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  1. I never said anything about 51 wins. I was responding to the comment that stated the NIC does nothing to prepare Penn for a postseason run (they've been to two state titles in 5 years and it has affected them beating Carmel twice in that span) and they are getting thumped regularly in non-conference games. They have a winning non-conference record going back years with the exception of this year. It's why I said it's entirely ridiculous to use such a small sample size to start talking about the demise of the Penn Football program. Ben Davis did that to everybody in 2017. They beat Center grove 40-7. Beat Warren 45-16. Beat Fishers 50-7. Beat Avon 57-20. Penn could have played an NFL regular season schedule and still not have been prepared for Ben Davis, that's how good they were that year.
  2. Excuse me..."getting thumped regularly in non-conference games" was actually the direct quote.
  3. What does Geography have to do with Penn going 2-2 vs Carmel the last 5 years? I responded to a post that says Penn is routinely losing it's non-conference games (they aren't) and that their conference slate doesn't prepare them for a deep tournament run (they've been to state twice the last 5 years and have beaten Carmel twice). Penn is 3-1 against perennial contender Orchard Lake St. Mary's (MI) and 3-1 against perennial contender Birmingham Brother Rice (MI) all in the last 5 years. Penn has dominated Valpo the better part of this decade, they aren't "routinely losing their non-conference games". They aren't off to a good start this year, but it's an extremely small sample size to proclaim this is the beginning of the end for Penn, especially when their D1 caliber QB is sidelined with an injury.
  4. Huh? Haven't they played for the state championship twice in the last 5 years? Aren't they 2-2 against Carmel in that stretch? Think you're extrapolating a very small sample size.
  5. Cathedral starting to lay it on Cincinnati Moeller. Up 21-0 nearing the end of the 3rd. Cathedral has forced 5 turnovers tonight but has also turned it over 3 times themselves. Sloppy game.
  6. Muda would have been in the ultimate pickle the other night in the game against Cathedral and Noblesville. Cathedral scored early in the 4th quarter to make it a 40-7 game as they had missed a PAT prior. Cathedral ended up going for 2 to achieve the 35 point threshold and they were successful. Game finished rather quickly and Cathedral was able to play their 2’s and 3’s the rest the way.
  7. I guess it’s exciting there are now more Cathedral posters other than PHJ, WrestlingGuy, and myself.....yikes what a mess. I’ll admit I don’t follow the program as much as I used too, but a former teammate and friend who is on staff tells me the sophomore class is going to be special when it’s all said and done. As always with Cathedral, they play a loaded non-conference that should help come tourney time so long as they stay healthy which has proven costly more than once. Excited for the season to start.
  8. Crushing blow to Muda’s campaign to end high school football as we know it.
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