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  1. This is pretty cool to see just how much alike these two plays are
  2. The story was there were a couple schools considering him before the extension was signed. I don't believe they were in a power 5 conference though. Outside of the buyout, at that time, it was the right move. It's easy for some to look back now and say that was a poor choice, or even not the best choice, but it really was a good move based on the results of that time. It had even been discussed here that the constant turnover of coaches, including the head coach was a factor in IU's problems.
  3. A few will say it does show IU is willing to spend money on the program. But with buyouts like that, there may not be much left to bring in a coach who could really do something for the program.
  4. And with that buyout, someone better be having a chat with the AD and anyone else involved in saying, yep, looks good,
  5. Anyone have Mark Cuban's number? I got a new phone and lost my contacts. The concern now is the bigger picture. Do guys in the locker room pull the team together? Or is it falling apart? The rah rah stuff, while it is genuinely who Allen is, can become noise with the way this is going. Just like a coach who tries to be a hard ass. I am not sure either extreme is good for long term success of a program. Losing on a regular basis creates a level of doubt. Just like a virus, that doubt can spread quickly.
  6. Seems to be a lot of uncertainty in Madison. If Leonhard is just an interim solution, I do think UW is a program that could attract some really good coaches. Crazy to think that when I was in college, IU and UWM were regularly competing for bottom spots in the conference and just as crazy to see what Alvarez did with that program. I have LONG (Long before Allen or even Wilson were named HC) said someone in Bloomington needs to at least be consulting with Alvarez on how he built that program, and sustained it for so long.
  7. Who would NOT want to sit down and have a few drinks with Mike Leach. This is classic https://twitter.com/AlyssaLang/status/1576583051114876928?s=20
  8. The run game is still solid. The passing game is still out of sync. It is too late into this season for the QB and receivers to not be on the same page. The deep pass game is still non existent; not sure why they try so often to go deep any more. Props to the best in the business in Bellichick. Outstanding game plan on both sides of the ball.
  9. DK Metcalf with the tweet of the day lol
  10. Everything starts with the offensive line. While Bazelak looks off, the fact is he has been running for his life all f'ing night. So, what do you do? They do not have the players to even compete against Nebraska. So, we talk about Allen not being the guy. That is obvious at this point. But who is out there? The constant turnover is part of the problem. The program is going in the wrong direction and now the schedule gets a LOT tougher. Just so f'ing frustrating seeing crap like tjis year in and year out.
  11. Years ago (Early 90's I believe, I was at a sectional game between Hamilton SE and Cathedral. It was bitterly cold and the game was low scoring. It went to OT. HSE had the ball, threw a pass and Brian Ford, the kicker for Cathedral intercepts it and runs 97 yards for what many thought was the game winning score....no whistles at any point. The officials met to discuss it. Got the call right, but Cathedral could not yet line up for a FG to win.......the kicker just ran 97 yards, so he was gassed......They had to run a couple plays, then while he was as rested as possible, went out to kick the game winner. I thought of that sequence as I read the OP.
  12. Safety? That could redefine the term "bad snap". 🤣
  13. No issues that I can see. There is a topic for Week 7 scores though, but I don't see any need to delete.
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