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  1. Impressive wins by Concord, Northridge and Wawasee in my opinion last night. Expected wins by Warsaw and NorthWood. Both teams will face their most difficult opponent (outside of their week 8 matchup) next week with the Panthers hosting Chatard and the Tigers making the trip to Ames field against Michigan City. Goshen's win might be their only victory of the season, but I wouldn't be mad if they proved me otherwise. I don't see them standing a chance next week against Elkhart Central. Memorial will still be a tough out all year in my opinion. I do not know why I'm so optimistic on them, but wouldn't be surprised if they beat Concord next week. Plymouth... Far from a bad loss, but definitely a great game that they could have won. When was the last time a Rockie QB threw for over 300 yards?
  2. I think a lot of it is due to having to resign up for the forum with that changes that occurred. I believe it has kept a number of posters away. Also EXTREMELY bold prediction by you on my Tigers this year. I don't see them winning week 2 against Michigan City (legit 5A state champion contender) and could just as easily go 3-4 in NLC play this year as they could go 7-0. An often understated part of last season was how great their defense was. I saw a stat that they were like a top 30 team in Defensive PPG among ALL classes last year, and I think they were top 10 at the end of the season in 6A. They held teams to 14 points or fewer in 7 of their 10 games last season and replace a ton of their defensive front 7. I know Warsaw has one and as a former coach at the collegiate level, it is an awesome tool for coaches. More specifically for the coaches in the front 7 on both sides of the ball. These endzone cameras do not focus on the entire field. The have a "tight" view that basically looks at Tight End to Tight End. It's great for oline/dline coaches for obvious reasons, as well as running back and linebackers.
  3. Unfortunately doesn't seem like there are many posters from the NLC this year. Each year has felt like there have been fewer. Not a lot of in depth analysis behind my picks for this week: Concord @ SB St Joe : going with the Indians here. This has been a nice week 1 matchup for these programs the last 4 seasons, and I have to give the nod to St Joe at home. Should be a good game. East Noble @ Plymouth : This should also be a good game. East Noble is always a strong program, but I'll take the Barron boys winning the opener at the Rock Pile. Elk Memorial @ Elk Central : final battle for the Mangy Lion. I expect Memorial to hang around and be competitive in a handful of games this year, but they've only won this rivalry once in the last seven years. With @NRRaider2001 hyping up Central's offense, I'm picking the Blue Blazers. Goshen @ Fairfield : I'm starting to sense a theme that will follow all throughout my picks this week. I am not high on the Redhawks whatsoever, and heard some good things about Fairfield's performance against Bremen in their Jamboree. The Lions handled Goshen, while the Falcons version of "Bart Ball" gave Bremen some trouble on defense. Considering what Warsaw did to Goshen last year running the same/similar style, I'll go with a bit of an upset and Fairfield at home. Could be an ugly game. Huntington North @ Warsaw : The Tigers open up with a new opponent for the first time since 1996. After 22 straight years of the US 30 battle between Warsaw and Columbia city (in which they sported an 18-4 record), I believe over time Huntington North should prove to be a step up in competition for the Tigers in week 1. However, I do not think that year will be this year. Coach Prescott did a great job turning around the Peru program from an 0-10 first season to an 8-3 record in his penultimate season and should be able to do the same thing in Huntington. Expectations are high in Warsaw after last season's introduction of "Bart Ball", and I believe the Tigers win their season opener at home. Jimtown @ NorthWood : I could be wrong here, but I believe the Jimmies are projected to have a better year than their last two .500 seasons, while NorthWood has a lot to reload for what has been arguably the strongest program in the NLC the last 4 years. However, NorthWood has won 6 straight in this rivalry, including 2 consecutive shutouts of Jimtown. I'll go with the home team again until proven otherwise. Lakeland @ Wawasee : this one I do not feel quite as confident in, but I don't think either of these teams will be very good this year. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if a repeat performance of last year's 21 point victory occurred in favor of the Lakers, but I'll take Wawasee at home to kickoff the Coach Reutebuch tenure. Northridge @ SB Adams : another toss up honestly. I think this should be a good game, but I'll go with the team that has a D1 commit at QB, which also ends up being the home team. Best of luck to all NLC teams this week and throughout the season (except those weeks you line up against my Tigers 😉 )
  4. Not attempting to hijack the NIC thread, but I'm very excited that the Tigers have picked up Michigan City in the non-conference schedule. After reading that statement though... might be a little concerned about this year's trip to Ames Field!
  5. Any idea who is scrimmaging who? I know Warsaw is at Leo tonight. Also - side note - Warsaw senior kicker Harrison Mevis recently picked up a scholarship offer from Washington State!
  6. Like this @MuleDriver .... simply type @ before you start typing the members name and it will populate automatically. @WilELee - http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/football schools 19-20.pdf Warsaw is not the smallest 6A school by enrollment. Zionsville, Chesterton, Columbus North and Lafayette Jefferson are all "smaller" than Warsaw, although the bottom 8 schools of 6A are all within 200 students of each other.
  7. I counted 58 in the team picture Concord coach Craig Koehler posted on twitter yesterday
  8. Based on the team photo that was posted to their football twitter account, it looks like there are 65 on the Varsity roster (10th-12th) for Warsaw this season. I counted 19 seniors in their group picture. I cannot confirm, but I believe I heard there was potentially 30-40 on the freshman team roster.
  9. My complete shot in the dark on a prediction: 1. NorthWood - may have lost a lot, but they've got a hell of a thing going. Until they prove otherwise, they're at the top for me. Hell of a program. 2. Warsaw - call this trying to temper expectations... Everyone is hyping up the Tigers this year (and I'm very excited to see how they do), but I just hope these high praises don't go to their heads. But they were only 4 points away from an undefeated regular season last year (don't get me started on the Plymouth "good" field goal), so I see no reason why they can't make a push for the crown this year. 3. Plymouth - They have to go on the road to Warsaw and NorthWood to start and end the NLC season respectively, but the get the other contenders for this spot (Concord and Northridge) at my least favorite spot in the world... the Rock Pile. With the Barrons in charge, I fully expect the Rockies to be in the thick of things. 4. Concord - The Minutemen had a very up and down season last year. I expect them to be more on the upside this season, but think 6-3 is the cap on their record in the regular season. However, they could surprise with NorthWood, Northridge and Warsaw all having to make the trip to Jake Field. 5. Elkhart Memorial - The Crimson Chargers final season in the NLC could be interesting. Their first 3 games are on the road (none outside of Elkhart County) and get Warsaw, Plymouth, NorthWood and Northridge at home. A road trip to Wawasee will be less than daunting... I could see Memorial finish the regular season as high as 6-3 this season, but more realistically closer to .500 6. Northridge - I love the program that Coach Wogoman has build in Middleburry, but I feel like this season might potentially mirror the 2016 season for the Raiders. Adams and St. Joe will be a tough opening slate and NLC road trips to Plymouth, Warsaw, Concord and Memorial... anything more than 4 wins this regular season would be considered a success in my book. 7. Goshen - The optimism that was in the 2015 and 2016 seasons has quickly faded. The only reason I'm giving the Redhawks the nod here is Coach Park is entering his 6th season and they get Wawasee at home to end the season. 8. Wawasee - 3rd coach in 4 years to stalk the sidelines in Syracuse. Best of luck to Coach Reutebuch in his first opportunity as a head coach, but it will take a few years to get the Warrior program headed in the right direction. 6 out of the last 12 seasons, Wawasee has won 3 games or less. Don't hold me to any of this! Best of luck to all NLC teams this season.
  10. To piggy back off XSTar's response, @Temptation no one forced or asked Cathedral to craft and play their schedule they did last year. Cathedral (as an independent) can choose to play whoever they want, and it is typically a very impressive schedule. Just because they were 4-5 in the regular season has nothing to do with how they could/should/and do perform in the class 5A and 6A tournaments. For example as a 4A "enrollment sized" school, they had a win/loss record of 9-4 over their past 4 postseasons (2 in 6A, 2 in 5A). IMO - if you're winning over 2/3rds of your post season match-ups... I would say you are doing just fine in that classification.
  11. Warsaw Tiger senior kicker/punter Harrison Mevis announced last night on Twitter that he will be kicking in the Under Armour All-American Game this upcoming January. Awesome recognition for Harrison! Hopeful for a fantastic senior season for him coming up.
  12. I think I heard Chuck Freeby mention something about the quarterback at Adams, University of Virginia commit Ira Armstead, when discussing their selections for the Channel 46 GOTW this season. I had no idea how stellar of a junior season he had last year (he threw for over 2,200 yards, rushed for over 1,000 more all while accounting for 30 total touchdowns). I know they went 3-7 the last two seasons. Is there any chance they compete for a top 3 finish in the "North" Division?
  13. Per Chuck Freeby from Channel 46, there will be an NLC team on the Game of the Week on 5 of the 8 weeks they have scheduled (they're leaving week 9 TBD, but more likely than not it will be Penn vs. Mishawaka): Week 1: Elkhart Memorial at Elkhart Central Week 2: Chatard at NorthWood Week 4: Northridge at Plymouth Week 7: Concord at Plymouth Week 8: NorthWood at Warsaw NorthWood and Plymouth both getting 2 weeks, while Concord, Elkhart Memorial, Nothridge and Warsaw all getting 1 week. Only teams missing some TV time are Goshen and Wawasee, but that isn't a surprise considering last year's results. Not that it matters, but making a prediction for the Channel 46 GOTW schedule for the 2020 season, the week 4 matchup of Mishawaka at Warsaw (assuming Mishawaka slides into Memorials schedule).
  14. This is a false statement. Mishawaka elected to "play up" in 5A for the 2015 and 2016 seasons after only accumulating 1 point (2013 Sectional Championship) the previous cycle. Their enrollment was at the 4A level, yet they decided to STAY in 5A for two more seasons.
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