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  1. Really excited to see the schedule announcement with changes being made the next decade through 2033. In case you missed it, the NLC announced they will have a rotating schedule weeks 3 through 8, while having an established week 9 opponent that does not change. The week 9 opponents were chosen to ensure that a week 9 opponent was also not a potential first-round sectional opponent. Week 9 pairings from 2022 through 2033 will be: Warsaw (6A) vs. Northridge (4A) Concord (5A) vs. Plymouth (4A) Goshen (5A) vs. NorthWood (4A) Mishawaka (5A) vs. Wawasee (4A) The r
  2. This is what I was thinking. Their QB can sling the ball around for SURE. He was carving up the Tiger defense in the sectional game, but their own defense could not get a stop to save their lives.
  3. @DT - Suggestion for the format - put the coach's answer BELOW the question asked. That way the reader does not have to constantly scroll back up to read the question and the answer that is being given. Great job though!
  4. We will see... Merrillville, Penn, Elkhart, Carroll, Homestead, Lafayette Jeff, Westfield and CARMEL (when/if they are in the north) and Snider (when/if they are in 6A) are all programs I would put ahead of or at the same level of Warsaw right now in 6A North. Obviously Carmel is head and shoulders above all programs in 6A North. If they stay south, there are 8-10 of those teams that will wrestle for that representative spot year in and year out.
  5. Warsaw is certainly TRYING to get up in 6A, especailly when it comes to the factors you listed above. Just need to see the results continue to increase on the field! A Hall of Fame head coach, high goals (certainly exhibited by recent scheduling updates), and excellent alignment from the Young Tiger football program and middle school programs. Add to it the new fieldhouse they have at the high school, facilities and administrative support is obvious. Only thing missing at times is the talent in the building, and IMO multisport participation seems to have decreased in recent years. Back in
  6. Warsaw has definitely been blessed the last 15 years in the kicking department with Rogers, Franco and the Mevis brothers. I definitely always viewed it as a gamechanger for having/developing a kicker who can do this. Consistently making the opposing team start at the 20 yard line each possession is a huge competitive advantage IMO. However, I also realize that it is very unlikely (that others have said here) that most schools are blessed with a kid who has this kind of leg strength and for the desire of trying to keep the young men safe, adding a fair-catch rule like NCAA would be a good
  7. Fun fact - I threw a touchdown pass to his younger son when he started for us as a freshman at Tight End in the first round of sectionals (his first varsity touchdown), even though he was the starting QB on the freshman team that year. The next season he was varsity backup QB to the Bachelor, then was a two year varsity starter at QB. Heck of an athlete, great kid (and now young man). His older brother never played football for Warsaw, but played basketball in the Tiger Den.
  8. LOL unfortunately I am NOT that person - no kids yet and certainly no grandkids
  9. Agreed @swordfish - I definitely remember the days when you were more active! As well - yes a number of Plymouth supporters used to be on the thread and they seem to have disappeared. Same for Wawasee (ol Houndstooth Hat used to rile me up reading his posts). They usually had at least a handful of supporters that would post on a regular basis. Could also be a sign of the times that @DT likes to reference in regards to the NLC teams not being all that of a "threat" in the postseason recently. Concord hasn't been quite the threat since Coach Dawson left. I know they've won 2 sectionals unde
  10. Are you talking about the new TRAC? I can't remember exactly what the acronym stands for, but yes it is awesome. I heard they had like 100 teams here that weekend they hosted the big basketball tournament and used basically every basically court we have in the facility. I want to say there are 3 in the main gym (main gym floor then 1 each in either upper deck), 1 in the auxilary gym and then the 4 courts in the fieldhouse. Definitely wish they had that when I was in school. For those interested: https://www.warsawschools.org/page/trac-info Warsaw's new indoor track/fieldhouse th
  11. Yes - the majority of the county (especially concerning where people LIVE) feeds into the high school. Thus why it is named Warsaw Community High School. As well, while the town of Warsaw has a population of around 15,500 - there are MANY neighborhoods that are just outside of the "city" limits. My old home growing up being one of those. Also, it's important to remember that while Winona Lake is technically a separate town, the two are connected as one. Winona Lake has a population of around 5,000 itself. I would guess that the "greater" Warsaw area has at least 30,000 if not more populat
  12. I mean they defeated Penn for a sectional championship in 2019 and competed well against Merrillville in the regional game, and last year beat Carroll in the first round of the tournament and hung with Homestead in the sectional championship game. In regards to coming up - I think this year the Tigers might be down some and the following year could be rough too, but this year's freshman team and BOTH middle school teams had successful years and to the best of my knowledge, all levels of football being played in Warsaw are playing Bart Ball on offense. Would be great to see the Tigers be a
  13. Yikes.... you should check the numbers then and comeback with a more pheasible breakout of adding 2 additional classes.... because the way you have it now, is no bueno: ~75 schools <400 kids 1A ~114 schools <800 kids 2A ~48 schools <1200 kids 3A ~26 schools <1600 kids 4A ~22 schools <2000 kids 5A ~13 schools <2500 kids 6A ~5 schools <3000 kids 7A ~11 schools >3000 kids 8A
  14. Next year there are 30 teams in 6A (6 sectionals with 4 teams = 24 teams and 2 sectionals with 3 teams = 6 teams. 24+6=30) Only 2 teams dropped out of 6A. Those two teams (FW Snider and Columbus East) are NOT 6A enrollment schools, they were in 6A due to Success Factor. During the last 2 years, neither team acquired enough Success Factor points (2 points are needed) to STAY in 6A, thus were dropped to 5A. So it would be "unfair" to make them stay in 6A when they 1) are not 6A by enrollment and 2) did not acquire enough Success Factor points to stay up in the class. Thus, those 2 schools d
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