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  1. Mike Golic commented........no proper technique was taught. As a coach, every drill I run has to connect directly to something the guys will do in a game. It would be so rare that these two players would be in a situation that is simulated in a drill like this. Watching it made me sick to my stomach. I worry about the boy who was knocked down. It is one more kid who tried the game, and will likely never even try to play it again because of this.
  2. Nice pick up for the Hoosiers, and he has 3 seasons of eligibility. https://indiana.rivals.com/news/indiana-lands-former-4-star-recruit-and-auburn-transfer-jaren-handy?fbclid=IwAR01qCipuraJeNHN9PtTFQEoNWDw1XuaxyG09mqxO6IiyEZUNQHoHGrgM9A
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkMWE7A0uq0
  4. If he does not come back, I am willing to bet we will hear a LOT, especially from "former" teammates.
  5. I honestly think if he stays, things will be ok. I have yet to notice a teammate who is all in while defending him. The most we have heard is from Davante Adams, And the most he says is about their on field chemistry. He does not say anything about him as a person. What that tells me, as I said in a similar way. They all know he is a dick, but he is one that is one of the most competitive around. Athletes today are much more forgiving than they were a decade or 2 ago. I think he has to realize he has just two options, play in Green Bay or not at all.
  6. It seems the latest tactic in this is to turn on the original source, Adam Schefter. Pat McAfee seems to be leading the charge. he posted an interview he did with Rodgers where they were discussing what was wrong with the media. The impression is that it was recent, but it was from October; LONG before this came out, BUT in the midst of the ongoing antics by Rodgers. I have no doubt someone close to Rodgers let this leak out. The notion that Schefter was not accurate in his story simply does not add up. IF Schefter's story is NOT accurate, there is one simple thing that can be done........Rodg
  7. This coach spoke at the Indy Glazier clinic a few years ago. he starts off by saying, 'now we got the same kids y'all got' so this can work anywhere. Then as he goes through the film to show examples. he starts pointing to particular kids saying where they have offers.........there were a LOT of SEC offers on that roster. lol yeah, he has the same kids we do.
  8. Let the backtracking and damage control begin:
  9. I joke with friends that the renovation of Soldier Field was so hideous, it jinxed the team. 🤣
  10. I did find this on the UND site, claiming the Fighting Irish was official in 1927; changing it from the Ramblers. https://und.com/the-fighting-irish/#:~:text=Notre Dame competed under the,Notre Dame nickname in 1927. As far as the Cathedral side of the story, I would say the best bet is to reach out to Bill Peebles, the current head football coach. His family has been around the school for a LONG time. I know the person who shared the story with me worked at the school over 20 years ago, and now works at the IHSAA; Chris Kaufman.
  11. If it's true , it is just more proof he had this in mind for quite some time. For damage control, A A Ron needs to man up and say something. It makes it look even more petty if little stuff like this keeps leaking. AND, the fact is this is NOT coming from the Packers front office, just like I don't believe any of the leaks so far have.
  12. I just clicked on it. They are in 28. Maybe it was fixed this am?
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