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  1. You hate to see it. Ryan Day passed on JJ McCarthy for Kyle McCord by the way...
  2. 90+% chance...with permission to change my mind if Michigan wins two more games.
  3. Which is why they will be good again next year...
  4. Or pull a UCF and win the damn game and claim a national championship.
  5. All great points. McElroy did an about face yesterday after saying 6 days ago that “no one loss team should jump an undefeated power 5 team.” He received his company marching orders.
  6. Its definitely a "Travis-ty."
  7. WR: Donovan Hamilton - Hamilton Southeastern TE: Aidan Steinfeldt - Bloomington North OL: Ian Moore - New Palestine QB: Tyler Cherry - Center Grove RB: Josh Ringer - East Central K: Spencer Porath - Brownsburg DL: William Goodvine - Westfield LB: Will Clark - Crown Point DB: Joziah Edmond - NorthWood P: Quinn Warren - Brebeuf Jesuit
  8. Not after multiple opt outs.
  9. Bama played MTSU, Chattanooga and USF…
  10. Triceps extensions daily.
  11. I mean the conference championships are sorta quarterfinals, so no. Sorry Georgia.
  12. Getting there. Just asking for consistency, that’s all. Which “cheater” you rooting for in Pasadena?
  13. The goalposts are constantly changing. First it was conference championships, then strength of schedule, then the “eye test.” Hell, if we are looking at one loss teams (and I know I said above they weren’t one of the best four) what are we now saying about Ohio State? I mean, they have the best loss in the country now right? A 6 point loss on the road to the current #1 team in the country with the ball on the plus side of the 50 and :34 seconds left. It’s all so dumb and will be taken care of next year. Team #12 can argue all they want but they won’t have a leg to stand on. This came down to the fact that the SEC has won 6 of true 9 CFP’s and they didn’t want to leave them out. Plain and simple. Saban’s comments LAST year made them hesitant to screw them again.
  14. Here is one Indiana’s new “leaders of men”… Man, life comes at you fast huh @Bash Riprock? You’re obviously gonna bring the same energy and level of outrage you did with Minter I assume?
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