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  1. Not trying to be a smart @%%, I'm honestly asking...isn't Mishawaka their biggest rival? At least for last many years? I get that Wawasee and Warsaw are the two K-County schools....but outside looking in I assumed its the "Bart Ball" game that is the biggest deal.
  2. None of which are what I've pointed to in any of my posts.....I agree with you these issues now extend across to most schools in Indiana. I also understand that p/p's want as large an enrollment as they can accommodate. But, whether some will admit it or not, the fact that p/p enrollment is SELECTIVE rather than MANDATORY is the difference. Public school enrollementy is mandatory, every kid in their district is an enrollee regardless of any other factors.
  3. Now email the private school guy and tell him your kid is habitually truant…fails most his classes….doesn’t do any sports or extracurriculars….and was suspended twice last year for discipline issues…and you have so little money you can barely keep the lights on at home as a single parent. I bet my house you won’t get the same response from the p/p that a public school is REQUIRED BY LAW to give.
  4. It’s shocking a person can type this and still claim there is no difference in the student population between p/p and public schools.
  5. So ANYONE who wants to go to LCC can? And they can stay enrolled FOREVER....no matter attendance issues, multiple suspensions, sever discipline issues? Parents never have to pay a dollar or show up for PTC or disciplinary meetings? Sounds sweet!
  6. Not saying I agree or disagree with it, but IHSAA does not want one district to be able to win more than one title (and that is at the sectional level). There is no way in Hades that IHSAA would put HSE and Fishers in separate halves of the state and potetentially have both make it to LOS.
  7. To be “technical”…Zionsville is further south than Carmel. Carmel sits on 131st (Main) st…Zionsville sits on what would be 121st if it went all the way thru. Both are further south than Westfield or Noblesville which both sit north of 32. HSE & Fishers always go together based on IHSAA desire to bracket schools in same district together. They are both off of 126th on opposite sides of 69. Of course IHSAA May decide to change things up and do something else for completely illogical reasons.🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. if I'm reading this right you have the sectionals jumbled? (Will be interesting to see how these change next cycle) Sectional 3: Fishers, HSE, Homestead, Northrop Sectional 4: Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville Not that it contradicts your statement about that regional....some very evenly matched good teams that know each other.👍
  9. Based on Snider and Laf Harrison (fairly confident assumption based on enrollement) moving up to 6A and Valpo being a "?"...is it possible for some big realignment in Sectionals 3 & 4? Warsaw, Jeffersonville, Tech, and FW Northrop are currently the bottom of 6A...if the right two of those drop out, you have a possibility of 2 "North" schools dropping to the "South". I assume that would need to be Zionsville & Carmel, or HSE & Fishers. I have a strong feeling at least one school from sectional 3 or 4 will go south next time. Zionsville seems to be the one more often lumped in BBurg/Avon in the past.
  10. Odd that you view a kid that takes rigorous academic classes and participates in various extra curricular activities as a kid that needs to be "carved out". In my eyes those kids are valuable participants at whatever school they attend. The point is that at some schools...there are a large proportion of kids that won't ever attend or participate in ANYTHING...sometimes even school iteself. Public schools have to count all these kids toward their classification numbers. The amount of these kids at a p/p is going to very small; and, as you had mentioned previously, at many affluent suburban publics this will also be a small number. At some high poverty urban or rural schools...this number is high. This is the difference between public and p/p....not that kids are "recurited" or anything else. To be clear...I was never a proponent of SF or a class "bump" for p/p's. I would have preferred a "clearninghouse" method of counting enrollment (i.e. kids who want to participate in ANY extracurricular - football, sports, music, student gov, or even those parasitic robotics and chess club kids you despise, would be "counted" as they fill out an inschool clearing house form.). Most schools already have a code of conduct form that extracurricular kids have to complete (or something similar) so its not a hard number to determine. This number would be used for classificaiton. The percentage of kids in the clearinghouse would probably be very similar between Chatard, Zionsville, Brebeuf, Carmel....but drastically different at Elkhart, IPS, South Bend, etc.
  11. As always....the issue with p/p vs public isn't the kids they count. Its the kids the p/p's will never have to count. The kids the publics will always have to count. Would a kid who constantly fails all his classes, is habitually absent, and often suspended for disciplinary issues; be allowed to remain at a p/p school? The answer is he probably would have never been an applicant to begin with, but also assuredly NO...he would not be able to remain. Public schools have to count those kids...and for some publics that is a sizeable fraction of their student body.
  12. My own personal feelings....IHSAA's "success" factor was supposed to prevent a monopoly on state titles within a given class (not necessarily my goal, but I think most assumed that was IHSAA's goal). To that end, why would a program be SF'd up a class if they did not win a state title? So I think you are reading me correctly. My definition of success would not simply be state final appearances...but the SF points AND a state title. This is my opinion...others have their own. I agree with most all of this. I wouldn't go so far as to say "ruin your program", but SF shouldn't effect your classification unless you have won a title in some rather recent history (I could be talked into some variability on how long ago "recent" would be. And yes, that means at some point I would be ok with Cathedral moving back down to 5A if they don't win a title in the next ???? many of years)
  13. I can't agree more with you on this part. As for the rest....I'm not trying to make this just an AC thing. I've always said SF shouldn't move anyone up unless they have the points AND a title. And also....DON'T FORGET ABOUT WEBO!!!!😁
  14. Can't disagree more....this quote is beyond stupid. Bumping up a program without a title is a joke. If AC's enrollement moves them up...so be it, but to SF a team up that has not won a title is a joke.
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