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  1. you would think...Unless there is another way to sectional those schools. I just do not see another proper way. And it has been like this in the past.
  2. 6A South Sectionals according to new enrollments: Sectional 5- Avon, Brownsburg, Pike, Ben Davis Sectional 6- North Central, Lawrence North, Lawrence Central, Cathedral Sectional 7- Warren Central, Tech, Perry Meridian, Southport Sectional 8- Center Grove, Franklin Central, Columbus North, Jeffersonville Not sure what other options would work best. I think the main question would be how Sectional 4 in the North is divided up between Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, HSE and Fishers
  3. I look at it like this, CG and Carmel have the option to create a new conference in the near future (I am talking 2,3,4 years from now). From what I have heard and sources that have shared, there are some HCC schools who would be willing to go with these schools. Possibly some MIC schools as well. You could see a small conference look like this... Carmel, Center Grove, Fishers, HSE, Brownsburg, Avon, Cathedral (Maybe). On the other hand, maybe CG is better off finding a conference to join or trying to avoid connection with Carmel. Carmel seems to be at the culprit of this entire thing. If CG stays away from them, they might have a better opportunity of joining a conference or possibly creating one on their own. Carmel is dominant in all sports and the school is so big it does intimidate programs. HCC obviously was. It sure will be hard to find football games for both of these schools when the big schools of the Indy Metro area won't even schedule them or put them in their conference.
  4. People seem to forget the real reason Carmel and CG decided to look at HCC. I agree with you. Also, I find it funny that there are still a handful of the remaining MIC schools who have reached out to Carmel and CG about keeping them on the schedule. Kind of funny to me...
  5. Indian Creek? I feel this is a good fit and would be less travel for them.
  6. I would NOT kick out Carmel and CG. And I WOULD vote in Carmel and CG
  7. If I were Carmel I would not want to schedule them with them voting against to allow them in. Obviously Carmel will need to find opponents though so I am sure they will continue to schedule. I am a MIC guy and will miss having Carmel and CG. However, I think it is completely weak minded of the HCC voters to not allow those schools in. HCC has large schools with lots of money and good communities and they don't want Carmel and CG in? Just crazy thinking. They play them in most sports anyway. I think it is very weak!!
  8. Roncalli has turned down playing the Trojans in the past. And I have heard they do not plan to in the future.
  9. From what I have learned, CG and Carmel will probably not play MIC schools. MIC made those 2 schools look bad and sound bad. I would not play them. However, I also know from the football side of things that a couple of the big MIC schools left that they are wanting CG and Carmel back or at least have them on schedule. The football programs do not want them gone. And a potential new conference from 1 or 2 of the HCC schools, Carmel, CG, a couple MIC schools, and a possible Cathedral could be on the horizon. Lots of info though, but I assure you that is a real possibility.
  10. Any assistant coaches that are on the radar for potential head jobs? Or would be great head coaches
  11. Do not forget about Gary Harris for HSE. Obvious top recruit for basketball. He did play some football and was very talented. Just wanted to share another big time player out of the HCC.
  12. Voting will be soon. Have not heard much more from which way the votes will go. I would assume nothing much has changed since before Christmas. I would guess Carmel & CG are starting to get nervous.
  13. People are always trying to fix the system. Sometimes it is just the way it is. It is not always fair. College football isn't fair. Neither is high school. Sometimes some schools are just not a school that can win the state championship. It does not mean it is a bad program or the system needs fixed to make it "fair".
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