ball State, so he committed from transfer portal to new home.
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