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  1. Per WHME, Northwood has decided to drop Fairfield as their Wk2 opponent, and have added Chatard to replace them. Fairfield will add Osceola Grace as their Wk2 opponent.
  2. I'm good with Ballard and his decisions thus far, would I like to see a couple big splash guys, sure, but he proved last year that he knows what he's doing. On the other side of the coin, the Redskins, Jets, Jags, and others have routinely "won the off season" and look how much success those teams have had.
  3. Where were the Penn students this weekend? We sat with the Penn fans during the first game, and while they were vocal and supportive of the Kingsmen, I couldn't believe how empty the student section was. Chesterton, Munster, and Northridge all packed their student sections (Chesterton's was really impressive), but the biggest school in the Regionals had more cheerleaders than students at the first game, and the 2nd game wasn't a whole lot better of a showing. Good luck against Carmel, but I hope admin figures out how to get more students to the games in the future, the team deserves better support.
  4. I hit up Ale Emporium any time I'm on that side of town, or within a half hour drive. Love that place, Hermanaki or Hermincan wings, and pizza!
  5. True enough...but what is a guy to do during the slow season!
  6. I know Bethany Christian isn't exactly an NLC school, but they are surrounded by those of us that are. As I drove by Big R in Dunlap last night after work, I saw their sign lit up with this message on their sign. https://www.goshennews.com/news/updated-bethany-christian-senior-killed-in-crash/article_2902891c-3870-11e9-acae-6b5114debb6a.html Yesterday Indy Star had a nice article, and today Sports Illustrated. Keyshawn was headed South on State Road 15 headed to Huntington to make a recruiting visit (Basketball), when he crossed the center line and was hit/killed by an SUV. He went to church with several of my family members, and from all accounts was a very nice and humble young man. Prayers to the Bethany family, and good luck Friday night.
  7. Finally, a post from Muda I can agree with! lol
  8. I mean, it really doesn't fit with the rest of us, but they could always come back to the NLC, and bring St. Joe, Marian, or New Prairie with them if things fell apart in the NIC.
  9. Wawasee named their new head football coach tonight. "Very excited about the future of Wawasee Football...tonight Coach Jon Reutebuch takes the reins of the program! Let's go Warriors!"
  10. Went to Vincennes and used to spend a lot of time at some friends farm right between Loogootee and Shoals. Pulling for the Jug Rox this year though! We have good basketball up here in this part of the state, but I miss the history and rivalries down that way.
  11. I've enjoyed following Lawrenceburg from up North...went to a game down there a few years ago, and like the setting of their stadium/town. Also STC's antics/riddles are always enjoyable to try and follow
  12. Penn - Ron Powlus (son of former ND/NFL QB of the same name) I believe he'll be a junior this coming year.
  13. that's only a small part of my disdain for them lol
  14. Respect for Northwood, Warsaw, St. Joe, East Noble Not a fan of Concord, Plymouth, Penn
  15. Early season especially, that sun glare is blinding!
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