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    My kid probably had the best arm in the middle school and would have made a good quarterback and was downright mean as a linebacker, but I advised her not to play football.
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    Feeling a bit nostalgic this morning I remember very clearly the first time I came in contact with the Gridiron Digest. It was the spring of 2004. I was in my office at Galyans in Plainfield as we were in the process of being bought out by rival Dicks Sporting Goods. I was on the transition team, and we had a lot of time on our hands so I stumbled upon the GID as I was surfing the web. Hard to believe 15 years have gone by. We've all changed. I immediately entered the Holy War against the PP Horde, taking an aggressive position against Catholic high school football hegemony in Indiana, and especially in Indianapolis. Growing up in The Region of Northwest Indiana, Andrean and Bishop Noll were never considered a threat to the powers of the Duneland Conference, and a mere nuisance to the better schools in the Lake Suburban, including my beloved alma mater, Highland High School. Noll did have some solid teams in the late 70s, but we handled them . I have no doubt that the loud chatter we created on The GID during that glorious period (2004-2007) helped to raise awareness of the gross competitive imbalance between PP and public schools, and lead indirectly to the formation of the Success Factor, which I have always just considered to be a politically motivated and watered down version of The Multiplier. Here we are now in 2019, and a new breed of posters /forum members are driving the new and hopefully improved GID. Its also time for some sharp young posters to step up and drive forum discussion with relevant topics and content that is important to your demographic. The GID server crash opens the door to a new beginning, and also some endings. Semi retirement looms soon on the horizon, and I gaze with wandering eyes westward, and a new beginning in Arizona. I will always follow high school football, and will remain a minor contributor here as topics catch my attention. I have thoroughly enjoyed the banter between us over the years. Its been great fun. With regards to the contraction issue, I feel strongly that we are entering into a period where admins will pull the plug on high school football programs across the nation, citing issues such as lack of competitiveness, low participation, high operating costs, and serious injury ramifications. The trend has already started, as several Indiana programs have already closed their doors, and many others are on the brink. Id like to see Indiana settle in around 280 football playing schools. This will improve the overall competitive profile across the state, and eliminate programs that cannot or will not compete. All the best in 2019 to all the forum members, and hope to meet up in a GID thread again soon DT
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    I think first and foremost, some people do not really understand the amount of work and effort that go into head coaching. I believe that many new head coaches get blown away by the amount of organization, managing, and balancing that must occur in order to change or build a culture once the really get into the thick of it. The grind can wear people down. X's and O's are just a very small percentage when you look at the bigger factors involved in building and maintaining a culture. It is mostly a thankless position, and sometimes when you win, you really lose.
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    So.... Did you take the baton back or what? No Head Coach is going to answer all of these questions on an internet board... Or answer them to someone who is outside his community. How do you assess the feeder/youth systems in January? Come on, Man!
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    I will comment as a coach that was at the meeting. The Cass athlete was nominated by his coaches. There are a healthy amount of good players in our region. The particular player did not necessarily stack up in the measurables as well as the other players. He was a kid that got better all season. He was an average player at the beginning of the season and made himself into a better than average player by the end. He received IFCA All State, AP All State, Kokomo Tribune, and All Logan Land. He was also Academic All State and Team Captain. Not a bad senior year. Region All Star would have put the cherry on top for his season. There were some teams with lesser records that got kids on. It does not mean that they were any less deserving. I cannot try to reason how a 6-4 team gets 3 guys on and a 7-5 none. It sometimes comes down to the number of kids nominated in a position group. I will also add that this is the first year in 2 years that any Cass coaches went to the meeting. There have been conflicts and miss communication at times that have prevented in coaches attending. This may not sit well with some coaches. I don't know. But there is a responsibility that comes with coaching, and representing your team when you have kids to nominate and when you don't is one of those. I will say it was disappointing, but it does not define this kid. I talked with him last night, and he was good with it. Like I said, it was going to be the cherry on top. Nothing more. Coach Shaffer Lewis Cass Assistant Father of the player
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    This is the shortest retirement in history. DT tells us he's leaving and "passing a baton" he only held in his own mind, and now is back trying to appoint himself the content curator of the GID.
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    Some changes at Pioneer beyond the '19 senior class... Previous Varsity Assistant Coach Dave Gregorich (2007 Pioneer graduate) has resigned and is now with Coach Johnson at Logansport. Dave organized some great defenses, getting to the State Championship 4 of his 5 years as the DC. Dave also coached the OL. With that exit, Coach Berry has promoted Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Vianco to DC. Coach V played (RB/DB) played with/graduated with Coach Berry from Pioneer in 2006. Coach V has been on staff coaching the RBs/DBs the past 2 years, as well as being the JV offensive play caller. Additionally, Coach Berry has promoted Junior High Coach Josh Lytle to Varsity Assistant Coach. Josh played for Pioneer 2009-2012, recently graduated from Purdue, and just completed his 2nd season coaching Junior High. He will coach the OL, while Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Gates, also a 2006 Pioneer graduate, coaches the DL. Josh was an Indiana North All-Star (OL), as was Coach Gates (DE). The status of 20 year veteran Pioneer coach Steve Berkshire (LBs) is unknown at this time. But he's like that stray dog you kick to the curb, he just won't go away for good and keeps showing back up and bringing a smile to your face when you need it. Besides that, someone has to keep Coach Berry's head in check by reminding him daily that he lost a game once upon a time (as if 44-1 and 2 titles isn't enough). I really don't know how many high school staffs across the state can stake claim to having 100% of their staff be former players and alumni. It's definitely special to have such a close knit group, and the passion they put into it for their alma mater is second to none. As for me, time to take a break and be a fan. It's been a fun ride. 13 years of youth league, 3 years of junior high, 4 years Varsity Assistant... and every one of those 20 years fully tied into and committed to our Head Coach's program. That's the secret, that's what it takes to develop players in a system, people who buy in. It's a top down and bottom up mentality. ALL IN. And if people think Pioneer is rebuilding and will start to drop off, don't expect them to drop too far as long as the above coaches are on the prowl!
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    They were contracted. 😈 Lord, I apologize for that.
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    I would imagine a lot of coaches would be hesitant to apply for a place that the school board 's first move was to fire coaches. Doesn't sound like a positive work environment. It's a shame for the kids.
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    So then my question is, as an administrator, is coaching not a major "plus" for a potential teaching candidate? I would think that what you can glean from an interview and a resume is pretty limited. The commitment to kids and community that someone who takes a lot of time out of their day to coach, not to mention the connection with kids that you know will develop from coaching, in my mind has to at least factor a little bit into the equation. Can you really gain a significant amount of insight into someone's teaching ability vs someone else's teaching ability from a resume, some letters of recommendation, and an interview? I'm a teacher/coach that has been frustrated in the past by watching admin pass over someone that you know would coach for someone who is "better with their use of technology in the classroom" or "more innovative with their teaching strategies" (in actuality probably just better at throwing out buzz words in their interview). Only to see that person struggle to connect with kids and therefore struggle as a teacher.
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    Right away, you disqualify your own comment. Pat Echeverria was the DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR ON THAT STATE FINALIST TEAM ... and then coached his own team to the State Finals a couple years later. Zionsville was likely the second-best team in 5A this year and was the only team on New Pal's schedule (including Center Grove) where the game was in doubt in the fourth quarter. If you actually watch football, Zionsville is one of the better-coached, better-prepared teams around.
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    Yes. i agree that TA’s original intent was to have a “free” site. But if you’re not already voluntarily contributing at least $20/yr. for site upkeep, you’re freeloading.
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    No I have to stick with the creator's intent TA never wanted it to be a paysite; he wanted it to be free. It will always be his site, so that rule should stand pat.
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    Dawson Basinger (North Central Farmersburg) has committed to Indiana State University. He was a great young man to coach for the past 4 years and the last of 3 tremendous brothers that played at North Central. Dawson became North Centrals all time rushing leader this season replacing former Thunderbird record holder Chase VanSchoyck. Best of luck to Dawson! Congrats!
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    We dont have the usual thread so this may start it but West Washington Senior to be DE Caleb Murphy has received an offer from Ball St per his Twitter account. For a 1A school in a cornfield I find this amazing. Congrats to him and interested to see if more come in as year moves forward.
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    Coach Peo, I don't believe it is unfortunate that you are hiring the best teacher for the position regardless if they coach. I have been in the business of coaching and teaching for nearly 25 years. I have seen lesser teachers hired over highly qualified people, and the result is usually bad. I have not seen to many bad teachers that are great coaches. They go hand in hand to me. I have also seen my fair share of nepotism in this profession that frustrates good young coaches and even veteran coaches.
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    My wife helps coach the Robotics team at the elementary school where she teaches. My five year old cannot wait to participate and free builds at home to make things that look like the robots that they use in the competition. He is far smarter than me and he loves that stuff almost as much as throwing balls around and wrestling his brother. Time will tell what he want to do when he gets older. I will following whatever he decides to choose and and be his biggest and quietest fan in the stands!
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    As part of the CFWM activities, I'm posting a pic of the latest Caddy that was conferred. Thanks to @Coach Nowlin for taking time out of his schedule to travel across time zones to deliver it. Also thanks to Coach Meeks for taking time out to create the Caddy and for his support of the Hoosier Conference GID Pick 'em activities. Hoping for another good year in the CFWM so I can try to catch up with Coach Durham and his legendary four Caddies.
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    We are not even touching any of that nonsense: Dumb Dumb Dumb in my opinion. We get everything we need to accomplish in the summer 12 practice session and 5 competition days.
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    Like all liability insurance issues, this one is based on underwriters’ predictions about future claims. And like most liability insurance markets, it tends to overreact and cause the pendulum to swing farther than it needs to in the other direction (see the medical malpractice insurance market in the 80s). There will be a period of instability, which may include some insurers exiting the market. Then, as we get more and more claim experience, the market will reach equilibrium and stabilize.
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    I give this comment a D-
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