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  1. Does this rise to the level of THE biggest bust in franchise history? I know Steve Emtman is high on the list, but damn. The franchise was being built for Luck. I wish him well, but talk about putting the team in a tough spot.
  2. While I am not a supporter of anything the Kochs do or have done, I will never celebrate when someone passes. Any celebration will be reserved for a celebration of the life that has been lost, like family or close friends. But the celebration is toasting the great memories and stories to be told.
  3. I sorta kinda feel guilty for posting this one.....but I laughed a lot so, I needed to share it, you know, so I don’t go to hell alone for it. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I am wondering though how the students reach this conclusion. Is it something you allow them to explore, or do you just tell them outright this is the way it is?
  5. I was just able to see the latest episode. Amazing where the time goes once school starts with the season in full swing. I like the buildup to the season finale. I have a sick feeling that Tate is Beck’s target.
  6. Officials told our staff that no coaches could be on the field. But watching film this morning of our first opponent, coaches are on the field for both teams. Is it up to the officials whether they allow coaches on the field or not?
  7. I made my comment based on his quote. His concern was about the relationship the bishop in Lafayette had with the Archbishop in Indy. He made a decision based on an assumption without actually talking to the bishop. In fact even the Archbishop in Indy has not said anything about the Catholic schools competing against Brebeuf. As a Catholic myself, the notion that suddenly, Brebeuf is no longer Catholic just because the Archbishop says they cannot call themselves a Catholic school is ridiculous.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. I don’t like the idea of a second chance though. The coach knows what he and his team is doing in a situation like this.
  9. My hope is this......take the TD back, and march off 15 on the offense. In cases where we take a knee, the officials will tell the defense we are taking a knee and to take it easy. In every case, the defense has just stood and watched, with no one ready for a play. To me, it falls into that category of trying to deliberately deceive the defense. And I also think it is a completely classless thing to do.
  10. No fan of the Clintons in any way shape or form, but........
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