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  1. I may be guilty of drinking the new GM Kook Aid but I like what was done in the draft. Appeared to have obtain instant help for Fields later in the draft while getting 2 quality DB's and a solid WR early on. I hope this means Eddie Jackson is out. I really like that Velus Jone is 25. He should be able to contribut immediately and will be a nice YAC option for Fields in the short passing options. Potentially Ebner as well. I'm also curious to know if not taking OL early is a statement of Poles opinion of the way Nagy / Pace treated the OL. Perhaps, he feels the talent returning isn't that bad and was more a reflection of Nagy's scheme that made the OL look awful.
  2. I read somewhere that 5 were drafted. Who is the 5th that I'm missing: George Karlaftis: 1st Round: Kansas City via Purdue and West Lafayette David Bell: 3rd Round: Cleveland via Purdue and Warren Central Russ Yeast: 7th Round: Los Angeles Rams via Kansas State, Louisville, and Center Grove Zander Horvath: 7th Round: Los Angeles Chargers via Purdue and Mishawaka Marian ?
  3. Interesting comment from Fole's agent. Feel that had to be a shot at Pace & Nagy.
  4. That's debatable. I'm sure there's the potential that schools will pass on him due to the proven false allegations regarding his exit from Morton; however, I would wager he has been approached for openings. I would wager these openings have been better than LaPorte based on the following: LaPorte is not a talent hotbed and they are on the verge of now having more difficult of a Sectional Is the LaPorte school board a problem for coaches? They recently gave into parent complaints and ran off a good basketball coach in Tom Wells.
  5. That '94 Portage team came out of nowhere. Bubba had just left for Valpo U and some offensive star power at QB and RB graduated after the '93 Sectional Title. I believe Wellman wasn't even named QB1 until a few weeks before the Jamboree. And Portage looked awful in the Jamboree. Lake Central came into the '94 opener with a lofty ranking and expectations of getting back to the RCA Dome. I don't think anyone in Portage expected that game to end the way it did. I think beating solid Rick Wimmer coached Merrillville 28-0 in Week 3 was when the belief set in that something special was really happening.
  6. Hate to be pessimistic, but I have to think it's going to be very difficult for LaPorte to attract a high level hire. Tough situation with presumably Chesterton, Michigan City, and Valpo in their Sectional. My guess is their only attracting assistants looking for their 1st gig or an experienced HC in it for the love of coaching. I can't fathom anyone as successful as Roy Richards being interested in that job. Maybe I'm completely off base. The Slicers have fallen well behind City and can no longer hide from Valpo in 5A. Chesterton has passed them as well.
  7. You've stated this a few times now Temp regarding Avon and FC. Why do you think they would rather be in the MIC over the HCC? All sports of course and not just football and basketball.
  8. Are the DOE enrollment numbers accurate? I saw a post on Harrel's basketball board mentioning the IHSAA may have released the wrong data.
  9. I noticed that. I was surprised to see how far Portage is dropping in 6A enrollment. A lot of Central Indiana schools that were once smaller than Portage have outgrown them. Their population has barely moved in the past 20 years. Don't see any reason to believe Portage couldn't end up in 5A at some point.
  10. Yikes. I didn't think about this possibility when it became obvious Chesterton and Merrillville would be dropping down. It will be interesting to see who goes North and which Sectionals they get placed in. I imagine Westfield would be licking their chops at that alignment. As a Noblesville fan I relish the idea of a scenario like that. As a DAC alum I cringe at the idea of a Regional now going through Hamilton County.
  11. Yeah. This is interesting. He was not a fit from a football culture viewpoint at Bloomington South. The school of Rex Grossman isn't going to buy into a 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense. Odd that South hired him and even odder Kennedy took the position. Not much to say about North Judson or Franklin County. some other options are: Completely fail and never receive another HC gig in Indiana Be average to above average, keep fans and admin happy, never really threaten the rest of the NWI 4A schools, ride out a long career into retirement. Duplicate exactly what he helped create and is still working at Lowell. Become a force in the 4A North. I'm curious what DE thinks about the potential growth of KV. I was surprised by the amount of upscale neighborhoods I saw when I went up to DeMotte to play magnificent Sandy Pines last Fall. Perhaps some good growth could increase the talent level.
  12. The potential ramifications of this are very interesting to me. Can Kennedy build the Kougars into a legitimate threat in the 4A North? Will the Lowell faithfull turn on Kilmer if their neighbors to the southeast surpass Lowel in 4A North hierarchy? I'm not familiar with South Lake County and Northern Jasper County. I know Lowell has had some really good individual talent lately, but is there an overwhelming difference between the talent available in these neighboring school districts?
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