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  1. I am an active Tweeter on Friday night at the account sharing scores as I see and hear them, and go to it constantly on Friday's searching for updates. As well, I follow more people there posting updates of scores versus what I see on the pinned thread here. I would personally suggest only paying for it from August - November. I do not see much of a need for it throughout the rest of the year. Occasionally there is some good stuff that gets shared, but overally it is either pretty silent or as others posted, random responses.
  2. So with the winners of Lutheran, Andrean, Gibson Southern, Mt Vernon, Cathedral and Center Grove - @CLKeller16 and @MDAlum82 - that is $50 for me to donate to the GID, and $5 each for you thanks to Andrean. @Azi - with our modified "bet", I have $20 to donate to the GID, and you have $10 to donate. To donate - just click on the 2021-2022 - Budget box at the top of every page. Once you click on that, a box will pop up with how much you want to donate. Input your amount, then click "Donate". The next page will show you the options of paying by PayPal, Venmo, or check. Depending on what option you select - you will see each of those user names/addresses to send to. I just sent my $70 in via Venmo on top of my original $30 donation earlier in the year. Thanks for "playing"!
  3. I didn't even think about that as well. Mt Vernon's colors are black and gold, even more reason I wish the Raiders were wearing GREEN jerseys. But again, who cares lol
  4. I just had this thought earlier today. I REALLY wish the Raiders would come out in Green uniforms. While I like their black uniforms they wear nowadays, Northridge has always been Green and Yellow to me. Representing the high school at the state championship with black uniforms would just feel strange to me if I am being honest. But who cares, it won't have any affect on the game! Whatever the boys want to wear!
  5. Alright - I'm in for these three. @CLKeller16 and @MDAlum82 - for every North champion, you will donate $5. For every South champion, I will donate $10 (one "bet" for the each of you. @Azi - I accept your caveat! For every 1A-4A and 6A North champion or Cathedral victory, you will donate $5. For every 1A-4A and 6A South champion or Zionsville victory, I will donate $5. Thanks boys! Easy way to raise at least another $90 for the GID!
  6. Friendly reminders for those that have not yet - you can still donate to the GID this year! Even though we hit the goal of $3,300 - every dollar counts! It is a constant, revolving cost year in and year out. A surplus is ALWAYS good. To make things interesting, if anyone is willing to take me up on a friendly wager for a donation, I'll take the 6 North teams this weekend and you can take the 6 South teams this weekend. For each South team that wins, I'll donate $5. For every North team that wins, you donate $5. If the South or the North teams SWEEP, lets add another $5. Any takers?
  7. For sure. I do not disagree with this at all. My point was more if Coach Park has been struggling to build numbers at the lower levels with all his ties and connections and history at Goshen... good luck to the next guy. Of course, this is only the view as an outsider. For all I know (but highly doubt) the coaching staff was not doing the necessary things to build the ranks. Either way, huge challenge for whoever undertakes this position.
  8. Really interesting. The last two years in the NLC thread, I've proposed the question if Coach Park was on the hot seat at all. I figured after going 4-6 this year, it at least cooled off some. Granted, the four teams they beat (Fairfield, SB Clay, Plymouth, Wawasee) had a combined record of 5-34 and Fairfield accounted for 4 of those wins.. I will be interested to see how this plays out. I think there was concern that levels of participation are basically at all time lows within the program. I'm almost positive they had no freshman or JV team this year as a 5A school. Demographics have changed quite a bit the last two decades in Goshen and Elkhart County, and if Coach Park (with all his ties to Goshen) was not able to build a foundation/pipeline for the football program... I'll be surprised who they can get to come in and do otherwise.
  9. I know you know this... but Div. I College roommate went to Upper Arlington, so I'll be pulling for the Golden Bears this week against your Eagles this Friday night! Depending on where the game is, I just might go.
  10. Good luck to the NLC Northridge Raiders! What an unbelievable turnaround in the postseason. Rolled through inferior opposition the first 4 weeks of the season only to go 1-4 the rest of the regular season, with those 4 losses by 33, 34, 33 and 44 points. Absolutely incredible job all around from the coaching staff to the players. I gave the Raiders ZERO chance against Leo two weeks ago, and they proved me wrong then. If they were able to stop the Lions, I think that proves they at least have a shot to hang around with the Cougars tonight.
  11. I have always said Chris Kramer of Purdue basketball lore was one of the best football athletes I ever saw when he played at Huntington North. Our sectional game against him his junior year, he never left the field. Stud QB, stud safety, stud kick/punt returner. He did it all. He's a guy that I think always gets lost in this conversation because of his location and the fact that they never had an amazing record, but if you saw him play, you knew he was just as good on the gridiron as he was on the hardwood.
  12. That is correct, for enrollment purposes. However, I think there has been some confusion on how Success Factor points will play into things since teams were moved up/down this year based on Success Factor points, even though enrollment changes did not happen. So now the question is... who moves based on that? And what is being calculated? The last three years post season totals? I do not think I have seen anything definitively state that.
  13. They actually have their student section there as well. They are at a lower level and the tilt of the bleachers is at a lower angle so they can stand and then not block the view of those sitting in the "upper" section. Genius actually.
  14. I know they are buliding a new high school, but did not think a new football stadium was part of that construction plan at this time. Could be wrong.
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