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  1. You literally commented on it no less than 2 weeks ago? And before your spam of conference threads you created, I'm almost positive it was on the first page, because I found it on the 2nd page behind all the new ones you started up.
  2. According to who? I don't need some badge/nameplate to recognize myself as a conference thread driver. I do it because I enjoy it, not for some meaningless forum title. I am all for promoting Indiana high school football and driving engagement and conversations, but this was honestly a bit absurd/ridiculous.
  3. Thanks for joining up @BL! Glad to have another NLCer in the fold. As well - anyone that wants to discuss the NLC 2022 season - use this thread! Absolutely zero reason for @DT to anoint himself the tsar of this forum and creating new threads for every conference, especially those conferences that already have an existing thread going.
  4. Well - which is it? The southern part or western part of the state? (said in complete jest) Definitely agree this is very cool. Curious about what other areas in the state have something similar? There was like a few years there was something in South Bend a few years back that I don't think ever took off. It comprised the greater Michiana area into 4 regions I believe. Something like Michigan, South Bend, East, and West and it was for every sport under the sun it felt like. I can't find anything on it online right now, but maybe someone else will remember what I'm talking about here.
  5. I am assuming then based on that information that the game was played in Terre Haute, somewhere on Indiana State's campus?
  6. What teams are considered for this All Star game? Where was it held? Also - any of the young men planning to play at the next level?
  7. Yet - they somehow found a way to get it done. And part of that was due to their offense finding an identify and becoming more consistent, which is the point I was making for this upcoming year's "predictions" for the conference race.
  8. Considering there are 6 other teams not named Warsaw or Wawasee in the NLC? Yes, the Warriors should remain in the NLC. I do not believe Warsaw needs to change their conference affiliation whatsoever. Bart Ball offense is all about repetition and perfecting that repetition. It doesn't matter if it's run against Wawasee or Warren Central. If the Tigers are ever to make a deep tournament run in 6A football, it will be due to their execution of that offense, not because Wawasee left the NLC. I would say Warsaw and Mishawaka are co-favorites. The Tigers bring back plenty of experience, no more so important than their QB. In Bart Ball offense, that is key. Similarly, the Cavemen will have a junior QB who gained plenty of experience last season as a sophomore filling in for his injured brother. Northridge will be right there IMO. They have a good defensive scheme and unit, and I believe their tournament run last year helped them gain a little bit of confidence and identity on the offensive side of things that went ghost mode at times during the regular season. Concord is the defending conference champs, and are always in the equation. However, I believe they lost quite a bit from last season. Still dangerous though and wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to see them up at the top. NorthWood has seemingly lost their edge after their State Championship Runner-Up finish now six seasons ago. They are .500 over the last two years, and I am honestly not sure what to expect from the Panthers. They could surprise due to their offense, but the Black Crunch defense will need to show up this season. Goshen will come around over the next few years under Coach Wogomon, but I do not expect any sort of magic wand to be waved in his first season for the Redhawks. Would love to see them challenging again in the NLC. Wawasee and Plymouth will be at the bottom again. Based off the last few years, I'll give the slight edge to the Warriors over the Rockies, if only due to the fact that Plymouth is going through a significant coaching change. Coach Barron leaving painted a pretty rough portrait of what is going on in the land of blueberries. As well, I don't know Coach Handley, but it's not like he turned Wabash around during his four season there. I wish him nothing but the best.
  9. The son of a coaches kid - I remember getting on the GID often on Friday nights and Saturday mornings in the early 2000s. As well, getting the new edition of the yearly Indiana Football Digest to comb through season after season. My only time meeting TA was that late spring before my senior year when he came to Warsaw to get pictures and interviews, stats, etc for next seasons digest. Growing up, I couldn't wait to get my name and picture included. I will always remember meeting him that day.
  10. https://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/news media/2021-22/062322.BasketballFormat.pdf The Committee approved modified restrictions on Indiana schools competing against schools from beyond the 300-mile travel limit. IHSAA schools will now be able to participate against out-of-state schools from beyond the 300-mile limit as long as they are in good standing with their state association, the venue is within the 300 mile limit, is and is sanctioned by the NFHS and IHSAA. Also, Indiana schools may now host out-of-state schools in Indiana from beyond the 300-mile limit as long as they are a member in good standing with their own state association and the event is sanctioned by the NFHS and IHSAA.
  11. Wawasee is 4A for what it's worth and about 150 students above the largest 3A school. There are 18 schools in 4A with a smaller enrollment than the Warriors.
  12. Warsaw Boys and Warsaw Girls win the 2021-2022 All Sports Trophies Some interesting notes Ooooof - Wawasee athletics program as a whole. Both boys and girls finished in last place overall. For their boys programs, they were last in the NLC in 4 of the 10 sports. Goshen was a nice surprise in 2nd place on the Boys side. I guess I don't know how previous years have gone, but I know it is usually Warsaw, Northridge and Concord that seem to battle it out for the top spot. Goshen was the outright Cross Country champ and had Co-Champ status in Tennis and Baseball. Mishawaka struggled in the "country club" sports of Tennis, Golf and Swimming in both their boys and girls programs. Just interesting to see both struggle in the same sports. Final note - did not realize Gymnastics was not an official conference sport apparently. It is recognized by the IHSAA, but I'm assuming not every NLC school has a team or something?
  13. I believe initially it was a 4 year cycle for Success Factor, but then it was changed to the 2 year cycle. I believe the 2 year cycle is better. Imagine a small 1A school that isn't private school has an amazing class of athletes that win a sectional (1pt), regional (2pts) then State title (4pts). That's 7 points now accumulated. But then they graduate. The 4 classes behind them have to play up a class their entire high school careers because of a once in a lifetime run from their small community. 2 year cycle has been a better change in my opinion.
  14. I actually don't 100% disagree with you when it comes to the fact that some schools probably should look at contracting their football programs, or at least look to moving to the new 6-man/8-man football (can't remember which it is) that is coming to Indiana. However - it's just a little tired at this point. Serious question, how many threads have you started concerning this topic? Like, we get it. Those who will agree with you, agree. Those who do not, disagree. I don't think anyone's mind is getting changed at this point because it's been discussed ad nauseum.
  15. More recently, the former NORTHRIDGE coach from 2013-2020 after coaching Wawasee from 2007-2012. Another side note - Coach Wogomon is a Goshen alumnus. Best of luck to him turning things around for the Redskins Redhawks
  16. You're hopeless. There is no sense going round and round with you here. You win? lol
  17. You must be extremely dense. You literally said it yourself. They are the two PRIMARY factors, not ONLY factors. Those two factors, enrollment and SES, are the foundation of potential success for a football program at the high school level in Indiana. It does not guarantee success if a school finds itself in a good spot with both, nor does it guarantee failure if a school finds itself in a bad spot with both.
  18. @Footballking16 Geezus Chryst who peed in your Cheerios this morning? All I did was provide some context and stats around this discussion that has been had time and time again on this thread. You need to lighten up Francis. But since you asked, my point would be that both enrollment and SES or F/R lunch statistics are the two biggest indicators of whether or not a school can field a successful program. Obviously they are not THE ONLY things in play (as @temptation has stated also), but you are doing everything you can to try and dismiss them entirely it seems. My opinion is that being in the top half of enrollment a school's class is the first major indicator of whether or not that school can have a successful football program. It is an automatic advantage if this is the case. The next indicator is SES of the school. Do you have a small or large portion of F/R lunch? If your SES indicators are on the lower end, that is the next step in the right direction for being set up to have a successful football program. Then there are many other factors after those two that make an impact that can also help overcome shortfalls in either of those two indicators initially.
  19. This conversation has been had many times before. Look up the thread "Unsuccessful Programs" . Here's some data I provided previously:
  20. https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/northrop-hires-bowen-as-head-football-coach/
  21. I know I could probably just Google it... but who was hired? Why not post the name or a link to the new hire?
  22. Obviously biased here - but the Michigan City at Warsaw game should be a good one to start the season after it has been moved up from the second week slot. This is the 4th game of the series, with the Wolves holding a 2-1 edge. Michigan City will look to start strong in their follow up to a semi-state run in 5A last year, while Warsaw has high expectations going into this season bringing back a lot of experience on both sides of the ball, including their QB, which is vital in the Bart Ball offense.
  23. Decatur Central, Plainfield and Whiteland are about as close as you can get. You can throw in Franklin as well, but that is starting to stretching it
  24. If it hasn't been made clear already, Northridge without a doubt is the school that will continue to push Warsaw athletically across all sports. For at least a decade or more now, the Raiders and Tigers have been the two schools battling it out for the All-Conference trophy, and there is no reason to think it won't continue to be those two schools moving forward. Two pieces of amazing news for the Northridge and Middlebury community! Outstanding!
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