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    Yeah...now that's funny!! I'll bite. Reitz fans have had the privilege of watching opposing teams carry real footballs into the end zone all year!!! Beat Harrison and Bosse. Please. SIAC should be changed to the BIG 3.
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    Oops Not sure what happened I think it was VASTLY IMPROVED
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    That's because you are technically Kentucky. 😎
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    He is moving forward slightly before the snap and not set for one second so you could go with illegal motion or illegal shift. Most of the discussion I've seen about this play is unsportsmanlike conduct for making a mockery of the game. But what an amazingly athletic move by the big guy...both the cartwheels and the splits. Coaches...please don't do this. You force us to come up with something and you definitely won't like it.
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    Triton wore those against Caston. When my son wore his to school, he wore my Combat Infantry Badge on it. I thought it was pretty awesome that the Guard does this for the kids.
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    DT in for $50. Send me the details and check on the way. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.
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    Coaches cant simulate the PIT to get ready for it. Weather, Crowd Noise, atmosphere, Game Prep, YES. Painted Dirt... NO. We have had some of our top soils guys check it out. Its very unique.
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    Did this last year for all classes and it was a resounding success. Willing to do so again if there is enough interest. Will get it rolling tomorrow when I get back in town. Respond below if interested please!
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    Tied the scoring record tonight @ Delta (which seems appropriate). Congrats to a great kid, a great family, and a great teammate. Proud that my son got to share the field and these moments with him.
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    I just want folks to consider becoming a booster today
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    The loss certainly puts Penn on the contraction list.🙄
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    AlmanacSports.com is proud to present the Complete History of the Indiana High School Football State Tournament. Started in 1973, we look at how it began and how it's evolved over the years. 46 years of results for all 10,812 games Detailed records of each team's win/loss record, percentage and championships won Coaching records section Over 200 pages plus lots more! There has never been a book with more information about the state tournament! Get your copy today! Email me proof of purchase and I'll donate 10% of proceeds to the Gridiron Digest.
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    Ridiculous. This draw cheats the Cass County area fans out of what would have been a terrific sectional championship game. Both teams are evenly matched and are within 1 point of one another in the Sagarin. Lewis Cass won the week one matchup vs Pioneer 28-22.
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    Honorable mention for this guy...
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    I'm not really advocating a conference change...just understand DT's point. I also know AD's have to think beyond football and bball. Its an interesting discussion when weighing out pros and cons. The MIC has a strong reputation (well earned) with football and over the years in hoops and track. Very heavy in those 3 areas. Typically not as strong in the other sports....and that is why Carmel and CG is typically #1 and #2 each semester in the all sports category. I believe (opinion only) that the HCC would offer better competition in all sports....and is that good or bad for a Carmel or CG....probably can debate that one both ways. Football is the revenue generator for the athletic department.....So I understand DT's point about revenue. I would like to see the MIC travel better....But he's right....it isn't just Pike that travels poorly. I also believe the HCC would travel better in all sports. My bias is with the MIC....and I agree with you...love the flexibility of non-conference games and don't want to lose them. But I can certainly understand why AD's have to look at revenue and cost when aligning with conferences.
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    man RDP of 765 not happy about my factual statement.......
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    Irish 28, Louisville Trinity 7! It was a classic win for the Irish. Trinity was #6 in the USA Today Midwest rankings.
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    What a football game! Sectionals will be interesting
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    be glad the weather will be in the 50s not the high 80s this week when playing WL. Just Saying
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    Honestly I have been thinking similar recently. There is a....certain aggressiveness...to the way Bob calls the game. I live out of state so it’s hard for me to really find another way to follow live. there was one moment tonight that really caught me though on the broadcast. Aside from the usual hate for officials and officiating from the booth, I particularly didn’t think it was of good taste for Bob to scream “THROW THE BALL” after the 4th and goal play where Brady Allen was sacked. This was a later play, the one with the DPI and the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. To me at least, this moment was of really bad taste and i don’t care what others think but a broadcaster should never be yelling at a player. They may not hear it but all but the fans who just want to hear the game do. bad plays happen...losses happen. Players doing things other than what the spectator wants WILL happen...but yelling at a player over a broadcast shouldn’t happen. Ever. that’s just my two cents.
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    Worth posting in a second spot on the site. I am still laughing
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    Columbus East has had an excellent Fall Sports season. HHC Champs in : Boys Soccer (won regional tonight) Girls Soccer (lost in sec champ) Volleyball (Sectional champs tonight) Football Baseball will be extremely good again this year, will be pre season #1 or #2. Ready for football sectionals now, but have to wait 2 weeks for 6A to start.
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    That was on display tonight. The score looks like they handled AT easily, and they mainly did, however; they are vulnerable in the secondary. Tech was far and away out-sized tonight and that, plus the Jeff offense, kept Tech from ever really being close to even thinking that they had a chance. Nonetheless, Jeff imploded on the opening drive coughing up the ball on Tech's 17 and then, in the closing minute of the 1st half, turned the ball over on a pickoff at the line of scrimmage. Tech also stopped Jeff's offense inside the Tech 30 on a 4th and four. Jeff's kicking game also saw a missed PAT from the 1/2 yard line after two Tech penalties in a row on the PAT and at least four kickoffs that were kicked out of bounds for penalties. Toss in a breakaway run up the middle and it's a good thing that Jeff wasn't playing Merrillville tonight. A couple of unsportsmanlike penalties and personal fouls tossed in and a sideline warning and there are a mix of items that should give pause/concern. They might have been looking ahead to next week, but they've got to get things ironed out this week or they are going to get the rug pulled out from under them.
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    From first hand experience, I can save you a bunch of money. BHSS won, defeating us (Lake Central). 🙂
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    Someone toad me Herbs, Brian Moore and Crabtrees went to the bridge festival together. They were peeing off the narrows bridge and Brian said it’s kinda windy. Herbs said the waters code and Crabtrees said it’s deep too. I swear to God. I gotta go
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    Are we convinced the number of D1 players produced is really the proper measure? GS, Southridge, Central and Memorial have all had a lot of very good teams recently, but I don't recall more than a few D1 players. Those schools have all had a good number of kids play D2, D3, NAIA, not to mention other rare and worthwhile pursuits (studying for seminary, attending service academies, etc.). You sure seem to have an odd fixation, which is surprising considering Lindauer was a great 3 sport player and even better kid. Plus, he was a big part of a lot of kids getting state championship rings and having memories that will last a long time. And by the way, we still have a pretty good QB.... No disagreement with that statement. That is the beauty of HS football.
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    I hate to speculate about the next GS/HH matchup (assuming it happens--I'm hoping GS overlooks Salem, they won't). HH was playing with the swagger and attitude of the old days in that game. GS flat out was ready for the bus in the 4th quarter. They got some momentum when they came out and scored quick in the 2nd half. Anyone that knows anything about GS knew that 21-0 was nothing that they couldn't come back from. I remember telling by brother in law at the half that Coach Hart may very well come out in the 2nd and feed our rear ends to us. I trust things will be different next game (again, if it happens)...score will surely be closer. We must remember also that these are children if anything they are inconsistent. This group of kids is determined, it has been a while since I have seen an HH team with this much attitude.
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    Possible that he is not on this continent?? I knew they battled this in previous years around this time...
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    From your lips to God's ear!
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    This is an incorrect assumption. The wrc coach I would choose to consult with would be Herb King. Herb is a sly tactician with the skill and cunning of Loki. They have single handedly changed the game of football. Endzone cameras are probably the most important football invention since headphones.
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    I have vehemently disagreed with Jason Whitlock more times than not over the years, but the dude is spot on here: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/10/08/jason_whitlock_us_the_bad_guys_in_the_minds_of_woke_nba_players__coaches_they_are_promoting_a_marxist_agenda.html
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    Best of luck coach, lets keep them just rumors.
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    Yes that's me. You haven't missed it...just been very busy with a new position at work. I'm shooting to do one at the end of the regular season though. Thanks!
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    Have loved Ellen for decades. First seen her on the earlier improv shows. She had a wonderful standup routine.
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    No need for taking responsibility. I chuckled when I read it, but you went right back to the game discussion. Someone else chose to go “deeper”. 🙂
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    After what I saw tonight, I’m not so sure Cathedral and New Pal wouldn’t be the best two teams in the MIC...
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    Most of the kids way down the depth chart participate in other activities too, such as the Carmel MB. They don't care about playing time because they've got other opportunities. My son is involved in so many other extra-curriculars that he is just excited to stand on a sideline with a full home crowd. It's his choice to play and participate. I've always told him it's his choice, but if he makes a commitment, he sticks with it until the end and gives it his best.
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    I’ve been following Charlie Spiegels since his sophomore year. Reminds me of Blake Ezors from MSU. I swear to God he does
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    Would that qualify as contraction? Asking for a friend...
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    Congrats to Charlie is all I can say! I don't care how, where, when, or why this kid racks up these numbers is astonishing. Great to see a Hoosier young man doing so well anytime. From a Displaced Miner in Caroliner
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    Muda. I just now noticed ATGs eyes get bigger in the avatar. Don’t know what to feel about that. 😆
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    If anybody is interested, here's an article The Republic out of Columbus did on Jennings County coach Justun Sharp back in May after he was hired. Might have the best background of anyone to ever coach football there. http://www.therepublic.com/2019/05/16/former_north_assistant_to_lead_jennings_football/
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    I should add that you shouldn’t make any judgments based on when the flag comes out. There’s a lot of information you need to process before going for the flag and it can take a while. Hearing the guys on TV talk about a “late” flag is a dead giveaway that they don’t know what they’re talking about.
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