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  1. You never could get over the fact that the Snider/Luers series was so lopsided. Instead of acknowledging the fact that Snider's success over Luers is due to the size of the schools, you went on recruiting rampage against the Panthers. Certainly Snider's success had nothing to do with a great coaching staff that built one heck of a program, it just HAD to be recruiting. Even with the 1.65 multiplier, Snider is still twice the size of Luers................and that is why the series is so lopsided. Stop the nonsense Robert. DT. You said it yourself. Per capita, Fort Wayne shells out more than their fair share of high level football players. If they all went to Snider, the Panthers would literally have 20+ championships.
  2. "Evenly." That's the problem with the Success Factor. The privates have an advantage over the publics. Always have, always will. Zero boundaries. I'm all for the 1.65.
  3. If that were truly the case, Snider would be shooting for their 20th state championship this year.
  4. psaboy.......................Snider will not be at regional. OK, they have a slim chance, but doubt they get by Sparty. Snider has the athletes to beat Sparty. They just have to make adjustments and figure it out. The big question for Snider is whether or not they get by Carroll. If they are not 100% focused on the Chargers, they will lose the game. I consider Carroll a trap game for Snider with Homestead losing. I'm 50/50 on whether or not Snider will get by the first round. Carroll is a very good football team, let's not forget that. They lost to Snider and Dwenger by a total margin of 8 points. They were in the game against Homestead until late third quarter. They also took care of Concordia last week 16-0 with several starters nursing injuries.
  5. So would I, but if I were betting, I would say Jeff is more likely to play Homestead than Carmel or Snider.
  6. The 6a scenario strengthens my belief that we should keep the all-in format. Just seed it and deal with the early round blowouts or just seed the Top 2. Eliminating Carroll or Snider in would cause anarchy in Fort Wayne. Snider has the potential to beat anyone in the field. Their 8th seed is justified due to losses to Homestead and Dwenger, but they are dangerous team. For all I know, Dwenger and Homestead could be two of the top 5 teams in the state............we will find out.
  7. Defense does win championships. Case in point.............Dwenger. Last year Evansville Central was averaging over 40 pts a game until they reached Dwenger. I believe that game went into overtime at 0-0 with Dwenger eventually winning. When Snider plays Carmel, 90% of the time, the Panthers have the better offense. Carmel's defense is the reason they've won 6 in a row against Snider.I I have nothing against Lafayette Jeff. In fact, I wish them the best unless they are playing Snider. But I think their defense will be their doom this year. It may happen in sectional, it may happen in regional, or it could happen at semi-state. But it will happen...............in my opinion. Good luck to them. It's good for 6a to have quality representation out of Lafayette.
  8. Get better or get used to it (speaking of the 75-0 blowout). The game of life is no different. The football programs that work the hardest win the trophies. The kids with the best grades go to the best schools and get the best jobs. The harder you work in the in the real world, the more likely you will crush your competition. Getting whipped 75-0 is a painful lesson, but it IS a lesson. Don't like it? Feel sorry for the kids? Easy solution. Ten game season. Half the teams make it. Seed the tournament. The regular season should have playoff implications. The undefeated team shouldn't have to travel to winless team..............other states don't understand it, can't believe it, and laugh at it.
  9. Harrison will be a tough out. Not discounting them at all.
  10. I've sat in the stands with both fans and players of teams that bowed out in the first round.
  11. Actually, just the beginning. Overall attendance would be better in a seeded tournament. The blind draw is costing athletic departments money. Irresponsible.
  12. Simple. Have a committee sit down and seed it. Just like they do in NCAA basketball.
  13. I missed that. Completely agree. I might even put that at Tragedy #1.
  14. Baring any upsets, I can't wait to see what happens when Dwenger meets Valpo and Cathedral meets New Pal.
  15. I don't mind sounding like a broken record. I will remind the IHSAA of this every year until it's fixed. Tragedy #1 - Lafayette Jeff vs Merrillville Tragedy #2 - Avon vs Brownsburg No way these teams should have to meet each other in round one. The regular season has tournament implications at every level of every sport............except Indiana high school sports. Sad.
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