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  1. Have a great season! I know it's not for a few months, but still... Me, too--different people do different things. I couldn't do a ditch digger's job, not could a ditch digger do my job.
  2. So, liberal arts degrees aren't worth it?
  3. My wife is a BRHS alum, and I have seen they are a complete juggernaut in athletics. If they had a football team (very small enrollment), they'd win state every year.
  4. It may be a little under 2000 miles away, but the field/stadium at Hart HS in Santa Clarita, CA is quite an experience.
  5. The Kougars with a K would be a good fit with fellow members NCC Highland, Hobart, and Lowell bring there already. I just wonder if East Chicago Central and/or Gary West fans would travel all the way to northern Jasper County.
  6. Or would the new Hammond school? Sorry, Coach: didn’t see your post...
  7. Lowell High School has been in and out of quarantine all year long. Therefore, my son has been online learning all year long. BTW, he was accepted into Honors College at his university next fall. That, or free lunches.
  8. Maybe not this year, but in the future. Then again, it’s good to see Jeffersonville is playing a fellow big school as opposed to a little one. I just liked the play on words: JEFFersonville vs. Lafayette JEFFerson. Yes, I’m that bored working from home.
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