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  1. First the Cathedral guy wants to chime in on poverty and now he wants to play resident expert on conference affiliation/scheduling? Man, 2021 is just as wild as 2020 was...
  2. Now THAT is a fact. Pike or Carmel would have to basically drive through Wayne Township to play a sectional road game at Avon or Brownsburg while BD's bus passes them going the other direction to travel to any road venue in their sectional.
  3. So what’s the actual NUMBER of kids on the CG roster receiving offers as of right now?
  4. I can’t be the only one who saw this thread title and cringed when I clicked on it thinking it was about “wokeness.” Thank god.
  5. Who will the IU basketball fans be pulling for?
  6. Some people simply live in a utopian society and don't get it. Glad you do.
  7. Don’t forget...ZERO percent F/R/L. Someone with Cathedral ties speaking about the lack of impact socioeconomics has on an athletic program is akin to LeBron James lecturing folks about racial inequality and human rights...oh wait.
  8. I politely disagree. You want the easiest path possible in every scenario. One less game is ideal. If you’re good enough, that two week break won’t matter.
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