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  1. Solid points on the other parts, but for this one, keep in mind the Indiana General Assembly inserted itself and the DOE as the final authority; making it easier to challenge rulings the IHSAA makes.
  2. Say hey Willie.....RIP Passed away this afternoon.
  3. Not related to current off season conversations, but I just saw this story on my feed. It seems there should be an exception made in this case. He was just 1 win away from eligibility. https://247sports.com/article/mike-leach-absolutely-deserves-college-football-hall-of-fame-spot-despite-ineligibility-lincoln-riley-says-232922689/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2KFx1fMnmOaAHX-ViVar_MMwgB8VdQvO1dLnIVy4VqZqal7lh7xBinmzs_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcw
  4. You sure this is the Heritage in NE Indiana? Or is this what you are seeing? https://www.rockdalenewtoncitizen.com/sports/heritage-hires-ryan-andrews-as-new-head-football-coach/article_d5c2b682-a7cf-11ec-8476-3b24d3aedd3f.html
  5. I saw that too, but feel he jumped too soon. Stay at ISU, have another great year, and even bigger paydays will come. Going from ISU with some history and always a great crowd to St. Louis, with none of that??? Could be a dead end road for his path up.
  6. for ISU though, the BBall coach move to St. Louis is an odd move; not even a lateral move. he is going to quickly find out, along with the players who joined him there that last season was a once in a lifetime shot. They will not be the darlings of college basketball they were last season. I will be interested in seeing the game when St. Louis plays AT ISU.
  7. Still remember during an IU game last season, Joel Klatt put it best. Programs like IU will be more like a minor league program. Guys will sign and play with the hopes of a better offer after a year at the D1 level. Guys who are not starters in those programs will move to a program they can become a starter and prove their value. I don't envy a coach like Cignetti. His team will be more competitive than IU has been, but to what end? When key players can transfer easily.
  8. The man in the logo, Mr. Clutch passed away. https://www.nba.com/news/jerry-west-passes-away-at-86
  9. All true, but the NCAA waited until the ball was rolling. They could have/should have done something years and even decades ago.
  10. In a previous post, I made the comment that there was potential for Michigan and Ohio State to play 3 times in one season. I am willing to wager a few teams will not be there when the regular season is over.
  11. God I hope not. It was bad enough having to hear THAT song after every run they scored; not just in this series with Evansville, but also with IU.
  12. And the IHSAA has FAR fewer resources available to monitor and investigate those issues.
  13. I think most people, myself included are ok if it were just about kids earning money doing commercials and ads, but I also think many of us can see how it can quickly spiral out of control.
  14. Playoff TV Schedule. I figured the major bowls would be used for games in the playoff. What I don't see in any articles is that every effort would be made to make sure a lower seeded team does not end up in a bowl game in the hometown, or State. Probably would have been a better move to assign the bowls to particular games after the matchups are set. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2024-25-college-football-playoff-schedule-dates-kickoff-times-channels-for-11-games-national-championship/ Here is a better visual.
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