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  1. Has that ever happened before? Three P5 D1 linemen on the same team? That's one hell of a line. It's a shame they moved up to 6A. Does that mean there isn't an Indy presence in 5A this year?
  2. And from what I hear a pretty darn good team coming up this fall?
  3. You give an unbiased opinion statewide, even though you reside near Indy. That hasn't gone unnoticed. Nothing wrong with telling it as you see it. For now, we'll just continue to hope someone from outside of Indy comes to the plate in 6A. In the past it was always Carmel, Ben Davis, or Warren Central. It's hard to compete with their enrollments. A smaller school might catch two of them having an off season, but not all three. And that's why the big school landscape has been nomitated by them. Now add Center Grove and Westfield to the mix. The standard in Indy had been set, and the two forementioned have caught up. Now a program has to catch all five on a downslide. Tough hill to climb. But hey, get better or get used to it, right?
  4. We completely hijacked HHF's thread on Rising Programs, lol. Meet me over at the Next Level if you want to continue your beat down. Maybe start a new thread titled Indianapolis vs Fort Wayne so we can discuss our "cute" little football programs in more detail. Maybe we can further look into why Fort Wayne sends more players to the NFL, per capita, than Indy does. Or maybe we can talk about the 7 on 7 team from Fort Wayne who won the IMG National Championship a few years back. Then we can move onto the SAC's 22 state titles by six different teams. Might even be fun to put together Indy's all time team and match it up with Fort Wayne's. Tough hill for FW to climb being 1/5 the size of Indy, might be fun trying though.
  5. No one said Notre Dame was the better team on a neutral field. They were the better team in South Bend against a Clemson quarterback who setting a passing record.
  6. Winningest programs last ten years: 15 Michigan 81-42 7 Notre Dame 97-31 That's quite a difference. The big bad Big Ten isn't that much better than what Notre Dame has faced over that ten year span. Notre Dame was chosen to play in the national championship during that time and was chosen twice by a committee to compete in the playoff. Michigan was chosen one time during the same ten year time span. Winner: Notre Dame. Really not that close.
  7. What does DJ's performance last year have to do with how he performed against ND the year before? No one expected ND to win the rematch. They actually looked pretty good the first quarter, they just couldn't catch a break and it snowballed from there. The better team won, I get it. On a neutral field, Clemson all day long. The night in South Bend belonged to the Irish...........wouldn't have mattered if Lawrence was in the game or not. Give that to them, they earned it.
  8. Last year they were on the same boat. If you look at program performance over a 5-year span and a 10-year span, the Irish win. Please don't make me dig deeper into this tonight, I don't have time.
  9. Clemson's backup set a record that night and still couldn't beat Notre Dame. The Irish were winning that game no matter who was under center. I pegged that one at the beginning of the year. Night game in South Bend? That had signature win written all over it. If Notre Dame ducked anyone that year, it was Wisconsin. I predicted Notre Dame to lose in Lambeau Field. Cancelled due to covid.
  10. Lol, they didn't play Homestead. It was Carroll. I'll just take your post with a grain of salt. I've been bantering with you for far to long to know that you're too smart to believe that Westfield beat Carroll by multiple scores without taking them seriously. And they did hang in the game. It was a one score game late in the third quarter.
  11. Westfield would have lost by multiple scores to Carroll last year if they didn't take them "seriously." That's why Indy has had so much success against Fort Wayne............they just happen to take Fort Wayne programs seriously when they play.
  12. Lol, cute? I don't think you have to beat an Indy team to be considered "rising." And honestly? I don't know if Carroll is rising or not. Remember, i said this prediction is "pretty bold."
  13. I'll be the first to acknowledge that Notre Dame has their hands full in Week 1. But we also have to acknowledge that Freeman is recruiting at an Alabama/Georgia level. I like the Wolverines, but their body of work doesn't equate to Notre Dames over the past five years. You can cite scheduling all you want, but anyone reading this knows that the Irish have had the better program in recent years.
  14. Indy football is in unchartered territory right now. Never have there been this many programs that are this good. That's a compliment to Indy area football and a compliment to Homestead and Carroll for sticking them in the middle of the pack in the MIC and HHC.
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