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  1. I heard an urban legend that Penn at one point was contacted by Ben Davis and a handful of others about forming a conference like the MIC before the MIC. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard it.
  2. Center Grove is in Sectional 8. That means that they are south per the IHSAA.
  3. Pike/BD/Avon/Brownsburg should be the Sectional. Huge gates. It never should have changed, but Carmel had to go south and somewhere. Personally, I think they fit more with LN/LC/NC, but that leaves Warren without a spot. I mean, it could be Warren, Tech, Perry, and Southport...The whole IHSAA policy of keeping schools in the same district in the same Sectional locks in a few scenarios.
  4. Tim Adams would be a nice feature. We all miss the big fella. TA was the best.
  5. That won't make a difference in that Sectional...or it shouldn't.
  6. Agree. Tremendous advantage for Center Grove to not have to play an extra game potentially while Warren has three other MIC teams to contend with in their Sectional. Same deal for the benefactor of this up in Sectional 3. Waltz to the Sectional title game while the other two duke it out on the other side.
  7. If you need any help on BD, I've got a history file I can share with you.
  8. Ben Davis does too! Great theater and drama program. Great choir and band and ROTC. There's lots here along with a world-class career center...just like North Central.
  9. Washington Central would be the township name + Central. I'm thinking since there was already George Washington HS in Indy they probably went with North Central instead. In the 1990's, Wayne Township opened an elementary school and had a naming competition. They chose...North Wayne.
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