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  1. JQWL is a 'baaaaad man' if HE won the game by himself! With some help from a freshman QB.
  2. Uh oh....I again misquoted the player, thank goodness I am an official and totally unaware of knowing who the referenced participants are.... I thought this was the Lafayette Jeff RB....Thomas Hogan 😬
  3. He had ONE carry in last week's game that we officiated. Not being from the "area" I thought another guy was THE GUY.... silly me.
  4. Been there done that.... Here's My response to an actual serious posting.... https://youtu.be/uldt6Y-CE3s
  5. What year is THIS? I thought the respective focused on 2020?
  6. I jumped out in 2016. No need to make my opinions clear. They were already quite PROFOUND!
  7. 🤣🤣 I will put in the "opinion" category. Its all good though..
  8. No disrespect to Leo. But after having officiated the Mooresville game, its apparent that they do need to diversify the offense in order to compete against the best of Southern 4A. Mooresville is absolutely formidable! And with QB who is a Sophomore (WOW)... That's not going to change for the next 2 seasons. As for the SAC, I won't count out anyone...week to week. Its all about the 'scheme and matchups'... Glad that they are playing games, IMO!
  9. ALL Summit Athletic Conference games can be found on IHSAATV.net under the affiliates tab. This includes the Bishop Dwenger at Carroll game on the 19th. Telecast starts at 6:30 If Homestead us at hosting, that's the only broadcast that will not be sent via Summit City Sports online. Just an FYI....
  10. And just HOW do you presume a 4 point OT win? Have the scoring options changed to that of the XFL?
  11. So apparently Northrop DID NOT cancel their Freshmen game today? Hmm, I wasn't aware that anything other than FACTUAL information was allowed on the site. 🤯
  12. Sorry, had a few other things going on. Looks via contact tracing, only the Northrop Freshman team is in quarantine at this time. Not sure how the delineation was made, but good for them that so far nothing has spread beyond.
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