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  1. Doesn't coach Ralph have connections to Cincinnati area?? Could Cincy be on coach's radar?
  2. Losses probably shouldn't count either then 🤣🤣
  3. Does anyone know what happened at Muncie Central? I was informed by a family member in Muncie that the job was open and wanted to see if anyone knew why? There hasn't been a story in the news paper yet or anything. Insights?
  4. Does anyone have a mobile coaching tower for sale or know where to find a good, reasonably priced one online? Possibly a band program is done with one and wants to sell it? Contact: Rand.Ballart@sdcsc.k12.in.us
  5. I think instead of Martinsville, Greenfield central will come down south east, M-vill will go west or SW
  6. We are looking to sell our Coach Comm Connex head sets. We have 2 separate systems, a 4up-4down and a 4up-5down, they are not interchangeable. We used one set for offense and one set for defense. Each set is in good working condition and includes original cases. Asking $2500 for each set/obo. If interested please contact Rand Ballart at rand.ballart@sdcsc.k12.in.us (I could bring to the clinic next week to avoid shipping cost if interested) 1- CX-45 (5 field/4 box) includes: Connex Command Center 5 wireless belt packs-07R 2 Wired Belt Packs (Pressbox) 9 Headsets Carry Cases 1-CX44 (4 field/4 box) Includes: Connex Command Center 4 wireless belt packs-07R 2 Wired Belt Packs (Pressbox) 9 Headsets Carry Cases
  7. Senior at South Dearborn Had 1400 yards passing 17 TDs to only 5 INTs
  8. This may have been covered, how do I join coaches board?
  9. South bend washington has hired its new head coach https://wsbt.com/sports/content/todd-stammich-hired-as-sb-washington-head-football-coach
  10. I don't think you would be the only one to pose this question or to carry the POSSIBILITY of belief.
  11. I could be wrong on this, but the second list of enrollment had Yorktown as the largest 3A school, but i don't see them listed on any of these sectional lists, did you use the first one or the second?
  12. Can you send me a direct message on how to sign up for this opportunity?
  13. Congrats to Bob Prescott on being hired as the head coach of Huntington North https://outsidethehuddle.net/2019/01/15/huntington-north-hires-bob-prescott-as-new-football-coach/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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