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  1. Very classy move by the Jimmie administration! As a former conference foe, Triton made many trips to Knepp Field. Unfortunately we left with the lower score every single time. There is certainly a mystique around that place. A bunch of tradition there, but nothing to arouse the senses more than those burning leaves! Ahh, good memories despite the game outcomes!
  2. Is there a day coming when helmets will contain a chip that compiles a play count instead of just counting quarters? I think it's fair to say that some 1A and 2A players play more downs on a Friday night than some 5A and 6A players might play in all 6 quarters of eligibility. If player safety is really the concern, a play count (like a pitch count in baseball) would be a much more effective tool in controlling the amount of contact a player is exposed to in game situations. Of course it's ridiculous to think a coaching staff could manually count plays for every player. And it's certainly cost prohibitive to think about using electronics to do the task at this point. But it might not be that far off. And it would definitely be a better method for helping with player safety than just limiting quarters. I know the technology also exists to measure the impact of helmet contact. I believe that if a player using the technology has a head impact over a certain level, it signals a coach who can immediately remove the player for an evaluation. There are things out there to aid in player safety. It's probably just a matter of time until it's mandated.
  3. Bremen, Pioneer and LaVille were the only teams to beat Triton in the 2018 campaign. Of the three, LaVille returns the greatest number of contributors from last year. I've said for a couple of years now the Lancers will be the team to hand Pioneer their first HNAC conference loss. I don't know if that will happen this year, but don't overlook LaVille in this sectional. I expect them to be very good! Pioneer lost 2 top 50 players, but they aren't hurting in the skill position department. Bremen loses a whole host of guys from last year. And they play a very difficult schedule for a 2A team. Their post season success might depend on how well they weather the storm during the regular season. They'll be battle tested for sure. I don't know anything about Cass, but that early season game with the Panthers will be one of great interest!
  4. https://ifca.net/north-south-all-star-game/ Congrats to all those selected to play!!
  5. Triton Trojans facebook page. And @tritontrojans twitter. I'm excited that Coach Younis is going to be taking over the program again. It's a good move for Triton football at this point.
  6. Sorry, I got thrown off by this... http://ifca.net/download/Academic-All-State-Announcement.pdf
  7. Has the academic all-state list been released yet? The IFCA website says it was to come out the week of December 17th, but I haven't seen anything mentioned or a list posted. Anyone know?
  8. Ron Brown left Triton because Elwood came calling. They came with the intention of getting the guy they wanted and were not prepared to to take no for an answer. Good for him!
  9. I have not heard any updates at Triton. I believe one assistant has been approached about taking over. That's what I would like to see happen. But I would not be surprised to see the job opened up to outside applicants. Triton loses a lot of talent off the 2018 team. It might be an uphill battle in the short-term for a new coach with a new system.
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