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  1. I cannot get passed this. To me this is a HUGE issue in the wall talk.
  2. Irishman

    Purdue Basketball

    Their non con resume had just one win against a top 25, Marquette, when they entered conference play. Louisville and MSU are the only other ranked teams they have beaten this year. I don't think they have a chance of making the tournament; with a B1G tourney championship being the ONLY way they do. I see 3 more wins at most out of the remaining games. A 16 win team does not make the tourney.
  3. Again, not pertinent to the discussion. You made a simple claim; That the clock provided no competitive advantage. I countered it; nothing more. You did not define in any detail what competitive advantage was. So, even if it is miniscule, or even not necessary to some, the fact is there is an advantage to having one.
  4. I get it, but your original claim was there was no competitive edge. So, your reply does not address the fact that I had explained that there is an actual competitive edge to having one. Arguing about the necessity of it based on cost is a different point to the discussion.
  5. There is a competitive side. If a QB and/or coaches can see the play clock, they can better manage the pace of the game they want to play at; which could mean hurrying the pace, or slowing it down to protect a lead or keep the other team's offense off the field.
  6. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/careers/2018/05/16/states-where-teachers-paid-most-and-least/34964975/ https://www.nwitimes.com/news/education/teacher-pay-in-indiana-continues-its-downward-slide/article_6adb505d-9e8c-5e9d-8100-6635c1ce4eec.html
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/02/12/national-debt-tops-22-trillion-first-time-ever/2849978002/
  8. I even said in my post, you attack him and he attacks you...ok. But bringing family into is the issue. If you see an equivalence to you two attacking each other and you attacking his daughter, then you should take some time to rethink some things. You are an intelligent person, and attacking her goes beyond the point of cringing. It’s embarrassing.
  9. I just read through this topic; in my mind attacking someone's family or daughter; especially when none of them even know you or have ever said a thing to you, should be off limits. As someone with no dog in the fight, you have gone WAY over the line of what is acceptable. Disagree with IO all day long; take shots at him, and let it go back and forth; but bringing his daughter into it and to continue attacking her is pretty low.
  10. Irishman

    TWD Season 9

    The Talking Dead brought up some stuff that I did not catch. The part where Negan was kneeling on the ground was the spot where he killed Glenn. Speaking of that, someone refresh my memory, is Maggie gone? I could not recall, and seeing the commercials for the new show on ABC with Lauren Cohan made me wonder. One other question about the girl that was captured. Was that Darryl's face on er mask? I agree SF; she was not telling the truth. The extended preview on TTD actually shows that her mom is one of the leaders of the whisperers.
  11. It is rare that I have ever watched it. I think the 2002 one was the last time I watched.
  12. I apologize for not being more clear. It likely was not a bad decision for them. I do feel that many saw the struggles the athletic programs went through for so long was a factor in choosing to not split.
  13. There are some advantages to having so many on one campus; speaking strictly of academics. These schools are able to offer a much wider variety of courses for students. The only time I ever really noticed the large class size was honestly at graduation. We had close to 800 in our class. I never felt any of my classes were overcrowded. Having friends teach in these schools now, the same can be said. It may be limiting for athletics in these schools. I have said for a LONG time and still believe that the hesitation in splitting schools, at least in Central Indiana, goes back to the time when Lawrence Township split into 2 schools. That said, the HSE split was unusual, with Fishers going to a State championship in a very short time. To me, it shows just how much talent was in HSE prior to the split. I will say it was the best decision that Fishers made.
  14. One thing I did when I taught PE is have kids rotate responsibilities that included being an official for a given game we were playing.