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  1. As will the Lowell-Crown Point game.
  2. To expound as well as provide yet another reply to myself, this is huge for Valpo. I just hope Jeff has someone who can take over.
  3. I find this interesting. He calls certain people out, telling them they do not know of which they speak, yet this sanctimonious hypocrisy occurs. Baffling.
  4. It might, but would the Hammonds be too much? The all-stars of those mighty Gavit and HHS teams might be too much for stalwarts such as Andrean and Lowell and the also-rans...
  5. Yep, no SSRR in South County as there probably never will be. That puts me on Metra Electric, or at least it did. Could be piloting the Gippermobile from here on out...
  6. Good point. Another great point. I think we could fight crime together!
  7. The only thing with the Hoosier it that a lot schools are just as far (Tipton, to name one) is just as far. The ride on I-65 is one thing, but bumpy SR 28 is another. There's also the case of Lewis Cass, Hamilton Heights, Northwestern, and Western.
  8. Let’s think about this: the Hammond Juggernauts will be 5A, so does that make them a fit in the NWCC? That would be a no and a resounding one at that. One member, Munster is 5A, while Highland, Hobart, the Kougars with a K, and Lowell are 4A, while the catholic school that could, Andrean, is a 2A power. We’ve been led to believe the new teams in Hammond will be world beaters, so why not the DAC? Or maybe the NLC, so they can save that fledgling league...
  9. But we could take the South Shore Line to Ham—never mind...
  10. If it were up to the Kougars with a K and RDP nation, Hanover and Rensselaer would be invited in a heartbeat. Who knows if the NCC will expand anyway. They didn’t crumble after Griffith booked.
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