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  1. Outside of the fan bases involved, I am not sure I can remember less excitement state wide about a November Thanksgiving weekend in Indy. Part of that is due to the fact that most view at least 4/6 games as a formality.
  2. 1. Sagarin must not have called Peebles and told him the spread because from the sound of it, Cathedral went up four possessions in the first half and then put it in cruise control. Really bizarre example/attempted flex. I will say that Sagarin has been fairly inaccurate this year compared to most due to Covid unpredictability on a week to week basis. 2. Cathedral would not be asked to compete in 6A with the automatic bump. They are 4A by enrollment so they’d be a permanent fixture in 5A.
  3. Approximately 20 percent of the P/P schools that started the IHSAA tournament are playing this weekend, lol...and it would be more if it weren’t for them eliminating one another. Lutheran, LCC, Brebeuf, Guerin Catholic, Concordia, and Mishawaka Marian all lost to fellow P/P schools. Of course you don’t think there is a problem...though even if your beloved Irish were a permanent 5A fixture, they’d still win the whole thing more often than not.
  4. Automatic one class bump sounds good. I know it would punish some schools but they’d figure a way step their game up.
  5. We are now hours away from P/P’s going 5 for 6 in terms of state championships and you’re still in denial? I agree that a separate tournament is not the solution but something is not working when over 400 schools start the tournament and these schools are cleaning house despite being in the minority in terms of numbers of schools. We can go on all day about the “why” but the facts are staring us right in the face. And as I mentioned above, you could make the argument Cathedral could win 6A, the only school standing between Roncalli and Chatard winning 5A IS Cathedral and Sagarin
  6. I have always been intrigued by this and it would actually work at the 6A level because of the lack of sourhwest Indiana teams. At the five levels below, it would never fly. A 5A semi-state between Michigan City and Castle would be asinine. Countless other examples.
  7. Just for fun and to keep the conversation rolling based on your statement. 1. Could Covenant Christian beat Luers/WeBo tomorrow? Sagarin says yes. 2. Could Luers beat Chatard/Danville tomorrow? Sagarin says no. 3. We’ve seen Chatard already beat Roncalli. 4. Roncalli was throttled by Cathedral but could they beat Zionsville? Sagarin says yes. 5. We saw that Cathedral/CG came down to one play.
  8. You know where I stand on this... Though, if they factored in f/r/l, it’d have to be a very small calculation. BD (70 percent) and Warren (63 percent) don’t need to be moving anywhere.
  9. Can anybody tell me what Harrell uses for his projections? I’ve always wondered. Its not Sagarin.
  10. Good data. I stand corrected. I wonder what the data says at the college/pro level.
  11. A coin flip and then the winning coach gets to decide or a coin flip stating "heads you are this, tails you are this?" In my opinion, "defense wins championships" is the most outdated mantra at all levels of football, perhaps why you called it an "old saying." In the modern era of football, you need to get to 30 points to win more often than not... Now, CG turns defense into offense fairly consistently, but that's another story.
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