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  1. NLCTigerFan07


    Within the NLC: respect NorthWood and Northridge absolutely despise Plymouth. Within the Michiana area: respect Mishawaka and SB St Joe despise Penn
  2. @Muda69 Does it ever get tiring finding something to argue in every every thread? I honestly can't imagine putting that much effort to do so. Truly mind boggling.
  3. This is incredibly impressive, but is it truly unexpected? I think that's the main point of the argument here. If Carmel were to split into 2 high schools, would it there really be a decrease in either of those schools competitiveness? The fact that Bradley and Davidson are still both extremely competitive is a successful example as to why this kind of thing should happen in Indiana. At least, that is how I understood it.
  4. That's.... a stretch. Per MaxPreps website Last 10 years: Bradley record 64 - 42 (60.4% winning percentage) Davidson record 101- 24 (80.8% winning percentage) Last 5 years: Bradley record 42 - 14 (75.0% winning percentage) Davidson record 42 - 17 (71.2% winning percentage) While Bradley has certainly gotten better and had a heck of a 3 year run, it's not like Davidson is doing THAT much worse. For what it's worth, Davidson advanced further in the OHSAA playoffs this year AND defeated Bradley this season 17-10.
  5. NLCTigerFan07

    6A Sectionals - Guessing game

    Exactly. There's already a precedent set as to what they'll do. Also, who cares if the combine Elkhart schools stay in 5A for 1 year. I'll be surprised if it truly matters all that much. If they go on to win the 2020 5A State Championship.... then I guess that'll make for good banter/conversations on this forum!
  6. NLCTigerFan07


    That would fall in line with Memorial's current schedule as they have finished the season with Northridge every year since joining the NLC. Maybe the scenario I mentioned is what will occur and Concord vs. Jimtown will move up to week 2 and Concord vs. Mishawaka will play week 6. That would give Mishawaka a heck of a 4 game stretch in the middle of the season: Week 4: Warsaw Week 5: Plymouth Week 6: Concord Week 7: NorthWood
  7. NLCTigerFan07


    This is interesting to see. I always assumed Mishawaka would simply slide into Elkhart Memorial's spot in the NLC schedule (out of conference games week 1 and week 6). If they are going to be playing East Noble in week 2, I wonder if that means the Concord vs. Jimtown game will also be moving to week 2 and Mishawaka and Concord will play week 6.
  8. NLCTigerFan07

    Zionsville FB

    This is off topic of the thread subject, but I have question: If live feeds hurt the budget of a school... why don't they decide to NOT offer a live feed? Also, if a school is willing to allow live feeds, they should attempt to recoup money lost from butts in seats with advertisements (I'm sure some are already doing this).
  9. You stole my own post/thoughts from the NLC 2019 thread 😛 I tease, but I agree it will be very interesting to see how the Tigers trend in year 2 under Coach Curtis after exceeding my personal expectations (7-3 overall, only 4 points away from an undefeated regular season and led Penn at halftime of their sectional game).
  10. NLCTigerFan07

    6A Sectionals - Guessing game

    I just honestly see neither of these things happening. I feel like you could sell me more on the possibility of Lafayette Jeff heading to Fort Wayne along with Noblesville rather than Jeff going to the Region or being paired with Zionsville. I have a strong belief that Zionsville will be put in 6A South. I also feel like it makes a lot of sense for the IHSAA to keep Carmel, Noblesville and Westfield together as well, leaving them the need to find 1 school to fill that sectional. It can't/won't be either HSE or Fishers since they won't be split up. That leaves Jeff to fill that sectional. *While Noblesville is "farther north" than HSE and Fishers, they are much closer to I-69 and are actually closer for Homestead and Carroll "time wise". Miles wise, there are close to equal.
  11. NLCTigerFan07

    6A Sectionals - Guessing game

    HSE/Fishers and LC/LN were in the South the last 2 years and weren't in the same sectional. Even though you say it makes sense, the IHSAA must not have felt so last cycle. I also would find it far fetched to see Lafayette Jeff get thrown in with the Fort Wayne schools. Both are well over 100 miles away from Jeff, while Carmel, Westfield and Noblesville are all at or under 60 miles away. Outside of Warsaw and Penn for the Fort Wayne schools, Noblesville is the next closest geographically, but #2 and #3 are Fishers and HSE. Since we know the IHSAA won't split them up (and assuming Sectionals 1 and 2 stay the same as they have been), that is why I I feel like they'll group Carroll and Homestead with Fishers and HSE. Even though it's over 100 miles for those pairs, it's all highway on I-69. What you proposed isn't bad though. It'll be interesting to see what they do. Hurts Carroll and Homestead having Snider and Northrop both drop down to 5A.
  12. This is a VERY good question. Hopefully 1 that will be taken into account if the numbers above are indeed accurate.
  13. NLCTigerFan07

    6A Sectionals - Guessing game

    And Fishers/HSE are the same school district. IHSAA likes to keep those schools together, like Southport and Perry Meridian for example.
  14. NLCTigerFan07

    6A Sectionals - Guessing game

    I would be extremely surprised if Lafayette Jeff and Zionsville are paired together. That would mean Zionsville goes to the north of 6A. Which of these teams then would you put in the south because someone would have to go: Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, HSE. There isn't a CHANCE that the IHSAA puts Carmel in the south. And if Carmel isn't going south, it wouldn't make much sense for Westfield to go south. The IHSAA also won't split up Fishers and HSE (who, if in the north, I see being paired with the 2 Fort Wayne teams). That leaves Noblesville as the final team. So you're going to but Noblesville in the south? No way that is happening. Zionsville will 100% be placed in 6A South.