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  1. It's unfortunate that assumptions are made about people who reside in rural areas. Yes, I live in a rural setting. But I'm highly educated and know a fair bit about private education. I will not speak poorly of private schooling, but I do enjoy seeing public schools overcome their disadvantages to beat similar-sized private schools.
  2. My preference is to seed only the top 2 in eight team sectionals. That should satisfy the people who hate to see the two best teams meet in early rounds, and it would give the bad teams a chance at drawing another bottom half team in round one. This would assure that second round games (assuming no upsets) would always include at least 3 of the top 5 teams in the sectional. But it also allows opportunity for a dark horse to win a game or two, depending on the draw.
  3. I was wondering when someone would put a poll out here. I voted for all in with seeding, but I don't want the entire field seeded. Seed the top two. Draw the rest. In my opinion this option provides the best of both worlds. It makes the season meaningful, and it gives the poor teams a shot at a favorable draw in the first round.
  4. Mason McIntyre left education to run a non-profit organization after the 2020-2021 school year. Mr. Younis has been filling both roles (head coach and AD) this year, but is giving up the coaching duties moving forward.
  5. Zach Whittacker named the new coach at Triton High School. He replaces Rodney Younis who remains with Triton as the Athletic Director. https://www.tritontrojans.org/articles/football/whittaker-named-new-head-football-coach?fbclid=IwAR03-DaVEmrmyrg6xZFjDl9nzf_MGFhh-N_0cChKXN7iPQrGfGYlkKzbWmo
  6. West Lafayette @ Knox - The Redskins have had a great season! But it likely ends this week at the hands of the Red Devils. WL averaged over 45 per game against much better weekly competition. And while Knox can score the football, defense has not been their strong suit this year. I think Knox will move the ball, but they won't beat West Lafayette in a shootout. West Lafayette Red Devils 42-20 North Judson @ Park Tudor - North Judson is a game away from the rematch they've been wanting for the last 51 weeks! They need to take care of business Friday night to get their shot at the Jets. They should be focused and ready to impose their will. Can the Panthers slow down the option? Maybe for a while, but eventually the Jays will find a week spot and go to town. In the end this one shouldn't be close. North Judson Blue Jays 35-14
  7. Knox @ Jimtown - The Redskins head over to Baugo to face the Jimmies for a Sectional 26 title. It's been a few years since this guy's been to Baugo Township for a game, but last I knew it was the home of Shaved Ice and burning leaves! Welcome to football in November! This should be a good game between two former NSC teams. Knox has been solid all year. Jimtown has won 8 straight after losing their first two, and they seem to be improving along the way! Can the Jimmies stop Knox's multi-headed running attack? I'm going to say no. Knox will be the highest ranked Sagarin team Jimtown has faced since their week one loss to Northwood. Knox Redskins 28-21 Culver @ North Judson - Culver had a very good season and won every game they should have won all year long. But they shouldn't win this one, and they won't. The Blue Jays are headed toward a rematch with Adams Central and nothing's going to stand in their way! Judson has too many studs on their roster to allow this game to be close. Their starters should get some rest during the second half running clock as they get ready for a drive to Indy next week to face the Park Tudor Panthers. North Judson Blue Jays 49-8
  8. Actually according to Sagarin, Knox has played the more difficult schedule this year. In fact, the HNAC as a whole was a better conference than the NIC small schools. The HNAC has 4 teams with a higher Sagarin rating than the NIC champ, Jimtown.
  9. It's too bad Triton and LaVille could not have played at full strength. Schuh at full strength could have changed that game. Same for Plummer. If he plays against Andrean it might have been a different outcome. Nothing against Czarnecki, but Plummer would have added another weapon to the Lancer offense. Same for Triton with a healthy Schuh.
  10. Schuh got hurt near the end of the first half. He did not return to the game.
  11. Well, Triton held them to four TDs. I think that was a pretty good effort defensively! But the offense shot themselves in the foot too many times. And of course the absence of Schuh really hurt. Shively did what he could, but he needed help and he didn't have much. Several dropped passes along the way. No real running threat. Plus poor field position in the second half. Proud of the Trojans for closing the gap against the Jays. Judson should cruise to their meeting with Adams Central. And that one will be a dog fight!
  12. North Judson wins it 25-6. Triton played the entire second half without Schuh. Shively had no help offensively and couldn’t do it alone. Congrats to Judson!
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