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  1. Biased, I admit. 1 BD 2 Carmel 3 WC 4 CG 5 Zionsville 6 Merrillville 7 Homestead 8 Warsaw
  2. The 2002 Regional game was the last game played with the visitors on the now home side. The field was a nice lobster bisque that night. I remember walking on it. My word it was soupy.
  3. My gut says Warren Central wins this one, but I have no idea why more than a feeling. I think this game is ultimately a coin flip. Give me Warren...but my confidence is low on that prediction.
  4. The Giants head north to the frozen tundra of Boone County to play the Zionsville Eagles. Thoughts on this matchup? The Giants won the only meeting between these two in 2011, 34-10. I'd be happy with a repeat of that one.
  5. Since the student lunch program must be self-sustaining, no tax dollars were harmed in the making of that sushi.
  6. I don't think people were as outraged that BD and Warren played in Sectional in 2017 and 2018 as they were that Ben Davis and Warren were in the SAME Sectional in 2017 and 2018. BD also played LC in 2017. BD belongs with Pike, Avon, and Brownsburg in Sectional. Period. Until they seed the tournament (NEVER) we'll keep getting these funky Sectional alignments.
  7. I seem to remember a very good football game between Center Grove and Warren in week 1 too.
  8. At their best, I think they are the best team left in 6A. They have to keep playing at this level, though. It's been a remarkable year. Very proud of the Giants no matter what happens from here on out.
  9. Heck, I'm on record as to thinking BD was practically done after week four's loss to Center Grove. I've never seen a Ben Davis team resurrect itself in quite this way. They were going nowhere fast, but Coach Simmons has done a tremendous job along with his staff. Those kids believe in him, and he believes in them.
  10. My prognosticating scores were wrong, and I shouldn't have bought Penn.
  11. Dietrich Memorial Field...grew up around that place. My pops was a VP at Ripple from '79-'97.
  12. I respect the heck out of Warren, but I just don't see them stomping anyone in the MIC at this point. I think they win, but I think this is a 28-14 or so game. I think LN stays in it. I'm just not impressed with WC's offense, overall past Mr. Wells. Warren's defense is really solid. I'll take Penn in Sectional 2, Homestead in 3. Other than that, I agree with the rest of your picks. Merrillville 28, Crown Point 20 Penn 14, Warsaw 7 Homestead 35, Carroll 31 Carmel 28, Westfield 17 Brownsburg 35, Zionsville 7 Ben Davis 42, Southport 7 Warren Central 28, Lawrence North 14 Center Grove 24, Franklin Central 3
  13. I was shocked that Carroll handled Snider so easily.
  14. My only quarrel with John is that he doesn't recognize forfeits. If he's the official arbiter of history and stats, I think that's a weakness. I've had debates with him on this. He believes that it's what happened on the field/floor. In the rare case of the double forfeit...he just says the game never happened. His work though...underappreciated and revolutionary. I have no idea how we operated before (even though we did).
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