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  1. Agreed. IMO, Mahome's ankle is more of a concern than Cincy's O-Line. If he's required to play in a phone booth the Bengals can go to man coverage and have no fear of Mahomes beating them with his legs.
  2. I heard some great stats today about Cincinnati from a betting perspective: 8-1-1 ATS in their 10 game winning streak NFL best 27-12 ATS since the start of last season 12-3 ATS when they're a dog Burrow is 32-16 ATS in his NFL career
  3. My guess is Baseball and Softball will benefit the most from this as teams like to travel to Tennessee for Spring Break games. I would be curious to know if any AD's from the usual suspects that schedule out of state opponents (Carmel, Cathedral, Warren, etc.) have put out fealers in Alabama, Georgie, etc.
  4. What's happening in Oxford pretty much sums up the crazyness of the transfer portal. I believe Jaxson Dart (who tranferred from USC) started every game at QB for Ole Miss last season. He still has 2 years of eligibility remaining. Now, Ole Miss is bringing in the following QB's in the transfer portal: Spencer Sanders: Former starter at Oklahoma State Walker Howard: Former Top 50 recruit at LSU. I think this is the guy Kelly danced with I can't really fault Kiffin for playing the system. I watched a few Ole Miss games and Dart, who shows flashes of being Elite, was never really consistantly good. I just wonder at what point do coaches struggle recruiting the HS ranks because they are proving they will bring in a transfer the minute they see a need to fill.
  5. LIstened to an ESPN Chicago interview with Kevin Warren now that he's making the media rounds in Chicago. As expected, he's fully committed to building a stadium in Arlington Heights. It's also refreshing to hear the President of the Chicago Bears actually sound intelligent when it comes to football. Warren is only the 2nd non McCaskey family member to be CEO/President of the Chicago Bears. Considering Ted Phillips was just a Finance guy forced to oversee football operations, it's safe to say this is the first time the Bears are being led by someone who understands leadership in athletics. Unfortunately, I'm already drinking the koolaid on the Bears future.
  6. You think the talent level and community support is still there in Griffith? That fanbase traveled better than the Steelers or Packers back in the day. I have no doubt Mason can match the success Geffert (sp?) recently had before suddenly stepping down. Curious to see if he can put the Panthers back into Regional/Semi-State/State title discussions.
  7. Is he hireable as a HC? Feels like the injustice he received at Morton will follow him the rest of his career. By hireable, I mean will AD's/Admin be willing to hire him as HC. I would love for Portage to give him a chance.
  8. I haven't been able to find it, but it had to have drastically changed. Noblesville's girls basketball team played a team from outside of DC (Northern Virginia) back in November or December.
  9. Seems like the Chargers would be a great landing spot for Sean Payton.
  10. The conversation isn't the game of footall. It's the Bears either staying at Solider Field or relocating to Arlington Heights. She brought herself into the discussion last year when she publically tweeted the Bears should be more focused on not losing to Green Bay again than asking for a new stadium. Her and her office have been a major hinderance to the Bears (who pay rent to play in Soldier Field) getting any improvements done at Soldier Field. Again, considering we're talking about building a new stadium here and the mayor commissioned the design of a complex that'll never be built, it's only fair to mention she's a struggling Mayor who is grasping at straws to save her re-election bid.
  11. I don't know what the talent level currently is; however, demographics have changed drastically since the Radtke glory days and many have stated as the demographics shifted the community began to lose interest in football. This chart is from the 2019-2020 school year. I would be willing to wager it was drastically different 15 years ago. This is really shocking news to me. GREAT for Griffith though.
  12. Agree big time with #1. Young is 6'0 190. That's even smaller than Tua who is taking a beating. For comparison, Fields is 6'3 225. Also, by all accounts from the Chicago media and Bears leadership, Fields handles himself with a lot of maturity and has already established himself as a leader in the lockerroom. Getting back on topic, why is Young consistantly ahead of Stroud in mocks? I don't see enough of a difference as well for Houston to be worried about getting the #1. My guess is the Colts will be the team to trade up to get the #1. Ballard said he would do whatever it takes to get a QB at the top of the draft. It could have just been an off-hand comment to a beat reporter from The Star, but we all know the Colts desperately need a franchise QB.
  13. Interesting. Can you share the link?
  14. Not at all. They ran the table and won the Title. Did all that they could do. But, I don't think they should go down in history as an absolutely dominate team. Their SEC schedule was pretty weak this year and they had some stinker performances. Replay the Oregon and TCU games and I would pick Georgia to win both; however, I feel the MOV in both of those was a fluke. Sometimes disaster strikes and it just snowballs into a collosal ball of crap. I think too many definitive statements/hot takes are being made over the TCU final score. Georgia was extremely fortunate to even be in that game in the first place. Ohio State had them beat more than once. Credit to Georgia for coming back, but I don't think Georgia wins that game if Harrison Jr. doesn't exit. They may not have had enough time to come back had the officials called targeting on the play to give Ohio State 1st and Goal instead of having to settle for a FG.
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