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  1. Cathedral won today's freshman game 19-0 against Bishop Chatard. Again this week no score reported for the JV game.
  2. No off week for Cathedral this week for sure. St. X whipped up on Penn last night and are their normal high powered team. The Irish will have to have a higher level of intensity for the Bombers too. The effort level was not at peak value last night. Chatard had a lot to do with that.
  3. One of the officials forgot to pick up his flag after a late game call and one of the players had to hand it to him. I sure hope they had plenty of Oxi-Clean at home to clean up that laundry.😄
  4. I should add that it was really nice to be back at Arlington tonight! The field held up quite well. I've been told that this could be the start of more games at this venue.
  5. It was a gift from God for the Irish tonight. Except for a about 3 minutes of the 2nd half, Chatard seemed to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. It took a couple of long plays from the Irish to pull this one out. IMO, Bishop Chatard solidified their place as the #1 team in 3A. They played a very good Irish team toe to toe BTW, Cathedral won the game 31-21. The officiating in the game was, well strange! That's the only word that comes to mind. They turned this game into a 3 hour affair with they multiple conferences and a flag on just about every other play. I'm not sure that either team had an advantage, although Trojan fans may disagree. The game is being replayed on Channel 40 now and they are just starting the 2nd half.
  6. That doesn't look too bad. It looks better than the last time the Irish played there, that's for sure.
  7. I'm not saying that Chatard didn't have a great game last year but Cathedral showed less spunk than in any game all of last season, imho. Chatard took the Irish to the woodshed in every way possible.
  8. It's gameday and this one is always special. I'm really tired of the trip to Cincinnati too. We get to make that trip again next week but first things first. One thing I'm sure of, the Irish players will give a better effort this year. You can count on that!
  9. You know I'll be there for the tailgate! It was good to see locals, Terry and Nick, have a big week.. Both are very deserving!
  10. A whole day without any conversation about this game? That's unusual. Can't wait to see what has been done to Arlington's field!
  11. That's possible it went OOB on the one, but from our vantage point it appeared to hit the pylon straight on, but we were across the field from the play. Anyway, the short punt gave Elder the ball at the 6 and a pretty easy score.
  12. I knew the score was 28-27. I just must've had fat fingers when posting.
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