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  1. Which school from 3A south would you suggest switching with Chatard? The furthest north of any of the schools in sectionals 29-32 is Tri-West. It is almost “due west” of Chatard. So it’s basically a wash if you are trying to pick the school that is further north. The IHSAA doesn’t propose the alignment, representatives of the member schools do. The natural pairing would be to keep Tri-West and Danville together, and Chatard and Brebeuf together. If you send Danville and Tri-West north, and Brebeuf and Chatard south, then you’ll have people argue that there is some kind of bias against the schools in the southern half of the state since they would have to go through the Indy parochial schools. The line has to be drawn somewhere, and I think the committee for 3A made the most logical choice they could with splitting those sectionals north and south.
  2. This year would have been a relatively easy one to organize neutral site semi-state games. Each site hosts 2 games on Saturday afternoon at 1 and 4. Just like basketball semi-state. Each host is somewhat centrally located among the 4 participating schools, has turf, and reasonable seating for home and away. @Lafayette Jeff Eastbrook/Andrean Carmel/Merrillville @Warsaw Dwenger/Valpo Hobart/East Noble @Kokomo Marian/Chatard Central Catholic/Adams Central @Southport Center Grove/Ben Davis Western Boone/Triton Central @Franklin Community Bloomington South/New Pal Lutheran/West Washington @Bloomington North Heritage Hills/Danville Mt.Vernon/Ev. Memorial
  3. WTF is Ball State thinking by not having an offer to Spegal?
  4. Which sectional championship game is the most intriguing to you?
  5. According to Google Maps: Bloomington South to Castle - 116 miles Triton Central to Providence - 105 miles East Central to Mooresville - 94 miles
  6. Completely agree. Not to mention the student section at one school where I coached acted like they were in a contest to see who could be the biggest jack@ss. It was embarrassing to play a home game.
  7. No. I like the 12 team, 2 division, week 9 crossover format if an 8 team conference is not possible. 9 or 11 teams isn’t easy to work with. 8 is best, 12 is good, 6 or 10 are ok. Less than 6 isn’t worth having a conference. I posted my hypothetical new HCC in one of DT’s other topics. So let’s adapt that here. Mid-State East: Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Franklin, Greenwood, Perry Meridian, Whiteland Mid-State West: Decatur Central, Martinsville, Mooresville, Plainfield, TH North, TH South HCC North: Carmel, Fishers, HSE, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville HCC South: Avon, Brownsburg, Center Grove, Columbus North, Franklin Central, Southport MIC: Ben Davis, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central, Pike, Warren Central NCC: Harrison, Kokomo, Lafayette Jeff, Logansport, McCutcheon, West Lafayette *New* East Central Conference: Anderson, Delta, Jay County, Marion, Mississinewa, Muncie Central, Richmond, Yorktown
  8. I think Mt. Carmel leaving the Big 8 was in their best interest anyway, and it will lead to a better grouping of schools in the remaining conferences. Mt. Carmel would have honestly been a better fit in the Pocket than the Big 8.
  9. You are correct that my suggestion of a 12 team HCC will absolutely never happen. It is far too easy to keep things the way they are (the dream of most AD’s) and that is fine. I think the issues you mentioned could easily be resolved. 1. Don’t schedule non-conference games against teams from the other division. If you do, don’t schedule teams that are in your sectional or regional. 2. Crossover games do not have to be a mess. Just have all the teams in the north division host them one year, then all the south division teams host the next year. AD’s would know before the season starts if they are hosting a week 9 game, so they could schedule officials and workers well in advance. Just like any other game that rotates between home and away each year. The only difference is that you wouldn’t know the opponent until all the division games have been played. Much easier than a sectional game or a game further into the tournament. 3. No need to use week 10. Leave it as a bye week for the 6A teams. It would also be impossible to use in the event that a conference member is in 5A and has a tournament game that week.
  10. Take it a step further. 12 team HCC with north and south divisions. Play the 5 in your division plus a week 9 crossover game for conference placing. CG and Carmel moving out of the MIC would also make the MIC a 6 team conference. That leaves 3 weeks open to schedule non-conference games for all 18 teams in the HCC and MIC, which gives them an opportunity to keep some existing rivalries (CG-Warren, Carmel-Warren, Carmel-BD). HCC North Carmel, Fishers, HSE, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville HCC South Avon, Brownsburg, Center Grove, Columbus North, Franklin Central, Southport Week 9 championship and crossover games could see matchups like Carmel-Avon, CG-Fishers, Westfield-Southport, etc. I am sure during some years, Carmel-CG would be a championship game. An already established rivalry played for a conference championship to cap off the regular season.
  11. If we can count on the IHSAA for anything, it is to make exceptions to their rules for the benefit of certain members or partners.
  12. Sagarin rankings are a mathematical formula, not a poll. There are no votes cast to determine the rankings.
  13. The mid-80’s conference of Churubusco, Carroll, Leo, Woodlan, Heritage, Norwell, Southern Wells, and Adams Central. Those schools were all pretty similar at the time.
  14. They do. I talked to someone that works at SW who mentioned they had single digits for some of their summer stuff. He said they may not have enough for a team unless more showed up for practices when they officially started. I haven’t heard anything more so I was just curious if anyone knew. Too much specialization (made that mistake myself) and a lot of capable students that prefer not to play.
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