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  1. It's a disingenuous question to ask if mourning how someone dies is an either/or proposition. All of them are sad stories, but to draw on them for this particular conversation is an apples and oranges comparison. Car accidents, swimming accidents, and gun violence are not contagious viruses that have caused a world wide pandemic. I would add that the responsibility in the situations you mentioned does not fall on a school or coach; where it definitely will for covid.
  2. I don't disagree.....but again, none of those numbers matter for the school or community for a kid that does lose his/her life from having it. In a lawsuit happy society, schools are really forced to overreact in a situation like this rather than just keep going no matter the consequences.
  3. Thanks, and I agree. I tell my students that same message, we all have to do things in life we don't want to. That said, it just does not seem to be be consistent with what he told us about his Costco experience.
  4. I do too....it may even become a DOE guideline.
  5. When it comes to high schools, and school in general, I don’t think just having a positive test is the core issue. Even though someone who is asymptomatic, there is still that chance, no matter how small, of spreading it. The spread is the real concern. Kids go to work, and go home as well as attend work outs. Who is in the home? Neighborhood? The risk of spreading it from any one individual is still high. That said, the real x factor in my opinion is death rates. People from ages 18-20 or so are the group that is seeing the largest spike in positive tests. Even if we can see that most are unaffected, that won’t matter in the least bit to the school or community where that one kid who died from it lives.
  6. I think this will be the force behind Notre Dame joining a conference as well.
  7. If your school district decides to require teachers to wear a mask, will you?
  8. Soooo many great memories as a kid at Kroll's.
  9. PAC 12 is also considering a conference only schedule. Between them and the Big Ten, Notre Dame’s schedule could take serious hits, especially if that trend continues. Good...I still cannot reconcile myself to root for a visiting team at Lambeau. I would have done it, but man, I would have been scarred for however many years I have left on this earth.
  10. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/07/09/indiana-high-school-football-fishers-cancels-practice-after-positive-covid-19-test/5407577002/?fbclid=IwAR07R0ZcEpp8DTUa8kX0tvhGkOzGbHlkhp78R_vQ0tBXNQ0r2NQpPnIrDHg
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4HFy9RqMMY
  12. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29435295/source-big-ten-moving-conference-only-model-all-sports-fall That will make it tougher for many schools to reach the 6 win benchmark for a bowl game.
  13. Sorry coach, I have to disagree with that. As far as dues to the association, the law pre dates rtw as far as teachers associations collecting from everyone whether they are a member or not. I want to say that somewhere in the mid to late 80’s, Indiana had a law that did not allow that. Choose to join or not is a personal choice, but there are a LOT of people across the state that take a lot of their own time to advocate for all the teachers in their districts. Having been in your spot and having served in multiple roles, I know full well how difficult the work is.
  14. I hope that for your son as well. You are right though; all the stats and charts don't amount to much. For each program, it will simply boil down to one getting the virus and how each district/school responds to that. My impression so far though, is that a large majority of districts and schools are waiting until something happens to react, rather than doing much planning ahead of time.
  15. Nah....way too much evidence that when it comes to humans, Darwin was full of shit. 😂
  16. Cleveland Browns will stay. As far as the Fighting Irish....it actually was a derogatory term. Union soldiers made fun of the Irish units because they did as much fighting among each other in camp as they did fighting the confederates. 😀 There was a lot of drinking involved too. lol UND did copyright the full nickname Fighting Irish and about 15 years ago, forced schools like Cathedral to drop the Fighting from their nicknames. Several schools around the country had to drop Irish from their nickname as well, and get rid of the leprechaun as a mascot. Cathedral was given more leeway because they were the first prep school the Order of St. Joseph started and ran along with ND. Plus, there is some controversy over the origins of the mascot. The discussion over the nickname is clear though. Cathedral used the name Fighting Irish while ND was still the Ramblers.
  17. Someone shared a video story with me, I will have to find it. But it had monuments and statues in certain categories as far as "should this be changed or removed?" The ones it determined should stay were the forefathers, and people who helped build this Republic. Anyone that opposed it, regardless of their reasoning, or anyone who brought a level of shame (Custer was an example), should be removed. It was interesting to see.
  18. ok...thanks for clarifying. I went on the assumption that you wanted to just keep the name as is. Asking why now is a fair question. I know a couple of the networks have just been referring to them as Washington, and have not referred to the nickname. This did become a heated topic several years go, but for whatever reasons, died down.To me, it's a better late than never thing.
  19. But when "they" use the my body my choice, you do NOT support that stance. So your use of it is completely hypocritical. And you fail to address the other points I made about the rights of others.
  20. HUGE difference between the terms chiefs and redskins. Sorry it's not more obvious. I mean, if redskins is no big deal, let's start using the terms blackskins, yellowskins, and brownskins.
  21. You said in your post, that when you were asked if you had a mask, you pulled it out of your pocket and put it over your face. Before you entered the store, you never had any intention of wearing the mask. Even when you put it over your face, you still had no intention of keeping it there. That is basically the definition of deception. My stance on abortion has nothing to do with this. You cannot use or even mock the phrase "my body my choice" while it completely disregards or ignores the "my business, my choice" of the owner of Costco. This is about respecting the rules of the ownership of Costco. As I said earlier; you wore a shirt, shoes, shorts or pants. Again, if a friend asks you now to smoke in his house, you have no right to do so any way. I have never said a thing about the looters and rioting either; but because many did not wear a mask there, you somehow feel it's ok for you to ignore the rules of this owner. Dude; YOU are the one who is lost.
  22. Multiple wrongs don’t make something right. You know that. As I said, you went in with the intent to deceive. That is what the really sad part is.
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