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  1. You've been great picking these games this year. Much better than I have been. Carmel at LC-Boy you said it there. Coach Patterson has done a great job. LC is the little team that could this year. Speedy speedy speedy! Carmel's too good though. I think the Hounds win it in the neighborhood of your score. Center Grove at Cathedral-I still fail to understand why either team schedules this game the final game of the regular season. It's a big game and certainly there will be hard hitting and the potential for season-changing injury on either side in a game that means little for conference or even class bragging rights. That said, I get the feeling this one comes down to the final possession again. Low scoring on grass and on a rainy evening. I'll take the Grove 14-13. North Central at Ben Davis-The Giants are getting healthier and better at the right time and finally figured out how to close out somebody last week. North Central got the win over Pike. I think they have their biggest offensive showing to date, but it's not enough to stop the Giants (although the weather could hold the score down). Ben Davis 35-North Central 20 Pike at Lawrence North-The Red Devils continue to try to find traction. It's not happening this week. LN 24, Pike 7.
  2. I like all the thought you put into this! I also like your plan for the SAC.
  3. You might end up with open holes. What's better? Don't play some week or play a game?
  4. LN just gets it done. Their defense really is sneaky good and Cooper is a true talent. Richardson makes them go too. The one that really matters comes later in the season. Not doubting them anymore.
  5. Scheduling is not as easy as you might think. At least with a slate full of conference games, you don't have to fill the other ones.
  6. I know the result didn't show it, but I think the Giants are turning a corner. Young defense is still giving up too many big plays, but I saw some things out of them on Friday that were really encouraging. BD is still a couple of plays from being 4-3. Giants win at LC, 42-14. Lawrence North may have one of the best defenses in the MIC that no one knows about. That said, it won't matter against Center Grove. CG 45, LN 14 Pike showed against WC that they can be a better team than they've shown. Pike 21, NC 7 Warren Central's loss to LN shocked me. I guess it shouldn't have. LN is a good team. I think Warren pulls the upset over the Hounds. 35-28.
  7. James was Mr. Football at DB and QB. Yes. He played defense. He also punted his jr. year.
  8. We had a play like this in the Ben Davis/Pike game. The young man from Ben Davis picked up a Pike player and tackled him like that. He didn't get ejected. Just an unnecessary roughness call. He literally didn't know he couldn't do it.
  9. That BD team finished in the top 20 in the country that year and is often forgotten about as one of the great BD squads. Tom Allen's defense was brutal and James Banks on offense was sensational. As memory serves, it was still a game in the fourth quarter.
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