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  1. ... and just realized @Coach Nowlin already beat me to this with his topic/post earlier. I just hadn't read it yet! Sorry for the duplicated kudos/story
  2. Wanted to take a second and give some props to the Fairfield Falcons and their 8-0 undefeated regular season. Heck of a job by Coach Matt Thacker going 8-0 in his third season at Fairfield. After going 1-9 in each of previous coach Bob Miller's final seasons, the Falcons went 0-9 in Coach Thacker's first season in 2018. That season Fairfield only averaged 3 points per game on offense while giving up 55 points on defense. Last year saw improvement to the tune of a 6-6 record and a sectional championship appearance. This season, the offense has averaged 38 points per game while th
  3. "Fun" fact for the NLC this year. The two teams in Kosciusko County were the only ones able to play their season uniterrupted/as planned with no cancellations or rescheduling of new opponents to their 9 game regular season schedule. Here is to hoping ALL NLC teams stay safe through their respective tournament runs. Also happy to hear about Coach Barron. Hope he and the Rockies will be ready to go in the first round of sectionals. Here are my week 9 picks: Concord (4-3) @ Warsaw (6-2): Disappointing result for the Tigers last week in Nappanee. What a house of horrors Andrews Field is
  4. Much like last year, I'll wager my yearly donation based on how my Warsaw Tigers finish the season: $90 - NLC Champions AND Sectional Champions $60 - NLC Champions OR Sectional Champions $30 - Neither Lets go TIGERS!
  5. You are correct that head to head does not matter in conference title races. I was just pointing it out as part of that potential scenario (Warsaw 6-1 and Mishawaka 5-1) it would be interesting to see how it is decided (head to head matchup not included in that decision making process). If Warsaw and Northridge win, they will be co-champions, even though Warsaw won the head to head matchup.
  6. Will be interesting to see how it's decided if both Warsaw and Mishawaka win on Friday. Warsaw would finish 6-1 in the NLC (including a victory over Mishawaka) while the Cavemen would finish 5-1 due to their lost game against Goshen. Any news if NorthWood is looking for an opponent this week with Plymouth not playing?
  7. I never claimed this should be the ONLY list, just threw out potential settings that would have been nice. By no means am I an expert on ALL Indiana high school football fields and stadiums. Lighten up Francis
  8. I feel like that would be best to guarantee field conditions for all teams. Good point, but I guess my answer to that is Ohio finds a way to do it so no reason why Indiana could not.
  9. We all know and converse plenty about seeding sectionals, but are there any others out there that wishes Regional and Semi-State games were played at neutral sites? Every other team sport within IHSAA has neutral sites for these rounds, why not football? Is it really too much of a logistical nightmare? I find it hard to believe with how Ohio has done it for years. Imagine these neutral site regionals last year (just stuck to the North because, well, that's where I am) 6A Valparaiso: Merrillville vs. Warsaw Marion: Carmel vs. Homestead 5A Elkhart: Mishawaka vs. Valparaiso
  10. I'm not sure I agree with this. I don't see any reason why seeding would lead to playoff qualifications in Indiana. This is because the state has just the right amount of teams playing football to host a 5 or 6 round playoff. No reason why seeding an all-in tournament can't be done.
  11. Great news on Coach Barron. Hopeful for a complete and full recovery! As a side note - my picks were pretty daggone spot on last week. I think the first week it finally happened picking the winners and being close on the margins. Anyway, here are my picks for the penultimate week of the season: Concord (4-2) @ Northridge (5-1): Channel 46 Game of the Week will be in Middlebury tonight. Should be a great game. Concord got the job done late against a very good Eastside team on short notice, while the Raiders let Goshen hang around more than I thought they would. While the Northridge de
  12. Wow! Did not realize they hadn't played each other in that long. Not that it will be a game this year, but that is cool that they have had the chance to get this scheduled.
  13. I understand that. My point was - @Coach Nowlin said both teams are "stuck" in 4A and 5A no matter what... but that is not true. If they win Regional Championships this year, they will both get bumped up ANOTHER class to 5A and 6A respectively.
  14. I'm confused by both of these statements... wouldn't a Regional Championship for both Evansville Memorial and New Palestine result in them being bumped up another class, to 5A and 6A respectively? They way you have worded this, makes it seem like they only stay in their current classes.
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