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  1. Another icon from the post disco era and punk era passes. The Cars had such an unusual sound, but it sounded great. RIP Ric https://www.thedailybeast.com/ric-ocasek-the-cars-frontman-found-dead-in-manhattan-report
  2. I agree on all counts. IU was able to hang with OSU teams for 3 quarters in previous years; BUT in each of those OSU really should have run them off the field like they did Saturday. The talent level and depth in Columbus has always been superior. But realistically, all the discussion around paying players this last week or so..........has been happening for YEARS now. IU cannot match the cash of bigger programs. They just rarely played up to it. That type of play bit them big time in WL, and they paid dearly for it by being on the outside of the playoff picture. Deservedly so, I might add.
  3. The first 3 drives were as impressive as anything we have seen from this team in years. The defense is legit though. They were on the field a LOT, and held that offense to 16 points....impressive. I liked seeing pressure put on Cousins. Not sure what happened to the offense as the game wore on though. The first drives, Rodgers was firing lasers, but it was a mix of deep routes and underneath routes. The running game was solid as well. On a side note, I do think there was some obvious tension between Rodgers and LeFleur. The offense has a lot of work to do. I could not see what was happening in the secondary, but Rodgers was holding the ball way too long. Was it good coverage? if so, there is a LOT of work to do. They got away from throwing underneath as the game went on as well. A hallmark of the Homgren era was "just move the chains" would still work in today's game. One final observation; there were a LOT of flags thrown against both teams.
  4. More Mike Leach shenanigans 😂 https://twitter.com/espncfb/status/1172711248166891520?s=21
  5. Or the flipside....if you get 100 yards rushing, I can make some cash. I will give you a cut of that.
  6. I can see both sides of this one as far as students go. The players are in classes with students, so the opportunity for some students would be too easy to reach out to players for some type of “influence”.
  7. Yeah...ok. Interesting to know that a Superintendent can hold THAT much power in a community. Funny comment though.
  8. Not allowing them and none asking are two COMPLETELY different things Muda. I used to think you would know better. Now I am not so sure. As IO this is NOT about school choice. The fact is, as he said, it is a stupid law. For someone that favors a “fair market”, wouldn’t the market say, close and sell the building immediately and if a charter operator wants to use it, pay fair market value for it?
  9. We had a couple of buildings in our district that sat vacant for 5 years (a part of this stupid law). In that time, the property value dropped significantly before the district was allowed to just sell it. I have to admit that for someone who cries about the lack of local/community control on so many issues actually thinks it is now ok for the State to step in and dictate what the community MUST do as far as a building is concerned. Seems it does not quite fit within libertarian thinking.
  10. “We believe that there is a constitutional right for taxpayers and for property owners that they own property that the state cannot come in and do a land grab without some due process,” Killion said. yeah that quote just reeks of selfishness and self preservation.... 🤦‍♂️ Soooooo stupid.
  11. I guess I could reply with something like...well I am just three feet tall, so yeah it is really tall. 🤣
  12. So this happened today. The first image is from an email I received this afternoon. The 2nd image is the actual ad the person had the question about. 😳🤷🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  13. Dude, I was just going to mention Schwarz'. I have been to the one in St. Ann. IU has an alumni camp in Elkhart Lake that I used to help work, and we would make the trip just for Schwarz'.
  14. YESSSSSSSS. I have visited a few in different parts. Gotta love a place where the bar is bigger than the restaurant because the wait is so long. And the servings are HUGE.
  15. Kroll’s was a regular stop for us when we went up to visit family every Summer, a d a couple of Winters. Great memories.
  16. Nowhere near the “typical” willful ignorance on your part. Not at all running away, nice spin though. Just not willing to go back and forth with someone who acts like he knows so much about a topic, yet continually proves he knows nothing.
  17. They count for 15% of my evaluation rating. So instead of being highly effective, it lowered me to just effective on the State scale. The real impact is felt in a community like Frankfort. I have stated in the past though, all non English speaking students are required to be tested. Each year, as standards have changed by law, more and more students in special ed have to take it. There are also glitches that impact scores. One example.....a school in our district was taking a math test that said no calculators were allowed. The kids in 8th grade logged in and the calculator showed up on their screens. It was reported and Pearson publishing even admitted it was an error on their end. The end result? Those tests were invalidated. That is not the end of the story though. An invalid test counts as a zero for those students. Those zeros lower overall test scores. Those lower test scores impact teacher evaluations. Seeing the picture yet? Again keep in mind, only two subjects in school are tested. The negative impact that testing has had will be felt for YEARS to come. Wonder why people in vocational programs has dropped significantly? Students that fail the tests to graduate are put in remediation classes to be as prepared a possible to pass the next time. That pulls them out of other electives. The testing companies have supplied all the materials for these remediation classes as well. Lots of money to be made. Now, you still think the tests are valid?
  18. Ok...so how does a test taken by students I never have in class, covering subjects I do not teach show whether or not I am an effective teacher?
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