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  1. Delta has lost and picked up a game in a matter of hours! Kudos to all involved!
  2. Good read from football scoop. https://footballscoop.com/news/bishop-sycamore-online-only-prep-school-espn-img-academy
  3. Yeah, I didn't know how close to the bottom of 4a they were, maybe those couple movements bumped them up.
  4. Am I trippin, or is yorktown not on that pdf?... I don't think I am, I don't see it?
  5. I had the privilege of playing with Demetri in the North-South Game in 2011, was a great dude and excellent football player. Good luck to him and River Forest this season!
  6. I don't think I have a best, there are a ton of great stadiums out there. I can speak for a worst and most unique. Unique: The pit at Elder in Cincinnati. I think this is one of the most unique in the midwest. Worst: I'll say Franklin County, it seems they always leave the grass long when we play up there, maybe they do it for everyone, but I'll never know😅 Sidenote, I've played a HOF stadium in canton 2x and it was an extraordinary experience!
  7. in theory, couldn't they just choose to put all schools in their enrollment based class next year, and after the subsequent 2 year period, begin the success factor all over again? Essentially restarting the entire classification system?
  8. I suspect the next two biggest teams in 5A will move up to 6A
  9. I feel "county" school may be better replaced with Rural. Where I'm at is not the only school in the county, but the only corp that is experiencing excessive student population decline, I think that factors into it more than anything. Other factors involved for sure, but enrollment and participation is key!
  10. I could be mistaken, but I believe that I saw somewhere online yesterday that Grant Zgunda is the new head coach up in patriot country? This being confirmed as I am typing this, congrats to him and Jay County, Great hire. Program should be heading in the correct direction now! https://twitter.com/Blitz_OTH/status/1361444031264415749?s=20
  11. If this is the same Trent McCormick that was the wrestling coach at Yorktown (which I am confident it is), he is absolutely an amazing guy, my brother wrestled for him, as did I for a short period of time. Great dude, and much respect!
  12. The EIAC will soon be a 3A heavy conference, a change may be forced in the near future. I think 6 in the 3A class, and only 2 true 4A schools.
  13. Does anyone out there have a grading sheet for offense film? I would prefer something digital, but a paper form will work also! If anyone has anything they're willing to share, feel free to email me; kenny.higgins@sdcsc.k12.in.us
  14. The North/South game was cancelled? Can anyone confirm
  15. Actually SEVERAL games played by SEVERAL different groups of children on different teams. As well as the students in the schools physical education classes, who could use it daily for class. PLUS the band and color guard students who could likely benefit from it for practice and competitions... AND the various community events that could be hosted by the school renting out the facility
  16. Also, in my opinion, it is also the responsibility of the taxpayers to help improve the morale of a corporation as well as the aesthetics, so that there is an appeal, or draw if you will, to for people to want to continue to attend said school. I will be the first to say that a turf field is a luxury, but the auditorium, pool and usable extra space of a school are not, and there has been apprehension to improving those issues also. So if the taxpayers don't want to improve anything for students who attend schools, what is their responsibility exactly?
  17. #FACTSSSS yeah it is rough, even a rail would be nice!
  18. Well it appears that the entire South Dearborn community is against turf, or spending money on improvements in general. Which is a shame because the administration sees the need, but is handcuffed... and shackled at the feet too.
  19. Best Quote I've seen in a while. Very accurate statement
  20. Good luck to coach Jackson, look forward to seeing how they grow this year.
  21. Certainly just an opinion on my end as well, I personally just like a little change in the schedule from time to time. I wish it changed every couple years, just like the sectional alignment.
  22. Valid point, but east and west divisions could present themselves. So no Madison to connersville trips.
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