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  1. Yeah, I'm curious to see what the Eagles do. You're timeline with Hurts is accurate. He definately played in 3 different offensive schemes in college. I'm just not sold on him as well. His personality and character are what you would want in a franchise QB.
  2. Ballard is really something else. He knows how to run a team. Only way that conditional pick will end up being significant is if Wentz delivers, which in turn is worth giving up a 1st or 2nd round pick.
  3. To piggy back off of Lysander's comment in another thread, adding Elder and now Cathedral to the future schdule says alot about how confidant Rodenburg and Co. are in Roncalli's short term future.
  4. I would really like to know what the plan is. If George/Ted gave them 1 year to at least make the playoffs then they might as well have fired them. If they have a few years to turn it around, then I would prefer they draft a QB and not leverage 1st to 3rd round draft picks for someone like Carr now that Wentz is off the board. I may be crazy, but I was OK with at least 2 second rounders for Wentz. I have a gut feeling he's going to turn it around and I'm now looking forward to watching the Colts offense next year.
  5. Great for Roncalli. I would imagine Rodenberg will be adding GCL South teams to his schedule whenever feasible.
  6. Will South make the return trip to 169th & Cline or is this a one year affair?
  7. I watched the entire game. Homestead moved the ball in the 1st half, but couldn't force their will Carmel's D when it mattered. Carmel ran the ball down Homestead's throats. Like I said. Carmel's domination typically starts at their line play.
  8. It was 14-7 Carmel at the half and the final was 31-7. Complete domination by Carmel. I watched that game as I was hoping Homestead could pull off the upset. Missing their best player wasn't the difference for the Spartans. It was the complete domination of Carmel's lines. The Hoosier Crossroads is a Conference made up of Homestead's and Carroll's. It's not really surprising when a bottom feeder of the HCC (Noblesville) can compete with an SAC school.
  9. Best 1-9 team in the history of Indiana. Regardless of sport. 😎
  10. And it what point does cancel culture go north and strip VHS of the Vikings name? Trojans in Chesterton? Senators in Washington Twp? Cherokees in Morgan Township? Indians in Portage? I'm beginning to think the moview PCU was foreshadowing our actual future.
  11. How is Valpo U doing financially? I didn't realize they had to drop their Law School a few years back. I would imagine their Athletic Facilities have to be among the worst in The Valley.
  12. I don't think the AD's woud be thrilled about having their teams in different conferences. I was referring to the NE8 because you had mentioned Leo and East Noble in a previous thread in regards to them joining up with some of the SAC. I skimmed through your post and didn't notice their exclusion. My mistake. Regardless, Penn and Elkhart to the Duneland makes far more sense than them to Fort Wayne. I-80 makes it a smooth trip for all involved. Any benefit of Penn/Elkhart being on the same timezone as Fort Wayne is out the window when they spend 45 minutes minimum of weaving through Amish Count
  13. So, are all Conference alignment decisions based on football, or do we restructure for each sport? Getting back to reality, when talking of the current structure of the NE8, keep in mind this Conference was formed because certain (if not all) of the schools in the Conference no longer wanted to align with Carroll and Homestead. Going bigger isnt always better. Just like in Business. Find your sweet spot and only grow if you can scale the growth. For instance, one could certainly argue Pike's athletic program was far better in Conference Indiana.
  14. Here's a good one: Shaquil Barrett: Undrafted, via Colorado State when Nebraska-Omaha shut down their program.
  15. I would guess rural communities in the hills of Southern Indiana where they still wax poetic about Bobby and Damon. Personally, I have felt for a while that baseball is king in NWI. I could see football and even baseball being bigger deals in Hamilton County over basketball. I would say basketball is king in Marion County. Football in Allen County. I would imagine the large field houses in urban areas that have allowed Indiana kids to play baseball and football year round has probably hurt basketball.
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