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  1. Lowell 21, Crown Point 19 Valpo 34, Penn 14 Final Merrillville beat Andrean
  2. Valpo 34, Penn 14 3rd Lowell 21, Crown Point 7 2nd Merrillville 28, Andrean 6 2nd
  3. Lowell 21, Crown Point 7 Valpo 24, Penn 0 Rensselaer 0, Kankakee Valley 0 All 2nd Quarter
  4. Lowell 14, Crown Point 7 Mishawaka 28, Portage 7 Merrillville 28, Andrean 0 All in Second
  5. Crown Point 7, Lowell 7. 1st Portage 7, Mishawaka 7. 1st Valpo 17, Penn 0. 1st or 2nd
  6. Crown Point 7 Lowell 0 First Quarter Valpo 10 Penn 0 Second Quarter
  7. Gonna go out on a limb here: no one cares about contraction. Why? Because it simply will not happen. People seem to be more up in arms about end zone cameras...
  8. Lack of Creativity: Bulldogs--Batesville, Evansville Bosse, Centerville, Clinton Central, Crown Point, Lapel, Monrovia, New Albany Tigers--Evansville Memorial, Greencastle (Tiger Cubs, pass), Hagerstown, Lebanon, Princeton, Yorktown Trojans-- Bishop Silas Chatard, Chesterton, Covington, East Central, Highland, New Castle, Columbus North, Triton Lest we never forget Eagles, Falcons, Patriots, and a few non-PC ones such as Braves/Indians/Warriors and even Rebels!!!
  9. I was about to add that to my honorable mention. and without any further ado: Adams Central Flying Jets Delphi Oracles Jimtown Jimmies Manchester Squires Mount Vernon Marauders Pendleton Heights Arabians (must use due caution as if the Taliban finds out...) Perry Central Commodores Rochester Zebras Gotta be something with relation the RV industry... Coachmen? Prowlers? Fifth Wheels?
  10. I have never liked the idea of it. Too much time away from school, a huge expense, these are high school kids, not college/professional athletes...
  11. Kind of right, kind of wrong: life goes on...
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/miller Then again, there might be something I don't know...
  13. I concur, Sectional 17 will be a good one, never discount Lowell...
  14. Challenge accepted. Maybe not, but it's always good to see new blood down there...
  15. I do. I think the Warriors are that good. They should name the 6A tournament the MIC Shootout...
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