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  1. Pete Werner sat out a year after transferring from Mt Vernon after his freshman year.
  2. North Central signed off on both Eron Gordon and Jordan Walker (both future D1 players). Walker at the time was a bit of an unknown but Gordon as a sophomore at the time was considered a top 100 recruit. Walker was eligible to play immediately and Gordon wasn’t (go figure). The IHSAA really showed their ass the way they handled it.
  3. Sure there are, and they have to sit out from varsity competition for 365 days. Does anyone not remember the Eron Gordon fiasco? The Gordon's had to go so far as to get a court injunction for their son to play as the IHSAA fought this tooth and nails. Had the Carroll's or Bidding's moved into Lawrence Twp (closer to Cathedral) instead of Greenwood and enrolled at Cathedral for their senior year they would be eligible to play varsity their senior year? Not a chance in hell.
  4. Are we naive to think either transfer wasn't athletically motivated? Because that's the no-no in the eyes of the IHSAA.
  5. I never said that you specifically stated Cathedral cheated. But I've heard for over a decade that Cathedral doesn't "play by the same rules" because they don't have established boundaries. What do you call two D1 transfers from the West side of Indy?
  6. Does it really matter that he got hurt? What is the reaction if Biddings and/or Carroll showed up to Cathedral for their senior year? There isn't a chance in hell the IHSAA is giving them immediate varsity eligibility and this board would have a 40 page thread on how Cathedral "cheats". This happens at public schools all the time and it's completely swept under the rug.
  7. Center Grove was "blessed" with not one, but TWO, D1 transfers this offseason as one year rentals. One is committed to a school that is likely going to be in the CFB playoffs and the other to an ACC school. Everybody is taking advantage of open-enrollment. Cathedral is hurt more than they are helped by open-enrollment. Prior to open-enrollment you played within your district or you ponied up to go to a private school. Today, you can be the #1 rated QB in the nation living in Avon where your older brother plays football while playing Brownsburg or you can play at Brownsburg for 3 years and transfer to Center Grove for your senior season.
  8. I bet a few go, but don't see Tommy Rees leaving. Assuming Freeman gets the job (which I think he will) I think it would be wise to hire a former head coach on staff to help Freeman transition to head coach, similar to what Juwan Howard did at Michigan with Phil Martelli in basketball. Bring on someone like Gary Patterson to be the namesake DC and associate head coach would be much beneficial in my opinion.
  9. Ahh good point. Don't think he leaves with Kelly. He's either going to be promoted to HC at ND or take Fickell's job if he leaves for Notre Dame. Notre Dame is finally starting to land some serious 5* talent, much of it attributed to Freeman and they may want to salvage some of that momentum. Also not sure if Notre Dame can wait potentially wait on Fickell to till the end of December or even early January. Signing Day is in two weeks.
  10. I thought Schiff was a year or two younger than Shannon/Cutler? Guess I didn't realize Shannon and Cutler were same grade. Shannon did break the rushing record in his senior season but was also upset by Plainfield in the sectional.
  11. What about Freeman? I feel like that is who is going to be hired?
  12. Kelly wants to win a title. Period. He’s 60 years old. Kelly (clearly) feels LSU gives him the best chance to win a title rather than ND. Ed Orgeron and Les Miles won titles at LSU, they aren’t in the same breath as Kelly.
  13. ND is a private school, they don’t have to report anything. You’re delusional if you think Brian Kelly was only making $4mil/yr at ND. Absurdity.
  14. Nick Saban was 34-24-1 at Michigan State before getting hired on at LSU. He had one good year at 9-2 and was virtually .500 every other year. Brian Kelly cleaned up a huge mess at ND and built a top 5 program. Kelly is 10x more established at his time of hiring compared to LSU. Perspective please.
  15. He was making $7-8 million/yr at ND, Kelly obviously came to the realization he just wasn’t going to win a National Title at Notre Dame.
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