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    You should know better than this. It has nothing to do with being "awfully sensitive". This is not college or pro football where rumors and reasons for leaving come with the job...as well as the salary. Many school districts around the state frown heavily upon current coaches applying for other jobs. The last place an administrator wants to see that one of their coaches is looking for a job or had an interview, is on a public forum. It is entirely a coach's decision to determine when his current employer should find out he has applied for a job elsewhere. Finding out on a public forum could put the current position at risk; or at least create a rift between the admin and the coach....unnecessarily. Thanks for understanding
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    Possibly because they realize it’s none of the IHSAA’s business and that schools should be free to make their own decisions on what type of travel experiences they want to afford their student athletes?
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    I was talking to a dear, dear, dear friend of mine who I won't reveal his name, but it does rhyme w/ Coach Rowlin, last evening. Technically isn't just about everywhere in Indiana "up north" compared to Evansville? 😉
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    Problem is many of our members were not around during the time where this was an issue, it went south bad for a coach at the final step and the GID was used as an excuse why. This was YEARS ago and 3 rebuilds, but I remember it. I just don't understand why the haste to have to be the person to scream to the masses that they know this or that. There is not an extra badge or reputation point for "Breaking" the news. Why is it so hard to just wait until XYZ School, makes 123 officially hired allowing a school the opportunity to release the information. If that was the case I would have infinity badges!! Yup, INFINITY!!!
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    1. Id like to see Bart Curtis shock the state and win a Class 6A title at Warsaw. Wouldn't that be a hoot? 2. Id like to see my beloved Highland Trojans win a Northwest Crossroads Conference championship before Im officially worm food. Coach Pete K has the program moving forward. Not sure they can ever to get to the level of Lowell and Andrean, but its always good to have hope. 3. Id like to see 40 schools contract and Indiana High School Football get down to 280 programs. That will eliminate the bottom feeders who dont give a damn, and improve overall competitive balance. Class breakdown as follows : 6a - 32 5A - 54 4A - 54 3A - 54 2A - 54 1A - 32 4. Im glad to see that The SAC has dropped its full round robin and is opening up to non non competition. Snider, Dwenger, Luers, Homestead are statewide brand names and will benefit from increased exposure. 5. Id like to see some more Indiana - Ohio public school crossover matchups. The Pickerington Central - Columbus East game should be very interesting. 6. Id like to see jPenn just pull the plug and go full on Independent. Given the recent schedule changes, its looks like the Kingsmen are heading in that direction. 7. Id like to see Lake Central hire a serious, driven and accomplished head football coach who can get the program turned and heading back on an upwards trajectory. Its just dismal right now in St John. Just as they opened a beautiful new football facility 5 years ago, the program went into the tank. Is it fixable? Not so sure. I think the student body has gone soft. 8. The Tom Allen vs Jeff Brohm 10 Year War may just be getting started. Both schools are recruiting at a higher level, continue to invest in improved facilities, and have committed to long term extensions for their head coaches. Brohm currently has the upper hand, but Id like to see Allen continue closing the gap. 9. Id like to see the MIC expand and add Columbus North and Avon. The league is getting a little stale. Love what is happening at North Central, but can they maintain a long term rate of success to compete with the traditional MIC powers? 10. Not convinced that Kyle Ralph will stay at New Pal for the long term. Wouldn't you think he would get bored wining 66-6 every week? Once you have destroyed all the local competition, its time to move on and conquer new lands. I could see him possibly becoming a small college head coach. Franklin? Butler? U of Indy? Wabash? etc etc 11. More inexperienced hires. More lay coaches. More retirements. The combination results in the continued deterioration of coaching at the highschool level in Indiana. This is a real concern, and widens the competitive gap between the haves and the have nots. Id like to see the The IHSAA get involved and develop programs that encourage young teachers to get back in the coaching game, and stay for the long term. Incentives are needed. Its all about the Benjamins. 12. Football in the southwest region of the state seems to be getting better and better as other areas of the state continue to decline. (Northwest Indiana, North Central Indiana) Seems like there is more coaching stability in that part of the state. Based on recent tournament results, the southwest is making big strides. Kudos to The SIAC, The Big 8 and The PAC. They are getting the job done. Id like to see others areas of the state follow their lead and re prioritize football before its too late.
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    Our school district has a robotics team attending the World Robotics competition in Detroit this weekend. They left yesterday so will miss 3 days of school this week. They missed a day twice in March/April already for a total of 5 missed days. Granted the competition is within the 300 mile range, but they are competing against teams from all over the world. I know they are outside the scope of the IHSAA but the same schools that make up the sports rule have no problem allowing these kids to miss school. Same with marching band competitions. I agree this should be a local issue and the IHSAA membership should approve this change.
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    I would expect us to have a 28th amendment to the Constitution before the IHSAA has a multiplier.
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    The mudarators must not think so.
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    I feel like the number of assistant jobs posted on IFCA site are a reflection of there being a place to post assistant jobs. In the past most of the time, HC's recruited their area. Now Facebook and other sites allow for a much larger search area. Schools have always used lay coaches and will continue to because school faculties aren't comprised of coaches only. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in coaching at Crawford County, let me know. I designed some sweet polos for next season.
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    In my opinion- Tecumseh has absolutely NO leverage to say what they want/don’t want. How they’ve been allowed to operate as a member of the PAC for this long with basically dropping out of football is beyond me. They are either in this merger, or OUT all together in every sport. Every time I read this thread I just get ticked off...wrong message to send to kids/program- but I’ve been down that road. Carry on
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    Enforced mediocrity. And it’s even a poor way to accomplish that. Some schools can afford better weight rooms than others. Will we begin regulating that soon? I look forward to someone demonstrating how the ability to have those kinds of experiences translates to an unfair competitive advantage on the field. After all, there are all kinds of things that give one school an advantage over another, but they’re not unfair.
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    Westfield had a middle school B team game vs Mt. Vernon (Fortville) many moons ago. The next day I get an email from a mom who went for a loooooong drive to watch her son play some football. Apparently there are 2 Mt. Vernon's in our state. You would think after so long she would have turned around. Still laugh every time I hear the words " Mount Vernon". Can't make this stuff up.
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    Indeed That amendment will get voted down by score of WHATEVER THE VOTES ARE to ZERO I believe the 6 quarters of football is a HUGE plus for small schools I expect that to pass
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    as stated in EC thread I want to officially welcome Coach Burgess to Region 4 and consumption of future Walt's Wings
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    As originally conceived, the tax system had one purpose: raising operating funds for government-provided services. But then lawmakers realized they could influence behavior by using taxes to incentivize - or disincentivize - economic decision-making. So, we got things like the investment tax credit. Then they went one step further and applied the “incentive” theory of taxation to more social decision-making, e.g., cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Now, taxation policy in this country bears little resemblance to the original system designed to fund government services. Incentivizing decision-making through tax policy is just another way government messes with the free market.
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    This is too cool. https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_images.jsp?cntn_id=298276&org=NSF
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    Dude, I was the smartass 5th grader that asked the engineers at some kind of idiotic public relations meeting at the elementary school at the foot of that dam, "Didn't the only other earthen damn like this in Italy burst?" Heard that question from some of the old Man's buddies at the local tavern, btw. Surprisingly, the Army Corps of Engineers guy explained to me just why it wasn't like the damn in Italy that had burst. The life lesson I learned was that I should spend as much time at the local tavern as I could. True wisdom was to be found there. Been following it to the letter ever since.
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    Your A-hole rating? I notice you’re number 1.
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    The other 63 teams in 3A all get Mono.
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    Dude, seriously, there's a whole state outside of the region!
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    Not arguing GID policy, but he's already resigned and made it known to the local media that he expects to be approved at another school on 4/15. If for some reason the new position isn't approved, it won't be because of anything that has been posted on the GID. Personally, I'm sad to see him go. There is no question he made positive and much-needed changes in the historically undisciplined Bears football program, and of course the result in his one year speaks for itself. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out and whether the new coach, whoever it turns out to be, can maintain the same positive trajectory. If history tells us anything, there will be new (old) challenges next season.
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    Just try to tell me you did not laugh after seeing this one. 😂
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    One of the BEST camps in the nation! https://bishopdullaghan.com/middle-school-camps/
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    Joe may want to reconsider his campaign strategy...............
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    Waiting on the next episode like.....
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    Gendry and Arya.....Baratheon and Stark bloodlines....well called Muda. The scene around the fireplace was excellent last night. Not sure why Jon Snow delivered the tough news to "Aunt" Daeny just right before they have to hop on dragons and fight a million zombies.....doesn't seem like great timing.....
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    I doubt Cannelton hates females, unless you know something I don't. If Cannelton offered girls Cross Country, they would offer 1 more sport for girls than boys. Title 9 works both ways.
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    Spending the USA into oblivion certainly cannot be blamed on Democrats alone. Almost every Congress/President since Nixon has done it exponentially. With the exception of Newt and Bill.
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    Better not go to the Wisconsin State Fair then. Or even worse, Iowa:
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    Don't sell me short, I'm quite an A-hole!
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    Not Fake news: 🤣 They also tend to sustain damage when they touch their shadow without the landing gear down.....
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    I could not disagree more. There are simply too many variables that come into play. Maybe administrators changed? Maybe a coach was single when he took a position, and is now marreied with kids, and needs to find another position. There are solid and valid reasons on all sides to keep a possible move as quiet as possible for as long as possible. Maybe a coach would be wrong in a given situation, the fact is it is still his decision to make.
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    I'm all in for Edinburgh this year. Bought my "Shake Weight" there. Best fitness device ever. You should see my forearms.
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    A belated reference to his passing. James Edward “JDub” Warren passed away on February 22, 2019. He was a Senior at Indiana State University when he was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma in September. He took part in 2 State Championship teams as a Lineman. He could have played in college but chose not to do so. Knowing him, he was just a wonderful kid who had a laugh for everyone…yet he was so much more than that. It’s not my place to speak as to just how special he was..…or how hard he fought and how much his Mother and Father loved him…and fought with him, as well, until the end. For those outside of the Chatard Community, I don’t think you will understand just how much so many people gathered round his family and just what they did. He was a special kid. As all in the football community here are…and those outside as well. Chris Ballard (GM of the Indianapolis Colts) and Frank Reich (Indianapolis Colts) spent time at his bedside. Frank Reich even came back a couple of days later and prayed with him for an hour at his bedside. “JDub” wrote a letter to his friends and another to his mother in the sad anticipation of his passing. It was printed at the funeral but I will not post it here. It was inspirational and, yet, broke me to tears. He cared so much for those of us yet living. Perhaps the most seminal part of the funeral was when a coach and so many players there said the Chatard Prayer as they do before each game. The prayer is not so much about victory as it is to bless all those on the field. It was one of the most touching events I have seen in my life. This is a kid I knew. A special kid. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/indystar/obituary.aspx?pid=191654380
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    still could possibly work out. or hey....join the PAC small school division for football since Tecumseh doesn't want in!
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