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  1. Perhaps, IU can find the same kind of NIL to keep her home, just because in Portal doesn't mean leave, you can always withdraw, time for IU to match or Pony up
  2. https://fultoncountypost.com/sports/692128#:~:text=It appears Northwestern (Howard Co,Mid-Indiana Conference in 2015. Of course I knew it was out there before I mentioned it my friend 😉
  3. it is and has been since its inception of restrictions to FOOTBALL ONLY for like 15 years, I think Soccer and Volleyball have minor summer restrictions, however since the inception of summer rules in Indiana, as we know it today, its 12 total shells/pro Pads/Contact practices, however you call it, in those 12, 5 can be used against another program. You know what helps is reaching out to local officials in your area, they want to get work in, build relationships, etc, at least that has been my/our experiences. When we host we always have a crew there. We also cook hot dogs for everyone and send them off with dogs and water post game.
  4. and now Northwestern in their Hoosier Conf Swan Song this upcoming year 9 years and out the door for the Purple Tigers
  5. haha, no idea, been on the outside these days, just not enough time to daily grind like used to when running computer lab for 13 years, now my days are spent chasing around 4-11 year olds and tying shoes all day long!! I can't tell ya last time I logged into the back admin cp
  6. Scheme fit was not going to work out it seemed after spring ball, give Allen credit on giving Harrell system a good try, wish him well and find himself a great program where he can sling it from the pocket
  7. Yes sir!! Their HC just took a new job near the TX/LA border, I want to say 5A job, so the DC got promoted to HC and my brother to OC, but as in many HS in TX, he took half the staff with him, so time to fill roles as they say
  8. Logan has typically a strong golf program. Just saying 🙂
  9. My brother LIVES IN SAN ANTONIO!!! Well Berne, TX suburb about 45 mins south, BIG STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL down yonder I bet he has hear about https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Poteet,+TX/San+Antonio,+TX/@29.2329765,-98.6600844,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x865dad9754d0a1d9:0x303eb6e1456108c4!2m2!1d-98.5680739!2d29.0405241!1m5!1m1!1s0x865c58af04d00eaf:0x856e13b10a016bc!2m2!1d-98.4945922!2d29.4251905!3e0
  10. podium picture reminded me of this GEM
  11. LEWIS CASS KINGS Coach: Clayton Mannering, 11-18 in 4th year at school DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Aug. 18 at Pioneer 1A 7:00 pm Aug. 25 Northfield 1A © 7:00 pm Sep. 1 Peru 3A © 7:00 pm Sep. 8 North Miami 1A © 7:00 pm Sep. 15 at Rochester 2A © 7:00 pm Sep. 22 Whitko 2A © 7:00 pm Sep. 29 at Maconaquah 3A © 7:00 pm Oct. 6 at Manchester 2A © 7:00 pm Oct. 13 Southwood 1A © 7:00 pm Nice and easy for Lewis Cass, so quick........
  12. My Indiana friends: My older brother also in the business of this silly game we call Football, he is currently in Texas (for 2nd time, after stints coaching in OHIO, ENGLAND, GERMANY, good ole Military Dependent) His team is looking to fill multiple staff positions and asked me to post on here for anyone who is looking for a move to Texas, knows anyone who is in that market or willing to join that market. Here is the info below: Poteet, Texas: 3A-Division 1 Looking for football coaches with a second sport TBD, Head Basketball is a possibility\. Teaching fields include Social Studies , Math, and Science. Further inquiries can be sent to jnowlin@poteetisd.org
  13. This is what I know, on Bomber Golf practice round, Coach Nowlin Shanked a Wedge, got thru a tree, hit a Tee box and bounced and hit a fella in the buttock. That fella was Lewis Cass Head Coach, I would say that is Karma working !! 🤣
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