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  1. Life is good again. Cowgirls and the Patrioats lose in their opening games. My two least favorites bite the dust early!😊
  2. He'll be eligible to play basketball at Tech in a couple more transfers.🤣
  3. It was the worst performance for a Colts team since they moved here in 1984. It was abysmal! See your all next season, well some of you anyway. Stay Safe!
  4. Regardless of the outcome of this game, it's an embarrassment!
  5. The season kind of ended the way I thought it would. The Irish showed flashes of what's to come. A lot of young players contributed to that first half. I think what a lot of us forget is that Oklahoma State was an outstanding team. They came within an eyelash of making the CFP. The Irish were never good enough to really be a serious contender for the final four, imo. The game pivoted on the decision, whoever made it, to go soft on the last OSU drive in the first half. 28-7 wasn't that secure enough lead to do that against a good team. They weren't playing Navy or Stanford yesterday. It's hard for any team to recover after going prematurely prevent. At least that's what I believe.
  6. The gig isn't up on COVID or Dr. Fauci. Don't care what your status is, you're proving to be a non-vaxxer. Nice late drive for the Colts. They need to have a few more of 'em.
  7. Yeah, we're old Bob! We're losing a lot of good ones lately.
  8. Infect away, anti-vaxxers! He's a bomb ready to go off! I'm not the bit outraged, I'm actually quite sad of a lot of you. Fellow Americans be damned.
  9. I sure hope that Marcus learns that you cannot ever play prevent against a good team in the last minutes of the half. The easy score the Irish presented to the Cowboys was the turning point of the game. This game sort of brings back memories of the USC/Anthony Davis game of the past. The game ain't over until it's over! Momentum is a crazy thing. Also Jack Coan was way too hot and cold today. He missed a lot of open receivers in the 2nd half. Good luck to him wherever he goes after today. Yep! NOW the officials finally call defensive holding against OSU!
  10. Yes. As you can see today, they're just not ready for prime time.
  11. Georgia 34, Michigan 11 I guess the top of the SEC is pretty good. They'll be playing for the national championship in Indy a week from Monday
  12. This is a good matchup for the Irish. It's what I had hoped for. I hope the Freeman years get off to a good start! GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Alabama 27, Cincinnati 6.
  14. It's moral when the health of the nation would be highly better if we all would vaccinate. Don't you wish! It's evident you don't care for his advice either.
  15. It's everybody's business! This is seriously spreading and it's making it difficult for others to function normally. If we all vaccinated, COVID would be less serious to us all.
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