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  1. That was not directed to you at all; it was directed toward brvheart's comment solely.
  2. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. My post was specifically about the question asked. You want to start a topic about what other things we are doing for our players during this difficult time, then feel free. Maybe, just maybe this serves as a distraction from what is really happening???? Working in a urban program where few kids have any transportation; they have been home since about 4 pm March 13th. So, being cooped up for 14 days straight, a little change is probably what is best for them at this point. There are a couple topics where many people are talking about what they are doing for "distractions" while stuck at home in the Out of Bounds forum here. Focusing on mental health during a time of isolation is important; so is remaining connected with teammates and friends; especially from a distance.
  3. Oh ok....We are using Zoom to go over the playbook.
  4. We just sent an email to our players to just make sure they are working out somehow, and that we cannot plan specific times or places. We also told them to stay within the health department recommendations of avoiding large groups getting together.
  5. Glad to see a slight shift in your thinking. I distinctly recall your opposition to the idea of co op programs when you originally presented the idea of contracting.
  6. This one is based on what I thought was THE funniest moment in the whole show. It started out as a campaign commercial, and Joe’s lack of control quickly takes over with the quote in the picture.
  7. One change....change what is allowed in the Summer to lifting, conditioning and agility only again. While the 12 practices MIGHT help, it is my contention most teams peak earlier than wanted as a result. The time commitment involved has increased dramatically, and while numbers may be up in participation, the decline is obvious. I do think more kids are choosing to not play because of the time commitment involved. While 12 practices may not seem like much, it really is a lot considering the time available for many programs to get those practices in. I would add many programs are doing additional days where they are just lifting and conditioning. There may be a point we can look at and say this helped the game here, but I also see that we are reaching a point of diminishing returns.
  8. Ok, not the best title for a topic. But this popped up on my timeline. We made national news. And by we, I mean Fort Wayne. Our neighborhood has been doing this for a few days now. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/28/us/fort-wayne-wave-neighbors-coronavirus-wellness-trnd/index.html I also included a link about taking care of our mental health. I am as guilty as anyone here in that there is an unquestionable degradation in tone not only in this forum, but on the high school one as well. I hope and pray that none of us here are negatively impacted by the awful symptoms of this virus, or even worse, having someone we love or care about pass away as a result of having it. https://bakersfieldnow.com/news/local/health-experts-weigh-in-on-mental-health-during-the-corona-virus-outbreak My 5 siblings and I, along with in laws, have a group text going and have been able to stay “close” while keeping our distance. Puzzles are one of the things I do as well. From early childhood, it was a hobby that our dad instilled in us all. I have decided also to take a step back from posting, or at least responding. I know a couple of others have told me they have done the same thing. I will continue to post positive, or funny stuff though, like the first story I posted.....cool things people are doing in the face of uncertainty. We have a whole topic now in the what to watch now, that has evolved into what we are watching while stuck at home. It may help. While not forcing anything, I would like to see the tone change. The name calling bugs me, and yep, I own my part in that. My guess is that as this isolation progresses, tempers will get shorter and shorter. Plenty of studies connect the decline in mental health and similar issues to the increased time spent on our electronic devices. I work hard to find common ground with everyone here. We may have topics we vehemently disagree on, but there is not a person here that I look at and say, there is nothing I agree with coming from their posts. Yep, there is plenty I disagree with on here. So, as one of my least favorite commentators, Bill O’Reilly used to say, take care of yourselves and each other. Stay safe, stay connected, especially with family and friends, and stay positive......please. ✌️
  9. Watching Knives Out now. This is a great movie; very entertaining and funny.
  10. Not sure of his offense, but his defense would be man on man. 😄
  11. Just finished Tiger King last night. Very entertaining to say the least. There was enough stuff going on that they could make a second season. It is only 7 episodes, so it is short and quick to get through. Star Trek:Picard. He has long been one of my favorite characters in the entire Star Trek universe. Added bonus....7 of 9 still looks fantastic. 🥰😍🙂
  12. I was simply referring to the picture of the list of down votes that you post regularly. Whatever it is that you do to update, takes more effort than a simple click of a thumb pointing down.
  13. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/26/harlem-globetrotters-legend-fred-curly-neal-dead-at-77/ I was a huge fan of the Globetrotters. RIP Curly, and thank you for the years of entertainment.
  14. So if we are defining insanity, where are we at this point? It takes more effort to screen shot the list of down votes and wrote a new post than it does to actually click the down vote. So, the standard is repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Neither of them are seeing different results, soooooooo, yeah.
  15. From Snopes: What's True During a Feb. 28, 2020, campaign rally in South Carolina, President Donald Trump likened the Democrats' criticism of his administration's response to the new coronavirus outbreak to their efforts to impeach him, saying "this is their new hoax." During the speech he also seemed to downplay the severity of the outbreak, comparing it to the common flu. What's False Despite creating some confusion with his remarks, Trump did not call the coronavirus itself a hoax. ok.......so what was he referring to when he used the term hoax? and yes, there are zealots on both sides, I agree 100%. That was the point I was trying make in regard to Howe. He LOVES to point the finger, and call people “libtards”. The ultimate point is that the number of reasonable people here view him EXACTLY the same as the claims he repeatedly makes about those he does not agree with.
  16. So, what do you cal the people that blindly follow and are easily manipulated and buy into everything Trump says? Could it also be said of them that these brainless zombies refuse to apply basic common sense? or that they too are lunatics? Funny to see what you choose to address and not address in your replies.
  17. Odd they would do that. He distinctly said "this is the new hoax" when referring to it early on. I would add his repeated downplaying of it was irresponsible as well. It is good to see the administration taking it seriously over the last couple weeks though.
  18. I know the 1983 Penn team had a defense that gave up less than 7 a game. As far as the best team, I would say the 2003 Warren Central team would be the best one I have seen.......with the 1984 WC team a close 2nd, of course. 😁
  19. I agree that the next benchmark is May 1st. I think it will be at least two weeks at a time for decisions to come down. While the IHSAA views the Summer as voluntary, I would expect this to impact the month of June. I see an adjustment to the number of workouts and practices reduced.
  20. Granted not all called it a hoax; Hannity led that charge; Regan is actually on leave because of her comments; but downplaying the severity of it the way the network did was just as irresponsible. https://www.thedailybeast.com/fox-business-anchor-trish-regan-on-hiatus-after-calling-coronavirus-an-impeachment-scam
  21. So, based on your logic, Fox News promoting this virus as a hoax makes it fake news too then, right?
  22. From the video: at the 1:34 mark: "Is it an effective treatment? We don't know that. Scattered reports from healthcare providers from across the country including in NYC today suggest that it MAY be. It is currently being prescribed in France where at least one study is saying it work." So, you just want to go all in on something that is yet still an unknown? Pretty ridiculous summation that the liberal media is up to something here, when in Tucker's own words, we don't know. He is correct that we should be paying attention and following what happens. I loved the wording "at ;least one study"......yeah, it's just the liberal media who spins things huh? lol But is it fake news that people have died from taking the drug? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-25/hydroxychloroquine-no-better-than-regular-covid-19-care-in-study FTA: "The study involved just 30 patients. Of the 15 patients given the malaria drug, 13 tested negative for the coronavirus after a week of treatment. Of the 15 patients who didn’t get hydroxychloroquine, 14 tested negative for the virus." What is amusing is that you post a story with the claim of fake news from the ONLY mainstream network that was touting the hoax idea in lock step with the President.
  23. 1A....November 25, 2006; the AAAA State Championship game. Cathedral defeated Concord 38-14 1B.....November 24, 1984; the AAAA State Championship game. Warren Central beat Hobart 28-8. It was the first year the finals were in the dome; so that was pretty cool. While it was fun winning a title as a player and will always be a special memory, I still feel that coaching young men through a State title was far more rewarding for me. 3. September 13, 2013 New Haven at Carroll. Dru Tranquil and Jordan Hogue were seniors. It was a great game that was back and forth all night. The place was packed and the atmosphere was tremendous. Hogue put himself in late as a punt returner. We were trailing Carroll as we forced them to punt. Hogue returned the punt for the go ahead score, and we were able to hang on for the win. It has been rare I have seen a player put a team on his back like Hogue did. On top of that return, he also had two picks, including one in the end zone as Carroll was driving.
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