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  1. New Haven hires Kyle Booher as the next head coach. He has been an assistant in the program for 3 years now.
  2. Good move for the Colts....who knows; a fresh start may be good for Wentz. the Colts did not really give up much to get him either. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1362450149998546949?s=20
  3. I has been a LONG time since I checked in on this topic. I saw it come up again with a new post and my first thought was "how does one player garner 8 pages on this forum?" 😄
  4. The odds are more likely that Zionsville sees a drop off in competitiveness before BD does.
  5. I know it will never happen, but my wish for our district to consolidate to 1, MAYBE 2 high schools. One school would definitely make it a 6A school. Combine with Carroll, Homestead, Snider, Northrop, and even Warsaw, and another?, to form a solid 6A conference. I think doing so would allow the new school to offer more opportunities in sports that none of the schools currently have. Purely wishful thinking though, as each community is holding on to some long past identity.
  6. Yeah, have NEVER been a fan of Mel Kiper, and now Todd McShay is bad too. As a whole, I am not a fan of the sports talk scene; podcasts, radio shows, and even the TV shows. I watch on occasion because Lebatard's dad can be entertaining, and Kornheiser is ok too, but Andy Griffith on TVLand is much more fun to watch.
  7. People forget he only played a handful of games in the undefeated seasons. AND, he had 2 1,000 yard rushers in Csonka and Morris. It was an unreal team....even Earl Morrall at something like 60 years old at the time could not screw it up. :)
  8. Why not, right? It seems to be one of the more popular topics regardless of the forum.
  9. A friend of mine from Indy still questions Bob Griese getting in.
  10. I don't think that is what he meant. What he is saying, and I agree, is that this particular part of this website is reserved for high school football topics. While this particular topic creates a lot of good discussion, it is better suited to be had in Muda's playground, aka the OOB 2.0
  11. I am guessing it is the same thing I hinted at in the exchange about the NH coaching opening and why it seems we underachieve; and it is likely a part of why HN will never join the SAC.
  12. Any evidence to this point would be interesting to see. Brevard leaving may be the exception. Kolkman was forced out due to some reshuffling in the cash grab known as Race to the Top (aka Dash for the Cash). I am not sure what happened with Ryan Hall, but he did not go anywhere after North Side; at least that I am aware of. Also curious why you picked Huntington to move from the NE8 to the SAC, and not Leo? East Noble, I get, and that may actually be a good move for them.
  13. I was not aware of where he was before he was at South Side. But same name, so I am gonna say yep.
  14. Yep...pretty sure I know the answer, just looking for confirmation. I don't want to assume. 🙂
  15. There are so many factors that impact these programs, it is too easy to say a coach was not qualified. It is also unfair to connect the two programs. Mike Brevard did a great job at North Side. He moved on to St. Francis, something he had wanted to do; so it's hard to find fault there. If you are talking about the new hire, then it really is unfair to make the claim. I think Norfleet was a good coach as well. He sure had his kids ready to play us this year. Looking at the record as the sole measure of success in a program is not enough in programs like these; there are other programs in the ar
  16. My own thoughts are that the NAIA is mainly focused as an association on football and basketball, even though there are only something like 90 football programs in the association. As far as a competition level, it is tough to gauge. I would typically say NAIA is on a level of DII. It is hard to gauge that though, because there is only one DII team in the State, UIndy. When Marian was first getting the program off the ground, they were REALLY good. I forget what year it was but they throttled UIndy. I believe that was the only season, or at least the last season they played. I put NAIA ball on
  17. It will be interesting to see the coaching moves now that the season is over. There is some talk of Arians stepping down (He ain't the healthiest dude around) and Todd Bowles stepping into the head coach spot. Looking at Bowles resume', it is impressive. Even with the Jets, likely the worst run organization in the league, he got them to win 10 games his first year. He has certainly paid his dues, and deserves another shot. I think Leftwich stays put. This is only his second year as a coordinator. As far as KC goes, the only name that came up was Bienemy. he must not be good at interviews
  18. So, no discussion of a QB from the era where the QB was fair game? Winning 4 Super Bowls in said era? Just asking for discussion purposes....difficult to compare eras, BUT Montana playing in this era? No spy gate issues, tuck rule, deflate gate, etc? Compared to TB playing in that era? What Brady has accomplished is incredible, and he very well may be considered the goat. Honestly, the 9ers of that era and this Tampa team were very similar as far as the way Tampa played in this game.
  19. I agree...the conflict between Brady and the coaches was noticeable early in the season. When they finally turned Brady loose, it was clear he was in control of the offense.
  20. So defensive holding is a thing? Huh While KC is not helping themselves, that last drive was the league’s going away gift to Brady. Exactly like the end of the first half in Green Bay. Sorry, but as great as Brady actually is, things like this bug me.
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