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  1. The sectionals are finally here and we have a great slate of matchups for our first week. There is a lot to digest after a great a season from all the teams represented in sectional 41. Winamac and North Judson are the top tier teams in the sectional and as long as both teams take care of business, as expected, in round 1 we should see a great matchup between too highly respected teams. Culver, SC, and South Newton all have a viable chance to come out of the top portion of the bracket. Caston struggled against conference opponents this season so the SC matchup in round 1 may be great for the comets. Lake Station was able to win a couple games this season. As compared to last year or two years ago, it seems, all teams in sectional 41 are making progress and taking the right steps to improving their programs. Below you will see the tournament chances from JH. Let's get the conversation going. Who ya got in week 1 matchups? Let's hear those hot takes on your sectional finals pairing as well as your winner. SECTIONAL 41 SECT REGN SEMI STATE Winamac 52.96% 43.03% 18.44% 7.23% North Judson 26.87% 19.32% 6.28% 1.82% South Central (Union Mills) 9.78% 5.22% 1.00% .17% Culver 7.07% 3.31% .52% .07% Caston 2.42% .94% .11% .01% South Newton .76% .21% .02% .00% West Central .09% .02% .00% .00% Lake Station .04% .01% .00% .00% Week 1 Matchups: Caston [2-7] at South Central (Union Mills) [4-3] South Newton [5-4] at Culver [2-5] Winamac [7-0] at West Central [2-7] Lake Station [2-5] at North Judson [6-3]
  2. Culver @ LaVille- Culver has an offense that can grind you out. LaVille has a defense that can get off the field. This game will come down to exposing the other teams weaknesses. Culver's defense has improved, but will they be able to get off the field? LaVille's offense has struggled all year to generate points will they be able to produce against the Cavs? I'll take LaVille by 10. Knox @ Caston- Knox exploded on offense last week. Caston is still struggling against conference opponents. Maybe the team from Knox is starting to gel as we wind down this conference season. Knox by 14. North Judson @ Pioneer- Both teams are playing great as the season comes to a close. Judson is perfect in the conference. Pioneer has one loss on their record. Pioneer will look to send the message that things are still the same in the HNAC. Judson is looking to let everyone know they are for real. Best game of the conference season so far. Best matchup of the week. Get out to the Pit and root for whoever you choose. North Judson by 7. Triton @ Winamac- Triton is coming off a tough loss to Knox. Winamac has been rolling against the derelicts of the kankakee valley area. Winamac by 12.
  3. Judson win 10-9 over LaVille in OT. Judson’s defense holds to LaVille to 40 yards of offense in the second half. LaVille’s defense was as good as advertised.
  4. I have really enjoyed the discussions this week. I do not think Caston will be leaving anytime soon. While Caston has had some struggles with winning conference games in football in other sports they have been pretty good. Last years Caston softball team was excellent. Sometimes we get tunnel vision forget that there is plethora of other sports that a team can find success in. As for this games this week we have some good ones. Caston @ Winamac- The warriors will see some speed on the edge from Hickle and Smith. Winamac will have an advantage everywhere except running back. It'll take a quarter for them to figure it out. Winamac by 28. Pioneer @ Culver- Pioneer keeps rolling this week. Pioneer by 35. LaVille @ North Judson- The last two times these teams have played the game was decided in the fourth quarter. LaVille helps every team in this conference get ready for the tournament with their size, physicality, and defensive mindset. It'll be a tough game for 4 quarters. Aldric Harper leads the conference in passing yards for the Bluejays. Cheyenne Allen has been Mr. Everything leading the conference in receiving yards, and return yards. If LaVille tries to key on Allen look for other players to step up big tonight such as Ellis, Frasure, Sanchez, or Benson. The Jays have a lot of depth. More than most teams in the conference this season. They have shown to be a great second half team the last few weeks, even in their losses to Tippy Valley and CMA the Jays were fighting to the bitter end. I have the Jays pulling away late and winning by 21. Triton @ Knox- Another long night for the team from Knox. Triton has a great young group of physical hard-nosed kids. You can win a lot of games with that kind of grit on your roster. Triton by 14.
  5. LaVille lost to North Judson 9-7 last year, but I get what you’re saying.
  6. From what I understand there will be a coaches meeting coming up to determine what the heck is going to happen at the end of the season.
  7. With two weeks left in conference play the contenders have started to pull away from the rest of the pack. Winamac, LaVille, Pioneer, and North Judson will all have a say in how this conference championship will be decided. This week we have some great matchups. Pioneer has been red hot since a slow start. LaVille keeps finding a way to win. North Judson and Triton played a really tough 1A game that should prepare them both for the upcoming tournament. Caston and Knox have not had the seasons they envisioned at the start of the year, but both are coached well enough to turn it around and rally these last few weeks before the sectional begins. Culver has rebounded since the early issues with Covid to get a few wins. With all that said.....who ya got!? Caston @ Winamac Pioneer @ Culver LaVille @ North Judson Triton @ Knox
  8. Culver at Caston- Caston has yet to win a conference game in 2021. Hickle and Smith will be the two most athletic kids on the field in this game. Culver has the advantage in the trenches. Culver will have to grind to secure this win and I think they will in a close one. Culver by 2. Knox at Pioneer- It has been a long year for Knox and it will be an even longer night. Pioneer by 28. LaVille at Glenn- With covid I am just not too sure about some of these games. LaVille by 7 North Judson at Triton- The Jays are coming off back-to-back losses. Triton has played North Judson tough since the inception of the conference. This is a great matchup across the board, but I think the Jays will pound the ball all night and secure the win on the road. Seems like Judson is always on the road as they've has only had two home games this season. Judson by 24. Winamac at West Central- Another stiff test for the warriors. Winamac by 35.
  9. Can you believe that we are half way through the regular season schedule? While most of the teams in the HNAC have only played a handful of conference games so far we are starting to see North Judson, Pioneer, and Winamac begin to separate themselves from the rest of the conference pack. I am interested to see how LaVille rallies and finishes the season in preparation for a tough sectional which includes Bremen and Pioneer. We have some great non-conference and conference matchups this week. It would be really nice to see every team in the conference play this week, but I am not going to hold my breath. Caston @ North White- North White has had issues with Covid this season; who hasn't? Caston has had issues when teams are able to shutdown Hickle and Smith. I think Smith explodes this week for a couple hundred on the ground and a few touchdowns. Caston by 14. Triton @ Pioneer- Pioneer is back at it again. Triton will have a long night. Pioneer by 21. Culver @ Winamac- Winamac hasn't played in weeks, but lots of practice in the meantime. If the game is played I have Winamac by 28. If it's not played then Covid by 19. Knox @ LaVille- LaVille will have the size advantage and it's not even close. Knox will need Watson to be a magician at QB to pull this off. LaVille by 21. North Judson @ CMA- North Judson comes off a loss to a tough and undefeated Tippy Valley team on short notice. It didn't end the way the Jays would have liked, but come playoff time facing stiff competition will pay off for the Bluejays. CMA has lost to some really tough teams this season. CMA can throw the ball around and they have size and speed where it matters. It was a close game last year at Liberty field. I think we are in for another tough game this week. Judson by 3.
  10. A lot of excitement in the air for the matchups this week. Two of the top 1A schools battle it out at Liberty Field when Winamac travels to North Judson. The Jays are 4-0 under Coach Lambert while Winamac rolls in at 3-0 after their game was cancelled last week. Pioneer welcomes Hammond Central down from the region and continues to claw their way back to health and positioning in the HNAC. LaVille and Culver look to get healthy and back on schedule. Knox welcomes Glenn to Starke County while recovering from their loss to their rivals the Bluejays. Hammond Central @ Pioneer- Pioneer continues to get healthy and win games. I believe they get the job down this week in a close. Pioneer by 7 LaVille @ Caston- Caston has taken their bumps in the conference to start the season. LaVille seems to be fighting to get back on the field. My gut says Caston by 1. Triton @ Culver- This is a good test for both teams. Culver needs to get things rolling. Triton wants to get back in the win column. Triton by 7. Glenn @ Knox- Knox has been up and down all season. They played the Jays tough last week, but they always play them tough. How will Russ Radtke get this team to respond this week? Glenn by 10. Winamac @ North Judson- A top game in the state comes to North Judson and Liberty Field. Winamac is averaging 36 ppg on offense. Judson defense has been stingy only giving up 9.5 ppg. John Harrell has Winamac by two td's. I'm taking the Bluejays in a tough game by 10.
  11. The HNAC threads have not been the same without the stat guy.
  12. Well a lot changes in a few days. Looks like Winamac is sitting out this week. I guess we should expect an even bigger crowd this week at the North Judson v Knox game. North Judson @ Knox- Judson is rolling and they keep it going this week. Starke County will be electric on Friday night as the Jays end their losing streak to Knox. North Judson wins by 30. Bremen @ Triton- Triton is playing well and I expect that they will show up and give the Lions everything they can handle. Triton by 3. Culver @ West Central- culver hasn’t played in awhile. They explode on offense and get a running clock. Culver by 35. Pioneer @ Caston- pioneer seems to get a little healthier each week. Panthers by 28.
  13. Big conference matchups this week. Who ya got? North Judson @ Knox Pioneer @ Caston Winamac @ LaVille Bremen @ Triton Culver @ West Central
  14. Caston v Triton- Trojans by 1. We saw Caston last week in person and they have made huge improvements. Smith is the real deal. Triton will be jacked to play and honor their friend and teammate who passed away suddenly. It’ll be an emotional night and game. No fridays off this season in the HNAC. North Judson V North Newton- Judson by 30. Judson still has penalities to clean up. They take another step forward this week. Allen and Harper exploded last week for a huge offensive night for the Bluejays. They’ll keep that rolling this week as they head out to Newton county. Winamac V North white- Winamac by 35. Running clock early and starters will be sucking Gatorade for most of the second half. Pioneer v LaVille- Laville by 2. Given that both teams played with a roster in the teens last week who can predict what this week will bring? I’m still waiting to see the real Pioneer.
  15. Winamac by 21 since they’re playing the Pioneer JV tonight. A killer run by the panthers since the inception of the HNAC. The football season is a marathon and I have no doubt that Pioneer will get it together in time for Sectionals. Judson by 30. Unlike west central, the toss isn’t going to be as effective against the Jays defense. Judson will clean up some errors and penalities and it’ll be another great night to be a Bluejay. Laville by 10. LaVille has the size advantage upfront and will in most HNAC matchups this season. Culver is out. Knox by 1. I have little confidence in the team from Knox. I have even less faith in Rochester.
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