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  1. Probably not. I believe the plan was to re-align the boundaries within the district to try to balance the enrollments at Hammond Morton and the new Hammond Central. I don’t think it will be a true combination of 3 schools into only Hammond Central. 2 schools that somewhat evenly split around 3400 kids puts them in the neighborhood of 1700, which would be 5A.
  2. This is why the IHSAA uses the DOE numbers. They know those numbers are tied directly to funding, which schools are likely to report accurately or on the high end of any uncertainty. If anything, schools wanted to count anyone and everyone they could this year knowing that some would transfer to a fully virtual school if their home district did not offer a virtual option. If a student is enrolled in a school, whether they are attending in person or virtually, they count as part of that school’s enrollment.
  3. Correct - if a program earns 2-5 points in a cycle they “stay up”. 6 points and they move up another class (unless they are in the highest class already). 1 or 0 points and they move down a class.
  4. I haven’t worked in the district so I am not familiar with the need for upgrades at either high school campus. Both have been operating since 1971 when consolidation occurred. I know the two buildings share the same design and they have probably had some upgrades over the years. Based upon the inclusion of money for upgrades and renovations in every concept that is proposed, I would say some improvements are needed. Wilson is a beautiful building on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a pretty small footprint for the campus, so high school quality athletic facilities may ne
  5. Vigo County Schools currently operate 5 middle schools. There are 4 that serve Terre Haute - Honey Creek and Sarah Scott, which feed into THS, Otter Creek and Woodrow Wilson, which feed into THN. The location of Wilson MS would be ideal for a 3rd high school in Terre Haute. It would need some facility upgrades for athletics, but it makes sense to do that rather than build another high school. Reducing the size of the 2 current high schools could enable them to become 7-12 buildings as you mentioned. Wilson might not be able to hold grades 7-12, so Sarah Scott MS could serve as a feede
  6. Roughly 1350 students at the 3 Adams County high schools. That would be in the upper half of 4A football, but not enough to be 5A. Also, Blackford is another school that has students from the entire county, and they are the only high school serving that county.
  7. You are right that it probably works better for Indiana than Oklahoma. They have almost the same enrollment gap for schools 1-16 (division 1) as Indiana has for schools 1-32 (all of 6A). 15 of their 16 division 1 schools are in the OKC and Tulsa metro areas. The one that isn’t (Enid) is the smallest of those 16. 8-man football for the smallest schools would be the best thing to take from their plan in my opinion.
  8. The 6A championship game this year was played between 2 teams that would be from your proposed 6A Division 2. Center Grove has been a regular in the state finals and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Westfield make more appearances in the 6A finals. The 5A championship this year was played between a 4A parochial school and a public school with a 6A enrollment. I just don’t think further division of classes is needed. Unless we are talking about adding 8-man football.
  9. Here’s some data related to those schools. This is from every other year using the numbers for classifications (and the DOE numbers from this past September for 2020). New Palestine 2012 - 1107 2014 - 1094 2016 - 1117 2018 - 1175 2020 - 1160 Mount Vernon 2012 - 1119 2014 - 1170 2016 - 1227 2018 - 1322 2020 - 1372 Whiteland 2012 - 1725 2014 - 1763 2016 - 1845 2018 - 1916 2020 - 2007 Franklin Community 2012 - 1713 2014 - 1630 2016 - 1533 2018 - 1590 2020 -
  10. I don’t think West Lafayette will be in 4A. Based on the enrollment data from September, here is what the bottom of 4A and top of 3A could be. 4A (bottom 9 including success factor) South Bend Saint Joseph 831 Norwell 829 Western 824 Brebeuf 816 Angola 814 Delta 806 South Bend Washington 805 Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 673 Ev
  11. Right, I did have some corrections to make to the original list I posted here - take out Barr-Reeve, add in Rock Creek, etc. I keep a spreadsheet that I have made updates to, I just haven’t posted them here. Since official numbers are normally posted by the IHSAA sometime in January, I figured it would be best to just wait until those are released.
  12. I don’t see any issue with this being undue influence. Now if this flyer was posted in the hallways at Carmel, North Central, Lawrence North, Fishers, and the middle schools in those districts, then it would be more of an undue influence.
  13. Covenant Christian may create more competition for athletes looking to go the private school route on the west side of Indy/Marion County.
  14. Richmond Muncie Central Anderson Harrison Lafayette Jeff McCutcheon Crap, misread the title and overlooked that it is *new* conference lineup. At least I got the wrong answers only part right.
  15. Enrollments from count day this year were West Vigo 518, TH North 1431, and TH South 1463.
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