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  1. Bob. On behalf of the GID.... I'd like to line up with you and get an "Alabama Drill" to STIFLE your reminders of Saint Edward's dominance.... Are you in?
  2. Pretty sure that the 'renting' of a field via the FWCS had a lot of other considerations that lead to their not playing at a particular locale. I officiated the game in question. I think that I may have an insight that you don't. Just sayin....
  3. Well that's kinda strange....Blackhawk played their home games at Bowser Field.
  4. Why would Bellmont separate themselves from the rivals that they have cultivated for years, merely to 'win' a few more FB games vs. lower classified competition? Makes absolutely no sense. As far as the other schools that you reference outside of the NE8...they play them on a regular basis anyway. @HoopsCoach absolutely ON POINT! Couldn't have said it better myself...and I didn't. 🙂
  5. Bellmont is too far invested in the NE8. Football will eventually come back around. Perhaps not to the State level days of yore.....but they WILL be impactful again. As for Blackford....the Southern Wells situation has a lot of impact on who/what/where they will be soon. Let's see what that School Corporation becomes in the ensuing years.
  6. I agree that the ACAC wouldn't "blindly" accept ANY team at this point, or in the future (with regards to FB). But the OTHER sports (Men's and Women's)? ALA: Carroll/Homestead vis a vis the SAC in Football/Basketball.... it's an intriguing addition...is it not? Back to the 11-man FB situation.... A Blackhawk FB team playing the bulk of the ACAC at this time would be equivalent to Southern Wells at this time in the conference. And I mean no insult to the Raiders; But it's hard times for them currently. They WILL/WOULD take their lumps! I can see Blackhawk formulating a schedule of a mixture of ACAC teams, NECC teams, unaffiliated IHSAA teams and perhaps smaller schools from Ohio in the near future to begin their program. Bellmont is not leaving the NE8! Angola's main issue is their proximity to the bulk of the NE8 schools with regards to the OTHER sports outside of FB. Just as Garrett had when they left the NECC.....they (Garrett-Keiser-Butler school system) saw the cost of sports transportation explode in order to participate in the other sports from the Freshman and JV levels and below. I would prefer that Angola (as with the situation that Carroll/Homestead have with the SAC).... become a pseudo-NE8 member in the 2 Major sports of that conference. I think they could/would be a great addition to the conference. The down-side to this situation, is that that puts the NE8 one step closer to becoming a 'closed-conference'. Would only leave 1 week for out of conference games. I am fairly certain that at this point in time, the P/P argument as it relates to Blackhawk in FB....is moot! Maybe in 10 years or so, the Allen County metro area schools that you reference would have a valid argument...but not now! At least in FB.
  7. I honestly don't think so at this time. They are decent in Soccer, and unless they see a FB program as being a step forward with both attendance and the revenue generated from it, then do that. But they don't need to build upon the soccer field to get it to accommodate both programs. Their best bet for the time being is to reach out and schedule FB on the off weeks of a local school and rent out that field.
  8. At the "lower levels"....7th and 8th grade, Blackhawk Christian has already been fielding 11-man teams. So there is a template in the ensuing years for them to participate beyond 8-man. (I believe) They played their 8-man schedule at Snider's Bowser Field, so I'd assume that at some point they would be looking for a larger facility for their "home-field". RUMOR ALERT! With Snider potentially building an on-campus stadium soon across the street (next to Lane Middle School).....Might that be the place when the Panthers are on the road? Don't forget that the FW Fire Station is moving to Reed and State. A heck of a lot of LAND that is owned and ready for 'something' to build upon...just saying! Yes, the ACAC may be the most appropriate conference for them in sports....they'll take their lumps in FB though. The ACAC schools (no matter what we may assume) are steeped in FB tradition that will take a few seasons to become competitive in. Baseball, Basketball, Soccer...etc. the Braves would be a competitive member on Day One, and in some cases a POWERHOUSE. Good luck to them if this is their goal. And yes, 1A FB! The student numbers would place them squarely in 1A for FB. All other sports, would remain the same as they are at this time, unless SF puts them into a different classification.
  9. WOW!! I really can't offer anything that could be of value to saying that the call was correct.... Every one of us (officials) has made a call that we would say was 'bad' in retrospect....but THAT was egregiously terrible.
  10. They (SAC) had a "blueprint" agreed upon prior to the start of the 2022 Season as to what the SAC would become. I can tell you they you they were PROACTIVE in looking at what they needed to schedule (in most cases) that would allow them to move forward. The NIC openings in some cases as it relate to a few SAC schools would actually fit them better than a few of the contests that have been signed, but that's what 'they" (SAC) have agreed to.... for now.
  11. Welp... I had better get with the assignor and figure out where are going in the insuing years.... Knew changes were coming. But WOW....
  12. The Wikdkats as well as (the) Warsaw Tigers may not the "prettiest" offensive scheme....but it's DAMNED effective and led by coaches that know their personnel. Besides the young man at KHS can look to his side and get all the information he needs! Looking at YOU Brett!!
  13. I owe you an apology. I sincerely apologize and sorry that I posted a response... Sometimes, not paying attention to ONE word....can make one become a total idiot.... = @yuccaguy in this case. And yes even perhaps...Yuckyguy also. 😃
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