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  1. Yes, those schools do seem to have an upward trajectory (though NC’s 2020 season surprised me. I think they get a Covid pass. LN’s offense was much more of a “Big 12” type of unit this year so I think you are making a blanket statement that just doesn’t fit. NC and Pike were fairly balanced on offense. When I think of the Big 12, I think air raid. “Pretty good.” You’re coming around... LOL, I had to. I respect your game man.
  2. The MIC is king because four programs are carrying the water. The bottom half of the two conferences are quite comparable. Carmel boasts an obvious enrollment and SES advantage and CG has an SES that indicates they’ll be a staple for a long time as long as they don’t screw up the next hire when Moore moves on. BD and WC don’t have the SES advantage of Carmel/CG but remain elite due to their enrollment advantages over the rest of the state. The HCC is still the conference of the future though I’m not wanting to return to the rabbit hole of “when” they’ll take over as top d
  3. Oh, I know what you were “trying” to say and I guess I can see some parallels but overall, the analogy doesn’t work for me. You know my stance on this by now.
  4. Lol, you replied before my edit. I’m speaking specifically at the big school level.
  5. Agree 100 percent with your SA/Carmel opinion. The 90s was now THREE decades ago my man. Population and demographic changes have completely changed the landscape of high school sports. The HCC is the conference of the future. The SAC will remain relevant and have its chances but nowhere near the force it used to be (speaking specifically to the 5A/6A level). Homestead and Carroll elevate its profile for sure. They’ll be interesting to follow.
  6. That guy needs to read more books and attend more clinics.
  7. No one in the MIC will take the HCC seriously (nor should they) until they beat top tier teams from the MIC in meaningful postseason games. No one in the MIC/HCC will take the 5A/6A schools in the SAC seriously until they beat them in October/November their fair share. I’m disqualifying them in a head to head with teams in the other conferences, yes. As I pointed out the other day, the SAC’s state finals track record is inflated based on the fact that they play in four different classes annually. HCC/MIC schools self destruct one another in the postseason.
  8. Great to me means two things as it relates to this conversation. 1. You have multiple legitimate state title contenders in the two highest classes annually. 2. You have depth and can not overlook ANY opponent as even the bottom feeders of the conference can sneak up on you on the right night. The HCC checks both boxes, the SAC doesn’t.
  9. Or has a great relationship with the track coach and both are LEGITIMATELY involved for the right reasons. I’ve seen all three sides: 1. The two programs work (in either situation described above) flawlessly together. 2. The two butt heads and kids suffer. 3. The two talk out of both sides of their mouths yet their actions speak differently.
  10. I’ll speculate and probably step out of my lane (pun intended). Having one guy in charge of both programs makes it a 365 day per year ordeal. You can see your athletes nearly on a daily basis without violating any IHSAA protocols and work with them to improve their athletic profile. I’ve met many egocentric coaches (more so in football than track) who brainwash the “specialization” nonsense along with threatening fall playing time. I feel it’s gotten worse with the evolution of spring 7 on 7. Man kids feel like they are missing out and falling behind if they play a spring sport...
  11. Plus there’s something to be said about schedule strength. No fault of Homestead’s whatsoever but they were not going to show Noblesville anything they had not seen on a regular basis during the regular season. Homestead gets a couple of Fridays off playing in the SAC, an opportunity not afforded to HCC schools. You weren’t on the bus, just searching for an excuse. See how this works?
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