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  1. Until an 11-2 Louisville gets left out in favor of an 8-4 Tennessee because they don't play in the SEC. 11 of the top 12 teams in the CFP rankings are or will be SEC or B10 members starting next season.
  2. If I'm Florida State, I'm acting like I'm attending all the pre-game festivities and then morning of the game get on the bus and drive back to Tallahassee.
  3. Then why rank teams for 8 straight weeks if none of it is going to be considered? The committee knew 3 weeks ago Jordan Travis was out for the year yet still moved Florida State UP in the last regular season poll after Ohio State's loss from 5 to 4. How does #7 Texas jump #4 Florida State after Florida State beat a team ranked higher than the opponent Florida State just beat by the committee's OWN rankings? Make it make sense! If the CFP is all about eyeballs and ratings, just come out before the season starts and say these are the 4 teams that will be playing in the postseason because these are the 4 teams that we believe will draw the best ratings. Save everyone else the time and trouble.
  4. Nailed it. Embarrassing that the committee views a loss to a single player more damaging than an actual loss on the field. Basically told every single ACC team going forward that you don't control you own destiny and the only avenue to the CFP is hope and pray there are enough SEC/B10 teams with (several) losses in front of you.
  5. Bama LOST to Texas and beat LSU by a lesser margin than FSU did. Tennessee was good in name only this year.
  6. Patsy Central? They scheduled LSU and Florida in the non-conference. Name another P5 team in America that scheduled two SEC opponents in the non-conference. It’s not FSU’s fault Florida sucks. They went 13-0 in a P5 conference on top of playing LSU and Florida. That should get you in the CFP every damn year. The CFP has made it clear on-field results no longer matter. This is the end of the ACC is we know it. Clemson, Miami, FSU are on the first flight out.
  7. Florida State can’t control their schedule anymore than Alabama can and they won every game on it. Clearly the criteria is to guarantee an auto-bid for one SEC team and find 3 other teams to compete all while saying so and so metric was used when in reality it wasn’t.
  8. That isn’t how it has ever worked. Florida State was 2-0 against the SEC this year with both games being away from home. You’re basically saying results don’t matter. An undefeated P5 team has never been left out of the playoff until today…at the expense of an SEC for TV ratings.
  9. Serious question; if roles were reversed and Alabama was staring at a 13-0 season without its starting QB available for the CFP, is the committee leaving them out? Not a chance in hell. Wasn’t all that long ago Ohio State won the whole damn thing with their 3rd string QB. Anyone remember any discussion about leaving Ohio St out? I don’t. This is a pure money grab. Bama draws more eyeballs than Florida St, nothing more nothing less. You won’t convince me FSU would have been in WITH a healthy QB given the way this weekend played out. The committee would have just move their criteria goal posts from “FSU has no QB” to “Alabama played in a better conference”. Brett McMurphy reporting the ACC has entered into any bowl conversations with their partners. Total ACC bowl boycott would be an appropriate response given they’ve basically been labeled a G5 conference by thf committee.
  10. Why even play the games anymore? FSU should accept their NY6 invite and back out at the 11th hour.
  11. Yikes FSU down to -220 to make playoffs. They may be getting screwed after all. Why even play the games?
  12. If the opt outs are relatively low I agree.
  13. Lol. Florida State is -500 to make the playoffs. Hate to break it to you, but they’re getting in and deservedly so. They’re undefeated and 2-0 against the SEC.
  14. He said it in front of an IU crowd at Assembly Hall. What’s he supposed to say? We’re going 3-9 next year. Too many people looking way too far into this.
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