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  1. I miss the BD/Penn rivalry. I know it was one sided in results, but those games were always close. A few plays here and there, it's an even series.
  2. Sometimes you schedule what you can. Ben Davis played Tech for several years until Brownsburg finally came on the schedule.
  3. The MaxPreps schedule is often not reliable. The authority on scheduling in Indiana is johnharrell.net.
  4. Ben Davis is hosting IMG Academy on September 8, but that's been well-documented.
  5. He wanted to be a head coach. He was a finalist at BD. He's going to get a lot of support from folks. I think students will buy in. You're right though, Tech's a challenge. I quoted the wrong person. Was replying to @temptation
  6. I think Coach Gamble will be committed to it.
  7. https://twitter.com/KyleNeddenriep/status/1650532740880531459?s=20 Tech has hired Jerdson Gamble as their HC. Coach Gamble is a fantastic person and coach who will do a fantastic job with the Titans.
  8. Tech has not had an AD for a while (appointed one in the last couple of weeks), so I would assume that might be a factor.
  9. That I don't know. I did not ask about his teaching assignment(s).
  10. After several conversations with Coach Mann, I really am excited for the 2023 season. I think he's going to do a great job as a head coach.
  11. Coach Simmons was the Chair of the Heath/PE/JROTC Department. Coach Kirschner taught business before moving into that same role. Coach Allen and Coach Dullaghan also were business teachers.
  12. Looking forward to seeing what Coach Mann can do on the Westside. He certainly has a sterling resume with some of the people he's worked with and the success he's had. Pumped for August!
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