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  1. Adams Central 62 Woodlan 0 - Final South Adams 49 Southern Wells 6 - final
  2. We can agree to disagree. Rick Minnich is as oldschool as it comes, but the same plan goes on with Moser, still a ground and pound, out-condition-you team. I really dont think they are planning on scoring 50 now, but no team in the pathetic ACAC can stop them even on the most basic plays. They scheduled parke heritage who was #3 when we played them and eastside, cant do too much more. We will see how good they truly are when they play busco.
  3. Yep those teams were great, and had physical defenses, but never scored 50 points a game. The edge is in the offense this year for AC the defense is always there
  4. I think this is the best team to come out of AC in 20 years, but would dread a matchup with luers.Considering we are 1-12 in semi state games, i would not consider anything free.
  5. Any love for the small schools? What in your opinion is the strongest sectional and what are the potential upsets going into the tournament?
  6. Adams Central 56, Bluffton 0 Final South Adams 35, Woodlan 0 3rd quarter Bellmont 35, Dekalb 34 4th quarter
  7. Adams Central 42, Bluffton 0 at halftime AC's varsity defense has not given up a point since week 2.
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