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  1. I read that the former Evansville Memorial QB is transferring from Cincinnati to Southern Illinois. If I recall correctly, he was a long time SIU commit before jumping on a Cincinnati offer at the last minute. I look forward to watching him play at Southern and I have a feeling he'll be highly succussful if he can become QB1 at some point. His story should be a tale of caution to all "Mid-Major" recruits that decommit when a power school is trying to fill an open scholarship as signing day approaches.
  2. The more I hear about it on Chicago radio the more I'm convinced they are legitimately thinking about moving to Arlington Heights. Mayor Beetlejuice would once a again look like a fool for proclaiming the Bears would never leave the city. I think the NFL would love to see the Bears get a bigger stadium that could also host a Super Bowl as I'm sure it'll be retractable. It would be odd though watching a winter Bears game if they closed the roof. The Bears have the smallest stadium in the NFL and a fanbase that will sellout any sized stadium. They can't keep playing in Soldier Field at it's
  3. Ha. So True. And I can't escape them in Central Indiana. They're everywhere. The candy stripe guys were a disgrace during Romeo's tenure at New Albany and when they followed the self described "Movement" around the AAU circuit.
  4. Valpo!?! Who do they even have returning? Lost Burbee, Jones, Dingman, their QB, Hofer, etc. They do return Vinyard at RB, but he'll need A LOT of help. I would give the edge to Zionsville right now based on last year's results and who they have returning. Valpo won't even have a cakewalk in Sectionals.
  5. I’ve been watching clips of Jenkins. WOW. Right Tackle is resolved
  6. Former Bluffton Tiger D’Wayne Eskridge (WR) goes 56th overall to Seattle. Not far behind at #60 is Cathedral star Pete Werner to New Orleans.
  7. I would take the under. Either an injury or slow start to the offense will have Nagy ready to pull the trigger Haha. Definately cheated. I look forward to seeing how this one plays out. The Alabama hater in me is convinced he's a product of having an elite offense around him. Parsons is a STUD Highly questionable. Same with Jax taking Etienne. Obviously, Harris and Etienne (perfectly suited for NFL passing game) are phenomenal backs, but going RB in Round 1 nowadays seems taboo.
  8. Of course, like the sucker I am for Chicago sports, they've pulled me back in. I didn't think Pace had it in him to move up AND get a solid QB. I like this pick A LOT. Fields believes he's a perfect fit for Nagy's vision on offense. Is there a legit QB battle in camp or is Red Rocket firmly the week 1 starter?
  9. But, who showed up to their meeting with Pace in an old Toyota Camry? Who led a 4th Quarter comeback against an average opponent in an obscure Bowl? Anyone can draft a star out of Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, LSU, etc. Pace looks deep into their Soul and places more value on handshakes, table etiquitte, choice of car, choice of logdging, etc. My gut feeling is the Falcons will take Pitts at 4, the Bears will trade up to to get one of the QB's who falls, and draft David Mills out of Stanford. It's a total Pace move. I wouldn't mind seeing the Bears trade their #1 pick if they stay p
  10. Expansion into the CCL/ESCC Blue Division? Play Brother Rice, Marist, Mt. Carmel, and Loyola Academy in Conference with crossovers against St. Rita, Montini, and Naz Academy? Keep Merrillville and Hobart for Non-Conference. Something like that? 😀
  11. If my math is correct, Wells went 81-32 with 5 Sectional and 3 Regional Titles in 10 seasons at Merrillville before leaving to become Buzea's long standing DC. I would imagine at some point Wells would want to be a HC again unless he prefers to be out of the spotlight.
  12. The Class of '23 OLB'ers recruiting is blowing up. 247 has him rated as a 5 Star recruit. He has a wide variety of Big 10, SEC And Big 12 offers. Any of the NWI guys know if he's a dual sport candidate in college? I see he's also on the 59'er baseball team. https://247sports.com/Player/Drayk-Bowen-46103028/
  13. The Burial Grounds was literally a football field put on a swamp. Portage was late to arrive for the '94 Regional because of the amount of traffic on Indianapolis Blvd trying to get to St. John and into the parking lot.
  14. I've never been to Evansville, but from images I've seen I actually like Enlow better than Reitz. I'm hoping I can get to SW Indiana at some point to check out the Baseball stadium in Huntingburg, Bosse Field, Enwlo, and the Reitz Bowl.
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