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  1. I'm tired of the Roncalli, CGs, and Carmels of the world getting thrown under the bus like this when it comes to diversity. These schools represent a diverse pool of student athletes... that is all they are guilty of. The jealous always lash out when they think they have a narrative that will trash these communities. We on the gridiron should try and put a stop to it. Enough is Enough!
  2. This move makes total sense for Carmel and CG! Period. Has nothing to do with "culture" aka... race. It's obvious to see what some of the haters are trying to say here. Simply not true. Facts are facts. Carmel and CG have had numerous events canceled with MIC JV and Frosh teams in various sports. Whomever threw out those "culturally align" words are afraid of reality... which is their own Athletic departments are simply not as diverse as Carmel and CG's. Those two needed to branch out for their students. Period!
  3. Best Player, on the Best Team, in the Best Conference! It's how the Heisman goes... as too should the voting coaches in the IFCA! This supersedes all other arguments. Point. Winner!
  4. Hard Truth is Hard to Swallow... doesn't make it false. FAKE NEWS!! This has to stop, I hear this crap all the time about various schools. So I had to confirm it. The falsity in "10 or so...". WRONG. CG 2020 D1 Scholarship players =3 (1 power 5) (Booker, JackSchott, Steele) CG 2021 D1 Scholarship players = 5 (3 power 5) (Jackson, JamesSchott, Curry, Carroll (played 4 games), Bennett (FCS)) This is equivalent to most top tier MIC and HCC and Catholic programs in most years. So all those schools should be "expected" to win championships ever year!!! No way, cause they are competing against eachother. Curry = Best Player = Mr. Football
  5. Caden Curry is the Best Football player in Indiana on the Best Team in Indiana.... therefore should be a no brainer for Mr. Football. While The Purdue commit is a fantastic talent, 3A... ain't 6A, therefore credit should be given where credit is due. I'd say Max Webster and Tayven Jackson are above him on the list for this Mr. Football award. Leading his team to a 3A championship once, isn't the same as Tayven and Max leading their teams in the highest class BACK to BACK years. That is legit!! Congrats to Brady and good luck at Purdue!! But Sorry, no case for Mr. Football. #TRUTH
  6. Cathedral has already had a chance in 6A... didn't even make it to Lucas Oil. I think the top HCC and MIC schools will always have 1 or 2 teams each year that can beat the Irish. I think Cathedral belongs in 6A obviously and will at least have a shot every year. The HCC and MIC schools will continue to take turns as they develop 1 or 2 classes that build into champions, just like Westfield did. They'll reload, but it will take time to return to Lucas Oil. That is why what CG did the last 3 years was so out of the norm. It will take Roncalli time to develop to get back as well. It is hard to repeat at any level. Besides Cathedral playing in 6A, that is why the success factor isn't the perfect answer. Also, btw.... only 1 move in from Brownsburg had D1 offers, and he didn't play the 2nd half of the season. The other kid only has walk-on offers. Just Sayin! The Trojans D only had 3 kids with actual D1 offers, the record needs to be set straight on that. The 2 that played in the state championship are CG kids. I think that Roncalli should get the Trojans on the schedule asap, before they rebuild. Just like New Pal did, man that was a smart move by Ralph.
  7. Out being my SugarDaddy while she gets under that thin Irish skin!! Dragons by a million!!!
  8. Must be doin something right! Cry Baby... Cry!!!!! Go REBELS!! Go Dragons!!!!
  9. I love how comments like this one... attacking Roncalli are allowed, but the whiney Irish followers ban anything that hurts their wittle feelings. #typical
  10. Ya... and how many "Situational" kids from the other teams stayed home and watched film instead of playing the JV snaps. I'm sure CG had some boys not dressing JV that could have made a huge difference in the outcome. LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You either follow the rules or you don't. #LetALLtheKidsPlay then!! Integrity is really important.
  11. Nice try. I'm a Roncalli Alum, but do have many CG friends as I live on the South Side! Go REBELS!!! #Undefeated LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Ya I said Rebels, not Royals.
  12. Everyone knows this Arlington "venue" is a joke. Typical Cathedral trying to act like it's not. A shame this game isn't getting a better environment. The real issue is that the Irish are actually lucky they don't have to deal with Rebel OLine this year. Actual best game would be CGvsRoncalli this year.
  13. I think you need a dictionary.... what is actually ironic is that Cathedral in all their self described greatness doesn't even have a field. Your comment is laughable. LOL.
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