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  1. Lol, what? Versus last years field? That would be Cathedral and Zionsville. That's a 100% "no". Or this years field? GS's 2021 team ranks 6 or 7 in 5A this year.
  2. I have Snider and Merrillville as the top two teams in this class right now (no disrespect to the south, just my opinion). I have the two teams dead even. Maybe the difference in this one is the long bus ride. That being said, Mishawaka, Dwenger, and North Side will be ready to end any talk of a Snider/Merrillville semi-state. Snider is 0 for their last 3 sectionals and were wasted by a sub par Saints team just a year ago. Anything can happen. But the north takes it this year.
  3. I would argue that two years ago doesn't equate to 2022 and Mishawaka was never really the #1 team in the class.
  4. I wouldn't bet on any 3A teams beating Snider or Merrillville. In 4A you have New Pal and Roncalli. But those two would beat most 6A schools.
  5. The SAC has the same issue. One weeks is absurdly low, then the next week is absurdly high. It's hard for me to argue Week 7 though. Carroll and Snider at 10 & 14 seems fair to me.
  6. 6A: Cathedral over Carmel 5A: Snider over Whiteland 4A: New Pal over Northwood 3A: Norwell over Chatard 2A: Mater Dei over Luers 1A: Indy Lutheran over North Judson
  7. There are a few other teams that I questioned whether or not they could beat the Warriors, but Northwood wasn't one of them. I see your point though. To Warren Central's credit, they didn't exactly get blown out by Center Grove and Ben Davis. Thanks for the poll Temp, good stuff.
  8. I never thought I'd see the day when Snider bumped down to 5a and Dwenger bumped up to 5a and the class would be considered "down." Losing teams like Cathedral, Zionsville, and Westfield will do that I guess.
  9. I thought we all agreed that Sagarin doesn't make any sense when it comes to three of the better teams in 5a north............Snider, North Side, and Dwenger. So why are we taking that into consideration? Let's not underestimate the Pirates for losing to a pretty good Crown Point team. Mishawaka might actually be a pretty darn good team. And no one really knows how good Snider and North Side are until the tournament gets here. I wouldn't underestimate them though. "Extremely weak" is extremely naive in my opinion.
  10. Elaborate a little more on "extremely weak." Please don't say "because Zionsville moved up to 6a." Give us more than that.
  11. Interesting. Not saying you're wrong, just interesting.
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