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  1. 100%. North Carolina, Virginia and Texas have always been the white whales. Only 2 chances now.
  2. I agree with yout. And I'm floored when I hear some analysts say Fields could get a 1st rounder in return. What!?!? Prepare yourself his apologists that will bring up the multiple OC's he's had.
  3. I can get on board with this. I have a feeling McCarthy will be a very capable NFL QB. And I think he could handle the pressure of being the hometown QB.
  4. Gipper is a Cheesehead. His pessimism is warranted. I have faith in Warren and Poles to pull the Bears out of the abyss of continual failure. Otherwise, lets hope the McCaskey children cash in an sell the team once Virginia passes.
  5. Spike? Are you serious? You couldn't watch a Knicks playoff game back in the '90's without seeing Spike's reacion to nearly everything.
  6. If it were up to me, Jackson Mahomes wouldn't be allowed in another NFL Stadium after the way he disrespected the Sean Taylor memorial at Fed Ex Field.
  7. Honestly, I think all? I've seen a lot of pictures shared on Instagram with random players and their parents or WAGS on the field posing with the trophy.
  8. Exactly. And I don't buy for a second the Bears would take Williams at 1 and give up the draft picks they could get by trading Fields.
  9. Pretty wild a sitting Big Ten HC would leave his post for an OC posiiton at another Big Ten school and presumably take a big paycut. It makes sense though. All I've ever read or heard about the guy is he just likes to scheme and coach. Not a fan of recruiting at all. Maybe he looked at it as he rather coach O only with his friend from New Hampshire and the Eagles than deal with the NIL / portal era at a school that doesn't have unlimited resources (1 of 10 UC system schoools) like USC, Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan or Penn State. Hartline is the big gun offensive recruiter at Ohio State. They won't need much out of Chip.
  10. Ted Phillips and George admittedly know nothing about football. Who in the world where they paying for consulting to make these types of decisions? I know Polian pushed Flus on them.
  11. Haha. That's funny. Is it safe to say if this stint in Washington doesn't end well he'll finally stop getting coveted jobs for being an "Air Raid Guru?"
  12. From what I've heard Washington is open that they are in need of a full rebuild and plan on doing it the in draft. That will be hard to do if they give away picks to trade up to #1. Something else to consider, they have one Air Raid QB on roster (Howell) and taking Maye at #2 would give them another Air Raid QB to go along with the Air Raid guru they just brouth in to be OC. My personal opinion is that the Bears are going to reset the clock on the QB pay scale and bring in Williams.
  13. Purdue great Len Dawson smoking a heater and drinking a Fresca at halftime of Super Bowl 1.
  14. Haha. I'm rooting for greatness (Reid + Mahomes + Kelce + BIg George + Taylor Swift). And then I'll chuckle in the post game when Reid throws Nagy a bone and mentions his name. Good to see Gregory still around the NFL. That dude has nearly wasted every opportunity given to him with off the field issues.
  15. Tranquil was originally committed to Purdue and was heavily involved in recruiting players to join him. But, he backed out of that committment when Notre Dame finally thought he was good enough for them. He'll always be a Judas to me.
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