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  1. North central is just a head scratcher to me. Not sure what is happening this season
  2. I can’t put LN is the same category as Carmel, BD, and Warren. They haven’t proved that to anyone yet. Last year was supposedly their best squad in history and they didn’t win the sectional.
  3. Phenomenal? Not sure I would call Tech phenomenal. It’s solid. The pressbox looks like middle school and there are trees growing on top of it. Lots of seats and a nice field service but I’ve seen players walk a long distance to the lockeroom and I’ve heard stories about the awful small outdated pressbox. There are many stadiums I would put first before I call tech phenomenal.
  4. The MIC has progressively gotten less and less exciting over the years. It for sure has hurt the programs of LC and Pike.
  5. I wish I could attend this game Friday. The intensity should be unbelievable with all the different storylines. At Ben Davis correct? I think the Giants win a close one late. Too much fire power and they will make the big plays when needed.
  6. Have to be able to run the ball to win
  7. CG will be able to relax and take a few weeks “off” Looks like another MIC title for the Trojans. I think BD is the next best. They have lots of speed and will be able to put up points against anyone. Not sure what’s going on with North Central or Pike. I think Warren will continue to improve and will give CG a test in the regional
  8. IMG is not a high school program. They need to stop being placed on ESPN. Show real high school programs. I don’t want to watch IMG. That’s not high school football. Now mix IMG with with Bishop sycamore that is just absolutely ridiculous. What I don’t get is that IMG played Bishop sycamore last season… so wouldn’t have IMG have known and understood what they were going up against?? Just ridiculous
  9. Shall we go ahead and consider Carmel vs CG as a part of this HCC week 3 thread???
  10. Conference Indiana is just so bizarre now. It’s sad know what it used to be as opposed to what it is now. Maybe one day it can be revived or the current schools can find conferences that fit them… Anyway, Bloomington South will run through this conference this year. Not even close and won’t be tested at all. Columbus North will be 2nd and Bloomington north will come in 3rd. After that, the remaining schools will battle it out for the order. Southport and the Terre Hautes are very very very behind.
  11. Random question here for Warren fans, Why was Warren wearing red socks and belts on Friday night against center grove?
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