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  1. Why did 6 guys receive D1 offers and not actually sign with a D1 school? Who are the 8-9 players that will have D1 offers by the time the season ends?
  2. Here's what I'm taking out of this post: Kyle Ralph developed a culture that works Kyle Ralph has complete buy in from the community of New Pal to follow his culture Football is potentially the #1 sport boys want to play at the youth level in New Pal The elite level talent at New Pal is beginning to increase Sounds pretty scary for 4A and potentially 5A football in Indiana. My understanding is Kyle Ralph played OL at Cincinnati St. Xavier and in Chapel Hill with the Tar Heels. And his wife is from New Pal? I completely understand the desire to live in your wife's hometown. But, I would think at some point this guy is going to get a HS or College (Assistant) offer that's too good to turn down.
  3. Battle of Broadway: I have a feeling Andrean wins this one. I don't like how unproven Merrillville is at multiple positions and Andrean is returning some key starters from last year. I'm betting it takes Merrillville a few games to gel. I'll take Andrean by 6. Portage vs. Morton: God help the Red Tribe if they can't beat Morton. Hobart vs. Chesterton: I think the loss of Mullen will slow the Trojan offense down out of the gates. Maybe all year. Agree they're defense will be stout. I'll take Hobart by about 7-10. LaPorte vs. New Prairie: Glad to see Bob James was finally given the job he deserved. But, I'll take NP big as well. Lowell vs. Crown Point: It's time for the Buzea era to take off in Crown Point. Crown Point is either ready for 6A football or still a big school playing 4A/5A caliber ball. I'm expecting the Dogs to win big as well. Michigan City vs. Warsaw: No idea what to expect out of this one. City returns JR. Jaden Hart at RB who already has an impressive list of Power Conference offers. Have a feeling Warsaw gets revenge and pulls out a close W at home. Munster vs. Lake Central: I hate to give DT credit, but he could be right that hanging onto an aging legend for too long killed Munster football. Richard Good is in year 2 of being next in line to try turning the Lake County giant into a competitive football team. Should have an easy W with Munster and then a very tough road trip west on 30 to play Providence Catholic. The Celtics aren't as strong as they've been historically; however, they'll still be a good early test for LC. Valpo vs. Penn: Valpo apparently lost a lot of starters from last year. I have no idea what Penn is returning. I'll still take the Kingsmen at home by 3.
  4. You made the exact same post on Facebook, which means you are who we thought "Piratefan101" is. The negativity thrown your way isn't about your football knowledge. It's about your continuous hyperbole surrounding Merrillville football that draws criticism. For starters, you consistently (3 years running now) grossly over sell the number of legitimate D1 recruits Merrillville has.
  5. Interesting comment. I agree that they have a great coach who has won various hardware at Harding and Woodlan. I would not be surprised to see a drastic turnaround at Wayne in year 3 under Haydock.
  6. A starter from Bishop Dwenger transferred to North for presumably football related reasons. Never thought I would hear that.
  7. Or we could be seeing a repeat of 2020. 5-6 with a very potent offense. That Team: Beat Snider by 30 Lost to Dwenger by 13 Scored 48 points in a loss to Carroll Scored 46 points in a loss to Luers Scored 36 points in a loss to Homestead Scored 27 points in a loss to Northrop Lost to Dwenger by 8 in Sectionals
  8. I'll give you some credit...at least you're consistent.
  9. That's a shame. Was thinking they were in Sectional 14. Definately makes 5A a little weaker. Sectional 22 has the potential for a series of Hoosier Heritage rematches. Agree with New Pal. Zionsville? No, they belong in 6A.
  10. How about Fort Wayne North? They may have the state's best skill player (regardless of class) at WR. I think I read a QB from Dwenger or Snider transferred in. Is North a true threat to Snider and Dwenger in Sectional 12 or just a decent team that will have an explosive offense?
  11. What does Valpo have returning? Marshall has had a lot of very good talent, especially on the lines, the past 4 years. I guess the question is can he sustain the recent success or will Valpo fall back like Hoffman did after he lost the generational talent of Samardzija, Hanlon, etc.?
  12. Fair assessment. This is why I'm probably the most interested in the 5A playoffs. From a Duneland perspective, it's their only shot at a State Title. From a competitive perspective, no Cathedral opens up the door for some new blood like DC or Merrillville to get a Title or a recent winner like New Pal, Columbus East, Snider, or Dwenger to add to their hardware.
  13. Just my perception, but I think programs like Mater Dei, Memorial, Chatard, Cathedral, and possibly Dwenger are unique. They seem to have very loyal alums that stay connected to the program throughout their lives.
  14. Agreed. But wouldn't that be more of a deterrent to the casual fan? Personally, I'll DVR a good college game in favor of a marquee Regional or Semi-State matchup. Of the HS sports I follow, football is the only one where the crowd size diminishes in Regionals and Semi-State. Is that due to Friday night games and/or weather conditions? Would fans be willing to travel more on a Saturday? IDK.
  15. I don't think Illinois does neutral site, BUT they play a lot of Saturday afternoon playoff games.
  16. I haven't seen DC play with him at QB. Is he primarily a runner? Kid is big. Guess I have to now lump Carmel and CG in with Chatard and Cathedral.
  17. Agreed, but does Decatur Central deserve the level respect? I have the upmost respect for the Mid State and enjoy the top to bottom competitiveness of the conference; however, it's not the Hoosier Crossroads or MIC. IMO, those are the leagues along with Chatard and Cathedral that have earned the central Indy bias.
  18. Sure, if the landing was soft, and there was value at the bottom.
  19. For me it's not even about driving distance because I don't mind a good road trip to new or familiar areas. My longstanding gripe is that Regional and Semi-State matchups (sometimes even Sectional Titles) are often played in front of empty bleachers in horrendous Friday night weather. My hope would be mid to late Saturday afternoon game times at neutral fields could increase the crowd size.
  20. Does Ohio go neutral in the later rounds or does it start in round 1?
  21. In fairness, I think homers shouldn't be plural. It has been and currently is one homer who drinks the purple kool-aid. Speaking of DC, is Stevens playing QB? I see he committed to Virginia Tech as a LB.
  22. Haha...Honestly, I'm a little concerned the Bears front office will botch this entire plan and someone find themselves still playing in Soldier Field. They are beyond clueless when it comes to running a Pro Team. But, I'm assuming Jerry and Co. are coaching them along. You have to believe the NFL wants the Bears in Arlington Heights with a "Jerry World" atmosphere. Lorie Lightfoot also said the Bears couldn't keep the Chicago name if they moved to Arlington Heights. So freaking clueless. She apparently doesn't understand trademarks among MANY things.
  23. I think this was a complete joke and publicity stunt for the Mayor's office to say they made a pitch to keep the Bears in Chicago. Yes, the same Mayor who said less than a year ago the Bears needed to focus on winning and not be asking for a better stadium. The Bears are currently in contract negotiations to purchase the old Arlington Race Track in Arlington Heights. They're not leaving that negotiation table to discuss a new stadium with the city. ESPECIALLY, a stadium that the Chicago Parks Department will own and operate and still not be in the Top 10 attendance wise. The Bears can just build their own larger stadium in Arlington Heights and control all revenue. The other major elephant in the room is that a facelift to Soldier Field doesn't take away the fact it is in a very bad location. The parking is limited. It's basically sandwiched between Lake Shore Drive, a Museum, and McCormick's Place. It's not fan friendly at all to walk to. In Arlington Heights the Bears can build a full entertainment district like the one in Foxboro.
  24. That would be an interesting scenario to me. Would Harrison, Jeff, McCutcheon, Logan, and Kokomo just stay at 5 and increase their OOC schedule in all sports or try to expand? I can't think of any reasonable option outside of trying to bring in West Lafayette.
  25. Haha. Was he even a contributor for Andrean last year? I wouldn't be surprised to hear the "powerback" from Ben Davis was a 3rd stringer on the Giants 9th grade team.
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