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  1. It was a hypothetical situation, calm down. Do not turn our NLC thread into a COVID thread, thank you.
  2. I didn't include Starke county in my "scenario", thus making them a safe school to pick from. My statement of "school is literally at the very southern edge of St. Joseph County" was in reference to LaVille being "shut down" and thus opening that week up in Knox's schedule. And WOW - embarrassing spelling error there. It was late last night when typing up my post lol.
  3. Welp... with tonight's news that Concord, NorthWood and Northirdge have suspended sports, I guess we'll be lucky to see a season. It will be interesting to see if Plymouth, Warsaw and Wawasee (and I guess Mishawaka for now - but they're in a "hotter" zone than the other schools) end up playing a season if those others do not. If most of the NIC gets taken out as well, it'll be interesting to see if unaffected teams try and stick it out for a season and come up with random schedules almost week by week or something. For Warsaw, depending on what happens, but lets say all of Lake, Porter, LaPorte, St Joseph and Elkhart county schools shut down football this season. Hypothetical schedule like this: 8/21: @ Huntington North 8/28: vs. East Noble (since East Noble would have an opening with NorthWood being shut down) 9/4: @ Plymouth 9/11: vs. Culver Military (since CMA would have an opening with Hobart being shut down) 9/18: @ Wawasee (move the game up earlier in the year to make way for a possible make-up for one of the suspended teams if they come back) 9/25: @ Knox (since Knox would have an opening with LaVille being shut down - school is literally at the very southern edge of St. Joseph County. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Radtke vs. Curtis?) 10/2: vs. Angola (since Angola would have an opening with South Bend Clay being shut down) 10/9: vs. Lakeland (since Lakeland would have an opening with Fairfield being shut down) 10/16: vs. Breman (since Breman would have an opening with South Bend Clay being shut down) It's not the most intriguing schedule (6 - 4A schools, 2 - 3A schools, 1 - 2A school), but it would be a full 9 game schedule (wishful thinking I know!). And would help those other teams fill out their own schedules due to programs being shut down. As well, while smaller schools, programs such as East Noble, CMA, Knox and Angola are no slouches.
  4. I am an optimistic person by nature, however, I have to be honest at this point I see no point in trying to have a season. If as little as a single positive test shuts down all sports (I saw where Ohio set the rule that all participants (players, coaches, officials) are to be tested within 72 hours of each game. Any positive test cancels the game and appears to result in quarantine of all participants), what is the point? Newsflash - there are going to be positive tests for the foreseeable future. Without a vaccine, COVID-19 will not be going anywhere. I just wish people could accept this and either decide to stop everything completely, or learn to live with it and continue on. The continuous starting - stopping - starting - stopping is absurd.
  5. This is the same as my thoughts about general reopenings as well. There HAS to be the expectations that there will be positive tests. There's no way this won't happen. So to shut down practices, restaurants, businesses, churches, etc etc because a single positive tests occurs.... what's the point in even starting/opening up. We have to learn to live with it.
  6. Came to say exactly this. Ohio has been doing it following the 1st round of their playoffs for YEARS and it works great for them. Makes a lot of sense IMO
  7. Another month since a post here. Not sure how many NLC fans are here. Any thoughts on how the season will shake out this year? Who has important players back? Who lost impact players? I might argue Mishawaka is the front runner in their first season in the NLC. However, they will have a heck of a 4 game stretch in the middle of the season @ Warsaw, @ Plymouth, home vs Concord and then @ NorthWood. Warsaw lost quite a bit from last year's team IMO, but I thought the same thing going into last season and they ended up winning their first ever sectional championship and were 11 points away from an undefeated regular season. What do the usual conference title contenders Concord, Plymouth and NorthWood have returning? How does Northridge look? Will they be able to compete like the 2013, 2014 and 2017 Raiders did? Or are they looking at a potenial sub .500 season for the 3rd year in a row? Any improvement at all expected from Goshen or Wawasee? Is there any heat under Coach Park when he sits down after going 4-27 the last 3 seasons since the Redhawks went 8-3 in 2016? (their only winning season in 12 years!) At least the Warriors have had 4 winning seasons in that time span, but the 4 head coaches over the last 8 seasons, can Coach Reutebuch bring some consistensy (and competitiveness) to Syracuse?
  8. Per Chuck Freeby's Twitter - Russ Radtke leaving Portage job to become the new head football coach at Knox.
  9. I'm so used to seeing your rankings that I overlooked it. Thank you for pointing that out. It wasn't meant in jest - only good fun. As a side note - I go back and forth with you at times on this forum, but in no way do I dislike what you post.
  10. Aren't these your rankings? You tell us! 😂😋
  11. Just out of curiousity, what do you not like about it? I would say it's better than Ohio's. I'll check out Kentucky and Illinois to see what types of differences there are.
  12. Just a random aside here - I did not think Valparaiso and other schools in the Pioneer Football Leauge offered athletic scholarships? I'm assuming you obviously still have to get offered a spot on the team, but the scholarship is probably academic/grant monies right? Never fully understood how that worked for those schools.
  13. As an avid reader of the NLC thread (obviously) - I would love specific examples of these types of comments that have been made. I cannot think of many that back your claim on any of these topics.
  14. Literally makes no sense. Not every team can go undefeated in the conference, you know that right? Some teams will unfortunately be toward the bottom while others are more successful. And as I pointed out to you in a different thread, most years 4 of the 8 teams (Plymouth, Northridge, NorthWood, Wawasee) have been in the same sectional, and another 3 (Concord, Goshen, Elk Memorial) would be grouped together. That leaves a maximum of 3 sectional champions each year, and that's lucky to occur. The Duneland is guaranteed at least 1 sectional champion (6A - Sectional 1) and has a 75% chance of a 2nd (5A - Sectional 9) and a 50% chance at a 3rd (6A - Sectional 2). Hell they've got a 75% chance at a Regional champ in 6A! My point being - post season success is not a fair assumption on how good a confernce is or is not. Outside of Valparaiso and Merrillville - who in the DAC has made much postseason noise since in the last decade? Michigan City only just recently won their first 2 sectional & regional championships and are obviously on a good trajectory under Coach Mason. Crown Point had a 3-peat of sectional championships, but look at their overall record those three years... it's .500 (18-18). And again, they benifited from being in a sectional of all DAC opponents. At least 1 of them had to win it!
  15. So to be clear... your point is BECAUSE Concord, NorthWood and Plymouth have been the only competitive/relevant teams in the conference in the 2000's THAT is why "interest has waned in your conference, participation and fan interest are down, and overall talent is probably at an all time low." That is a ridiculous take, even for your standards.
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