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    Bottom line, it's not your sandbox. They don't have to justify anything.
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    Thanks! Yes it’s 9-12... we are looking to improve on the foundation we started last year and be competitive with everyone we play this season... it is a process to turn a program around and we are still pretty young (the bulk of our team is Sophomores and Juniors) but our guys are buying in and working really hard. Our staff is extremely excited for this season and the future of Frankfort football
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    Please take a moment and download the Press Release: Very Special Night week 1 vs Kankakee Valley We are welcoming any and all to our event!! Nothing like ringing in the new football season and honoring 7 fallen Bombers from Vietnam with Jim Cornelison!!! Press Release.pdf
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    This summer we (Bosse) brought in veteran official Dave Snider to speak with our players and coaches. Was a really positive experience for everyone. Players learned a massive amount and were able to ask tons of questions. Last night Mr. Snider invited myself and new Central HC Sean Coultis to speak with a room full of officials at their monthly meeting. Once again, this was a really positive experience for all of us. The running theme for both events is that communication is the key to keeping games and relationships positive and productive on Friday nights.
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    I'm sure this is a relief for most everyone.
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    People's careers and personal reputations are at stake. Regardless of the legal outcome, individuals can be severely damaged by random comments made on unaccountable messageboards. This is the primary role of the moderator. To evaluate and determine what is and what is not appropriate for further discussion. I again endorse and applaud the decision to remove the thread.
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    Because I decided that the discussion might leave the administrators open to possible lawsuit. I might be a little over-reactive, but I for one don't want to have to hire legal counsel to defend discussions on a football website. Not being a lawyer, I might be wrong. But I would rather be safe than sorry with so much other there is to discuss. Who knows what someone would/could look for as a target of their frustration. I don't want to open myself up to being that target. Sorry for your disappointment Muda.
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    This study was published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Neurology. That gives it a lot of credibility. Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy (CTE) in football has become one of the biggest issues they face after finishing their careers. However, a recent study from JAMA Neurology suggests that former high school football players do not face an enhanced risk. The findings from the study (which took on 3,904 men with an average age of 64.4 years) read as such:The study used data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, with players matched between March 1 and July 1, 2017. Controlled variables included adolescent IQ, family background, and educational level. This included three types of studied subjects: all controls, those who played a noncollision sport, and those who did not play any sport. So for those who attended high school 60 years ago, playing football didn’t expose itself as a major risk factor for later-life cognitive impairment or depression that comes with CTE. Despite the game being quite different today with bigger, faster, and stronger athletes, it still found that the risk today is similar as it was then. The study also stated that, “cognitive and depression outcomes later in life were found to be similar for high school football players and their nonplaying counterparts.” That’s got to be even more comforting knowing that it’s as if they never played at all. For players that have taken their careers to the next level, and the professional level, this isn’t necessarily encouraging. However, there has to be some relief for people who may have questioned what football may have done to their bodies just from playing high school ball. https://www.sbnation.com/2017/7/11/15952184/cte-study-wisconsin-high-school-football
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    2019 Indiana Football Coaches Association Coaches Poll (Pre-Season) 6A 1 Carmel (3) 83 2 Warren Central (5) 79 3 Brownsburg (1) 75 4 Center Grove (1) 73 5 Avon 38 6 Penn 33 7 North Central (Indpls) 31 8 Lafayette Jeff 27 9 Columbus East 26 10 Ben Davis 25 Others receiving votes: FW Snider (16), Westfield (13), Lawrence North (8), Perry Meridian (8), Lawrence Central (5), Columbus North (1), Fishers (1) 5A 1 New Palestine (9) 99 2 Indpls Cathedral 77 3 FW Dwenger (1) 66 4 Decatur Central 61 5 Michigan City 58 6 Valparaiso 47 7 Bloomington South 38 8 Whiteland 35 9 Mishawaka 21 10 Castle 17 Others receiving votes: Concord (6), Harrison (6), Elkhart Central (5), Plainfield (4), TH North (4), LaPorte (3) 4A 1 Marion (1) 63 2 Evansville Central (3) 61 3 Mooresville 48 4 East Central 46 5 Angola 37 NorthWood (2) 37 7 New Prairie 33 8 Lowell 31 Mississnewa (1) 31 10 Evansville Reitz (1) 25 Others receiving votes: I. Roncalli {1} (23), East Noble (16), Ev. Memorial (16), Culver Academies (13), FW Wayne {1} (11), Mt. Vernon (Fortville) (8),Plymouth (8), Boonville (7), Martinsville (7, Delta (6), Northview (5), Beech Grove (3), Hobart (2), SB Riley (2), Hammond Morton (1), Pendleton Hts (1), Western (1) 2019 Indiana Football Coaches Association Coaches Poll (Pre-Season) 3A 1 West Lafayette (10) 100 2 Indpls Chatard 83 3 Indpls Brebeuf 67 4 Gibson Southern 62 5 Heritage Hills 49 6 Brownstown Central 42 7 Guerin Catholic 30 8 Mishawaka Marian 27 9 FW Concordia 18 10 Indpls Ritter 17 Others receiving votes: Lawrenceburg (13), Evansville Bosse (9), Jimtown (8), Batesville (7), Greencastle (6), Vincennes Lincoln (6), Yorktown (2), Danville (1) 2A 1 Western Boone (8) 97 2 Eastbrook 78 3 Indpls Scecina 60 4 FW Luers 46 5 Pioneer (1) 45 6 Andrean (1) 39 7 Evansville Mater Dei 36 8 Triton Central 27 9 Shenandoah 22 10 Rensselaer Central 15 Others receiving votes: Tipton (14), Lewis Cass (12), Lapel (10), Monrovia (8), Woodlan (8), Paoli (6), Heritage Christian (5), Linton Stockton (5), South Vermillionj (4), Wheeler (4), Centerville (2), LaVille (2), Whiting (2), Blackford (1), Bremen (1), Delphi (1) 1A 1 Indpls Lutheran (1) 81 2 North Vermillion (4) 76 3 South Adams (2) 61 4 Adams Central (3) 60 5 Monroe Central 51 6 Churubusco 45 7 Southwood 43 8 Lafayette CC 31 9 West Washington 27 10 Parke Heritage 26 Others receiving votes: Sheridan (15), North Central (Farmersburg) (14), Hagerstown (5), Knightstown (4), Covington (3), South Putnam (3), Triton (3), Milan (2) 2019 IFCA Pre-Season Coaches Poll.pdf
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    This thread is about me, thou holier than thou admin/moderator. Now that @DK_Barons and @77Jimmie have welded the bleachers back together with bailing twin and chewing gum from the class of 1973, we can properly have a smack down. 1. Reitz = Gibson Southern south; Memorial yes; Castle no (Why is my niece now enrolled in her first year of kindergarten at Castle?!? Recruited into the gymnastics program, I believe.) Paradise no more? Fair weather fans, can you get enough Walmarts in and around Newburgh? Take an adventure and drive to the East Side Walmart at midnight on the 31st. Good times! 2. PAC ADs finally listened to what we were saying ... after 10 years (yes you can get to TGD archives using waybackmachine.com) ... as early as 2006-2008 some of us suggested splitting the PAC into an upper/lower tier or combining with the Big 8 @Bcaster and @DaveMosbey recall these discussions, I'm sure. 3. Stay humble, but don't get it mixed. @TW (wherever you are) has that Circle City Conference page on lockdown. It's the Cathedral kryptonite. Can't beat Cathedral at its own game? Divide and conquer starting at the CYO level. Boo yaa from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (7-8 hours ahead of you, no apologies).
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    https://babylonbee.com/news/cdc-people-dirt-clintons-843-greater-risk-suicide CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide November 9th, 2017 ATLANTA, GA – According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control released on Thursday, people with inside, compromising knowledge of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial and political dealings are 843% more likely to commit suicide. “We’ve never seen a single risk factor cause a spike of this magnitude,” a CDC spokesperson told reporters. “Interestingly, in spite of their increased suicide risk, people with dirt on the Clintons rarely show any warning signs of suicide, and they never leave a suicide note.” Remarking about how abnormal it is, the spokesman again stressed the significance of the data. “Therefore, we advise any American with detrimental information about Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, or the Clinton Foundation to forget about it as quickly as possible to avoid a greatly increased probability of taking your own life,” he cautioned. “And—I swear—that’s all we know.”
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    This site is meant to promote football. Yes the case involves a football coach, but with possible litigation, I agree it is best to cautious. We are a bunch of football junkies and many of us can't tell the difference between rumors and facts.
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    First, tell me where to send the bill. 🤑 Seriously, the risk of liability for an Internet forum that merely provides a place for people to express opinions, without endorsing them, is infinitesimal. However, that’s the risk of actually being found liable. The risk of being sued is somewhat greater. A site like this which barely scrapes by financially would be ruined by the cost of simply defending a meritless lawsuit. That’s what insurance is for.
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    South Newton has 24 kids out. Only 1 Senior, so please do not contract yet.
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    Or Luers sprinkler system.
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    most crews I know would settle for a 12 pack on ice post game
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    Scenario: RCHS in 2014 wins 2a State RCHS success factor into 3a in 2015: Do we get #1 slot in 3a? Top 3? Top 5? NR?
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    Being the main TW guy on the site, I would say it’s a good call to take it down for now. I know both families involved and it is tearing these communities apart (especially on Facebook). This could really go either way. For some reason, Tyler has really dug in and decided to fight these accusations. Most guilty teachers usually take a deal and walk away to avoid prolonged publicity. I must confess that it doesn’t look good, but he deserves due process. Ultimately, I think he will not be charged with a crime and will eventually resign. This is really not even a football issue anymore. Coaches have adjusted and the program has moved on. I am 99.99% sure he will not return to his coaching duties. Discussion on here only serves to worsen Tyler reputation further. Probably not something GID wants to be involved in. Now you will probably have to take this thread down. LOL!
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    Thank you DT. This thread was not hidden because of the person who is the focus. I do not know that person. It's just the direction of the whole situation that concerns me. This is my concern. Yeah. If everyone wants to donate to a legal fund, or an insurance policy, I will leave these threads open. Other than that, it's not going to be my money that is at risk.
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    I thought it was somewhat interesting that at the media day yesterday, the Central HC simply said "no comment" when asked about the roster. Maybe that simply means he wasn't going to answer a bunch of questions about the kids in question at this point. From the player comments, the coach seems to be a disciplinarian, which could make things interesting going forward. I also get a little tired of hearing excuses about "tough life". Last year Central had kids who had well-publicized circumstances that were far-more challenging and those kids played within the structure of a team that was one break away from a state title. And Central is not alone. Every school - public or private - has kids who grew up with less than ideal situations. As Panther86 said, the proof was in the pudding - it was only when Central had a coach who instilled discipline and self-responsibility that they climbed to the top of the mountain.
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    make all bets payable to GRIDIRONDIGEST DONATION BOOSTER DRIVE https://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/1-2019-20-budget/
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    Get this out of your head today.....Your welcome!
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    I will bet you ONE MILLION DOLLARS that Blitz's tweet from the Luers coach are wrong. The 2-Point Minimum Success Factor rule ONLY applies to programs that are CURRENTLY BUMPED UP TO A HIGHER CLASS AFTER EARNING 6+ POINTS IN THE PREVIOUS CYCLE. Luers won the 2A State title in 2011 & 2012. That bumped them up to 3A for the 2013-14 cycle. They earned only 2 Points in 13-14 & would have fallen back into 2A except their enrollment had jumped up into the 3A level. So they stayed in 3A due to enrollment for 2015-16 (0 points) & 2017-18 (3 points). For the 2019-20 cycle, they will be in 2A due to enrollment. Even though Luers earned 3 points in the previous cycle, they can & will drop to 2A because they were in 3A due to enrollment, not due to the Success Factor. I repeat-- For the 2019-20 cycle, FW Luers will be in 2A due to enrollment.
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    Playing in the NorthSouth game was discussed with and approved by the Notre Dame coaching staff BEFORE Jack's shoulder issue was found and surgery was performed. Although he is doing extremely well in recovery/rehab and competing daily in offseason workouts, his official 6 month release to return to full contact date is August 3rd. Thus he withdrew from the voting as he knew in advance he could not participate. In addition, the game was important enough to Jack (both his older brothers played in the game) that he made the trip to North Central and support his teammate and coach who were part of the North squad. Overall it was a very competitive game. The kicking was outstanding and the best combined I've witnessed at the game since I've been attending/watching starting in 2006.
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    Thing about Pioneer is, yes Jack Kiser was 4 star ND recruit and very good football player across all metrics and all classes of football. Hence Mr. Football (please do not spark that debate again), HOWEVER, Pioneer is truly a system program, plug and chug system that is so well established that they will not miss a beat. I have said this before, Pioneer may have to win 28-14, or 21-7 at times this year, instead of it being 49-0 at half. AND THAT IS OK TOO!!! They have some speed in the backfield and plenty of other pieces, they are NOT going anywhere
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    I did some fancy steppin’ trying to avoid that ball and keep from bursting out laughing at the same time.
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    Good Morning Hoosier Conference Been a long time!! Hope all is well in the land of Mixers, POWS, GIFs, Highlighted texts, and of course @CoachDurham and @foxbat the only 2 who have multiple Caddies!!! Any News or Notes to share? Westside: Rensselaer had a nice article in the Post Tribune this week. Look for a huge announcement on another thread later today regarding week 1 in land of WagonMasters West Lafayette: Their offseason saw 6'5 WR Truitt verbal to Miami, OH, QB Adams give his verbal to James Madison, a FCS MONSTER program in the playoff system, winning a National Title in 2016 and of course National recruit heading into his JR year, Yanni Karlaftis who will have choice of any program essentially in the nation. I believe they also had a slew of other players offered D2 this off season as well Twin Lakes: With WL getting sent to the land of Indy Parorchials, (did IHSAA think WL was private school?) for sectionals, Twin Lakes is left along with Benton Central to hang out in Lake County for tournament play. Could the Indians be the favorites come week 10? Lots of positive buzz up in my neck of the woods along the Crown Point Square on the off season of Calumet, so beware of the Warriors. Lafayette Central Catholic : Year 2 of Coach Nay system looks to improve from their 5-7 record last year, they have SOPH arm of Barrett who got alot of meaningful game time last year as just a freshman. LCC starts off with 3 non conference games against 3a Tri West, 3a Guerin and 3a Northwestern. LCC does not play a 1a school until week 10. EASTSIDE: Cass: Returns a BOAT LOAD of very talented skill position players in a mix of Wing T and Spread RPO action. They were tough out last year and will be again this year. Western: Power run game is back in Russiaville this year for Coach Stewart's version of the Gun Wing T. Panthers have JR OL ERB who is one physical specimen, and I am sure a whole lot more based on their off season weight room numbers posted!! Mercy!! Hamilton Heights: Year 2 of Coach Kirschner will see their "luck" change as they were devastated by injuries early last year, I will defer to my man @gonzoron on all things Heights, as long as I can keep him out of the OOB dungeon!! Tipton: @Fballfan15 was chilling over in the CIC threads already, studying up on their new sectional alignment, Welcome back to the NORTH Tipton, that southern hospitality isn't all that its cracked up to be, I am sure!! Sounds like a transition year for Blue Devils, based on amount of Soph/JR playing, but will vastly improved throughout the year. Though I believe just because your younger, if you have talent, it will show thru!! Northwestern: Coach Robison takes the reins for year 2 of his stint at NW, after a tough start last year losing their coach, he stepped up big time and you could see staple of his principles coming through as the season went on. NW has had a lot of coaching turnover last few years, but he is there to stay (lewis Cass grad) and I know he is very excited about the finish of the facilities!! Opposing teams, bring your ROKU on the road to NW this year, plug into their 75 inch flat screen TV's inside the locker room for Hudl Sideline halftime and or You Tube videos of Farming (that is our plan at least) Its great to be back Hoosier Conference!!!
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    Hopefully with these types of numbers Frankton might be able to go 2 platoon, something that Mississinewa hasn't been able to do. Being able to give kids breaks during the games reduces injuries and pays off in the end.
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    10 years ago, ACA promised many things, and has been lauded as a giant step forward. Yet here we are 10 years later and according to the people on the stage the last couple of nights we have a healthcare crisis. So before we buy into the all the promises this time around, ACA promised: 1. If you like your insurance you can keep it. 2. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. 3. ACA will lower premiums for the typical American family up to $2500 a year. 4. For the 85%-90% of Americans who already have health insurance it will be made stronger with better coverage. 5. For families making less than 250K they will see no new taxes. 6. ACA will not add one dime to the deficit now or in the future. I could go on but you get the picture. So all of these career politicians are pointing out that they government has failed, and the answer is more government.
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    So using your "best team wins, so don't punish the winning team" logic, why don't we just go back to single class sports? Heck, let's do that for every sport including football. If your team isn't good enough to beat Warren Central football or Carmel basketball or Andrean baseball, then you just need to work harder & get better, right? Having a fraction of their enrollment is just an excuse, so work harder. Not being able to recruit from a large metro area is just an excuse, so work harder. I posted this Pennsylvania link for all of those folks who say "Success Factor is NOT FAIR to my school because we shouldn't have to play against bigger schools to win our 10th state championship". The IHSAA Success Factor is pretty minor compared to Illinois' Private school multiplier or states that don't even allow Private & Public schools to compete for the same title.
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    I'm calling BS, I don't care if you took a weekend class on insurance at a Holiday Inn or not. We had employees in a heck of a lot worse shape than me that were able to get on our group plan prior to ACA. Cancer survivors, heart issues, overweight, etc. I just met with my financial guy last week, doing some end of working life stuff. I got some pretty attractive rates on life insurance packages. It's obviously not as bleak as you would have us believe. I may be fat, got some hardware in my body, and old. But I'm still good looking, have my hair, and chicks still dig me.
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    Meanwhile, in nearby San Francisco, the term will continue to be celebrated.
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    Probably part of the reason I’m out of the game. I firmly believe kids need MORE time off during the summer to be kids, instead of adding more to their plate.
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