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  1. I don’t think HSE was open until after he was named new head coach at Noblesville
  2. They will be interesting to watch for sure. I always find this conference very competitive and very fun to watch. I also Just realized Zionsville is in 5A for the tournament.
  3. I have serious doubts about this upcoming season. It just doesn’t look good for returning to play.
  4. I heard Homestead’s QB is not playing this year. Focusing on his other sport
  5. With carmel going south, who makes it to the state from the north?
  6. I feel this conference is always exciting with great competition and great schools. Could be on the rise as well. Which teams look to be the best for this upcoming year? Any big time players? Any teams that have a shot for making a long run in the tournament?
  7. Staying hopeful that the season can start...I’m getting very anxious. I have seen a lot about the MIC teams for this upcoming year, but what about the HCC? How are the teams predicted to be? How do they stack up against the MIC? Any chance of a state championship appearance?
  8. I have always been a fan of the Bishop Dwenger gold helmets and the Bloomington South silver. Very iconic
  9. It’s not all about recruits. Sure training and building players is important which I’m sure CG, Carmel, and BD, Warren do. Sometimes it’s just genetics and based on what kids are in your program at that time. Warren and BD will always be at the top and the top programs in the state. Right along with Carmel and Cg. Let’s not start getting ahead of ourselves now
  10. The 75 dress rule for tournament and state finals. I think it’s awful the larger schools cannot dress their whole team once the tournament begins. Especially for the state finals. Seeing those kids not even allowed to be out on the field during the state finals game is heart breaking and just plain ridiculous. IHSAA needs to change this badly!!
  11. 2015 6A South Semi state: Center Grove vs Avon. Game had all the headlines and all the stars. Double overtime with CG going for 2 and winning. My favorite game I ever watched in person.
  12. I think if anyone wanted to do it then good for them. But being at a bigger school and taking care of more kids is going to be more difficult.
  13. It is very difficult to be a head football coach and be a normal classroom teacher. At least for the bigger sized schools that is. There are many obligations and responsibilities for the head football coach throughout the day during the season and in the offseason.
  14. For an offseason thread I felt it would be a fun idea to see everyone’s ideas on the best stadiums / venues to play at for high school football in the state. This can be regardless of size of school, capacity of stadium, or location. Let’s hear everyone’s thoughts.
  15. To be honest, I’m getting sick to death of kids transferring or thinking and talking about transferring. Just play at the school you were supposed to play at growing up. If your family does actually happen to move for a good reason then play at the new school. This AAU basketball mentality of getting to choose where you want to play or who you want to play with makes me sick and is not how high school football should be.
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