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  1. As I said on the other thread... "If the horse is dead...get off the horse." --Bob Knight.
  2. "If the horse is dead...get off the horse." --Bob Knight
  3. I've asked around. Sounds like Fishers got a good coach and a good man. Congratulations to Coach Funk.
  4. Yes, McCutcheon, Lafayette Jeff, and Harrison were all once in the HCC. I believe it was over travel, wasn't it?
  5. He's always been good to me personally and professionally. He did also award me the IHSAA Distinguished Media Award for District 2 a few years back. That was something that totally caught me by surprise as I totally did not expect it. Totally humbled and appreciative of that honor. I haven't always agreed with his decisions, but I think he has done much for high school sports in Indiana. I think that the IHSAA Champions Network will be part of his legacy as well as the Champions Together program. I wish him well. I hope the next Commissioner brings some new ideas, though. I hope specifically that this individual takes a good look at the State Tournament Series in each sport and listens to good ideas from around the state on how to improve each one.
  6. I assume the usual suspects will be back at the top of the MIC. I think Center Grove should be awfully good.
  7. Point was that Cathedral is not your normal 1,200 enrollment school.
  8. Did you seriously type that with a straight face? I mean...seriously?
  9. 5/8 of the MIC has red or dark red in their color scheme. Center Grove, NC, Pike, LC, and LN.
  10. I nominate Ben Davis for the MIC because...Ben Davis.
  11. Good luck to him. I will be interested to see how this goes for him.
  12. Fun offseason topic What if the IHSAA playoffs were a NCAA Bowl Subdivision type playoff system? Who would your four teams have been for the playoff either outright (no class system), from your favorite class, or all classes from this last season and what other teams would be in your big bowl games.
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