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  1. I’m glad to see CP get after it. Cancer is very difficult to overcome and I’ll keep Coach Buzea is my prayers.
  2. Richmond and the Tippecanoe County schools have no business in the same league.
  3. Lol. Football as places like SN and BC are necessary. Case closed.
  4. Too funny!!! What about Watersmeet, MI? Home of the Nimrods...
  5. Denying Brady another Super Bowl would be next-level awesome, but I’d rather go up against a banged up Brees and Kamara.
  6. The Rams made it interesting for a few minutes. Both NO and TB have better offenses the the Rams, so GB’s offense will need to be sharper. Should have been us!!!
  7. If Lafayette Jeff ever starts doing what the Denver Broncos did, it will be no bueno.
  8. Classics are the best. Leather helmets might be going a bit too far, but I live the simple primary color on white. One new design I like however, is the chrome helmet.
  9. A lot of jerseys the Ducks wear look like they were washed in anti-freeze.
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