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  1. Likewise: I have passed on every single opportunity in my entire adult/professional life going on 18 years. So far so good, Flu Free all these years.
  2. @Muda69 Assuming you may have still school aged children, or even if they are grown up now, would you send them to school in person? By the article, it looks like New Pal is following the protocols established for positive cases and having the school open. There will be positive cases, no way around it for some schools, especially larger ones.
  3. And it took exactly 5 posts this time for the 1st POLITICALIZATION of the thread. Good job. New Record set
  4. Breaking News Day 1 of Football. And the 2 pre practice Wagon Masters I just destroyed were in MID SEASON FORM
  5. Interesting Segment; I know of 1 actual HS History Teacher on here: @DannEllenwood any others ? Food For thought?
  6. Is this actual fact or conjecture? https://people.com/politics/friend-defends-herman-cain-from-trump-rally-criticism/
  7. Maybe the Tax payers into Lake Central flooded the School Board and they took it off the agenda.......
  8. I would assume IHSAA will be updating some by-laws this week during their meetings one big one would be the 5 games required to play in state tournament. just my guess
  9. Red Devils........ Cmon man, Sunday Meeting for Mascots, that could NOT been serious
  10. Perhaps, some new updated by laws to contend with what is going on at schools across the state, Doubt anything has changed from the all systems go messages they have stated in the last 7 days.
  11. 10 practices that is the number needed. 1 practice per day
  12. We have had around 45 last 4 weeks, should be up around 50-53 when it is go time. I would expect to see BG after the year they had to carry that momentum into having more bodies out for this year. Do you anticipate having a lower level team? C or JV?
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