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  1. IU's Women's team won at Northwestern. It was fun to watch. NU packed the lane on defense to start to keep IU from scoring in the paint, so they started the game dropping 3's. NU extends the defense to shut that down, but IU scores in the paint. It was that way the whole first half.
  2. I guess that eliminates Wendy's from the list on Fridays during Lent. Cannot imagine what those fish sandwiches will cost
  3. Sad news from the Packers family. RIP Cherry
  4. I had the impression that all recruiting rules were out the window. At the end of the season; for a PAC 12 game, the discussion was about the Oregon State QB. It was said that several schools had already contacted him even though he had not entered the portal. I figured the tone in which they said was as though this was the new normal.
  5. Good to see other athletes doing well in Bloomington https://bigten.org/news/2024/2/24/womens-swimming-and-diving-indiana-wins-2024-big-ten-womens-swim-and-dive-championship.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2tgRekmS1Sz20iBTYANBG1iRNd5rXHS25UiWO-QcM1FC-3FYoBV1m-jII
  6. Maybe I am reading this wrong, but it appears that it only says the 5 highest ranked conference champs will get automatic bids. So you could have conference champs ranked 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, and they are guaranteed spots. So ND could be a 3 and lock up that seed? Or, if the 5 highest ranked conference champs could be ranked 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, and ND could be ranked 2nd. I will say it’s a stretch to be number 1 for them, but any scenario is possible. Here is what @Muda69 posted in another topic
  7. Just a reminder from the pinned topic titled "Rumors".
  8. Absolutely NOT true. How you drew that conclusion is beyond me. The explanation as to why your post was hidden are VERY clear. You are not a news source; even if you had firsthand knowledge of the incident. If you published a story on a news site and included a link, that would have been completely different. Your logic cannot explain why this current topic is still active.
  9. That class on the women’s side seems to be loaded. Krull here in Indiana as I mentioned before is highly ranked, and Audrey Jimenez in Arizona just won a State championship in Arizona becoming the first female in that State to do that. It was cool to see that Kayla Miracle from Bloomington and an Olympic medalist posted a video cheering Ocampo on after her Friday match on the Flo Wrestling Instagram page.
  10. Here is a great video of it. She is still down 9-8 at this point.
  11. yes......and the girls' tourney is not IHSAA sanctioned, but is run by the coaches association. It's held in January.
  12. In that same poll, Heather Krull from Northeastern HS, in the same weight class (lost her 1st round match Friday night) had been ranked ahead of Julianna. I could not find a poll after that, but I am guess both changed rankings after the girls' State tournament where Ocampo won that weight class.
  13. In the last girls' poll I could see from November, yes.
  14. She finishes in 6th place. Cannot wait to see all she accomplishes over the next year.
  15. This is funny to read. he is right about Long's Donuts though. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nba/pacers/2024/02/16/josh-hart-will-only-step-foot-in-indiana-when-knicks-play-at-pacers/72634410007/?fbclid=IwAR2S9Jpws6W6o_QUnJc-_MMdqgDFqMDxpAxMHJ0MYThyJp4YhZXa12JSxDw
  16. History made tonight in Evansville. yeah I know it's not football related, but this deserves a post here. In the 106 lb. class, Julianna Ocampo gets a pin with 15 seconds left in the 3rd round to become the first female in Indiana history to earn a spot to compete for a medal. I had Julianna in class and have her younger sister now, and am so proud of her for accomplishing this. She quickly fell behind 9-1 in the 1st round. She battled back in the 2nd round to get the score to 9-5 with some back points. With 1:30 left in the match, she takes the lead at 10-9. Talk about persevering. Not only is she a great wrestler, she is ranked 7th in the nation in the 105 lb weight class, but she is a great kid as well. It was really cool too to hear the place erupt when she took the lead and even louder after she got the pin.
  17. I was not the one who hid the topic, but the standard that has been in place since Tim Adams started this site is that posts like the one you mentioned must have a link/source. The same standard has been in place regarding coaching moves and any matters involving player news. There was a post about the incident at NorthWood this past season. The original topic was hidden for the same reason yours was hidden; there was no link. Even hearing something firsthand does not meet the standard TA set over 20 years ago here. So the claim that this was about some "good ole boy" thing is not even close to accurate.
  18. I give this new setup 5 years tops.
  19. And you still run the risk with conference championships of teams playing each other multiple times. Apply the upcoming season format to this past season. The possibility that Michigan and Ohio State playing each other 3 times in one season is not so far fetched. In the SEC, it could be Georgia and Alabama in the same boat.
  20. I never noticed this until now 🤣🤣🤣
  21. Might be my fault for jinxing them, but I texted friends when Purdue was up 15-12 that the 12-11 lead IU had would likely be their last lead in the game. oooops
  22. Kind of a head scratcher. UCLA has not been relevant in a long time, so maybe get out before being forced out? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/39492371/ohio-state-hires-ucla-chip-kelly-replace-bill-obrien-oc
  23. And a follow up to the previous one https://x.com/super70ssports/status/1754654650039484682?s=46&t=4cuSTP2hbN0lZR6J2Uj59A
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