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  1. LC—Lake Central, Lawrence Central, or Lafayette Central? OK, I made the last one up...
  2. I never thought you were doing things you shouldn’t. Nothing wrong with individual conditioning.
  3. Kentland was a major part of the consolidation into South Newton you know—talk about cyclical!!! I rest my case.
  4. I’m glad you’re getting something done. Before my office closed, my train would roll by Mt. Carmel’s practice field in Chicago as I observed an early morning practice. I can’t help but wonder what they’re doing now bring that Mayor Lightfoot blew a gasket over distancing.
  5. You’re only seeing your agenda, please see others.
  6. Although I don’t like the idea, co-op teams do have tough obstacles: how can a team function as a cohesive unit if they don’t even attend the same school?There’s also the issue of travel time to get to the practice field, and I won’t even start on the time zone thing. It’s very real for some people. Basically, I think co-ops are a bad idea for high school athletics. Not that there hasn’t been passionate and in-depth thinking for, I just think we need to shift gears, especially now...
  7. Wait. What? You mean small school can actually be successful?
  8. If that happens, it happens. Until then, back off.
  9. I’ve thought if you guys often, how are you holding out? Congrats on the girls BB title! Framework/farm work, you know the deal although my spell checker doesn’t.
  10. And if the smaller schools aren’t participating at the same rate as there larger school peers (although this is unknown and I refuse to speculate), maybe their services are needed elsewhere, such as the family farm. Two of my cousins attended a rural school and had to schedule their athletic endeavors with respect to their framework.
  11. Furthermore, the IHSAA is not a fantasy football league, therefore conference affiliations and sectional alignments are out of our control. They do exist for reasons: geography and culture being the major ones, but there will always be an outlier: please remember this. As for politics, if you’re so up on arms about it, find another platform...
  12. I’m not afraid of anything, I’m just tired of this crap about contraction. It hit home when my alma mater was mentioned. I get it—South Newton has not won a lot of games recently, news flash: it’s not the first time this has happened. But there have also have been to plenty of good moments such as SN’s appearance in the Semi-State a few years ago. Thus further reinforces my point that athletics there, as well as most small schools (yes, even Pioneer wasn’t the juggernaut they are now back in my day) is quite cyclical and they won’t be down forever. I’ve brought this very valid point up numerous times, yet certain people, and I’m not naming names, do not realize that. If you want to be contrarian and post off the wall bizarre junk: have at it. But if you’re taken to task over it, don’t act like a wounded animal which is exactly what you’re doing. It gets old.
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