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  1. I agree with you about Concord beating Elkhart if the game had been later in the season. I'd go so far as to say that if #35 (Koltookian) had played in the second half, it wouldn't even be a question. Concord's defense is legit but he makes them scary! The offense seems to be hitting it's stride at the right time. Their skill players are really good and the quarterback is starting to get protection up front. #7 (D'Arcy) is "sneaky good" and #1 (Moore) is a stud at the receiver position, but, those Koltookian brothers at linebacker are really, really good! The Minutemen schedule sets up pretty nice for a showdown against Warsaw the last game of the regular season. Mishawaka will be certainly be routing for Concord in that game. I feel bad for the Raiders. Injuries have all but killed their chance at a conference championship and they certainly looked like they were going to be in the mix. Good luck to all the teams moving forward!
  2. I feel absolutely horrible for the seniors in that proud program
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