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  1. Just some history though….Government stepping in is what created the NCAA. Not saying I disagree, just adding perspective.
  2. As Jerry Lee once said…whole lotta shakin goin on how quickly will the landscape change? SEC leadership is way ahead of the game.
  3. Might even see teams like Vandy and Mizzou looking to move.
  4. That would be the death knell for the Big 12. My guess is the top teams left would go to the Pac 12? Maybe the Eastern most teams in the B1G? West VA to the ACC?
  5. Another solid commitment https://indiana.rivals.com/news/indiana-lands-2022-safety-phillip-dunnam-from-miami?fbclid=IwAR3fTKd4jv98dGxr2JY9CGjXWnDseb1Uw4zZ7CSlTjbupy9cnJ4yRIPy7tU
  6. In the highlight video I saw, he was.
  7. He has done a great job with that program. Angola has been our official scrimmage opponent for quite a while now, and they have improved quite a bit in his time. As far as him going anywhere; don't be too quick. He has a really good thing going. And to be in the area where lake life is so prominent? I am guessing he has passed on a few opportunities already. Sometimes a good fit is enough to keep a person in place. I have a few friends who really like the situation they are in that would be great as head coaches; or coaches in bigger programs.
  8. Thank you for sharing this MP. RIP Tom, and prayers to his family and friends.
  9. It doesn't.....Just countering that there is not a sign of any negative impact academically for the students there due to the number of them on campus.
  10. Maybe…..but they do a lot of things very well. They do keep the number of students per teacher really low…..at about 18 students per teacher. With that many students in one building, there are some advantages. They are consistently in the high 90’s for graduation rate percentage. They are able to offer a wider variety of courses. But Carmel is unique. If there were an IPS school with the limited resources it has, it’s likely to have the opposite effect. I even remember in college in the late 80’s doing observations, and they had PE classes with 100 kids. The teacher said it was a com
  11. Not disagreeing with anything you said, just stating that other schools saw the split and decided against doing the same. Fair questions to ask….not sure if they have been asked in those districts or not.
  12. It's been a while...interesting to see that Adam Schefter has gone all in on his claim that Rodgers will not play and just does not want to play in Green Bay. If he is wrong, it SHOULD cost him his job. He was the first to take the bait, and is the one who started the publicity side of this. More and more people are following the belief that he will be in Green Bay. No one has said they see him just sitting out this season. As I said from the jump, someone in Rodgers camp leaked this. It is very possible Rodgers is upset with the front office, and highly likely. Bottom line is that he is a com
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