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  1. Back from obscurity. A few good games tonight: Frontier Vs. Irvington Prep Academy--are they Falcons so hard up for a win they had to schedule this one? 33-6 North Newton Vs. West Central--will the winless Spartans tally a W this season? Not tonight, 47-6 North White Vs. Wes-Del--NW a decent team, but why the long bus ride for the visitor? 41-12 South Newton Vs. Tri-County--my Rebels have come back from near contraction, by always a good game with the Cavs, 38-20.
  2. Swell moniker! I do like the idea of the Boone, Tippecanoe, and Vigo conference menagerie. Could West Vigo be involved?
  3. I'm not sure if ND's independence has much bearing. If they were to join a conference, they would probably not have a stranglehold on it. Big Ten? Nope. SEC? No way in hell. ACC? Most doubtful, as they are very top-heavy with Clemson, Florida State, Miami, and North Carolina with others such as Virginia Tech and Wake Forest showing flashes of brilliance. Possibly the Big 12, but I'm rather doubtful with their new lineup, especially BYU and Utah. Them Mormons are mean.
  4. Tough game for the Beinchos with an H (even my spell check objects). I admire them, however, for keeping in in-state. Irish big, 44-16.
  5. This summer flew by! Played lots of golf, drank even more beer, accrued many frequent flyer miles--and here we are. Should be a great weekend. Lowell & Crown Point should be a fun game, but who am I kidding? CP, and I could really care less about their ranking, (whatever it is) will most likely maul the Red Devils. Then again, RDP has a pretty good scrimmage against Merrillville last weekend, so you never know. As for my South Newton Rebels, they will be after their third straight winning season, and host Lake Station. Plenty of more great games across the great state of ours, although some feel the need to cross state lines to find opponents (big head scratcher there) Good luck to everyone!!! G
  6. Prost! My family heritage is from Westphalia. Don't anger Herr Gipper by dissing his beloved bier.
  7. I've never been a fan of local teams playing prep schools, the risk of injury is greatly exacerbated. And I don't think IMG has a goat to steal...
  8. You mean the SEC has been less that honorable?!?
  9. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/38134021/big-ten-set-send-invites-oregon-washington-sources-say
  10. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/38130567/sources-arizona-deal-big-12-expected-finalized-soon
  11. Indeed. I also hear Arizona is close to joining the Big XII. Too bad, because those are one of the PAC-12 schools I would have liked to the in the B1G, Tucson is a great place and U of A is an awesome school. Especially basketball wise, I know football drives the bus, but there are also many sports that will also be heading west.
  12. They're in the mix, too, but the Huskies and Ducks (Nike U.) are bigger fish.
  13. Although they were not added yet, the Big Ten conference will be scouting the Universities or Oregon and Washington for membership. Although this would destroy the PAC-12 as we know it, our league would only grow stronger. If you can stand the hippies and homeless people (in addition to some whacked out people), bot Eugene and Seattle are great places to see games. Sure, UO has that abysmal basketball court, but their football stadium is rather nice.
  14. So many great things in GB.
  15. Ugly all around. We either have smart dumb kids or dumb smart kids.
  16. I did as well--that basically launched her career...
  17. SEC: So Everybody Cheats. I'm not excusing Harbaugh's lying (as it is indeed a breaking of the 10 Holy Commandments), but it's not like Jimmy Pants handed over the keys to BMWs, Ferraris, and other high-end luxury cars which is rampant at many schools only to have the new drivers get busted for traffic violations...even someone lost their life! The U-M recruit may have had a case of indigestion...
  18. Does it really matter? Sure, winning is nice and all, but the clear majority of high school football players will not play beyond this level.
  19. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/38035812/ex-qb-lloyd-yates-others-seek-damages-northwestern-scandal
  20. I still am flummoxed by this turf thing. Sure it looks good, etc., but turf toe and other injuries that can be attributed to it are very real...
  21. This whole thing is getting ugly. Not only did the football coach get canned, but so did baseball. Could basketball be too far behind? There are even reports on the news about the hazing, definitely not a good look for NU, nor the Big Ten. I get hazing...to an extent. I had to run barefoot, but that was basically it. Good clean fun does not include what these kids went through.
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