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  1. Still does not even address the question. And apparently, the strict interpretation of the Constitution that you profess often, only applies where you see fit?
  2. That does not really address the question though. If it is a completely private institution, then yes, they have their rules. The crux of the issue for me is should this system be allowed to take tax dollars AND use a discriminatory hiring process? In my mind, one of them has to give. They should not have it both ways. If this were a public school, it would be illegal to fire this person. The money that the Catholic schools gets comes from the same source as public schools. Should they have to play by the exact same rules?
  3. A more accurate count has the total taxpayer funding of the ArchIndy schools at $38.6 Million. The total for the last 3 years is $110 Million. So, the question again is, should a system that is allowed to discriminate for religious reasons be able to continue taking taxpayer money?
  4. On a smaller scale than the Moon Landing Lego set, but still
  5. That appears to be an edit by the reporter. The Cathedral website says "Catholic identity". https://www.gocathedral.com/about/news-marketing/school-news/news-post/~board/homepagenews/post/dear-cathedral-family
  6. One other thought on this witch hunt; The strict interpretation of this mindset is that he also has to exclude non Catholics from working in these schools as well. After all, living the Catholic faith includes the obligation of attending Mass every Sunday and receiving Holy Communion.
  7. Cathedral received $1.14 Million in tax dollars this past school year. Roncalli received $1.75 Million. Should schools that discriminate continue to receive tax dollars? I did some checking as well. I looked at the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. I am sure I missed a few, but the schools I did count, add up to over $30.5 Million in tax dollars. These schools and more are all subordinate to the Archbishop, and since Cathedral has chosen that route as well, I included them.
  8. And, Cathedral does react differently https://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/cathedral-high-school-follows-archdiocese-orders-fires-teacher-in-same-sex-marriage
  9. True...I was speaking more to the population of Cathedral being more “traditional”, and more likely to take issue with the school if it were to make a similar decision.
  10. If this were a place like Cathedral, no doubt there would be a negative impact. But with Brebeuf being what Brebeuf is and really, always has been, it will feel no impact at all. The letter from not only the leadership of Brebeuf , but the leadership of the Jesuit community in the Midwest, make a very strong case for why the school chose this path. I have no doubt the decision of the Archbishop will be overturned at some point in the appeal process.
  11. There are some situations where money does apply, but it has been very rare that I have heard any talk of it. As far as where it would apply, there are contracts the US agreed to with Native American groups, that allowed their property to be mined for oil. The amounts were specific enough to say, we as a nation owe them.
  12. I did, but my router is in my basement and just out of reach for the grill to connect.
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