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  1. In any event, I don't like the two year cycle. I've been saying it for the last few years. Just my opinion.
  2. "Maybe the sample size should broaden because 2 years isn't really "success" in some people's eyes." For some programs, a two year run could just be a fluke, then the class underneath gets punished as he stated. You know you have a program when you sustain success for four consecutive years. I'm in favor of realigning every four years instead of two.
  3. Being in the HCC prepped them for long runs in 5a. The challenge intensifies now that they are a 6a school. Did they bump up to 6a due to success or enrollment?
  4. There's a growth explosion in Fort Wayne right now and most of it is up north in the Carroll district. Sitting at just over 2400 students currently, their enrollment will continue to climb. With a new 8 million dollar stadium and facilities and socioeconomics that could rival any in the state, it would be crazy to think that Carroll isn't trending up. But until they get that SAC title, they take a back seat to Snider, Dwenger, and Homestead.
  5. So Crown Point, Elkhart, Carroll, and Westfield will be the major players in the north? Who are the teams on the outside looking in? Merrillville, Penn, Warsaw, Lafayette Jeff, and Homestead? I'll never count out Homestead. They are the two time SAC defending champions and is dubbed as Quarterback U by folks in Northeast Indiana since they are always reloading at that position. Unfortunately for the Spartans though, they do seem to have a ceiling that they just can't get beyond. Don't sleep on Penn either. They are two years removed from embarrassing Carmel before bowing out in the
  6. As a coordinator? As a head coach, I could see him going back to a mid major.
  7. I would have to agree with that. I'm actually surprised that Jeff Becker doesn't have any more offers than he does. That kid can sling it and put points on the board. Correction though, Mason Englert was their top receiver a year ago and is now playing in the NAIA. But those other wideout's are studs. Lot's of upside for the Chargers. Keep an eye out Week 2. Carroll takes on Snider and their eighteen returning starters. Not to ever count out Dwenger and Homestead, but that game could determine the SAC champion. The core of Snider's coaching staff is still there and with an Indiana recruit
  8. Good, that pretty much eliminates the Big 12 from competing with Notre Dame and the Big Ten for a playoff spot.
  9. SAC not much better: Zionsville upends Dwenger Warsaw takes out Carroll Homestead waxed by Westfield Snider off the radar
  10. Up here in the Fort, I'm looking forward to two games that first week: Luers vs Carroll.........We find out if Carroll is better than they were last year. If so, the rest of the SAC may be in trouble. Luers fans are as excited about this team as they have been in a long time. If that's the case, look for the Knights to give the big SAC schools some competitive games. Wayne vs Dwenger........Wayne is looking to get back to their championship ways with a state champion coach at the helm in his second year. Dwenger apparently is going through a rebuilding year. Could be a good game.
  11. No one has a strong hold on Luers. Cathedral seems to have a stronghold on Dwenger when they are in the same class. It's kind of hard for the Saints when most of their kids come from their feeder schools. Cathedral's kids come from all over Indy and the surrounding burbs. Those two programs are never really in the same enrollment class.
  12. Add two more 4-star recruits to the list this week. Jaylen Sneed chose ND over Alabama and many others on Monday. Benjamin Morrison picked Irish over the Tide today. That's twelve 4-star recruits for 2022 so far. Keep it up Freeman, let's "bridge that gap."
  13. Quarterback is solid. I thought he would have more offers than he has. So far just Eastern Illinois and Pennsylvania. He no longer has Mason Englert to sling it to, but I'm sure some other guys will step up.
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