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  1. This is the LAST place to turn to if you are looking for this to be corrected. It is the AD's responsibility to lodge a formal complaint with an official's name.
  2. Carmel is in the South. Only one MIC team can make it to State.
  3. Crazy finish to the Cowboys game.....fun to watch.
  4. There is a band across Central Indiana. From about Lafayette to Marion along the North of that band, and the Northern half of Marion County at the Southern end; you will see teams regularly switch from the North to the South and Vice Versa in the smaller classes. Marion has been in our sectional in years past, but when they went to Semi State a couple years ago, they were in the Southern half of sectionals.
  5. What year is Parker Spellacy? he is a solid TE; something you don't see much of in high school any more.
  6. If the Cowboys lose today, it will be a tough loss. The drive at the end of the half was a killer. They got HOSED on the 3rd down play. There is no way Prescott did not get in. On an extremely rare occasion, you can see from a sideline camera behind the offense that his knees never touched before he crossed the goal line. Two other turnovers in the red zone are killers too though. Fun game to watch if you like defense though.
  7. Fields is a difference maker. Another player that stood out was Roquan Smith. Man he can hit; reminds me of Singletary. As far as the Packers go; still take way too many deep shots. It's weird to think they are just not very good at it. When the run game and short passing game are going, it does open up an occasional deep route. 196 yards rushing as a team on the day....not too shabby. The Packers played well with some significant injuries going in the game, and losing Savage during the game was tough. I will cut the red zone defense some slack with injuries. How about Kenny Clark? 2 HUGE sacks (that's what she said) late in the game. Jaylon Smith saw some action and had one good QB pressure that made Fields throw early. If he is used as a rusher, they will be ok, but they had him in coverage a few times; not his strong suit. On to play WTF.....errr WFT lol at Lambeau......will be there in person, so the summary at this time next week MIGHT be a bit more entertaining.
  8. He had been a thorn in Saban's side. Seems like he may have some options. It seems rare that 2 big time programs like LSU and USC are looking for a head coach in the same year.
  9. Going to throw one name out just for giggles.......Lincoln Riley
  10. I expect to see Mark Stoops name come up for some big openings
  11. I don't recall his name coming up for any jobs. Many factors beyond their control......no question. I have been saying it for years, even before the conference had divisions.
  12. Agree that Tuttle was really bad Nope, and Nope......still took the field and won the games they did last season regardless of the circumstances. Looking at the recruiting that is taking place, he still gets more time. He has to build more depth as injuries; especially in the o line are hurting them. Not making any excuses for yesterday; they have to compete in those games.....and win them.
  13. LSU beats number 20 Florida in a track meet. With Florida at just 20; I am not sure the seat cools off much at all for Coach O.
  14. They are at opposite ends of the bracket; so it would be a sectional championship.
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