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  1. The season comes to a close and with that there is so much to reflect upon. So many great things happened in the HNAC this season. Teams battled throughout the entire season pushing each other to get better week in and out. We dealt with covid for another season and for most schools in the conference it was not really a factor after the first month of the school year. Some teams did have more issues than others, but when it came playoff time the teams in the HNAC, as far as I know, were pretty much at full capacity. I think we will just have to continue to deal with this issue for years to come and it will just become part of the game. I think a real conversation is going to need to be had about mandating games if possible. Too many times this season were games cancelled on short notice and one team is left scrambling to find a game while the other sits at home with no consequence. If you got 11 show up and play. Now, to the good stuff. This year the HNAC had six teams playing for a sectional championship with two of those teams bringing it home in LaVille and North Judson. North Judson was able to go on and win the regional as well. Since the inception of the HNAC we have seen Pioneer win multiple state titles and in the years they weren't winning it all they were still bringing home sectional and regional titles. 2019 and 2021 are the only years I believe Pioneer hasn't brought home some post season hardware since the HNAC was formed. They truly have dominated the HNAC. This season Pioneer struggled with covid issues early in the season and then late in the year the injury bug really slowed this team down. However, they were able to muster a great performance against North Judson in the mud and rain at the Pit to solidify a share of the conference crown on the last night of the regular season. You can tell there is a lot of pride in the Pioneer program and even when it seems they have lost so much from the previous year they continue to churn out great players that buy into their system. Winamac had a fantastic year. They finished 8-1 and share the conference title with North Judson and Pioneer. Winamac had their own issues with covid and this seems to be a common theme. Covid issues plagued all teams in the conference this year, but Winamac probably the most of all the teams. They had to cancel games with LaVille and North Judson. Who in hindsight ending up being two of the better teams in the conference. It was hard to gauge Winamac this year. They beat up on teams that they were supposed to beat up on. They beat Pioneer to hold the traveling trophy for the year. Winamac beat a West Central team to win in the first round of the sectional. In second round of the sectional Winamac hosted North Judson. It was rainy and muddy. The field had standing water on Winamac's sideline. It was not an ideal situation for either team. In the mud and rain, Winamac's offense sputtered and the turnover battle was won by North Judson along with time of possession. Laville's season was also plagued by covid early and often. They're defense was rock solid as usual. They won a lot of close games this season. LaVille was able to turn it on in the post season and claim the sectional title after beating Pioneer. LaVille's future looks very bright as they bring back a big group of juniors who I am sure are looking to make a claim at the HNAC title and much more next season. Knox turned it on late and it seemed that the kids began to buy in as the season progressed. It was a tough regular season for Knox, but with the success in the 3A tournament and a real chance to claim the sectional title. I would expect Knox is going to work hard this off season to prepare themselves for a deeper run next season and more of a presence within the conference. Triton has a great group of young guys and were able to make a run all the way to the sectional finals before losing to state runner-up Adams Central. Culver continues to chug along and were in their second sectional finals in three years when they faced North Judson for the sectional 41 crown. Caston had covid issues early. Caston's Smith and Hickle were special players in 2021, but it takes 11 to win and Caston seemed as if they are still short a couple of guys before they can start being competitive in the HNAC consistently. Which brings me to my final thought how the HNAC handles their post-season awards. Something is fundamentally wrong when Caston has only one all conference player and Winamac has 7. Also, there is something wrong when there is a three way split for the conference title and North Judson has 5 all conference players, Pioneer 6, and Winamac 7. Someone explain that to me where three teams tie but one of those teams is rewarded more than the others? I am not one to just complain so here is a solution: have the coaches actually select the all-conference team by positions. Not every team gets there running back on the all-conference team. Sorry not every running back is all conference. But every team this year nominated a ball carrier. You can't have 8 all-conference running backs. The grind towards next season has already begun. Who will make strides in the weight room this off-season? Who will improve their speed development? Which teams will continue to move forward and which teams will fall to the bottom of the conference? A lot of that will be decided over the next few months as we roll into winter and then begin the process all over again with spring practices and the build up towards the summer program. Good luck to all teams and congratulations on a great 2021 season.
  2. It’s semi-state and the HNAC still has a team alive and well. North Judson hosts Adams Central. The Flying Jets come in as the favorite, but anyone who has seen the Jays play knows this should be a game from open to close. The HNAC schedule has helped this Jays team to be a real contender in 1A not only this season but moving forward. I hope to see a bunch of fans from other HNAC schools come out tonight and support the Jays.
  3. Judson plays Carroll (Flora) tonight so if you're wondering why no one is responding it is because there is no interest in hearing about Winamac any further. I started posting on the GID three years ago and have had to hear about this 2021 Winamac team for several years now. Winamac was the favorite on JH site before the sectional started by a wide margin. Take solace in that. It is all you have to celebrate after this season. Winamac has possession of the traveling HNAC trophy. That is your prize for the year. You have the pleasure of holding that trophy until week 1 when Knox beats Winamac by 30 to open the 2022 season. Put it to rest and eat crow. Your mouth wrote a lot of checks and I'm sure that burning sensation in the back of your mind is your conscience telling you to let it go, but your pride and ego simply stand in the way.
  4. Seemed unfair to not have a thread here for all the HNAC teams playing this Friday for a sectional championship. Another great year of competition in the HNAC has helped 6 teams play all the way into November and hopefully beyond. Best of luck to all HNAC teams involved. So, who ya got? Culver @ North Judson Hanover Central @ Knox Pioneer @ LaVille Triton @ Adams Central
  5. It’s championship week and it’s time to crown a winner in Sectiona 41. Culver comes in with their ground and pound running on all cylinders. North Judson is rolling after ending Winamac’s perfect season. Only one can be crowned champ. So, who ya got? Culver @ North Judson
  6. Kind of ironic that the only teams that are sitting home this week include Winamac and Caston. First and last place have to watch as everyone else chases a trophy. Someone earlier in the season said that the teams in the middle and bottom are closing the gap and I believe that whole heartedly. This was the tightest HNAC season since it's inception. Jays were the more battle tested team for sure. They had seen "faster" and more aggressive teams already. It only took a few plays to see that Winamac was going to struggle with Judson's size and speed. It also showed that when they're down two scores they completely unraveled. On one drive alone they had 45 yards in personal foul penalties and everyone in the crowd knew the game was over at the point because they were watching the kids quit on their team.
  7. Cognitive dissonance is real. I'll tell you a secret "Walter".....we wore cleats instead of sneakers. It seemed to help us with our footing out there on Friday. I am curious why did they run the sprinklers all week? Someone should be held accountable for costing your team the big game.
  8. I don't know that. I do know that Winamac and their fans are quite confident the game would have been different if they had played on a better surface. I like this idea that Winamac had all these fast kids and Judson kids were slow or something. I don't know what game you were watching, but one team was very aggressive and flying around on defense and the other team was just getting perpetually bulldozed. It was a perfect storm for Judson. A whirlwind tsunami that blasted its way through Pulaski County and into the psyche of every Warrior fan for generations to come.
  9. Since Coach Lambert has taken over the helm for the Bluejays they have played Winamac 5 times. Judson is 4-1 and has outscored the warriors 121-35. Winamac can have all the credit in the world for beating the Jays in the Sectional Championship in 2020, but you do not get to change the narrative about last night. Winamac turned the ball over on 4 consecutive drives. Their last two drives of the first half and their next two drives of the second half. What kind of turnovers were they? Judson smashed Clark and he coughed it up. Multiple times. Compton had two interceptions. One interception for a touchdown right before the half and ostensibly that was the ballgame. Now, Is Judson in a threat in the North? You better believe it.
  10. With week one in the books we saw some great first round action from all teams. Culver exploded on offense. Winamac had the running clock in the second half. South Central got the job done. Lake station forfeited to North Judson. We have two great games this Friday. South Central @ Culver North Judson @ Winamac
  11. The sectionals are finally here and we have a great slate of matchups for our first week. There is a lot to digest after a great a season from all the teams represented in sectional 41. Winamac and North Judson are the top tier teams in the sectional and as long as both teams take care of business, as expected, in round 1 we should see a great matchup between too highly respected teams. Culver, SC, and South Newton all have a viable chance to come out of the top portion of the bracket. Caston struggled against conference opponents this season so the SC matchup in round 1 may be great for the comets. Lake Station was able to win a couple games this season. As compared to last year or two years ago, it seems, all teams in sectional 41 are making progress and taking the right steps to improving their programs. Below you will see the tournament chances from JH. Let's get the conversation going. Who ya got in week 1 matchups? Let's hear those hot takes on your sectional finals pairing as well as your winner. SECTIONAL 41 SECT REGN SEMI STATE Winamac 52.96% 43.03% 18.44% 7.23% North Judson 26.87% 19.32% 6.28% 1.82% South Central (Union Mills) 9.78% 5.22% 1.00% .17% Culver 7.07% 3.31% .52% .07% Caston 2.42% .94% .11% .01% South Newton .76% .21% .02% .00% West Central .09% .02% .00% .00% Lake Station .04% .01% .00% .00% Week 1 Matchups: Caston [2-7] at South Central (Union Mills) [4-3] South Newton [5-4] at Culver [2-5] Winamac [7-0] at West Central [2-7] Lake Station [2-5] at North Judson [6-3]
  12. Culver @ LaVille- Culver has an offense that can grind you out. LaVille has a defense that can get off the field. This game will come down to exposing the other teams weaknesses. Culver's defense has improved, but will they be able to get off the field? LaVille's offense has struggled all year to generate points will they be able to produce against the Cavs? I'll take LaVille by 10. Knox @ Caston- Knox exploded on offense last week. Caston is still struggling against conference opponents. Maybe the team from Knox is starting to gel as we wind down this conference season. Knox by 14. North Judson @ Pioneer- Both teams are playing great as the season comes to a close. Judson is perfect in the conference. Pioneer has one loss on their record. Pioneer will look to send the message that things are still the same in the HNAC. Judson is looking to let everyone know they are for real. Best game of the conference season so far. Best matchup of the week. Get out to the Pit and root for whoever you choose. North Judson by 7. Triton @ Winamac- Triton is coming off a tough loss to Knox. Winamac has been rolling against the derelicts of the kankakee valley area. Winamac by 12.
  13. Judson win 10-9 over LaVille in OT. Judson’s defense holds to LaVille to 40 yards of offense in the second half. LaVille’s defense was as good as advertised.
  14. I have really enjoyed the discussions this week. I do not think Caston will be leaving anytime soon. While Caston has had some struggles with winning conference games in football in other sports they have been pretty good. Last years Caston softball team was excellent. Sometimes we get tunnel vision forget that there is plethora of other sports that a team can find success in. As for this games this week we have some good ones. Caston @ Winamac- The warriors will see some speed on the edge from Hickle and Smith. Winamac will have an advantage everywhere except running back. It'll take a quarter for them to figure it out. Winamac by 28. Pioneer @ Culver- Pioneer keeps rolling this week. Pioneer by 35. LaVille @ North Judson- The last two times these teams have played the game was decided in the fourth quarter. LaVille helps every team in this conference get ready for the tournament with their size, physicality, and defensive mindset. It'll be a tough game for 4 quarters. Aldric Harper leads the conference in passing yards for the Bluejays. Cheyenne Allen has been Mr. Everything leading the conference in receiving yards, and return yards. If LaVille tries to key on Allen look for other players to step up big tonight such as Ellis, Frasure, Sanchez, or Benson. The Jays have a lot of depth. More than most teams in the conference this season. They have shown to be a great second half team the last few weeks, even in their losses to Tippy Valley and CMA the Jays were fighting to the bitter end. I have the Jays pulling away late and winning by 21. Triton @ Knox- Another long night for the team from Knox. Triton has a great young group of physical hard-nosed kids. You can win a lot of games with that kind of grit on your roster. Triton by 14.
  15. LaVille lost to North Judson 9-7 last year, but I get what you’re saying.
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