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  1. And if you come back, you'll be pushin up daisies.
  2. Yep….keeping an eye on you guys Some of you are probably too young to get this. 😂
  3. Just be careful. Posting rumors on this site about high school coaches and high school programs is not allowed. This does include one person’s interpretation/perspective of what may have happened. The only exceptions include schedule and conference changes.
  4. And now Minnesota is 0-3....wow
  5. Missing Starters LG, LT, RB, WR1, CB, and lose a starting LB in the game. So many penalties in the first half, the Packers kept shooting themselves in the foot. Even in the 3rd quarter, it did not look good. LaFleur goes for a 4th down in FG range and misses it. But from that point on, the team locked in. Defense stepped up, and the offense started clicking. What a great comeback win.
  6. It's a dead ball foul if a guy runs on. Plus there was just time for 1 play on the clock. Regardless, the best chance of winning is with 11 on the field. And if he were really paying attention, it would have been a moot point. Run him on once the 2nd down play was over.
  7. The most upsetting part at the end….the ball only got to the goal line. The goal line is 4 inches wide. It did not even get past the white of the line. Before anyone misinterprets me, I am fully aware the front of the line is the endzone. But just 4 inches. A d lineman in position helps stuff that play and we are celebrating an Irish win. That is the type of situation that haunts coaches.
  8. Yep…and had 11 for that first down play. And so on 2nd down, you see you have 10. It was incomplete so osu is in no hurry to run the next play, NOW run a guy onto the field.
  9. And apparently he is unaware they only had 10 the play before.
  10. While the plays on offense the last drive did not work, I did not mind the screen call. BUT, the screen I would have run, they only ran once. It was a double screen, and Hartman hits a TE that is f’ing WIDE open down the middle. There should have been another option for Hartman if that one was not open, and I don’t think there was. Defense is a different story. What has pissed me off for two years now is the pass rush. More specifically, the LB that spies the RB….if the RB stays, he typically goes late on the pass rush…..and NEVER gets there. Why send him inside to just rune into a lineman who already counted him in the pass pro? McCord was able to break contain a few times. That cannot happen. So either send the LB off the edge to contain? McCord is a pocket passer, and not a runner, so no need to spy. But what would have been a smarter move for that LB…..if the back stays you sink. Stay in the middle of the field but sink. The routes in the middle in the 8-12 yard range were wide open far too often. At least force a more difficult throw instead of wasting a guy on the pass rush who never gets there. As far as the 10 guys on the field. I will disagree that it is the head coaches job. In a tight formation, like what osu was in, and with the missing spot being on the far side, it’s just too difficult to see that from where he is. To me, it falls on the coaches in the pressbox. They have the clearest view. And I am guessing there were 4 or 5 defensive coaches up there. Someone had to see it. Having spent a number of years in the pressbox, that was always part of my role. It’s far too simple a thing to blow it like that. In that spot, you run his ass onto the field. I don’t care if it is a penalty or not, you have GOT to have 11. So you give them a yard. You have stopped the, before in short yardage.
  11. Here is the 2nd down play. There was a point earlier in the previous drive too they had just 10.
  12. Probably a bad idea to play defense with just 10 guys on defense Seeing posts that they had 10 the previous play too. But this one was after a time out....completely inexcusable. There are WAY too many eyes in the pressbox to not see that.
  13. way too many missed tackles, especially on 3rd down and too many blown coverages.
  14. Did you ever have one at the Ice House on Bluff Road before it closed? It was a favorite in college.
  15. or old posts from way back being brought up....:)
  16. Fields was a good athlete in college who happened to play QB. Even in the game against IU, he showed this kind of hesitation. It's crazy to think this turned into a sack.
  17. Some schools in the burbs around Chicago play the JV game on Friday night before the Varsity game.
  18. https://x.com/Super70sSports/status/1704335208097489402?s=20
  19. Keeping up with what seems to have become a trend here. 😂
  20. And here we are 3 years later.... 🤣
  21. There are people in SW Allen County who can relate to this. @Yuccaguy it seems your crew had one of these games, and a flag came out to start the game?
  22. This is from the broadcast. If the official determined he possessed it while completely on his back, it looks like a TD to me. As Ron said, that official is right there with a great view. I tried a screenshot of the WR on his back. As he rolls, it does look like he has the ball in the middle of his chest at the top of the number on his jersey. In this shot, he is most of the way on or over the goal line himself.
  23. 12 point lead in the 4th quarter.... You HAVE to win those games. Back to back 3 and outs left the defense vulnerable. They were on the field too much. That said, they are pros and have to find a way to make plays.
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