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  1. I thought the officiating was pretty good in the state game with the one glaring miss. I'm sure that official knows he missed it and probably feels worse than most. It happens. He's human.
  2. I believe that Eric Moore and Craig Buzea are already there and John Hart is in the Illinois HOF.
  3. Can someone please tell CalPreps that Ben Davis is the full name of the school? I've tried. MaxPreps finally got it right a few years ago. Ben Davis is named after a place which was named after a person. It's like Jim Thorpe, PA, for example. You wouldn't put Central (Warren) or Grove (Center) on there. OK, back to my Thanksgiving nap.
  4. I've heard rumors that BD will be in their purple on Saturday.
  5. Good point, but there are a few. Mark Zackery IV is one example at BD.
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AwtBtCgBk66eA6FdqCRgJkXlNc4dV4yQmA8W33_qn7c/edit?usp=sharing There's the current update.
  7. How far back would we push wrestling, basketball and even swimming if there are boys that wish to play those sports that also play football.
  8. 58-38-3 Warren... It was 31-13-3 when Dullaghan took over. Dullaghan cut it to 39-29-3 before losing his last two. So, it was 41-29-3 when he retired. You're right. This rivalry has been really good recently. Several games in the last 10 years decided by less than a TD...regardless of which team was the better one.
  9. I don't know. I sure hope not from a broadcast perspective, I dislike the black jerseys.
  10. 1996 🤬 Westfield was a big underdog and nearly pulled off the win too...I know...not really a northern team. I don't know how to quantify it. I'm just looking at what Crown Point has done. They're destroying people they should destroy. I think Coach Buzea is a good football coach. I'm trying to give them credit for what they've done. I don't think folks should think this is going to be 63-14 again. Of course, if I'm wrong, I'd be happy to have you point it out.
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