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  1. I’ll go for my projections: HSE Westfield Brownsburg Fishers Avon Zionsville Franklin Central Noblesville
  2. They are born with great size and have athletic ability. And then the private schools recruit them to go to their school. There is your development. End of thread.
  3. He better be careful what he says. He does not have the greatest reputation among many on this topic..
  4. These also count as a practice. Each team is limited at 12 practices throughout the summer I believe. Have seen lots of teams scrimmages multiple times on different occasions. Those are contributing to practice count. These also include camps at universities.
  5. Just simply putting together a top list of programs. Nothing specific. Recent success, moving in right direction, great leadership, places people would want to play at and be involved with
  6. Totally forgot about Merrillville. That would probably make the list or at least be honorable mention. Sorry about that Pirate fans.
  7. Started thinking of the best overall all around football programs in the state AT THIS TIME. This can obviously be opinionated for some and doesn’t always have to reflect state championships. I tried to think of the best run programs regardless of class. I also kept private schools off of this this because I consider those programs to be run very differently (youth leagues, middle schools, etc.) Top 10 in my opinion: Center Grove Carmel Westfield New Pal Gibson Southern West Lafayette HSE Ben Davis Valpo Decatur Central Honorable mentions- Brownsburg, Zionsville, Mt. Vernon, East Central, Lawrenceburg
  8. You know that for a fact? I don’t see that.
  9. Out of state opponents create scheduling nightmares for JV and Freshmen. I doubt those schools will want too much of that.
  10. Carmel vs Westfield…oh wait. CG vs Warren…oh wait Carmel&CG vs MIC…nope Carmel&CG vs HCC…nope. forget the travel rule. Great matchups right around Indy metro area. And these schools don’t want it.
  11. Would be interesting to know the reasons for transfers. Whether it’s a move from the family or just wanting to play elsewhere. I miss the days of kids playing in the community that they grew up in.
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