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  1. You’re reinforcing my point lol. I didn’t say Roncalli did a smart thing, just alluding why they dropped both Center Grove and Cathedral. Both CG and Cathedral were the two biggest threats to Roncalli in terms of where they drew their kids and the thought process behind dropping both schools was to mitigate the loss of feeder school kids.
  2. I think it's Leonhard's unless the team just falls off a mountain this year.
  3. Awfully comparable. # 109 Perry Meridian 27/32 class 6A #169 Tech 29/32 class 6A #216 Southport 31/32 class 6A ........................................................................................................................................... #139 Hammond Central 22/32 class 5A #224 Munster 31/32 class 5A #238 Hammond Morton class 5A
  4. I do think an extension and raise was warranted, but you don't give out those numbers especially if your competition isn't a P5 school. I do wonder how much of Allen's contract was leveraged by him and his camp vs IU having an AD who at the time had never been tasked with this kind of situation?
  5. And I don't actually recall anyone taking a long hard look at Allen. Usually these ridiculous contracts come on the back of a coach being potentially poached, but I don't ever remember that being the case with Allen. Agreed he had earned a contract extension and raise after the 2019 and 2020 seasons, but to this extent? No way.
  6. Allen's buyout is $30 million through December 1st 2024 and then it drops to $15 million. IU may not win another game this season and then it becomes decision time for the AD. Do you really want to keep Allen for the 2023 AND 2024 season just to save $15 million? I just don't see how IU can afford to keep Allen for two more years until his buyout decreases.
  7. This was a though-provoking strategic move from Roncalli's standpoint as Center Grove and Cathedral were the two most likely schools to poach kids from Roncalli's inherent feeder systems.
  8. That's really my point. I don't think it matters who IU hires as head coach (unless they can pry a huge name from a stable program) if they can't hire and retain quality assistants. Deboer and Wommack really masked Allen's deficiencies as a head coach and game managing abilities. Allen trying to split head coaching and defensive play calling duties has really back fired and while Walt Bell is an upgrade from Sheridan, he's nowhere close to Deboer.
  9. 2020 is looking more and more like a fluke with each passing game, but 2019 also happened and IU was a botched onside kick away from beating an SEC team in a bowl game to win 9 games for the first time in forever. It's pretty clear Allen is in over his head, and he hasn't yet recovered from the loss of offensive coordinator Kalen Deboer and defensive coordinator Kane Wommack who are both doing extremely well as head coaches on their own. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter who IU hires until IU decides they want to play big boy football, and that won't happen until IU decides to pony up and not only hire quality assistants, but pay the necessary money to retain them.
  10. Chryst and Wisconsin have clearly lost their edge. They had a stranglehold on the West and haven't been getting it done the last few years. Wisconsin has finished in the top 25 just once the last four seasons and currently sit 2-3, and has one West division title since 2017 (2019). Leonhard is widely considered one of the best defensive coordinators in the country, but I think there has always been the feeling that he was in line to take over for Chryst when that day came. He'll get a 7 game audition for the head coaching position.
  11. Roncalli has ducked Cathedral for over a decade. Fairly positive they are the ones who dropped Center Grove way back when as those teams always used to open up with each other.
  12. Both New Pal and Roncalli can beat any team in the state on any given night. However, to date, neither have anywhere close to the resume that Brownsburg does. New Pal has one “good” win and that’s against a 4-3 Westfield team. Roncalli got their first good win of the year last night. Beat Elder next week and then Roncalli belongs in the conversation of best team in the state.
  13. $$$$$$ Sorry didn't see your post as I was typing my above reply. Want to say A&M's first recruiting class post-NIL tallied over $30 mil in endorsement deals.
  14. Totally believable if you really look at how 247 does their rankings. In any given year, 247 only rates 30-35 players as 5* and then about 300-350 4*. Pre-NIL, Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State were typically raking in almost 20% of the total 4 and 5* in each class, there's not much talent left to evenly disperse once they dust settled. And there's still teams like LSU, Oklahoma, Penn State, and Clemson who recruit extremely well themselves. NIL caused a huge shakeup in last years recruiting spectrum. Be interesting to see how things play out going forward. UA, UGA, and OSU only accounted for 9 of the total 35 rated 5* prospects which was way down from the last few years.
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