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  1. I have just been designated to fix the conference realignment issue in central Indiana. By the way of breakfast and a round of golf with all AD’s and principals of the schools, everyone is on board and there are no more hard feelings. Conferences are now set based on enrollments, location, and competitiveness in not only football, but in all sports. Here we go! HCC: Carmel, HSE, Fishers, Noblesville, North Central, Westfield, Zionsville. With the departure of Avon, Brownsburg, and FC, HCC adds Carmel and North central. It becomes the true Northside conference of Indy. HCC also becomes the best conference in the state in all sports MIC: Avon, Brownsburg, Ben Davis, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, Pike, Warren Central. The “new” MIC adds Avon and Brownsburg. This conference is able to keep many of the same great rivalries that have always been there. Plus the great rivalry of the 2 suburbs on the west side. Southside Conference: Center Grove, Columbus North, Decatur Central, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Southport. With Conference Indiana folding, the Southside conference is created by CG. They take some of the CI schools and mid state schools to form with the addition of FC as well. A true Southside conference bringing back old rivalries and close travels. CG will start off being way ahead on the gridiron, but give it some times and FC and Columbus with figure out competition in helping them for the future. Decatur will rise as well, as their enrollment is almost at 6A level. Mid-State: Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Franklin Community, Greenwood, Martinsville, Mooresville, Plainfield, Whiteland. With Perry and Decatur going back to their traditional roots, the Bloomingtons slot in nicely to the ultra competitive mid state conference. Very similar sizes of schools all coming from nice communities who back athletics. With Whiteland growing, look for them to potentially reach out to the Southside conference down the road. 3 out of 4 of these conferences are under 8 schools. This is perfect from a football standpoint in allowing availability for non conference matchups. It’s too bad something like this couldn’t be developed in the future. What are your thoughts? Where did I go wrong? What changes could be made? Are there other schools that could fit? Only 5 more months until football season!!!
  2. Is younger Gillin gearing himself up for that position of HC at mooresville once coach is done?
  3. One of the best conferences in the state. Growing in enrollment and talent, the Mid-State is ultra competitive and always seems to be up for grabs each year. Who are the favorites for 2023? My early predictions: 1. Whiteland 2. Plainfield 3. Decatur Central
  4. Carmel now is playing Christian Brothers out of Missouri week 2. CG has an opening for week 2 and week 7. Still hard to believe that Carmel would rather play an out of state school rather than keep an incredible rivalry going.
  5. According to John Harrell’s website, CG and Carmel game is still on the schedule. Obviously there was a meeting held not too long ago so will be interesting to see if Carmel goes back or not. I have heard rumblings of Carmel having an out of state opponent lined up for week 2 to replace CG. As of now, 4 out of the first 5 games for CG are out of state private schools. 3 of which are home games.
  6. Schools choosing to isolate a specific school in particular sports. What does that say about our society and adults? This can only set a precedent for other schools to do the same. You don’t see the HHC kicking new pal out and then schools choosing to not play them when they have gone through their dominant years. CG is a public school that is a huge contributor for the Ihsaa. They need to step in. It is dangerous for what could continue to happen or what potentially could happen in the future for the state of athletics in Indiana high school sports.
  7. I believe CG is being hurt by not just this instance but by the entirety of all the remaining “MIC” schools choosing to not play them. There are kids losing opportunities or will lose opportunities.
  8. If it wasn’t a big deal, then you wouldn’t be on here posting and reading about it, there wouldn’t be articles in Indystar about it, and there wouldn’t be news stations running it as a top headline.
  9. Regardless of the story, don’t you think this is all way over done? I mean at some point think about how ridiculous this all is. Over high school sports. Kids make mistakes, adults make mistakes. Does that mean every personal associated with that school or community is that particular way? This is idiotic. I used to love the MIC and travel to many games each season. I am saddened by the events from the past couple years to the dismantling of it. I cannot believe the biggest and best football schools in Indy are choosing to stray away from one particular school. This is a disaster for indianapolis football and it is dangerous for the IHSAA. I really hope things can get solved in the near future. Very sad days for Indy metro football right now.
  10. This is embarrassing at this point. Carmel the mega school can’t play CG? Wow. Comical.
  11. I think they would prefer to be in the Indy area rather than Evansville
  12. Conference Indiana is stuck. Terre Hautes make it difficult and they really do not have a true place. Bloomingtons and Columbus North need to find a true home.
  13. Still rather them play an Indiana school. I know it’s a big time matchup and I know for CG’s sake that they are struggling to find games. I love INDIANA high school football. I don’t mind these matchups every so often but I feel people want them all the time now. It is ridiculous that these “MIC” schools won’t play CG or Carmel. Seems more towards CG.
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