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  1. I would love to see him as a Sycamore but I will be surprised if more offers don't follow.
  2. Interesting. Football fans enjoy football at all levels.
  3. I've got him on ignore for a reason. It would help if you would quit quoting him. 😉
  4. Of course it is true. Some guys just don't like it when holes get poked in their excuses.
  5. "When you have enrollments THAT big, it doesn't mather what their socioeconomic situation is as long as they have good coaching." These guys are too big. Those guys are too rich. The other guys have better coaches. Get rid of all of them and my team will have a chance! Many had dirt floors and towels hanging where the front door should have been.
  6. Are you not familiar with the socioeconomics of the teams Coach Moore had in Florida?
  7. The goal of these arguments is to get the big bad schools out of their favorite schools tournament. I'm reminded of an article I read in the (Johnson County) Daily Journal the year before 6A was formed. CG had just beaten Whiteland and the article lamented the fact that they were in the same division. At the time Whiteland was around 1800 and CG around 2300. The article claimed there was no way Whiteland should have to compete against a school that was so much bigger. There was no mention of the fact that CG would still have to compete against schools with 2000 more students than CG. That didn't matter. What mattered to the author was getting CG out of Whiteland's way. I think that is what is being repeated here.
  8. Ben Davis won the 6A title in 2017. Warren in 2018. How many of their students get free/reduced lunches?
  9. Clearly there are a few posters here who don't know Dick.
  10. I think the biggest advantage comes from being able to control enrollment and not having your hallways filled with kids who don't participate in extra-curriculars.
  11. Easily done. Coach will have fun expanding the playbook with Tayven at the helm. Gonna be fun to watch.
  12. No thanks to the spread. I don't care about the number of stars our kids get. Not sure we've ever had a 4-star recruit but I love our kids anyway.
  13. Imagine beating Warren Central and Ben Davis only to hear somebody tell you how weak your opponents were prior to that. LOL
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