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  1. “I still own you!!!” —Aaron Rodgers
  2. Forgot about Marky Mark, and how about this one: Dabo Swinney?
  3. Who got next? Billy Napier from nearby Leezyanna? Urban Meyer although the Jags won today? My favorite, Jamey Chadwell from Coastal Carolina? Mel Tucker?
  4. Definitely not a fluke. 4 trap games in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Indniana. Probably not going to win in the Shoe and Sparty us a toss-up.
  5. Had trap game written all over it.
  6. Solid win. In an irony of all ironies, I’ll be in Wisconsin next weekend, while the Badgers will be in West Lafayette. Then again the last two Purdue-UW games I went to were Ls for the Boilers, so I’m probably doing them a favor.
  7. Handling money to pay for seed, livestock, and implements (such as combines) aren’t really known for their value. Let alone the general operation of the farm…
  8. My thoughts exactly. Fairly young team and the MWC aren’t really world beaters. But this year was a step up!
  9. 17-7 RDP victory. The Lowell-Hobart Sectional final should be a good one!
  10. Lowell 17, Andrean 0 Late 4th Didn’t see this coming…
  11. South Newton leads Frontier 12-0 late in the fourth. This win will give the Rebels a winning record this season. Congratulations Coach Bevis and the team!!!
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