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  1. The Hammond schools consolidating into one Hammond High? Is that a real possibility? Throw in Munster joining the Duneland and you have a DT wet dream.
  2. I would expect Valpo's Cooper Jones to also end up at Notre Dame if offered. His father Eric (a Portage grad) was a very good DL for Notre Dame in the late '80's/early '90's. Congrats to Fisher. That's an education that will really pay dividends in his post College life if the NFL isn't in the cards.
  3. Novak announced he’s joining the Portage staff.
  4. Hackett would have been an excellent addition to the Duneland. Similar to Mason in football, I believe he would have turned City basketball into a force. I'm no expert on tax revenue and school funding. With that said, does Michigan City have strong tax revenue from Nipsco, Blue Chip, and possibly the lakefront mansions lining the coast from Long Beach up to Michiana Shores? Are the schools funded poorly?
  5. Now that I could definitely understand. Great point!
  6. I believe Geffert will be an Assistant at Munster. Interesting development. He seemed excited to return to Griffith and return the Panthers to a dominate force. A record of 26-9 the past 3 seasons is outstanding compared to the Pickett era, even though it was against a watered down Greater South Shore schedule. Seems odd that he would leave his alma mater to go west on 45th Street and be an Assistant.
  7. Per Al Hamnik. No update on his future plans. Tough beak for the Panthers.
  8. Does anyone have any updated pictures of the new stadium construction?
  9. Baseball and Soccer are REALLY good. Basketball fairly solid as well, but baseball and soccer can hold their own with any conference in the state. The commitment to football just isn't the same as it was in the '70's to '90's. Possibly because they lost a lot of legendary coaches and the replacements aren't filling the void. I have a feeling Gipper's comment has more to do with the Duneland feeling too superior to offer Munster, NP, Andrean, Griffith, etc. IMO, in their mind, it's Penn or bust. They wouldn't take Elkhart Central when Penn and Mishawaka were ready to join a couple of years back. Maybe they would take newly consolidated Elkhart if that was the only way they could get Penn.
  10. Yeah, I was going to say that Avon's housing boom and their proximity to Wayne Township is extremely beneficial. Speaking of Wazzu, I'm a huge fan of the pirate. He caught a bad wrap when ESPN foolishly decided to run with the James' family agenda when Adam wasn't getting enough PT.
  11. Are you referring to a boat load of undrafted FA's? I've heard it's often better to go undrafted than be a late round pick. Mainly, it's beneficial to have the option of picking a team that isn't strong in your position if presented with a multitude of teams wanting to sign you.
  12. I was looking at every draft pick last week and came up with the following list. Did I miss anyone? 2nd Round: Lonnie Johnson, Kentucky CB, Gary West Side 3rd Round: Terry McLaurin, Ohio State WR, Cathedral 4th Round: Drue Tranquil, Notre Dame LB, Fort Wayne Carroll
  13. Yes, all at Homewood-Flossmoor HS in the South Chicago Suburbs. Craig Buzea is the HC and he took Portage to the '94 5A Title game. Zac Wells is the DC and he won multiple Sectionals and Regionals as HC at Merrillville. They also have Alexander Pratt, who did wonders as HC at Gary West Side, so no telling what he could do at a Region school. I believe H-F has a few more Region guys on their staff. I know Albert Evans (Portage RB/Purdue DB) was on their staff recently as well. H-F doesn't have a large MIC'esque football stadium, but their indoor practice facility and weight room are insanely nice. They're also paying coaches and teachers very good money. Regarding Lake Central, they should be the Penn of Northwest Indiana. The size of school and socio-economics are nearly identical. Lake Central's problem, IMO, is they'll have to have a saleman as a coach to convince kids to stay in the Tri-Cities of St. John, Dyer, and Schererville. Of course, win too. Andrean and Chicago Mt. Carmel routinely get quality football and baseball players out of Lake Central's district.
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