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  1. Cathedral would get into the playoffs based on their strength of schedule.
  2. I would be willing to debate the all-in format. But the blind draw? Nobody in their right mind can make any sense out of that. I could make a better case as to why Warren Central should add Indiana Deaf to there schedule than making any sense out of how the blind draw is better than a seeding system.
  3. Are there any other sports that only have a nine game regular season? Every other sport allows their teams to schedule a variety of teams from different areas of the state throughout the season. I don't think you are punishing anyone. If anything, you are making the regular season more exciting for the players by giving them something to compete for game in and game out. Just like the NFL and college, every game would be a playoff game. I would even go one step further and seed the playoffs, that way, even teams at the top have something to fight for. Do we really want to continue settling or the worlds dumbest playoff format? All in is one thing, the blind draw is another level of ridiculous. Teams at the bottom are going to bow out after ten or eleven weeks anyway. So why not just let them schedule an opponent of similar skill level for that tenth game? It would also give teams in 5a and 6a an opportunity to play as many games as the teams in the other four classes. My last previous statement is debatable though. Coaches at the 5a and 6a level might appreciate the bye week for rest.
  4. Replace the first round of Sectionals with a tenth game. Instead of getting humiliated in the first round, the 0-9 team can schedule an opponent that is more on their level. Benefits: 1. No more embarrassing losses for teams that aren't playoff worthy in the first place. 2. The regular season actually means something. 3. Island conferences like the SAC can schedule an out of conference game. I mean seriously, there is NO way the IHSAA can debate that the current format is better than a 10 game season and eliminating half the teams from the playoffs. The regular season actually means something in the NFL and college............why not high school?
  5. Decisions like that normally aren't implemented overnight. I'm not complaining though, I felt all along that 6a was a better fit for Snider and 5a (at least) for Cathedral. And the rule is spot on. If you are a sectional champion, you shouldn't go down a class.
  6. Makes sense. If it were to two other teams this wouldn't even be a discussion. But since it's Snider and Cathedral, they decided to implement the new rule NOW, not later. But at the end of the day, no one can argue that Snider is a 6a caliber program and Cathedral is a 5a/6a caliber program.
  7. I would agree with that statement 100%. Every word of it. However, I do like the new rule. If a team is good enough to call themselves sectional champions (Snider), why would they go down a class? If a team is good enough to call themselves regional champions (Cathedral), why would they go down a class. This new rule is good for the game. But why wasn't it implemented for the NEXT cycle? Robert is right, normally something like this takes years to change, not weeks.
  8. If he goes to Alabama, he gets name recognition. What player wouldn't want to say............"I played for Alabama!" He also gets an opportunity to go to the playoffs every year that he is there. If he goes to Indiana, he's probably a four year starter if he were to stay that long. He would be there for two years, showcase himself as a first round draft pick, then opt for the NFL one or two years sooner than he would had at Alabama. He could also say that he was an instrumental part of IU resurgence. Kids are always better off if they stay home. They will normally have unconditional support from the fan base. When you choose to play for a school 500 miles away, you just become another body and the fan base is more likely to turn on you. Notre Dame? Best of both worlds. Notre Dame's name recognition is on a level playing field with Alabama. Notre Dame is also known for producing first round offensive linemen. And when it's all said and done with, the education he will get at Notre Dame will pretty much guarantee him success after football. Notre Dame is the best place for this kid. But it certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if he ended up at Indiana. Is Purdue in the running? Recruits................stay home and represent your home state!
  9. If a ref is working for $50 per game, he's doing it for fun or exercise, not income.
  10. It could happen. Every once in awhile all, of the 3000+ enrollment schools have an average or down year at the same time. Case in point...............2015. Not taking anything away from the great program of Center Grove, but Snider and New Pal would have had a good shot to win 6a that year. If Warsaw can put together 2000-2001 type season, anything is possible.
  11. 1. Remembering the Phil Jenson led teams from 1999-2001. Bart Curtis appears to be heading in that direction. Inches from beating Penn in 2000 and inches from beating Snider in 2001. 3. Great idea, but you'll get resistance on that like you always do. 4. Right now it's just a thought, but I hope it comes to fruition. I enjoyed watching Snider play Penn and Cathedral. It brought larger crowds than playing some of the local competition. 5. Coldwater Ohio (smaller school, but a major powerhouse) isn't too far from Fort Wayne. They came here one time. Elmhurst wanted relief from playing Snider and picked up Coldwater. Coldwater felt offended that they were a "relief" game. It was over after the first quarter. 8. It's hard not to root for a guy like Tom Allen. I hope he can keep up with what Brohm is doing at Purdue. I see that the boilermakers cracked the Top 25 in recruiting this year. And Brohm ditching Louisville? I'm a fan. 10. I love loyalty. I would like to see him stay at New Pal. But you are right, he has potential on a larger scale. 11. Fort Wayne South. Matt Land in 2005. 11-3. Three points from a state title appearance. South Side has that potential, they just haven't had a coach to get them there. 12. I remember when all you heard of from south of Indy was the city of Evansville and Bloomington South. I still have a hard time comprehending that the south has some pretty darn good football. Equal the north now?
  12. I don't think they mean much either.........................until November. By then, I think the Sagarin has a pretty good handle on things. Honestly, I think they would be more accurate if they calculated the score after 3 periods instead of the entire game. Some teams keep their starters in the whole game even when it's a blowout. Others pull their starters after the 3rd. Student body in the 80's and 90's consisted of 2100-2200 kids. Nowadays it's around 1700-1800. So yes, I do agree that it is a bit more challenging. Also, many white collar families have moved out of the Snider district and into Carroll and Homestead over the past couple of decades. That makes a difference too. How far back are you going? I'm certain Snider and Penn have played over 20 games.
  13. Warsaw has a smart head coach. It seems like he want's to be more than competitive at the 6a level. He probably has his sights on winning the whole thing. I'm looking forward to seeing how well Warsaw does over the next couple of years.
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