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  1. It’ll be Young unfortunately.
  2. Type: Confidence Group Name: GID Password: hoosierfootball https://fantasy.espn.com/games/college-football-bowl-mania-2021/group?id=10ca1fb2-5723-40b1-9e19-d8d6506d10e0&joining=true&joinKey=01f65d6a-e21e-3c79-a74e-8e30f828c805 Games start on 12/17!
  3. Heisman Finalists Announced: Young - Alabama Stroud - Ohio State Pickett - Pittsburgh Hutchinson - Michigan
  4. Receipts (some good, some bad) updated.
  5. I mean he did coin some third string QB who had 11 pass attempts in November “the chosen one”. He often seems to have all the answers, so why would this be any different?
  6. Ah, come on. That’s what makes it fun.
  7. Been months worth of great conversation about the sport in this particular thread. Will be setting up a bowl pick em confidence contest this week once ESPN has it set up and would love for as many fanatics as myself to join! Details coming soon.
  8. Cool. I’ll root for student athletes…you root for the bag man.
  9. Man I love keeping receipts. Not clutching his throat in this one…rather the Big Ten championship trophy. I rooted for Notre Dame in their playoff appearances simply because I’m not a fan of the SEC. You should do the same for Michigan. Parity is great for the sport.
  10. Kids in 2021 couldn’t care less about history/tradition.
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