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    On behalf of the leadership team here at the Gridiron Digest, just wanted to express our thanks to all of you, our friends of GID!!! Whether you agree with folks or disagree, its always a great conversation (well most of the time) with fans of Indiana High School Football. Thanks to all our Boosters who generously give to us yearly Thanks to all our coaches who patronage our site Thanks to all our other members who engage, converse , argue, and PROMOTE, the best parts of this great game in our state. Good Luck to the 12 teams competing this weekend for State Titles and a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!! Cheers Coach Nowlin
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    This is so incredibly dumb
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    I can't believe we are white collar. I didn't get the memo. I'm gonna ask for a raise.
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    I would expect no less from you than this heartless comment. I'm blessed to have never been in the situation that these kids or their parents have been in, and I'm sure you have been too. That doesn't mean everyone has been that fortunate. It does not matter if contraction is a key and vital tool needed to maintain competitive balance. Competitive balance has nothing to do with this situation. No the kids lives will not be destroyed, but playing sports is a good distraction from their daily life. It keeps them off the streets and busy doing something. Just my 2 cents.
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    Wait . . . geography over religious affiliation? Come on, we need to at least try to keep up the pretense of the P/P cartel as the shadow authority over Indiana HS football. What if they start to think that we don't actually have a statewide conspiracy to direct the best players to our schools? Where will our psychological advantage go? Soon, they will start to realize that recruiting isn't an excuse and then where we be? Please edit your post to say, "You have no chance against the Catholic school hegemony of which EM is a key component. We will be rooting for our Catholic brethren while eating fish and chips because we are required to do so by the papal hierarchy." 😉
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    You truly have a gift. Nicely stated.
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    Hey, I said early, early on I thought they would show up in LOS. All I knew for certain was that they were supposed to have the same level defense returning. That, along with the fact that 3A has simply been better at the uppermost end than 4A the prior 3-4 years, made me feel pretty comfortable projecting that. Still, bummed out that Memorial is the first 3A team to be playing in the 4A Championship....I really wanted my team of favor to be the first. I simply can’t give the Tigers enough credit, though. How the heck a 3A school has 2 Men’s Fall sports teams perennially playing at State Championship level is way, way more than remarkable. “Unbelievable” is the better word. Best wishes to them. Hoping our kids can someday come up and play again. A tip of the hat to the Tigers.
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    Will you also be disappearing next week in the event that your Brickies lose? All I heard last week from some Cathedral slappies was that "New Pal hasn't played a team as fast and physical as Cathedral." They are now nowhere to be found. Can you promise the same?
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    Doesn’t look good - and it shouldn’t. But lets be clear, the kids that did this should be punished fully....and as openly as the law allows. Honestly, there’s just no excuse for any of this
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    I was at the hospital to see a dear friend of mine and witnessed a lot of love and support of the coach. It was heart wrenching to see a family/community going thru a trying time like that. Our hearts go out to his support system.
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    Oh good God......here we go....
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    The IHSAA does not list maintaining competitive balance as one of their purposes. Who besides yourself is concerned with this issue?
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    If private isn’t an advantage why would parents sacrifice to send their kids there?
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    A class program would have taken a knee twice.
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    The IHSAA needs to give a penalty similar to the Southport Basketball team, if not worse.
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    A lot of idiocy in this thread, but here a few facts to actually ponder as we have reached semi-state Friday across the state: 1. There are 16 teams left in the state of Indiana in 3A-6A. Of those 16, only 1 did not have to beat a single team during their playoff run with a Sagarin rating better then 100. That one team is Danville. Doesn't mean they cannot and/or could not have done so and doesn't mean much once the game kicks off tonight. But the simple reality is they won a sectional with a few average (at best) teams and beat arguably the worst 3A sectional winner in the past 20 years (if you go off the Sagarin ratings) in the regional last week against Vincennes. 2. Have seen the usual and tiring jabs at certain P/P schools (in this case Chatard was brought up) about being "dirty" and certain assertions about undue influence. For fun, why not go back in the last 4 years and look at every starter who has played at Danville and check where they attended middle school and then compare that with Chatard and their feeder perishes. Might be very enlightening. Of the last 4 Danville QB's, only 1 played middle school football at Danville. Their QB this year miraculously showed up this summer as a sophomore from Avon, where a returning JR starter at QB was ahead of him on the depth chart. If that would have happened at a Chatard or Mishawaka Marian (just using them as they are 2 teams still playing), we know what the calls from many on this board would be. 3. Heritage Hills has already beaten 3 teams during their playoff run better (according to the Sagarins) then Danville. Again does not mean anything as tonight's outcome, but HH has seen better outfits then what Danville brings to the table. Danville's best win on the year was at Tri-West in the sectional (after losing to them in the regular season). HH has 5 or 6 wins this year better then anything Danville has done. Hence why many who think this game, at least on paper, will not be all that competitive if both teams play at similar levels as we've seen throughout the season. Hopefully we some great games across the state tonight. Something we've haven't seen a ton of at the sectional and regional final levels to this point. Too many bad matchups and bad games in the 6 classes.
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    The success factor achieved it’s goal. P/P’s no longer win 4 of the 6 titles.
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    Stink heard they are going to have a new name for Gibson Southern....... CWS32 = Can't Win Sectional 32
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    Suggest you get that “tailgate” invite. Once there, be sure to hold your pinkie finger out after you fill up at the champagne fountain. Talk about your home on Geist a lot........and your vacation place on Sanibel. Gotta bring up Sanibel.... You’ll fit right in (these tips work at HSE gatherings also). Feel free to PM me for any other social tips.
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    Well I'll tell ya one thing all this banter for nothing everyone knows the winner of Floyd vs bhss will smoke either of these teams 😁
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    Columbus East was 0-10 in 1997 and 0-10 in 1998. A lot of teams beat up on CE those years lol.
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    Thank you to all for participating and adding some excitement to the postseason. Special thanks to @WCGrad92 for taking on the grading responsibilities and doing so in such an efficient manner. (No clue how you did it my man.) Here are the final results:
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    Been thinking about this whole contraction/280 madness. I just don’t get it. As populations grow, more schools will be needed, and the kids will need something to do. Not just the 75 on the team, we’re talking about the support staff, cheerleaders, band, and most importantly fans. Come to the games and hang out with your friends or make new ones. Football is a great thing and to place so many restrictions on it is next-level stupid.
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    It’s the architecture....
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    Western Boone is "Affluent Public"? LOL. Small farming community with 30% of kids on free/reduced lunch = Affluent? I am not sure there is a more "average/blue collar" area than Thorntown, Jamestown, Advance, Dover areas....
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    I’m so happy for the Greyhounds and glad to see my son win a state championship.
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    “Ouch!” Congrats to the Tigers! Incredible season and well deserved 4A Championship. You guys will ALWAYS be the first from 3A to have done it.
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    Because you are right all the time?? 🙄
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    Baring injury, two way players probably won’t be a factor in this contest.
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    Any chance pictures of the lit stadiums could be posted later in this thread? The positivity of this topic is helping me deal with the negativity of other recent news.
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    I know this is a rematch but I think viewing it as such obscures at least one pretty good story here. The fact that Western Boone has returned shouldn't really surprise anyone. Certainly, nothing is guaranteed and they had to earn their way back. And while they lost some good players from last season, they returned a good number of starters. This is an entirely different Eastbrook team than what we saw last year in terms of key players returning. The number of senior starters they lost from last season is crazy. They started the year dropping 2 tough non-conference games including a blowout at Delta. But instead of quitting on the season, these players rallied around one another and committed to learning the roles they were being asked to play and executing those at a high level. Just as importantly, they continued to believe in themselves and have confidence in their teammates to win big games. That was apparent to me on Friday against Andrean. Andrean looked the part. They were much bigger than Eastbrook on both lines and coming off a dominant win over a Lewis Cass team that everyone had penciled in the finals just a couple weeks ago. Guess who didn't give a damn about any of that? The Eastbrook players came out confident and believing they were the better team that night, then proved they were just that. What could easily have been written off as a rebuilding year in this program has turned into one of it's best, with the potential to be THE best still there headed into Thanksgiving weekend. So while this is a rematch of the same two programs as last season, I think looking at it as such ignores all the best parts about Eastbrook getting back there.
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    Let me know if you need my cell phone number. 🤣🤣🤣
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    I was a Luers player in the mid 1970's am I still eligible.😁
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    There are a number of “potential “ benefits. As always, some schools take advantage, and some don’t. Speaking in general: Not as many kids have after school or weekend jobs that detract from their ability to be involved in extracurriculars. Kids can afford to go to clinics and camps in the off season. The schools can afford to pay more and better coaches, and there’s not as much coaching turnover. Don’t discount the advantages of better nutrition and more stable family situations. Ditto for facilities and equipment, which you seem to dismiss.
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    Now I get it. Thank you for the enlightening information. You create "secret plays/schemes" for the big name opponents on your schedule, run JV/Junior High stuff against the weaklings on your schedule. Kind of like Andre pulling out all the tricks when wrestling the likes of Hulk Hogan, but basically resting on his laurels while wrestling run-of-the-mill scrubs.
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    Bobref, Bobref, Bobref 1.2.3. just look for us we might be dressed like our favorite peeps! If we can get @Impartial_Observer here now we can all sit down and have a drink!
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    A 19th century time traveler would undoubtedly find many other things in the modern U.S. to be odd -- the majority of the population living in urban settings; large numbers of women working outside the home; most families having less than three children; beer usually served cold, etc. "Odd" in this context just means different, not a value judgment. (Except for the beer thing - warm beer sucks.)
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    35-6, right? Let”s see .... 29 points.... Yep....
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    I want to complain, but it won't do any good.
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    Foolish comments like this are why I so rarely post these days as surely someone will get their panties in a wad over what I am about to post and decide to flame me for it. Well, flame on… The argument that LS “shot itself in the foot” is both short-sighted of what actually occurred on the field last wk & highly dismissive of the effort put in by the MD defense, IMO. Pressuring the other team into making mistakes is the entire basis of winning football & competitive sports, in general. To begin with, “the tipped pass” was the result of a great play by an MD D Lineman who beat the blocker (the first of many times!) and the LB being focused enough to see the ball in the air and make a play. The many fumbles were certainly influenced by, if not directly caused, by the fact that the MD Defense was in the LS backfield shaking hands with the QB & creating havoc - ALL. NIGHT. LONG. It becomes demonstrably more difficult to hand the ball off with a D linemen or LB in your face. Further, when you are being hit/tackled even as the QB attempts to hand you the ball, it is much more difficult to hold onto it. LS was a fine team that unfortunately did not have its best game against another fine team. I doubt we would have the same or similar result if the game were played 20 times. However, to completely dismiss MD’s role in why & how LS “shot itself in the foot” is further proof that denial is not just river in Egypt… Mi dos centavos.
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    It was no drubbing....tough, tough game.. Helluva tight game. St. Joe was driving and, frankly, didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. That Scoop and Score absolutely changed the game. The linebacker who scooped was also the kickoff returner and quite often the long yardage third down tailback. Honestly, probably the worst possible person to lay the ball and an open field in front of. Admittedly, in our household, that particular play is remembered with great (and very personal) fondness. To this day, I wonder if that 62 yd play wasn’t a record for a fumble return.
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    Eastside at Eastbrook--Eastside throws the ball well. Eastbrook has a history of having troubles defending the pass, however this year's team is better at getting to the QB than previous years. Eastside is the lone survivor out of the Northeast Corner Conference. Eastbrook has the stronger schedule. This year's Eastbrook team is a little different than past years and many have experience playing this deep into the tournament. I am going with the experience as Eastbrook wins this one. East Noble at Mississinewa--East Noble is ranked #1 Coach's Poll and #2 in AP. Mississinewa is ranked #5 in AP and #9 in Coach's. This game is going to be a very close game. East Noble has a good run defense, but at the same time so did Delta and Marion. Cade Campbell was able to gain over 500 yards in these 2 games while is brother Carson had over 200 in the two games. Mississinewa still hasn't had to do a lot of passing. Delta was a favorite to win State according to Sagarin rankings and Mississinewa knocked them out. Mississinewa has the #4 offense and defense in 4A while East Noble has the #8 offense and defense in 4A. In the end Mississinewa wins this one and advances to Semi-State for the second time in school history. Eastside and East Noble are not that far apart and it is interesting that Mississinewa and Eastbrook are both at home again this week. It is going to be a cold night so be sure to bundle up. Mississinewa and Eastbrook might have to borrow equipment to clear snow from the field this week. Would be nice to see both CIC teams advance to the next round. If Mississinewa and Eastbrook both make it the State Finals they will play on Saturday with Eastbrook at Noon and Mississinewa follows. Would be nice to see Mississinewa fans come early and cheer on Eastbrook and Eastbrook fans stay and root on Mississinewa. Then when they both win have a nice big parade back to Grant County.
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    Started my coaching career with Coach Radke at Griffith in 1994. It was a great experience for me early in my career. He taught me so much about the preparation side of the game. Hours and hours of film study. Had some great times at Bridges after the games and Dave and Lees the next morning. I think I have the names right. Its been a few.
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    Just a quick close out. Kyle Adams is the real deal. I’ve certainly not seen every QB in Indiana HS football this year but I have seen more than a few...and its hard for me to imagine there are many better ones. I was shocked to find out he actually passed for over 300 yards since it seemed he had the ball so few times. Karlaftis showed up prominently on offense but didn’t seem to be as dominating a presence on defense as expected. Fairly certain that had to do with Chatard’s game plan of just pounding it up the middle rather than work the edges where Karlaftis prowled. Honestly feel like the Chatard staff should send Tom Dilley and company a “thank you” for showing them a winning game plan. It seemed as if Chatard took Guerin’s game plan and never waivered. 430 yards rushing with maintaining possession 75% of the game time. Only 6 passes all night by Chatard (which normally throws about 50% of the time). As exceptional as Taylor and his backfield compatriots are (and he is exceptional) this game emphasized a long standing point of pride about Chatard. It is a school for lineman. Lots of great players have come through Chatard over the years but there have been a lot more linemen playing on Saturdays and a few on Sundays. Chatard is long known for the linemen it produces (especially O lineman) and this game was, frankly, a showcase for them. Congrats to West Lafayette on a great season....that said, I still think it’s ridiculous that these teams all got loaded into the same Sectional. I really feel like WL, Guerin and Brebeuf should all still be practicing.
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