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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT7CI6B1hNH8N77QoRu1Tk8pZaRtIoh-a1jzJprafki1S51n34XagTKCQDDPP_4YO8E_4S_00RcvJhm/pubhtml Here's the list of IHSAA approved broadcasts for the regionals.
  2. I think the Mr Football award is presented by the Indy Star, not the IHSAA.
  3. The Ft Wayne sectional is 12. That would be the highest sectional number in the north of the state.
  4. Both home teams win, or both visiting teams win... bottom team is home for championship. 1 visitor and 1 home win... the team that was visitors hosts the championship game
  5. It could work in 6A. Sometimes 5A has extra teams. Which then causes a few teams to not have a postseason bye. Overall... I like the idea!!
  6. You think that WC Will get by CG in regionals? The only way WC and Cathedral could play each other would be semi-state.
  7. Why would Cathedral have to do that? It was already announced a while back that they added Carmel to their schedule in the future. I think they added Roncalli back to their schedule starting soon. Also, the remaining MIC teams now have open weeks in their schedule(CG and Carmel weeks), so they could probably pick up some games there. Cathedral should actually have an easier time filling their schedule now.
  8. I bet the Grovers are going to find out soon why you have to play out of state teams to fill a schedule. Especially if the MIC teams stop playing them. Look at what Cathedral had to do this year. They are all over the state AND had to play a team from Cinci. I think they even had a bye this year because they couldn't find a game for week 5.
  9. Carmel and Westfield are in the north also.
  10. They are all verbal at this point. I don't think high school football players can sign anything until December of their senior year. Offers will be hard to track, because most of the players that have committed had lots of offers before they committed.
  11. https://inpreps.com/commitment-tracker-23/ Here's a good list to start with. It only shows the commitments, and not the offers. Tracking all of the offers will be a huge task.
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