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  1. I don't think so if we are talking best programs of ALL time. LCC's dominance has come more recently by comparison.
  2. I think the private schools need a Mount Rushmore of their own. Chatard, Cathedral, Luers................Dwenger or Roncalli?
  3. I thought of that. You see it at all levels. When a coach goes from the MAC to the Big Ten. When a coach goes from high school to college. College to pro. Pro to college. In many cases it's a challenge far different from what the coach had faced before. I get it. But going from one high school to another isn't quite the same thing. I understand the "different culture, kids, and competition," and I do think it provides another challenge. But seeing what he's done with a small school of 1200, I have no reason to believe that he wouldn't prosper at a school with 3500. It's probably a moot point, I'm sure he's happy at New Pal.
  4. Snider and Northrop were never combined. Snider was built in 1964, Northrop in 1971. Rod Woodson went to Snider and attended from 1979-1982 (I may be off a year). Snider doesn't have their own field because.............well, I've heard many things. Campus not big enough, not enough parking, drainage issues. I never knew what the real issue was. I know several years ago they had the plans and financing to build their own stadium off campus, but nearby neighbors fought and took it to court. That property now is home to government subsidized housing and IU Health. I mentioned Rod Smith in my earlier post...........he went to Harding and was a top 5 RB coming out of highs school. Drafted by Jim Tressel, misutilized by Urban Meyer.
  5. Look what Ralph did at a school of 1175. Imagine what he would do with 3509. He would be Carmel's worst nightmare.
  6. Agree. They have a program that can succeed given the right coach comes along.
  7. Pound for pound Mount Rushmore................ Snider, New Pal, Center Grove, and Columbus East.
  8. Using the same points. Use a .85 multiplier for the p/p schools and mega-schools. Do we use a 1.15 multiplier for Snider, Center Grove, and Bloomington South since they've had to play a school double their size to win state? Just a thought. If I get positive feedback on this, I will take the time to run the numbers. Even more interesting is what this poll would look like if the success factor and 6a was instilled 30 years ago. Having to pick four teams? Lol, you can be in charge of that one.
  9. True story. Fort Wayne hosted the 1953 NBA All Star Game. Everyone around the league was so impressed, the Boston Celtics were a little nervous about hosting it the following year.
  10. Lol, I can appreciate that. I'm not denying your claims, just wondering what you've seen.
  11. Last I checked he was widely considered the 2nd best linebacker in the NFL. He seems to be everywhere when I watch him. Most game commentators have great things to say about him. Didn't see the game last night. Care to elaborate on that?
  12. How far back do these wins go? I think if we are being fair about evaluating a program, going back to 1973 per JH is the way to go. Many high schools probably weren't even around when Cathedral, Reitz, Sheridan, and Culver were accumulating wins.
  13. Fort Wayne Snider - Rod Woodson, Vaughn Dunbar, Jessie Bates Dwenger - Tyler Eifert, Jason Fabini Luers - Anthony Spencer, Jaylon Smith Harding - Rod Smith, Trai Essex Wayne - Jason Baker South Side - Lamar Smith, Bernard Pollard Carroll - Drue Tranquill Elmhurst - James Hardy Leo - Mike Augustyniac
  14. I didn't take number of wins or winning percentage into account. I'm trying to maintain a life outside of this addicting GID, lol. I also only went back to 1973 per John Harrell's website. I could certainly see giving points for winning percentage. But I think tournament success is a better indicator of a strong program than winning percentage. I don't want to pick on Homestead, but they went undefeated almost every year when they were in the NHC as a result of weak competition. Their season always came to an end in sectionals when they met up with Snider. Then you have the MIC where they beat up on each other in the regular season, therefore bringing down their winning percentage. Anyway, lots of factors to think about....for sure.
  15. Lol, I have a few hours invested in that last one. If anyone wants to add to it, I'd be more than happy to share the numbers with them.
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