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  1. Coach Sauder dominating the match, but in the end...Coach Amstutz pulls a folding chair from ringside and gets in a shot. Ends with a DQ. And they sign a rematch contract for a later date.
  2. Apparently helped East Noble (playing IN Conference), as THEY did play in the Regional the next week vs. Marion!
  3. Tell East Noble and Leo that THIER Conference title means nothing. Then ya got something there with the 'hypotheticals'. 🤣
  4. Remember Coach Funk did leave to go to Fishers. That's a heck of change to Ole Miss FB!
  5. They wouldn't do something as ridiculous as THROWING away a chance to win the NE8 (forfeit to DeKalb), play Snider and face the chance to get injuries then play Leo (ranked as they are in the top 5 of 4A), and potentially lose any opportunity to win the NE8... All because YOU think it would benefit Snider? SMDH....
  6. Why would East Noble do that, when Leo is next week? I understand the "hope", but sometimes these "fantasy matchups" are totally ridiculous.
  7. and Hamilton Heights (the 3A team) that you faced at your scrimmage. Either one of those idiotic responses were OOB. See ya at LOS on Thanksgiving Weekend??? I mean YOU! I plan on being there.
  8. You don't ...just PAY your admission fee!
  9. How about you worry about Saturday at Ball State vs. Oak Hill? Just an EXPERT opinion..
  10. I have a LOT MORE entrusted in the 'game' than you do. And also a LOT MORE 'cache' than you ever will!! Employee.
  11. Ya might want to get with the program and figure out how things work around here before you toss out idiotic thoughts. I tend to worry about my personal relationship with Jeff more so than what a "Fan/Dad" thinks. That's why they play 9 regular season games, then EVERYONE gets a playoff game. Your concern about a 3A school at a scrimmage is (in your opinion) as skewed as ME posting that I was at a HCC contest last Friday night. I would worry more about, Tipton, Bishop Luers and Oak Hill than I would about a scrimmage vs. Hamilton Heights. NO ONE shows their 'arsenal' at a scrimmage. If they would or do...that's not a program that's very smart. Just my $.02 (That's a 10 year+ response that THIS guy has had....also known as GID cache)
  12. Why am I sensing the stench of a TROLL on the GID?
  13. Coach Hart and his staff are CLASS ACTS! I am sure that they will represent IN well, and WIN!!!
  14. I feel that they built South Warren just around the corner from where we lived in Warren County, KY. Knocked down businesses and built the largest school complex in the Commonwealth. Go get em Titians!!!
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