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  1. I was able to watch an Irish game from opening kick to the end. Nice to see the tradition of huge ends goes on. I was pleasantly surprised with the play of Ian Book as well. His pocket presence was solid. He was able to look off receivers, and find safety valves. A solid run game makes it nice for him as well. Travis could be a stud for the Noles, but man, he did take some shots. They have to keep him healthy. The Irish defense looked solid. You expect a D1 program with the talent that FSU has to put together a couple of drives. Outside of that, great pass rush, especially on a mobile qb.
  2. I was an assistant at Cathedral when I learned of this rule. We had practiced it two times every day all season. We get to week 8, and try it. It was the first time we had perfectly executed it. As soon as our player caught it, the flag came out. I was coaching a JV game a few years ago, and the team we were playing pulled it off. I tried explaining to the official that the call is kick catch interference. I was not yelling, but asked how it is not. He was not hearing it. I told him as he walked off the field I will bet you a case of beer I was right. I have not heard from him since.
  3. Yep...if it has not hit the ground or a player on the receiving team, they cannot recover it. I am curious if a player on the kicking team can bat/tip/touch it? I am assuming no since the penalty is kick catch interference?
  4. I remember chuckling when one of the mouths on ESPN said that the franchise would never recover from the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. I thought, c'mon man. But now I begin to wonder a bit.
  5. Zero to really limited crowds may impact the home field advantage of some teams in the conference.
  6. The Hoosiers usually give Penn State and Michigan a good run for their money. For that matter, they have given OSU fits as well....not every year, but a good number of them recently. I would LOVE to see them get one or two of those games finally. I think they beat Rutgers, Michigan State, and Purdue. Who knows where that gets them in the rankings, but overall, the West is weak; not even close to the East, so whoever IU ends up playing that last game could be an additional win.
  7. I am curious what the rates are among high school and college players as well? We are on our 3rd season with turf and have not seen any significant injury like this. And a high number of college fields have the new turf, so I would be curious what those numbers are. One thing I do think impacts the increase is that we see far less contact to the upper body. I am thinking specifically of tackling, and how a player has to be aware of coming in too high on a ball carrier. If the ball carrier lowers his shoulder to finish a run, then the risk is too high for the defender to contact the h
  8. The Chargers Chiefs game has been a great one. And that stadium in LA is unreal.
  9. Watching the Packers vs Lions game. On the 2nd drive of the Lions, they challenged a fumble call. They had lost just 3 yards, but the challenge was that it should have been an incomplete pass. Here is what I don't get though. The ball hit an offensive lineman. Is that no longer a penalty in the NFL? I agree that it was an incomplete pass, but there is no question it hit the o lineman.
  10. Lou Holtz at South Carolina. Gerry Faust at Akron. I do think at some point, Kelly will be lured away to an NFL team.
  11. I KNOW that...you missed the point of my bringing that up COMPLETELY. Other schools charge a much higher fee if they allow the use of it at all.
  12. Irishman

    NFL Week 1

    I am curious to know just how many Bellichick assistants have flopped as head coaches. some that come to mind right away are Charlie Weiss at multiple stops, even though none have been in the NFL; Matt Patricia at Detroit. Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crenel, Jim Schwartz, Eric Mangini to name a few others....Kind of odd to see so many flops. Typically looking at other coaching trees, there seems to be more success.
  13. Some colleges make a much bigger deal over this than others. Notre Dame raised quite a stink back in 2003 or 2004 about their logo. Some high schools across the country were forced to change the nickname and logo completely. I know a couple of schools even had to change their colors. I know Wisconsin asked Warren Central to create a slight variation to the W on their helmets. WC shaved off part of one side of it, and UWM officials were satisfied. Many years ago, I know Chatard was using the Michigan State Trojan logo on their helmet. When MSU notified the school of the infringement, they asked
  14. On the main forum, yes...but here? Going to have to completely disagree that ANYONE has been penalized for less...and especially MUCH less.
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