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  1. Cathedral will forever be 6A, and that's OK. The Irish play wherever they're placed.
  2. A couple of more thoughts on the game: I like football players with emotion. I thought Mahones was almost sleepwalking during the first half, but he got the juices flowing in the 2nd half and OT for sure. Kelce the same, he played better when the game was really on the line. I thought the 49er offensive line was terrific the whole game. The Chiefs barely laid a hand on Purdy all game, and the ground game from McCaffrey was exceptional. They just had some penalty and turnovers that cut their drives short. Also the Chief defense came up with some timely plays. My wife watched the entire game! It was a first for her in a long time. She used to attend games with me when we were younger, but not for many years now. I had a relative call from Florida, that lives on a busy street, and he said the traffic was as light as he'd seen it in his 10 years of living down there. I did have one female technician at the eye clinic that confessed she hadn't watched the game, but she was in the vast minority, or so it seemed.
  3. Yeah, it ain't much fun but very necessary. It takes me a day or so to get over the shot. I actually received a stronger shot yesterday, but my reaction is not as bad as the last one. Yesterday was my 4th one.
  4. It was an outstanding football game. Much better than most Super Bowls. The biggest play, as it turned out, was the blocked extra point that would have given the Niners a four point lead. The miss enable the Chiefs to just kick a tying field goal to tie the game. Lots of long field goals and big plays in the 2nd half. None bigger than the 4th down conversion by the Chiefs on the game winning drive. I'm off to the eye clinic to get a shot for my AMD. I have wet AMD in my right eye and have been getting shots for the last few months. My eyesight is improving slowly. Luckily I had cataract surgery at the end of 2022 and my left eye is clear enough for me to see quite well, except for some distortion. Anyway, it's just part of being old.
  5. I heard you can bet on the color of Gatorade used to douse the winning coach. The KC red zone fumble may be a killer. The RFK Jr. blurb was totally out of place and shouldn't have been shown. I hope the 2nd half is a bit more open.
  6. This is much better: Indiana's Cathedral High School wins 2024 Recipient of the NFF Hatchell Cup - High School Football America
  7. IMHO, Harbaugh pulled a Pete Carroll, and got out of Dodge before the sanctions. At least in his own mind.
  8. And he was good enough to play for Notre Dame!
  9. What does anyone think about the games instead of a game? I understand that the players don't want to take a chance on injury, but this was a waste of time for me, and I didn't watch much of it.
  10. I remember that game like it was yesterday!😊
  11. That's targeting if there ever was targeting. I guess it's not that important enough to be called anymore. Purdue and Notre Dame players also.
  12. Well, the old adage that cheaters never win is wrong. Sometimes they do.
  13. That's one of the few times I've witnessed a Nick Saban led "Bama team fold like a used Dixie Cup! Prevent defense and all. And that last play was sad, just purely sad!
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