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  1. Tipton is supposed to have a real good team coming back, played a lot of young guys. Western will be in the mix. Cass was decimated by graduation, though having Coach Mannering and HOF Mannering on sidelines will help a young team for sure. Do not know much about HH, I think they had a lot of skill position injuries. WL will be breaking a new QB this year after a run of real good ones, I am sure Coach Fry will have his new guy ready to run the show. LCC will be playing with a lot of confidence, new DC, 3rd year of Nay, definitely has his stamp on the program already. I like our guys, our #1 RB in 2019 was gone for the year with a odd non contact ACL Wednesday night before KV week 1, he was just a sophomore, I know he is hungry to be on the field in 2020 that is for sure. Our QB got some nice work last year replacing Hickman weeks 7-8-9 leading the team to wins over NW, BC and TIpton. He will be a JR and has nice frame. Return All State OL Korniak, at LT, and host of other players as well. 1000 yard RB/WB comes back,. a lot to like, looking forward to working with them July 1st. TL: New coach, Coach Saylers coming over from Carroll, known Shotgun attack while there, I am sure he will craft his offense to fit his players skills, TL has nice young class coming up.
  2. just removed a few posts that had absolutely positively nothing to contribute to this particular thread within this portion of the website.
  3. do not forget which section of our website you are posting on...... Take it back to your playground in oob
  4. added DELPHI head Coach info on IFCA Board Added KNOX head Coach info on IFCA BOARD Co Head Coach at Belmont Middle School also posted
  5. STUDENTS BARELY AS RISK OF DYING: "The most salient discovery the world has made during these terrible two months is that COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease, specifically for the elderly and the infirm, particularly those with diabetes, hypertension, other cardiovascular illnesses or the obesity that so frequently leads to these disorders. ... The companion discovery is that this bug, so risky in one segment of the population, poses a near-zero risk to young people. Among COVID-19 deaths, 99.9 percent have occurred outside the 15-to-24 age group; the survival rate in the 20-to-29 age bracket is 99.99 percent. Even assuming the United States eventually reaches 150,000 total fatalities, COVID-19 as a risk to the young will rank way below accidents, cancer, heart disease and suicide. In fact, it won’t even make the top 10.' STUDENTS WANT TO BE THERE: "Forty-five thousand young people — the biggest student population we’ve ever had — are telling us they want to be here this fall. To tell them, 'Sorry, we are too incompetent or too fearful to figure out how to protect your elders, so you have to disrupt your education,' would be a gross disservice to them and a default of our responsibility." THINNING OUT CAMPUS GATHERINGS: "We will make our campus less dense in multiple ways. At least one-third of our staff will be required to work remotely. Our technologists have applied what they’ve learned about social distancing to redesign 700 classrooms and labs, and 9,500 dormitory rooms, all of which will be reconfigured with lower occupancy limits. All large-enrollment courses will be offered online as well as in person, to accommodate those who cannot or choose not to come to campus, and to further reduce in-class numbers.'' TRUSTING STUDENTS TO MAKE IT WORK: "On arrival in August, each Boilermaker will receive a kit including face masks and a thermometer for daily temperature-taking as well as the 'Protect Purdue Pledge' asking for a commitment to at least a semester of inconvenience, not primarily for the student’s own protection but for the safety of those who teach and otherwise serve them. I will urge students to demonstrate their altruism by complying, but also challenge them to refute the cynics who say that today’s young people are too selfish or self-indulgent to help us make this work.''
  6. Didn't long time successful coach Tim Roth be one to have built the foundation of the program? Congrats to Coach Hendryx and welcome him back to Region 4
  7. Lots of noise about Minnesota being the landing spot for Booker: Steve Wiltfang of 247, gave the ole Crystal Ball to Gophers https://247sports.com/User/Steve Wiltfong/Predictions/?PlayerInstitution.PrimaryPlayerSport.Sport=Football&PlayerInstitution.PrimaryPlayerSport.Recruitment.Year=2021
  8. I will offer up 1 GAZILLION points!! You heard me right: 1 GAZILLION Points. you know because it so important!! Again for the millionth time or maybe 4th time, I lost count, RepPointGate was solely the brain child of ME and only ME, and now since it has created such a stir, I did it a 2nd time, and sat back and giggle every time someone continues to harp about it. it is glorious You like my Hanks did you? You chatterboxes over here are the gift that keeps on giving. The Muda Pingpong Cat GIF continues strong so many years and a few rebuilds later. Fascinating the endurance by most parties involved. I may just make me one of those Lewbowski's to honor one of the formers who is no longer as his endurance was gone long ago. Happy Sunday Oh by the way, I went out yesterday, Costco, Liquor store of course, Bank, and enjoyed wearing my mask. No issues, doesn't bother me one bit
  9. I would like to think those of us in the football coaching community will be patient and wise as we move closer to July.
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