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  1. Yes, If a kid has the dream and talent to be a big time QUARTERBACK, then it probably isn't in his best interest to play in an offense that is Wing-T or Triple option. Exact same reason a talented passing quarterback wouldn't have gone to georgia tech when coach Johnson was there. No chance of throwing the football!
  2. I know that as a young offensive coordinator (going into 3rd year), I see a "rebuilding" situation as the only real path to follow as someone trying to get into their first head coaching position. I look at a place like Connersville, and think, If someone young (not unlike myself) could help get that program to a 4 or 5 win season, from 0-10, then I think that would be a great start and an opportunity to grow as a head coach. Whenever the time came, the profile of helping improve a struggling program, would help when going to find that next BIG job.
  3. I have a few questions for anyone who would be willing to answer them. Answers to these questions can come via email, or if there is something someone wants to post that would generate discussion that would be cool too. 1. What are some of the ways other Offensive play callers get their plays in to the QB? Signals, Signs/Boards, Sending in a new player, Old fashioned Bring the QB to you? 2. Is it more advantageous for an offensive play caller to be in the press box or on the field? Does this decision change based on how you relay the plays in (referring to the question above)? 3. How do other teams "change" or vary their offense year by year, depending on their personnel? Do you try to mold your kids to your style, or mold the style to the kids? I will greatly appreciate any positive feedback that I may receive! Email Kenny.higgins@sdcsc.k12.in.us
  4. Looks like coach Wimmer hanging up the fishers whistle!
  5. As a graduate of Yorktown, you can never sleep on them in the sectional. A NORMALLY tough conference schedule helps prepare the Tigers. Coach Wilhelm is pretty good at getting them Playoff ready. They also have an extremely talented group of skilled players this year. No doubt this is likely the toughest sectional in the state top to bottom.
  6. Third biggest, by a fairly large margin. I would however disagree, calling EC a powerhouse in SE Indiana might be a fair statement, strong teams over several decades. New Palestine is a STATE powerhouse, even if it has been a shorter period of time.
  7. 4 biggest schools by enrollment compete for the "4A" title, 4 smallest compete for the 3A title.
  8. Every time I see a title like this, then I see who posted it. I actually chuckle and shake my head.🙃
  9. It appears Muncie central has hired it's new head coach. Good luck coach Lee Star Press: Muncie Central chooses new football head coach https://www.thestarpress.com/story/sports/2019/05/15/ihsaa-football-muncie-central-picks-new-head-varsity-coach/3680896002/
  10. This is exactly why I posed the first question! We are trying to convince our school corp, and School board, as to why we want/need To move to an artificial surface!
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