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  1. You hit the nail on the head. And for that reason, the system is flawed. Most programs have a two year cycle where the talent is high, followed by a two year cycle where the talent is low. The talented kids play down a class, the less talented kids play up. It makes no sense. Moving to a four year cycle would fix that problem. Eight points during that cycle bumps a program up. Private schools moving up can be justified. They can recruit a kid from anywhere. By and large, I believe that 80% of a catholic school's success comes from within. Let's face it, those catholic kids can play some
  2. Unless your name is Lyndon B. Johnson. Probably the most racist president ever............until he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Then he was deemed a hero. Allegedly, after signing the new law, he turned to the two governors in the room and said to them..........."we'll have those n-----s voting democrat for the next 200 years." It's all about the vote. Always has been, always will be. Last week, while at that gym, I was watching FOX and CNN side by side. While FOX was celebrating the start-up of high school sports on Long Island, CNN was promoting racism by marketing white on blac
  3. Solid football right across the border too. Van Wert and Coldwater, both state champions in 2020. Must be something in the air.
  4. Two quality programs for sure. Pound for pound.....up there with the best. There's some pretty good football being played south of Fort Wayne.
  5. Kudos to the HCC for how they've progressed over the last two decades. Nowhere the force they used to be? Four different teams have won state in the last decade. I think you meant to say "nowhere the force in the highest class they used to be." With Snider's enrollment continuing to go down, they'll have to make their mark in 5a. Now it's up to Carroll and Homestead........both over 2400.
  6. Thanks for clarifying. To be honest, I have more respect for what South Adams does with 500 kids than I do what Carmel does with 5200. So yeah, pound for pound is important to me when measuring a program. The SAC has been a dominant force for four decades. I remember a time back in the 90's when radio guys were ticked that they had to waste their time against teams from the HCC. Currently? Yeah, the Zionsville upset over Dwenger wasn't a good look for the SAC. Nor was the Homestead/Noblesville game. No one ever thought the Homestead/Westfield game would be close. Like I said, th
  7. So you are disqualifying a program if they have lower enrollments? C'mon, you are smarter than you make yourself out to believe sometimes.
  8. Your thinking too much in terms of enrollment. Think pound for pound. The SAC and HCC are on equal footing. Six SAC teams have won state for crying out loud. Seven have been to the finals.
  9. Just thought of that, had to mention it after thinking about your "see how that works" comment. I'm just not going to banter back and forth for too long. I think the HCC is a great conference.
  10. Chatard struggled against Concordia in the playoffs. Would Chatard struggle to finish 5th in the SAC? Please don't bring the Homestead game up again.
  11. I'm done with this conversation. You guys brought it up and I made a case. I will end with this: HCC would probably win head to head (will never know) SAC is probably better pound for pound (speculation) Both conferences play darn good football. Much respect for HCC and their continual climb toward Central Indiana supremacy.
  12. You didn't watch the first half, you are just going by a score.
  13. Congrats. I was wondering who was going to be the first to call me out on that error.
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