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  1. That being said, and yes I’m cognizant I’m replying to myself, this is not fantasy football...
  2. In defense of said poster (which I can't believe I'm doing) who I think you're referring to, it's just a miscommunication. I'm pretty sure I've seen him say he looks at records and determines who lives, and this case, who dies. The supposed "Contraction List" is his mind only and sure as hell not at the IHSAA.
  3. Congrats to Mr. Tanona! Luckily, the Vols aren't in the West division...
  4. I know this will come as a complete land utter shock to you all, but I’m a Purdue fan. I see nothing wrong with what Coach Allen is doing. Classifying the walk-one as “preferred” does not increased the number of scholarships, but rather gives the walk-ons impetus to try harder. Who knows? Maybe they’ll see the field..
  5. Touché. I’m just fighting fire with fire, but I shouldn’t have stooped that low as it’s not in my character.
  6. Three class football? Some people’s heads would explode...
  7. Remote (adjective)—situated far from the center of population; distant Try again, schmuck.
  8. Here's my observation: Addition by Subtraction will not make the game better...
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