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    I played on a 2-8 team in HS. Our fans socially distanced naturally. 😀
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    Just saw on the morning news that the reason Roncalli is dropping it's nickname, "Rebels" is due to someone is claiming it is tied to the Confederacy in the civil war. Unless I am mistaken, rebels was the term applied to the colonists during the revolutionary by the British. So do we try to cover up the revolution and pretend like it never happened too? This is another fine example of how common sense is all but dead in our society today. What's next? I"m guessing Patriots will be the next banned nickname. What about animal activists demanding schools/programs dropping the animal nicknames because someone will claim it's offensive to dogs and cats everywhere??? I hope Roncalli sticks to their guns and keeps their nickname. Maybe they have other issues to work on, but their nickname is NOT one of them.
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    Who cares about right and left politics. Let's come up with a plan to mitigate risks so we can get back to school and play football.
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    I look forward to seeing if my son has progressed from last year. He's lost about 30 lbs from his playing weight last year. He's gone from 6'4/325 as an 8th grader to 6'6/265 this year as a Sophomore. I hope to see improvement in his speed and athleticism. He has lost the weight all on his own through diet, conditioning and lifting.
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    The Indiana Football Digest is out. Order your copy at: indianafootballdigest.com
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    She was out of town when I sent her the link regarding Roncalli’s (and the Archdiocese as well)......prostration. I can’t print here just exactly what she had to say about Roncalli and the Archdiocese being.....err......”vaginas”.....or something to that effect. She is nothing if not erudite. I married well.
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    Speaking of Lions, Tigers and Bears. Jiffy Lube near Hamilton Town Center, before: And after:
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    I’m assuming you’re blowing smoke because that’s your gig but 3A has been the best class pound for pound the last 3 years or so (been a fairly weak class historically....not so now, though). Most any truly keen observer already knows this which tells me more than a little about your evaluations (or lack thereof....or, simply, your desire to stir that pot.....worked in my case). The fact that 3A Evansville Memorial won 4A last year in a comparatively “down“ year for them versus the prior couple of years should say it all. Prior to that, in 2017, Chatard fairly easily handled eventual 4A State Champ East Central the last game of the season yet Chatard got smoked by Danville who in turn got smoked by Memorial.
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    Agreed. I know this is hard for some to believe, but there are 90 other counties besides Marion and Lake.
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    Quite the leap you went with there. for love love of every thing GID, can we not bring every political hot button into this section of the forum. I have learned to live with most of the Covid related talk, obviously as we are getting closer and its been relatively contained to protocols, opinions on what best for schools and such and not politicized for the most part. I posted the videos when I saw them today because it was a great message by those Seniors who want the decision makers in their district to know how they feel about the decision.
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    I fear you’re fighting an uphill battle, my friend. Unfortunately, this is no longer primarily a public health issue. All sides have “weaponized” the pandemic for use in political warfare. So, decisions are often driven by concerns other than public health.
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    Did you expect the virus to be gone?? Foolish on your part. A lot has changed since March 18, mainly we have learned a lot and have more data18 : March 18 2,000,000 projected deaths in US July 18 140,000 - Learning = not as deadly as originally feared March 18 - infection percent 40-50% of population July 18 10% of population March18 - masks don't matter July 18 - masks do matter March 18 - everyone is at risk July 18 - children under 17 low risk of getting it and transmitting it March 18 - shut everything down including schools because we don't know and no data July 18 - countries around the globe have opened up including in person school and no breakouts It's all about risk tolerance. Everyday you get in your car you have risk. If your answer is wait until their is a vaccine, we might be waiting for a very long time and still no 100% guarantee/risk free. OUM and WRCSage - answer is shut everything down I guess until vaccine is here. I disagree. Move forwarded and learn to live with COVID-19 in our environment.
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    Sad....Imagine my dismay thinking this would be a Lagavulin thread!
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    Interesting Segment; I know of 1 actual HS History Teacher on here: @DannEllenwood any others ? Food For thought?
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    And it took exactly 5 posts this time for the 1st POLITICALIZATION of the thread. Good job. New Record set
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    **TRIGGER WARNING, "THE COVIDBROS GOT TO ME" COVID RANT** I know where you guys get your "facts" and "expertise" on this virus based on the statements you make about it. It's absolutely false to believe that this virus is going to result in all of these student athletes being in ICU or even near the hospital. You're naive or just ignorant to believe that. Most of our student athletes are working part time jobs, hanging out with friends and family or playing travel sports, AAU, etc... Where are all of those student-athletes in ICU? They've been playing since May... It was never about the amount of covid cases, it was about flattening the curve. Flattening the curve means not having an overflow of people in the hospital and in almost every part of the country we didn't. We drastically overestimated this virus and now we are seeing the effects of it. Now the goalposts are moved to nonsensical measures such as keeping covid cases down and even waiting for a vaccine that still won't make us immune to this thing... Right now, 4 weeks after Florida hit their peak in hospital bed usage and 300,000 cases later Florida still has more hospital beds available now then they did then. A higher case count does not mean we don't have control of the virus. Everyone is going to get this thing at some point or another you're body has to build an immunity to it. Unless you want to live in a bubble the rest of your life by all means do it. Collect unemployment and other government benefits, live the life you choose. But, there are people in this world that want to live and most importantly NOT LIVE IN A FREEDOMLESS SOCIETY. The fact of the matter is, although cases are going up (WHICH IS OBVIOUS) death rates have dropped dramatically. More people or just about the same amount of people in the US have died from pneumonia this year in all age groups. We KNOW who the vulnerable are, if they choose to isolate themselves then they should, people with 1 or more underlying conditions, cancer and the like should definitely isolate themselves from sick people. But that's always been the case. 1% of Americans have gotten the virus and more will get it. .04% of Americans have died from this virus. So no, it isn't life or death. The fear porn that some of you guys watch and reference should be banned. You should be more concerned with obesity, depression and other physical/mental illnesses. Taking away a kid's season or sport because you think it's just a game or you genuinely think it's life or death, is one of the most elitist and privileged perspectives on this virus I've ever heard. Get out of your ivory tower and stop denying science and the facts of this virus for virtue signaling points. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#AgeAndSex https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2020/06/19/a-punch-to-the-gut-dealing-with.html
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    Certain people won't look at it this way and it's a shame. Of course it's out of selfishness. When less than 175 people under age 24 have died in THE UNITED STATES IN 5 MONTHS what else could it be. But hey let's take away from kids and hide them away in front of ps4. Its ridiculous. I'm more worried about long term concussion issues than I am covid effecting athletes. But that's me. Others will differ.
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    Hearing lots of good things on the Southside about the Roncalli Football Team (SJW strikes again) and the new regime under Coach Rodenberg. Bringing some Roncalli legends into the fold as part of the coaching staff and a blue-collar mentality that has been lacking (1 state championship in the last 15 years). Chatard, to me, has been the best Catholic school program in the last 20 years. The Cathedral Swarm may come at me for this but Chatard having 500-ish students should not compete with their 4A-6A schedule, yet they keep reloading and competing with schools that have 2x-4x their enrollment. Cathedral has their pick of Indianapolis while Chatard pulls their kids primarily from the North Archdiocese. Their gritty mentality, cultivated by Dilley, Lorenzano, and Doyle, should be the gold-standard for football programs punching above their weight class.
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    When I worked at the school for the blind in Indy, one common gag the kids and I would play would be on trips I would drive to the grocery store. They would say take my cane and open it when you get out of the car. I had my sunglasses on already. The looks when I opened the cane were priceless. Even as a Packers fan myself, this is hilarious.
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    Hopefully the IHSAA and individual schools will be smart and stop all outside athletic activities, such as baseball, basketball, and softball since they are not in season, and just make the student athletes concentrate on Fall Sports. From what I have read and heard from other coaches, most of these student athletes have been doing travel sports where they are being exposed to a vast majority of the population. This increases the risk of catching Covid-19.
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    Mine was delivered last night. Is there a better HS season preview? Every year I need my Indiana football digest and Phil Steele college magazine and I’m set!
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    Gosh those comments sound familiar...........
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    It's already happened and apparently we are. https://medium.com/wake-up-call/the-gut-punch-of-losing-my-healthy-dad-to-covid-19-20fa36c95f1c
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    Other differences also include residual/long-term effects ... including among those that were not hospitalized: https://www.yahoo.com/news/as-post-covid-heart-and-brain-problems-linger-some-coronavirus-survivors-find-its-a-long-haul-to-recovery-165434453.html
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    Indiana ALL strains of flu deaths 2019-2020 season: 166 Allen County Covid deaths since, what, March 2020: 158 Indiana Covid deaths since March 2020: 2863
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    I don’t know. Have you seen some of the railroad crossings and 4-way intersections when the corn is up? Fort Branch can be pretty dangerous. 😀 (Sorry, couldn’t resist! Lol)
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    This Wednesday. Looks good for instate school going this early
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    Football wasn’t even my favorite sport in HS BUT there has never been anything during or since then (even in my college sports days) that comes close to feeling as magical as Friday nights did those days. Chesney’s “Boys of Summer” comes as close to capturing that magic as I have ever seen.
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    Eh, anybody on this board can have the last word as I'm concerned because none of this matters anyway in terms of what is going on in the world today.
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    The AD at Merrillville seems to have done a wonderful job over the Years. Highly Respected Great job Janis
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    What an embarrassing response by you, specifically your last two statements. I am willing to bet that Mr. Ellenwood has been a PROFESSIONAL educator for quite sometime now and is probably pretty damn good at his job. There is a big difference between PERSONAL beliefs and PROFESSIONAL beliefs AND there is a time and place for BOTH. I’m sure that he will take the PROFESSIONAL route and follow whatever district guidelines his corporation states when it comes to masks, etc. It comes with the job. This HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FORUM is not a reflection of real life. It’s nerf. It’s an Internet forum. Stop pretending you know someone based on a few posts that you disagree with. Having an opinion does not make him a “keyboard warrior” and he’s not on the clock at work so he can form/state his own opinion (even if you disagree with it) on his own time. His “local school board” is irrelevant. Just stop it.
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    Has anyone seen instructions/protocol for cleaning of endzone cameras after normal Friday night use? Picture, if you will: It's a cold, rainy October Friday night. Following a Sectional game, the endzone cameraperson gets a sore throat and a cough. They are feeling under the weather, but this happens during football season with the weather being what it is. Cameraperson A calls on their back-up for the big Sectional Championship. Cameraperson B fills in nobly for Cameraperson A, but following the game, they start to feel sick. They end up testing positive for Covid-19, which they were infected with by using the Endzone camera that wasn't properly sanitized from the week before. How do we avoid this Endzone camera Covid transmission?
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    Who cares....Not all coaches are teachers nor administrators. Do you want the $1.48 you might contribute to that particular teachers/coaches yearly salary back? Don't be hypocritical people answer texts, emails and social media content when they are on the clock in every profession. This isn't 1990 when you had to walk to the pay phone in the schools lobby to call home, lol.
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    Exactly. I had symptoms on a Sunday, took a test Monday, went back to work on Thursday after I got my negative result back. If you think you have enough to get a test, then act like you have it til proven differently.
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    Like the NBA player that left and went to a strip joint? But they support a Marxist organization, so that's cool to you......
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    All signs indicate a full fledged move into the ACC for the Notre Dame football program. Frankly, I like the move. Therer is no room left in the Big Ten for another all time great blue blood program. Notre Dame has built one of the all time best college football records thru shrewd scheduling and by controlling its own destiny. The Big Ten is now a power gauntlet and the Irish would likely be worn down after going toe to toe with the Big Tens best over a full season. The ACC gives the Irish a better opportunity to remain relevent in the national spotlight. And over the years, I think many of us non Domers have come to the realization that ND is not a mid west school, its an east coast New York oriented school with a national draw. With regards to recruiting, Notre Dame has routinely cherry picked the very best high school football talent that Indiana has to offer, year after year. Two of Indianas most recent finest, Blake Fisher and Joey Tanona, are future Irish offensive linemen with probable NFL futures. But with NDs geographic shift to the east, wiill young Indiana boys growing up in the Hoosier Heartland lose their comnnection to the Irish football program? With rare games against old rivals Michigan, MSU and Purdue, Indiana kids will not see the Irish on TV like they used to. Or maybe they will just tune out the ND-GT, ND-WF, ND-NCST games due to a lack of interest. I believe this will indeed impact Notre Dames recruiting efforts in Indiana, and IU and PU should be waiting in the wings to pounce when the opportunity comes. It is rare indeed for PU to beat out ND for an in state kid, and almost imnpossible for IU to do the same. ND is slowly but gradually losing its grip on Indiana and the Midwest, and that is clearly by choice. Indiana will never be the fertile football recruiting ground as is many other states, but it is the geographic home of the school, and the program. Fisher and Tanona may be the beginnning of the end of the blue chip pipeline to South Bend. For Hoosier and Boiler fans, there could be nothing better.
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    I just saw that and you beat me to it!
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    Sure, let’s look at the other doctors. Here's some more info on the people present. None of who have done extensive testing or research on this Richard Urso is a Houston ophthalmologist who became famous for going to the media and promoting the “benefits” of prophylactic hydroxychloroquine. https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/richard-urso-e153a707-7fb6-438f-912a-a7a4592c6865-overview James Todaro is a businessman-turned physician who runs several quack websites and is also an ophthalmologist https://health.usnews.com/doctors/james-todaro-913781 Mark MacDonald is a psychotherapist https://www.linkedin.com/in/markmcdonald1225 Joseph Ladpo is an internist. https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-jose-lado-yv5xm Kristen Held is another Ophthalmologist https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-kristin-held-y9ccj Teryn Clarke is a private neurologist https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-teryn-clarke-ybbwt All of these doctors have only been published in right wing media, and none of them are involved in frontline care of COVID nor infection control, virology, epidemiology. These are several of the people listed as "leadership" on the America's Frontline Doctors website. But hey, let’s ignore all that, just like so many want to ignore Dr. Fauci’s credentials, right? Or did we just take these doctors at their word? And choose to be critical of just Dr. Fauci? Maybe it’s just a matter of looking for opinions from any corner that support our preconceived notions about all that is happening?
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    I love @Lysander’s feistiness to defend Chatard’s honor. (Oops. 😀) I would put Cathedral and Chatard as 1A/B and the rest as a second group. I’m also obliged to say Chatard is better pound for pound of course. Lol
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    You should have kicked yourself. Correction though. Dave Grohl isn't one of the best all around musicians in music today. Hes one of the best all around musicians of all time. Drummer for Nirvana to Lead singer and guitarist of FF. Taylor Hawkins can really jam on drums. My dream band would be Anthony Kiedis on vocals Flea on bass Grohl on back up vocals and guitar Taylor Hawkins on drums.
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    Source Center for Disease Control
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    Let me ask you Dann Do you think that Coach Mason has any input or influence on his non conference scheduling? Do you think he might have had anything to do with the HF matchups recently?
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    If the season is pushed to the spring.....I really see nothing wrong with it........in the fall we start in warm weather and end in cold......just be the reverse in the spring......the real advantage will be with the spread offenses getting to play in the warmer spring weather during the play-offs, as a opposed to the terrible late October and November weather......that can hinder that style of attack
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    Every school has the right to field a team. Winning can be a very hard thing, especially with low numbers (happens with most every small school) and if injuries take its toll. But the thing is to not give up--the wins will come over time.
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