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  1. Very sad news from the Center Grove community as longtime PA Announcer Jason Mueller has passed away after a long and tough battle with cancer. He was a great announcer, teacher, and father. Condolences to his family and friends. Rest in Peace, sir. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2021/05/14/center-grove-pa-announcer-jason-mueller-fights-colon-cancer/5018903001/
  2. Why would I start naming other programs? If I say well, BD has the advantage in coaching vs. X Team. Then that's a subjective judgement. I'm not familiar with what goes on exactly at all the other programs in the MIC. I'm not 100 percent sure what, for example, LC is fighting right now. You want to start a tit-for-tat, hot take back-and-forth that would force me to start throwing other programs under the bus, and I refuse to do it. Why make our guy look better by trashing someone else? All I know is that the last two years the Giants were left for dead, and they ended up in the Semi-Stat
  3. He's won everywhere he's been. He's led two different programs to State Championships and has a career record of 25-3 in MIC play when he coached in the league.
  4. CG and BD both have advantages in that they don't have high hurdles to climb to win Sectional. We'll see how the year develops.
  5. People used to say the same thing about Mike Kirschner...until he won two State Championships. It may not be evident to you, but Jason is a good football coach. I'm not going to throw other coaches under the bus so that we can play hot take Thursday. Well, they'll likely see a MIC team in Regional and Semi-State too.
  6. All depends on the start of the season. The MIC, other than Center Grove, is pretty much within hailing distance of each other for 2-3-4-5. I think Carmel, BD, Warren, LN, and NC are all right there in no particular order. Pike is coming on fast, too. I think you could see anywhere from 8-1 to 4-5 without the team being that bad this year. The Sectional is what it is, so you play it out. There have been years where BD had to pick its way through a loaded field, too.
  7. We'll have high school football game action to talk about in one month...August 20!
  8. Couldn't care less of the denomination of the university.
  9. Assuming this was moved from North Central because of construction?
  10. I think that would be great. Would take some effort in the scheduling dept. Everyone thinks that the conferences are some monolith, but you're dealing with individual schools and scheduling contracts.
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