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  1. Well the IHSAA is raising the playoff game renumeration by $10 across the board at all rounds of all tournament officiating. They are also DOUBLING the mileage from .25 to .50 per mile. Another tweak is to the 300 mile limit. They are easing the limit to allow IN schools to play teams OUTSIDE of the 300 mile limit.... No further information has been provided in this circumstance. I am assuming that the changes in the BASKETBALL tournament will also be mirrored in baseball; This would ADD to the number of officials that could attain Regional status and help them out with points to advancement, in both sports. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/06/23/ihsaa-basketball-tourney-format-changes-approved/7712674001/
  2. 66 Massages??? I haven't had that many hands on me since "The insurrection".... I KEED, I KEED....😁
  3. WELP, In true YG fashion... I can tell it's getting close to Football season. The posts are getting serious (some ridiculous). But anywho ......
  4. It sure seems so in Indiana. I know that a discussion has been brought up to allow play on Sunday's if needed. But I think it only pertained to the playoffs. Honestly, I don't see that suggestion getting any traction in THIS state....though Kentucky has allowed it. 🙄
  5. Keep the Mercy Rule as it is. Perhaps NEVER stopping the clock for any reason (other than injuries and time-outs) during the 2nd half should be the agreement?
  6. Fox, I totally agree with the TRUTH of the situation as it rests with the member schools! I just got back from the 2022 IHSAA Baseball Finals, and they were dominated by PP schools (for reasons completely non-related to those schools being primarily PP) 1A - LCC: A Baseball history that can compete in 2A most years. But dominates 1A 2A - Illinana Christian: (a relocated juggernaut from Illinois now in Indiana HS baseball, who benefited from the ALL-IN that Indiana HS sports uses) 3A - Andrean: (Nuff Said).... besides they played Brebeuf 4A - Penn: I don't think many will shed tears for the Kingsmen; They play great Baseball. But they did play Cathedral (please don't start in with the Irish...they have had a wonderful program for many seasons)
  7. I hate to sound like a negative Ned... but if ya suck because we 'multiplied you' by rule.... There needs to be a corrective action to 'help' you out for a while. And yes, we can call it "regulation"...but it's really CORRECTION.
  8. I stand corrected, and recognize @Muda69for suggesting this prior.....
  9. In a weird way, the impending LACK of FB officials (nationwide) may facilitate the elimination of the 300 mile rule and games being played amongst multi-state schools on nights OTHER THAN Fridays on a regular basis.
  10. Has anyone ever thought of a MULITPLIER with the "out" being a (negative) Success Factor to place them a lower class in line with their actual enrollment? And, YES I am aware that "tanking" will be the suggestion otherwise. But I honestly believe that no respectable Coach/School would see that as a legitimate foundation of any extracurricular activity.
  11. Q. will do a great job at Northrop. We will see him Week One this year...
  12. I played in MO under a 1.5 multiplier. As a HS student, it never even entered my mind that we were "playing up"....it seems to be more of a fan/parent/now social media thing.
  13. Unfortunately, the KY version... Dragon football has become a "shell" of what we were when I was there. The newest HS: South Warren HS (about 2 blocks from where I lived) has far surpassed them, and it probably won't change anytime soon. Warren County Schools (KY) had 2 High Schools when we moved there from STL. I believe they now have 4 (Greenwood, South Warren, Warren East and Warren Central). As the "metropolitan" area of Bowling Green (🤣) has expanded, you are seeing a shift in athletic prowess in certain sports. Football at WCHS, is no longer the focus. It seems to be soccer and other 'country club' sports.
  14. Yes they are...Let's be serious! Perhaps one of the KY teams is a 'wash'...but 2/3 are better. And that is NOT a swipe at the WC as it exists today.
  15. If you are a FAN...Arrive Early! This thing could be done in an hour! Coach Doerffler may need a year or so to fully apply his 'system' to Leo... 3 Yards and a cloud of dust! Woody Hayes might like this matchup. 😐
  16. Same 'reasons' that Carroll and Homestead aren't FULL members of the SAC.... Domination would ensue in the country club sports/academic events/etc.. Not many one outside of those 2 would get 'patches' on their letter jackets.
  17. Not being from the "Indy Area". But this seems extremely plausible. I am also assuming that you are taking into account the TOTALITY of the other athletic/academic programs when you made this suggestion?
  18. Wonderful to see the former Wapahani HS Pitcher, Zack Thompson (#57) make his MLB debut today (for my STL Cardinals) against the Cubs. 3 up...3 down! And a nice touch with him wearing the #57 of (the late) Darryl Kile... Gone too soon...
  19. ARE Whiting and LaPorte still open? ARE Just cleaning this up for you Rippy.....
  20. Agreed. And with the Sectional/Regional assignment they currently have, they avoid Indy Area schools until the Semi-State. Also, they avoid the "local rival traps" until that same round. Could be a nice thing for them if they advance.
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