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  1. Nice try. I'm a Roncalli Alum, but do have many CG friends as I live on the South Side! Go REBELS!!! #Undefeated LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Ya I said Rebels, not Royals.
  2. Everyone knows this Arlington "venue" is a joke. Typical Cathedral trying to act like it's not. A shame this game isn't getting a better environment. The real issue is that the Irish are actually lucky they don't have to deal with Rebel OLine this year. Actual best game would be CGvsRoncalli this year.
  3. I think you need a dictionary.... what is actually ironic is that Cathedral in all their self described greatness doesn't even have a field. Your comment is laughable. LOL.
  4. Just say that where this game is. What a joke!!! I'm so glad Roncalli doesn't have to play the irish there!!! That game should be at U Indy or CG, or anywhere else that can actually host the event properly! I heard the Chatard game last week was a awful there. No parking. Just ridiculous! They're probably looking for any advantage they can get. Playing on a crowned crappy grass surface will be an obstacle for any team, but the irish get 4 or 5 practice games before the CG game. They'll still lose, but it stinks that this game doesn't receive the proper environment it should. Maybe they'll make some $ on the webcast??? Is that technology even accessible there??? Joke!
  5. This was the best player on the best team. Simple and true! The right call. Not even close.
  6. The coaches understand. Which is why it will be LN QB or hopefully the south side dude known as "The Warhorse". Best player on the best team. All their kids and parents would say the same... just check their twitters.
  7. Not at all. The game is mostly won and lost in the trenches... nothing but respect for the bigs....but awards like MVP and Heisman arent for them. Sorry.
  8. I can think of 20 to 30 position players this year from 1A to 6A that all deserve Mr. Football before an O-Lineman. Now, if he never cam off the field, played both ways at a 6A school and was so dominant that he lead his team to a state title... maybe you could make a tiny argument, but that will never happen either. Sorry! Mr. Football for the Oline is what you get, and you should be extremely happy and proud with that distinction.
  9. NEVER EVER EVER is a linemen going to win MVP, Heisman, or Mr. Football. Nor should they. If that was the case, if they affected the game that much then Avon would have got out of the sectional. Come on. It is what it is. QB, RB, WR, DB, LB they all affect the game way more. The patriots or colts don't win those superbowl's without Brady or Manning. The Chargers were never close without LT. Facts are Facts.
  10. To be honest... the Irish faithful should feel great about their QB making top 50... personally i think the 5a team was more accurate... some of those all state QBs didnt have the weapons like the Irish had. Heck the CG and Westfield QBs are both way better then the Irish QB... but only juniors so they did y'all a favor and put them on the underclass squad. Awesome accomplishments for all. The Team matters most anyways, Unless you're talking to travel baseball peeps.
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