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  1. NRRaider2001


    that's only a small part of my disdain for them lol
  2. NRRaider2001


    Respect for Northwood, Warsaw, St. Joe, East Noble Not a fan of Concord, Plymouth, Penn
  3. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2019 Season

    Early season especially, that sun glare is blinding!
  4. NRRaider2001

    9U-10U Baseball in SE Indiana

    username doesn't check out lol, if you were indeed in Marshall County we could work something out, Ripley is a bit of a drive for Elkhart Co. though.
  5. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2019 Season

    looks like Muda missed his opportunity, Northridge has been given approval to proceed
  6. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2019 Season

    yes it is, and I know of at least one of his brothers that isn't playing football 😞
  7. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2019 Season

    Congrats to Northridge Senior Julius Graber for signing with Hillsdale College for Football. Julius had a great career at Northridge as QB and a DB, but his senior season was cut short after a nasty knee injury.
  8. Many of, if not the most active posters in the NLC/NECC threads (and I'm sure many more) are guys around my age (under 40). Us under 40 guys also seem to re-affirm our appreciation of the GID by voluntarily donating to the cause with our wallets and keyboards year in and year out. I'm willing to bet that our support would significantly drop off if this place were to become less active due to a paywall. (seems to only be a viable in you/Muda's fantasy world) I spend most of my free time on Reddit on the Colts sub (among others), and if there wasn't already a free place to openly discuss Indiana High School Football, Reddit would serve that purpose as one of our other posters mentioned.
  9. Nope, But when I can, I gladly donate to support this place.
  10. NRRaider2001

    Lets go Crown Point!!!!

    Saw them in person over the holidays, impressive team for sure! We play a really tough schedule, and they were right up there with the best.
  11. NRRaider2001


    That's what was reported in the Penn HS newspaper a few days ago
  12. don't agree a whole lot with a lot of your stuff, but you do throw a lot of stuff at the wall that generates discussion. Enjoy Arizona, love the state, especially up by the Utah border.
  13. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2019 Season

    haven't heard of any movement yet on that opening.
  14. NRRaider2001

    Colts 2019

    Not a total shock though if you've followed the Denzelle Good story after he left Indy. He was also one of McDaniels hires and benefited from some serious new/young talents on the line this year. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2018/12/28/indianapolis-colts-denzelle-good-oakland-raiders-dave-deguglielmo-release/