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  1. I also think Linton can make a deep run, but we all expect that!
  2. All are great prognostications!!! A few teams not to sleep on: Lafayette Jeff, Valpo, Rensselaer, WL, and just to prove of I’m not a NWI homer...New Pal! Love Heywood!
  3. Using bad grammar, or at least unnecessary words again, I hate it when that happens...
  4. I were wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I guess there are conspiracy theorists in addition to fans here...
  5. That being said, conferences don’t exist just for football. South Newton, for instance, has a very good baseball program, and their golf team is pretty good, too. As for basketball, I do know that Coach Sammons is a tremendous talent.
  6. I also think the HHC does it right. Schools should not be penalized for greatness...or even badness!!!
  7. I saw how it ended and it looked like Wisconsin did their best Purdue impression: 3rd and 5 with less than three minutes to go and you pass? It’s important to know Jonathan Taylor, one of the best running backs in the history of Western Civilization is a Badger, and you pass? Needless to say, it’s picked off be Illinois, who subsequently drive into field goal range for the game winner. That being said, is Wisconsin now a winnable game?
  8. The Illinois game just got a lot more interesting. Will, the Fighting Illini have a letdown following their upset of Wisconsin?
  9. Rondale Who? Just kidding, at least Iowa didn’t beat the spread...
  10. Although my Rebels couldn’t pull it out last night, they did come back from being way down only to lose in OT. Young team, good things will come their way...
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