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  1. Morten Anderson has to be the most accomplished but he was a foreign exchange student if I recall correctly.
  2. Warren recovers an onside kick with 0:41 left. BD leads 56-50. 🤪
  3. Brandon Wheat housed the kickoff to start the second half. CG 46 NC 0
  4. Center Grove 32 North Central 0 10:03 remaining in the second quarter
  5. One CG touchdown was a pass to DE Caden Curry followed by the 2-point conversion on a run by DE James Schott
  6. I don't know for sure but it's hard to imagine there not being a webcast of that game. I'm just hoping they let CG's crew handle it instead of the "pros" that we have had to suffer through at least a couple times already.
  7. Regardless of the sport I think coaches should be respectful of the season. I've seen basketball coaches that have morning workouts during football season. What if a two-sport player sprains an ankle?
  8. Reminds me of the 2014 semi-state game where Chris Evans pulled one out of his backside late in the game to beat CG. Most of us refer to that as the game where Max Norris's hamstring cost us a state championship.
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