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  1. Kyle Park was one of the best regarded assistant coaches in the HCC (Zionsville) before he took the Goshen job. Goshen did little to nothing in regards to coaching hires. You can’t build a 5A program with a staff made up of mostly lay coaches, and small few full time contract people in the building. I can’t imagine how anyone who knows football thinks you are going to get a better candidate. Anyone who knows football knows the admin is doing nothing to support the program in the way of getting coaches hired. You aren’t going to “build” numbers in 5A program when you have so few coaches teaching in the building. Firing Coach Park was a way to put the blame on someone else, when the admins won’t put the effort into the program. They fired the best candidate they were going to get.
  2. Other schools have opted to play "up" a class before (not due to success factory). Cathedral can voluntarily petition the IHSAA to play up in 6A anytime they want to....why don't they?🤔
  3. I'm not sure that's what the OP what is pointing out. I think it's that until this week the IHSAA website said the following: "Game assignments will be announced on Saturday, Nov. 20th, 2021 following the semi-state championship games." That's not a "considering", that's what the IHSAA said they were going to do. But then Monday 11/15 they just posted the same odd's and even's schedule they've always used with no real explanation. I don't really care either way....just seemed odd, I think that's all anyone else saying as well. Depending on how Semi-State goes, some Evansville area fans might be a little miffed...if they all advanced a 2/3/4 schedule would have been a cool thing for Evansville football.
  4. I always considered any part of NW Indiana on Central Time to be Region, but saying such words has started fights before🤪
  5. It did not....Westfield was flagged for jumping. Edit: Found it....49:43 mark in the video. Also was a big deal about a holding call on HSE last drive that resulted in HSE getting a 1st down. https://www.ihsaatv.org/?B=318093
  6. HSE did this vs Westfield last Friday. On a punt in the first half.
  7. The old legends about the “Boone County Cougar”, were in no way an actual reference to a species of subfamily Felinae. You’d have had a better chance of spotting one at Ike & Jonsies back in the day.
  8. This is the "Tom Brady" rule....to prevent QB's from getting hit low. Ironic they didn't change the rule when it happened to Carson Palmer when he was a Bengal and they actually were pretty good. Palmer was never the same after that, the Bengals went back to being the Bengals.
  9. Northwood's two losses are to Concord and Logansport. Concord beat Cavies by 2 scores.....Northwood took them to OT and only lost by a point. Logansport is undefeated in 4A and ranked in the top ten of both polls. Not a great metric
  10. MIC average Sag rating: 85.71 HCC average Sag rating: 85.66
  11. As a former NLC guy....Would love to see the Tigers come out of the sectional! Wouldn't be too disappointed to travel to K-County. Warsaw has solid facilities!
  12. This makes too much common sense to have any chance whatsoever...
  13. HOLY BLOCKS IN THE BACK!! @ 11:00 (1st Tiger Score)
  14. My fault.....I assumed the intent of the rule makers was to prevent.... And in my defense, the lawyer comment was made with full knowledge of @Bobref's noble profession😁👍 In all seriousness, I'm a cranky defensive coach. But I'm thankful that Bob and the rest of the officials come her to talk, debate, discuss, and in my case (often)...vent. Good luck to everyone this Friday!
  15. Ok....Devil's advocate. Now give a detailed explanation of "duress". 😁 If a QB is safely in the pocket, 10 yards behind the LOS....is he in "duress"? If after scanning for an open receiver, and not finding one for a few seconds....with the pocket still intact and 10 yards behind the LOS...is the QB in duress? If in the next seconds, the pocket collapses and the QB is under heavy pressure is he under duress? Under which of the above circumstances above would Mr. Demetriou allow a QB to IG the ball? I would argue that any high school QB knows that the progression of events from #1 to #3 happens very quickly. By intentionally grounding the ball at step #2, he is avoiding the loss of yardage that he may reasonably assume will happens if he waits until the play gets to #3. Should be flagged. Is there not a reason the specific exemption for IG is written into the "kill the clock"? Immediately after the snap. To me that is the only way for the QB to truly not be in duress....at all other points, the QB is being actively pursued by the defense. Now, if we want to allow the QB to ground the ball when not under "duress" (as Mr. Demetriou seems to describe it)...I would suggest making the ball down at the spot of the throw. How many officials want to have that on their plate along with everything else you have to manage with an arguably undersized crew? None so it will never happen. At LEAST 2 rules are in the book to address when a QB can intentionally ground the ball. (IG rule and kill the clock rule. I don't think adding conjecture to that is necessary. You either ground it at the snap, or have to get it in the vicinity of a receiver (and I'm ok with chucking it well over a guys head on sideline or redzone...QB has to have enough ability and time to get that done). Great discussion....I just think we have too many lawyers in the officiating business, making the plain language of the rules more complicated than necessary.🤪
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