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  1. This makes zero sense to me unless OU and Texas already know a massive re-alignment is inevitable that results in 4 mega conferences that break away from the NCAA.
  2. I was 20 in the Fall of '99 (1st Year Post Howell) and happened to be in Hobart visiting a special lady friend a few days before classes resumed at Purdue in August. An adult, thinking I was a Hobart High Student, looked at me in disgust and asked why I wasn't at football practice. I'm sensing a place like Center Grove has the same vibe.
  3. The 4th would have been the kid from Morton that transferred in. He signed with Bowling Green. Lavarion Logan would possibly give them 5. He seems like a fringe non P5 recruit this year. Maybe someone like Ball State, Northern Illinois, or Western Michigan would take a flyer on him. The Duneland should be interesting this year. We'll see if Seiss and Marshall can rebuild or take a step back now that generational talent/transfers are out the door. What can Buzea do with Crown Point in year 1? Michigan City could be in a prime spot for a 5A run. Can Good make an immediate impact at Lake Ce
  4. 53% Hispanic, wow! I would never guess that's possible in an Indiana district that isn't Hammond, East Chicago, or IPS.
  5. Looking forward to your scoop! I've driven by the High School a few times and the new stadium is looking very nice. My initial thought is the home seating is very similiar in size to Center Grove's upgrade. Also, I've heard Noblesville has 2 D1 caliber lineman on the O-Line. Going to be interesting to see if they can help Sharpe's run game prosper.
  6. Took 2nd in the 110 Meter Hurdles and won State in the Long Jump. Sounds like a solid athlete.
  7. Probably a combination of a good sales pitch, pressure, and an immature young adult getting caught up in the excitement of a good visit. Regarding pressure to not be left behind, I would think someone like Curry knows Purdue or IU will have a spot open whenever he wants to commit. Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Clemson, etc., have other 4 or 5 star recruits with the same offer. At some point they these schools can’t find room for everyone of the elite prospects they’re taking.
  8. That tweet is a little vague. Did all 4 of them transfer into Center Grove?
  9. Well, I'll say I admire your passion for Franklin Central football. But, how do you measure when a teams season is ruined or who the most improved team in the state is?
  10. Forget new stadium, juse the idea of the McCaskey's selling the team is incredible. The best part is business wise it makes sense. I don't believe the McCaskey family has acquired any sort of substantial wealth outside of the NFL. The only way they cash in on their inherited wealth through Virginia is to sell the team. Pat Ryan, a Chicago billionaire, current Bears board member, namesake of Northwestern's Ryan Field and Welsh Ryan Arena, has first refusal rights if the Bears to go on the market.
  11. Offered by Ohio State yesterday. The 2022 Class in Indiana is DEEP.
  12. Sorry, I wasn't trying to marganalize his experience in Cincinnati. Just saying he never saw playing time and I'm assuming he transferred to Carbondale for that reason.
  13. This! We (Indiana as a whole) already do a good job of getting Ohio and Louisville teams on the schedule. I would love to see more games against Chicagoland teams. Chatard was supposed to play Joliet Catholic last year as well as Andrean was going to play Immaculate Catholic from the Western 'Burbs. The following games would be more enjoyable to me than IMG embarrassing an Indiana school: Carmel vs. 1 of the 3 Naperville schools (North, Central, Neuqua Valley) Carmel vs. Lincolnway-East Center Grove vs. Glenbard West or St. Rita Warren Central vs. Warren Township
  14. Tommy or anyone up in Duneland territory know what Michigan City has returning? I believe they were fairly young last year. I see that 6'0 Sophomore APB Jaden Hart is a player to keep an eye on.
  15. I read that the former Evansville Memorial QB is transferring from Cincinnati to Southern Illinois. If I recall correctly, he was a long time SIU commit before jumping on a Cincinnati offer at the last minute. I look forward to watching him play at Southern and I have a feeling he'll be highly succussful if he can become QB1 at some point. His story should be a tale of caution to all "Mid-Major" recruits that decommit when a power school is trying to fill an open scholarship as signing day approaches.
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