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  1. Then again, it is all about player development--has he been doing that?
  2. I love the drive they just completed to basically ice it…
  3. The Pack is a 12.5 favorite. And it's a night game. I do have an extra ticket, but since @Irishman doesn't like night games, he's out...
  4. I'm laughing on the inside.
  5. I'm glad the Packers are off this weekend, so AR-12's toe can heel. Looking at the remaining schedule, I think the #1 seed can be locked up.
  6. As far as location is concerned, I really don't like Louisiana all that much. Sure it's got warm weather, but lots of varmits like snakes, gators, and skeeters. Natural disasters, too--Hurricane Katrina? I love the south, though, but those SEC fans and the pressure to win...
  7. USC's campus isn't in the greatest neighborhood--Watts, South Central LA, etc. Despite that, security and cops are everywhere as are the big donors to get in your face should you lose a lot.
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