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  1. Ha! Tried to give you the sit and spin but I'm out of reactions.
  2. Deadspin is the worst. The absolute worst. I could barely read the rest of that after seeing them steal a great line from Gangs of New York: "I took the father. Now I'll take the son. You tell young Vallon I'm gonna paint Paradise Square with his blood. Two coats. I'll festoon my bedchamber with his guts." Or they feel there's no turning back if they give Freeman the Interim tag.
  3. I didn't really pay attention to Strickland. He did have some big plays including the safety. I take HS play with a grain of salt. I remember people saying Karlaftis looked overrated against Evansville Memorial. Speaking of Allen though, I was pleasantly surprised enough that I had to start texting Purdue friends. I was expecting to see a 6'5 QB with a very strong arm, which is what we saw. I was not expecting to see him make the type of throws he was making. Very impressive. I'm hoping Brohm has finally found at least a 3 year starter.
  4. Other than his record at Cincinnati, what is the appeal with Fickel? I've never heard of him as an innovator on defense, and it appears all he ever coached at Ohio State was defense with the Co-Coordinator tag as well. Pure gut feeling with no analytical logic, but I have a feeling he's going to underwhelm when he leaves Cincinnati.
  5. I watched on TV, but it looked like everyone had really big crowds. Agreed, great way to end the season. Patrick Clacks led Andrean in receiving on Saturday. The Sophomore recently picked up his first P5 offer from Pittsburgh. I believe Andrean's QB was a Sophomore as well. The '59'ers are going to be returning some serious offensive power next year.
  6. I watched Combs play 2, possibly 3 times. I thought he stood out and was easy to notice. That just sounds like incompetence from Sheridan if true.
  7. That would be my fear as a USC coach. A lot of distractions in LA with celebrities, agents, etc. I think Carroll was too lose and it cost him.
  8. Not sure he's ready for the bigtime as a playcaller. Tennessee's offense hasn't been too special this year against their better competition, though he doesn't have the greatest of QB's either. Also not sure about his strength as a recruiter. One other name I wouldn't be surprised to see in the mix is Venerables. The tiders are changing in Norman. IMO, it would be there best interest to either hire a defensive minded coach or open the checkbook for a big name DC. The days of just needing to rely on the offensive to win high scoring shootouts are coming to an end.
  9. They are Dead On Arrival. And Sark could be gone by the time they're playing an SEC schedule. Is Oklahoma this delusional? You don't give up an NFL job with Kyler Murray as your QB to live in Norman, recruit, and play against the SEC. I wouldn't be surprised if Bob makes a permanent comeback after the Bowl game he's coaching or if he convinces Oklahoma to hire is brother. They should be targeting a defensive oriented guy with SEC experience like Arranda. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/oklahoma-coaching-candidates-kliff-kingsbury-of-nfls-cardinals-on-list-to-replace-lincoln-riley-per-report/
  10. So, the Sooners lose Riley to the friendlier PAC 12 and Texas would be one of the worst teams in the SEC if the move was next season. Both of these schools are getting a hard dose of reality for giving up bullying the Big 12 for a massive cash grab.
  11. I missed the 6A game. Did Popeye outplay Curry this time? His stats on D were impressive.
  12. Allen definitely has the size and arm strength of a P5 QB. That was the first time I’ve seen him play. I was really impressed by his ability to throw to such small windows. At times the Brebeuf DB’s couldn’t have had better coverage and Allen still found the window. It also doesn’t hurt when you have a 6’4 WR capable of catching every dime you through his way.
  13. Bowen is also good enough to play baseball at ND. Not sure though if he actually will.
  14. I looked at the athletes Merrillville and City had on offense and figured they would keep them in the game for a while. For MC, the speedster Hatch had about 250 yards rushing and receiving. Unfortunately, Hart didn’t play as he hurt his knee in Thursday’s practice. Hopefully it’s not too serious. For Merrillville, Logan had a few moments and Marshall looked electric when he did get in space. Ultimately, I lost track of the reality that having some playmakers on offense wasn’t enough. All it took was a few minutes of each game to remember how huge of a difference the line play is from the HCC to the Duneland as well as the defensive front 7’s. The Ville and City more resemble a Decatur Central than a threat to the HCC. Too many big and talented dudes all over the field for Westfield and Zionsville. I watch the HCC all year and and forget just how overwhelmingly big and talented they are compared to the Duneland and SAC until the matchups materialize in front of me. Oh well. In a little bit I’ll be passing by Noblesville’s new football facility that includes 2 100 yard turf practice fields and a brand new football stadium that sort of resembles Center Grove’s. Hopefully the Millers can join the party at some point.
  15. I saw some cutup highlites of Davis on Maxpreps. The kid can throw the ball around the field and run with it. Andrean better be ready from the opening kickoff. Hate to be cliche, but Eastside has never won a Regional until this year and is playing at home for a trip to State. I can imagine they are going to come out hungry for blood. Andrean has been notorious the past few years for coming out looking unprepared and sloppy in their playoff losses. Andrean will likely need their A game just to have a chance at winning this one. I would hope Andrean brings their A game after losing on the road to Pioneer and Eastbrook the past 2 years.
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