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  1. Twin Lakes boasts a very talented incoming freshman class, led by a QB and some other really good athletes.
  2. Saw highlights a few weeks back Kokomo vs Brownsburg, with Purdue Recruit Cathings who had a night !!
  3. Added Owen Valley HC Columbus East Assistants Guerin Catholic Assistants
  4. Like I said, if they are willing to deal him, I will gladly take him, you can send Nelson too while at it, we have all that cap space !! However, I don't see current Bears regime allocating funds of that amount to a marginal position in 2023 NFL landscape
  5. There great equalizer, injuries remain undefeated who was his DC when he had his best years?
  6. Man, I would love if the Colts were stupid enough to trade Leonard I do agree, Colts do bring the most to the trade table of those teams needing to sacrifice for a QB
  7. thats why I LOVE The move, SMART, FOOTBALL guy in a power position and was apart of an NFL new stadium already.
  8. Check out the ages of 36-year-old head coach Ryan Walters’ maiden staff: OLB Joe Dineen 26 DB Grant O’Brien 32 CB Sam Carter 32 TE Seth Doege 34 OC Graham Harrell 37 DC Kevin Kane 38 OL Matt Mattox 40 WR Cory Patterson 42 RB Lamar Conard 45 DL Brick Haley 56 That comes to an average age of 38.2
  9. I think many of them do, I believe either with opportunities to just bring your team to their campus on your own or with others. I believe maybe, Trine, IU used to, not sure if they still do, Indiana St I believe, but we have been St Joe to Manchester all these years, very happy with it and haven't explored other options
  10. grown men playing that game, loved the pre gamer Michigan, has turned the corner, last 2 years, it seems, feel like they are missing a couple more dynamic playmakers to put them in that tier 1 as I mentioned previously. Cycles happen, see Clemson, OLK, USC, ND, but Bama, Georgia (under Smart) and OSU, seems to have remained above the rest with unbelievable talent and playmakers
  11. Whoops, I was chatting with one of my buddies, PATS fan, made it sound like he could be signed by PATS, assumed he had a opt out on his contract, but correct, 2 years left, hefty price Love the move for the Bears
  12. 1. I know I am no NFL personnel guy, but if I am Houston, how do you give up any capital to move up PACE style 1 pick? I do not see that big of difference between Stroud and Young: However, I would be worried about 6'0 qbs, but thats just me. 2. Logical, Panthers/Colts. 3. No Costner, Draft Day scenarios will unfold, they will hopefully make 1 real good trade, stay in top tier of picks and get more picks in process Try to sign Hopkins or trade for Adams with FA capital Also, Love Smith: BEAR 4 LIFE but I wil die on the hill that Bears franchise set back 15 years when they fired him after 10-6 season , man his teams played hard for him
  13. Coach Jensen has resigned announced yesterday I believe, however, Miss Alexis who is the gal in charge of operations has confirmed CAMPS ARE CONTINUING: She sent us the following message this morning: (he will be taking over as DC at St. Francis in Ft. Wayne) Camps will be planned for the summer: Week 1: June 12th thru June 15th Week 2: June 19th thru June 22nd Manchester will be sending out camp registration forms very soon, We are very excited to continue with our annual summer football camps.
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