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  1. Alex @ MG - A good Game MG by 7 Blackford @ Frankton - Eagles by 28 Eastbrook @ Mississinewa - Indians by 2 OH @ Elwood - OH by what ever they choose. Good Luck and stay Healthy
  2. Eastbrook @ Madison Grant- Should be a good game. MG by 6 Frankton @ Alexandria- Two evenly matched teams. Eagles by 8 Mississinewa @ Elwood- Running clock in the second half Oak Hill @ Blackford- Another high scoring, running clock in second half game. I agree that Sectional 36 is wide open. Who ever catches fire and plays good football of the 6 top teams could win. Stay Healthy
  3. MG @ Frankton - Low scorer and the best game this week Eagles 14-13 Elwood @ Eastbrook - Panthers by a bunch Alexandria @ Oak Hill 40-13 Blackford @ Mississinewa 42-6 Stay Healthy everyone
  4. Wow... I did not see they were that big. Do they go both ways? Mississinewa was able to platoon against Frankton
  5. Alexandria at Mississinewa Best game of the week. A tough game to pick. But the Indians size up front will be the diff. Blackford at Eastbrook Should be a running clock in the second half Frankton at Oak Hill A gut check for the Eagles of Frankton. Madison Grant at Elwood MG by a bunch Stay Healthy
  6. Big Wins for Alexandria and Blackford...Congrats Frankton struggled on O. Mississinewa has some size up front and corners that can cover in Man, which gave us trouble. Oak Hill keeps rolling.
  7. Elwood at Blackford Elwood pulls away in the 4th quarter 21-12 Mississinewa at Frankton A tight game 24-21 Oak Hill at Madison Grant 34-20 This will be a good game to watch. Plus the Nachos are the best! Eastbrook at Alexandria 28- 14 Alex hangs in until late. This is the Tigers first real test of the season.
  8. Well the young Eagles could not recover from the first 1:15 of the first quarter. The 9 points give up killed us. From then on they outscored Eastbrook 24-20. A great game with big hits and big plays. Hopefully these game will be good ones in the future. Oh ya I wasn’t confused when I sad they have a chance.
  9. Alex over Elwood. Could be Alex's last win for a while MG over Blackford Good to see MG putting together a great start to the season Oak Hill over Mississinewa A little surprised by last weeks MG- Old Miss score Frankton over Eastbrook If ever the Eagle can get a win, this might be the year. Good luck all and stay healthy
  10. Alex over Blackford A conference win for the Tigers. Need to Beat a few of the big 3 before I would put much in their early rankings. Frankton over Elwood A much improved Eagles team. 3 turnovers were costly against Lapel. New Coach has them going in the right direction Eastbrook over Oakhill Close game, a TD difference. Mississinewa over Madison Grant Great to see MG is having early success. I think the depth of Mississinewa will be to much.
  11. Frankton Oak Hill Fremont Tipton Wabash Madison Grant Eastbrook Marion
  12. New Castle Semi State Frankton had Crew Farrell 160 Hunter Branham HWT (qualified for state)
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