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  1. You continue to look at this through a high school sports prism. The issue won't be whether or not they are isolated or want to fit into a conference. It will be funding and whether or not they can afford, as a district, to keep all the schools they have open with less funding.
  2. Three of the best AD's I've ever worked with have been women. Alice Underwood at Franklin Central, Priscilla Dillow and Heather McGowan at Ben Davis
  3. I think the Terre Hautes are an interesting topic. Do you really think they'll further split into another school? More likely they'll consolidate into one school. I don't want to have to figure out which ones survive, but I think this is much more the trend in these communities rather than splitting into another 3A.
  4. Hard for a Highland guy to put up Giants Stadium. Much appreciated.
  5. Curry's skills and instincts are among the best I've seen in a high school situation. Plenty of time to fill out.
  6. It was a very tragic situation. The story is absolutely heartbreaking. https://fox59.com/indiana-news/family-releases-identity-of-indianapolis-siblings-killed-in-campground-accident-how-you-can-honor-them/
  7. Not sure what you mean here. I'm Jon Easter. Good to meet you.
  8. That's Aaron Pitman. He has been a finalist for a number of professional PA jobs (most recently the Pacers and the New Jersey Devils). He announces for BD, North Central, Anderson, and several other schools. It's what he does, and he is really good. Thanks for noticing. I'll pass this along to him.
  9. The Center Grove series has gotten away from BD in the last few years, no question. But the BD/Carmel series remains extremely tight. 12-12 (BD) HOME 10-12 (Carmel) AWAY 2-0 (BD) NEUTRAL 24-24 SERIES The series was 10-9 Carmel at the founding of the MIC. So, since 1996, it's 15-14 BD. Since 2000, the series is 12-12.
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