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  1. Since they obviously won't be contracted, NP could fit in the DAC as they are in the proper time zone. But would the old guard let them in? My Spidey Senses tell me no.
  2. I shouldn't resort to name calling, but that's tired rhetoric I don't care for. SN is down, we all know that. Conversely, the same Rebel team played in the Semi-state a few years ago. SN football is cyclical and is great social activity for the residents of Kentland, Goodland, and Brook. Case closed.
  3. Gasthof!!!I Sure that's in Montgomery, but the Reevers (Barr-Reeve HS) don't have a football team.... Before the Rebels get contracted, be sure to stop by the Colonial Inn in Kentland--incredible.
  4. In Lowell, I like McVey's. A new place, Dickey's Dogs, just opened up. Real long lines though. Mi Ranchito is also very good, lest we never forget the truck stop!
  5. That's lover of long words for those of you playing at home...
  6. Sweet--lest we never forget sesquipedalian...
  7. Both real winners. I also like consubstantial, notwithstanding , esoteric, heretofore, anachronistic, fortuitous, and shoe.
  8. I don't think crashing the Duneland's party will be that easy...
  9. As I look down from my perch upon the roof of the state, I can't help but be happy for this. I just wonder what the remaining Big 8 schools will do. I hope you guys figure it out--the games there are always fun to watch.
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