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  1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/highschool/2019/09/17/how-arizona-high-school-coach-caught-leaking-game-plans-football/2354978001/ The amazing thing is that it took until 2018, as I read this, for someone to reach out and tell the school that was being hurt by the leaks.
  2. I can't identify exactly what's going on with BD right now other than they've been pretty inconsistent. I don't have a good feeling about Friday night, but, if there's ever a time to put your foot in the turf and say no more...it would be Friday. I'll still be in and with the purple win or lose.
  3. It should be noted that they did beat.. Warren, North Central, Pike (then Conference Indiana), and Center Grove to make it to state where they beat Snider.
  4. I know Ben Davis has contracted officials years in advance. Is it possible something like that has fallen through the cracks?
  5. BD is not responding to adversity very well. Had the chance to be in the lead at halftime, but the pick six on the first possession of the second half seemed to devastate the team. Friday night will be a major challenge...hoping we have something for WC.
  6. 6A is wide open. Might be the year for someone outside the MIC to take it.
  7. I'd say Center Grove is the most deceptive 0-3 team I've seen in a while. They're playing good defense, and I think we all know why the offense is struggling a bit.
  8. 57-11 (including the 1-2 start this year) with 4 Sectionals, 4 Regionals, and 2 Semi-State Titles. Yeah, horrible program. 🙄
  9. Good on you then. Just know that what you heard is not accurate. Have a great day.
  10. I flipped that first score around. Give me Ben Davis 17-14.
  11. I voted them #1 simply because I think they've been the most consistent team thus far. I still think Warren may be the #1 squad, but that will shake itself out later.
  12. "There has been plenty of talk here by me about Penn possibly going independent..." There, I fixed it for you.
  13. And I won't deny this. You can ask anyone (heck, even DT) about my integrity though. I'll let my 13 years on this board as a member stand for itself.
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