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  1. You don't find it ironic that the head coach's son is the quarterback and they throw it 95% of the time. I get what you're saying Rodney, football isn't a game for mercy. But 99% of coaches are running the football to end the game, not padding stats. I don't even think the infamous Rodney runs the score up to 84 in this one.
  2. Penn seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Any chance of them going independent? I feel that they are making a strong effort landing games with Valpo, Mishawaka, and Cathedral. New Prairie is a formidable opponent. It's not their fault that Elkhart is lousy. Of the other four teams on their schedule, they need to get rid of at least one and land a Fort Wayne team, Snider preferably to renew a rivalry. Homestead or Carroll would suffice. I don't see anything wrong with 2 or 3 guaranteed wins. Those are good to rest some starters and give their second and third stringers valuable playing time.
  3. If Carroll and Homestead can do it, I don't see why Warsaw can't. They have a good coach, they just have to stiffen up the competition. They currently sit at a respectable 5-1 and will probably enter sectional play at 8-1 as a result of a weak schedule. Nine wins is the cap for this team. When they run into Carroll or Penn, it's over.........and it probably won't be close. They need two top ten programs on their schedule........they have one of them starting in 2025.
  4. Homestead got wasted by Snider for years and Carroll was just never good enough to even play Snider the amount of times Homestead did. Insert both teams into the SAC in 2015. People now see Homestead and Carroll as Snider's equals. It's easier to become a better team when you know what the benchmark is during the regular season versus your last game of the season. Better competition for Warsaw will result in a better program.
  5. The AP Poll has made great strides over the years. It used to that only your record mattered, no matter the strength of it. It's much better now.
  6. The consensus seems to be that if Blackhawk can put together one of the best small school basketball programs in the state, then they should be able to do the same in football. I'm not sure I'm buying it. If they do, needless to say it will take years.
  7. The south doesn't beat the north, Central Indiana does.
  8. You only dropped them to 13. Football in Indiana is fierce, especially at the top. No shame in being placed at 13. Snider lost to Homestead in a game they normally win by 3+ touchdowns for the same reason Carroll only beat Wayne by 7 points and why Notre Dame is in danger of losing two straight. Carroll will do to Homestead this Friday what Snider should have done last week. Let downs seem to be common after a big game. It's good for Snider to see someone else sit atop the poll, it gives them a reason to get better. In my opinion, the biggest shocker is East Noble not garnering one vote in 4A.
  9. Drop Luers to small conference and eliminate Blackhawk and Busco. Eliminate Blackhawk because it could be years before they are competitive. Eliminate Busco since Woodlan and Heritage are closer to Fort Wayne. Splitting hairs on that one. Luers doesn't need to be in the big division. They are 4-34 historically against Snider. If the knights want to continue rumbling with the big guys, they can schedule whoever they want for their three out of division games. Seven in each division allows three out of division games. Can do crossover (Dwenger vs Luers) or out of conference. With fourteen teams in the SAC, I think we can crown two champions. It's just not a level playing field otherwise. There's a 70% chance that Snider, Carroll, or Homestead win the SAC. Dwenger gets a 20% chance. A champion from any of the other schools sits at 10%. Two champions is fair.
  10. How do you justify running the ball only three times to the running back and his parents?
  11. What about the 1 million a year I'm paying my coordinator. The least he can do is coordinate the defense with 11 guys on the field..................geeesh. Trust me. If I'm the head coach, I'm pointing the finger and me and asking what I could have done better. But damn, you hire a staff for a reason. C'mon.
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