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  1. Coach Simmons was the Chair of the Heath/PE/JROTC Department. Coach Kirschner taught business before moving into that same role. Coach Allen and Coach Dullaghan also were business teachers.
  2. Looking forward to seeing what Coach Mann can do on the Westside. He certainly has a sterling resume with some of the people he's worked with and the success he's had. Pumped for August!
  3. Indy resident. I live on the Southwest side. That area needs development. $1 billion seems really excessive, but I hope it works out. That area of town just west of Lucas Oil Stadium needs it.
  4. Just informal conversations with a handful of folks.
  5. From the info I have, CG dropped BD in both boys and girls basketball and not the other way around. Not sure about other sports such as baseball, softball etc. It's also my understanding that CG returns to the football schedule in 2024 in week #4, but that obviously could change. I know that's why Penn disappeared from BD's schedule. They dropped the Giants for two years to play Mishawaka due to the conference rotation and then, by the time they were ready to pick BD back up, the Giants had signed a longterm deal with Pike. When Pike became a conference rival, Avon stepped in. But.......it's a beautiful Monday out so I'm going to go do something outside.
  6. John gets the schedules from ADs or SIDs. He waits for them to come in.
  7. You can always say my name if you want to get my attention. If you go back, my comments were based upon how the relationship with former MIC-mates has not frosted so much towards the school to the north. Context is important, but I know that's difficult for some. But, it's really easy to tag people @Bash Riprock. Then you get a little notification.
  8. So, you actually think IMG was a downgrade from Center Grove, @temptation, or are you just trolling more than normal?
  9. I didn't know if that was the exact reason. That he is. I'd hardly call IMG a downgrade from Center Grove. I can't speak to Warren's schedule. I do know in both cases that the coaches have been vocal about keeping the schools on the schedule. BD had an opportunity to schedule IMG on a one-year deal and took it, but the 2024 schedule has Center Grove on it. That could obviously change though. BD picks up Cathedral once Moeller drops off and Carmel doesn't drop off, so I'd hardly call it a weak schedule.
  10. And why did those four BD coaches leave? Dick Dullaghan (retirement) Tom Allen (Wabash assistant coaching opportunity) Mike Kirschner (stated reason was burnout...but was then pursued by Mt. Vernon) Jason Simmons (Likely college assistant coaching job at MAC program that's his alma mater) Warren's coaches Shelbourne ?? Wright (Left for Jenks Oklahoma) Tutsie (Had a vision after reading Tony Dungy's book...and a losing season) Hart (Unceremoniously left seemingly unamicably) Tutsie (Awful year) West (Move to Franklin Central to be closer to home) Kirschner...
  11. Coach Simmons has not announced anything official, but the tea leaves say he's headed to Miami of Ohio as a running backs coach. Coach Simmons is a Miami graduate and played there under Terry Hoeppner. As far as the talent goes, yes, Ben Davis is very talented and will return several players next season.
  12. If true, this is Coach Simmons' alma mater. He played there under Terry Hoeppner. I am so thrilled for coach. He's truly a great man who has such a big heart. He cares about his players very much, and they absolutely love him. I know this is being really taken very hard by the players in the BD program, but I think they understand that this was an opportunity that Coach Simmons couldn't pass up. Now, we'll see who's up next at BD. Cupboard is loaded for a deep run into the state tournament. I would assume this will attract some big name applicants as well as those who served as assistants back to Dick Dullaghan's era.
  13. I'd love that. I said what I said. Jim Inskeep has kept a good relationship with the MIC. Can't speak for Center Grove.
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