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  1. Spoke with him on the sidelines at a Unified football game between Warsaw, Wawasee, Tippecanoe Valley and Goshen a year or two ago. He was happy to be there watching and the pride was apparent in his face while watching the unified athletes compete.
  2. I was going to reply with this exact statement, but @Coach Nowlin beat me to it. There were plenty of people that were hesistant with Coach Curtis coming due to his offense, but he has made such a strong effort to get buy in from the entire community and has all levels (from the PeeWee leagues on up) bought in and running their style of offense. If you get the right guy leading, it doesn't matter one bit if a system is deemed "unconventional". Get the buy in, then back it up with results, people will be all about it.
  3. Interesting piece of information here - at the very least, Concord's previous schedule will see a shake up. In the past, they played Elkhart Memorial in an NLC conference game Week 2. There hasn't been any confirmation either way about how Mishawaka's schedule would be filled out next season in the NLC, but there was the possibility of them just slipping into Memorials slot and having OOC games in Week 1 and Week 6. I wonder how much of the NLC schedule will see a shake up then, unless everything else stays the same and Concord/Mishawaka just meet in Week 6 when they previously faced on OOC opponent and Concord plays Elkhart Week 1 and then Jimtown in Week 2.
  4. Surprised to see Warsaw at 30... if the right 5A teams make it far enough in the 2020 state tournament, coupled with Elkhart High school joining 6A next year, the Tigers might slip down into 5A for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.
  5. The entire NLC will welcome a new opponent to their schedules with Mishawaka joining the conference in 2020. I am not sure if they will just be slotted into Elkhart Memorial's position in the schedule, or if the entire conference schedule will be shifted.
  6. FWIW - Warsaw jumped out to a 21-7 lead on Merrillville before turning the ball over 4 times in the 2nd quarter that let the Pirates take a 28-21 lead into halftime. However, the Tigers were not able to run the ball nearly as effectively as they did the week before against Penn when they rushed for 417 yards. Merrillville held Warsaw to like 175 total rushing yards on the night. Not trying to compare Warsaw's rushing game to Carmel's, but as a predominately rushing offense, the Pirates held the Tigers in check for the most part.
  7. In my honest opinion if it's Warsaw, no I don't think so. The only way Warsaw hangs with Carmel or Homestead (if they are somehow able to beat Merrillville on the road this week) is if their offense executes flawless and eats up the play clock each and every down. Thanks to their offensive philosophy, it helps shorten games and thus will always give them a chance to hang around. Merrillville on the other hand is much bigger and has plenty of athletes to go around. I believe they could potentially give Homestead/Carmel a legitimate game. The issue for the Pirates will be the fact that they have to go on the road guaranteed for the semi-state matchup, which makes things a tad more difficult.
  8. I love the Gridiron Digest, I'm in a position to assist financially, and my Tigers are having a historic season. I am happy to assist in such a way!
  9. Tonight was a little extra special for Warsaw (6A), Knox (3A) and Eastside (2A) as all three schools won their first ever football Sectional Championships. Congratulations to all three of these programs and best of luck going after their first ever Regional Championships next Friday night.
  10. WHY STOP NOW?! I will up my donation to $125 if the Tigers can go into Da Region for a 3rd time this season and come back eastbound on US 30 with a Regional Championship!
  11. Warsaw ran 56 offensvie plays tonight... all rushing... for 417 yards.
  12. Exactly what I was going to respond with. I liked @GOLDRUSH1985 point about the fact that Plymouth did defeat Warsaw this season, and they did it by jumping out ahead early on the Tigers before hanging on at the end. Even though it's not exactly the same as what New Prairie does, anytime a team is as RUN heavy as both Warsaw and New Prairie are, if they get behind early, they are not only fighting the other team, but fighting the clock. If the Warsaw/Plymouth game was another 4-6 minutes longer (like an extra half of a quarter), I firmly believe the Tigers would have comeback. Not taking anything away from the Rockies here. They played well that entire game and made the big plays when they needed to and 100% won that game. But the key (IMO) was that they got off to a good start and had a 17-6 halftime lead and never let Warsaw get in an offensive rhythm. If they are somehow able to replicate a similar performance, no reason they can't compete and have a close game with New Prairie.
  13. I mean... they also played (and beat) both Elkhart Central (9-2) and Mishawaka (7-3) who square off in 5A Sectional 10 championship Friday night.
  14. I think he can and already has honestly. Last year the Tigers held the lead over Penn at halftime last year 7-3 and battled the entire game before losing 16-7. I just hope we don't see a let down like earlier in the season heading into the Plymouth game. IMO - heads were swelled and egos boosted after the win at Michigan City, only for the Tigers to come out flat in the 1st half against the Rockies and have to playing from behind the entire game. That's difficult to do with Bart Ball, and Warsaw just ran out of time playing catch up.
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