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  1. The Carmel/BD game would be the Silver Dollar Bowl. Betty White (the last living Golden Girl) would flip the Silver Dollar before the game. It would be played at Elwood high School.... ....at dusk.
  2. I think everyone really agrees there is no easy answer because that is the problem. You have a very small number of schools that are MUCH larger than everyone else. You could argue its really a SUPER 2 (Carmel - 5300, BD 4500), The NEXT 2 (WC - 3800, NC 3700), and then from Fishers on down everyone is withing about 100 kids of the next school. I think in a perfect world you would never classify schools together if one is twice the size of another but its hard to draw that line in Indiana unless you just put BD and Carmel in their own class. Those 2 are the real outliers, and I don't have an answer for it. If you feel its unfair for 2055 Zville to be in the same classification as 5300 Carmel...you're probably right. If you feel that other factors (outside of enrollment) contribute to success...you're probably right. If you feel there isn't a workable solution when its really 2 (or 3...or 4) schools that are the real outliers....you're probably right.
  3. Winning half your sectionals isn't being dominant....(honest question)? Keep in mind on a few occasions they were in the same sectional as WC. I'd bet many of the other losses were to Avon or Pike...both schools over 3000. Fishers shares a sectional with Carmel most years....there is your answer for that. North Central shares a sectional with at least 1 of the Big 3 every year....there is your answer for that.
  4. I think the "logic" is the entire point of this thread....you do see variety. EXCEPT for the sectionals occupied by the big 3 MIC schools....Carmel, BD, WC. Once you get down to the Penn's and Lake Central's of the world (3500 on down,) the size discrepancy is easier to overcome with a good class, good coaching, favorable demographics, solid program, etc.
  5. Because many of these 3000+ schools are in the same sectionals
  6. Let me shred my own a idea a bit....if 6A was Big 16 and 1A was little 16, then the remaining 4 classes would be over 70 schools...wouldn't work with an all in format unless you added a weekend for 2A-4A. As DT has suggested....most of this would really require a 7th class. My maths wuz bad....but Its fun to think about....🙃
  7. A bye week after season and a bye week at "Semi State" weekend. If that is a "problem" those two games could be played on a Friday or Saturday double header another weekend. Friday double headers are common throughout the season. Although I get the tradition of the Thanksgiving weekend.
  8. I always thought the best fix would have been to put bottom 16 in 1A, top 16 in 6A, divide the rest by 4. The outliers are at the ends of the bell curve....the mega large and micro small. Not much difference in between. Combine with rolling 4 year SF cycle and you've got something. my 2 cents
  9. How do you handle people in the team box that are not affiliated with either team? We got a sideline warning earlier this year when a cameraperson for one of our well known Indy media entities was in the stripe during a play. Now, we may have very well deserved a warning at some point, but it wasn't on that play. 😇 Anyone had this come up before? If so how did you address it, and how would a HC best address it with the crew?
  10. This is more to do with Kelly's coaching and less to do with the fact ND limits his ability to recruit the same talent pool (as Bama, Clem, OU, etc)? This is the same gripe made about every coach since Lou (and arguably Lou at the end of his tenure). I'm not buying that....not going to retype my post from pages ago, but its up to ND as a University to decide what it wants. A. Be the best of the Northwesterns & Standfords (a fine thing to be btw) B. Or be one of the dominant football teams in the nation every year. Currently they seem to be A in actual practice, but claim to be B and blame the coach when the fan base gets frustrated. Too much of the fan base buys that line IMHO..... my 2 cents and worth as much...😀
  11. The "Holy Fathers" need to decide if they really want to be all in on a being a "National Power". If you are only going to recruit Stanford/Northwestern type STUDENT ATHLETES...you are going to be, on the average, Stanford and Northwestern. Nothing wrong with that at all. If you want to beat Alabama, Clemson, etc. You need to recruit the same FOOTBALL players Alabama & Clemson are recruiting, and not worry too much about whether or not they will be able to pass freshman Calculus at Notre Dame. At some point Notre Dame, as an institution, needs to realize its not every coach they've hired the past 2 and a half decades that has limited them. My understanding, is Lou had a much wider hand in the athletes he could recruit and sign.
  12. Sadly, they don't play for the Chief anymore because #feelings...
  13. They should make space suits out of whatever fabric his pants are made of....normal polyester could not withstand the forces that were just applied to those britches!
  14. Westfield is a single township school and doesn't even have a second middle school currently. Not gonna happen.
  15. This season....Blake Fisher, OT, Avon....and its not even close.
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