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  1. Ha replied to the wrong post. Meant to reply to the post surrounding Luke Goode and his college considerations. I believe Goode is Trent Green’s nephew and IU is a destination favorite.
  2. Would not be shocked to see him declare for the draft, especially after being injured. Reason I’m hearing he’s in the portal is that IU told him he’d be moving to guard. True Freshman Matthew Bedford supplanted him in the line up last year and has NFL talent written all over him. Not sure why Cronk wouldn’t accept the move to OG as that is likely his projected position in the NFL. I highly doubt he’s going to ND or Alabama to play LT. Also, love the hire of Kevin Wright.
  3. You're getting one play with 8 seconds meaning they should have called the TO right there and then and as you said thrown one in the back of the endzone. Want to give CTA the benefit of the doubt, but the way the team hurried to the line makes it appear they didn't realize they had a TO remaining.
  4. Something tells me that the players/coaching staff forgot they had a TO to use. Why would you hurry everyone up to the line to spike it otherwise?
  5. I do too. Games IU likely to lose (Wisky, UM, OSU) all on road and they have 5 B10 home games this year as opposed to 4 last year.
  6. Great post. Tennessee has more than a few guys who will be playing on Sunday's, but they didn't play as a cohesive unit. They had below average QB play (from a kid who was the 79th rated prospect in his class which goes to show you stars aren't everything) and made way too many mental errors and lacked discipline. Wasn't CTA's finer moments last night, but you can tell his players respect him and will play hard for him every play. Tough way to end the season but I see things getting better in Bloomington.
  7. Where did he cheat? You didn’t clarify that. And to clarify, you don’t like Pete Carroll because one of his players made an inappropriate gesture? Oh my, how college of that player. I’m guessing you’re not a fan of many college coaches then?
  8. Why? Had some of the most dominant teams in college football history.
  9. That's the improper benefit and what they were hammered for, everything else you mention is hearsay. The NCAA punished USC solely for the actions of Reggie Bush and family. The punishment handed down was a travesty. Louisville got off easier for their hooker scandal. Absolute injustice.
  10. I'm not saying there wasn't foul play, but the punishment doesn't fit the crime. -2 year postseason ban -loss of 30 scholarships -national title vacated all because what, a players family took money from an agent? Why do you think the NCAA hasn't acted on the current FBI probe into college basketball? Because they know they royally screwed USC. Here is what one writer had to say about the NCAA's punishment towards USC: "It's become an accepted fact among informed college football observers that the NCAA sanctions against USC were a travesty of justice, and the NCAA's refusal to revisit that travesty are a massive act of cowardice on the part of the organization." I don't care for USC one way or the other, but he's absolutely right, a complete abuse of power by the NCAA.
  11. They didn't get caught cheating per se, Reggie Bush' parents accepted money from an agent while he was still in school and the NCAA completely overreacted and they have even said they went to hard.
  12. Hey, sometimes the truth hurts
  13. Had to do it Bob. Been awhile since ND has strung together a dominant era, most their accolades pre-date the modern era of football but still count for something. USC is 2nd all-time in bowl wins and it was all that long ago the Trojans were the premier football program in college football (2000-2009).
  14. Football Blue Bloods in order 1. Alabama 2. USC 3. Notre Dame 4. Ohio State 5. Oklahoma Michigan, Texas, Nebraska, Penn State, Miami all on historical merit come next. Clemson is amidst a current dynasty but has a long way to go to reach blue blood status. LSU and Florida State I would have in the discussion as well.
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