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  1. Athletes all over the field on those two teams, both run a rabbit pace up tempo style on both sides of spread zone/midlines/air raid Both extremely well coached, but man the pace of those two teams play at consistently is more the issue of the shootout score. Fun to be a part of course I am an offensive guy!!! Coach Cronk and Roseman will have fun telling that games story
  2. oh, these are different: State Records /Career / In season not specific to actual state championship game records, which I think the Bombers have a 2a record or two as well, for sure 1st downs in a game!!
  3. Liked Tell city this summer when we saw them at Camp. Wishing them well this year!! Cheers
  4. as a Valpo supporter from afar, I cannot be happier that Coach Marshall took quick control of that situation they were in and they will forever be grateful in the land of Vikings he did!! Top notch guy and coach!!
  5. Trinity (KY) Center Grove Ben Davis North Central (Indy) Lawrence North Lawrence Central Zionsville
  6. 2 POINTS EACH Delphi Northwestern Mt. Vernon Pioneer Tipton Western Lafayette Jeff McCutcheon Carroll Taylor Covington Frankfort 3 POINTS EACH Rensselaer Central Catholic
  7. Thanks once again to @hhpatriot04 he has our twitter page up for the year on AUTOMATIC RT of any games you are at when you tag @gridirondigest #TGD #GID tonight and any night!! CHEERS
  8. considering you tried hiding your real name when I validated your account, it means everything Don't worry, I fixed it for ya Did you run Cross Country in H.S.? Only some GID Legends will understand that reference!!! Happy Friday Friends Best of luck to all
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