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  1. Yep, Bucky has his fair share of big uglies, he'd be lost in the shuffle.
  2. Just win, baby. The Bears are in for a major letdown as they're buying into they undue hype given them. Detroit is a dumpster fire, but they would love to play the spoiler. I've never been sold on Cousins at Minnesota.
  3. Mark Herrmann, Mike Phipps, Bob Griese (although he did go to Rex Mundi in Evansville, a private school part of the Catholica Juggernaut) Even non-Boilers such as Jay Cutler, Blair & Gunner KIel.
  4. you may have just invoked DT's wrath, my good brother...
  5. Rod Woodson--somewhere in Ft. Wayne (Northrop) Dustin Keller--Lafayette Jeff Jeff George--Warren Central Curtis Painter--Vincennes
  6. Admittedly, the Wagon Wheel is fine cuisine, but it pales in comparison to the Good Table on the west end of Kentland... Indeed!
  7. The thumbs down, which is something this warrior will wear as a badge of honour. It's a sport people, a game if you will, and games should be fun. This has gone tragically awry...
  8. No it wasn’t, Cajun is fine, as is any type of dry rub. www.thespicehouse.com
  9. No it wasn’t, Cajun is fine, as is any type of dry rub.
  10. Been thinking about this whole contraction/280 madness. I just don’t get it. As populations grow, more schools will be needed, and the kids will need something to do. Not just the 75 on the team, we’re talking about the support staff, cheerleaders, band, and most importantly fans. Come to the games and hang out with your friends or make new ones. Football is a great thing and to place so many restrictions on it is next-level stupid.
  11. I'm not mean, either. But when getting people engaged in conversation, one should not always hope for similar attitudes. Dissent is commonplace. Some pretty wild things have been proposed and thinking everyone will embrace them is silly.
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