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  1. Correct....still 90 hours/points. In a perfect world, I don't think it should be a big problem to get those hours/points... IF your corporation incorporates into the structure of your current PD meetings. If your district PD person is asleep at the wheel on this you'd be forced to figure out something on your own...which apparently could be Beer Camp!! https://www.indystar.com/story/news/education/2019/05/15/indiana-teachers-license-renewal-new-rules-catch-teachers-off-guard/1193573001/ IF it really does mean what I think it means (that it can be accomplished with your normal district PD) IF these hours don't minimize the PD time you need to actually prepare to teach (curriculum dev, planning, etc) For those of us who have been teaching for a long time....we know those are potentially big IF's.😉
  2. To me, this means your local school district AND the DOE should be working together to provide you with multiple hours of PD training each year that fit this role...in other words, part of your faculty training across the district should accomplish this without need for you to do it on your own. If 3-5 of your PD hours each year were directed towards these topics, anyone on the PGP renewal plan would easily fulfill this requirement. I'm not necessarily a fan of this plan, but I don't think its a "sky is falling" type of problem if your local district gears your PD towards meeting this need. The result is that more and more of your professional meeting time is going to be eaten away by these types of requirements (these community partner hours, ALICE training, suicide prevention, etc) and less of your meeting time will be available to you to actual work on curriculum, planning, etc. my 2cents....likely worth as much or less
  3. Almost all of our Frosh/JV games are on Saturday mornings. Opposite locations. We love it....easier for most parents to make. Less long evenings for kids during week. Our entire program (coaches and players) is at practice MTWR. Even easier if you agree to just wear Varsity jerseys again Saturday morning (unless you had a mud bath Friday night). Different strokes for different folks, but we are very happy with it.
  4. I also thought the same thing, but the drive down 38 to Pendelton exit from NHS is really not a big deal at all. Patayto patahto
  5. Not trying to stray out of my lane to far here....I am definitley not well schooled on the nuance of official's mechanics. But in your previous post you seemed to indicate that the GCG part of the line is much easier to see? Or am I reading that wrong? Not trying to argue, just understand. Is the umpire generally responsible for making that call?? (OT down field on pass)
  6. Then I would respectfully suggest that maybe there should be a mechanics change to adjust someone accounting for this if it is indeed so difficult to do currently. I'm guessing that officials have adapted mechanics many times over the years....from single wing, to Maryland I, to Pro I, to Run and Shoot, etc. RPO's aren't going away. Its the new triple option. I have faith that officials can do it....but from my perspective it SHOULDN'T be that hard....if an RPO team is in an offset gun formation, the focus really only needs to be on one guy...read side OT. Thanks JR and all the officials that come on here to discuss these topics!!👍
  7. There shouldn't be an excuse to miss this, but believe me it is missed often...and I'll caveat that most RPO teams are not in violation. However...comma....As an official, you should be watching the OT to the offset back for an RPO team. If we mention it in pregame meeting with officials it is something we see violated blatantly and often on film. Its usually one specific player as well. Some teams teach that kid to engage the LB immediately from the snap, so they can complete the route on that side. Officials need to get better at this. If he's combo'ing up to LB, fine....if he never engages LB, fine.....but if he's up on the LB before the catch, do your job and call it. Hopefully this point of emphasis helps. You don't have to watch the whole line for the violation...it almost always the OT to the offset back. :end rant Hugs and kisses Agree....the OG wrapping is not the issue on RPO....it the readside OT that takes a B-Line to the LB...no combo...nothing.
  8. I could give you a list of programs if you'd like....the worst is the italicized "NASCAR" style numbers....even if its, ohhhhhh lets say white numbers on a black jersey. They are shortened from top to bottom and the font makes it impossible to differentiate some numbers on film or even from the sidelines.
  9. Is there a PayPal option? I would be more likely to pay to play or donate
  10. As I was about to click the "like" button on DT's post, I noticed the new options....The "Social Finger"/sit and spin is a nice addition....Not so sure about the Suicide emoji 😬 yikes!
  11. For most of McWhorter's tenure they were NOT the smallest HCC school (Westfield). And the gap in size between them and other schools, particularly HSE/Fishers was much closer than it is today.
  12. If you want to be technical.... Zionsville HS sits just south of 121st St. Fishers and HSE literally are on opposite sides of 126th St (albeit slightly down the road from one another). Fishers being North of 126th and South of 131st. Carmel HS sits North of 131st St. (Main St in Carmel) Westfield and Noblesville are both just North of SR 32. Strictly by geography....ZVille is "South"....FWIW.
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