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  1. Wow! This is interesting! Might just be a new contender in the 3A north! Pioneer is still the king, but the margin for error is shrinking fast!
  2. Ok. Right. So let's throw out a scenario... Team A is in a rivalry game with Team B. Team B's all-state quarterback must sit out the first half for disciplinary reasons. As a result, Team A racks up a 35-0 lead at the half and a running clock is mandated for the second half. Team B receives the second half kickoff, runs their no huddle offense and scores in 2 minutes. Team A receives the ensuing kickoff and decides not to run a play, but take consecutive delay of game penalties until the entire third quarter ends. They run one play to begin the fourth quarter and then continue to take penalties without running a play until the game ends. Team B never gets the ball back again and their star player cannot help them mount a comeback. Could this happen under the current rule?
  3. So in a mercy rule running clock scenario, the clock is supposed to stop for a delay of game penalty?
  4. The clock management by Tennessee the other day reminds me of a situation this year where the leading team took a delay of game penalty with less than a minute left in the game in order to avoid punting. Since the clock continues to run after a penalty, is there any provision in the rule that prohibits a team from taking consecutive penalties in order to simply run time off the clock? I realize it would be an extremely unsportsmanlike act (and I have no idea why anyone would want to do it), but is there something that would prevent a coach from running out an entire quarter by just taking delay of game penalties?
  5. I agree! That score was an eye-brow-raiser! I didn't think Northfield looked that great against Triton last week. The 2-8 Trojans had the ball inside the Norse red zone four times. But Northfield's D stiffened and they ended up winning 21-8. So good job by the Norse to come back with a great game against Southwood!
  6. How will any venue be able to enforce this rule when people offsite fly drones over the field? I'm sure if a person is on the school's campus this rule could be enforced. But how can they enforce this when people are off campus? Shotguns maybe? 😉
  7. I wasn't at the game. Doesn't appear that it went very well. 3 picks I think. Couldn't stop the wishbone. Our line is definitely a work in process with a couple of freshmen starting. Hot much experience there across the front.
  8. I'm from Triton, and I can assure you that Coach Brown is a master at convincing boys that the team needs them, and then getting those kids to buy in! Give him enough time and he'll have the best athletes from the school on the field.
  9. Friday, Sep. 20 Crispus Attucks at Pioneer - Attucks has won three games, but even Triton has played a more difficult schedule than the Tigers. So don't read much into that. Pioneer will be much better than their visitors from the city. 38 zip at the half, running clock to start the 3rd. Pioneer 54-7 Glenn at Knox - This game will give all of us a little more info to speculate about the Pioneer / Knox matchup in a couple weeks. If the Redskins can't handle the Falcons pretty soundly, they won't have anything for Pioneer. Glenn is better this year for sure, but I think Knox will control the game from start to finish. Knox 28-7 LaVille at Caston - No contest here. LaVille will control both sides of the ball all night long. Probably a shutout. LaVille 52-0 Triton at Culver - Triton is very young and inexperienced in the trenches. The Cavs will exploit that weakness all night long. I look for big nights for the Culver trio of wishbone backs! They can pick their poison. But Triton will move the ball on offense. Culver has given up quite a few points. I think Triton will hang around for 3 quarters, but a late Culver 8 minute drive will seal the win. Culver 28-14 Winamac at North Judson - Game of the week! This should be a good one! Just like the matchup in Culver, this will be contrasting styles. I like what Winamac has going on and if they can avoid turnovers, I'm giving them the edge in a close one. Winamac 27-21
  10. According to the 19-20 classifications, enrollments are: Caston - 211, Culver - 239, Triton - 270, Pioneer - 288, NJSP - 331, Winamac - 376, LaVille - 386, Knox - 571 It seems Caston is experiencing exactly what Culver and Triton were feeling in the old NSC (related to football). It was difficult to compete year in and year out. Pretty hard to build excitement for the program when you get trounced 5-6 times a year! Personally I would love to see Bremen (509) replace Caston in the conference. The Lions would bring excellent competition in almost every boys and girls sport!
  11. I see the possibility of some good games this week!
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