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  1. Yes, the DOE lists the BD 9th grade center as a separate school in their data and on their INview site (which sucks), so they only list the BD enrollment for grades 10-12.
  2. You are mistaking. Carmel and BD have been #1 and #2 for around 15 years. Both have had over 4000 students since 2007. Warren Central has been close to 4000, but never over. Carmel 5327 Ben Davis 4557 Warren Central 3868
  3. Yes. I know this is a football forum, but my view of conference changes is based upon the entirety of the school programs. Football and boys basketball tend to be the “bread winners” of the athletic family and often drive the discussion of conference moves, but conference changes need to be made with all programs in mind unless it is a sport specific conference. It’s not always easy for AD’s and administrators to get coaches to understand that. Their views are naturally going to be focused on the impact of any moves on their program, and sometimes AD’s and admin allow them to have too much of a voice. If they are a good coach, AD’s often listen because they don’t want to risk losing them.
  4. I get that, which is why I said “None of these will work out this way.” There are lots of things that would stand in the way of some of these conferences changing and looking like what I listed. There are more realistic changes I could see happening, and changes I would prefer to see instead of what I posted. Here are a couple examples: Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference Avon Ben Davis Franklin Central Lawrence Central Lawrence North North Central Pike Warren Central Hoosier Crossroads Conference Brownsburg Carmel Center Grove Fishers Hamilton Southeastern Noblesville Westfield Zionsville
  5. Fantasy booking some Central Indiana conferences a few years down the road. None of these will work out this way. Just some ideas. For football, Center Grove could still play Warren Central week 1, Carmel week 2, and Cathedral week 9 if they are in a 7 team conference as listed below. Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference Ben Davis Indianapolis Arsenal Tech Lawrence Central Lawrence North North Central Pike Warren Central Hoosier Crossroads Conference Avon Brownsburg Fishers Hamilton Southeastern Noblesville Westfield Zionsville Conference Indiana Center Grove Franklin Central Columbus North Southport Decatur Central Plainfield Whiteland Mid-Indiana Conference Mooresville Martinsville Terre Haute North Terre Haute South Bloomington South Bloomington North Franklin Community Perry Meridian Hoosier Heritage Conference Shelbyville Greenwood Mount Vernon Pendleton Heights Greenfield-Central New Palestine New Castle Beech Grove Indiana Crossroads Conference Speedway Monrovia Ritter Lutheran Triton Central Indian Creek Covenant Christian Scecina North Central Conference - West Lafayette Jeff McCutcheon Harrison (WL) West Lafayette Logansport Kokomo Western Lebanon North Central Conference - East Marion Mississinewa Delta Yorktown Jay County Muncie Central Anderson Richmond Independent Carmel Indianapolis Cathedral
  6. Don’t forget that Luers, the smallest SAC school (*private school), just shared the conference championship with Carroll last season.
  7. The NCC plays varsity Friday night, followed by JV and/or Freshman games on Saturday. Usually late morning and early afternoon for the JV/Freshman games. Occasionally a Monday evening game will be played, but they are normally on Saturdays.
  8. I honestly don’t think the requirement to be willing to host is necessary - just an idea and I agree that it would be unlikely to have support from the IHSAA board. If the IHSAA would simply give schools more of an incentive to host, I think a lot more would be willing. Covering the cost of hosting and letting the host keep concession revenue just doesn’t make it worth the effort for an AD to want their school to host. Spreading more of the wealth from tourney revenues to host schools, and giving more schools a chance to pull in some of those revenues by letting them host (instead of the same schools that have admin on the IHSAA executive committee always hosting when others are willing) would help incentivize hosting and maybe eliminate any need to mandate hosting.
  9. It’s definitely possible. I think Ohio has a rule that requires a school to be willing to host any round of the tournament to be eligible to host any games. I doubt that the executive committee would push for that here. I prefer the 2 games at 1 site on Saturday format like we have for basketball. I’ll just use this past season as an example. Here’s what it could have looked like. @Elkhart New Prairie/Northridge Andrean/Eastside @Warsaw Brebeuf/Marian North Judson/Adams Central @Lafayette Jeff Merrillville/Westfield Michigan City/Zionsville @Franklin Central Center Grove/Ben Davis Indy Lutheran/Tri @Bloomington South Mount Vernon/Evansville Memorial Scecina/Mater Dei @Bloomington North Cathedral/New Albany Tri-West/Gibson Southern
  10. Not trying to pat myself on the back, but I did this enrollment thing a hell of a lot better than the IHSAA did. All they need to do is ask and I can take care of it for them. They have my number.
  11. There is already a growing enrollment disparity between the 4 largest and 4 smallest of the 8 current Mid-State members. The addition of Southport and Columbus North would only escalate it. I would expect Greenwood and possibly Martinsville to consider leaving if this became a reality. Greenwood is a landlocked school district that relies on out-of-district transfers for any growth. Martinsville continues to lose enrollment to families leaving for Center Grove. Greenwood’s application to the Hoosier Heritage Conference would probably be submitted immediately after the approval of what you are suggesting. If new membership requires unanimous approval from current members, I would expect Greenwood and Martinsville to block these additions. Southport 2379 Perry Meridian 2373 Columbus North 2219 Whiteland 2012 Decatur Central 2001 Plainfield 1810 Bloomington South 1655 Bloomington North 1592 Franklin Community 1571 Mooresville 1391 Martinsville 1284 Greenwood 1186
  12. It wasn’t Delta. It was Mississinewa.
  13. Haven’t seen anything official, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the IHSAA delays reclassification for one more year.
  14. IHSAA just rubber stamps the recommendations of the alignment committees. The committees are usually made up of AD’s or administrators from schools in that class, so all it would take is one person on the alignment committee that doesn’t want Ben Davis in their path. If, for example, a Warren Central admin is on the 6A committee and decides they don’t want to play both BD and CG in the tournament, putting them in the same sectional solves that problem. And don’t think it hasn’t happened. It does in almost every alignment cycle.
  15. I still messed this up. Added Christel House and didn’t take out Indy Manual. There should be 316 schools. 32 in 5A and 6A. Probably 63 in each class for 1A-4A.
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