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  1. Guess I didn't realize I had been on this forum that long. I swapped messages with Tim many times but only met him in person once -- just a few days before he passed. He was the real deal and was in it for the right reasons. And he definitely had a weak spot for linemen. I remember him being anxious for the birth of his fourth(?) grandchild who I believe was to be named Gracie. I got Gracie a onesie that said "Trojan Football" or something similar. Never got to give it to Tim so I mailed it to his wife instead. Tim is definitely missed but what a legacy he left. Thanks for the post Bob.
  2. No, I just laugh at your SES takes. I don’t think anybody is denying the simple math. I’m just saying nothing is gained by the constant bitching about it.
  3. You & I have disagreed on the topic but not because I don't acknowledge the advantage. My point is that a coach and a team can't do anything about it so quitcherbitchin about it. Enrollment disadvantages can be overcome.
  4. Just observations I made while watching them last year. Yeah, I guess I left out Cathedral. My bad.
  5. Figure of speech but CG, WC, HSE, Westfield & Carmel would be on it.
  6. I agree. They are on my short list of contenders this Fall.
  7. Okay. I'm not going to argue with you over what "really wanted" means. They did offer McCullough. They also offered Caden Curry.
  8. I didn't say the school was circling the drain. I was referring to their youth program. And it is a relative term. Their talent is getting decimated by rogue travel teams with daddy coaches. As a result the kids aren't being as well coached, they aren't learning Warren's system, and they aren't learning loyalty to the program. Edit: I'm pretty sure Warren won't be fielding an IEFA team this year. They were a founding member and a dominant force for decades. The last few years they have gotten sand kicked in their faces. Now they're out. I hope they get it sorted out and return.
  9. Their class that impressed me the most is either sophomores or juniors now.
  10. I know what you're saying but Kirschner's state championship BD team was a well coached well oiled machine.
  11. Warren's youth program was once among the best. The last few years it has been circling the drain. I know some people who help run it and it has to be driving them crazy but that sort of problem always spreads throughout the program.
  12. I saw where the Plainfield QB is transferring to Westfield. Anybody know how good he will be?
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