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  1. Several thoughts on this fine Thanksgiving morning. First, I am grateful for the season that we had. From week to week it was stressful with covid and contact tracing. I’m probably not the only person who was relieved when the games would actually kickoff. Sometimes getting to Friday was the biggest challenge this season. For those couple hours on a Friday night things almost seemed normal. Second, obviously Pioneer is the conference champion and if they aren’t printing shirts from the Winning Edge they are missing out on a golden opportunity to celebrate another great season. Finally,
  2. You have had two weeks to prepare. Two weeks to get healthy. No excuses after this one buddy.
  3. Judson by 40 Calumet by 6 Pioneer by 28 Triton heading fishing. Caston heading fishing Winamac stringing up their poles for next week.
  4. I don’t believe that every team gets better throughout the year. I believe players can develop and progress on an individual level throughout the season. Plenty of teams are lost to injury, mental attitude, and poor coaching.
  5. Totally agree! It’s the same conversation that was had last week. Judson didn’t score on Knox in week 4 so how could they ever score on another team in week 9? I dunno maybe we practice and get better. It’s like every team is in stasis in the eyes of the trolls. Coaching is fluid. You’re either getting better or worse as the season goes on.
  6. Knox 42 Caston 14 Laville 38 Culver 8 Triton 28 Winamac 20 Judson 24 Pioneer 22
  7. I have sent the check out with my winnings from the Triton game. Judson keeps winning and I'll keep donating.
  8. In the example, North Judson would have played LCC at Logansport. It’s a nice field don’t get me wrong, but it ain’t the Brickie Bowl. The facility at North Judson is significantly bigger with more space for additional seating. The home and away stands are just as big. When Judson hosts a regional they typically bring in additional stands for the endzones Also, to drive to Logansport on a bus isn’t that much shorter of a distance than to just drive to Lafayette. I would know I drive it all the time. Hosting a regional or semi state also means an influx of revenue for your town for that
  9. I don’t like the neutral site for regionals or semi-state. Small community schools sometimes wait a lifetime to host one of those games. The opportunity to create memories in your hometown forever is priceless.
  10. Wait are we supposed to let everyone know when we stop trolling a forum? If so, I have to go back to a WWE forum from 1999 and let everyone know that I won’t be trolling them anytime soon. What was my login? Oh yeah! Macho_Madness_69
  11. The last week of conference play is finally here! An entire season of speculating would we have a conference champion? Would some team separate themselves from the pack? Those questions will be answered when Pioneer and North Judson face-off on Friday night at Liberty Field. Predictions, discussions, and of course smack talk is most welcome this week. Caston at Knox ©, 7:30 pm LaVille at Culver ©, 7 pm Pioneer at North Judson ©, 7:30 pm Winamac at Triton ©, 7 pm
  12. It’s a fine line to walk. You can have an opinion for sure about your local program. However, at some point, negative opinions can cause division amongst supports or within the team itself.
  13. Eli Blount. The kick was just in the end zone for a touchback.
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