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  1. Agreed. Which is why this one is a conundrum. The tasing is unwarranted, no question about that. Just wrap him up.and escort him out. Also, at the point of a confrontation... the BD should, as an educated man. Been aware of the nature of his inaction and just stopped the band. At that point he could have later sought a change in policies. At this point. The change will be simple! Game over...everything is over.
  2. Been there, done that. Not to give anything away. But it was a "Big Orange Band"... HILARIOUS when the HC lost his mind, and the AD was there to get all up in the BD's butt also. I just did what was asked of me..... 🤣
  3. They had the lights turned off.... He kept conducting (smugly). They didn't need to taste him... Just wrap him up, and remove him from the premises. Would have saved the taxpayers the money that is sure to come from the impending lawsuit, and alleged violation of his rights. There was in place a NO 5th quarter situation with the bands playing. He was well aware of this, as well as the home school's BD.
  4. All over the place, CNN, You Tube..... easy to find https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2023/09/20/band-director-johnny-mims-birmingham-alabama-speaks-out-cnntm-vpx.cnn
  5. Overall, BOTH the Band Director and the Cops were in the wrong! BD should have ended the music (as the home team did). It was told to the schools that a 5th quarter of playing was prohibited by the school ...and I assume conference. Then let's factor in the 'safety' concerns of having children there AFTER the crowd has exited the stadium. Not a good idea in any way/shape/fashion or form. Far too many 'outsiders'....I am hesitant to say perhaps Adults. Get caught up in the rapture of the festivities, and cannot make a delineation in the atmoshpere of what is supposed to be an educationally activity.... HS Sports! Band rivalries are the same as on field play, and they cannot see the differences. So to this situation, I say. Shame on EVERYONE! I can't and won't support the BD. AND I damned sure won't support the Cops' in their actions to remove the BD. Just wrap his ass up and relocate him; Don't tase him. Time to move on.
  6. SARCASTICLY SAYING: Pay us NORTHERN officials 'double' your pay rates.... We'll be happy to come down there on a Saturday and "smoothy" officiate a game! 😀
  7. Absolutely good crew on that game! Whatever my thoughts are.... Perfection in every situation is just a hope. I'd take this crew all all day, everyday and Sunday!
  8. I'm not at all sure what the ruling was. But this is NOT a TD! Guessing that the "blue area" is the end zone.... Like you, I need a better video to understand the situation and the call that followed.
  9. Looking at the Purdue game right now... The field at Ross-Ade is immaculate! There ain't a HS field in this state that even could could compare. So let's just quit it with the "anti" fake grass stuff.
  10. I am not putting HHS out of the picture. They have some fantastic kids in their (3) Middle School/feeder programs as of now. Should those kids stay in SACS; I am NOT counting them out on any level to be 1 or 2 in the currently constructed SAC.
  11. I didn't want to give away that EACS 'purple' school not named New Haven... 😃
  12. Only when the SAC reconfigures after the NE8 gets tired of getting it handed to them by the Bulldogs in a few seasons. I can think of another "purple" EACS school that also may fit that bill soon with the NE8. Welcome: Angola to the NE7?
  13. bump my earlier comments. Not a mess. Just a work in progress?
  14. Does your take on the Saints change a bit for now?
  15. Remember. we are EQUATING most High School fields to that of Collegiate and Professional fields. At the HS level "Cletus and his friends" are probably maintaining the turf. Let's be serious people! I'll agree at many Collegiate, and EVERY Professional level, a grass surface would be maintained at a level that none other could achieve. We are comparing apples and nuclear bombs!
  16. Let's see what happens to the land that sits next to Lane Middle School (and the soon to be empty Fire Station) across the street. **Just a thought as it relates to R. Nelson Snider HS and having a unique FB Stadium.
  17. Just a question? When was the $95 Million contract extension offered/signed by Tucker? April 2022 - December 2022?? Large timeframe taken to process filing a complaint.
  18. Let's hope the best for the Saints. Always good to have them on the state's 'radar' when playoff time comes.
  19. Sometimes, Stupid is....as Stupid does. It takes something to happen that shows the actuality of the male human condition to come to the fore. The "brain" isn't necessarily located in a particular 'head'..... Pun Intended!
  20. So should BDHS defeat HHS next week... would that 'temper' a bit of the situation? I have no 'dog' in this situation... just merely navigating the current state of affairs on Washington Center and Clinton. And yes...to your concern. It is a bit different at this point. But then again, so are the Carroll Chargers as it relates to one of your implications on the state of affairs.
  21. Let's not drop to the level of disparaging an entire program/institution...even if you may/may not have a feeling that you're correct. There are ebbs and flows with all things. I am sure that what's going on at Washington Center/Clinton will change soon. To suggest that the legacy of a program would be lost that quickly, considering that they have feeders that have allowed them to succeed is all but gone....is preposterous. Besides, what are many bloggers gonna do with their P/P postings if Dwenger drops off the map?
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