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  1. Totally agree with this one. And glad to see they mentioned those Porkburgers! I try to make an annual visit there with the boys! PS: I know Eastbrook is just outside of the area....but their Ribeye sammich is also to die for
  2. Ran into Austin Mack earlier today at the grocery store. Wished him well on the journey with the NY Giants. I am always shocked at the young men who recognize me as they progress towards their goals. As an official, we sometimes are as influential to their growth as others!
  3. Was there for the 17 Championship game. They IMO are the finest that we have ever seen.
  4. Carroll (FW) has announced officially that they are upgrading their facilities. $23 M. Adding turf, and relocating the FB field. On my phone, so can't paste. WPTA.COM. then scroll to the story
  5. As in. It is included in the master planning within the school expansion and relocation of parking....etc.
  6. Carroll will be relocating/turning Gorsuch Field in a couple of years, and adding turf at that time. 2021 or 2022. Bank it!
  7. The expanded mechanics are NOT included within the testing process. It is on the individual associations to cover any/all mechanics beyond 2 man for use in the tournament. Officials are listed as 'independent contractors' and in all circumstances are treated as such. For lack of a better term, the state issues "unfunded mandates" and assumes that the mechanisms for officiating are being taught correctly. Personally, a few years ago I got into a heated conversation with a fellow official who developed his own 'personalized' 3 man mechanics. I told him, that that is NOT what the state mandates, nor is it what our association teaches! If officials from the associations that I am involved with were assigned with his officials, they would all request reassignment unless and until he complied with the NFHS mechanics listed within their publications.
  8. Again....for clarification: Baseball goes to 4 man mechanics beginning at the Regional level and beyond. 3 man mechanics are implemented at the Sectional level only. Both mechanics are foriegn to most Baseball officials, because they do not work either during the regular season.
  9. Anything that those who care about this thing called Indiana Hs Football can will do, to honor the legacy of a Teacher, Athletic Director and Coach is appreciated. I hope that the IHSAA does its best to communicate the impact that Coach Bowsman has had on the lives of the young people that were within his perview throughout the years during the 2019 State finals is warranted. We are all a family in extracurricular education! Amen, and God Bless you Coach Bowsman!
  10. We use 4 officials in Baseball from the Regional level and beyond.... I assume that that is what you were saying IO. And yes, I am all in favor of using 7 officials in FB beyond the Sectional championships. So long as the crew involved is allowed to submit officials that they would be most comfortable working with. The last thing I need is an over officious A-Hole 'assigned' to me on a Friday night that is totally meaningful. That means ANY and EVERY Friday night!
  11. Put me down for Luke Amstutz at East Noble. Yes, was at Angola for a little while....but he is still "young", and extremely successful. Also, don't forget Jared Sauder at Leo! The East Noble at Ole Miss game should be fantastic!
  12. On to Round 2. And trust me, if you lift up a QB and drive him into the ground......2 members not withstanding.... it's ROUGHING!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw7ckl90qt0
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