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  1. Been out of town all week, so haven't really had much time to break any of these down. Plymouth big Memorial big Northridge by a point Warsaw by 18
  2. Concord by 1 Northridge by 20 Warsaw by 35 Northwood by 18
  3. Friday, Sep. 27 Culver Academy at Memorial, 7 pm - CMA by 7 Jimtown at Concord, 7 pm - Concord by 20 NorthWood at Northridge ©, 7 pm - Northridge by 3 Plymouth at Wawasee ©, 7 pm - Plymouth by 40 Warsaw at Goshen ©, 7 pm - Warsaw by 21
  4. Friday, Sep. 27 Culver Academy at Memorial, 7 pm - CMA by 7 Jimtown at Concord, 7 pm - Concord by 20 NorthWood at Northridge ©, 7 pm - Northridge by 3 Plymouth at Wawasee ©, 7 pm - Plymouth by 40 Warsaw at Goshen ©, 7 pm - Warsaw by 21
  5. Haven't checked his site for predictions all year, but sounds like im in pretty good company, guy is an Indiana legend.
  6. Concord over Goshen by 35 Northwood over Wawasee by 28 Warsaw over Northridge by 10 Memorial over Plymouth by 1
  7. ᵣₑₛₚₑ𝒸ₜ Good game by the Pilg....Rockies Friday night. We looked to have the momentum going into halftime down 4, but fumbling the ball on the first play of the second half, and again, and rinse and repeat, isn't a recipe for success. A couple of ill timed penalties including a "late" hit on Baron all but sealed the game. Best part is it should be a couple years before we get the pleasure of hearing the most obnoxious PA voice in three states, unless fortune finds both teams on a deep tournament run as we're no longer in the same sectional/regional.
  8. My quick picks for the games tonight. Concord over Wawasee by 35+ Northwood over Goshen by a similar margin Northridge over Plymouth by 1 in the TV46 game of the week. Warsaw over Memorial by double digits
  9. Awesome! Happy to see an NLC kid getting a full ride at an SEC school
  10. Plymouth knocking off Warsaw could be an honorable mention for the "soft" 4A North team of the weak
  11. Should be a fun one this Friday night at the Rockpile. I pulled into Northridge to pick my son up as our game was finishing up last night, but it sounded like our run game just wore the Warriors down in the second half. I had a job in Bremen last night that kept me from seeing our game, but allowed me to take in part of the Bremen/Glenn game. Always kind of fun seeing things from a different perspective. Congrats to Plymouth on the big win, you guys didn't even need a bad call to pull it out this year. I didn't see it happening, but may end up being a good thing for Warsaw to learn from. Those two teams have an awesome historic hatred for one another. Honestly I'm kind of jealous we don't have a true arch enemy like those two.
  12. After last week I'm 12 and 2, somehow forgot to pick the Concord/Memorial game last week. Conference play finally starts for everyone tonight. Concord over NW in a close one. This is a toss up for me but I'll give them the edge playing at Jake Field tonight, not much insight, just a gut feeling. Memorial over Goshen by double digits - Maybe Goshen keeps it close for a quarter or two, but I think tonight Memorial gets their first of a few wins this year. Northridge over Wawasee by double digits. Warsaw over Plymouth - by double digits. Warsaw will control the clock which will keep the Rockies possessions to a minimum. Although Baron is top 5 in passing yards in the state so far, it won't be enough to beat the Tigers tonight, nor will a botched field goal call.
  13. Hah, even a broken clock is right twice a day
  14. https://t.co/uHDNyaIX7e Mevis' game winner from Michigan City in case anyone missed it
  15. Somehow I went 6-0 on NLC predictions last week, but somehow forgot to pick the Concord/ Memorial winner. This week should start to give us a better picture of who will finish where in the conference this year. I still like Warsaw at #1, but beyond that I see it as a 4 team race for #2. (Northwood, Concord, Plymouth, and Northridge) Heard Plymouth got banged up in the Kokomo game, anyone know how significantly that might affect them this week and moving forward? Still really liking our run game this year, and each week our defense has stepped up and made some crucial stops that changed the momentum of the game.
  16. You're right, I know someone involved with their program at Grace, they've got a good thing going there that fills a need that other programs can't around here.
  17. Congrats on a great win to @NLCTigerFan07 and your Tigers, MC is definitely a great program. Warsaw is Sag. ranked above Penn now for the first time I can recall, and 1st in their sectional.
  18. Congrats on the W tonight! Glad to see you guys pull it out in a close one.
  19. Went 6-2 in my picks last week which is better than I expected for week 1. This week, doubt I do as well. Chatard over NW by double digits - I don't think Jimtown is a great measuring stick compared to what they'll face tonight. Plymouth over Kokomo by double digits - don't know much about Kokomo this year, but I do know the trip up 31 all too well, as I made it about 15 hours ago. Hard not to get a little jet lagged. Central over Goshen by as many as they want - like I mentioned early on, I believe Brownlee is one of the best in our area, and Goshen isn't the Goshen of old. They possibly picked up their only W of the year last week, and even then it was a close one. West Noble over Wawasee in a tight one - don't know much about either team this year yet, but Lakeland looked down in our Jamboree. Warsaw over MC by 3 - this is the one I struggled with the most, should be a great game. I miss opening the season with MC, although Adam's gave us a run for our money with Armstead chucking the ball deep and accurately all night. I think Warsaw makes Regional this year, and this game will only make them more prepared. Northridge over St Joe by 10 - St Joe is a great program, but I heard a little trash talk/motivation coming from them this week that makes me believe we will be motivated. Northridge had better clean up the turnovers this week because if we fumble twice early like last week St Joe will be a lot tougher to fight 2 scores back than Adams was. Also should be interesting to see if Driscoll gets the ball a bunch, we didn't have an answer for him last year, but our team just feels different this year.
  20. It's finally here, football Friday night! Concord @ SB St Joe : last year for the foreseeable future for this non conference week 1 battle, in what should be another good one. I think Concord should be decent, but Driscoll is a beast for St. Joe along with several other returning including Coach Kelly's boy at LB. East Noble @ Plymouth : Another good one between two strong programs, however I feel EN is on the upswing and Plymouth isn't the Plymouth of old. Elk Memorial @ Elk Central : a year ago I never would've guessed it would be toss up like I believe tonight will be. Wish they could've played this a week earlier so I could be at the last Mangy game with my Memorial family. I am a strong believer in Brownlee and Centrals run game however. Goshen @ Fairfield : I'm glad to hear Fairfield has better numbers this year. Goshen is not the Goshen of old, and while I like Coach Park, I fear they're facing an uphill battle. At the middle school jamboree earlier in the week, Goshen was barely able to field a team, and I felt bad for their kids that did come out, it was ugly. They're begging kids that are cut from the soccer team to give football a try. Huntington North @ Warsaw : The first of many wins for Warsaw this year and my favorite by a lot to win the NLC this year. Really like what the Curtis's are doing down there. Seems like the kids are really buying in! Warsaw big tonight before probably their toughest game of the regular season next week. Jimtown @ NorthWood : No more Bronson Yoder, but they're always packed with good talent (although they're unable to field a freshman team this year). Jimtown had excitement for their new turf, but weren't able to field an 8th grade team this year due to small numbers. Always play each other tough, but NW wins this fairly easily. Lakeland @ Wawasee : Toss up, but I'll go with the NLC in this one. Not sure what Wawasee has this year as I believe their best player from last year (punter) graduated. I wasn't all that impressed at the jamboree last week with Lakeland, granted most teams don't show too much during scrimmages. Northridge @ Adams : I could see this going either way, but I think a lot of people are sleeping on the Raiders this year (I'm okay with that). If we can slow down the deep ball some, and control the clock with our ground game, I like our chances at school field tonight. Interested to see our defense as we're running a 3-4 vs 4-3 now, and Coach Wogomon took over as DC since Coach Logan retired after last season. We added a few out of state transfers this off season that should help us as well.
  21. Central looked good against Northwood, especially Brownlee, didn't see their offense against Northridge, but Northridge was moving the ball pretty well when they had the lightning delay.
  22. Northridge was at Elkhart Central tonight along with Northwood, Central, and Lakeland
  23. Northridge/Northwood were at Rice Field tonight, up against Elkhart Central/Lakeland. Both NLC representatives looked good, however Central moved the ball well against Northwood starting D (mainly Brownlee). Northwood had a couple injuries, hopefully nothing serious. Northridge was moving the ball well against Central, however their 10 offensive plays got cut short from lightning, and I called it a night before I could see if they were able to finish the drive or handle Central/Brownlee's offense. Both NW/NR handled Lakeland with relative ease. I look for Brownlee to be one of the area's best running backs this year, but don't count out Northridges run game. We have a few returning backs with some serious talent, and added an out of state transfer from South Dakota that was a force on one of SD's top ranked teams.
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