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  1. Absolutely! It's a shame neither really had a chance to show their talents in college. Otis is doing quite well in his life now. I've had a chance to talk to him a few times in the last couple of years. He's a happy family man.
  2. I'd put him at Notre Dame on either side of the ball. But then I'm a bit biased.
  3. Without a doubt the greatest single game individual performance was by Cathedral's Otis Shannon at Cincinnati LaSalle in 1999. Otis ran for a then state record 489 yards in a game against an outstanding opponent, on their home field. Cathedral trailed in the game 14-0 before they ran an offensive play, but came back to win 34-24. Otis probably had another 50 yards or more called back by penalties.
  4. I'm unable to register to get the story. Could you please give me a synopsis of the article. I knew that the hospitalized survivor was Mario's brother. Thank you!
  5. Color me naïve. Skin pigmentation matters more to some but not as much to others. When you're on the 3 yard line with a few seconds left and one last chance to win a game, talent matters more than color of the player's skin.
  6. Nothing to report so far. I hope some news is forthcoming. Details seem to be sketchy.
  7. That's your opinion, but a bit far fetched, imo. There has to be other factors beyond that. I understand the history of New Pal but I just don't think a D1 program thinks that way. If some young man can help they offer and recruit 'em.
  8. May I ask why you believe that Charlie Spegal didn't get many D1 offers? He was sure outstanding on the field!
  9. This core of players only won two state championships. They lost to Plainfield in the sectional their senior year, 2000 after winning in '98 and '99. This was a fun team to watch for sure but the 1996 Cathedral team was unbeaten state champions. Also that year the Irish JV and Freshman teams were also unbeaten. Maybe not as many high D1 recruits or NFL stars, but they were an outstanding team.
  10. Actually McLaurin's participation in an OSU camp is the real reason he was offered and played there. He showed his skills at a high level and the Buckeye coaches understood what he had to offer. He sure was fun to watch in high school!
  11. If I find out any details, I will make sure and post them here. As of now nothing much other than the other reports are available.
  12. It wasn't the only time that a clock malfunctioned at the end of a game when we played in Ohio. It seemed it was a common occurrence.
  13. Indy Star article: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/03/30/mario-mccullough-cathedral-mourns-death-junior-football-standout/5086985002/
  14. My wish has been granted. Bobby Cox has resigned.
  15. Fox59 report: https://fox59.com/news/cathedral-football-player-killed-in-shooting-that-left-two-dead-and-one-injured/
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