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  1. @Coach Nowlin might need to do an update soon! Hard to stay away/out of the game
  2. Wow... according to Mark Howe (sports writer for the Warsaw, Indiana newspaper Times-Union) tweeting out that former Warsaw head coach Phil Jensen is being introduced as the new head coach at Whitko High School. Congrats Coach Jensen! @NRRaider2001
  3. @SBFootball1 Completely missed that on the original document! Thanks for pointing it out.
  4. I must have missed this. Can you please provide a link? Thank you @SBFootball1 !
  5. While that may be true NOW, Muncie Central literally jumped 64 spots in the enrollment rankings from the '13-'14 alignment to the '15-'16 alignment. So in the 2014 season (a mid-cycle year), they were a 4A school playing with a 5A enrollment. My point is why do people think Elkhart is going to move from two 5A schools to 1 6A school mid-cylce in the 2020 football season? I don't see why they won't just play the 2020 season in 5A and then when the reclassification for 2021-2022 comes, they'll get moved up to 6A at that point.
  6. I don't understand this... There has already been a precedent set. When Muncie South consolidated into Muncie Central "mid-cycle", Muncie Central stayed in their class the next season. Am I missing something here? I don't anticipate the new Elkhart High School to be in class 6A until the 2021 football season.
  7. Yes... yes it would. But I'll go ahead and just settle for the school's first ever sectional football championship. Baby steps DT, baby steps lol
  8. http://www.ihsaa.org/portals/0/Flip Book/2018-19/uff/index.html
  9. *Unified Flag Football - and yes it is AWESOME that the IHSAA has adopted both Unified Track & Field and Flag Football for these athletes. http://www.ihsaa.org/dnn/Sports/Coed/UnifiedFlagFootball/tabid/2141/Default.aspx
  10. Adding something to this thread Soon to be senior Kicker/Punter for the Warsaw Tigers Harrison Mevis has been busy this offseason. He received his first offer from Army and recently took visits to Purdue, Georgia, Missouri and Penn State.
  11. Will they have visitor side seating? My memory could be off, but I don't remember how much space they have on that side of the field as it butts up against Clinton Street.
  12. I was unable to find anything with exact amounts, but both Michael Lindauer of Evansville Memorial (3A) and Bronson Yoder of NorthWood (4A) were named among the top 4 finalist for Mr. Football and received votes. That is why you see some votes missing among the 3A, 4A and 5A totals posted above from what Kiser and Bell received in those respective classes. Lindauer and Yoder played a majority of their games against those size teams in areas where Kiser and Bell were probably never seen, especially those in the southwest corner of the state.
  13. @HanShotFirst So have the 3 teams from the "South" been named? Ben Davis, Chatard and Bloomington South? So this would take Cathedral out of the running for the top 10. My guess: 1. Penn 2. Ben Davis 3. Carmel 4. FW Snider 5. Bloomington South 5. Chatard 7. Hobart 7. FW Dwenger 9. FW Luers 9. NorthWood If neither Luers or NorthWood, my other guess would be Griffith, Lowell, West Lafayette, or Adams Central.
  14. Speaking purely from limited insider knowledge on this... I do not believe the NLC is all that interested in expanding past 8 teams at this time. There certainly isn't a need.
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