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  1. Just a random observation: If Plymouth beats NorthWood on Friday night (come on Panthers!! 😛), the NLC standings will finish like this: 7-0 Plymouth 6-1 Warsaw/Concord 5-2 Warsaw/Concord 4-3 NorthWood 3-4 Northridge/Memorial 2-5 Northridge/Memorial 1-6 Goshen/Wawasee 0-7 Goshen/Wawasee Looking back through http://www.almanacsports.com/football/conference.php?conf_id=northernlakes&season , it looks like the last time this happened was in 2008, before that was 2001.
  2. Another battle Another battle of 1-7 teams will be Wawasee at Goshen. Both teams won their first game of the regular season before going on their 7 game slides. Should be a good game honestly.
  3. One name I am surprised to see that hasn't shown up is Rick Mirer from Goshen. He played for the Redskins before my time, but my dad coached against him and said there was little they could scheme up defensively that would slow him down. His senior season (1988) he threw for 3,900+ yards and 30 TDs. Definitely a name I always heard stories about while growing up in the NLC.
  4. I remember playing against him my junior season when he and Artis Chambers were seniors on Snider's squad. Both of them were just unbelievably talented. I'll never forget going to a 7 on 7 tournament and seeing him play. REALLLYYYY glad we didn't match up against Columbus East because I would have thrown at least 6 INTs to him. Guarantee it. Some others I'll add to the list - as a homer, current Merrillville HC Brad Seiss was/is arguably the best Warsaw Tiger to have ever played. He was a fantastic athlete and is mostly remembered for his career as a tailback, but he actually started Varisty as a freshman in the defensive backfield for the Tigers. Another that I always like to add to this list is Chris Kramer from Huntington North. I feel like it always gets forgotten at how much of an athlete he was on the gridiron after he went on to play and start on the Purdue basketball team. We played against Huntington North my sophomore year in sectionals and he did everything for the Vikings. QB/Safety/Punter/Kick Returner. He literally never left the field. He was an absolute stud.
  5. Concord +4 - they might even win the game outright - 8 schmeckles Northridge -20.5 - this one feels a little risky, but counting on at least 4 Northridge TDs and only 1 Goshen TD - 3 schmeckles Memorial +22.5 - home dog by more than 3 TDs?! I'll take Memorial - 10 schmeckles Wawasee +41.5 - basing this on the fact that Warsaw has only won 1 game by more than 42 points. The ground and pound offense milks the clock, and once the Tigers go up by 35, that running clock will come into play. - 5 schmeckles (I hope everyone enjoyed my Rick & Morty reference lol)
  6. Funny enough, it's my "heart" that is pulling for Concord (so that Warsaw still has a shot at the title), but my GUT is telling me not a chance Plymouth loses this game at home. Should be a great battle! Can't wait to watch it on Channel 46
  7. It's a poll by GIDers... no one is winning a championship based off these polls. It was also: 1) a close game 2) it was Central's first loss of the season, while Mishawaka already has 2 losses
  8. Northridge by 21 NorthWood by 16 Warsaw by 28 Plymouth by 2
  9. I apologize if I am misspeaking, but I'm assuming New Prairie is still more of a ground and pound type offense under Coach Radtke correct? If so, much like Warsaw, that style of offense is always easier when playing from ahead. Plymouth was able to take advantage of some Tiger mistakes early in the game and Warsaw was playing catch-up the entire game. Baron can throw the ball all over the field and the Rockie defense is solid enough. Would I bet on Plymouth winning that potential match-up? No. Could they pull it off? Yes.
  10. Can you confirm this? I apologize for putting words in your mouth, but it's hard for me to believe if this conversation/topic wasn't occurring exactly 10 years ago during the 2009 season when Alexandria was sitting around a 20+ game losing streak that you wouldn't have been talking about the tigers being on the brink of contraction. I'm not saying that wouldn't have been warranted either, but my point is things did not look so great just 10 years ago for Alexandria and they've turned it around. I would argue they were in a MUCH worse place then than Shelbyville is now (the Golden Bears had a record of 23-8 from '15-'17). This seems a lot more like a small blip than a code red contraction meltdown.
  11. Of course it's not up to us... but I for one find it a good discussion point for a message board, even if I don't always agree with @DT and his views/points.
  12. 100% agree with Gipper here. Maybe they are an "outlier", but one of my favorite push backs on the whole "contraction" thing is Alexandria. Take a look at their history. From the 2001 season through 2009 (current Head Coach Pete Gast's first season), the Tigers won 13 games over 9 years, including a losing streak of 31 straight games. However, in the 10+ seasons since, they have gone 46-54 overall (including seasons of 9-2, 8-4 and 7-4) and been mostly competitive in the CIC. That's a school that I guarantee would have made @DT list of contraction opponents following the 2009 season. However, they've to the right guy at the helm that helped provide stability, increase numbers across the board, and get admin support. I'm not in full disagreement that some schools should potentially consider the idea of contraction, however, if Alexandria can overcome a 13-79 W/L stretch to the competitive team they are now, ANY school can come back from the "brink of contraction" IMO
  13. Quick predictions for tonight: Concord @ Goshen : Minutemen by 35+ ... Concord can score as many as they want Wawasee @ NorthWood : Panthers by 35+ ... see above Plymouth @ Memorial : Rockies by 17... Memorial is a tough squad, but Plymouth is hot Northridge @ Warsaw : Tigers by 2... Northridge's 3 wins came against opponents with a combined record of 1-11. However, Warsaw is pretty banged up. I expect this to be a great game tonight.
  14. Yeah well aware that those ratings are more accurate later/longer into the season. Still just intriguing. It's almost as if his ratings early are inflated by "good" losses (i.e. Warsaw to Plymouth, NorthWood to Cathedral and Concord) more so than the wins themselves!
  15. Hard for me to believe Warsaw and NorthWood are still "ranked" higher than Concord and Plymouth per Jeff Sagarin ratings.
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