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  1. Bye week πŸ™‚ I agree that their chances of being in the playoff are fading fast, BUT if Georgia can beat Florida and Alabama, it could help. Funny thing is that just like in years past, the chips are falling in favor of the Irish moving up. Had Georgia not lost to SC, who knows? πŸ™‚ I look for Michigan to give the Irish a tough game, but am counting on Shea Patterson being Shea Patterson. I am think Harbaugh is regretting the loss of. Brandon Peters at this point.
  2. I was hoping the Lions could get a win at home, but the Vikes are just a step behind Green Bay, and within striking distance. Going to be fun watching it unfold.
  3. The Raiders offensive line has been impressive. The Packers were not able to get any pressure on Carr. The defense basically made just two plays the whole game; the 4th down stop on the goal line, and the pick in the end zone. The offense has been a different story though. This is the best they have looked all season. What I really like is seeing the number of players that have been involved, and the running game has been solid.
  4. Just try not to kill your left tackle in the process. 🀣
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/10/17/elijah-cummings-dies-baltimore/ I have taken some time to read more about Mr. Cummings. I may not have agreed with much of what he said, and some of it was pretty off the wall stuff, I think we still cannot forget what men like him lived through in this country. I give people like him a little more leeway as far as their stances on issues go. I cannot even begin to imagine the world he was a part of. He, along with so many others were beaten, bruised, and bloodied for taking a stand. And I think his passing is worth noting here. RIP Mr. Cummings.
  6. I agree with that as well, but I would also say there are standards that do need to be met that were not. My educated guess would be that Kelly thought it was worth the risk to take knowing it would go down to the wire for him to do all that was needed.
  7. IU has an alumni camp, Camp Brosius, in Elkhart Lake, WI. I worked a couple of Summers there in college. During the REALLY busy race weekends in Elkhart, we would head out to Kiel. There was one bar that an old man named Bob owned. It was attached to his house. Bob had all kinds of gag toys at the boy that he loved showing off. He also had $2 pitchers of Old Style....hard to beat on a college budget. πŸ™‚
  8. I am still not sure about Frisco. Jared Goff caught lightning in a bottle last season. I think we are seeing what happens when NFL defenses adapt. I still give Green Bay and even NOLA the nod based on strength of schedule.
  9. The real difference was that Penn and EC played week one of the season; so 9 games for the loser were completely meaningless as far as the post season went. The other issue I have with clusters is the tie break system. Does Texas still do a coin flip to see who gets in and who is left out of the playoffs among teams that are tied?
  10. Thanks for bringing up those memories Nowlin. My first coaching job at the high school level was at Chatard in 92. We saw all we wanted of all those Roncalli guys.
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