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  1. Rumor has it the Raiders will be starting their 3rd or 4th string QB tonight? Any awareness on that @NRRaider2001?
  2. Carroll at Dwenger - Should be a great game, one of the best in the state this week. Hard for me to see Dwenger losing back-to-back games at home, only reason I'm picking them. Would not be surprised at all to see the Chargers win. Concordia at Northrop - I dunno, I don't have a lot of faith in the Cadets here, but I also just think the Bruins are very inconsistent. I guess since Concordia beat South Side, and Northrop lost to the Archers, I'll use that to help make my decision. Luers at North Side - I feel like people WANT North Side to be good, but just do not see it. A few great athletes for sure, but not a complete team whatsoever. Luers should roll. Snider at Homestead - Hell of a schedule grind for the Spartans the last 3 weeks. Even though the Panthers have had an extra week off to prepare, I think Homestead wins rather convincingly. South Side at Wayne - the Generals HAVE to win this game to prove they have ANY chance at turning things around under Coach Haydock.
  3. Looking through what's on the docket this week, here are some games that I believe should be good ones! Ones I expect to be the "best" highlight up top. 6A Carroll (Fort Wayne) (3-1) @ 5A Fort Wayne Dwenger (3-1) 4A Leo (4-0) at 4A East Noble (3-0) 2A North Posey (4-0) at 3A Heritage Hills (3-1) 4A Northridge (4-0) at 6A Warsaw (3-1) 3A Owen Valley (4-0) at 4A Northview (3-0) 1A South Adams (4-0) at 1A Monroe Central (4-0) 2A Speedway (4-0) at 2A Monrovia (3-1) 5A Valparaiso (4-0) at 6A Chesterton (4-0) 6A Westfield (3-1) at 6A Hamilton Southeastern (4-0) 3A Brebeuf Jesuit (4-0) @ 4A Culver Academy (3-1) 1A Carroll (Flora) (4-0) @ 2A Eastern (Greentown) (3-1) 3A Danville (3-1) @ 3A Tri-West (4-0) 5A Decatur Central (3-1) @ 4A Mooresville (4-0) 4A Delta (3-1) @ 4A Mount Vernon (Fortville) (3-1) 6A Fishers (3-1) @ 6A Brownsburg (3-1) 5A Fort Wayne Snider (2-1) @ 6A Homestead (3-1) 3A Franklin County (3-1) @ 3A Lawrenceburg (3-1) 3A Garrett (3-1) @ 2A Eastside (4-0) 2A Indianapolis Scecina (3-1) @ 2A Heritage Christian (4-0) 4A Jasper (4-0) at 2A Evansville Mater Dei (3-1) 6A Lawrence North (3-0) at 6A Carmel (3-1) 2A Rensselaer Central (3-1) at 3A West Lafayette (4-0) 1A South Putnam (3-1) at 2A Eastern Hancock (3-1) 3A Tippecanoe Valley (4-0) at 1A North Judson (4-0) 1A Tri (3-1) @ 2A Centerville (3-0) Some great games all over the state tonight! Get out and support your local high school 😄
  4. I would not look at it as paying to post reactions or get rid of the ads. Instead, any and all donations go toward supporting this great forum's cost of upkeep so that it can continue to be used day after day, year after year. If we do not have the donations from our users, the site will no longer exist.
  5. Halftime of tonight's games represent the official midway point of the regular season. Always flies by! I went 3-1 last week on my predictions with my Tigers thankfully proving me wrong. 17-5 on the season in picks that mean nothing. Here are my uneducated guesses for Week 5. Concord (3-1, 2-0) at Goshen (2-2, 0-2): I think the RedHawks did a good job last week proving that they will at least be a respectable opponent the rest of this season. I have no doubt they should win later season contest against Plymouth and Wawasee, but the Minutemen are just the better team here. Concord's offense has been clicking more consistently the last two weeks to catch up with their defense. Concord by 14 Northridge (4-0, 2-0) at Warsaw (3-1, 2-0): Game of the week in the conference, and possibly one of the best games in the entire state tonight in the Lake City. The Raider defense will see their first test of the season after feasting on lesser opponents to start the schedule. They have gone 0-3 against Warsaw since Coach Curtis came to town with his Bart Ball offense, and their only 3 losses last season were against teams that pound the rock (Warsaw by 13, Mishawaka by 20, and Leo by 7). If they can force the Tiger offense into 3rd and longs and create turnovers, they can certainly win. However, I question what they can do on offense themselves. As stated, the teams they have played so far this season are not exactly defensive juggernauts, and the Warsaw defense showed up in a big way last week in the Princess City. Should be a great game at Fisher Field. Warsaw by 6 Plymouth (0-4, 0-2) at Mishawaka (3-1, 1-1): Someone had to lose last week, and the Cavemen just happened to be on that side of things. I am assuming the younger Fisher will still be starting at QB this week, and a matchup with the hapless Rockies is just what he needs to develop more experience and confidence under his belt. No reason to think this game will be close whatsoever. Mishawaka by 35 Wawasee (0-4, 0-2) at NorthWood (2-2, 1-1): The Panthers are still an intriguing team to me. They get one more warm-up game before a hellacious three game road trip against Northridge, Mishawaka and Warsaw. How'd that happen? Either way, their goal this week against the Warriors should be to come out healthy while getting Coach Andrews his 100th victory as a head coach. They will have plenty of say left in the NLC race. NorthWood by 21
  6. Tippecanoe Valley vs Rochester (Bell Game) has been cancelled due to Covid issues within Rochester's football program. The AP poll (3A) #9 Tippecanoe Valley Vikings (4-0) will now travel to AP poll (1A) #7 North Judson Bluejays after their highly anticipated game against AP poll (1A) Winamac (3-0) was cancelled due to Covid issues within the Warriors program.
  7. Teams ranked/receiving votes in polls after Week 4: 6A: Warsaw (RV - 12th AP only) 5A: Mishawaka (Ranked - 6th AP / Ranked - 8th Coaches) Concord (RV - 13th AP / RV - 14th Coaches) 4A: Northridge (Ranked - 7th AP / Ranked - 8th Coaches) NorthWood (RV - 13th Coaches only)
  8. Very random, but just an observation I made recently. First, I want to preface that I hope there are some viewers/guests to this thread that would consider creating an account to provide their own thoughts and opinions on the NLC. I say that because outside of a handful of users making posts, this thread is CRICKETS! However... even though there are few posting, this thread still gets a lot of views! Check this out. As of me writing this post: NLC - 2021 45 replies - 5.5k views Let's compare that to some other threads with a similar number of replies: Snider 2021 60 replies - 2k views New Pal headed back to 4A? 53 replies - 3.4k views Hoosier Conference 48 replies - 3.6k views Bishop Chatard at Cathedral 44 replies - 2.5k views Merrillville 41 replies - 1.5k views As you can see, we have plenty of people stopping by to check out what is being written about the NLC. Would love to see some more of those who are viewing give their own inputs 😄 Don't be afraid, we won't bite
  9. Reactions from Week 4: No surprise at all with the Concord and Northridge wins. No sense in beating a dead horse, but Plymouth and Wawasee are unbelievably bad this year. Quite possibly the worst teams in 4A. I had a bit of a feeling that Goshen might surprise us and keep it close with NorthWood, and they did just that. The Redhawks don't get to play Plymouth and Wawasee until the end of the season, but as long as they make it mostly healthy until then, they should end the season 4-5. The Panther Defense is the only thing that might be able to keep them around in upcoming games against Northridge, Mishawaka and Warsaw. Hats off to BOTH defenses of Mishawaka and Warsaw. What an absolute SLUGFEST of a second half that game was. I lost count how many possessions were played back to back with each offense going for it on 4th down, only for the opposing defense to stuff them. It felt like the entire second half of the game was played between the 20 and 40 yard line on the Warsaw side of the field. All it took was for one of the teams to finally break through, and that is what happened for the Tigers. Still, the Cavemen defense held Warsaw to a 4th and Goal situation and the Tigers decided to go with the freshman kicker to boot the game winning field goal. Incredible high school football game. *Side note - also really cool that both the Mishawaka and Warsaw coaching staffs wore T-shirts in memory of the late Mishawaka assistant defensive coach Gregg "Smitty" Smith who died this past spring. Really cool to see.
  10. Went 4-0 last week, but 3 of those were gimmies. Picks are 14-4 on the season. Onto my Week 4 uneducated predictions: Concord (2-1, 1-0) at Wawasee (0-3, 0-1): echoing what has been already said on this thread this week. Things do not look good in Syracuse right now. Taking less than 30 kids to Middlebury last week, and the coach mentioning the possibility of cancelling gams in the future? Bleak outlook. Even worse, the Minutemen have a pretty stout defense, and the Warriors have only scored 2 touchdowns all year... Concord by 28 Goshen (2-1, 0-1) at NorthWood (1-2, 0-1): If the Redhawks want to prove they are not pretenders this year, this would be the game to show it. The Panthers are tough, but down from years past. However, I still believe Fairfield and SB Clay are awful and Goshen's game last week against Mishawaka did nothing to inspire me. Has potential for a good game depending on how both teams bounce back from losses last week... NorthWood by 15 Northridge (3-0, 1-0) at Plymouth (0-3, 0-1): You know things are bad when you decided to completely overhaul your offensive scheme in Week 3. Maybe after another week of practice, the Pilgrims have made some progress, but when I tell you last week might have been one of the worst NLC teams I have personally witnessed, sheesh. This one will get ugly early as the Raiders have another tune up before heading to the Lake City next week... Northridge by 35 Warsaw (2-1, 1-0) at Mishawaka (3-0, 1-0): Game of the week for sure in the conference, and one of the better games in the state honestly. A homecoming for Coach Curtis in the now annual battle of "Bart Ball" in the NLC. A lot depends on if the elder Fisher is playing QB tonight for the Cavemen. I believe I heard he is unfortunately out, but do not have confirmation. The big difference here will be DEFENSE. Obviously, both teams face this same offense each and every day in practice, so neither team will be unprepared. One thing I look at, who has improved from last year? That goes to the Cavemen. Last year they gave up 44 to Marian and 35 to Elkhart before giving up 40 to Warsaw. This year? Only 16 to Marian, 0 to Elkhart, and 7 to Goshen. The Tigers are still very susceptible to giving up big plays (and points). My heart tells me Warsaw, but my gut says the home team in a close game... Mishawaka by 6
  11. Following up - the Channel 46 Sports crew did confirm on the broadcast this was a new offense for Plymouth to run last week.
  12. Pretty sure SB Washington and LaVille are teams that are OUT because of Covid, so neither of those options would be available for Snider.
  13. I did not see the offense that Plymouth ran in Week 1 and Week 2, but yes in fact last week against Warsaw, they tried running some variation of the triple option. I was surprised to see it as well, and you could tell the kids did not seem comfortable in it, specifically the linemen. I couldn't tell you how many times I saw their QB or a running back getting hit behind the scrimmage by the Tigers, and darn near every Plymouth lineman was standing there looking back. Last week's game was the Channel 46 GOTW. You can watch it here:
  14. NLC Teams ranked/receiving votes in polls after Week 3: 5A: Mishawaka (Ranked - 4th AP / Ranked - 7th Coaches) Concord (RV - 15th AP only) 4A: Northridge (Ranked - 7th AP / RV - 11th Coaches)
  15. Reactions from Week 3: No surprises really. I would bet 3 of the 4 games last week, everyone and their mother would have picked Mishawaka, Warsaw, and Northridge to win. All 3 teams looked superior over teams that are obviously behind in talent. The Cavemen dominated Goshen with the brothers Fisher. I hope Justin is healed up and healthy for this week's game. Northridge completely overran the short-handed Warriors. Coach Reutebuch commented after the game how they only had 28 kids on the trip to Middleburry and hinted at having to cancel games in the future. That does not sound good. Warsaw raced out to a 29-0 lead in the first quarter against quite possibly one of the worst high school football teams I have ever seen. I knew things were rough in Plymouth, but sheesh, they might need to be called the Pilgrims the rest of this season. What everyone predicted, the Concord vs. NorthWood game was without a doubt the best of the week. What a start for the Minutemen and comeback by the Panthers. Love that NorthWood decided to go for 2 in OT, and what a way for the home team to stuff that attempt to win their Homecoming game. With all that being said, nothing really changes from my previous weekly recap/reactions. Mishawaka is still the team to beat IMO, especially if the older Fisher is healthy. I would say Northridge has overtaken that #2 spot for now, especially when you look at points scored by SB Adams and SB St Joe in their games not played against the Raider defense. Warsaw is obviously right there with those two, but cannot make any mistakes early against the Cavemen or Raiders. Concord is certainly right in the mix as well. They've got a solid defense in their own right and face NLC cupcakes Wawasee and Goshen the next two weeks. Goshen, Plymouth and Wawasee... I don't know what to say. The Redhawks are probably at the top of the list here and could possibly end up with a 4-5 regular season record with victories over these two squads. I cannot image either the Warriors or Rockies winning a game this season with the exception of whoever wins the NLC Toilet Bowl on September 24th in Week 6.
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