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  1. Triton is the only common opponent for these two. I did not see Triton play either team in person, but I think AC is definitely the heavy favorite. The Jets speed and athleticism will be hard for North Judson to slow down. Judson relies a lot on Allen and I would guess AC will find a way to limit his effectiveness. I'm going with the Jets, 42-14.
  2. I believe this is true and a significant reason why Triton moved to the HNAC in the first place. Triton never beat Jimtown in all the NSC years. I think there were only 3-4 wins over Bremen. Glenn had up and down years, so there was some success with them at times. But not much in the last 10 or so years of the NSC. Same for New Prairie. They got a lot better as they grew in enrollment and the last few years of games were a waste of time for both teams. Honestly losing to Pioneer by 50 is an easier pill to swallow than losing to NP or Jimtown by the same scores. Pioneer is a similar sized school and you know they've gotten where they are by hard work and commitment. You respect that from a school your own size. But losing to schools twice your size all the time just gets old over time. The HNAC definitely provides a platform to compete with similar-sized schools on a more level playing field. And the quality of play is outstanding for a small school conference. I'm very happy we made the move.
  3. Triton has no chance against AC, obviously. But this team will learn a lot by playing a championship caliber team. The Trojans are young this year and have asperations of making runs in the next two years. This game will show them what it takes to play at that level. I have LaVille over Pioneer by a score. Knox will fall to Hanover. Judson takes care of Culver by 2 scores.
  4. I think '22 should be even better. Winamac loses 20 some seniors, but most other teams have a lot coming back! I think I saw that LaVille only has 1 senior on this year's team. Triton has no senior starters on offense and just a couple on D. Knox will be better. Culver will have plenty back. Judson has Allen and some others returning. Pioneer will reload as they always do. Let's hope we have COVID behind us and teams can settle things on the field next year!
  5. Might want to look at the date of my post. They won the game I was speaking about. Geesh
  6. HNAC to have 6 teams playing for sectional titles next week. Gotta admit that’s turned into a nice little football conference.
  7. Triton 22 Northfield 13 Final LaVille 14 Bremen 6 Final
  8. I think Triton has a legit shot in this one. They have definitely played the better schedule. But they are young and have played like young guys - too many mistakes and not enough confidence. If Triton plays to their talent level, it should be a really good game.
  9. Playoff home away from home for the Panthers! 🙂 It's nice that the Berries are willing to host like they are. It's a great venue for these big games!
  10. What happened to Caston? I thought they would give SCUM a little bit more than that! But 470 rushing yards for Culver! Wow. A little disappointed in their defense though. Should be a couple of pretty good games next week.
  11. Caston Culver Winamac North Judson Call me a HNAC homer, but I really think these are the best teams in each matchup.
  12. Great writeup as always @NLCTigerFan07! A couple of notes on this contest. Technically this won't be for the conference title as no title will be awarded this year. As was the case in 2020, since all conference games were not played, the league will choose not to declare a conference champ. If Judson wins, they will finish the season 6-0 in conference play, but will not have played Winamac, who is likely to finish league play at 5-0 (if they beat Triton tonight) after having to cancel two conference matchups earlier in the season. Last year Pioneer finished conference play 5-0, but did not play Winamac or LaVille. They were unquestionably the best team in the conference but were not awarded the trophy. It's unfortunate that in 2021 we have 2 teams that could give the Panthers a run for their money, but - even if unbeaten in conference play - won't really get a chance to declare themselves the best due to this danged COVID thing.
  13. Not much being said this week. I guess there's only one game that looks to be competitive. North Judson @ Pioneer - Definitely the best matchup on paper this week. I think the weather will favor the Panthers, and playing at home will help as well. I think the Jays would win this matchup 60% of the time in different settings, but tonight I'm going with Pioneer. Panthers 22-14 Culver @ LaVille - It'll be over before 9:00. Lancers will score enough to hold off the Cavs. Lancers 13-0 Knox @ Caston - Knox big in this one. Their offense was clicking last week and they will again this week. Redskins 42-7 Triton @ Winamac - Too much senior experience for the Warriors. Triton is young and hasn't really learned how to win yet. They're a year away. I don't think this is a blowout, but the outcome won't be in doubt after the 1st quarter. Winamac 35-14
  14. Again, that would be up to the folks who assign officials. There is no reason crews could not be limited to one game per weekend which wouldn't change anything from what we have now. But it would lend to some flexibility in that respect. Now I could see a legitimate issue with officials if we have a lot of high school officials who also do college games on Saturday. That could be an issue.
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