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  1. I agree. Perhaps I over-spoke in saying it was a step back. Coach Tippmann is well aware of what's best for the program. And I am totally in step with this competition!
  2. East Noble, under the leadership of Coach Amstutz, absolutely knows that this is a GREAT opportunity to prepare them for the juggernaut that the NE8 has/will be for seasons to come. For those that think this is a 'step back' for Snider....PULEEZE! East Noble is formidable is every way! I would suspect that other NE8 schools will choose to play SAC schools in the 2 'free weeks' and we can see cross-conference rivalries flourish in NE Indiana.
  3. Coach Mike Eshbach has stepped down from the Concordia HC position after one season at the helm of the Cadets. While I have an absolutely outstanding potential HC in mind for this position, it would be outside of my purview to suggest that a member of the "1st family of FW Football" become the obvious choice, should they wish to pursue this endeavor..... https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/concordia-head-football-coach-steps-down-after-one-season/
  4. The split situation is the BEST that is for the "now". The SAC, cannot legitimately compare to the best in Indiana being a 'closed' conference amongst multiple classes for the larger schools. I am sure that they (SAC) will investigate the ramifications of this decision in a few years and tweak it as needed. But it is apparent that the 2 new 'pseudo' members are in compliance with the competition and the structure that will be in place; This gives them a basic line that they can build upon to get better.
  5. All of these matchups are better than the current lineup of games!
  6. Waterfurnace International! Pays MY Bills! Thank you, (the late, Jim Shields)
  7. I've been gone for a while... some family situations going on, numerous including Covid with Mom. I will reach out to Coach Barron and communicate with him personally. No matter what those on the GID think...we as officials DO have an absolutely outstanding amount of respect for the Coaches who teach, lead and develop the youngsters who are involved with HS Football. Video can show them yelling, screaming and berating us from time to time... but that's something that every official needs to look beyond. "Competitive Incompetence" happens. Hopefully, those involved, take a breath, and understand why things were adjudicated why they were. Back to the topic at hand! Thank you Coach Barron! A friend, a mentor and a wonderful supportive partner in Indiana High School Football!
  8. Totally agree. Is it possible that @DumfriesYMCA is really:
  9. More like a character. But that's ok also. Still the OK thing is something that should be looked at and potentially considered (if there's a ground-swell) to separate the MEGA-6A from those below a demarcation line for other 6A schools. IMO, the 'demarcation line' has less to do with school population; Than the ability to seek better competition that makes those beyond the "donut" competitive in 6A as it exists currently.
  10. Comparing your MOM Phyllis to anyone's MOM is kinda dumb, and I'll say that right to YOUR FACE! Deal with the topic at hand, and "focus"...it's entirely possible that OK has legitimate alternative to that which others have espoused right here in Indiana! All jokes, aside......
  11. I am sure that YOU are correct. Filed from mine 5 years ago, Yet still getting the occasional "I miss, blah, blah, blah from her monthly"...... For all concerned, time to look for better horizons, and good times to come, hopefully.....
  12. I have one that is an "Aunt"....Times have changed 🤨 But I totally agree with you, and those that are in line with the NATIONAL rankings boards that have CG @ #5 Nationally. Who cares what those think about "what if's and what could have happened"? Who's to say if the player had caught the TD pass, that CG may not have stormed down the field and scored? Besides, I am still dealing with that GOOFBALL who thought he saw a 'change of possession' and clearly upon "replay review"... was absolutely BLIND!. That guy sucked! I am gonna deal with him, next time I run into him. Because I know exactly who he is! 😀
  13. To bootstrap on what you are getting at @whiteshoes..... I am pretty sure that Lucas Oil Stadium (potentially using that as a host site for multiple games) is a heck of an fringe benefit to IN for some of these 'institutions' to come here, rather than vice versa.... We also have the NCAA and NFHS National Headquarters in Indianapolis. Not to mention the Hotel accommodations and Convention Center in downtown Indy. Were the situation to be "vice versa". I am pretty sure that broadcast stations, and their advertisers (sponsors) would be MORE THAN ABLE to afford sending any team anywhere in order to broadcast that contest.
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