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  1. Just curious what tweeks, changes the actual officials think would improve IHSAA football? This can be rule changes, enforcement changes, etc....really, anything that has to do with your job description between the start and end of the game?
  2. Currently the games are blocked out at 3.5 hour intervals (4 hour intervals this year) So it has been Noon/330pm/7pm. So using 2019 kickoff times, you'd have to add either an 830am or a 1030pm game. OR you bump everything back an hour and have a 930am/1pm/430pm/8pm schedule. The 930am kickoff teams are gonna have to travel the night before. If they are Indy metro, you are still getting kids up VERY early to meet at school, do your check/meeting, bus to LOS and be ready for a 930am kick. And anyone who's watched a lot of State games knows that evening game usually doesn't kick off on time.
  3. I'm not totally against "more" classes....but it will never happen unless you can figure out a way to realistically have more than 6 State Championship games at LOS on Thanksgiving Weekend....7AM game??? 11pm Game?? Play on Thursday (National Holiday)??? Sunday (Colts will often play)??. Otherwise you will need to "stagger" your tournament....and have some games the weekend before. Or not have games at LOS....which will be the least likely option. I don't think the IHSAA is keen to any of the above.
  4. This....people that aren't familiar with North Central Indiana don't realize what a Frankenstein's monster the NIC has become. Penn and Elkhart really don't "fit" anymore. I think several members of the current NIC would welcome a move by P & E to the DAC. Here...I'll start the hashtag #PandE2DAC
  5. While I don't know the DAC scheduling practices....A lot of schools/conferences play their JV and/or Freshman games on Saturdays. What happens to them? The goal of high school football scheduling isn't to create a great spectator sport (its a nice by product of good football and great community support). I just don't see how this advances the issue you are trying to champion...getting a big region school to LOS. Its a side topic to an interesting conversation about making the DAC football more on par with MIC/HCC/SAC etc. Respectfully....I've been fortunate to coach in a very good
  6. As a Coach.....hard pass on Saturday double headers during the regular season. Nothing would be worse than playing the late game and then having to turn around and prepare for next weeks opponent.
  7. With respect I don't think reducing the big 3's chances is at all what he is talking about. I think he's talking about removing more of the 6A schools that will always have LESS of chance, and putting them into 5A. This limits 6A to just the schools that have MORE of a chance against the big 3 based on enrollment. Those may sound like the same thing to some, but to me they are different and I don't think that is being recognized.
  8. Thread completely derailed in 2 hours by one post🤪
  9. Yes, but that is different that "giving up" a play that would be a 6 yard loss (sack) by dumping the ball away for no loss. Apples and Oranges. In your example he is looking to gain an advantage (the clock running) by doing so, not avoid a loss. Being unable to protect your QB, shouldn't be fixed by giving the offense and easy out. You adjust your play calling or have your Q drop to a knee if you you're afraid for his life.
  10. I'm a fan of the HS OT model. If people believe there should be discussion about whether the OT should start on the 10 yl or 15 or 20, maybe that is worth discussion. But if the goal is short and simple, having OT start at the 10yl with line to gain being the GL...it can't get much simpler and quicker. I don't think the vast majority of HS kickers are good enough to warrant moving back further to start an OT possession.
  11. I would classify every two (as we do now) but based on a "rolling 4 year" amount of SF points. I think that is what others might be suggesting as well.
  12. Would be more valid if you averaged the win% for football with win% for basketball. As you have them listed, it gives greater weight to basketball performance as they play more games.
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