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  1. When the assessed value of the average house is as high as it is in Carmel you can get away with a lower rate.
  2. New Pal kids obviously condition well all year round as they were in great shape early in the season. Very impressive team/program. Difficult to judge Cathedral from the CG game as I think both teams played a very conservative game but I'm predicting New Pal 35-21.
  3. New Pal is pretty close to Wanamaker -- the home of the New Bethel Ordinary. Best pizza around.
  4. Two MIC co-champs played in the first round of the playoffs this year. I don't remember the whining but maybe I missed it.
  5. He is stronger as a junior than he was as a freshman. Probably true of every kid on the roster. The comparison to Max doesn't work.
  6. No. A football coach shouldn't have to worry about a player getting hurt at wrestling practice. One season at a time.
  7. I agree they should be given a week between seasons. Do they really have to wait until the state championships have been played even if their team lost in the first round of the playoffs? That makes no sense to me. Seems to me like it should be up to the school's AD but I can't fathom an AD that would allow a kid to practice with next season's team regardless of the sport. ADs should insist on the kids only practicing with the current season's sport. I have no problem with lifting weights or conditioning with next season's team as long as the current season's coach allows it.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure you have to flag him for it but he did exactly what he should have done.
  9. Nice work by that lineman taking care of business. I hope he wasn't penalized for it.
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