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  1. Welllllllll, I think this will cost OSU the number 1 spot now. They may come back to win, but I still think they drop to 2nd. That score by Wiscy at the end of the half was a back breaker.
  2. I will go back on my previous assertions that Oklahoma does not get in. If the SEC game continues on the path it is; a blowout by LSU, along with Utah losing Friday night, then Oklahoma is in. The chips fell the way they needed for OU.
  3. I am not sure it is as far fetched as some think. It is one challenge he has not taken on yet. IF he were to take the job, one thing is certain, he will not be there long; a few years at the most. Garrett just received the worst news a coach could possibly get, the assurance from the owner that he will remain as the coach. 😄
  4. Steve Wray from Plainfield HS and Franklin College was Jim Zorn’s backup in Seattle.
  5. Jamie Asher from Warren Central played TE for the Redskins. Mark Clayton from Cathedral played for the Dolphins. Darrick Brownlow from Cathedral played for the Cowboys, Redskins, and a couple of others at LB. Ryan Baker from Chatard was a DE for the Dolphins. Names keep coming up for me to keep editing lol Moe Gardner from Cathedral played for the Falcons as a DL. Jeremy Trueblood from Cathedral played OL for the Bucs. Matthias Kiawanuka played at Cathedral as well, and for the Giants on the DL, and OLB.
  6. Looking at the rosters, Navy has no Indiana kids. West Point has Donavan Lynch, a Senior LB from Noblesville HS, Zach Potter, a Senior Punter from Terre Haute North HS, Alex Faulkner, a Freshman OL from Mishawaka HS, and Zach Saum, a Senior TE from Cathedral HS.
  7. Just over a week away, and wow, what a difference just one year can make. Based on what we saw last season, I would say Navy has exceeded expectations, while Army seems to have underachieved. Army broke the losing streak last year, but having seen Navy play a few times, I given them the upper hand. I LOVE watching this game every year and hope to experience it in person some time. I love the pre game traditions as well. This is a game EVERY football fan needs to watch. The Navy unis are pretty sweet https://www.gonavysports.com/beatarmy?fbclid=IwAR0HsINbD6wR4W5YD-ZovLaZZg02pfFy4LBZlllTohJ9H3AUvqDglJ1LSxM
  8. One question every recruiter asks when they visit a school is.....is there a kid in any other program we should know about? For the life of me, I cannot remember the kid’s name, but he played at Gary West. I was an assistant at Cathedral at the time. We had no film on them because they do not film their games. We spent the week as coaches trying to find anything.....TV highlights,, looking at teams they played, and who MIGHT have film. Finding film on this kid would have been a challenge. Anyway, as IU recruiters were traveling, the kid was mentioned. If I remember right, they had a limited number of opponents, and played the other Gary schools twice. The bottom line of this all is that the kid ended up with a full ride to IU, and even saw playing time. Trust that coaching is a HUGE network. I cannot imagine a coach purposely avoid mentioning a kid because he plays for a rival, or even a coach he does not like. If a kid is talented, he will be found.....class does not matter.
  9. I have to wonder how much actual development takes place at the collegiate elite level in college. Certainly players refine their skill level. Rom years in coaching, I have only seen a handful of kids that are D1 level players. In seeing how things unfold, the top programs have measurements in mind, and if a kid does not fit, they move on. The thinking is, we can always find that kid next season. Case in point......a receiver was told by a coach in a top program that he needed to be under a 4.5 on his 40 time. He attended several invite only camps throughout the B1G. One school told him at the camp that if he got 4.5 or lower, they would offer on the spot. He ran a 4.55, and came home disappointed with no offer. Coaches at that level want kids to already be at a certain performance level, and will say we don’t have time to develop a kid to get that extra .05 off his time; in fact, we will likely have a kid next season already at that level. My other issue is the whole rating system. I have seen kids rated way too high, and kids who should be rated not rated at all. I know some who have parents that spend a LOT of money for the service, so they get rated higher. I would also add that in the Super Bowl between New England and Seattle, that there was not a player on either roster who was a 5 star or top recruit coming out of high school. I think it is purely a game of chance. I would add to that there are a couple of coaches now at Ohio State that Harbaugh had with him at Michigan. Is Harbaugh the problem? I am not in any position to tell. The record in his time there does not pass the eye test if you are a UM fan. There are plenty of teams around the country who would be happy with the record he has, and some would be ecstatic. He has had success at other stops, especially at Stanford, a place that is far more difficult to recruit players to than Michigan is. He even had success on the pro level. So what happened? No idea, but I do think it may be time for UM to start thinking of who is next.
  10. I am not involved with that school enough to make a fair assessment of his performance. I do hear a lot of negative things and a lot of good things. I will leave the judgments up to those involved. That said, the use of the term when referring to the student was not a good choice of words. There are PLENTY of other ways to compliment the student’s achievements.
  11. I think it is far more important to start with how he came to be President as much, if not more so than what he has done while he has been President.
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