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  1. I think that Zionsville's culture and recent history of success allows them to get the benefit of the doubt...at least from me. They have great culture and one of, if not THE lowest free/reduced rate (you HAD to know I was going there) of any public school in the state. If they are indeed "down" this fall, it won't be for long.
  2. Without taking the time to look things up, both have put their fair share of athletes in the collegiate ranks...
  3. When you are historically 7th or 8th in the conference "rising" is the only direction, no?
  4. So the term "rebuild" comes with an asterisk?
  5. I’m not sure why we are throwing dirt on top of Zionsville so quickly. While I agree they should take a step back, they’ll grow up via their tough regular season schedule and be fairly formidable once the tournament starts. I agree the move to 6A is poor timing but I don’t expect them to be HCC fodder either.
  6. Might be even better if the transfer rumors I’m hearing are true. Several for FC huh? Surprising.
  7. SOS matters…playing OSU, PSU and MSU annually with Wisconsin as your crossover vs a USC outfit that is a shell of its former self, FSU who has gone downhill, Stanford who is no longer elite, Boston College and NAVY annually. I might even concede the 10 year argument which included a coaching change for Michigan but 2020 (a year where ND played twice as many games and won 8 more than Michigan) really distorts your numbers. Let’s get back on the high school topic. No one is rooting for parity in 6A more so than this guy. I’d love for Carroll/Homestead to prove me wrong…I’m just no longer predicting it.
  8. ND won an OT game at home in a frenzied environment against Clemson with their backup QB. Weeks later, Clemson beat ND by four possessions on a neutral field with their #1 overall draft pick under center. Substance.
  9. You made the claim so confidently, burden of proof is on you. And the second matchup proved the first was a fluke.
  10. Come on. Look at how he performed last year. That one off was an out of body experience. ND won in OT. Far from a formality. Look no father than the rematch weeks later. 34-10 on a neutral field with Lawrence under center
  11. Come on. What metrics are you using? I’ll even take this argument to another level and throw some shade at my own program. Both Notre Dame and Michigan needed “acts of God” to win their biggest games in recent memory. ND had an amazing night game atmosphere and ducked Trevor Lawrence. Michigan needed Mother Nature to inject herself into the conversation last year to act as the 12th man against OSU. The Carroll and Homestead analogy fits…except they still haven’t broken through.
  12. You said yourself that last year’s Westfield squad was on another level. Other then 2-3 games on their schedule, the Shamrocks simply showed up, took care of the football, played their game and rolled. I hate to break it to you but they didn’t have to take Homestead seriously. Let’s also not forget that I am talking about fanbases and folks in the stands. Coach speak and that transitioning to how the players perform is a completely separate argument. No coach in their right mind is going to publicly tell his players the same things he says off the record. The results speak for themselves. I actually predicted Homestead would hang in that game if you remember. I’m done falling for it until I see it actually happen.
  13. Agree, but the title of this thread is “rising programs.” You can’t be considered as rising and be labeled as such unless you eventually have a breakthrough. They are cute 6A programs that no player or fan (excluding coaches) within a 30 mile radius of Monument Circle takes seriously or can even find on a map.
  14. I even gave credit to O$U, lol. And yes, Michigan and ND are mirror images of one another. They are very much mentioned in the same breath. One just happens to play in the second toughest division in football and the other is an independent that has inflated its win/loss record recently because it’s “rivals” are all in the toilet. Unfortunately, both have also crapped the bed in games where they could prove they are tier 1. The Irish’s day of reckoning is coming. The night game at the Horseshoe…hope Coach Freeman is comfortable with some on the job training.
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