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    What a pisser. Muda is a bully and DT is a drunk uncle.
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    If it's a Disney cruise, it's already been cancelled. Disney has suspended operations thru the end of the month. They have a boat leaving Port Canaveral today returning Monday, two boats returning tomorrow, and they have another boat currently at sea returning next week. No boats leaving after today until April 1. I'm calling bullshit, I happen to know for a fact that Mrs. Lysander is a saint.
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    At Lakeland we have an indoor car wash in November to collect toys for our local Christmas Bureau. We also split the team up the first Saturday of Two-a-Days to do community service projects in the community (yard work ,clean gutters, cut brush), We have also volunteered for Habitat, bagged groceries at the local market, then donated proceeds to local charities, volunteered at the local food pantry, held coat and canned food drives, worked Relay for Life, etc.... The problem is the number of wins and the number of community service projects have an inverse relationship. We had more wins when players were given community service by a judge!
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    Bishop Dwenger played at South Bend St Joe a few years ago. I felt they have an excellent stadium.
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    2011, Cathedral at Cincinnati Moeller. Cathedral leads most of the game and the stadium clock goes out late in the game. Moeller scores late in the game for what appeared to be the game winner. No one in the stadium, but the officials on the field, knew how much time was left. Moeller kicks off and it goes into the end zone for a touchback. The Irish have the ball on their own 20 yard line with 17 seconds left, which we found out later. Irish QB Cory Babb threw a long pass downfield and it was caught at the Moeller 23 yard line. Still no one knew how much time was left but we found out later that there was 1 second left. Cathedral place kicker Drake Myers lined up for a 40 yard field goal attempt. It was Myers first varsity field goal attempt. The regular Irish kicker had been excused from the team during the previous week. Well he put the kick right down the middle and Cathedral won 26-24. It was a miracle!
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    I've been long time reader/viewer of GD just not a big poster as my numbers reflect. I'm a big believer of disagreement, controversial discourse and out the box ideas and thoughts. Better decisions and outcomes come from it. I am not a fan of the personal attacks to these ideas and topics. So DT and Muda69, Ive enjoyed your topics even though I don't always agree with them so please keep posting. Let's all just stop with the insults and attacks.
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    It isn't for anything important. It's just for a personal agenda. Funny how people demand information from other people just to serve their own conspiracy theories. Too lazy to research it themselves? They don't contribute anything constructive. Their favorite game is pot stirring and some of them never seem to get tired of it.
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    1990. Week 6. We (Pike Central) came from 14-0 down and beat Southridge 16-14. On a personal level fun for me because I'm from Southridge. That is the last time PC has beaten Southridge. Great night. Our players never quit and made the plays we had to make. We sealed the deal with an interception with 30 seconds left.
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    LB Jackson Schott committed to the University of Miami (Ohio) today!
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    I did. Read a lot of complaining. Name of the game is to win, not get offensive lineman to the next level.
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    Just so happens this was one of my very favorite games, too. Both teams 11-0, ranked #1 & #2. They brought our crew all the way down from the Region for this sectional final, which was unheard of. Just a brutal, physical game. Danville made a furious 4th quarter comeback using, of all things, a passing attack. They were basically a 100% option attack at the time. Scored with just a few seconds left and, to their credit, went for the win and didn’t get it. Unbelievable atmosphere and the type of effort from both teams that you don’t see but a few times in a career. One of my top 5, for sure.
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    Danville @ Chatard 2002 Sectional Final Game. Danville Scores late and goes for 2 and the win gets stopped Webo/Eastbrook 2018 2A State Championship Game Webo/Eastbrook 2019 2A State Championship Game Danville @ Evansville Mater Dei 1999 Semi State Game
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    Such a great topic. Thank you to the author.
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    I just go with the flow. I don't think contraction is needed. Kids want to represent their schools. Let the kids be kids.
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    Thanks DT for this post. Man did it derail. There is a club on GID for non-football related topics....
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    Good luck, Robert as I see you are playing chess with a pigeon today...
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    I'm saying the public school systems should have full support from the state and federal level.
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    No typos this time😷
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    In the Fall, perhaps Leaf Raking service or in winter, snow shovel removal
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    FC filled the 8th opening from when the Lafayette area schools left. The HCC is now closed for expansion. I repeat, the HCC is closed! Thank you for your interest.
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    Just never, ever, ever (EVER) quite “got” this thread. Still don’t. Must be the whole offseason thing. That said....carry on. Have fun.
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    Eric Nowlin and Dann Ellenwood New Prairie 2020. Haaa i kid.
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    Well the debates should be interesting. I told IO a couple days ago, this will be like watching two old men at a memory care facility who cannot hear each other arguing.
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    SWEET! Wonder if they have a Snoop Dog drone?
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    This is the man who's going to take Trump to the woodshed!
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    Dude - it took me, like, 8 attempts. This was not the original one. Pretty certain I couldn’t do it again (should have taken notes).
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    I think you read WAY too much into that. I just read a guys resume and thought....that sounds like a guy I would want on my staff!
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    Israel Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Teva to donate 10 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine to United States. Google has suppressed this information. Bing listed several articles on the first page. https://www.tevausa.com/news-and-media/press-releases/teva-to-donate-potential-covid-19-treatment-hydroxychloroquine-sulfate-tablets-to-hospitals-nationwide-/
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    If only the genius would have stocked up on masks and test kits. Whoops.
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    Reckless? Huh? Did I miss something? Good luck to the Wildcats this year.
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    Two of out kids are currently homeschooled, so they've not had any break in schooling ... every day's a school day even when everything else is closed. The middle child is switching back to homeschooling next semester after leaving homeschooling for the public schools four years ago. We've had her taking her driver's ed classes online over the break and, at dinner last night, my wife suggested that, since she's returning to homeschooling in the fall and Jeff is pretty much shut down at least until May, that she should get started on her Geometry. The look from my daughter was priceless ... looked like my wife had killed a puppy. 😀 Really enjoyed Season One of Knightfall. Will probably get to Season Two in another month or so.
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    So those us us who cannot afford private school or are able to stay home with our kids because of a job supposed to do? That is why those option you give are not actually possible for an over whelming majority of people. Public school is the only realistic option for thousands of kids in Indiana.
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    Central Noble and DeKalb stayed in house: DC Wilcox promoted at DeKalb and Teacher and Head Track coach at Central Noble, Coach Kilgore gets the nod there
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    Football has always been hands on and physical. I don’t think South Newton, Elwood, Shelbyville, and every other you’ve put on your “list” are clamoring for flag football... Football is also about team building, chemistry, and camaraderie in addition to execution.
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    The difference is those pandemics had vaccines and treatments, plus they didn't spike in a very short time. They were spread out and the healthcare industry could handle the volume. There are so many differences between those and this one. The CDC is not overreacting. People who are hoarding TP and hand sanitizer are. I have not seen one report on the media imploring people to stock up on those items because they will very soon become unavailable.
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    This was the original request. I feel my reply met that standard.
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    Thanks guys! It worked.
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    Do you think all of these guys would go to Indiana if they weren't offered PWO?
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