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  1. This is probably going to upset Cody. No representation from The Region.
  2. Ironically, one of the loudest hits I've ever heard on the gridiron was one in which a kid on Warren's kickoff team was the victim. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.
  3. It's good that everyone can look back and laugh. At the end of the day, Penn still has five state titles in the largest school division and the best record in the state spanning four decades.
  4. I was thinking Rodney, but Bobref will do. I've got Penn winning 10-7 in overtime with 15 players on defense. But that's only if they have 15 on the kickoff team and the punt team. If special teams are even up, I'll give you your 14 points.
  5. No chance of scoring 100 though. If the snow was falling, we're probably talking 28-14.
  6. Agree. Therefore, the state championship should be played on a grass field near Lake Michigan somewhere.
  7. Or they just use parentheses. Carroll (Fort Wayne) or Carroll (Flora). Carroll(Fort Wayne) sits just outside city limits, so they don't get the Fort Wayne Carroll label. The high school itself has a Fort Wayne address, but many of their students have a Huntertown address.
  8. Look at it this way. If they cut the state in half that year, Penn would have been state champions.
  9. The only thing slowing BD down is the grass. You get them in the perfect indoor environment, and it's lights out. I'll argue day and night that turf favors the faster team. I think Westfield would have suffered the same fate at Crown Point. I could be wrong, just my take.
  10. Agree. But a team has to be located inside the city limits. Harding, for example sat on the outside of Fort Wayne city limits and was part of the East Allen County school system. However, 90% of their student body was from inside city limits. That's partially true of Carroll and Homestead. Both cities sit on the outside, with many students sitting on the inside. Long story short, if the school sits inside limits, then it's labeled as such. No ones ever said "Indianapolis Carmel." We're just left wondering where suburban schools are from...........I guess that's what google is for.
  11. That's interesting. Not very often do you hear just Jefferson, it's Lafayette Jeff. Or Riley, it's South Bend Riley. Evansville Reitz. Indianapolis Ritter. I think when a city has more than one high school, it's common to label them with the city name in front. When there is one high school, it's just named after the ciy..............Warsaw, New Haven, Angola, ect.
  12. Penn was good that year. Missed opportunities are a tough pill to swallow. Homestead was also very good that year. Both teams would like a do over I'm sure.
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