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  1. Lawrence Central for me. Didn’t expect them to be in contention for a conference title, that’s for sure.
  2. Just stop. Purdue would kill to be in that game.
  3. Yes, I have and while you are likely correct you make Merrillville so easy to root against. I hope you don't speak for the entire program though I am afraid you might based on your comments earlier this season of the team "thinking they are a lock for state." No program has accomplished less but gets talked about so much on here.
  4. Go ahead admit it....NO ONE had an LC/BD battle in week 8 for conference bragging rights....but here we are. Center Grove @ Lawrence North: Both teams coming off of road wins in what is rumored to be for the last time. The Wildcats have kept this one respectable in recent years and I think they do so again, at least through three quarters before the Trojans rattle off a couple of late scores. CG peaking at the right time again should worry the rest of the state. CG wins 37-20. Lawrence Central @ Ben Davis: Will Patterson does not get enough credit for what he has done at LC. The Bears went from conference cellar dwellers to contending for the MIC title over night. They are more than capable of winning this one on the west side Friday night. I think BD has a few more play makers but this one could go down to the wire. Gimme the Giants 27-20. Pike @ North Central: A season that both programs would like to forget culminates in one of them picking up their first win on Friday night. NC has yet to keep any MIC contest respectable but Pike has shown some steps forward. For that reason, gimme the Red Devils on the road in what could be Coach O'Shea's final home game as NC coach. Pike 21-17. Warren Central @ Carmel: Man, what has happened on the east side? A month ago, they were celebrating a big win over nationally ranked Detroit King and three losses later are fighting for their lives. They have actually played their best ball since King away from Warren so maybe that is a positive sign. Something amiss on the east side and Carmel will not feel sorry for them. Warren needs to take care of the ball (broken record) to stay close here. I don't think they do for much longer than a quarter though I have been wrong on nearly every Warren game this season. Carmel wins 34-13.
  5. Two weeks to go in the regular season and all signs point to a Brownsburg/HSE winner take all matchup in week 9 if both hold serve this weekend. Should be a great slate of games. Hamilton Southeastern @ Franklin Central: Every time I expect HSE to flinch, they simply don't so I won't predict it this week. I will say that the Flashes are more than capable of putting a scare into the Royals but they have been all business from the word "go." A close game early gets a bit out of hand late. Royals win 34-14. Noblesville @ Brownsburg: The Millers schedule continues to be backloaded as they have co-leader Brownsburg on the road this week. The Dogs are fresh off of an absolute pounding of a good Zionsville team. I did not see that margin of victory coming and I am not sure most others did either. The key for Brownsburg this week is fighting overconfidence. I keep expecting them to drop one they shouldn't but they haven't and won't this week. An early lead and Noblesville simply doesn't have the offensive firepower to keep up. Dogs set up the much anticipated showdown in week 9 with a 45-14 win. Westfield @ Fishers: Life comes at you fast. After dominating the HCC for two straight falls, the Shamrocks have come back to earth in 2022. Still a damn good outfit but struggled in the second half of September. Losses to HSE/Brownsburg are understandable but they let a less than average Avon team keep it relatively close last week. Fishers seems to have a lot of momentum on their side and I think they win this one. 27-21 Tigers. Zionsville @ Avon: Two weeks ago, I had the Eagles pegged as a team with a lot of momentum/on the rise and they proceeded to get blown out by the two conference favorites. Avon has been a remedy for many struggling teams this fall but I think this one could actually turn out to be a classic, just like last year's double OT thriller. Call it a hunch, but I am taking Avon in an upset. 23-21 Orioles. What say you?
  6. Sucks when adults with hurt feelings costs kids opportunities. Sucks when adults with hurt feelings costs kids opportunities.
  7. Ah, the annual Parkhust kiss of death. A tradition like no other. While you may be right, if I were associated with Merrillville this comment would actually make me feel MORE nervous based on your past success rate. Might wanna double check the roster at Mooresville. You also said Merrillville was going to "out athlete" Crown Point...
  8. My point was that folks overreact way too much and Allen’s 2020 success was fraudulent. The other stuff was just extra topping.
  9. You’ve had at least 3 rambling manifestos this week regarding the rankings.
  10. I’m sure they’ll continue to figure it out. CG/Carmel will be better off in the long term than the MIC 6…it just may take a bit of time. More pressing to me? Who is the MIC replacing them with?
  11. I agree but after the news broke everyone was “concerned” that CG/Carmel would have trouble finding opponents…then everyone kept playing them but it “doesn’t count” in the conference standings… Its a joke… Might as well be what soccer enthusiasts refer to as “a friendly.”
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