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    Just saw on the morning news that the reason Roncalli is dropping it's nickname, "Rebels" is due to someone is claiming it is tied to the Confederacy in the civil war. Unless I am mistaken, rebels was the term applied to the colonists during the revolutionary by the British. So do we try to cover up the revolution and pretend like it never happened too? This is another fine example of how common sense is all but dead in our society today. What's next? I"m guessing Patriots will be the next banned nickname. What about animal activists demanding schools/programs dropping the animal nicknames because someone will claim it's offensive to dogs and cats everywhere??? I hope Roncalli sticks to their guns and keeps their nickname. Maybe they have other issues to work on, but their nickname is NOT one of them.
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    The Indiana Football Digest is out. Order your copy at: indianafootballdigest.com
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    She was out of town when I sent her the link regarding Roncalli’s (and the Archdiocese as well)......prostration. I can’t print here just exactly what she had to say about Roncalli and the Archdiocese being.....err......”vaginas”.....or something to that effect. She is nothing if not erudite. I married well.
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    I actually think they are real and helpful but to those intensely political on both sides, “yes” - just part of a pissing contest.
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    A better option would be to allow small schools to form co-op teams, like they do in Illinois.
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    Certain people won't look at it this way and it's a shame. Of course it's out of selfishness. When less than 175 people under age 24 have died in THE UNITED STATES IN 5 MONTHS what else could it be. But hey let's take away from kids and hide them away in front of ps4. Its ridiculous. I'm more worried about long term concussion issues than I am covid effecting athletes. But that's me. Others will differ.
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    I’m assuming you’re blowing smoke because that’s your gig but 3A has been the best class pound for pound the last 3 years or so (been a fairly weak class historically....not so now, though). Most any truly keen observer already knows this which tells me more than a little about your evaluations (or lack thereof....or, simply, your desire to stir that pot.....worked in my case). The fact that 3A Evansville Memorial won 4A last year in a comparatively “down“ year for them versus the prior couple of years should say it all. Prior to that, in 2017, Chatard fairly easily handled eventual 4A State Champ East Central the last game of the season yet Chatard got smoked by Danville who in turn got smoked by Memorial.
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    Quite the leap you went with there. for love love of every thing GID, can we not bring every political hot button into this section of the forum. I have learned to live with most of the Covid related talk, obviously as we are getting closer and its been relatively contained to protocols, opinions on what best for schools and such and not politicized for the most part. I posted the videos when I saw them today because it was a great message by those Seniors who want the decision makers in their district to know how they feel about the decision.
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    I fear you’re fighting an uphill battle, my friend. Unfortunately, this is no longer primarily a public health issue. All sides have “weaponized” the pandemic for use in political warfare. So, decisions are often driven by concerns other than public health.
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    Did you expect the virus to be gone?? Foolish on your part. A lot has changed since March 18, mainly we have learned a lot and have more data18 : March 18 2,000,000 projected deaths in US July 18 140,000 - Learning = not as deadly as originally feared March 18 - infection percent 40-50% of population July 18 10% of population March18 - masks don't matter July 18 - masks do matter March 18 - everyone is at risk July 18 - children under 17 low risk of getting it and transmitting it March 18 - shut everything down including schools because we don't know and no data July 18 - countries around the globe have opened up including in person school and no breakouts It's all about risk tolerance. Everyday you get in your car you have risk. If your answer is wait until their is a vaccine, we might be waiting for a very long time and still no 100% guarantee/risk free. OUM and WRCSage - answer is shut everything down I guess until vaccine is here. I disagree. Move forwarded and learn to live with COVID-19 in our environment.
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    Has anyone seen instructions/protocol for cleaning of endzone cameras after normal Friday night use? Picture, if you will: It's a cold, rainy October Friday night. Following a Sectional game, the endzone cameraperson gets a sore throat and a cough. They are feeling under the weather, but this happens during football season with the weather being what it is. Cameraperson A calls on their back-up for the big Sectional Championship. Cameraperson B fills in nobly for Cameraperson A, but following the game, they start to feel sick. They end up testing positive for Covid-19, which they were infected with by using the Endzone camera that wasn't properly sanitized from the week before. How do we avoid this Endzone camera Covid transmission?
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    Hearing lots of good things on the Southside about the Roncalli Football Team (SJW strikes again) and the new regime under Coach Rodenberg. Bringing some Roncalli legends into the fold as part of the coaching staff and a blue-collar mentality that has been lacking (1 state championship in the last 15 years). Chatard, to me, has been the best Catholic school program in the last 20 years. The Cathedral Swarm may come at me for this but Chatard having 500-ish students should not compete with their 4A-6A schedule, yet they keep reloading and competing with schools that have 2x-4x their enrollment. Cathedral has their pick of Indianapolis while Chatard pulls their kids primarily from the North Archdiocese. Their gritty mentality, cultivated by Dilley, Lorenzano, and Doyle, should be the gold-standard for football programs punching above their weight class.
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    When I worked at the school for the blind in Indy, one common gag the kids and I would play would be on trips I would drive to the grocery store. They would say take my cane and open it when you get out of the car. I had my sunglasses on already. The looks when I opened the cane were priceless. Even as a Packers fan myself, this is hilarious.
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    https://technocracy.news/cdc-confirms-extremely-low-covid-19-death-rate/?fbclid=IwAR1CaXgp0aCtIsLRFwgUSTeOAwRpVwvZB6n6P3-vU07VMVBq588yYS6knhk “The CDC estimates the death rate from COVID-19 for those under 50 is 1 in 5,000 for those with symptoms, which would be 1 in 6,725 overall, but again, almost all those who die have specific comorbidities or underlying conditions. Those without them are more likely to die in a car accident. And schoolchildren, whose lives, mental health, and education we are destroying, are more likely to get struck by lightning.“
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    Hopefully the IHSAA and individual schools will be smart and stop all outside athletic activities, such as baseball, basketball, and softball since they are not in season, and just make the student athletes concentrate on Fall Sports. From what I have read and heard from other coaches, most of these student athletes have been doing travel sports where they are being exposed to a vast majority of the population. This increases the risk of catching Covid-19.
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    Mine was delivered last night. Is there a better HS season preview? Every year I need my Indiana football digest and Phil Steele college magazine and I’m set!
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    Thank you sir. I wasn't going to make an account unless I had a strong feeling that we're having a football season. So I guess you know what this means 😉
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    Gosh those comments sound familiar...........
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    It's already happened and apparently we are. https://medium.com/wake-up-call/the-gut-punch-of-losing-my-healthy-dad-to-covid-19-20fa36c95f1c
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    Other differences also include residual/long-term effects ... including among those that were not hospitalized: https://www.yahoo.com/news/as-post-covid-heart-and-brain-problems-linger-some-coronavirus-survivors-find-its-a-long-haul-to-recovery-165434453.html
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    Indiana ALL strains of flu deaths 2019-2020 season: 166 Allen County Covid deaths since, what, March 2020: 158 Indiana Covid deaths since March 2020: 2863
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    I don’t know. Have you seen some of the railroad crossings and 4-way intersections when the corn is up? Fort Branch can be pretty dangerous. 😀 (Sorry, couldn’t resist! Lol)
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    That’s what I’ve always thought too. Some people seem to be actually cheering for the season to be cancelled under the guise of being concerned for the kids. They say, I REALLY want to have a season but man I just don’t see it, unless everyone wears a mask. But even then if one person gets sick...... What has never been offered by these people was a solution. They only promote and comment on scenarios to close down the season because that’s really what they want. The Proof being exactly what you just posted.
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    This Wednesday. Looks good for instate school going this early
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    Football wasn’t even my favorite sport in HS BUT there has never been anything during or since then (even in my college sports days) that comes close to feeling as magical as Friday nights did those days. Chesney’s “Boys of Summer” comes as close to capturing that magic as I have ever seen.
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    Eh, anybody on this board can have the last word as I'm concerned because none of this matters anyway in terms of what is going on in the world today.
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    The AD at Merrillville seems to have done a wonderful job over the Years. Highly Respected Great job Janis
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    What an embarrassing response by you, specifically your last two statements. I am willing to bet that Mr. Ellenwood has been a PROFESSIONAL educator for quite sometime now and is probably pretty damn good at his job. There is a big difference between PERSONAL beliefs and PROFESSIONAL beliefs AND there is a time and place for BOTH. I’m sure that he will take the PROFESSIONAL route and follow whatever district guidelines his corporation states when it comes to masks, etc. It comes with the job. This HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FORUM is not a reflection of real life. It’s nerf. It’s an Internet forum. Stop pretending you know someone based on a few posts that you disagree with. Having an opinion does not make him a “keyboard warrior” and he’s not on the clock at work so he can form/state his own opinion (even if you disagree with it) on his own time. His “local school board” is irrelevant. Just stop it.
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    Like I asked him earlier. Does he go hunting for these? His post in BOLD 48 point font, proves it. Sad. So was I. From their HFB Coach.
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    KInd of like Pence saying the same thing. Well you don't have to make that choice, your kids are grown. With the 1000 opened jobs here in Indiana and subs needed desperately feel free to send Mrs. Pence to a public school to sub or volunteer where she would be an asset with her teaching license.
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    Will South Newton change its name? Im down for the South Newton Figs.
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    I know my info is correct, but no reason to rehash. Wish him well, from what I've heard he is good athlete, always like to see kids get second chance, succeed and have opportunity to move on.
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    Question for you. Would publicly labeling folks as white supremacists and Uncle Tom’s on a message board qualify as egregious?
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    I've seen different, but then I watch traditionally soccer/football rich programs around here. Also, the tide is turning around here to more artificial surfaces and having two surfaces for different sports, but not always. I've seen a lot of FB and Marching Band. I've seen the coaches I know bend over backwards to help young men and young women to play whatever they'd like. I simply threw a wish out there, but you can go contrarian if you'd like.
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    Promoting the GID is the point. Being made fun of is an extra added bonus. Thank you for your support!
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    You run Fauci through the woodchipper then use him to try to support your argument....hilarious ! Glad for your factory but it isnt Fla., Texas, etc.....
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    Every school has the right to field a team. Winning can be a very hard thing, especially with low numbers (happens with most every small school) and if injuries take its toll. But the thing is to not give up--the wins will come over time.
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    I would edit my previous post, but my phone will not allow. Two more things and then I'm done with the @DT. First of all, your lane is very obviously not Indiana high school football in general, it is the promotion of "big school" football that produces the majority of the "talent" in the state. If that's your focus, fine, but that makes you the guy on the interstate who puts his cruise control on right at 70 and tries to pass a semi without accelerating. Sure, you're "in your lane" and "following the letter of the law" but it's also inconsiderate at best and dangerous at worst. Finally, I've coached teams that went 9-1 and teams that went 0-10 and don't you dare tell me that those kids that went 0-10 didn't take away anything positive from that season because they did. I've spoken to those kids, who are now young men, and they certainly wished things would have gone differently, but they wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. But sure, go ahead and pound the table demanding that all those experiences shouldn't happen. It's insulting, and contrary to the purposes of this forum. I'm done.
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    This could definitely be a challenge, but if they only added 16 teams and nothing changed on the current 1A/2A side then it's only a net 8 crews. If some of those teams come from the current 1A/2A school the net will be less than that. The officiating shortage is NOT a reason to reject this proposal. It's going to be a challenge regardless.
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    If you are so confident.. Take my bet (you won't cause your not as confident as you pretend)
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    The Notre Dame Shamrocks?
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