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  1. This is a false statement. Mishawaka elected to "play up" in 5A for the 2015 and 2016 seasons after only accumulating 1 point (2013 Sectional Championship) the previous cycle. Their enrollment was at the 4A level, yet they decided to STAY in 5A for two more seasons.
  2. Powerhouse? Yes. Highly competitive and rival Penn across the board in all sports? No.
  3. Makes the most logical (the IHSAA always pairs Fishers/HSE together in sectionals) and geographic sense. I'm shocked that they actually put Carmel in 6A South, but it's what works the best. Plus, sectionals 1, 6, 7, and 8 all remain unaffected. If Carmel had been kept in 6A North, sectionals 2-7 would have ALL been changed/affected.
  4. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/news media/2018-19/062419.pdf As I correctly predicted in a previous thread, Warsaw will be in Sectional 2 for 2019 and Sectional 3 for 2020 but the one I hit the nail on the head... CARMEL will be moving to 6A SOUTH in 2020 and moving to Sectional 5! WOW - I didn't think the IHSAA would really do it, but they did!
  5. and make the adjustment for Fort Wayne Snider to stay up in 6A. It's not just a Cathedral thing, and it is 100% the right thing. There is no sense in making a rule change and then not applying it to ALL IHSAA sports.
  6. The IHSAA won't do this. They'll keep Fishers & HSE together in a sectional, just like they do Perry Meridian and Southport. There's been a precedent set that they will keep Fishers & HSE together. Now, they could very will move both schools south in 2020 and keep Carmel in the north, but you'd have to move a 2019 6A South team north. Maybe a reshuffling that would look like this for the 2020 season: 1: Crown Point, Lafayette Jeff, Lake Central, Merrillville 2: Chesterton, Elkhart, Penn, Portage 3: Carroll, Homestead, Snider, Warsaw 4: Carmel, Noblesville, North Central, Westfield 5: Avon, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Pike 6: Perry Meridian, Southport, Tech, Warren Central 7: Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North 8: Center Grove, Columbus East, Columbus North, Franklin Central
  7. Back to the original point of this thread... Which team that is currently in 6A North will head South? I'm curious how people think the IHSAA will regroup the sectionals, especially sectionals 2 - 6.
  8. I tried my best to recap that in my response. But @slice60 did a much better job!
  9. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that it's Snider and Cathedral. It has everything to do with the fact that they came out with the rule AFTER the football classifications and sectional assignments were created, but originally decided to implement it for Winter and Spring sports as mentioned previously in this thread. That does not make much sense, so the IHSAA is doing the right thing and implementing it for ALL sports starting next year.
  10. Rumor has it since the IHSAA updated the required points to "stay up" a class from 3 points to just 2 points a few weeks ago, Snider will now STAY in 6A after winning 2 sectional titles in 2017 and 2018, and thus accruing the 2 points necessary to stay up a class. Because of this, Valparaiso will now drop to 5A based on enrollment effective the 2019 season. Lol start another topic for this information. This thread was created strictly to discuss the changes that will occur to 6A haha.
  11. With the IHSAA changing the rule from accumulating 3 points to 2 points to stay in a class, Fort Wayne Snider will now stay in Class 6A for the 2019 and 2020 seasons. This means Valparaiso will drop to class 5A starting next season. However, with the addition of Elkhart High School in the 2020 season, that now means Zionsville will drop to 5A in the 2020 season. Those 6A sectional alignments that came out a few months ago are up in the air (with the exception of Sectional 8, probably Sectional 7, and possibly Sectional 6). The most obvious change will occur in Sectional 3, which will see the addition of Snider to Carroll and Homestead. Whether or not Warsaw or Noblesville stays with the Fort Wayne schools is yet to be seen. Warsaw makes the most sense, especially in the 2020 season once Elkhart joins 6A. But for the 2019 season, it almost makes the most sense to have Warsaw in Sectional 2 with Chesterton, Penn and Portage and then have them move to Sectional 3 in 2020 with the 3 Fort Wayne schools and have Elkhart take their spot in Sectional 2. If this occurs, that moves Noblesville to Sectional 4... which would consist of Carmel, Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern and Westfield in 2019. In what would make the most sense, Carmel could just take Zionsville spot in Sectional 5 with Avon, Brownsburg and Pike. Would the IHSAA actually have the cojones to send the golden child Carmel to 6A South?! How I see it (only listing sectionals that would see changes): 2019 2: Chesterton, Penn, Portage, Warsaw 3: Carroll, Homestead, Noblesville, Snider 2020 2: Chesterton, Elkhart, Penn, Portage 3: Carroll, Homestead, Snider, Warsaw 4: Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Noblesville, Westfield 5: Avon, Brownsburg, Carmel, Pike Any other scenario would result in a complete overhaul of all sectional alignments (besides Sectional 8).
  12. @TrueWarrior06 Their sectional was Lawrence Central, Lawrence North and North Central.
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