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  1. Pike loses a lot of talent to Brebeuf and Cathedral in both football and basketball. Teague will at least keep some district kids home, he’ll probably even attract a few out of district kids given his AAU connections. Whether or not he can coach is one thing, but he’ll get the talent to win. He’s not taking this job to be a perennial loser.
  2. There’s 10-12 kids on a varsity basketball roster. With an enrollment that size, that’s irrelevant or so I’ve been told. But yes, you’re heading down the right path. Coaching/culture/administrative buy-in etc are vastly more important than simply shouting “enrollment”. I’m inclined to agree that SES demographics play a much larger role than simply enrollment, especially at the current 6A level. There’s too many mega-enrollment schools in the state now for it to be an advantage in the largest class.
  3. North Central was by far away the biggest high school in the state in the 70’s, 80’s and into the 90’s and still to this day a top 5 enrollment high school. Not sure those guys have ever won a regional. If enrollment is everything you say it is, they would have lucked into a modicum of success just once these last 50 years. No?
  4. Why has North Central been largely terrible throughout their existence despite having a mega-enrollment since the inception of class football? Haven’t sniffed a state title.
  5. And you would say that’s because of enrollment? Because in the last 4 seasons, Carmel hasn’t gotten out of sectionals, Warren is under .500 and BD was flirting with it before getting a new head coach.
  6. Look at the enrollments of 6A when it was formed compared to now. There's 17-18 mega enrollments now, there wasn't 6-10 years ago. It's why enrollment continues to become less and less relevant. If everybody has the same thing, it's no longer an advantage.
  7. 6A has been around for 11 seasons and has been dominated by a school who isn't in the top half of enrollment. The three largest schools no longer have a monopoly on enrollment disparity like they did prior to 6A being formed...which is why they no longer dominate the large class. Everybody has caught up and passed the point of diminishing returns in regards to enrollment and correlation to football roster numbers. I've been saying this close to 5 years now. Carmel continues to slide further and further in mediocrity because their enrollment advantage is no longer practical considering there's now 17-18 schools who all have an enrollment nearing or at 3000+. You can say the same thing for Warren who hasn't won a state title in 5 years and has had losing seasons in 3 out of the last 4 years, as well as Ben Davis who just won their first title in 6 years.
  8. I consider enrollment today, especially at the 6A level, irrelevant. As I've stated umpteen times, more than half of 6A has passed the point of diminishing returns when it comes to male student body makeup in relation to fielding a competitive football team. That's not limited to Indy either.
  9. Per 247 Sports, Penn hasn't had a scholarship football player attend a D1 school since 2018 when they sent Paul Moala to Notre Dame (ended up at FCS Idaho) and Anthony Torres to Western Michigan. Clearly enrollment isn't the issue considering Penn is the 6th largest high school in the state.
  10. Penn is bigger than all but one HCC school (Fishers) and has similar demographics to each of them yet produces D1 talent at a much lower rate. Even bottom feeders like Zionsville, Avon, and Noblesville are producing 1-3 D1 recruits a class. Why is that?
  11. Because they’re a shell of the program they used to be. They’ve been passed by 10-15 schools in the last 25 years. You made the claim, not me, and refuse to cite any anecdotal evidence.
  12. So you can’t name a single player. Penn is as talented as the MIC schools, face it. They don’t send kids to D1 schools like the MIC does.
  13. So answer my question: who was the last kid Penn sent D1? If you think Penn stacks up athletically with a majority of the teams from Indy, well you can certainly enjoy that take. Center Grove has won 4 out of the last 10 large class state titles and finished runner-up two additional times, despite not being in the top half of their enrollment based classification. Save your excuses.
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