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  1. IU offered CG QB Tyler Cherry. Finally... Edit to add: It won't be his last offer but Tyler is an IU football legacy. Grandpa played there.
  2. Who said Carson is a burner? I must have missed that. Please show us the receipt. πŸ™„
  3. What receipt is that? I said Russ doesn’t have elite speed and he’s in the NFL. Carson’s speed won’t change that fact.
  4. Look, you’re way wrong on this. Just take your L.
  5. Well you would certainly know more than me. Thanks for enlightening me.
  6. You can call whatever you want. I watched him run track. Fast for sure but not breakaway speed. Not close.
  7. Russ Yeast didn't have breakaway speed and he's a safety in the NFL.
  8. Nobody who watched Carson play regularly is surprised by his success. I laughed when I heard IU told him he lacked breakaway speed. How often does that come into play for IU vs. a guy who can break tackles? IU's backs get an open hole about as often as Halley's Comet makes a pass.
  9. Track is basically Spring football. The kids will practice and perform the event that helps them most in football.
  10. Speaking of SOP, it is also standard to graduate somebody back to breathing on their own regardless of how quickly they recover. I had what was supposed to be outpatient surgery a couple months ago. When I came out my oxygen level was too low to dismiss me so they hooked me up to an oxygen blast and admitted me. Within a couple hours I could take the mask off (when the nurses and my daughter weren't looking) and my oxygen was fine but they kept me there for four days because that is SOP. At least that's what they told me. Might have been that they just liked watching me walk around in my butt gown.
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