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  1. That ain't champagne, that's good ole drinkin' water. I live in a shanty on the far west side of Indy and my vacation place is in Loogootee. All our welcome to burgers and dogs at the best "tailgate" in Indiana.
  2. It's impossible for the players to hear your cheers when you're lounging in your lazy-boy.🤨 I've seen every game this year and I've been watching Cathedral football since 1953. So you can see I'm quite old. A bit of cold would never stop me from being there.
  3. 146 penalty yards will help shut down a team. The Irish moved the ball but were penalized a lot.
  4. Believe me, this team takes nothing for granted! They play hard every night, I know because I've seen every game. They may not play well every night but the effort is never missing. And I realize that New Pal is good, and playing at home. The Irish have been in a lot of these games through the years, and they don't always turn out like we'd like them too, like 2009 Reitz Bowl.
  5. I agree with most of what you say but the biggest weakness is our kicking game. Punting has been a chore as has getting the ball deep on kick-offs. PAT's and FG's have not been a problem. This is not a typical plodding Irish team. These young men can run! It's been many years since we played at New Pal, but I'll be out there next week, the good Lord willin'! One further thing. This is not only the "game of the year" it's the annual "game of the century."
  6. The Arlington field was in good shape and was a bit churned up at the end of the game. Another disappointing Cathedral crowd tonight. The weather was not that bad as there was no win. The 8th week at Brebeuf Jesuit was much more uncomfortable than tonight. Irish fans need to get out and watch these young men!
  7. Great win for Z'ville!!!! My doctor's son plays for the Eagles. We'll have a lot to talk about when I visit this week!😎
  8. Cathedral won a sectional championship for the 23rd time tonight, beating Decatur Central 42-12. It was a good game for the Irish on both sides of the ball. Now it's on to the annual "game of the century" next week against New Pal.
  9. The Moeller opening isn't a big surprise. Cathedral played them early in the season, actually Moeller's first game, and it was ugly. Moeller turned the ball over 8 times in the game! I'm not sure in my 60+ years I've seen 8 TO's in a game, maybe even by both teams total. On the surface it looked like they had some talent, but they seemed very disorganized. Checking their scores during the season, it looks like they never became too organized. It's a shame because that's a school with great tradition.
  10. I hope to see a lot of Irish fans at the Arlington "frozen tundra" tonight.
  11. It's my opinion that you are incorrect about Cathedral not being s "speed" team. Maybe you should check with some of the Irish opponents and get their perspective on that. Plenty of "speed" on both sides of the ball.
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