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  1. The Wikdkats as well as (the) Warsaw Tigers may not the "prettiest" offensive scheme....but it's DAMNED effective and led by coaches that know their personnel. Besides the young man at KHS can look to his side and get all the information he needs! Looking at YOU Brett!!
  2. I owe you an apology. I sincerely apologize and sorry that I posted a response... Sometimes, not paying attention to ONE word....can make one become a total idiot.... = @yuccaguy in this case. And yes even perhaps...Yuckyguy also. 😃
  3. I thought that Linton-Stockton got the WHAMMY also? I could be wrong, though...
  4. A couple of observations about the tournament itself also (since I am a FW area guy): #1. Carroll's move to Sectional #2 from #3 was to their benefit I believe. Now that only applies to THIS year. Who knows what #2 will be like next season? #2. I wonder what Snider is thinking .. "What could have been?". All support to Valpo! To decide to go for the win in OT, propelled them to a level no one thought they could achieve. They DID though! Congratulations to the Vikings... All in all, a nice 50th Tournament. Didn't seem to be much discussion about the officiating, that's a good thing. The situation regarding ticketing needs to be addressed. There is no reason that 'outside" fans shouldn't have the ability to purchase tickets at a State Finals school, free from 'convenience" charges. Heck, at least have a charge go directly to the IHSAA at a MUCH lower price... $2 per ticket? $7 to Ticketmaster is a bit excessive, even with some of that going to Meridian Street. Just my @.02
  5. I am absolutely digging the James Brown being played at LOS! Chatard 34-14 2 mins left
  6. Are you suggesting that the IHSAA post the 'rankings' prior (or in conjunction with) the beginning of the tournament? If you have noticed, the past 2 seasons the IHSAA has removed the ability to see who was awarded games in the tournament in FB. I assume that this was due to multiple inquiries as to who/what/where/why crews were given assignments; And they were tired of dealing with it on Meridian Street. Every season, I can "plan" on receiving a negative vote from at least 2 schools, for NO REASON whatsoever other than spite. I am fully aware of who they are. Of course the occasional 3 pops up, and it usually is "Well they did our Sectional"...completely oblivious as to how the ranking system works. But so it is. .I have no idea of how information is presently conveyed via Meridian Street to their member schools as to 'how they should evaluate/vote for crews. But I do know a few years back at an IHSAA sponsored conference; To an official we were floored at the rational and utter randomness of how schools were voting. It was astounding in its simplicity of an evaluation for crews. The IHSAA schools adminstrators present had no standard way of anything close to an accurate way of anything that could be considered an 'evaluation'.
  7. Trust me. You WILL see me! And not questionable IMO. If my LJ said it happened ....it happened! Did the contest come down to a single play? Perhaps... but with 3 TO"s in hand of course CG could have overcome the point total. And when did I say I ever was "rooting" for a particular school? Heck. I don't even live, pay taxes, have had relatives and a child that even had anything to do with the NACS School Corporation.
  8. You are an idiot. Time for you to uphold your earlier comment to 'drop out'.. Not a brag. Just a retort to your suggestion that I was sitting at home watching in TV. Oh. And I can assure you. . You'd never even notice I was there. ...the mark of a good official
  9. Let's not get too deep onto to the 'what if'. All I said was that Westfield had a TD in their grasp...missed it. And CG then won in 2021. I have no idea what would have transpired had Westfield scored and given the ball back to CG. Here's what I know. ....dropped TD attempt. Next play, INT. Knell down twice. State Championship
  10. Well I guess it's down to 'spell check' now. Yeppers. I am a terrible official, I have no idea of the rules, no idea of the situation that exists in the IHSAA's currently employed systems used to move crews forward, no idea of how to properly adjudicate an Interscholastic Athletic activity. A total idiot! You win. And of course, you still have to pay to attend ..... I don't... I GET paid. If I don't...I get in free.
  11. Only locked because of YOU! I have a mountain of gravitous behind me! You don't!
  12. Only because I did the 6A State Finals LAST YEAR..
  13. YOU are the God. I bet that if you ever were an official...you NEVER advanced past a Sectional. Any contrary comment to that? Mr. Know It All..
  14. IGNORAMUS = @Footballking16 Yes you have... the player is ejected! The coaching staff should sit him to cool off. Personal fouls are ejectable. As YOU see them in this situation. The player is not 'teachable' by the educators on the Coaching Staff. He is not looked upon as a major part of their ability to participate in an Interscholastic Athletic event, due a few minor transgressions ...which were penalized. It's all about YOUR implicit ability to psychologically make a decision about a 17 child at an athletic event, and be absolutely correct in your assessment. You truly are a GOD!
  15. Oh so now you are coaching also? Damned shame he won the Phil M. Eskew Award also? Guess you are an administrator and IHSAA Commissioner also. Just give it up!
  16. Jackass? Well that sums up your ignorance in one simple statement. You said 2 Unsporting Behavior penalties
  17. RULES!!! And the subsequent administration there of....are of primary importance as to the adjudication of an ejection of a participant.... Again...learn the damned rules and applications thereof!
  18. You said he HIT him OBB, to begin with. Isn't that the penalty? Or are you now saying it's 2 penalties on the SAME play?
  19. It was PHYSICAL!!! Again... learn the rules and differences
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