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  1. Agreed... Lets put up with 2021 being the outlier. Then 2022 will be the SHOCKER! As "vanilla" as 2021 will be, 2022 is set up to be a MAJOR change in both assignments (class) and match-ups (reassignment)
  2. I am just damned happy that we have LEGITIMATE Football to discuss, rather than the pontificating about "coaching moves, Conference re-alignments (dreams)...etc"
  3. Looks like you can add ANOTHER Field Turf upgrade to Indiana HS Football... Huntington North https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/huntington-north-high-school-constructing-new-football-stadium/
  4. This was SHOT DOWN big time at the AD meeting in SAC. Absolutely no interest by 3-4 schools in opening up the conference, or splitting into divisions.... Also, I can't remember who I got into it with about the SAC changing their FB schedules...They have indeed now shuffled the SAC schedules for 2023 and beyond. A completely different set-up, with yearly rotating dates/match-ups.
  5. Were the NE8 to actually consider doing this. I would AUTOMATICALLY nominate/suggest Angola for admittance. They are an outlier in the NECC and really should be a larger (more demographically similar and in size to their school). As for whom the 10th team should be, I have NO Idea of "who fits the bill" to join also. It may be a situation where the NE8 looks to "raid" another conference for that 10th member. Of course, due to travel, It would behoove the conference to consider later start times in all sports for the trip to Angola for the 'southern based" conference membe
  6. They barely defeated a glorified 4A team (Success Factored into 5A) in what may have been the best State Finals game in years. So to suggest that they were a 'juggernaut' or anything else is misleading. Snider was on the cusp of 6A (enrollment) at the time. Seems like a great argument on school enrollment and the ability to field a better squad. Its evident that a certain SAC school seems to attract 'athletes' in FB because of their historical prowess within the school choice exemption. What has any team other than the privates done since 2016? To beat the BEST, you nee
  7. Ya know. I can say with utmost certainly that I am more well versed on this discussion and the inner workings of the conference than anyone who has submitted a response. So to quote me as an "outsider" is beyond ridiculous! As for the conference in 2021. As I said before... Wash, rinse, repeat!
  8. South Warren Spartans. (the) Newest school built in the Warren County School System - Bowling Green, KY, less than 5 years ago. They have risen to the top of Warren County sports in rapid time. They are separate from Bowling Green schools (BGHS Purples are the city school system). I graduated from Warren Central (KY) in 83. There were 2 HS in the system at that time: Warren Central and Warren East. Built/Added Greenwood (1990s) and South Warren (2010s). South Warren has become a very good 5A team in Kentucky, and should be a great matchup for Gibson Southern. The school i
  9. I haven't had ONE Athletic Director/Insitution contact anyone who would be directly impacted by your "proclamation" ... Make any mention of them doing any sort of thing. They have contracted officials via a master schedule for the next 3 years at minimum. I would love to know your source(s).
  10. As I sad before, SINCE 2015 (the 1st year of Homestead and Carroll being added to the conference), has any 6A or 5A team done anything in the playoffs? Other than take a team to a 1-8 Noblesville and barely squeak by in the final minute? Yes, a legitimate 5A Snider did beat 4A New Pal (Success Factor) in perhaps the best finals game ever played.... 2016- Today.....Nada!!! As for who you play meaning nothing. Let's look at 2 schools and you tell me what you think EVERY season when the playoffs start, what ever their win/loss record is: Cathedral and Luers Not r
  11. What have the PUBLIC 6A and 5A schools done since? Nada What have the PRIVATE schools in the conference done since? Multiple State Finals wins/appearances (Again, my entire argument....The SAC benefits the smaller privates much more than the public larger schools) Frankly, it IS who you play...ask the North Central Conference... same situation there, inflated expectations based upon 'sketchy' records.
  12. Your ENTIRE argument is moot! Its a closed conference schedule, so none of that is even possible due to the current structure. Hence, my earlier comment. And to suggest that teams wouldn't travel to play FW area teams, is ridiculous. I am certain that teams would welcome the competition from all corners of the state, so long as the logistics were amiable to both schools.
  13. I am fine with the "way too early predictions". But the issue with the conference as a whole, is that it is a CLOSED one as it relates to football. The 3 privates are the benefactors of this system, IMO. It gives none of the larger publics any conception of how they relate to any of the other institutions outside of the area/conference/state. So the playoffs become a crap-shoot for them. As for the privates, they always get the added bonus of then playing within the lower classification that they are assigned (playoffs); After having gone through the grind of playing la
  14. Part 2 is the 2nd link.... No one would ever suggest (in their right mind) that anyone would GO to ESLH for the academics or sports. Those days passed in the 30s through early 50s.
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