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  1. Was the original post out of a time warp? Most, if not all, teams in the IEFA teach the rugby style of tackling made famous by the Seattle Seahawks. I assume that's what foxbat is referring to as Hawk tackling. We've been teaching it league-wide for 4-5 years.
  2. I'll leave that to Jim Innskeep and Scott Knapp. Interesting speculation though.
  3. What makes you think Carmel & CG won't play each other?
  4. Lots of talk about who CG & Carmel will schedule but I'm also curious who the remaining MIC teams will schedule to replace them.
  5. I comprehend it completely. You are once again trying to stir up ****.
  6. Take out the last two seasons and we won the south three of the previous five seasons. We won't continue at the level of the last two seasons but nobody will weep for us. And Coach Moore isn't going anywhere yet.
  7. Two of those three have previously begged out of playing CG. Whiteland would be wise to schedule CG given their impending move to 6A but I won't hold my breath.
  8. You are reading things into my comments that simply aren't there. But if you want to discuss recent history CG has won the south 5 of the last 7 years including 3 state titles. Only Carmel could take exception to a comment complimentary of Carmel. 🤣
  9. Really bizarre takes on your part. And more than a little odd that you are finding pleasure in a schedule disruption for a bunch of teenagers. Not sure where the greed part works into your imagination either. Try leaving your envy out of it and stick to the facts. Happy to discuss those but not interested in your emotions.
  10. Just stating facts. No need for childish name calling.
  11. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
  12. Caden swimming at practice for the All American game Saturday.
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