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  1. Fort teachers in Indiana (and my guess is this is the same in many other states since it is a part of the ALEC playbook restricting bargaining rights), not having evaluations as part of the contract is a HUGE deal. I would add that the reprimand process comes into play as well. Having to face an administrator with no representation can be quite a challenge. Having had people in both situations talk to me about their situations, it is interesting how quickly a non member wishes they had maintained their membership. In each of those cases, I have had to say sorry you are in a tough spot, but I c
  2. Not sure how it works for private sector unions; plus there are a LOT of extra laws dictating contracts with teachers in Indiana; 79 pages to be exact. So, what happens at the start of a school year for bargaining....The local President send the Superintendent a notice of wanting to bargain in good faith along with a notice that the association has a team ready to discuss non contract issues. That notice also includes the number of members in the local. The Superintendent then notifies the IEERB (Indiana Education Employment Relations Board) who oversees all contracts to make certain they are
  3. New Haven hires Kyle Booher as the next head coach. He has been an assistant in the program for 3 years now.
  4. Good move for the Colts....who knows; a fresh start may be good for Wentz. the Colts did not really give up much to get him either. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1362450149998546949?s=20
  5. I has been a LONG time since I checked in on this topic. I saw it come up again with a new post and my first thought was "how does one player garner 8 pages on this forum?" 😄
  6. The odds are more likely that Zionsville sees a drop off in competitiveness before BD does.
  7. I know it will never happen, but my wish for our district to consolidate to 1, MAYBE 2 high schools. One school would definitely make it a 6A school. Combine with Carroll, Homestead, Snider, Northrop, and even Warsaw, and another?, to form a solid 6A conference. I think doing so would allow the new school to offer more opportunities in sports that none of the schools currently have. Purely wishful thinking though, as each community is holding on to some long past identity.
  8. Yeah, have NEVER been a fan of Mel Kiper, and now Todd McShay is bad too. As a whole, I am not a fan of the sports talk scene; podcasts, radio shows, and even the TV shows. I watch on occasion because Lebatard's dad can be entertaining, and Kornheiser is ok too, but Andy Griffith on TVLand is much more fun to watch.
  9. People forget he only played a handful of games in the undefeated seasons. AND, he had 2 1,000 yard rushers in Csonka and Morris. It was an unreal team....even Earl Morrall at something like 60 years old at the time could not screw it up. :)
  10. Why not, right? It seems to be one of the more popular topics regardless of the forum.
  11. A friend of mine from Indy still questions Bob Griese getting in.
  12. I don't think that is what he meant. What he is saying, and I agree, is that this particular part of this website is reserved for high school football topics. While this particular topic creates a lot of good discussion, it is better suited to be had in Muda's playground, aka the OOB 2.0
  13. I am guessing it is the same thing I hinted at in the exchange about the NH coaching opening and why it seems we underachieve; and it is likely a part of why HN will never join the SAC.
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