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  1. Ha! I like Whiting89’s passion for Region football. He would probably fit in well with this crew. Baby Ditka 70. Chatard 2.
  2. Armani Glass and Cincinnati bound speedster JoJo Johnson will need to carry Merrillville in this one. The Pirates having D-1 recruits sprinkled across the lines won’t faze a disciplined team like Chatard that is a factory for line play. Anyone know if Jr. Merrillville RB Lavarion Logan was at at Joliet Catholic last year? Name sounds familiar. I’ll take Chatard by about 7.
  3. That's a shame. I'll still take what we are getting this year over no football at all. I agree with your last take. IMO, Covid is the biggest threat facing all State Title contenders. I'm expecting at least One legimate contender across the 6 classes to forfeit a playoff game.
  4. Something like that would be scheduled on a Saturday. No different than Lake Central going to Penn on a weekday and the Duneland was fully on board with bringing Penn in a few years ago. I like the idea of bringing the Lafayette schools into the fold, but I realize it will never happen. I do believe Penn and Elkhart will happen at somepoint. It will be interesting to see how they navigage the time zone diffrences with the Kingsmen and Lions.
  5. Morton, Hammond Central, East Chicago, and West Side would only be able to compete in a select limited amount of sports. It would be disastrous in most sports and they wouldn't even field teams in others. For better or worse, those 4 will either be on an island by themselves or go Independent. Hanover Central, Wheeler, Griffith, and even Boone Grove would all be better options for NCC expansion. Possibly looking at Illiana Christian in the future depending upon their level of growth.
  6. Portage had the visiting side of the Brickie Bowl at standing room only by about 5 PM. Hobart's Admin. was pi**ed that some seats were ripped up. What they don't realize is they snapped from fans jumping up and down when Christian took the first play from scrimmage to the house. That was a beating Portage had waited their entire history to give to Hobart, at the famed Brickie Bowl no less. It's a shame Buzz is making a fortune across the State Line in Illinois. Would love to see him mend bridges at Portage and finish what he started dating back to his days as OC for Bubba Mattix.
  7. I read on Yappi that La Salle is banged up and playing without a decent amount of key players. I'm changing my pick to Catheral by 23.
  8. Lafayette to St. John 85m Lafayette to Merrillville 81m Lafayette to Crown Point 79m Lafayette to Munster 94m Let's get crazy and go with this Super Conference: Big 14 West: Lake Central, Merrillville, Crown Point, Jeff, McCutcheon, Harrison, Munster Big 14 East: Portage, Valpo, Chesterton, LaPorte, Michigan City, Penn, Elkhart You get your wish with Munster, who can compete in every sport besides football, finally joining the "Duneland" members. 6 Division games, 1 crossover, 1 "Championship Week" similiar to what the Hoosier does, 1 OOC game
  9. I took a look at their recruits that show up on 247 Sports: Class of 2021: 6'1 CB committed to Cincinnati, 6'1 S committed to Ohio State, 6'0 CB committed to Alabama, and 6'0 CB committed to Miami (OH) Class of 2022: 4 Star RB with offers from Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Penn State, etc. That is an impressive amount of talent in the Secondary. They did give up over 50 points to Elder (2 OT game). I'll go with Irish by 15.
  10. Good to see. I was a little skeptical their broadcast crew would make the long trip to 46th & Arlington.
  11. Possibly here. I watched a few of their games last year and they stream most of their athletic events. https://boxcast.tv/channel/kcDxLlLCeqOvc4rAmBlg
  12. Which is why I would argue this could be a huge benefit for Merrillville. If I'm Seiss, I want to see all of my weaknesses before potentially playing a Hamilton County/Fort Wayne school in Semi State. Elkhart could potentially be a monster lurking in Regionals. And then Lafayette Jeff is still there in Sectionals. Columbus North can show the Pirates a lot more than at least 75% of their schedule.
  13. Me too! That Castle team in '94 was big and tough. They completely wore us (Portage) down in the 2nd half of the '94 State Title game. I believe they only led by 6 going into the 4th quarter and ended up winning 30-12. The O-Line was massive and they could just run behind them at will with the little RB or Lidy (built like a mack truck) on QB keepers. I went back and looked at their results. I would have assumed they lost to North (State Runner Up following year with Deke Cooper), but they beat North. Both losses (Central and Bosse) were early in the season. Was Levron Williams already carryin
  14. This has a link to his audio from the post game presser. Head in sand... https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2020/9/14/21435416/matt-patricia-tone-deaf-response-detroit-lions-4th-quarter-malcolm-butler
  15. Right? I was thinking the same thing! I was in awe of some of the throws he was making in that game and thought to myself, because my wife really doesn't care, that he's be considered a decent NFL QB That never one anything. BUT, that's mainly because he played in Detroit. The Fords and McCaskey's are NFL royalty who are completely incompetent. Virginia Halas marrying a McCaskey is probably the worst thing that's ever happened to the Bears. She had to fire her own son as President of the Bears in 1998. F'n McCaskeys...
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