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  1. So is it fair to say that the same line that Eric Moore keeps trotting out also applies to Cathedral? ”The only people that can beat us is ourselves.” Do 5A teams have to rely on a 2 hour out of body experience to have a shot at Cathedral in the tournament?
  2. I mean Purdue was 2-3 plays away yesterday (obvious missed PI call, ND FG that was controversial, tipped INT in the end zone) and still managed to lose by 14. Do you play horseshoes as a hobby by chance?
  3. Gotcha. I figured that any game that finished with a 10-14 point margin of victory “could have turned out differently” if the other team just hadn’t carried the little brown thing over the goal line or kicked it through the yellow posts.
  4. Blow out? Yes. 70 points? Damn hard to do in the running clock era. I’m not even sure they get 10 possessions.
  5. I take it back, lol. Reich shows balls, the Colts get stopped inside the 1 FOUR times and the Rams drive 98 yards.
  6. Just a question: Aren’t MOST games between competent teams 1-2 plays away from “turning out differently?”
  7. Just merging your “analysis” from two different threads. Try to do better.
  8. So Penn State AND Cincinnati got lucky? Got it. Earth shattering analysis, even from you.
  9. Further proof that preseason rankings need to be executed.
  10. Upcoming stretch (Wisconsin, Cincinnati and Virginia Tech) will go a long way in determining Notre Dame’s season.
  11. ESPN has updated its FPI and predicts a 4-8 campaign for the Hoosiers. It’s funny how things can change so quickly. Vegas had them as double digit favorites over Michigan State over the summer, and that now looks like a much tougher game. Minnesota seems to be figuring things out as they went on the road yesterday and shut out a Colorado team that played Texas A&M to a tight game. Penn State, Rutgers, Michigan and Maryland are all 3-0 and Ohio State will still be Ohio State eventually. Purdue and Western Kentucky may be the only contests left in which they are favored…
  12. I too am now unsure if Coan is the answer but I also tend to be very anti “two platoon/rotation guy.” I guess I get it but I’ve never been in love with it honestly.
  13. Gotta make a QB change after today’s dismal performance by Pennix.
  14. Kid can’t stay healthy and is a 5th year senior in a long rebuilding project.
  15. At this point I just feel bad for Brandon Peters.
  16. But, in your opinion since both had similar results against Chatard (just looking at the final scores) shouldn’t this be a competitive game?
  17. Exactly. I’m guessing Eric Moore looked at that score last night and just chuckled. CG has given up 63 points ALL SEASON…
  18. Takeaways: 1. As expected, Center Grove was on cruise control from the beginning and will be in the same predicament for the next three weeks. The only worry they need to have down the stretch is remaining healthy. 2. It was obvious North Central was in for a long night from the opening whistle last night. An unfair fight. They still have a couple of opportunities on the schedule to gain momentum heading into 2022. 3. A second win for LC is nothing to ignore. They lost these types of games last year and while a 2-3 win season is not usually applauded, it is clear progress coming off of a winless season. 4. Pike is just over a decade removed from competing for a 5A (pre 6A) state title and looks like a shell of its former self. I am not sure what it will take to get them back on track. 5. Lawrence North falls into the pretender category after keeping it competitive with Carmel early before getting its doors blown off. They are not good enough to compete with the top half of the conference this season unless one of the big four is having an off night. They still are the "best of the rest" if you give trophies for that sort of thing. 6. Carmel appeared to get back on track last night and seems to be getting healthier. Looking like the most intrigue left in this conference is who claims the #2 spot as Warren. Carmel and BD have all stepped up to CG only to be throttled. 7. Ben Davis. Where do I even begin? I could write a book about last night's game but I just don't see how you recover from that. You go from thinking about getting young guys playing time down the stretch to fighting for your lives. I know it sounded in the other thread like I was taking away from Warren, but I truly wasn't. BD handed them this game behind some questionable decisions, lack of execution. The key now becomes not letting one loss turn into two. 8. Warren may have saved its season last night. They were all but dead with 3 minutes to go in the third quarter as their fan base began filing out of the building (a separate thread for the other forum; one of my pet peeves). Contrary to BD, this type of win can really energize a team and change its fortunes. I still don't give them much of a chance against CG, but they've got a shot a Carmel in a few weeks. Do we have a QB controversy here? Their starter felt ill and left the game just before halftime...and the rest is history. Tier 1: Center Grove Tier 2: Ben Davis, Carmel, Warren Central Tier 3: Lawrence North Tier 4: Lawrence Central, North Central, Pike
  19. Takeaways: 1. It just went from bad to worse for Avon. There is now a very real possibility they finish last in the conference. 2. Kudos to FC. The move from Warren to FC was head scratching for many but FC being competitive in year 1 of the new coaching staff bodes well for the future. 3. Brownsburg just continues to roll and broke open a contest that was tight early. They still get their shot at Westfield in a game that should decide the conference title. 4. Like LN in the MIC, Fishers is just not quite ready for the prime time associated with competing with the top dogs in its conference. I think we will look back on this season as progress for the Tigers but they are sort of stuck in the middle. 5. Westfield has once again staked its claim as the favorite in 6A north (they already were to many). They can basically sew up the conference title with a win over Brownsburg. 6. HSE proved they are good but not elite. Top 10 in 6A but not as close to top 5 as originally thought. 7. Zionsville got back on track and is once again primed to make a deep 5A run despite entering the tournament with possibly 3+ losses. 5A north should be fun. 8. Noblesville continuing to sink but has already turned the corner as a program and will only get better if they are given time. Tier 1: Brownsburg, Westfield Tier 2: Hamilton Southeastern, Zionsville Tier 3: Fishers, Franklin Central Tier 4: Avon, Noblesville
  20. A questionable two point conversion failed after their second TD to go up 13-7…ended up losing by ONE. (Though they did get a safety on an intentional grounding call later in the game.) A decision late in the 3rd/early in the 4th quarter (113 points scored so it’s escaping me) to go for it on 4th and 8 from your own side of the 50 yard line. They were stopped and Warren gained momentum and never looked back. They were up 3 scores at the time I believe. Constant letting down their guard in the back four as they seemed to let Warren skill guys run past their DB’s and safeties the entire night, particularly in the 2nd half when Warren was in obvious passing situations. 43-21 lead with 3 minutes to go in the third quarter. Hindsight is 20/20 but BD drew Warren offside with 2 minutes to go when lining up for a FG which would have put them up 53-43. They were awarded a first down and then scored with 1:51 left and then missed the extra point to go up 56-43. Could have taken three knees (I’ll be honest in saying I do not know how many timeouts Warren had at the time.) Not sure it would have mattered. Disappointed we will likely not see a rematch in the tournament as used to be customary as CG will be heavily favored the week prior should they meet Warren.
  21. Tonight was pretty bad and while @BDGiant93has skin in the game and sometimes sugar coats things, Warren took advantage of some pretty damn head scratching decisions from BD tonight. Not that it matters but I walked away from the game (and am still sitting in my living room typing this) in disbelief. I still cannot clearly state whether or not Warren won the game or BD let it get away in losing it. Nearly everything that had to go wrong for BD in the last 2 minutes DID. Credit to Warren for making the plays but I’m not sure the BD coaching staff gets one wink of sleep tonight.
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