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  1. Again, Saturday in INDIANA is the day that is used to cover weather related 11-man Varsity FB. Illinois is a much larger state in both population and size.... Wednesday is a better day to accommodate 8-man in Indiana.... Just my opinion.
  2. A week PRIOR to every contest, I alert each school the "uniform policy" and that it WILL BE ENFORCED! In most situations this has NOT be an issue when we arrive at the game site on Friday nights. Occasionally it has been an issue, and that's when the silliness begins. As for the sidelines, I have each of MY Line guys address this during our pre-game meeting and tell each school it WILL be enforced.....VOTES BE DAMNED! I honestly don't understand why crews continue to worry about what they perceive as vote 'slights' when they seem to be the OUTLIERS in enforcement of the published rules/suggestions via the IHSAA/NFHS. Honestly, this may be a "holier than than thou" pontification on my part...As many of you know who I am.... But I believe that if we ALL ascribed to the same basic principles. The vote/ranking situation could even itself out with the 'middling crews' and allow them to advance. IMO..it seems to be those that are outside of the norm just show up on Friday nights and let things slide....are the most vocal and egregious who wonder how/why they cannot advance due to the current system in place. We have too many crews officiating the same school(s) multiple times in the regular season; Too many crews officiating within the same classification(s) during the regular season; Too many crews officiating within the same conference(s) during the regular season; Too many crews not seeking diverse offensive/defensive schemes during the regular season. And then these same crews, year in and year out cannot figure out why they do not garner the votes/rankings that allow them to advance. Diversity and an ongoing familiarity with multiple schools and schemes they employ is needed. Occasionally the term "homer" needs to be taken into consideration: Perhaps hinted as the "MO" the crew has employed as their past and future.....Changes needed? Just my $ .02
  3. Wednesday in MY opinion. It seems to be the LEAST likely day that impacts things outside of local association meetings and lower-level (Middle school) FB. Saturday (IMO) will quickly become a fall back day for Varsity FB. It already is when inclement weather affects Friday nights.....
  4. I am totally willing to do ANY game, ANY time, ANY place! But be cognoscente of the travel needed that YOU requested to officiate! The same pay scale that you normally apply to a 'local' crew should be adjusted due to the situation(s) involved. AD's/Coaches and the like need to start thinking outside of the box as it pertains to 11 man HS Varsity FB....officials
  5. So where/who are the officials coming from? In a time where there is a 'nationwide' shortage happening; I truly wonder about this. I hope that Friday night is not the designated date they hope to play their scheduled contests.....
  6. Well the IHSAA is raising the playoff game renumeration by $10 across the board at all rounds of all tournament officiating. They are also DOUBLING the mileage from .25 to .50 per mile. Another tweak is to the 300 mile limit. They are easing the limit to allow IN schools to play teams OUTSIDE of the 300 mile limit.... No further information has been provided in this circumstance. I am assuming that the changes in the BASKETBALL tournament will also be mirrored in baseball; This would ADD to the number of officials that could attain Regional status and help them out with points to advancement, in both sports. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/06/23/ihsaa-basketball-tourney-format-changes-approved/7712674001/
  7. 66 Massages??? I haven't had that many hands on me since "The insurrection".... I KEED, I KEED....😁
  8. WELP, In true YG fashion... I can tell it's getting close to Football season. The posts are getting serious (some ridiculous). But anywho ......
  9. It sure seems so in Indiana. I know that a discussion has been brought up to allow play on Sunday's if needed. But I think it only pertained to the playoffs. Honestly, I don't see that suggestion getting any traction in THIS state....though Kentucky has allowed it. 🙄
  10. Keep the Mercy Rule as it is. Perhaps NEVER stopping the clock for any reason (other than injuries and time-outs) during the 2nd half should be the agreement?
  11. Fox, I totally agree with the TRUTH of the situation as it rests with the member schools! I just got back from the 2022 IHSAA Baseball Finals, and they were dominated by PP schools (for reasons completely non-related to those schools being primarily PP) 1A - LCC: A Baseball history that can compete in 2A most years. But dominates 1A 2A - Illinana Christian: (a relocated juggernaut from Illinois now in Indiana HS baseball, who benefited from the ALL-IN that Indiana HS sports uses) 3A - Andrean: (Nuff Said).... besides they played Brebeuf 4A - Penn: I don't think many will shed tears for the Kingsmen; They play great Baseball. But they did play Cathedral (please don't start in with the Irish...they have had a wonderful program for many seasons)
  12. I hate to sound like a negative Ned... but if ya suck because we 'multiplied you' by rule.... There needs to be a corrective action to 'help' you out for a while. And yes, we can call it "regulation"...but it's really CORRECTION.
  13. I stand corrected, and recognize @Muda69for suggesting this prior.....
  14. In a weird way, the impending LACK of FB officials (nationwide) may facilitate the elimination of the 300 mile rule and games being played amongst multi-state schools on nights OTHER THAN Fridays on a regular basis.
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