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    Throughout this thread it seems that anything a Falcon fan says is wrong other than "We will be dominated by a superior team, who is perfection, Kiser is a God, and we are doing a disservice to our team just for showing up." You wont get that from many people in Vermillion County... Definitely wont get that from the Falcons. Honestly, knowing the kids, most of them know its a longshot. But they will still show up and play 4 quarters of football to the best of their ability. Players like Myers, Kilgore and Woodard will grind it out until the very last tick of the clock, regardless of the score. I personally believe, on any day, anything can happen, and they probably do to. Many understand they have already won just because they get to play on Saturday. I had a kid tell me he has already won because he has been dreaming of playing at Lucas Oil since he watched one of his football heroes play there 4 years ago, when NV won. I had another kid tell me he is just excited to stay at a hotel, because his family cant afford to stay at hotels. Trust me, they understand it is an honor to play at Lucas Oil and they appreciate all that goes into this week, even if not victorious. Finally, The NV fans don't need sympathy. At the beginning of the season I was hoping for a Conference Championship and a Sectional Championship. I am incredibly proud that our team accomplished those goals. For us fans, Regional, Semi-State, and now a state appearance is icing on the cake. I would really like a Falcon win, but I am just as proud of every person on the team in a Falcon loss. I think most of us Falcon fans find it sad that some peoples goals on here are to belittle the accomplishments of the team, ruin our hope, and dampen our spirit. But regardless of what is said before the game, the score at halftime, or the outcome; we will still be cheering the same, giving the same hugs, and taking the same picture after its over, with the same sense of pride and accomplishment that we walked in with. Tell me i'm wrong....
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    It's a sad day here at LPHS. Coach Sharpe was truly in it for the long haul. He loved the "One Town, One Team" environment that is LaPorte Slicers athletics. He loved the blue collar work ethic and commitment that is LaPorte Slicers athletics. And to be honest, those are the same reasons that my wife and I decided to raise our three boys here 24 years ago. LaPorte is a GREAT place! Unfortunately tragedy struck his family and he has to move on. A tragedy that would cripple anyone. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family and I pray that they find peace in this next chapter of their lives. Godspeed Coach Sharpe...
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    How about stop trying to create controversy where there is none and just revel in what was among the very best high school football games I’ve seen?
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    A few posters talking about how bad these two teams were are clueless. What they did in the regular season and throughout the playoffs just to get to the state finals was pretty impressive. That was 2 strong run defenses going toe to toe. Both offenses put up plenty of points up to this game. The posters talking are either upset they got beat by one of these two teams or just are not very smart.
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    Pioneer (14-0) vs North Vermillion (13-1) The Panthers are where pretty much everyone in the state of Indiana thought they would be come Thanksgiving Weekend. A team that has run the table in terms of regular season game 3 years in a row (27-0) and overall 34 straight. Then add 3 state final appearances in the last 4 years. They lost to Linton in 2015, and to these same Falcons in 2014. Last year they rolled to a 42-14 win over Eastern Greene to get their State Title, their first since a 1997 49-21 win over Knightstown. North Vermillion came into 2018 on the heels of a tough 6-4 season… this after back to back years of excitement in Cayuga with a state title over Pioneer 27-26 in 2014, and losing to eventual state champs Linton in a 56-27 Semi-State in 2015. While Pioneer was pretty much the unanimous 1A program all year in all polls, North Vermillion were up and down, ending up at a very respectable #7 AP and #6 in IFCA. Coach Adam Berry has picked up where Coach Mike Johnson left off, and is a very impressive 43-1; as is the stat of 55-2 WL for these Panther seniors. Quite honestly—they have just rolled through every opponent they have faced this year, and last year. They have had some great teams line up against them, and while it may be a battle for a bit, it seems the Panthers eventually wear down teams and then take over and end up in a dominant position. Last week’s 38-7 win over then unbeaten Adams Central was a case in point. And the 31 point win was the lowest margin of victory all year for Pioneer. Meanwhile Coach Brian Crabtree’s Falcons only lost once all year—that in a mudbowl to Linton 34-7 in week 4. NV were in battles in most of their games with five wins by totals of 8, 3, 5, 7 and 7. They have certainly stepped up in recent weeks thought, allowing no more than 14 points in any of their last 6 games. That includes 8-4 Attica, 9-2 North Central and 10-4 Lutheran. While Pioneer has dispensed of 7-5 Lewis Cass, 6-4 LaVille, 7-4 Knox, 9-4 Triton twice and 6-6 North Judson. Another big win was a 70-7 win over traditional 1A powerhouse LCC (5-7). Strength of schedule is the one number that leans North Vermillion’s way… 35.68 to 32.96 but not much there. When you see offensive scoring average of 62.57 for Pioneer, #1 in 1A and #1 in the state… and backed with the #1 scoring defense in both class and state at 2.79 per game… you can hardly imagine anyone beating them. NV is no offensive slouch-- #3 in 1A/ 32nd overall with a 31.71 per game offense. Defensively as mentioned, they have allowed 18.0 per game, which is well down in 1A at 28th. 7 games have seen 22 or more points put on the Falcons, but their offense puts the ball in the endzone more often. Clearly… it’s going to take a monumental effort from the Falcons to keep Pioneer out of the endzone, and at the same time getting into the endzone themselves. However, this is why the games are played and not just trophies handed out beforehand. NV has shown they have the discipline and the mentality to fight to the very end of games. Their defense last week was key in interceptions. I think they will need some help with things like turnovers and catch some breaks elsewhere. Pioneer seems so focused on their goal, and have had no slipups. People may think this Pioneer team is a one man army… but they do have some serious talent on that field in other positions than Qb and Safety. Sagarin rankings truly have this a blow out by 35.48 with Pioneer ranked 1st in 1a at 83.73 (24th in state) and North Vermillion at 48.25 (8th in 1a/ 145th in Indiana). Western Boone (14-0) at Eastbrook (13-1) The Stars make their way back to the championship game for the first time since a 1998 loss 28-0 to Jimtown. Last year they reached the regional level, losing to Scecina 48-33, their first time winning a sectional since 2001. Eastbrook lost a hearbreaking 15-14 loss to Woodlan in last year’s semi-state, and have been to the State final in 2016 losing to Ritter 28-6, and before that in 2004 losing to Tri-West 62-21. To my knowledge, these two have not met on the gridiron. WeBo is the #1 ranked team in 2A in both polls, and got here with a convincing 48-7 win over defending 2A champs 10-4 Southridge. They also had to get past 11-2 Scecina the week before in a 19-7 win. The Stars also had a 28-20 battle in eliminating 9-2 Tipton in sectional 38. They have faced 9 +.500 teams in there 14 wins, and were 8-0 against larger class opposition. IN the regular season they put losses on 8-3 1A Sheridan, 6-6 5A Harrison (W.Laf), 8-5 3A Tri-West, 6-5 3A Danville, and 5-5 4A Lebanon. The Panthers of Eastbrook were dealt one loss in 2018- that came in week 4 to a 10-2 4A Mississinewa team and only by 6 (34-28). What an incredible ending it was in the Eastbrook-Bremen semi-state with Eastbrook first missing the Field Goal to win, but due a penalty, getting another shot--- and winning 34-33. Besides 11-3 Bremen, Coach Adamson’s squad defeated 8-5 Lapel 52-21, 7-5 Lewis Cass 27-25, and 8-3 Rochester 48-20 to get to this weekend. During the season they handed 7-4 4A Delta a 28-6 loss, 8-4 3A Blackford a 21-0 loss. They only faced 3 teams in the regular season with winning records. Most of the Eastbrook opponents this year have been within their 2A class (10-0). Both these teams average over 40 points per game. Eastbrook is 1st in 2A at 43.86, 6th in the state, while WeBo is at 42.50, which is 2nd/7th. Defense is where Coach Pelley’s Stars shine at just 7.21 per game, 2nd in 2A. They’ve allowed just 22 points over the last 3 games, which includes great offensive teams in Scecina and Southridge. The Panther D has allowed 14.62 per game, and gave up 33 last week…and over 20 in each tourney game. The good news is that they’ve put up a ton of points at the same time themselves. This Panther senior class has lost just 5 games with 50 wins in their 4 years. SOS has these teams about even. 46.52 for WeBo, 45.65 for Eastbrook. I think getting to this point.. playing for a state title, it’s hard to really bank anything on Sagarin Rankings.. but again here it leans slightly to Western Boone by 6.5 points. The Start have the top SAG rating in 2A at 79.05 (35th in state) while Eastbrook at 72.55 is 2nd in 2A, 50th in Indiana. 1A North Vermillion vs Pioneer.docx 2A Western Boone vs Eastbrook.docx
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    Dave Sharpe is resigning. He was only at LaPorte for 4 years but he made a tremendous impact. Best wishes to him and his family.
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    Poor CP. Probably should have contracted before contraction was cool.
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    1. I'm thankful for Kyle Ralph's compassionate spirit. Had he not removed Charlie Spegal from HHC games early, the young junior might have rushed for 10000 yards and 400 touchdowns this season. Appreciate your gamesmanship Coach Ralph. 2. I'm thankful for the frank and in your face approach of Michigan City HC Phil Mason. Mason, a younger version of tough guy Russ Radtke, challenged Ralph's platoon philosophy before last weeks 5A northern semistate. Mason made his point and got the attention he wanted, and Ralph proceeded to do what he does best, which is to bury his opponent and rip out his heart. 3. I'm thankful for Matt Nagy, who has quickly made the Bears must watch NFL football again. I had drifted completely away from the NFL game over the past several seasons. This Bear team, and the incomparable Khalil Mack, have drawn me back in. 4. I'm thankful for Jeff Brohm, who has single handedly brought life to the GID College Football Forum. Whether he stays or goes, Brohm has been a great discussion topic. As a Big Ten fan, I hope he stays. He is good for the conference and a savior to the PU program. If he goes, Louisville is the perfect place for him and his family. 5. I'm thankful for Jim Harbaugh, who has brought the historic Michigan Wolverine football program back to prominence and on the cusp of greatness. The Khaki One is fun to watch, given his unique quirkiness. 6. I'm thankful to DK Barons, who corrected the "Not Secure" issues with the GID Website. Once hacked, always on high alert. Thanks DK for jumping on this quickly . 7. I'm thankful to all the new head coaches who have made things much more interesting at schools like Noblesville, Warsaw, Mooresville, and North Central . It shows what you can do when you hire experience and apply resources to fix ailing football programs. 8. I'm thankful that select admins have chosen the contraction route rather than subjecting kids to a horrific high school extra curricular experience. You can't play this game without the necessary people resources. Hopefully we will see more schools choose the contraction route rather than try to press on and put kids in harms way. 9. I'm thankful for new Head Coach Pete Koulianos, who has breathed new life into the football program of my alma mater, Highland High School. The future is looking better for the Trojans. Coach K, keep up the great work! 10. I'm thankful that the IHSAA has resisted the lobbying for qualification and seeding adjustments and changes to the state football tournament. I used to be a proponent of a qualification system, but not anymore. Indiana is not Texas or Florida, football crazed states. The uniqueness of the current format fits the states size and competitive spirit to a tee. No changes needed. 11. I'm thankful that the Success Factor has been a complete and total success. Competitive balance has been restored. Publics are winning more titles. Privates are winning fewer. That was the sole objective of the initiative. Now that the top end of the competitive spectrum has been addressed by the Success Factor, Contraction implementation will address the very bottom end. 12. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to contribute to this forum, and to engage in lively banter about our collective passion, high school football. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Let it go, no room for you on the band wagon!
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    and this is why HS students typically do not post on here
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    You referred to yourself as a Pioneer person. Just saying.
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    I'm not sure what the book says about playing a 1A ND recruit when you're up big. Maybe the coaches thought "we have a 1A player with a shot (probably a long one) at Mr Football, so we're going to showcase his all-around abilities in the THIRD quarter of the State Finals". It's the least they could do for a kid that has given a lot and worked so hard..........
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    Didn't think it would take this long for someone to be offended by something Pioneer did. Nice to see KH is always standing by to throw his 1-1/2 cents in. Did anyone catch the big screen in the 4th quarter? They showed Pioneer coaches smiling..........😮. How disrespectful........
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    I’d like to nominate pantherpride as the worst loser in GID history.
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    My Man @pantherpride loves his red
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    I was thinking of wearing my uniform and walking the sidelines.
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    Attica finished the season with 17 players went 8-4 and lost to state finalist North Vermillion in the sectional finals. We're the 5th smallest school in the state that plays football. We haven't had a losing season in 12-13 years and play in one of the toughest if not toughest small school football conference's in the state. Small numbers doesn't always need to equate to getting rid of a program or going the co-op route.
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    According to maxpreps Pioneer is leading the nation in scoring crap load of poor tackling obviously
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    Maybe Kiser hits the road this weekend to find a new university after Notre Dame pulled out those uniforms yesterday 🤮
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    I was hoping he was going to break one for about 70 towards the end.. New Pal with 247 yards rushing, not bad for a team that apparently wasn’t going to be able to do it because “Valpo and HF couldn’t run on them” 😂😂😂
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    I hope the good lord is planning to provide us with a game that lives up to the billing of this thread. I have seen a ton of film on Chatard, and they are as advertised: a balanced, physical football team who has essentially dominated their competition, outside of two teams who are among the best 150 in the country. I have witnessed the capability of Memorial, up close and personal, and they too are as advertised: far more balanced than some realize, physical, and supremely confident football team who has thoroughly dominated each and every opponent that they have played. Not one team on their schedule had any opportunity to do anything other than make the score less lopsided than it turned out. I honestly believe that with the exception of the CC and WW games, both of these teams played very similar schedules. Cathedral and Roncalli were both down by their respective standards, and Ev. Central has a 25% (maybe better) chance to win the 4A state championship. What we are looking at in this match-up (in my opinion) are two very equal teams. Two very talented left tackles, both #57, and slight edge to Solomon over Jones. Two very talented WRs, with the edge to Combs over Sowinski. I have seen nearly all of the other WRs in Indiana and Branson is no doubt a top 5-10 football player in the state. If he runs a 4.5, we are talking about a BIG potential LB. Two very talented QBs, - Lindauer and Nordof are a wash in my estimation Two really talented LBs - Whittemore has the edge over Goodwin The position of concern for me, if I am Memorial, is with Turnbaugh on the sideline, who covers Sowinski. He is the best WR you have played against this season. The position of concern for me, if I am Chatard, is with who is chasing Brock Combs around, because he is maybe the most active DE I have ever coached against. Not the biggest, or best, but by far the most active. This will be a great atmosphere and I am excited for it. Two of the best teams in Indiana, regardless of class, going toe to toe for a spot at LOS. Tremendous Add to that, I get to talk about the history of Enlow stadium at halftime on the webcast, so here is to adding four more minutes of excitement! That would be those who never leave the tri-state area! If you want to be respected/understood, you have to go earn the respect/explain your stance! I would say that Memorial has earned its fair share of respect around the state right now!
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    This game is over fellas. If you're gonna keep sniping at each other, at least move it to the new thread so you can all look childish over there.
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    And it sticks its head out of its hole...but just for a brief moment It hurts doesn't it? It's ok to admit it. Wait for it folks....here it comes.....Pioneer will *%#!?* in 2022 or 2023 or...sometime they will you just watch and see
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