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  1. I think TCU is safe unless they get blown out. The Big XII was possibly the deepest conference in America this season. I don’t care how close a game WAS…if you can’t stop the other team in the second half you don’t get to claim some sort of moral victory. (And yes I would have said the same thing had Michigan got blown out Saturday.)
  2. So next question. What about guys like Bowen and Hansen who play both sides of the ball? Can one win RB and the other LB?
  3. Where is Brohm going? Also, Charlie Jones got absolutely ROBBED in the B10 offensive WR awards...
  4. But should that be the case? Why should TCU/USC get punished for playing an extra game? Is a 12-1 TCU with a close loss to K-State more impressive than an 11-1 Ohio State who has a 22 point loss at HOME? If USC is 11-2 and both are one possession losses to Utah (one on the road at night and one at a neutral site) are they really worse than OSU? I've been clamoring for two B10 teams since September but the caveat was that THE GAME last weekend had to be close...which it wasn't.
  5. Good catch. My mistake. August 2021.
  6. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/03/10/indiana-high-school-football-mr-football-jack-kiser-david-bell/3126203002/
  7. Every coaching staff member with a pulse gets a vote. That’s the new process since 2019.
  8. LOL at the attempted guilt trip. If your employer offers you paid time off, you take it. If a friend offers to buy your dinner, you take him/her up on it. If someone gives you 20.5 points in a rivalry game, you take it.
  9. Speaking of Steele, is he in contention for the Heisman? Nope. Weak schedule. It matters.
  10. Truth. And it remains one of the most controversial races ever. Kiser, in my opinion, won it as a four year award which is fine. I know exactly how it works and I also know that you just told me you voted for Blake Fisher last year while he was already playing for Notre Dame.
  11. You voted for WHO last year? A guy who was already at Notre Dame, lol? Man, there is some stuff on your wall too then huh?
  12. @Footballking16 has got me. The Temp is once again playing chess while you all play checkers. Dude watched Paul Finebaum and the talking heads at BSPN all offseason and gave me Michigan +20.5 at the Shoe this past weekend. Told me the Bucks would score 50+. GID booster was on the line. You saw the final score right?
  13. Nope. Both the 5A north semi state and 5A state title games were nail-biters. Those games could have gone either way.
  14. Just admit you are pulling for your region guy and move on. Did you happen to watch the UM/OSU game Saturday? Michigan has the best OL in the country and ran for 10 yards in the first half because OSU continually had 8-9 guys in the box. It wasn’t until the second half after they’d been burned by the deep ball multiple times before they shredded them in the run game. How many voters actually saw both teams play? Dumb question. Every region votes for their guy and stuffs the ballot box. It comes down to the other areas. If Hansen wins, brace yourself for the “Indy bias” crowd to return and whine.
  15. Just stop. The damn kid carried the ball 400+ times and EVERY opposing defense KNEW it was coming…and couldn’t stop it. I don’t care how good your line is, if a team stacks 8/9 guys in the box and the guy still runs over you, it’s insulting to claim “it’s just the line.”
  16. More receipts... https://www.maizenbrew.com/football/2022/11/29/23484270/michigan-wolverines-college-football-jim-harbaugh-wins-big-ten-coach-of-the-year-2022-season
  17. To be fair on the opposing side, East Central's schedule is not exactly murderer's row either...
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