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  1. I was too young to see him in his prime, but with the forming of the WHA, I was able to see him play in person with the Winnipeg Jets. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/35557785/hall-famer-bobby-hull-golden-jet-dies-age-84
  2. Been a rough day....2 from 2 different eras of classic TV. RIP https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/cindy-williams-dead-laverne-and-shirley-1235507240/ https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/30/entertainment/lisa-loring-wednesday-addams-dead-intl-scli/index.html
  3. I think the issue schools have run into is that IMG uses these road trips to recruit and poach. I know that the Georgia association, whatever name it goes by, has banned their member schools from playing IMG. Several years ago, the head coach from Westlake Carroll was at the Notre Dame coaches clinic. They had played IMG the previous season and got waxed, but there were also a handful of players from that area that had transferred mid school year to IMG. I am not saying kids don't deserve opportunities, but this seems to be a bit of letting the fox in the henhouse to pluck a few.
  4. So many parallels to their careers as it is....seems reasonable.
  5. They have been impressive
  6. odds that Saturday is named the head coach?
  7. I agree.......the portal, as someone stated before allows a coach to see a player compete on the collegiate level. Not sure what the future looks like for this....maybe more like a minor league system. Some schools are already head and shoulders above others as far as talent and depth go; this will make it more difficult to catch them.....add to it that coaches are actively recruiting kids who are not in the portal. on another note, the kid that Kelly danced with went to Alabama; not sure of his name at them moment, but I know it was not Howard. That was what made the whole thing an even bigger joke with Kelly dancing. Makes ya wonder what the hell Saban had to do to land the kid. lol That said, I am willing to bet he knew he was picking Alabama and just made Kelly do that to embarrass him.
  8. Cowboys fans are given false hope. The clearest example of why you just cannot expand the playoffs like other sports do. They beat a bad 8-9 team. The Niners boat race them Sunday. I think the Eagles win easily too. in the AFC, The favorites win as well, although the Cincy vs. Buffalo matchup is intriguing though.
  9. He does start with "Trust your brothers"....so there is that. 😁
  10. To the game....I get the impression Kirby was QUITE confident what the end result was going to be. lol This is quite an impressive string of expletives lol Oh, I guess I should mention language is NSFW.
  11. Hearsay is not acceptable on this forum. It never has been since day 1. The rumors topic is pinned. It appears some need to read it again.
  12. I will take bad takes for 1,000 Alex lol
  13. And tackling techniques have changed significantly; players use their chest more than their shoulders now. Throw in that athlets now are so much bigger, stronger, faster, and even more explosive than ever, it is bound to happen more frequently.
  14. Keep in mind too the coaching fraternity is a tight knit group. Irsay has shown he is a big part of the problem with the team. Coaches see that. While Reich was not successful, he is still well respected in coaching circles. He will never say anything publicly, but coaches know. Sure, someone will be eager enough to take the job, but it will likely be someone with little to no experience as a head coach.
  15. More than likely, I believe he will be told by doctors to not keep playing. Not sure what league protocol would be either. I also do not believe that one incident makes you more susceptible to it happening again compared to someone who has never had it happen. I will be curious to see how this plays out for him. I am just glad he is still here and on the road to recovery. I did see he had a provision in his contract that he would only be paid a percentage of his contract if he ended up on the IR. The Bills front office, with the agreement of the NFL and the NFLPA, are going to pay him his full salary through this. Very classy move on the part of the Bills owner and front office.
  16. Matt LaFleur building a reputation for choking in so many critical games. This was ugly....one drive the entire game to retake the lead was the only time the offense showed any rhythm. Two HUGE and extremely stupid penalties keep drives alive. Have to say at the end, if body language says anything, this was the last game for 12 and 18 to play in their careers.
  17. Interesting comments from Sean Peyton when asked about coaching next season. Asked for the latest, Denver is the only team to seek permission to talk to him. He added that the roster he has right now on Fox is better than any roster out there, and that his current position is better than any position that is currently available. So, he is not coming to Indy. When Jimmy Johnson asked what he was looking for, solid QB? Roster? Chance to win? he said no; for him it is more about the front office and ownership. He was asked 1-10, what are your chances of you returning to this set (Fox). His answer....7.
  18. Each reply that Harvey adds gets better and better. damn onions again
  19. My dad managed the St. Joe K of C team back in the 70's. I am not sure at what point he started that, but he was when they won the ASA State title in Peru.....I forget the year though. Spent many night in the dirt at old Metro stadium.
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