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  1. Ready to see new sectionals and which schools are going where. Sorry I cannot keep myself busy by analyzing every team in the state and making outlandish predictions about different schools, coaches, and conferences like you. 😉
  2. I think a lot of people are getting anxious. I know I am at least lol!
  3. There is always going to be exceptions to things and I don't complain or care that much with how the rule is right now. That is just how I feel. For playing sports I like to play in the community you are living in. I don't like all the transferring and choosing where you want to go. It is what it is though. It isn't even the IHSAA's fault. This started when schools started allowing kids to choose whichever district they wanted for education.
  4. Exactly. Which I really dislike that rule. Play where you live. Or move.
  5. Not everything is fair in this world DT. It is what it is. I have always said that I do not like the success factor. I think that's punishing teams who have a great program or punishing kids who have to play up a class just because teams that came before them won many games. I have always stated that the private schools should be the schools that should have to move up a class. People argue against that, but they get a lot more benefits with having to play in smaller classes with lots more football players to choose from. Not to mention kids who are paying to go to the school for football or
  6. Crazy to think about. It might be the largest high school in the country. I think it is way too big. Eventually they would have to split it up. At least you'd think right? What would the new high school be named? Clay High School? Both schools would be close to 3,000 students as of now and obviously eventually both would surpass that. Any new word on HSE/Fishers making a 3rd high school soon? There have been rumblings of this for over a year now.
  7. Greenwood’s enrollment is actually declining.
  8. Harrison (west Lafayette) may have a shot of being put into 6A. Their enrollment is right on that edge
  9. I personally believe that is how it should be. Baseball and basketball did not even get a chance at a full tournament last season.
  10. Teams need to play opponents at different times of the year. It keeps it fair and keeps it fresh.
  11. You see college football change their conference schedules every year. I think it would be a good to see conferences change up when their teams play one another throughout the season. If there is a set week that rivals always play then that can be locked in and stay. But other matchups should be changed every other year or so.
  12. I was going through checking out schedules for the upcoming season and it made me wonder how often conferences switch up their regular season schedules. I am sure some do it differently than others. I know the MIC has had this schedule between conference teams for 7 years now. How often should conference schedules change? Should they always stay the same? Is there a particular process for doing this?
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