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  1. Sorry Notre Dame…the 5 seed is your ceiling.
  2. I'm not sure LSU belongs in that group but I get your point.
  3. Yep, and one thing that makes college football unique is the fact that every week matters. That will be diminished in this new format also. The NFL “world champions” lost 6 regular season contests…
  4. I am interested to see the approach on conference championship games now for two reasons. 1. It is impossible to fairly play a balanced schedule in the Big Ten specifically when you will only see half the conference in the regular season. 2. A team could actually be "punished" for playing in its conference championship game if it is sitting 9th or 10th in the second to last CFP rankings and loses, thus falling out of the top 11. Big Ten needs to get to 20 and just do 4 divisions of 5. You play each of your divisional opponents once, plus two from each other division. Cut one non-con game and move the season up a week. Four division winners play semis then, the two winners of those play for the conference championship. Probably makes too much sense and would never happen. East: Penn State, Maryland, Rutgers, Ohio State, Pittsburgh West: USC, Oregon, Washington, UCLA, Nebraska Central: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Illinois Midwest: Indiana, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue
  5. “Joe Biden does more in an hour than most people do in a day.”
  6. I think I could get on board with this. Too lazy, but can anyone outline what that would look like?
  7. Eh, it'll likely end in a train wreck like most of Hollywood's romances. Then she will write about the break-up in her next album. Wash, rinse, repeat. Her batting average speaks for itself. Failed relationships have made her a ton of cash.
  8. ESPN leaving out details, imagine that. Good catch.
  9. Nah. I'll place the odds at less than 50 percent this relationship lasts past 2024.
  10. Hey, I am not raged...I just called it out for what it is. A publicity stunt intended to increase ratings.
  11. Highest rated sporting event ever...objective achieved.
  12. If you say so, I just hope Mahomes' dad and brother behaved.
  13. How many times did they show the other celebrities in the crowd and how many of them were allowed on the field for the postgame celebration? Hell, how many of the players n’ SPOUSES were permitted on the field during the trophy presentation? Lets just call this what it is…
  14. Takeaway: if you are three years younger and mentally competent, you can face serious felony charges… If you are a senile, old man whom people feel sorry for…no charges necessary.
  15. Has CG received its apology letter (specifically from Carmel and Warren) yet?
  16. Poor Jeffersonville, damn. One kid away from potential relevancy.
  17. No clue why a guy like Phil Parker never gets discussed when HC jobs come open. Maybe he has and I have overlooked it? I think you asked me a similar question this time last year when it comes to 6A central Indiana football and I will reply this year with the same answer... "Lemme see how the transfer portal shakes out this summer and get back to you..." That being said, I'd predict the seats at Warren and Carmel are heating up...
  18. Yeah, just a jab at Iowa. Nothing more, nothing less. Hope the kid goes where he best fits.
  19. O’Brien leaves OSU undefeated against Michigan…
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