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  1. But if we follow Darwin’s line of thinking, these people would have perished LONG before now. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Having seen a few stories this Summer about some amazing tech advances, I decided to start a topic to post articles. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/3d-printed-skull
  3. Saw a coach at a small school in Wisconsin talk about this at a clinic a few years ago. It came down to the fact that their place kicker was far better than anyone who could punt. It does look funny lining up on your own 20 to kick a FG. lol
  4. On July 17, Northrop, Delta, and New Haven have a scheduled competition. We are looking for one more team to join us. The scheduled time to start is 6 pm. Send me a message here or contact Coach Jimmy Linn at jlinn@eacs.k12.in.us
  5. Each teacher has to find his/her niche. Middle school is the level I struggled with the most; in public school, but most especially in non public schools. It takes a special person to teach at that level.
  6. so the whacky face and the laughing face provided no clue as to it being a joke? lol
  7. The headline was all I could handle....won’t even bother reading the article. 🤦‍♂️💩🤦‍♂️💩🤦‍♂️💩 https://www.insider.com/instagram-star-belle-delphine-sold-used-bath-water-2019-7
  8. Don’t assume things. I get what the teacher is saying. But I do question the validity of his claim that it is a religious thing. Calling a student by a name other than what is on the registration is by no means an endorsement of a given behavior. Still cannot answer the question....got it. IF the teacher has any chance of succeeding, that is the question he has to answer. Let us know how that goes for you lol
  9. Why assume I am not relaxed? lol The question is this: what religion does not allow a person to call another person by a name other than their given name?
  10. Never did like Starbuck's...way too much for a cup of coffee, and the regular coffee does not even compare to Dunkin' Donuts, or even McDonald's.
  11. Ok....name a religion in existence that has any sort of tenet in place that does not allow a person to be called by another name. I will stand by my original statement.
  12. No need to clarify. I understood exactly what you were saying. And to me, that still is not a common sense approach. Again, for all the scenarios I mentioned above, the ONLY names that you would not acknowledge are those of transgender students? Not a realistic plan either, honestly. So the teacher does not want to follow a district guideline, so the principal will? I also only see the whining on one side of the issue. The question is.....is this the hill you want to die on? There is no religious tenet on the face of this earth that would prohibit an individual from calling someone by a name they would prefer to be called. Common sense would dictate calling a student by a name they would prefer to be called. If TJ’s name on his record is Thomas, but has gone by TJ, who are you or I to stick to calling him Thomas? Are you going to call any student that goes by Mike, Michael? Treating someone different because of some loosely held “religious” belief is just childish and ridiculous.
  13. And I explained previously why that is lacking common sense. And that thinking would have still violated the policy Brownsburg schools has in place.
  14. Your first comment was to stick to what was on the registration. I cited several examples where the name on the registration may not be the name a person goes by. I would say that the teacher at Brownsburg made a decision to stick to the name on the registration, for certain student(s) only, of course. So the adherence to the name on the registration is not really the simplest way to avoid any problems. Common sense would say live and let live, right? Or is it to let your personal religious views override that?
  15. I agree that it could have easily been avoided, but your comment here contradicts the one I replied to above.
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