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  1. Thanks. I didn't look back that far. I'm WAAAYYYYYYY late to the party on this one!
  2. Sorry if already discussed. I don't see a thread created and this was under the radar to me. I just noticed LC has a new coach while looking at what's posted of their schedule on Harrell. Looks like Rodenberg to Roncalli was announced in February. I understand the point that he's getting back to his Catholic roots as he was once at Covington Catholic and Big Moe. I believed when LC hired him it was a bad move as I assumed he would go somewhere "bigger" in Indy or Cincinnati when he had some success. I didn't foresee his tenure being 2 years and 15 losses. I have no idea what Roncalli has returning; however, I would not be the least bit surprised if they cut their losses in half this year.
  3. The NWI Oilmen also play there. They are a member of the Midwest Collegiate League, which is a summer wood bat league. http://www.midwestcollegiateleague.com/home/
  4. Great pic! I watched that game online. SW Indiana has some great nostalgia stadiums with Enlow, Reitz Bowl, Bosse Field, and League Stadium.
  5. Agree. Even though I've never been to Evansville, based on photos and live streamed games I've watched, I think Enlow is the best stadium down there. I totally get the allure and greatness of Reitz Bowl, but I really dig the grandstands at Enlow.
  6. If elected, I'm sure Elizabeth Warren will ban such names.
  7. Here's a great view of Whiting's fantastic baseball stadium in the foreground, football stadium in the middle, and the Chicago skyline in the background.
  8. Ames Field in Michigan City. Demaree Stadium in Merrillville
  9. Has the New Prairie community actually started to question his methods? IMO, this would be a home run hire for Portage. He'll instill discipline and toughness, he can out-coach most coaches in the Region, and he can develop an offense that scores. Hope this rumor comes to fruition.
  10. Per the article regarding the firing of the Principal, Surveillance footage viewed in May shows Bruce and the female, alone, entering his darkened office on multiple occasions. And at that point he was just told to not be alone with the girl!! WTF. This reads as if the Principal and School Board hero worshiped Bruce as opposed to protect a 17 year old girl. Disgusting.
  11. A documented history of snap chatting a 17 year old girl. The truth finally comes out. I'm guessing lawsuits and firings are on the horizon.
  12. Yep. That was Buzea's downfall as he warned a potential basketball coach not to get involved in that mess and it went public. They lost a very good baseball coach in Tim Pirowski as well. I did see in the article announcing Darren's departure that former wrestling great Fred Joseph is now the Athletic Director. Maybe things have changed for the better since the old AD was in the building. I'm out of the loop though. I haven't lived in Portage since the late '90's. There's no reason Portage can't be a contender for DAC and Sectional Championships at the very minimum on a yearly basis. It would be nice to see someone turn the program around.
  13. How many do you think went P5 in all of Buzea’s years? All I can think of is Albert Evans to Purdue.
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