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  1. If Carmel isn't going to do anything to discipline their boys' basketball coach, then the IHSAA needs to step in!! This sets a very bad precedent for allowing coaches to start physical confrontations with fans!! Their coach purposeful initiates physical contact with high school students, then cries foul when getting shoved. How can the Carmel admin stand by and do nothing??? What a terrible example of character and sportsmanship. How can the IHSAA stand by and do nothing??? Watch the video people!! Very dissapointed. If that happened at a Tech vs Cathedral game... there would be a huge amount of outrage. Carmel just gets a freebie????
  2. I agree. Something is a-miss, and unjustfully so. CG community schools is as classy as they come!! Just doesn't make sense. I don't think it can be shouted loud enough though... that a student in the video was suspended from school as CG took responsibility for their part in the rushing of the court, but nothing.... I repeat nothing has been done to the moronically unstable coach leading the Carmel boys hoops team. Amazing! Carmel was hoping this video would never come out I guess.
  3. Well Said. Also, if you haven't seen the video from the incident.... the Carmel coach is a complete idiot. Totally instigated the entire thing. He pouts cause his team loses and starts stuff with a bunch of high school kids supporting their community and celebrating the win. This was all his fault. How did he not get suspended!!!!
  4. Another Chance for Roncalli to schedule CG!! Let's Go!
  5. I Agree, but not if they are breaking contracts. Right? Copper Kettle Stays on Southside Forever!
  6. Hot off the presses! Carmel has dropped CG in EVERY sport! Starting this Spring. Apparently not happy about a scuffle after the boys basketball loss this year. UnReal! IHSAA should step in.
  7. Rumors spreading like wildfire that multiple school districts have top-down directives to NOT schedule CG for ANY sport!!! They are essentially taking their ball and going home.... want CG off the books. Should the IHSAA step in????
  8. Add on that his son will leave IU and walk-on for FREE, good move.
  9. Clash of Titans. Edge definitely goes to St. Ed's. I still can't believe BD dropped CG. Makes no sense, except for the obvious disdain that alot of the MIC schools have for CG. Their schedule is going to be in flux 365 days a year now. Roncalli needs to man-up and schedule the Trojans.
  10. There should be an HCC/MIC super conference with a North/South or East/West split. Everyone would be better off. Why don't they see this. Include CG and Carmel. The Catholics/Parocials should make their own conference as well. It's not that hard.
  11. Wow! I guess they really got tired of losing to that team from the south side! At first thought, you'd think... wow, hate to lose that CG/BD rivalry game.... but it has been so one-sided recently not much of a rivalry anymore. Embarassing for them I guess. Good luck vs. the Academy from the deep south though. Better optics losing to them. Great news is that it opens up another possibility for CG/Roncalli reunion in the future!!
  12. No way. This is a ridiculous take. Stop. Ask some officials how different a game is between Brownsburg vs BD... and a Roncalli vs. EC game. They'll tell you straight up. Roncalli was awesome this year... but just stop with this ridiculousness. NC would have running clocked Southport. So would have Pike. You obviously have no idea.
  13. Hi everyone! As a southsider i Love both these programs and Whiteland also for that matter, whom had a heck of a RB this year as well. Great seasons for all. The level of competition between the 3 classes and programs represented was just too different. 4a this year was better than 5a, that was a given, but CGs 6a route was way way more difficult. CGs oline was probably under-rated, but 6a was strong enough this year that the mighty HCC didn't even get a team to Thanksgiving weekend. CG and Coyle deserve this. Sorry Rebel fans. Luke had a great season. Southside Rules!
  14. I'm tired of the Roncalli, CGs, and Carmels of the world getting thrown under the bus like this when it comes to diversity. These schools represent a diverse pool of student athletes... that is all they are guilty of. The jealous always lash out when they think they have a narrative that will trash these communities. We on the gridiron should try and put a stop to it. Enough is Enough!
  15. This move makes total sense for Carmel and CG! Period. Has nothing to do with "culture" aka... race. It's obvious to see what some of the haters are trying to say here. Simply not true. Facts are facts. Carmel and CG have had numerous events canceled with MIC JV and Frosh teams in various sports. Whomever threw out those "culturally align" words are afraid of reality... which is their own Athletic departments are simply not as diverse as Carmel and CG's. Those two needed to branch out for their students. Period!
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