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  1. Yeah, seems administration is the common denominator here.
  2. Can you edit the thread title to say “how to pick the whiners” instead?
  3. No, I mean the inflated numbers that are being presented of which many are simply jobs that were lost during the pandemic.
  4. Yep, and demanding they piss on a stick upon request after being pulled over also.
  5. Just over 48 hours until the Bears franchise changing decision...
  6. Nah, Penn could have had 15 players on the field on defense that night and still lost by 14.
  7. I’ve posted this on here multiple times and will again since it seems Penn fans can now comfortably joke about it. Warren could’ve scored 100 that night.
  8. Oh, it was initially. He must've caved to the masses. The "southpaw" joke isn't as much fun if I have to explain it.
  9. Oh, you mean his "apology" that was behind a paywall?
  10. Just when I thought I had seen it all...(and no this is not satire). The left is throwing Hail Marys right now because they are losing on every single issue.
  11. But, but, but look at all of the jobs that have been created under this administration...
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