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  1. The flaw of the enrollment only classification is there is no accounting for differences in population. While the target may be the private schools, the fact is the 1200 students in one of those buildings is nothing like the 1200 students in a public school.
  2. Was a bit worried when UVA went ahead late in the 4th, and thinking UVA had beaten them twice this season already. Nice job by the Irish to keep working.
  3. Another legend passes. The case could easily be made that he is on a shortlist of the best, toughest, and most physical players to ever put pads on. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/37685864/all-great-running-back-jim-brown-dies-87
  4. More than likely since the 300 mile limit had several aspects. Even for neutral site games, a school's location still had to be within that limit. An example; back in 2006, Cathedral played in the Herbstreit Classic. Our opponent ended up being LaSalle HS from Cincy. One of the teams in the classic was Mission Viejo HS from California. Hoover HS (Alabama) was another. The AD at the time at Cathedral was asked if we would play Mission Viejo. Since they were outside the 300 mile range, even though Cincinnati is not, we could not play them. The only possibility a game took place would be prior to the 300 mile limit being in place. I cannot find how long it has been in place.
  5. Michigan State did the same thing with schools using the Spartan helemet. But if I remember right, they charged schools $1 to continue using it. Bishop Chatard went away from it, going back first to an older version of their logo before going to something more reflective of the school itself.
  6. I understand...in fact, several high schools around the country had to not only change the name entirely from Fighting Irish to something completely different, they had to change school colors. Cathedral was given more leeway in both cases because of the history between the two schools. There were also a handful of schools around the country that were established by the Holy Cross order that were allowed similar leeway to Cathedral.
  7. They are just "Irish" now....they had to drop "Fighting" in the early 2000's with a copyright settlement with UND. When the term Fighting Irish was coined, it was a derogatory nickname from the days of the Civil War. regular troops often made fun of the Irish units because they would get drunk nightly and apparently do as much fighting in camp as they did on the front lines. The leprechaun itself was a cartoonish character that highlighted certain Celtic traits and was created as a way to make fun of the Irish immigrants. All that said, the nickname Irish or Fighting Irish do not carry the same level of negativity as some others do or used to.
  8. Things that make you go mehh https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2023/04/29/indiana-basketball-gets-anthony-walker-from-miami-in-transfer-portal/70166310007/?fbclid=IwAR0TAXEymDhvxNKrutEmMBug7N_AMUlLSCt8SsMPYaEZO5u0QlPY9nGWG9s
  9. I know it happens in other sports, and it counts on the record, but I have not heard of it happening in football. That said football is a bit unique. My only concern is you could potentially have 18/19 year old varsity players competing against younger, less physically mature players. I only say that from the risk of injury standpoint. Sure there are risks in everything we do, but I think that is really the only consideration I can think of that could be an issue.
  10. This is a pretty funny take
  11. It's official. I am ok with it
  12. Sealed the deal https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Transfer-portal-recruiting-news-Indiana-lands-Oregon-7-foot-freshman-Kelel-Ware-a-5-star-prospect-out-of-high-school-208033917/
  13. One of the concerns when this started had been what would happen to many other sports and athletes? That they would suffer because so much would have to go to football and basketball players; this is an interesting twist to that concern. That said, I do think there are a couple other concerns that come to mind. Who is following her on social media is one, and two, looking at images and personality, it is clear why she is so popular. Call it a sexist or misogynistic comment but it is a reality in this case.
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