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  1. So, how many games has Cincinnati lost?
  2. Whatever! Reading is fundamental! BTW, it seems by a 7-1 margin, you being the one, TGDers agreed with my post.
  3. Steve's a lot faster now after having some body parts replaced.
  4. You might be correct, but that's not what I was told, by someone I believe is a reliable source. Anyway, we will find out in a couple months.
  5. And you should be a lot less militant about telling folks to donate to the site! And if telling someone this is not the place to vent your political beliefs is militant, heaven help you!
  6. Back to the subject of the thread. I hope both teams are healthy and ready to play. The grass will be fine at Arlington, Turf Dogs will see to that.
  7. I remember the nickname Spoilermakers too.
  8. I'm an old retired man, cancer survivor and CHF survivor. If I had expendable cash I'd be delighted to support this site. I'm lucky to be able to get to the games. Maybe you should remember that all folks aren't financially sound before you go accusing them of free loading.
  9. Are you the one that told me at the gate, your dad was the coach in the 1980's? I'm happy for all those who enjoyed the game Friday night.
  10. Here's the story: Troubling Story Emerges From Coach O’s LSU Tenure (msn.com)
  11. Sadly, he's a senior. Brennan Wooten is the other TE and he's a junior.
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