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  1. Why? They, along with LSU, are probably the dirtiest teams in the country NOT named Kentucky…
  2. Which road dog you betting this weekend? I think Buffalo has the best chance.
  3. If this is the case, BD's free ride is over and Warren steps into the JV sectional huh?
  4. Don't ruin the story here now. The remaining 6 MIC schools are victims.
  5. I’m also keeping an eye on this but wouldn’t expect it soon.
  6. Nah, not to my knowledge. I just have to LOL at the way this story is being framed by @BDGiant93 and local media sources which is honestly a deflection from the truth. The MIC schools got hurt feelings and were getting their brains beat out in nearly every sport and garnered support by playing the victim card. In the environment which we live in 2022, its a way of life for so many...and it works more often than not. In what can only be described as karma, CG and Carmel dominated this last weekend's MIC wrestling meet on their way out the door. Until the conference expands to 8 teams again, every conference title won by current MIC schools will have an asterisk next to it in the Temp's book.
  7. Gotta strike while the iron is hot. Russell Wilson is not Jeff George and you don't want to waste away Jonathan Taylor's best years behind an unproven QB. Just my two cents...
  8. Offense wins in modern day football. Quarterback is the most important position in all of sports. Do what it takes.
  9. Still hate Doyel. Throw the book at Russell Wilson and be done with it. Whatever it takes.
  10. No word on whether or not his grandkids will be joining him on campus.
  11. Oooh, we doing this again? I’m all in if so.
  12. Al Washington? Really? Wow. Laughable. Hassan Haskins just ran through the OSU linebacking core again as I typed this.
  13. How many years Bellichick have left?
  14. “At any cost” is your telling point…some kids that are offered by those programs can’t even be recruited by Michigan. Doesn’t have as much to do with geography as you are implying.
  15. So, do you also hold those same standards to SEC football? Huge unfair advantage in the southeast. In other words, can I walk around claiming Michigan has a better “program” than Bama/Georgia despite the recent on the field results indicating otherwise? (I may get that put on a t-shirt.)
  16. Man, your hatred of Carmel is palpable. (I will give you credit on your Snider/Homestead basketball prediction however.)
  17. You’re once again assuming Snider returns to being Snider…those games were not recent enough for me use then as data/talking points. 2-3 since the inception of 6A unless my math is mistaken.
  18. Competitiveness on a state wide level. Look, Carmel is an easy punching bag and target on here and their lack of success in the tournaments since they have gone south is well documented over the past two seasons and makes it easy to pile on. What is not debatable, however is the fact that no northern Indiana program is even close to their level or will make them sweat. I need to see more from Homestead, Snider, Merrillville and others.
  19. If that schedule comes to fruition, add Carmel to the list of non-Indy teams that needs to beef up its schedule to play with the 6A powers. Maybe TWO of those contests would be competitive after halftime.
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