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    Interim label was dropped at school board tonight. Jason Ward is the head football coach at Tri-West. Also, Tony Hiland returns to Tri-West after 4 years at Danville to be Offensive coordinator. Ward and Hiland were both Assistant coaches on Tri-West State Championships in 2003, 2004, & 2014.
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    See you all August 14, 2020. I will be at 8808 Columbia Ave.
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    Interesting the amount of apparent back channel communication that goes on between the GID cognoscenti and GID admins.
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    How about the guy not drive his knee into the neck of the man he had in cuffs? That said, I do think a more immediate arrest could have kept things from escalating to the point it did with the protests.
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    That will be one question I am NOT asking next school year. 🤣
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    Seymour board approved the hire of Tyson Moore as the new head football coach at Seymour High School. Moore was the offensive line coach at Seymour last season and this will be his first head coaching position. Moore has spent time as OL, DL, Strength and Conditioning roles. Moore has spent time coaching at Anderson University as a grad assistant, assistant OL coach at Centre Grove HS, and recently 1 year as Seymour OL coach.
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    A tribute to the late, great Jerry Stiller. A thread created solely for the airing of grievances over downvotes. If ya got 'em, post 'em here!
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    Congratulations to Coach Moore. The Owls knocked this out of the park!
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    One flag on the SF flagpole in the US. The US flag. Don't forget about the Death Hornets ........ Howe - SF was informed a while back on this forum that a person of color cannot be racist........so yeah.....might wanna be a little more "woke".......
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    Last you will hear from me about this. You say it in public then dm in private. WEAK! Anyways, if people think President Trump has divided the US, why the record low unemployment PRIOR to this plandemic? Why the record employment PRIOR to this plandemic? Why the record stock market PRIOR to this plandemic. The list goes on. You do not have to pander to unite. That is the difference between President Trump and RINOs and Democrats. If you choose to not follow the facts, you are part of the problem. God is good. God always wins. Trump is not perfect, but Jesus uses broken men all the time. Trump isn't perfect, but he is the perfect person to be POTUS at this very moment. Have a great one all. @Howe @swordfish @TrojanDad And any other members who want to continue to transition to GREATNESS, there is ALWAYS room for ya. 2020 Trump Victory!
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    As will the Lowell-Crown Point game.
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    The champ club is what I was referring to.
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    Then why are you interested? Your the one who asked about him.......
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    I think "the lake life" is also a factor. The NLC sits in the best outdoor recreation area in the state . All of its schools have close proximity to lakes which host fishing, hunting, skiing and other outdoor recreational pursuits. I remember personally skipping out on lots of Babe Ruth and Youth League baseball games in favor of fishing and water skiing on Koontz Lake in Walkerton.
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    Just from my perspective, I don’t see them wanting to play FC anymore, because they haven’t had any Athletic success against us recently. I can say the same for the other 2 River Schools against them. However, due to proximity, those might be teams they will want to keep. Jennings County as well. BNL is a LONG way away from Madison.
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    Totally agree with this. It's a big problem if you travel a lot.
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    Dig around a little the info is not hard to find. The nation was sold a bill of goods on the nightly news as this thing played out. I believe many of the lessons learned by the ATF and FBI at Ruby Ridge were trying to be righted at Waco, which again was botched badly from beginning to end. Fast forward to today with no knock, no announcement warrants, a citizenry that’s arming to the teeth as fast as they can and it’s a recipe for disaster. You can search the web and find any number of botched search warrants at the wrong house that go terribly wrong. Law enforcement needs to rethink how they do business, I fear much more needless loss of life on both sides.
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    It is more difficult to do that for a phone. As I said before, it is the server a person accesses that assigns an ip address. That said, do you really think anyone is willing to put that kind of time and effort to simply maintain two separate id’s here?
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    I must add emphatically.... As a public school teacher, I do not endorse 1 person or another (show favoritism) in my class. You asked and I answered. I provide the facts on the topics and promote all students to think for themselves.
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    So who is overtly and proudly protesting the National Anthem today?
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    This is where a lack of education really hamstrings you. I should have never went down a statistics path with you. You're mind is made up and a concept of special and common cause mean nothing. Like I said, its much more simple to avoid analyzing data and understand it....just apply one blanket approach and be done with it. I get you like simple. I too know people that have battled COVID and deal with it daily as part of my job....don't speak for me. You are way out of your league...... BTW, your racist reference is cowardly....but not the first time you played that card. I expect such drivel from you.
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    She supports the murdering of innocent children, so I refuse to pay her or anyone that supports/quotes/references her, any attention.
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    No it isn't. It's time to make America............America. I think the looting is misguided. I think those doing the looting would be better served taking other actions. Peaceful actions don't work, it's time for something else.
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    Correct. That gets alleviated a little with football divisions though. Only have to travel super far in the week 9 crossover game.
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    Don’t be surprised to see several charter schools pop up in South Bend. They already have Career Academy. It will be just like Gary in 10-15 years.
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    CNN when Biden says it: Just a poor attempt at humor. Also CNN if Trump drinks his coffee black: Proof he’s racist and wants black people to die.
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    Yes, Lovie led them to first bowl since 2014.
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    If you keep saying it, we'll eventually believe you, right? I really hope GS gets to play 15 games this year.
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    IHSAA RELEASE IHSAA Statement on Remainder of During the School Year Out of Season Activities and the Beginning of Summer Recently, Dr. Jennifer McCormick, State Superintendent of Public Instruction clarified the school closure order which ends on June 30, 2020. June 30th is the end of the traditionally defined school year in our state; therefore, school buildings are to remain closed through June 30, 2020. In light of this directive, the Indiana High School Athletic Association is hereby suspending any school sponsored athletic activities through June 30, 2020. School sponsored activities are any school authorized activities directed, observed or instructed by the school’s coaching staff regardless of the location. This includes any conditioning, skills development and associated activities through the end of June. Conditioning and During the School Year activities may only occur in or on school property, subsequently, these activities are hereby suspended. Question 15-56 of the IHSAA by-laws provides the following: Q. 15-56 Can a School have a Summer Open Facility session “off-campus”, or at a location which is not owned by or officially controlled by the School? A. No, like a Limited Contact Program, a Summer Open Facility Program must be conducted on campus or at a site where home Contests are regularly held. For example, a School cannot conduct a Summer Open Facility session at the local batting cage for its students wishing to work on their baseball skills but could hold Summer Open Facility session at a municipal field if that is where the School regularly held its home Contests. Provided there are no adjustments to Governor Eric Holcomb’s announced plans to re-open the State of Indiana, school sponsored summer activities may resume on July 1, 2020. Rule 15-3.4 of the IHSAA by-laws provides that a moratorium week shall be observed on the Monday through Sunday which includes July 4th. July 1, 2020 would normally fall during the prescribed moratorium week. In light of the amount of time students have been restricted from school and contact with their teammates and coaches, the Association is hereby waiving Rule 15-3.4fortheyear2020. Therefore;contactwithstudentsundertheprovisionsofRule15-3may occur beginning on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 and continue through Saturday of Week 4 of the IHSAA calendar which is August 1, 2020. IHSAA Statement on Remainder of During the School Year Out of Season Activities and the Beginning of Summer.pdf
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    Arrowhead lol. 100% Kimberly Must have got a big knock because they couldnt repeat as 6 or 7 time champions for 208/2019 while posting 12 wins season. 5 straight wasn’t good enough 😉
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    Very clean and sleek look for the Homestead Spartans. These were our colors at Highland. Wish we would have had that cool "H" logo.
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    Foot in my mouth for what...a typo? Take a statistics class....it might give you an entire different perspective when it comes to understanding data. Given you are or soon will be retired, you have plenty of time. Don't be afraid of math, it's your friend.... Can you talk about posse with any straight face, knowing you are the leader of the 3 Lib musketeers? GonzMoron; BOPoopyPants and Ultimate Whiner. 🤣
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    That would raise more questions than it answers and would pose a potentially scarier scenario than we are in right now. Let's assume that it's been in the US since December and that the first two deaths didn't show up until March. That would suggest outside of it actually arriving in any real force in the US until later on 1) either an extremely long incubation period or 2) quick mutation. In the first case, that seems unlikely given what we know now. That potentially leaves the second scenario, which fits in with your position that this is actually a second wave that we are seeing. That would be extremely scary depending on how you look at it. If it's been here since December and we are just seeing the numbers now that we're seeing, then for all of our science, etc. we did a p*ss poor job seeing something like this coming and blunting it. And frankly, it doesn't matter whether the Chinese gave advanced notice or not ... no one gives advanced notice in a championship game that they are going to run a trick play ... if you are good, then you are ready for it. On the other hand, let's assume that it was here in December and this, 70,000+ in two months over two months after its appearance, is a "second wave." Why didn't produce similar numbers in January/February that it did in late-March/April ... especially in a city like New York City? The argument could likely be, it was here, but in a different form ... and that would be the scary part ... that something like this mutated in just 2-3 months. If this thing mutated that quickly and dangerously, which I don't believe is the case although the fact that it will mutate is likely, then this thing will have more than just two waves and the next one could possibly morph toward attacking a more resistant group to its original form ... and that would also explain where this "phenomena" has been for the last 5 months. Like you said, no one knows. And, until we start getting better at knowing, I think dismissing or perhaps downplaying things that are showing up in a time of not knowing is riskier than being prepared to deal with it in case it isn't able to be dismissed. At this point, not dismissing it and looking at it provides less risk than dismissing it. The impact on kids may be nothing and, like I said in my previous post, I honestly hope that you are correct. If those kids in the UK and NY are the canary in the coalmine, just like those two folks in late-February/early-March were, it provides for a much scarier scenario.
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    See, it’s stuff like this that reduces your credibility on issues. It’s clear that there are irresponsible jerks on both sides of the aisle. But you make no attempt at balance at all. mask
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    I'm not downplaying covid. In fact, I had Covid19. What we do know is that this was circling the earth even before the Chinese told anyone. France came out and said they had found covid in victims in early December. That was before Wuhan said anything. So as contagious as this appears to be there is no way that it wasn't here in the US then as well. We could be going through a second wave right now.. NO ONE KNOWS. That is the key thing here. UK reported like 30 kids.. now NY is saying they have 15...sooo the question is.. where has this "phenomena" been the last 5 months?
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    Yeah...too lazy...as if that actually helped. And yeah, you have never typed something wrong have you? That said....just where the hell do you see “match person”?
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    Last week was a big one for Tanona.... THE Ohio State University and Notre Dame added to his belt. He is quickly becoming the most sought after player in IN 2022 class. https://247sports.com/Player/Joey-Tanona-46084550/
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