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  1. Carmel has dominated in football and basketball? In what universe?
  2. They’ve traveled similar distances to play competition much inferior to BD.
  3. Give the Temp both Cincinnati and Philly on the money line tomorrow.
  4. Video confirmed…wasn’t that hard.
  5. I saw above that BD has a “loaded roster” in 2023 which may be true…by Indiana standards. BD has a few kids getting D1 offers and of those 2-3 are power 5. Though I am sure a lot can change with IMG’s roster from the time of this post until when the game is actually played, at first glance IMG has four 5 stars, seven 4 stars and two 3 stars on the roster according to 247. In other words, BD will have a couple power 5 kids on the field and a handful of mid-major kids. IMG will have multiple kids who end up in the SEC and end up making money on Sundays. Hope I am wrong but BD keeping this competitive would be a shot in the arm for Indiana high school football. If they can remain competitive.
  6. Yikes. Hope the Giants know what they are getting themselves into. Great for Indiana high school football…probably not so great for the scoreboard. Hope I’m wrong.
  7. Yeah, just don’t see it happening. Feel like Brownsburg’s best athletic days are ahead of them…and the MIC’s are in the rear view mirror. The HCC’s competitiveness across the board has aided in Brownsburg’s commitment to athletics. They are well rounded and competitive on a statewide level in more sports than they’ve ever been. They, on a slightly smaller level than CG (and much less so than Carmel) would dominate the MIC in more sports than not. The MIC is beneath every HCC school with the exception of Avon and Franklin Central when the entirety of athletics is factored in.
  8. Eh, I’d like to give CG folks the benefit of the doubt. They turn out in droves on Friday nights in football and their basketball teams are gaining ground on the state’s best with every passing minute. Maybe they see a bit of themselves from 20-25 years ago in a school like Jennings County?
  9. I mean, no if you are a bigoted AD only interested in revenue. I’d like to give administrators the benefit of the doubt when it comes to opportunities and chances to taste success for their student athletes. I’ve been on the FC/Avon to the MIC train for 2-3 years now but for some reason Avon is anchoring itself to Brownsburg to its own detriment, in my opinion.
  10. Jennings County is having one hell of a winter in both boys and girls basketball and those games were nail biters. I’m sure they don’t travel any worse than BD, Pike, LC, LN or Warren. Weird attempted flex. Simply put, if Carmel were welcomed back it’d legitimize the conference. Right now most of the “MIC 6” are boasting conference championships in sports they wouldn’t have were Carmel/CG still members.
  11. I’ve heard the same. I’ve said this all along. I wonder if it’s as simple as looking at the teams’ football and basketball schedules.
  12. Not at all. I am all for celebrating in a classy manner that does not crap on/belittle your opponent and is worthy based on game circumstances.
  13. Revenue/Competitive issues/Geography/travel? - 33.3% each Historic rivalries - 0.1%
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