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    Whiting has been attending this event since the beginning and it's extremely well-ran and organized. Our guys and coaches have a blast and we've made some friendships along the way. Highly recommend it.
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    Here’s a fun fact for you Packers fans: All 37 of the 49ers’ points yesterday were scored by ex-Chicago Bears.
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    Found the perfect insipid facebook meme. Good thing Muda can't see these, but somebody got a hold of his picture.
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    Egg Bowl is a must watch from now until Kiffin and Leach leave.
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    1.They are one of the best teams in the state. The MIC would be lucky to have them. Would raise the profile of the conference 2.Sarcasim 3. Their Baseball program is in fact a very good one. 4.they have beaten CG the last 2 seasons 5. The Red uniform comment is my opinion 6.the Fan base is great. Everyone says so and I have come to belive it. 7. The Conference they play in gives them no real competition 8. All they have to do is win a reginal and they will be in 6A in 2021 9. They did beat Cathedral this past season in the playoffs. 10. Charlie Speigle did win Mr. Football honors this year. 11. Dragons are cool.
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    You need to leave Coal Mine Road.... occasionally! It’s not all bad out here. 3 things we always do in the Ville....Keep windows up, doors locked , and revolver ready. If you get assaulted I know a really good lawyer. Almost forgot...always travel in pairs.
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    I’m so happy with that. Football is very important, we all know that, but this whole sports dynamic is for the kids and not us. Sure, it’s fun to draw up maps and postulate scenarios that border on the insane, but it’s really about making them better people through sport.
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    Enjoying the lovely January weather in Indian Harbor Beach, FL Bobby's legacy will be the implementation of The Success Factor, which is now being copied by other states throughout the country While we fell short of our ultimate goal in the form of a true multiplier, the SF has clearly evened the playing field and put the brakes on runaway private school domination of the post season football tournament Best of luck to Commissioner Cox in his retirement The IHSAA has a "next in line" promotional philosophy, so look for one of the asst commissioners to be elevated to the top job
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    It has been a blessing to have worked for Scott these last 4 years at TL. What he has brought to Cass, Twin Lakes, and Indiana high school football will be remembered by all who played and coached for him. We have become great friends in the 4 years he has been here and I will miss working with him. Scott, may you be blessed for what you have brought to all of us!!!
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    I just vomited in my mouth
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    Good deal!! My buddy, a Vikings fan, texted me this....
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    Kyle Adams of West Lafayette signed with James Madison
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    IU it is. https://www.si.com/.amp-indiana/college/indiana/football/indiana-football-kevin-wright-joins-staff-img-academy
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    Oh yea, Forgot that I re-upped it. Maybe time for the 1000000000000????? You know because it really matters !!
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    The beginning of the season is already too hot. Moving back further into summer makes it worse.
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    I would like to Nominate New Pal for Entry into the MIC. Reason- they have earned the right to come play in the best conference in the state. They could teach all the football teams how to play football. Their Baseball program is top notch. They have beaten CG 2 years in a row. Not enough teams in the MIC with Red as a school color. Their fans are the greatest. They need more competition. They will be in 6A in 2021. They beat Cathedral. They have a MR. Football winner. Their fans want Warren. Dragons are cool.
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    We'll see about that Wright is a good coach, not a great one. He has had elite talent everywhere he has coached in the past 20 years. Winning at a very high level was the only expectation In my view, this is all about Wright's ability to deliver IMG talent to Bloomington Looking forward to watching that play out.
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    Unless the reader is paying for a subscription for the online news service from the Journal Gazette, it will be impossible to see the article you've referenced. That being stated, you may locate it from the online source 'Outside The Huddle'. LINK: https://outsidethehuddle.net/2020/01/22/casey-kolkman-returning-to-acac-sidelines-as-new-head-football-coach-at-heritage/
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    Region 4 clinic will be Wed April 1st. No joke ....
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    Geez. Can’t we have an SIAC discussion without PAC teams coming up? 😁 I kid. I kid.
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    I heard from friends that he puts on a great show. Never saw him or Zeppelin live, but had friends in another band that used to play a lot of Plant and Zeppelin in their sets back in college. I liked his later stuff from Now and Zen and Manic Nirvana, but there's something about Pictures at Eleven that's unrefined and gritty, in a good way, that always intrigued me.
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    You think Sandy Searcy would come back from NFHS?
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    https://www.analyzingamerica.org/cardi-b-wants-to-run-for-congress-says-she-has-so-much-ideas-that-make-sense/?utm_source=palin&fbclid=IwAR3wdaX2dP7YQ27BrJpwY9v6gn-GyxuFv2PR1JUZJq7Fb-0TO2LdV_JcHMw Vote for Cardi B.!! She "deadass have so much ideas that make sense".......Now that she isn't going to move to NIgeria and join a tribe.......Nigerians must not be in a position (or have a desire) to buy her music.......
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    Quoting myself again. Being that I live near Chicago, I hear a lot of “Rodgers sucks”, etc. He does have a ring, though, which many of the current Bears squad does not and 1985 was a long time ago...
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    Make sure you look for the IFCA hospitality room while down there, our staff is heading to Nashville for Glazier end of February, so no go for us for AFCA I think some Lafayette coaches are heading down based on twitter: Harrison and LCC for sure and I bet a bunch others.
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    Cover up? Why would you do the enemy’s propaganda work for them? Feel free to hate Trump and all his policies. But remember which side you’re on.
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    If they start making me wear high vis reflective pants, I quit. I’ll be “safe” at home in my recliner.
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    Center Grove will be the favorite in 2020.
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    Wow! He sure does. I didn't know Mike had a son at WMU. A QB to boot!! I was expecting a monster fullback!! Loved to watch him run...especially during his Buccaneer days.
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    Luers 3rd and 6-11 yards, Jaylon's SR year, meant he went into the I backfield, they run stretch or power and it would be 1st down Knights and he would come right off the field.
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    Industrial chillers with boilers systems, now you’re in the ball park for reducing energy consumption.
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    Did you seriously type that with a straight face? I mean...seriously?
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    Tricia and I went k-12 together...fine human being.
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    Here's the deal: one doesn't always need to build a better mousetrap. There would be flaws if these proposed mergers, acquisitions, mergers, jamborees, hootnannies, ad honkytonks were to be implemented anyway.
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    I know it wasn't. Haha. I just thought id ask someone who is in the know there cuz i was told there wasn't 😅 merry Christmas to you too.
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    This is why I don't trust too many Snider guys. I'd insert short joke here, but Tippmann would punch me.
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    Yes, he did. Your continued disparaging remarks of a dead man who knew more about history and government than you obviously every will is duly noted. Do you teach your students that the founders fathers were in effect arch-villains? What is your true history of slavery in the United States, gonzo?
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