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  1. Shocking? Yes. I felt Coach R built a program that reloads every year, not rebuild. Apparently it happens to the best of programs though. It's happening at Snider. There is no guarantee that every senior class is going to have the leadership and talent of the championship classes before them. What is most shocking of all is the number of top programs who are all down in the very same year. Penn, Snider, New Pal, Ben Davis, and Warren Central. According to Sagarin, Ben Davis is the highest ranked of those five at #18.
  2. Two storied programs who might even be having their best years ever. I get it, those two losses were to great teams. An overtime win over Pike. Wouldn't you consider this Carmel team average by their standards? We all know what average is to Carmel. It's still Top 10 regardless of class. I maintain that there are 3 or 4 teams up north that "could" beat Carmel. I think they would have to be at the very top of their game four weeks in a row to escape the north this year. Too bad it won't play out.
  3. Could be. Either way, I think they would have struggled this year. They would have had to beat either Jeff or Westfield, then more than likely Carroll, then Merrillville. That would have been a brutal three weeks. Not saying they couldn't do it, but unless they were playing at top form three weeks in a row, I think one of those teams would beat them.
  4. Overall, I see this as being a very competitive game that could go either way. I'll take Bobref's word for it and go with "big, fast, and athletic." Merrillville by 7.
  5. Being in the south has nothing to do with it. There are three or four teams up north that could beat Carmel this year.
  6. Center Grove is very good.........for sure But they'll have a hard time claiming "best team ever" with 6a having potentially their worst year ever overall. I'm not saying they are or aren't, they'll just have a hard time making that claim. If they beat Cathedral by more than a touchdown, I might be sold on making an argument. But that's all it will be, is an argument (friendly debate). Carmel, Ben Davis, and Warren Central had some pretty good teams. As did Penn.
  7. No different than any other year. Fifteen of the last nineteen state champions came from schools with enrollments of 5286, 4499, and 3821. Keep thumping that chest.
  8. I guess I got so caught up thinking about actual "north" programs that I forgot all about Sectional 4. So yeah, I think there are 7 pretty good teams that it will come down to. Can't forget about Lafayette Jeff either.
  9. There is a lot to like about what is going on at Carroll. Not only do they have a good coach, but they have an enrollment of 2412 in an area that is still growing and a 7 million dollar football stadium coming their way in 2021. Whoever takes out Carroll in the tournament will have to put a minimum of 35 points on the board. Carroll already faced the best defense north of Indy (opinion) and managed 3 touchdowns against them. 6A North will come down to Merrillville, Elkhart, Carroll, and Homestead. That's right, don't count out the Spartans just yet. They finally have a defense to complim
  10. Not so much. Dwenger is just a complete team. I don't see Snider having much of a chance in that one.
  11. He was a joy to watch on Friday for sure.
  12. Who is the real Kingpin of the SAC? What defines a Kingpin? I think it would be fair to look at this season and go back four more. My gut tells me that it's going to be either Dwenger or Homestead. Snider will be up there and let's throw in Carroll for the heck of it. Overall record against conference opponents: Dwenger 37-9, Homestead 37-9, Snider 38-8, Carroll 27-18 (ouch). Advantage in this category goes to Snider. I forgot how good the Panthers were 16' & 17'. Records against each other: Dwenger 6-8, Homestead 10-7, Snider 12-6, Carroll 5-13. Advantage Snider. SAC
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