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  1. Experts Warn Accurate News Articles Are Misinformation if They Support Conservative Views https://reason.com/2021/07/19/experts-warn-accurate-news-articles-are-misinformation-if-they-support-conservative-views/ This story provides a useful example of this phenomenon, though probably not the one Parks intends. The entire piece hinges on "Facebook engagement" data, which is just one of many measures of a story's impact; hilariously, it doesn't even indicate whether the piece was even read. It's a measure not just of who clicked a link, but who liked, shared, or commented on a Fac
  2. Federalizing Elections Doesn't Make Much Sense and Won't Save Democracy https://reason.com/2021/06/23/federalizing-elections-wont-save-democracy/ Agreed. Federal micromanagement is bad, an anathema to the federalism on which this great country was founded.
  3. Joe Biden Talks Down Democracy https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/07/joe-biden-talks-down-democracy/
  4. https://greenwald.substack.com/p/nancy-and-paul-pelosi-making-millions Sources who refused to be identified tried to convince the Times’ reporters that "Ms. Pelosi pushed back on Mr. Cook’s concerns about the bills.” But in doing so, they confirmed the rather crucial fact that Pelosi was having personal, private conversations with the CEO of a company in which she and her husband were heavily invested and off of which they were making millions of dollars in personal wealth. And Pelosi, according to the report, asked Cook what changes were needed to avoid harming Apple and other Sil
  5. Postal Censorship and Surveillance: A Timeline https://reason.com/2021/07/15/postal-censorship-and-surveillance-a-timeline/
  6. More Canadians leaving country for health care: Report https://torontosun.com/news/national/canadians-continue-to-leave-the-country-for-health-care-says-new-report When you have a national socialist healthcare system where hundreds of thousands of individuals every year choose to leave the country to receive medical care elsewhere then your system is a failure. Full stop.
  7. You didn't read the mises.org article, did you?
  8. "flee the country" means renouncing US citizenship. They own the money they have earned, not the state.
  9. I guess if "achieving it's potential" equals long wait times for simple tests and procedures resulting in death then yes, you and other socialists would consider that a success. After all "everybody" now has access to "health care", right? Myself and other free market advocates consider it a failure.
  10. It won't be enough. And will cause the likes of a Bezos or Gates to flee the country, along with their assets. As one of the comments to this story states:
  11. Nice attempt at deflection, Dante. You know socialized medicine at a scale large enough to service a market the size of the USA would be a colossal failure. Hell, it doesn't work in Canada, a country with about 1/10 our population.
  12. Yes, the "tax the rich" solution all your socialists champion. Here's a little tidbit for your Dante; that won't work. There isn't enough of the "rich" out there, taxed into oblivion, to cover all the debts our government holds. And now the ponzi scheme that is social security comes to light. You do realize the FICA taxes you currently pay doesn't go into some government held account that you then have access to when you reach a certain age? No, that confiscated money comes out of your coffer and almost immediately goes into the coffers of current social security recipients. It's a we
  13. Considering the city of Frankfort would be the centralized location, probably not. I could possibly see a Central & Prairie consolidation in the future, especially if the Central enrollment continues to atrophy. It would probably take some sort of legal action to force the Rossville community into a consolidation, they like being isolated up there in northwestern Clinton and southwestern Carroll counties.
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