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  1. Actually, I looked into it further. Jimbo's buyout is completely one sided. LSU's wouldn't have to pay a dime to A&M. How ironic that Woodward didnt' put a two way buyout into Jimbo's A&M salary and now has the chance to re-hire him in Baton Rouge. https://247sports.com/Article/LSU-coaching-search-misconception-about-Jimbo-Fisher-sizable-buyout-at-Texas-AM-173381238/
  2. My neighbor is an Iowa grad from Sioux City. I haven't asked him yet if he brought back the beer I asked him to get me from a brewery I like in Iowa City. Wouldn't blame him if he dumped it on his way back. After that W I'm even more bitter about that awful loss to Minnesota.
  3. Agreed. And I wonder if he would be make a huge mistake in leaving Lexington. He's been able to use his Ohio connections to recruit will in Ohio to go along with getting some good recruits out of Kentucky and the South. In Lexington he won't get fired for losing 1-4 games per season. The expectations will be really high if he leaves for a better job.
  4. Jimbo Fisher has to be #1. LSU's current AD was the AD at Texas A&M who hired Fisher. I'd be willing to bet he's already called every power broker LSU has to round up the cash for Jimbo's buyout. If not Fisher, I'm curious to see see if they would try an up and comer like Napier or hold steady for a big name.
  5. I've only been able to watch the Valpo / Merrillville game this year. What are your thoughts on Michigan City? If they can get by presumably Concord / Mishawaka in the Sectional Final, can they take down Valpo in a rematch? Juding from the first game it looks like Valpo pulled way in the 4th quarter. I know Michigan City has one of the top Sophomore offensive playmakers in the state in Jaden Hart and Giovani Laurent is also a playmake at WR. I wouldn't be surprised if Phil Mason gest the Wolves back to the Semi-State.
  6. Oh Geez. Lighten up. Should we all just stick our heads in the ground and be afraid of lampooning? Where I grew up, back in the '80's and '90's, Hobart was always accused of keeping the field wet and the grass high during the playoffs. It is what it is, the grass at Arlington was high enough for cattle to graze and the field was a disaster.
  7. Forecast looks good this week. It would be nice if Cathedral actually cut the grass this time around.
  8. Ha, well, the crowd was predominantly white males. I'm told they deserve every atrocity that comes their way, so the mob probably OK's the comments.
  9. That's a well earned comment from Rodgers. I'm hoping this is really his last run with Green Bay.
  10. YIKES..... "The Athletic reports Orgeron also made advances on a woman at a gas station, who then told him she was married and pregnant. He then responded, "Why does that matter?" The woman ended up being the wife of a high-ranking LSU official."
  11. C'mon man, is any analysis needed at this point? None of the games will be close. Cathedral is past the meat of their schedule (i.e 6A teams and Cincinnati teams). They're onto the gravy train portion of their schedule that ends with more hardware to display.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/10/11/league-likely-would-have-kept-leaking-emails-until-jon-gruden-was-out/
  13. I have no problem with Gruden being fired. I just enjoy the hypocrisy of who is going to be singing the halftime show. Plenty of misogynistic and homophobic lyrics in their past.
  14. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Gruden gets fired the same season the NFL hired Dre, Snoop, and Eminem among others to play the Super Bowl half time show? Too funny. Grudens emails were love letters compared to the lyrical work of those 3.
  15. Interesting. Two questions though: 1. Would you leave for greener pastures IF he turned Purdue into a consistant 8-9 team win? 2: Would he leave a cush NFL gig to coach at a perennial Big 10 bottom feeder?
  16. What are your thoughts on Brohm? I'm surprised at Year 5 he still can't settle on a developed QB and his play calling has become very conservative, IMO. Possibly because the O-Line is extremely shaky. I like him, feel he probably needs more time to build depth, but fear if we let him go due to his results not matching his pay that we'll end up with a worse hire.
  17. Is it possible Urban didn't want to use the health card again so he decided being filmed while feeling up a young girl was a better way to meet his demise? All kidding aside, he should be another reminder to college coaches that you may not want to test the NFL waters, especially when you're going to a dismal situation. The great thing about Urban possibly getting back into College ranks is whoever hires him is essentially admitting they put wins above ethics.
  18. The ball is on the ground next to his left leg.
  19. I believe there is a replay official "upstairs" who is supposed to review each play. Mind blowing that neither the replay official, Brohm, or even the onfield official didn't initiate a review considering the nature of the catch (next to the sideline and appeared to not look clean in live action). I took a screen shot from a highlite video. You can see the ball on the ground and the official looking straight down at the play.
  20. The most egregious non call was on the Gophers 1st TD. Instant replay clearly showed the ball hit the ground on the Gopher's 32 yard TD pass. I can't believe it was never reviewed.
  21. There is another great analogy from the Miracle On Ice. The Russians seemed mesmorized while watching the US celebrate. A few of them later said in interviews that they had become so accustomed to winning that they had forgotten what it fealt like to be excited over a big win.
  22. I saw A LOT of red in the stadium on Saturday. Notre Dame can't be happy about season ticket holders selling their seats to Cincinnati fans. Not nearly as bad as the Nebraska game, but Cincinnati put a lot of red in that stadium.
  23. Total Yards: Purdue 448 Minnesota 294 1st Downs: Purdue 29 Minnesota 12 Another frustrating weeking for the Boilers. I'm sick of losing to "Row The Boat" man. Seem slike Brohm is also getting too conservative in his play calling.
  24. Right!?! I'm pacing and getting frustrated during a 20-13 Purdue loss to freaking Minnesota while they're once again destroying a Top 20 Team. At some point it has to get boring to watch the same beatdown every week.
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