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    I only was able to partake one time thus far in the mysterious Knepp Field, what a dandy it was in 2005. Saw this come across my wire recently, Pretty Awesome idea by the Jimmies, kuddos
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    I think you mean “badly.” Need an adverb there. You’re welcome. 😂🤣😅
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    Lincoln. Jasper’s biggest rival. In a conference that is falling apart in front of everyone’s eyes. Uncertain future if they stay, but willing to step up and play “the big boys” unlike another that has been discussed here. Makes sense. Gibson Southern. No affiliation with Jasper in football. Conference is stable and strong. Showed no inclination of wanting to move until the last hour. I personally could care less which school the SIAC took with Jasper. I like both schools that were mentioned here. So to me, I’ll go to Lincoln and Jasper when Reitz has games there, and you know what? I won’t gripe about them being brought into the conference. I am ok with driving an hour to see a game. Heck, been doing it for a very long time, and won’t be stopping anytime soon.
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    @DanteEstoniayou can downstroke me all you want, the bottom line the MSC is NOT adding an 11th school/10th Football playing school. Why in hell would SC leave a conference where they are one of the largest schools for a conference where they would be one of the smallest ones? Can they compete in some sports, yes, in Football they've yet to win a MSC title, they would most likely be a perennial cellar dweller just like Madison in the HHC. And before anyone starts, yes, I'm aware that JC finished second in Football 2-3 year ago. But it was an anomaly. Madison has looked at other conferences, geographically where do they fit? Travel and competition wise, the EIAC is about a wash with the HHC. They have at times played Greensburg, Batesville, SD, and Lawrenceburg and the results are pretty much the same, with possibly a slightly better winning percentage. The only other option is to join the conference with Southwestern, Switz, South Ripley, etc., and that doesn't really help there cause as there is only one football school in the group, I would guess they'd have similar issues with swimming, wrestling, etc. Silver Creek, Borden, and Henryville are not going to consolidate any time soon. So your point about West Clark Schools being larger than Seymour is moot. The bottom line is this horse has been beat to death, time and time again. Let's bury it and call it a day. You now live in Nevada, why don't you focus on saving Nevada football? Lastly this is not a slam on any schools mentioned. These are the facts as they pertain to the tired subject of conference alignments by supreme leader of the conference alignment/scheduling Nazis.
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    Happy Father’s Day our there to GID Dad’s!
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    This is a great summation by Andy Rooney "There have only been a handful of days since the beginning of time on which the direction the world was taking has been changed for the better in one 24-hour period by an act of man." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/andy-rooney-on-world-war-ii-d-day-a-day-unlike-any-other-60-minutes-2019-06-06/
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    As a former coach, I would much rather have a 10th game instead of the scrimmage.
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    Unless you’re in prison...lol
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    Any numbers or is this like your opinion man? Because your opinion ain't worth spit: 5/14/18 “I think Jeffersonville will be 2nd place. 5/15/18 “Jeff upgraded their coaching significantly. They have a ton of talent” 8/5/18 “Jeffersonville wont be any good this year......." 7/15/18 "“He (Glesing) absolutely is the 2nd best coach in this conference." 8/31/18 “But this Floyd Central team is pretty good. They're bigger. They're faster. And I honestly feel like they are coached better defensively. And I like their offense.” 8/24/18 “Providence won't have 4 first downs” 8/25/18 “Great adjustments by coach Bragg. Good win (over Providence).”
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    Didn't cost you a dime Muda. And it was put up to a vote by White River Township citizens. Democracy at is finest. As far as the price tag for the Student Activity Center, I am sure you can find that out via the use of your favorite search engine. And the Student Activity Center that includes the weight room is not only used by sports, but by other academic competitions such as robotics, etc. Additionally the community uses the facility. Our youngest is graduating this year and we are soon to be empty nesters. I will continue to vote yes on school improvements such as the SAC. CG schools are the brand of this community and any investment there is a continued investment in our real estate. So you ask about cost....what you should be asking is how much did us cost us as local taxpayers not to invest in our schools...... Also, you don't need to worry about academic space at CG....not a concern here.
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    As a member of IHSAA they are treated just like Rensselaer Central. So yes Now of course they have a storied history of success, we can go in over and over and over again of what some feel are unfair parameters to P/P/Charters. I am so exhausted from all of that I choose to ignore any and all.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Cory Smith and for the last year ( started August 2018), I've run a Pro-Warren Central Warriors Football Podcast called, True Warrior Football. In the time that I've done this show, I've learned so much about the history of the program that I have loved for so long. If you want to see the work I've done so far, here is the link to my podcast website, https://audioboom.com/channels/4970501 The show is also available on Apple Podcasts and all major podcast apps. Just search "True Warrior Football" Last Saturday, I did a live podcast show at Indy PopCon and I had a livestream that can be viewed below. In that livestream, I announced that I am going to expand and do True Football: Indiana. My goal for that show is just about the same with True Warrior Football. I want to talk about the history of Indiana Football. I want to talk with the greats of high school football from across the state and have them share their stories with those that don't know them. I also want to cover the teams that are great around the state that don't get the promotion and coverage that they deserve. I'm looking to cover the teams from The Region all the way down to Evansville and everywhere in between. I'm very excited about this venture and look forward to working the many high school programs from across the entire state. If you have a great story about your team and would like for me to interview you for the show, so you can share it with others, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I have always felt like high school football here in Indiana doesn't get the credit it deserves for being really good and my mission to change the mind of people all over about what goes down here on Friday nights at stadiums all across our great state! Thanks for your time folks and enjoy your day!!!! https://twitter.com/TrueWarriorFB1/status/1137384496146341889
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    I had never read any of Robby's stuff before. I've read plenty by his brother Rico.
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    James Banks was a lone exception to that rule that I can recall.
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    From what I have seen in games across the state, the QB playing defense is most prevalent at the 1A and 2A levels because of numbers. It occurs occasionally at the 3A level on a situational basis. I have not seen any QB's play defense at the 4A or 5A level. At those levels, why would you put one of your most valuable and important players at risk?
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    in 2014 our best Corner was our QB, but we were loaded and did not have to play him at CB, but we did for 4 games. West Lafayette, LCC X 2 and State game vs Mater Dei If anyone remembers state game, early in 1st, Mater Dei got loose, this corner took like a 90 yard angle from backside, knocked the runner out of bounds at the 3. 2 plays later we cause a fumble and held them out of EZ, all because of his effort on the play.
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    Some years it rains more than others. Farmers are at the mercy of the weather. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Of course if our backwards thinking governor would get off his hands, Hemp could have already been in the ground and thriving with all the wet May weather.
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    Its been a few years since Cathedral has won state, so they are putting them back to 4A for better chance.
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    I know Kevin Davis. Great guy and he is doing a great job as AD according to everyone I've heard from in the school district. Let's be careful and not assume what was written is what was actually said or meant to be said in the manner it was written. We see it all the time and knowing Kevin the way I do, I highly doubt it is accurate.
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    I can remember when I was a kid, these folks were mid-late 40's...early 50's, they were old people to me, who seemed to be living in history. It's only come to me over time the sacrifices that were made. Fortunately as I have grown older, I've been able to be antiquated with several of this generation and had the opportunity to hear some of the stories, not necessarily of the war itself, just the times. It's sad that most of this generation are now gone, and with them the stories, the lives, the history and the lessons of the great war. I think now more than ever, it is important that we remember and learn from, not only what happened on the coast of northern France 75 years ago, but from the entire time in human history.
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    https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2019/06/04/frankfort-baseball-seniors-change-culture-leave-legacy/1336117001/ Congratulations to the Hot Dogs on a fine season.
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    You know what they say...Pizza is like S3X....even when it is bad...it's still pretty good.
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    I can't see any appetite from any of the DAC schools to add Penn to the conference. The DAC likes being the big school conference for the "region" and adding a school from St. Joe county, let alone one that would be the big dog as soon as they got in, isn't going to be supported by any of the schools. Also, going to a 10 team league would screw up lots of traditional rivalries that these schools like to maintain. I don't see the DAC being interested in adding a private school like Andrean either. There really isn't a whole lot for the DAC to gain by adding anyone.
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    Muda. You are correct that instead of offering a tax decrease, they kept the tax rate the same. But to label it as dishonest is disingenuous on your part. Tax payers understand the tax rate they are paying. They should be satisfied as long as it doesn't increase. And the property tax rate of only the school portion is effected. Not the entire property tax rate. With the number of school districts that are needing to fund their General Fund, not Capital Projects, with referendums we should all be praising schools like Center Grove that are fiscally astute enough to be able to provide high quality facilities without increasing taxes.
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    INDIANAPOLIS CATHEDRAL FIGHTING IRISH Coach: Bill Peebles, 6-6 in 2nd year at school, 80-71 in 15th year overall DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Aug. 23 at Noblesville 6A 7:00 pm Aug. 31 at Cincinnati Moeller (Ohio) 7:00 pm St. Xavier Sep. 6 at Cincinnati Elder (Ohio) 7:00 pm Sep. 13 Indianapolis Chatard 3A 7:00 pm Sep. 20 at Cincinnati St. Xavier (Ohio) 7:30 pm Sep. 27 Jeffersonville 5A 7:00 pm Oct. 4 Louisville Trinity (Ky.) 7:00 pm TBA Oct. 11 at Brebeuf Jesuit 3A 7:00 pm Oct. 18 Center Grove 6A 7:00 pm I would say that these 9 games won't impede any D1 players aspirations or stunt program growth both in the short or long term. Also, development of players is not strictly 3 month period August thru November. That is archaic thought, cmon man, Get with the Times Old Man 😎
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    I am now at that fatness/age ratio where the exertion of showering makes me sweat. I need to shower after I shower....
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    It’s just as arbitrary as any other stage of fetal development, IMO.
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    Looks more like CGU Center Grove University 😀
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    In honor of the passing of one of the all time greats:
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    Big shoutout to GM Chris Ballard and HC Frank Reich along with his staff for providing an incredible night of food and football for Indiana HS football coaches, all for the price of FREE. This past Thursday, Colts welcomed coaches from all over the state to their complex with opening remarks from GM Ballard, HC Reich, sessions on Strength and Conditioning along with Nutrition. Final session was 2 hour breakout room with position group you chose on registration. I spent 2 hours with Tom Rathman, RB coach, that was NOT a bad time. FOOD: I have been to so many different clinic last 15 years, first time Shrimp cocktail was served!! Many know that I am an avid Chicago Bears fan and season ticket holder, however I continue to appreciate the fantastic partnership Indianapolis Colts has with IFCA and Indiana H.S. football overall, easily the BEST in the NATION.
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    So, what’s the point that you’re trying to make? That women should only be allowed to have abortions if they have a good reason? If that were the case, my guess is the people who decide whether a reason is good enough are those same old white men sitting around the table.
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    Valpo was 6A because of enrollment, not due to TSF. So, with Snider remaining up due to points accrued, Valpo would be the first team to drop to 5A because they are the smallest 6A school by enrollment, but not the smallest in 6A. (Columbus East moves up due to TSF, and now Snider remains up due to TSF.)
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    Another observation about the games in general. I see that female players do get hurt, but they don't act like they are on their death bed and wait for some miracle spray to be a cure for them. The ladies just get back up and play. Almost saw a fight in the England Argentina match....great stuff. Sorry IO, but you know us loser teachers are left with little to do on our Summer vacations. 😄
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    100% of the general funds (salaries and wage related benefits) now comes from Indy. That was part of Mitch Daniels' property tax reform bill. Property taxes went down but teacher salaries froze. Local property taxes can no longer supplement the general fund.
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    Only 77 days until the first football Friday night in Indiana.
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    Investigation as a result of an anonymous tip? I'll reserve judgment until some facts come in.
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    As someone who has a substantial amount of both....Sandy's is better than Bobe's. Congrats to the SIAC for obtaining two historic programs rich in tradition. I think the Jasper Castle football game will have some atmosphere to it....not sure why just a gut feeling. Also, tons of respect for these two schools purposely putting themselves in situations across most sports where they will have to complete at a higher level than they are historically accustomed to. I think this demonstrates a certain amount of faith in their communities to step up to meet the challenge.
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    One of the origins of Sesame Street ... https://www.thedailybeast.com/chester-pierce-the-forgotten-tale-of-how-a-black-psychiatrist-helped-make-sesame-street Interesting article concerning the role of Dr. Chester Pierce and the Black Psychiatrists of America to utilize the influence of the growing media of TV to address institutional racism.
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