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  1. FinePrint

    HNAC offseason

    Triton Trojans facebook page. And @tritontrojans twitter. I'm excited that Coach Younis is going to be taking over the program again. It's a good move for Triton football at this point.
  2. FinePrint

    Academic All-State

    Sorry, I got thrown off by this... http://ifca.net/download/Academic-All-State-Announcement.pdf
  3. FinePrint

    Academic All-State

    Great! Thanks for the info.
  4. Has the academic all-state list been released yet? The IFCA website says it was to come out the week of December 17th, but I haven't seen anything mentioned or a list posted. Anyone know?
  5. FinePrint

    HNAC offseason

    He'd get my vote if I had one.
  6. FinePrint

    HNAC offseason

    Ron Brown left Triton because Elwood came calling. They came with the intention of getting the guy they wanted and were not prepared to to take no for an answer. Good for him!
  7. FinePrint

    HNAC offseason

    I have not heard any updates at Triton. I believe one assistant has been approached about taking over. That's what I would like to see happen. But I would not be surprised to see the job opened up to outside applicants. Triton loses a lot of talent off the 2018 team. It might be an uphill battle in the short-term for a new coach with a new system.