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  1. You can't run away from Curry when you've got Schott on the other end of the line. Both of those ends run as fast as most running backs.
  2. Footballking16, some folks don't get it and it's obvious that they don't want to get it. I've been on this forum for around 15 years and one thing that never changes is the willingness of some to attack those on top. Person #1: Hey, you guys have one of the best programs in the state. How do you do it? Person #2: Well, we build a culture from kindergarten on up. We start contact early but we teach it the right way. The varsity coaching staff is involved in educating and training the youth coaches. The high school players help train the kids at camp. We have offseason clinic
  3. You can coach the snot out of a 6'0" lineman and the Power 5s won't have any interest. Many on the Top 250 list have been well coached but most won the DNA lottery.
  4. I totally understand not committing until after he takes his official visits. And I doubt any of his teammates are mad about recruiters watching them.
  5. CG’s Power 5 players have been relatively few for a team that competes for the 6A championship regularly. We are currently in a freakish stretch of our kids who are getting offers from Power 5s including two kids who can play pretty much anywhere they want. Recruiters will be swarming CG’s field like flies to muda. That’s why there is a desire for some to move in.
  6. Classic muda response. How about you just congratulate the teenager on an offer of a lifetime?
  7. There tweet only three mentioned transfers. I only know one of the kids and he moved into the CG district.
  8. This someone doesn’t appreciate cheap shots from posters who don’t know what they are talking about. If that makes me triggered then so be it.
  9. No. That's what happens after you build a better program. Your ignorant comment implies that CG influenced those players to move. That's factually inaccurate and a lazy comment from you.
  10. I thought our chain guys were all old farts like me. Aren't you still reasonably young?
  11. Agreed, Jon. Best part is that Coach Moore attends and talks to both teams after the game. I also love how many high school players attend. If you haven't yet make sure to check out a home game for the Jr. Trojans. In the famous words of John "Bluto" Blutarsky..."don't cost nothin".
  12. Don’t worry, Muda, camp was voluntary and they had plenty of time to play video games afterward.
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