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  1. It aligns with my "play to your strength" comment. If you have a D1 caliber QB and speedy and shifty receivers, why not run an RPO style offense designed to get your best athletes in space on decided matchups? Rather than appealing to old farts like DT of playing "smashmouth football" because old-timers don't enjoy a new brand of football. I struggle with his comments that RPO is "ruining" the game. It isn't.
  2. Huh? The TE position has been revolutionized the last 10 years. What are you talking about. You ever think the lean, 6-7, 295 pound is needed to combat the 250 lb DE coming off the edge that can run a 4.5? The size and speed of football players has dramatically increased over the last 30-40 years.
  3. I did. Read a lot of complaining. Name of the game is to win, not get offensive lineman to the next level.
  4. How so? You telling me the variation of the run option (triple, veer, wing t, etc) that teams ran for generations wasn't anything but read and react starting with the QB? Why is RPO different?
  5. An investigation is still pending so no, all the details have not been released. Regardless that's neither here or there, 2 young man tragically lost their lives to senseless gun violence.
  6. I don't get the angst towards RPO? Now I don't advocate running it for the sake just to do it, but if you have a QB who is good/smart enough to make the reads and it utilizes your athletes in space that gives you a distinct advantage over your opponent, why the hell not run it? The end goal is to put your best team in a position to win. Whether that's RPO, Air Raid, Wishbone, Triple Option, who cares?
  7. It pains me to say, but I believe it was as well. My only issue was that the official who made the call was 10 yards up the field and not in good/proper position. Stones call though, that was literally the last play of the game. The play before Cathedral was in FG range and a very questionable intentional grounding call was made which lead to the Hail Mary attempt rather than a potential game-winning FG.
  8. Not sure I would define it as best, maybe craziest. Cathedral trailed Reitz 35-34 in the 2007 semi-state final (blew a 13 point lead with less than 4 minutes to go). Now Indianapolis Colt Jack Doyle catches a Hail Mary but is ruled down inches before the goal line. Edit: Found a better angle right down the goal line. Doesn't get much closer than that
  9. Junior DB Mario McCullough was tragically shot and killed Sunday afternoon. Just devastating. Prayers to the McCullough family as well as the Cathedral community. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/03/30/mario-mccullough-cathedral-mourns-death-junior-football-standout/5086985002/
  10. Ha replied to the wrong post. Meant to reply to the post surrounding Luke Goode and his college considerations. I believe Goode is Trent Green’s nephew and IU is a destination favorite.
  11. Would not be shocked to see him declare for the draft, especially after being injured. Reason I’m hearing he’s in the portal is that IU told him he’d be moving to guard. True Freshman Matthew Bedford supplanted him in the line up last year and has NFL talent written all over him. Not sure why Cronk wouldn’t accept the move to OG as that is likely his projected position in the NFL. I highly doubt he’s going to ND or Alabama to play LT. Also, love the hire of Kevin Wright.
  12. You're getting one play with 8 seconds meaning they should have called the TO right there and then and as you said thrown one in the back of the endzone. Want to give CTA the benefit of the doubt, but the way the team hurried to the line makes it appear they didn't realize they had a TO remaining.
  13. Something tells me that the players/coaching staff forgot they had a TO to use. Why would you hurry everyone up to the line to spike it otherwise?
  14. I do too. Games IU likely to lose (Wisky, UM, OSU) all on road and they have 5 B10 home games this year as opposed to 4 last year.
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