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  1. Nah, you’re good. You injected yourself into a conversation from another thread between me and another user that required prior knowledge and tried to flex your muscle like a tough guy without context…and failed miserably like usual.
  2. You don’t understand sarcasm. Try to keep up here dude. You just show up here daily looking for a fight it seems.
  3. Just like with the MIC departure I’m sure it’s optics. Though never stated publicly I would have a hard time not believing it was both or neither.
  4. The same way Westfield and CHATARD were “playing with” Merrillville the last two years…
  5. Eh, I’ll disagree slightly. Don’t punish the kids because the adults are morons.
  6. I’ve never seen a guy who is given so much shit simply for attempting to promote a high school sport. Jesus dude.
  7. Obviously past performance doesn’t necessarily indicate or predict future results but putting this in writing sort of makes it eye popping: North Central and Lawrence North are original members of the MIC and since the conference was founded here is how those numbers breakdown against Warren and Ben Davis. NC is 4-22 all-time against BD and 4-36 against Warren. LN is 4-21 all-time against BD and 5-29 against Warren. Since Pike and Lawrence Central were added to the conference in 2013… Pike is 2-10 all-time against BD and 1-9 against Warren. LC is 2-8 all-time against BD and 2-11 against Warren. Now, the shining light for those four programs in all of this data is that they have won more recently as opposed to the previous two decades, so while not impossible, the “hill” mentioned by @Footballking16 is indeed no longer a mountain. Or it makes you soft as you know it’s a fairly “meaningless” game in the grand scheme of things…though @Bobref says they are all meaningless since we have no playoff qualification format in Indiana.
  8. No disrespect intended to the Trojans, but 365 days ago Warren was being criticized by a select few for the opposite infraction when they scheduled 3A Chatard. The expectations, whether you agree or not, have not changed on the east side and you may be right. Though tournament success is what this program was built upon, it’s not hard to fathom them them having a sub .500 record this regular season.
  9. I honestly think you can make a case that every single team in this conference has reason for optimism and could play the “stock up” card. Of course the problem with that is that someone has to lose and finish in the bottom half of the conference…
  10. Great points by both of you but I still see a decisive edge for BD and Warren and due to much more than just “name recognition.” Now, if you want to do a stock up/stock down type of ordeal then I will ABSOLUTELY agree that the other four conference teams have reason for optimism, maybe even much more so than BD and WC at this stage. The Omar Cooper/Donaven McCulley squad that couldn’t muster more than 7 points against an average Warren team in the sectional two years back broke me I guess. I’ll need to see it from those other four before I can believe it. I think they are capable of springing an upset over the top two but can they stay out of their own way and not stub their toe and won the ones they should?
  11. Nah, not as fun. Challenging each other is what keeps message boards alive, no? Speaking in generalities, I think our country would be a much better place if we took the time to challenge one another and sit down and surround ourselves and hold meaningful discussions with folks with different opinions than those we hold. Far too many people not willing to do so. This message board is a prime example. Far too many times we attack the messenger (myself included) and not the message. It’s such an easy trap to fall into.
  12. It’s not as much fun when you don’t take the bait.
  13. I hate to break up the summer national championship party and will rarely pass up an opportunity to direct some hatred Notre Dame’s way but can this Freeman guy actually coach? He has long been known in every circle that he has been a part of as a great recruiter but if I were an Irish fan I would have difficulty forgetting about the deer in headlights look he had in the second half of the Fiesta Bowl as his defense sat back and let Oklahoma State pick them apart. Recruiting is definitely one part of the battle and an important one, though not as important in college football as it is in college basketball. Some folks on the Harrell board are already in the process of erecting a statue for Mike Woodson in Bloomington, is the same coming for Freeman in South Bend? I kid of course, maybe I’m just jealous. Carry on.
  14. It’s really not that hard to figure out. Folks get tired of my continued citing of SES but every argument on here comes back to the same common denominator: $$$ 17 Marion County seniors crack 247s current Indiana high school recruiting top prospects list…only 10 of those are from public schools in Marion County.
  15. Tier 1: Brownsburg, Westfield Tier 2: Hamilton Southeastern Tier 3: Fishers, Franklin Central, Zionsville Tier 4: Avon, Noblesville Projected Order of Finish: 1. Westfield 2. Brownsburg 3. Hamilton Southeastern 4. Fishers 5. Franklin Central 6. Zionsville 7. Noblesville 8. Avon
  16. Tier 1: Ben Davis, Warren Central Tier 2: Lawrence North, North Central Tier 3: Lawrence Central, Pike Best Offensive Player: Joe Walker (Warren Central) Best Defensive Player: Joshua Mickens (Lawrence Central) Best Coach (Tie): Kevin O’Shea (NC)/Mike Kirschner (WC) Coach on the Rise: Pat Mallory (LN) Projected Order of Finish: 1. Warren Central 2. Ben Davis 3. Lawrence North 4. North Central 5. Lawrence Central 6. Pike
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