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    There is only 1 dude.
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    I think of him every single day, of course, but I love it when others still speak of him. This time of year is difficult and Friday nights are just not the same anymore. The loss is deep because the love was deep. Funny someone would mention softball. Tim spent a lot of time with softball prior to the GID and, in fact, softball is the reason the GID exists. When our oldest daughter became a freshman in high school, he was asked not to coach softball anymore, and so she decided not to play softball and instead pursued basketball. With time on his hands and needing something to pour his energy into, the GID was born. I remember the day well. It was one of those "I'll show them" days. Again, thank you to all who continue this site and remember him.
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    I do recall years ago, our crew drove 70 mi. (one way) to work a game on Friday night. Game was suspended due to weather and, out of a sense of obligation, we made the return trip on Saturday to finish the game. Our reward: we each got a Hershey bar. Not even almonds!
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    This is a story about our Friday night lights. This story is a little different than most Friday nights in America. It still involves high school football, school rivalry, big wins, big losses and community interaction, but ours also includes hopes and dreams, success and failures, brotherly love and an unbreakable bond. When we sit in the stands and root for our sons, daughters, friends or our team, we sometimes take for granted the work that they put in. Yes, some kids are born with more athletic ability than others. Some are naturally stronger, or faster, or smarter, but all start out with the same amount of desire. When we see our kids out there making big plays, scoring touch downs, or making big tackles, it is human nature to be proud of our athlete. Don’t get me wrong, we should, but our pride starts when our athlete just walks on to the field wearing a jersey. For better understanding, I am going to give you some background information about our athlete. Our athlete, and I will continue to use that term as he doesn’t have to be a son, grandson, nephew, or cousin to be “our athlete”, was diagnosed with autism at the young age of seven. Growing up there were many struggles including anger issues, disciplinary issues, depression, school struggles and so on. It was a rough time growing up for our athlete. Our schools couldn’t provide the best education for him, and friends were few and far between. However, there was one constant in his life, and that was the love of family, especially his brother. Our athlete didn’t get to see his brother play much on Friday nights. During the years of his brother’s success on the field were some of our athlete’s hardest times. He had no interest in watching football, let alone playing. As he got older, and his brother continued to talk with, encourage and motivate our athlete, he began to find a love for the game. Our athlete has come a long way. After a summer of working out, between his sophomore and junior year, he was finally in a position to start his first varsity game as an offensive lineman, following in the footsteps of his big brother. I cannot explain how excited we all were to know, our athlete would be fulfilling his dream. I can still remember receiving a text on the second day of practice from one of his coaches, his big brother, that our athlete had hurt himself at practice. After the brief shock of seeing the text and the doctor visit to follow, it was confirmed that he had torn his ACL. What do we do now? The kid who found passion in something to help him stay focused, handle his aggression,and help with his depression, just lost everything that he had worked hard for all year. How would he handle it? How would we handle it? So we all found out soon enough that our athlete would not give up. He had a dream, a hope, and a desire to play under the Friday night lights. After a year of rehab it was time for his senior year of football to start. His brother has pushed him, and he has pushed himself to be the best he can. It’s Friday night , the first game of the season, and the stands are full with excited fans! It is within 8 minutes before kickoff, and the referees come out to call for the captains of each team. There goes our athlete to the center of the field for the coin toss. As we sit in the stands with our sunglasses on to keep the tears hidden, our athlete has already fulfilled our dreams. Now it was time to fulfill his. He is the starting offensive lineman on his varsity football team. There is no better view then seeing two best friends on the football field, one in the game and one on the sidelines! After the game, when you see them hug each other,you know that there is a bond that will never be broken.
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    Not really a must see. They are better known for closing multiple roads simultaneously and funneling all traffic onto Rockville road.
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    DT the first guy to say the “new generation” is too soft. Yet also the one calling for struggling programs to quit.
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    This is called sponsorship, can you not read? Companies will pay to sponsor for advertising, It is a simple concept. Schools all over the U;S. are doing this, why not in Fort Wayne. Also, these are not small businesses.
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    Going back to some of the earlier discussions re: NP's ability to beat most anyone in the state, this reminds me of the debates I got in a few years back (2014). At the time, I made the argument that NP could play with anyone in the state that year (and I believed the same about the CE team the year prior). It was generally "poo-pooed" at the time. At the time, I mentioned that there was a certain arrogance regarding big schools...particularly many from the MIC. What is ironic to me is that so many here have no problem here both now and in the past saying Cathedral can do it....in fact, they are often "chided" on here by big schools for not staying in 6A. The reality is that they usually play a schedule (considering the out of state games) that is "MIC-like". Why is it that no other school can be given the same respect...at least in the years they prove to have exceptional teams? The first threshold was for NP to play a MIC school. They did...and they won resoundingly. Then the follow-up is..."Man, didn't realize Center Grove was this "down" this year." Then CG proves that its not "down" by beating Carmel. Now its, "well....they couldn't survive a MIC schedule". Its a statement that can never be proven...or disproven. Is it possible, that every once in a while, smaller teams CAN be exceptional...and play with anybody? Not every year...but once in a while.
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    As soon as the opposing team puts in their 2s in a varsity game, we immediately do the same. For instance this past Saturday, Western with 4 or so minutes to go I think, pulled starters up 42-14, as soon as they did that, we immediately put in our 2nd team Defense, it is just what we do. We see no reason to leave our starting defense in that scenario. We have had it both ways, when we sub in our our 2s, on offense, we have had other teams do the same and others leave the 1s in. At the end of the day, we control what we can control and do not worry about what other team does.
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    I was taking my typical Saturday nap, because I'm out late on the sidelines on Friday nights, and something told me to get on GID. I hadn't been on in a while because honestly even after 8 years it's hard. So incredibly touched by all the thoughtful things and way people feel even after 8 years for my dad. He was a very special man and football was a big part of his life. So much so he made it mine too. The first Friday of games I was on my sideline and one of the officials approached me mentioning my father, knowing who I was. He told me a story about him getting upset at him at a Shelbyville game (surely not). I had to leave for a minute to hold myself together. Every first game of the season he finds a way to show himself to me. I am the athletic trainer at Carmel so if any GID fans attend any of their games never hesitate to find me and tell me a good TA story. I absolutely love them. Thanks for thinking about him. And thank you for keeping this alive.
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    Moral of the story... Give Bob some almonds.
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    This is for Coach Nowlin.......
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    This topic shows that a few of you forget the purpose of HIGH SCHOOL football. Its for kids to learn some skills and qualities to help them be successful adults. No one is "force feeding" anything anywhere. If kids don't want to play, fine. If teams lose, it happens. Not every school is created equally. But the school's role is to provide opportunities for growth and coach's job is to provide structure and ensure students are getting the most out of their experience. DT/Muda, your outlook on football/life generally ignores that we are talking about kids. Lets not throw away their opportunities simply because they didn't win enough games.....
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    Maybe the Professional coaches shouldn't get so hurt by the ramblings of us Amateur hacks on an opinion blog........#whoistheprofessional.... Welcome to the GID.......Member since 2005.....
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    3a is such a ridiculously DEEP class
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    No seriously...we solved the problem. It was like an equation written on the dry erase board: "10 extra Hail Mary's + letting air out of each football + wearing 1/8 inch longer spikes - 2 turnovers/ wearing red pants and blue jersey's squared by Winchell, Goldsberry and Seifrig all rushing for 100+ yds = HH beating Memorial" Haven't been able to figure that equation out here lately!!
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    I cannot even believe I am going to take the bait here, but sometimes I cannot help myself: I am going to have to agree with WhoDat here......there are teams of long standing tradition that have proven themselves with decades of success, only to have an occasional bump here and there. Jasper, Heritage Hills, Memorial, Evansville Reitz, Mater Dei, Castle, to name only a few with this deserved term of a tradition rich team. Then there are other schools that are the reciprocating tradition of this football feat. Meaning they have no meaningful football tradition, but suddenly have a little success and expect everyone to bow in homage. Football didn't mean squat at GS until Coach Hart began his tenure.......with a183-205 overall record (see I can talk numbers too), with countless losing seasons. Maybe he is brilliant, maybe there was a plethora of talent both young and old, maybe a combination of both, I don't know. What I do know is: Sectional 32 is going to be a good one, with several capable teams that could win it, and possibly going deep into the playoffs. GS is not the problem sir, it is people like you that don't want to talk about forty years of losing and incompetence but only want to bask in the glory of five or six years of success. Congrats on your 6-3 record over the past nine games with HH!! I am certain it keeps people in Spencer County up at night.
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    I think the MIC is the best conference in Indiana. Center Grove is smaller but has always competed. They will compete this year too. Last night was a wonderful night for New Pal Football. I would say the Center Grove staff showed the most class. Coach Moore even went out of his way to speak to Kyle Ralph and had nice gesture to the entire staff after the game. I would say top to bottom top level players, coaches and administration.
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    "Reality has caught up?" Seriously? They are one of the premier programs in Central Indiana. They are very well-coached - and have been for a long time - have tremendous community support and a program that does the right things 1-12. New Palestine does a lot of the same, just with significantly fewer numbers. New Palestine was the better team last night, and that was aided by some uncharacteristic CG miscues that I'm certain will be cleaned up - a miscue in the punting game, a muffed punt, a bad snap on a PAT. Last night was two football-crazy communities that in a lot of way resemble each other - suburban communities in once-rural areas with really good schools and tight-knit communities - coming together and meeting on the football field. CG isn't going anywhere conference-wise. It doesn't "have to keep up with the mega-schools." It *is* a mega-school. CG's enrollment is above 2,500 and is one of the largest schools in the state. The MIC is the premier conference in the state - if not the Midwest. CG fits very well with Carmel - with which it has a really nice rivalry. While it might be a good cultural fit in the HCC - it's a very similar community to HSE, Fishers & Brownsburg - the MIC is a big part of Center Grove's athletic identity, and CG is very competitive in the conference in every sport.
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    I love a good @Swordfish sighting! Always nice to know he's still out there, lurking in the depths ;)
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    You think Skillman donated the Football stadium and $1 million dollars to CG athletics to prevent pay to play, and money/fields to other schools because he wants to relive his days as a high schooler? Wild take, even from you.
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    I apologize if I came off as accusatory or judgmental. Like I said, I trust that Coach Park knows what he's doing. He's a good coach and it would just be silly to expect Goshen to return to dominance right away after the state the program had been in for years. It takes time to establish an identity, build trust, strengthen programs down through the youth levels. Heck, even within the confines of this year, with such a young/inexperienced team, it was silly of me to think that there wouldn't be roadbumps (though I'll stand by my "Week 5" prediction for when things start to come together). Further, it's obvious that Memorial is going to be decent at the least this year (two real tough games against quality opponents and a dismantling of a third opponent of as-yet unknown quality). I'll admit to being mistaken with respect to my misgivings before the season. I will, however, push back slightly here. I never have and never will claim to have any answers beyond "here's what my amateur eyes suggest to me and whatever thirdhand scuttlebutt I manage to hear says" (unless I join a coaching staff somewhere, I guess). I understand that coaches put up with way more guff than they deserve from people who don't know even half of what they think. I certainly wouldn't presume to know what goes on in practices or that I could do any better (as I said, I even missed yesterday's game, so I can't even do my usual attempting-to-find-the-positives with it). I see where I was unclear, and in a way that communicated the opposite of what I meant. When I said "immediate future," I was meaning extremely short-term, like "within the next week or so." Basically, Northwood has shown themselves to be a tough team, probably top 3 in conference. I said it a little more unkindly than I should have, but I think they're better than Memorial at this juncture, at least, and your team beat Goshen comprehensively. That's just a hard matchup to roll into coming off a tough couple losses, is all I meant. To bookend this, Coach Park knows what he's doing, the Redhawks will continue to improve, both in the short- and long-terms, I didn't intend to be disrespectful to any team, player, or coach (or combination thereof) and I wish him and the boys nothing but the best as their season progresses. And if I made it seem as though I thought differently, I truly apologize.
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    If a sponsor wants to come forward and help pitch in to benefit a school what's the big deal? Nothing wrong with someone wanting to help benefit a school with improvements. Not only would it help the football teams but bands, soccer teams, and lacrosse as well. And give the community something to be proud of.
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    Congrats to Knox's Head Coach John Hendrix who picked up Career win number 200 Friday Night. 200-87 in now his 26th Season at the helm between Carroll (Flora), Northwestern and Knox. Big Congrats from your guys over here in Rensselaer!!
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