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  1. Not all one-school counties have that kind of logistical challenge. Blackford county is one of if not the smallest county in the state, and they haven't been successful in football for decades.
  2. Good call. Interesting question though. If a school the size of Frankfort drops football, what other conference with similar sized schools would want them?
  3. "Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad." - Woody Hayes/Darrell Royal (depending on whose story you believe.) They could have just done the sporting thing, take a knee three times, running down the game clock in the process, then punt.
  4. Just bring back Mike Ditka and be done with it.
  5. Yep, Frankfort joining the HHC is something I have supported for several years now. BC would probably be a decent choice as well.
  6. Oh, this new conference will make the overall travel distances longer. As I previously said: And sure, they will probably be bottom dwellers in this new conference, just like they have been in the Sagamore for last 10+ years.
  7. Frankfort is a 'big school' in attendance only. As I have posited before FHS is a 4A school with a high mid-to-high 2A athletic talent base, at best.
  8. Geographic proximity to I-65, I-74, and the ever outward expanding urban sprawl of Indianapolis. That is why the likes of Danville, Lebanon and to a smaller extent Tri-West are growing at a higher rate than Western Boone.
  9. Interesting info, thanks for sharing it. Name of this new conference? Drives from Frankfort to/from Greencastle and Cascade will be fun. 51 miles to Cascade, 65 miles to Greencastle. By comparison the drives from Frankfort to Tri-West & Danville was 32 & 43 miles, respectively.
  10. Possibly. With the three Montgomery county schools and Frankfort fleeing the Sagamore conference in the hopes of forming a new conference some of these Hoosier conference school may be targeted.
  11. Taxpayers Will Pay at Least $600 Million for Tampa Bay's New Baseball Stadium https://reason.com/2023/09/22/taxpayers-will-pay-at-least-600-million-for-tampa-bays-new-baseball-stadium/ Another huge waste of taxpayer dollars.
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