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  1. It could be done with some planning. Facilities have improved enough to make it possible (turf fields with sufficient seating in both the home and visitor sides). This would have been relatively easy to assign during the 2019 season. This is assuming that the host schools would be willing to do this, but it could have looked something like this: @ Warsaw Valparaiso vs Dwenger East Noble vs Hobart @ Lafayette Jeff Carmel vs Merrillville Eastbrook vs Andrean @ Kokomo Chatard vs Mishawaka Marian Lafayette Central Catholic vs Adams Central @ Warren Central (or Arsenal Tech) Ben Davis vs Center Grove Western Boone vs Triton Central @ Martinsville Evansville Memorial vs Mount Vernon Heritage Hills vs Danville @ Columbus North New Pal vs Bloomington South Indianapolis Lutheran vs West Washington
  2. Hardy was actually from Elmhurst. I think he caught the go-ahead touchdown pass to beat Dwenger in the season opener during his senior year (03-04). Elmhurst had six consecutive 0-10 seasons, then beat Dwenger who had played in the state finals the previous season.
  3. No issue at all with the attendance secretary reporting this. By law, he has a duty to do so (which is why all the others are professionally hanged). Copying the surveillance video, which he probably downloaded to a personal device without school permission, and then distributing it to the media (even with permission from the victim’s parents) is not a good way to ensure job security. That being said, the clip of the AD walking in on the coach and the student, then walking out smiling is disgusting. This is on a similar level to the Park Tudor situation with Kyle Cox. A scumbag coach with an invincibility complex that bit him.
  4. If Ole Miss did end up in 3A, I could see them moving into sectional 27. Concordia is the best team in the current alignment of that sectional. Delta and Marion both had a higher Sagarin rating than Concordia last season, and Ole Miss beat both of them to win sectional 20.
  5. Mississinewa could drop down to 3A for the next cycle.
  6. Name calling. While you’ve got your dictionary out, look up immature.
  7. Did you look at the enrollment trend of both schools? North Clay Middle School and Northview High School have both had declining enrollments for at least the last 5 years. North Clay has gone from over 860 to just under 800, and Northview has gone from 1050 to 975.
  8. Northview is a neighboring school for both Terre Haute schools and they have 975 students. Owen Valley is not too far away and their enrollment is around 715. Northview can compete with THN and THS in several sports, but Owen Valley would struggle. Mooresville, Plainfield, and Decatur Central are all about an hour from Terre Haute, and Martinsville is about an hour and 20 minutes. I don’t see any of those schools being eager to leave the Mid-State Conference to pair up with THN/THS, and the other Mid-State schools farther east would have no interest in bringing them into the conference. They would be a competitive fit in the Mid-State, but not a good geographic fit. That is probably the best place those two schools could go.
  9. I would not expect Conference Indiana to be around in 5 years. It will take the collapse of that conference to get Columbus North to move to the same conference as Columbus East (more trophies for everyone in Columbus if they aren’t competing with each other). From a competitive standpoint across all sports, I think it makes sense to have Madison, Silver Creek, Seymour, Jennings County, Scottsburg, and Brownstown Central in a 6 team conference. Then the Hoosier Hills can stay an 8 team conference by adding Bloomington North, Bloomington South, and Columbus North to the remaining 5 members (Columbus East, BNL, Floyd Central, New Albany, and Jeffersonville).
  10. I’d like to see all games prior to Labor Day start at 8, all games for the rest of September start at 7:30, and all games in October and November start at 7.
  11. Torn down. Elmhurst has somehow reappeared on the IHSAA membership map, even though it has been closed for a decade and the building no longer stands.
  12. This past season: 1. MIC 2. HCC 3. SAC 4. DAC 5. Mid-State 6. SIAC
  13. There are far too many divisions within the South Bend school district that don’t align from one school level to another. In my opinion, the kids that go to the same elementary should then attend the same middle school. The kids that attend the same middle school should then attend the same high school. There is no “feeder” system that connects any of the schools. I would propose that district lines be redrawn to cover all levels (elementary, middle, and high school. Two possibilities would be to go with a 3 high school plan (Adams - NE, Riley - S, LaSalle - NW) or a 2 high school plan (Adams - E, LaSalle - W). If the 3 high school plan is favored, then each should have 2 feeder middle schools (6 total in the district). The district boundaries for the 2 middle schools that feed into each high school should be the same as the boundaries for the high school. Each middle school would then have 2 or 3 feeder elementary schools. Those elementary schools should have the same boundaries as the middle schools they feed into. If the 2 high school plan is favored, it’s pretty simple. Split the district in half with 1 high school on each side (probably Adams and LaSalle for central locations). 3 middle schools on each side. I’m not sure if the existing facilities would be able to accommodate 2300 or so students. Under a 3 high school plan, I think they would need to consolidate Clay with Washington at LaSalle as LaSalle Lions suggested. Clay could then become a middle school. Washington would also convert to a middle school, basically taking the place of Dickinson. Dickinson will then convert to an elementary that consolidates students from Warren and Coquillard. Those two schools would close. Tarkington would also consolidate with Swanson, which would close. The district would then be divided with uniform district lines like this: Adams HS - Jefferson & Edison MS - Tarkington, McKinley, Madison, Nuner, Darden Elem’s Riley HS - Jackson & Navarre MS - Hay, Monroe, Marshall, Harrison, Lincoln Elem’s LaSalle HS - Washington & Clay MS - Dickinson, Muessel, Wilson, Kennedy, Marquette Elem’s
  14. My bad. Scottsburg is at 771, which puts them at #130 between Brebeuf and Hammond Clark. I can’t edit my original post, but I can repost the full list sometime. My 2nd paragraph in the original post talks about that where it says “A couple notes to make: Elkhart...”
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