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  1. Whiteland and Harrison also (unless you were just referring to the HCC/6A). Also, Valpo and Zionsville. In fact, I think that both Whiteland and Zionsville will be firmly entrenched in the 6A conversation in the coming years. Both clearly programs of the future in my opinion.
  2. 1. Meant who else is on your Mr. Football shortlist. 3. What can Penn do to close the gap? 4. Gimme some metrics for CG as the greatest of all time. 5. So they’ll never reach the top in their respective classes?
  3. I think he is talking more programs to keep an eye on long term as they are ascending...could be wrong. With Homestead you seemed to have answered your own question and with Penn, one can’t deny that their next years are behind them, but that could change I suppose.
  4. Agreed. (We gotta stop doing this.) I think this is a make or break year. (I also think all of the momentum Allen is building in Bloomington certainly doesn’t help.)
  5. Good stuff DT. A few talking points. 1. You think Allen has the edge over Jackson/Curry of CG? Who else is on your short list? 2. How long do you believe it takes before Crown Point is a realistic regional/semi state contender? 3. Is the Elkhart/Penn gap narrowing more so because of something Elkhart and other programs ARE doing or something that Penn IS NOT? 4.. What specifically do you need to see from CG in 2021 to leave no doubt in your mind as far as your “all time greatest” statement? 5. What’s the short/long term ceiling for the three Lafayette programs me
  6. This will be sort of a make or break year IMO. Injuries combined with Temptation’s Covid pass means the jury is still out.
  7. Both better attempt to field a defense with a pulse for a change. No Kansas’ on the schedule...
  8. I guess it also depends if you are a glass half full or glass half empty kind of guy. On one side, your post insinuates that he walked into loaded teams and still barely got his state title at Warren. Another way of looking at it is that he developed and cultivated that talent you speak of and put his players in a position late to win close games. I guess I can see both sides. (And FWIW, the call at the end of regulation at the end of that state title win remains one of the worst I’ve seen personally at any level.)
  9. Not a fan. Schedules are too imbalanced as it is. I know they would do some realigning but could you imagine Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, Auburn and Alabama all in the SEC West?
  10. Sure it does. Never debated that but long term success is determined by an athletic department’s commitment to a program. if you notice, very rarely are schools that do not have a large enrollment advantage (the big three) dominant in both football and basketball at the same time.
  11. Just don’t get why you are so insecure. This is a message board and it is the offseason so this is a great topic for debate. I’m not sure why folks get so sensitive. There is a classy way to compare programs and coaches without “trashing” anyone and you’re smart enough to do it. You watch the games, see the coaching adjustments that are made and speak to the coaches involved on a regular basis. What is so hard about comparing coaches and programs that you see week in and week out?
  12. Penn’s enrollment advantage over their northern Indiana counterparts speaks for itself. Other northern Indiana programs are finally catching up as they have invested in their programs. North Central has always been a basketball first powerhouse as has Pike. NC is upgrading their facilities and went all in with the hire of O’Shea and last year was just a speed bump. They’ll continue to improve. Pike had the right guy in Moyers and made a state finals appearance but that was derailed when adults got in the way. Dont know enough about Lake Central’s situation to make a statement
  13. With 2000 fewer students, I might add. BD, along with Carmel and Warren, should never fall into the “its cyclical” argument with the pure numbers and resources they have available. A .500 season 1-2 times per decade? Maybe.
  14. Hell, taking it a step further, BD is 18-18 in three years with Simmons and LN (once the annual conference bottom feeder) is 14-18 in that same time frame. The four win difference lies in the fact that LN has had to go through the sectional 7 gauntlet while BD coasted through sectional 6 the past two seasons.
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