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  1. This is getting a little old, @DannEllenwood and @TheStatGuy--be civil.
  2. Sorry to hear that. My ancestors were on the North side if Chicago and rural Indiana—they were ok.
  3. We are in unchartered waters. Well, the Spanish Flu was quite the to do years ago, so maybe @Bobref can enlighten us. I pray for everyone's safety and best judgement.
  4. Been thinking about that one. First, I was really bummed, but then I thought Purdue has a stable of talented WRs--Jackson Anthrop, David Bell, Maliq Carr, Milton Wright, and many more. Whoever ends up as the signal caller will have plenty of good targets.
  5. I like to be that guy as well--too bad I'm stuck at work!!!
  6. "And the quarterback is toast!" A little of topic, but it's a very memorable movie line (Die Hard if you're an old fogie like me). Much like high school, I'm hoping for a season, but I just look at trends and get nervous. Notwithstanding, Purdue brings a lot to the table and will hopefully stay healthy if the season goes. Their new schedule does look tough, going to Michigan won't be easy, but at least we get Ohio State at home.
  7. www.foxnews.com/sports/uconn-cancels-football-season-amid-pandemic-fears
  8. You are correct. They had to cancel because they are independent in football and with most conferences playing in league only, they were the odd man out (much like me:)). But, not to back down from my fatalistic demeanor, Covid-19 is a certain death sentence...
  9. I kind of knew that. Benton Central is a rival school of mine who suffers a similar fate.
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