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  1. Won't happen. Ever.
  2. Could be, but I think 9-3 or 10-2 are also possibilities. Penn State—toss up Indiana State—definite win Florida Atlantic—most likely win Syracuse—closer than thought win Minnesota—possible loss Northwestern—solid win Nebraska—hard-fought win Wisconsin—likely loss Iowa—definite win Illinois—sneaky tough win Maryland—quality win Indiana—blowout win
  3. Thanks for starting the thread. Over at hammerandrails.com, there's not a lot of worry. Most people are very high on Brady Allen. I think Yanni Karlaftis should also be given a shot...
  4. Well played. Being that I'm close to Illinois (actually I'm currently in the Loop), I'm not sure if they have neutral site games. Although most of the 8A schools are located in the Chicago area, I also believe there are a few downstate.
  5. If Ohio jumped off of a bridge, would you jump, too?
  6. Very excited about the defense. Losing Davante won’t be as bad as potentially missing Bakhtiari.
  7. BTW, my work/travel schedule has been more than crazy this Spring, but I think things are calming down. As such, you’ll get my opinions on RDP, South Newton (who had their first winning season in nearly forever), San Dimas High School football, the (insert NFL Films voice) Green Bay Packers, as well as Purdue football led by none other than Yanni Karlaftis.
  8. Polarizing? Of course he is, but DT/HHF/Evil Overlord isn’t what I call a schmuck. Sure some of his opinions and stances might be a little out there, I think he just wants the game to be better.
  9. I'm also from the Region, so I'm going to stick my neck out. Bloomington, of course, is in Monroe County. Other than Edgewood, which I believe in the western part of the county, those are the only three. Therefore it would quite a logistical challenge.
  10. I concur. BC is a basketball only school, nothing else matters.
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