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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fMzdpZyacpU At around the 2:50 mark on this video is about as up close as I’ve been able to find. On the full game video, it’s around the 40:30 mark.
  2. Eastbrook’s defense showed up in a big way tonight!! Hope we keep up that intensity at LOS!
  3. Yes, because of those “fine people,” tonight will be bittersweet. Win or lose (and I’m hoping for a Win!), tonight will be the last time I ring my cowbell for the 2019 EB Panthers! 😔😂
  4. It’s not IHSAA “rules” that ban cowbells at the State Tournament game, it’s a Lucas Oil Stadium facility ban on cowbells.
  5. Andrean @ Eastbrook *worth 3 points WEBO @ Triton Central *worth 3 points Adams Central @ LCC *worth 3 points
  6. East Noble @ Mississinewa Eastside @ Eastbrook New Prairie @ Hobart Lewis Cass @ Andrean
  7. Ole Miss @ Marion *Game of the Week 2 points* Eastbrook @ Eastern MG @ South Adams Pendleton Heights @ Mt. Vernon *Bonus Game of the Week 2 points* (Thanks for choosing this game. My coworker’s grandson plays for Mt. Vernon, so I try to follow their score on Friday nights anyway ☺️).
  8. Ole Miss @ Huntington North Tipton @ Eastbrook Eastern @ Alexandria Union City @ MG *Game of the Week* 2 points
  9. Delta @ Mississinewa *Game of the week* Peru @ Oak Hill *Game of the week* Tipton @ Frankton Eastbrook @ Blackford Alexandria @ Elwood Madison-Grant @ Taylor
  10. Eastbrook @ Elwood Frankton @ MG *Game of the week* The battle for dub #2 Ole Miss @ Blackford OH @ Alex
  11. Eastbrook @ Blackford *Game of the Week* Elwood @ MG Ole Miss @ Alex OH @ Frankton
  12. Alex @ Eastbrook *Game of the week 2 points* Blackford @ Elwood Frankton @ Mississinewa MG @ OH
  13. Blackford @ MG Eastbrook @ Frankton Elwood @ Alex  Miss @ OH *Game of the week* I guess
  14. Alex @ Blackford *Game of the week*  Frankton @ Elwood MG @ Mississinewa  Oak Hill @ Eastbrook
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