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  1. It looks like this thread has the capability of setting a new GID record for this subject. This is always quite impressive to read. I wish I had the time to read all of it.
  2. If there were a lot of receivers ahead of him, why did the Boilers have such a bad season? I watched Jaron play for three years and that young man can get open and catch the football, albeit at the high school level. I wish him well, and it would be nice if Danny O'Neil signed with Purdue and hooked up with Jaron again.
  3. He's good at that. We must admit that. He knows all about everything and then some.
  4. Notre Dame will be playing Oregon State in the Sun Bowl. No LSU this year, maybe next.
  5. You need to remember that Alabama beat then #1 Georgia, and ended a 29 game winning streak. Not bad credentials as far as I can tell. Florida State had a much weaker SOS and on top of that they lost their QB, through no fault of their own. We'll see how they fare against Georgia in their Bowl Game. That will answer the committee's choice and the critics too.
  6. It was a strange game, and again last year that would have been a loss. The playoffs are still in play.
  7. Saban has a bunch of titles because he's a good coach, and good coaches get good players. The four best teams in the Country were chosen to play for the big trophy. Florida State had a great year, but they came up a QB short.
  8. From a very reliable source, Danny has a couple of interesting visits in the near future. He's had a lot of interest since he decommitted. Personally, I love to see him team up again with Jaron Tibbs at Purdue. I might even become a quasi Boiler fan if that happens.😀
  9. Cignetti is a significant hire for the Hoosiers! He's had success wherever he's coached. And don't forget, Danny O'Neil is still available, although as a Cathedral alum, I'd like to see Danny at Purdue throwing the ball to Jaron Tibbs again.😉
  10. The Committee got it right!
  11. The annual deja vu all over again thread! I'd be disappointed without it.😉
  12. Cathedral loses 3 year starting QB Danny O'Neil and some other outstanding starters. Coming back is an outstanding RB, Jalen Bonds, and a lot of defensive players. All three backup QB's were sophomores this year, and another possibility will be WR Devaughn Slaughter who played some QB his sophomore year. We'll know more in August!
  13. I wish I was able to donate to the GID but I'm 80 years old and on a fixed income. I can still make it to the games, but there's not much left after paying the bills and going to the games.
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