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  1. He has another 4-8, 5-7 type season he most certainly should/will be on the hot seat. You don’t pay a coach $6mil/yr to go sub .500 three consecutive years. Don’t care what the circumstances are.
  2. He might do well on the west coast given none of his competition out there plays defense either, but if Chip Kelly can't hack it at UCLA I struggle seeing Brohm doing it.
  3. This hurts Ohio State in my opinion. Ohio State has done a phenomenal job recruiting Texas the last decade pulling top recruits away from both Texas and Oklahoma many a times. Would have to think OU and Texas joining a big boy conference entices those recruits to stick around. Texas A&M jumping to the SEC a few years back lead to an uptick in recruiting really quick.
  4. Because momentum in both recruiting and progress in each program is going in opposite directions and losing a top flight in-state recruit with Purdue ties to a rival school who historically hasn't recruited all that way would not have been a good look. As an IU fan I can get on board with this and hope it plays out this way.
  5. Almost felt like that was a battle Purdue HAD to win over IU. They got a good one.
  6. So culture and coaching does play a big part 🙂 ? Thanks, just wanted to hear you say it.
  7. LN also has had generational type talent these last few years and still has a losing record against BD in said time frame. Simmons inherited a BD program the year after going 14-0 ending as one of the states all time best teams that lost an absolute ton to graduation. Simmons has had some injury and youth situations early on. As we all know its cyclical for every program.
  8. I've maintained for awhile that CG's biggest hurdle in the South is Ben Davis. Young team last year that only got better.
  9. If you can secure it in LOS, it may have some life, otherwise don’t see that many people interested watching a high school football all-star game in the middle of December outdoors. Still think you’d get a fairly watered down product. Guessing most of the players good info to make the all-star football team are likely playing basketball as well, especially in the lower classes. Summer works for the IN-KY bball series because it doesn’t interfere with any other sanctioned sports.
  10. So you mean to tell me that most schools in Houston and Dallas aren’t consolidated into 6500 students? Wild conjecture I’m sure.
  11. That would be a good #. Assuming they would need to build a brand new building centralized to the new student body? Feasible?
  12. Don't know much about either of those schools. Can't really comment.
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