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  1. The mid-80’s conference of Churubusco, Carroll, Leo, Woodlan, Heritage, Norwell, Southern Wells, and Adams Central. Those schools were all pretty similar at the time.
  2. They do. I talked to someone that works at SW who mentioned they had single digits for some of their summer stuff. He said they may not have enough for a team unless more showed up for practices when they officially started. I haven’t heard anything more so I was just curious if anyone knew. Too much specialization (made that mistake myself) and a lot of capable students that prefer not to play.
  3. Does SW have enough for a team this year?
  4. Wholeheartedly agree. That is the #1 reason I left coaching.
  5. I would expect us to have a 28th amendment to the Constitution before the IHSAA has a multiplier.
  6. The same guy that was at Frankfort this year? And Tri-County before that? And Taylor before that? And Greencastle before that? And Blackford before that?
  7. I understand the opposition to discussing rumors. I have no problem with discussions like “I think Coach .... would be a great hire for that job.” However, if a coach is really that concerned about their current employer finding out if they’ve applied for another job, they might want to be honest with their employer or consider whether they really want to jeopardize their current job if their employer would be upset to learn that they have applied somewhere else. If they are applying and don’t want their employer to find out, I think they have chosen to put themselves in that vulnerable position by doing so. If they apply and it gets back to their current employer, that is their own fault. They chose to apply without having the courtesy to tell their current employer that they have an interest in another position. Be honest and tell the admin where you currently work what you’re doing, and in most cases from my own experience, they will generally be supportive when a coach does what they think is best for their family and their own career. If they aren’t supportive, is that really a place a coach would want to stay? We can disagree, but in my opinion, I don’t see any reason why it would be wrong to discuss candidates if they have applied for a coaching position. If you are really that concerned about people finding out, maybe you shouldn’t apply.
  8. Since it is already publicly known that he’s leaving Evansville Central, I would think it is ok to mention that he was one of the final 3 to interview for an AD/Football HC job in the Lafayette area. Note that saying that is not a confirmation that he was the candidate selected. Don’t want to break any of those rules some here are awfully sensitive about, but I don’t think there’s anything over the line about posting that since I left out the name of the school and didn’t confirm that a hire was made prior to board approval. If he is hired, it would be very unlikely that it is a pay raise.
  9. Put the phone away. I wish the consequence for anyone under 18 who is caught texting and driving would be to lose their license for 1 year. I see it in our school parking lot every single day.
  10. I can certainly understand the reason the IHSAA would move the combined Elkhart up. They must think it is an absolute certainty that they will have a 6A enrollment. Yet they are not classifying Indianapolis Riverside (which doesn’t have football yet) as a 3A school even though they currently have only grades 9 and 10. As they add 2 grades over the next 2 years, they will most likely have a 3A enrollment. So do they get moved up? To me, this is a bad move because it breaks with precedent and puts the IHSAA in a position where they have to start moving schools up mid-cycle. It doesn’t happen often, but if they don’t do it in another similar situation you can bet there will be a LAWSUIT. Probably in a Lake County Court (Griffith joke).
  11. My mistake. I guess they are going to go down the path of reclassifying every year now.
  12. No, Valpo will not drop down to 5A mid-cycle. They are 6A for both years.
  13. Wood Memorial is not classified, so they must have informed the IHSAA that they are not playing for the next 2 years. Bishop Noll is classified. That would explain why there are 33 teams in 5A. I would hope that whoever aligns 5A is smart enough to make the only 5 team sectional include both Elkhart schools.
  14. Blow it all up. How about this: a football only conference with 3 divisions, 18 teams total. Each division with 6 teams. Everyone plays the 5 opponents in their division, and 1 opponent from each of the other 2 divisions for a total of 7 conference games. That leaves 2 open weeks (preferably in weeks 1 and 2) to schedule non-conference opponents or “non-conference” games against members that may not be the crossover opponent from the other divisions. That would allow some rivalries to be maintained. This requires snagging some schools from other conferences, but here’s one breakdown: “Red Division” Jasper Boonville Heritage Hills Southridge Gibson Southern Vincennes Lincoln “White Division” North Knox Pike Central Princeton Washington Linton-Stockton Sullivan “Blue Division” Mount Vernon Forest Park North Posey South Spencer Tell City Tecumseh
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