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  1. Agree and I don’t get it. They did the same thing against Chatard earlier in the season and it’s part of the reason why they only scored 3 points on 3 red zone trips in the first half. It caught up to them this time.
  2. No shame in losing to New Pal, not only a very talented team but an extremely well-coached but very disciplined team. That being said, I just think the playing calling left more to be desired. A few examples: -after New Pal scored on the opening drive, Cathedral didn’t flinch and moved the ball right down the field. After a big 4th down conversion, Cathedral has 1st and G from the 7. After a 5 yard gain up the middle to the 2, Cathedral (with the biggest offensive line in the state) runs a shovel pass. Receiver trips over the back of one of his lineman for a 4 yard loss. They settle for a FG. -after dominating the first half, Cathedral comes out of halftime and throws an incompletion on 1st down and then an INT on 2nd down. Why not methodically run the ball down New Pal’s throat like they had been doing all game? -after turning NP over, Cathedral once again methodically drives down the field and has 1st and G. Again, run north and south and not east-west. Punch it in and NP is down 2 scores and in uncharted territory nearing the end of the 3rd quarter. Credit New Pal, but Cathedral had multiple opportunities to blow that game open and didn’t. You still have to execute, but I don’t think some of the play calling put Cathedral in the best position to win.
  3. Agreed. Honestly thought it was a poorly thrown ball into the wind that kind of hung up there but the Cathedral DB played the receiver and not the ball. Thought there was a chance it may be high pointed with Cathedral going the other way. Huge momentum swing after the previous two plays. Back breaker was the Cathedral fumble on the ensuing drive. After that it was lights out.
  4. Pretty telling stat. Carry 1 went for about 60 yards and the Irish did a phenomenal holding him in check up until late in the third quarter. Cathedral not being able to punch the ball in from 1st and G from the 5 is going to haunt the Irish for some time. I really believe had the Irish gone up 2 scores you effectively take Spegal out of the game and force the New Pal offense to throw the ball down the field.
  5. Wow! Talk about the wheels coming off. New Pal’s the better team. Nothing you can say. My only gripe was with the play calling. When you have a team like New Pal on the ropes, you gotta knock em out. Call me old school, but for the life of me just can’t figure out why Cathedral decides to get cute on the goal line. Hats off Dragons.
  6. Could you maybe just not comment for the duration of this thread? For all of us. Your intentions are clear.
  7. Now that we know Muda's living preferences (I know he was dying to let us know), does anyone have any score predictions?
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