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  1. I agree! Although he is quite talented, still an aging diva... and JL comes from another great football factory: Utah State!!!!
  2. Heading up there next weekend, might have to bum rush his house to find out the deal (if he's there)...
  3. Thank you for sharing this. Although I'm a big AR-12 fan, I do have to wonder what the market for Aging Diva is.
  4. Absolutely! Turf fields, massive stadiums, corporate sponsorships, etc. are nice, but legends like Red Grange and Jim Thorpe didn't have them.
  5. My daughter, the Gipperette, will be a Junior at LHS then.
  6. It's funny, I ran into their soccer coach at the Easy Clean Car Wash a few weeks ago.
  7. Great point, but I think Griffith is doing themselves a disservice by playing in a much weaker league. It doesn't prepare them for the tournament very well, or maybe they like getting bounced 56-0 in the first game.
  8. Tradition is a good thing--building a better mousetrap doesn't always work.
  9. I also like the move. The Cedar Lake community supports their teams well.
  10. If they want to field a team, I say go for it.
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