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  1. Lol, I have no problem leaving Bloomington South out of the pack. New Pal, Cathedral, Valpo, and Dwenger are in a league of thier own right now. Michigan City on the outside looking in.
  2. That would make it easier to justify. Or a mandatory meeting at midfield between the head coaches when the deficit reaches 42. Let the coach on the losing sideline decide.
  3. Twice the amount of snaps in the second half for the younger players without the mercy rule.
  4. So teaching your players that it's ok to give up after going down 35 points is ok? God help us.
  5. Is the mercy rule good for HS football? In the 2015 state championship game, New Pal scored 35 unanswered points against Snider in about a quarter and a half. What really bothers me about this rule is that good football programs...........I'm not talking about the wannabes who run up scores in an effort to gain respect......................but actual programs who use the second half to to give playing time to seniors who aren't starters, and underclassmen who need reps to get better. This rule is an absolute disservice to good football programs. Congrats to the wannabes for causing the IHSAA create this idiotic rule.
  6. Trinity by 21.......................after seeing what they did to Carmel. I'm rooting for the Warriors though.
  7. Michigan City, in my opinion, is just a notch below the Big 4. I could be wrong.............good luck to them!
  8. These four teams are on a collision course. All very impressive victories. Dwenger 41 Wayne 6 Valpo 34 Penn 14 Cathedral 42 Noblesville 14 New Pal 63 Kokomo 13
  9. It's never easy to predict an upset, that's why they are called "upsets" Robert. I was hoping Wayne would ride the momentum they've built by way of an excellent coaching staff. I still think Wayne has a good team, but Dwenger is a different beast.
  10. 1. Dwenger - Dwenger is a beast. They look big, they look fast. they look disciplined. 2. Snider - Snider looking like Snider. Thirty seven seniors. They looked sharp tonight against what many think is a pretty good North Side team. 3. Homestead - I hear they have a defense this year. If that's the case, look out. Offense is always solid. A waxing of Northrop is a good start to the season. 4. Carroll - Wasted Luers 42-0. Really? Is Carroll THAT good or is Luers THAT bad? Answers coming Friday. 5. Concordia - The Cadets, in my opinion, are more than a one year wonder. Very deserving of the 5 spot. 6. Wayne - I still think Wayne has a pretty good team. But not Top 3 good like I originally thought. 7. Northrop - I still have faith in the coaching staff over there. No shame in losing big to Homestead this year. The Spartans are just really good. 8. Luers- Never thought I'd see the day when I'd have the Knights ranked 8th in the SAC. Like I originally said............the SAC is deep this year. 9. North Side - I don't think the Legends are bad. But here's the deal. The SAC is DEEP. And Snider is GOOD! SAC has 9 teams this year that can compete. 10. South Side - I hope these kids keep their heads up. But right now, I no reason to believe they are any better than tenth. Good luck to them.
  11. I absolutely have faith in Dwenger, I just like Wayne in an upset.
  12. I've seen a decrease in attendance in Fort Wayne over the years. Part of the blame is the ability to live stream any SAC game on the internet. Not sure what the entire problem is.
  13. Wayne over Dwenger - Wayne starts out with a bang and puts the rest of the SAC on notice. Nothing against Dwenger though as they run the table and take the SAC. Wayne by 3 Luers over Carroll - a mediocre big school takes on a small school power. Battle for 5th place in my opinion. Luers is the safe bet, but not by much. Luers by 3 Snider over North Side - the Redskins are my darkhorse pick this year. But the SAC is loaded. They could go 2-7 this year (not saying they will) and still have a good team. North will keep this game close at the beginning. Snider uses it's depth and dominates the second half. Snider by 21 (at most) Concordia over South - Concordia has proven the last few seasons they are a program to contend with. This game will be easy. Cadets by 35 Homestead over Northrop - breakout season for Northrop? Maybe, but Homestead will be too much. Spartans passing game will give opponents fits this year. Homestead by 21
  14. Homestead is just two years removed from a team that, in my opinion, was good enough to beat Carmel. I don't think the situation there is as dire as some are making it out to be. There are many programs love that would love to have the success Homestead has experienced.
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