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  1. I see the possibility of some good games this week!
  2. I'd say there's a pretty good chance Bremen gets their first of back-to-back wins tonight... probably their only two W's of the season. Triton players have a mental block when it comes to Bremen. They don't believe they can beat their county rivals. I think Bremen wins easily tonight. Hope I'm wrong! But I doubt it.
  3. Well, looks like the odds on the "No" answer to that question just went up by about 50%! Ha!
  4. Friday, Sep. 13 Bremen at Triton - This is the only game with some intrigue this week. Triton has only beaten Bremen 2 times in the last 35 years. I think Triton is capable of competing, but they won't. Bremen has been looking forward to a winnable game on their schedule. This will be a large Bremen win, one of only a couple on the season. Next week against Clay is the other one. Bremen 35-13 Culver at West Central - Culver should control the game with methodical drives that end in scores. Not a ton of scoring in this one, but I don't think it will be close. Culver 28-6 North Judson at Knox - Rivalry games can be unpredictable! I love a motivated underdog in a rivalry game! But I don't think this one will live up to the last couple of close games. The Redskins should run away with this one. Knox 35-14 Pioneer at Caston - The only question in this game is: Will either Lewellan be tackled tonight? The Panther JV won't be able to keep from scoring. Running clock won't help. Pioneer 76-0 Winamac at LaVille - The Warriors will probably get on the board in this one, but I don't see them moving the ball with any consistency. The Lancers will score easily and often. LaVille 45-7
  5. There doesn't appear to be much excitement about this week's docket of games. None of the games should be close. I'm still waiting for Knox to do something that will convince me they have a shot at Pioneer. A big win this week would help. Culver should run all over WC. LaVille will destroy Winamac out of frustration. And Caston won't get a first down against Pioneer. Triton MIGHT be able to give Bremen a little challenge, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Frankly I was a little disappointed with Caston. They weren't much better than last year. I don't see them getting a win. I think they crossed the 50 once. Triton is not a great team, but they completely dominated this one. As for Triton, I see them fighting it out with Culver, Judson and Winamac for 4th place in the HNAC. Best of the rest battle.
  7. Friday, Sep. 6 Caston at Triton - Triton got rolled up pretty good last week at LaVille. My take away is that LaVille is pretty dang good. And I don't think Triton is really that bad. Caston is certainly improved this year and I think they'll get a win or two. But not this week. I'm going with the Trojans. Triton 34-13 Knox at Culver - It seems Knox may have found some offense this year. If that is the case, they will be dangerous in the HNAC and could be a factor in their sectional. I heard that Ditmire was not a one man show last week, which will help them through the season. It won't matter this week though. Knox 28-6 North Judson at North Newton - The Jays are sitting at 2-0 with wins over Culver and Caston. North Newton at 1-1 with a big win and a big loss. To me this is a toss up. It sounds like Judson got a little fortunate against Culver. And after losing many weapons from last season, I still need to see some proof that they are a challenger this year. I'm going with NN in a close one. North Newton 28-21 Pioneer at LaVille - Definitely the game of the week! Maybe the game of the year in the HNAC. I think LaVille has the weapons to beat Pioneer this year. They are pretty solid all around with experience in the offensive skill positions. Maybe Pioneer is still trying to figure some things out. They will definitely get there by the time sectional play rolls around! I would not be surprised if the Lancers win this one at home. But no way I'm picking against the Panthers who have yet to lose a HNAC game! Pioneer 30-24 Winamac at North White - Winamac's offense will get rolling in this win over the Vikings. I'm thinking this one will be a shootout with both teams finding the end zone regularly. Winamac 48-35
  8. This. This. The Lancers have to get over the hump one time and they'll get the respect they may deserve. But until they do, Pioneer is still the champ.
  9. We hear about bad sportsmanship a lot. Here is a post from the Triton Trojans facebook page. This was posted on Saturday after the LaVille game: This afternoon, the Triton Athletic Department received an e-mail from one of the officials from last nights Varsity game against LaVille. The official was commenting on the sportsmanship of the Trojans. Please read the e-mail below: "The Triton Trojans (staff and players) showed exemplary sportsmanship last night as they suffered a tough loss against the LaVille Lancers. It is difficult for a team to hold their composure when the other team holds such a commanding lead, but the Triton Trojans held their heads high for all 4 quarters of play as we had 0 unsportsmanlike fouls to report. A special shout out to #58 Jeremiah Farrell for his positive attitude as he was always trying to be verbally positive with his team even when the loss was imminent. He tried to set the tone of playing for pride, and we officials saw his positive attitude and wanted to make sure his gestures did not go unnoticed. High Schools need these types of athletes that show such such pride in their achievements, and their failures." Thank you to Coach Younis, staff, players, and especially Jeremiah for this outstanding display of sportsmanship! #TrojanPride
  10. Should be a great atmosphere over in Lapaz Friday night! I'd love to head over there again this week, but I'll be in Bourbon supporting the Trojans! I believe LaVille is good enough to beat Pioneer this year, but I just can't pick against the Panthers! Those guys know how to win big games. And if there's any knock against the Lancers in the last several years, it's that they have struggled to close out the big ones. Should be a lot of hype heading up to this one... and rightfully so!!
  11. Friday, Aug. 30 Culver 52, South Central 22 Knox 34, Rochester 27 LaVille 59, Triton 14 © North Judson 46, Caston 0 © Pioneer 50, Winamac 0 © Most of these winning margins were even larger than I anticipated! I thought Caston would score a couple. I didn't see Culver putting up 52! Not completely surprised by the LaVille trouncing of Triton, although I was hoping for a better fight by the Trojans. Triton has some decent skill on the offensive side of the ball. Just have to get a rhythm going. Pitney has a good arm and is pretty accurate. I'd like to see him throwing 25-30 times a game. Knox and Pioneer took care of business. Good for them.
  12. Friday, Aug. 30 Caston at North Judson - Gotta admit the Jays surprised me with their offensive output last Friday! In light of that I have to think they'll handle the Comets pretty easily even though Caston will put some points on the board. North Judson 42-13 Culver at South Central - Ditmire got his 200 last week in the loss and he'll get another 200 this week. But I don't know if the Culver D will be good enough to stop the Satellites. I'm going to guess the Cavs will shore up some things on the defensive side of the ball this week. I'm taking them to make it another HNAC victory over our neighbors to the Northwest. Culver 33-22 Knox at Rochester - The Zebras have been no pushover the last two years. In fact, didn't they beat the Redskins last year? Why yes, yes they did! Won't happen this year. Knox by a couple. Knox 21-7 Pioneer at Winamac - Pioneer will get back to their dominating, shut out ways. Pioneer 54-0 Triton at LaVille - I watched the LaVille / Bremen game on the Lancer YouTube Network and came away more disappointed with Bremen than sold on LaVille. But I still think LaVille is going to be a solid contender for the HNAC title and the Sectional 34 crown. Triton did some good things against South Central offensively, but allowed the Satellites 24 points in the last 8 minutes to let them back in it. The Lancers will be too much for the Trojans. LaVille 35-16
  13. A much, MUCH bigger cup!!! Last season was Triton's chance to make a run. But just like LCC, Adams Central, and North Vermillion, we ran into Pioneer and Mr. Kiser - not once, but twice - to the tune of 122-6. OUCH! Triton will be a very long shot to win their sectional this year. Not impossible. But not likely.
  14. Triton spread the field the last couple of years. Sounds like Winamac and Caston are also going that direction this year. It certainly brings a new dynamic to the conference. Teams that won't be run-first offenses. Could be a long learning curve for Caston with a freshman running the show, but it also means they could be pretty darn good at it in a couple years! I think it's good for all the conference schools to see these offenses during the regular season. It should make everyone better come tournament time.
  15. Pharos Tribune article on Winamac: https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_bfbaa9e2-c476-11e9-829e-77f651b5182a.html Caston: https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_49970656-c3b4-11e9-92c0-0781a740c6a3.html Pioneer: https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_b6bbc432-c2d4-11e9-8fc4-eb90b2e0aaa1.html
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