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  1. It’s a long road with many twists and turns, just stay positive!!!
  2. I like Tee Higgins out of Clemson
  3. Spot on. Aaron began to show his age, but the other Aaron (Jones) looked to be the back of the future.
  4. NFC title game with a first year coach, things could have been much worse.
  5. I’m so happy with that. Football is very important, we all know that, but this whole sports dynamic is for the kids and not us. Sure, it’s fun to draw up maps and postulate scenarios that border on the insane, but it’s really about making them better people through sport.
  6. Tough one. Nothing but love and good vibes for Coach Buzea and his family.
  7. Absolutely. The Badgers are my second favorite team, albeit a distant second, in the B1G. Camp Randall is an amazing stadium and Madison is an awesome college town.
  8. Pretty tough assignment coming up. I think Coach La Fleur will have the team ready. I’d like to see a track meet because Aaron Rodgers is so much better.
  9. WAY too much information...
  10. Quoting myself again. Being that I live near Chicago, I hear a lot of “Rodgers sucks”, etc. He does have a ring, though, which many of the current Bears squad does not and 1985 was a long time ago...
  11. All good, I'm not the least bit sensitive:)
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