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  1. Feb 16 2021 Muncie Star Press Grant Zgunda is the new Jay Co. Head Coach
  2. Frankton is building a New Turf field and stadium. It will be called Otis Cress Field. On a side note: This is the 3rd time a field at Frankton has been named after him.
  3. Marion @ Mississinewa Giants by 14 Oak Hill @ Bellmont Golden Eagles by 21 Alexandria @ Eastern Its close for a while, Comets pull away. win by 24 Lapel @ Frankton Eagles stay close for a quarter, Bulldogs by 32 Tipton @ Elwood Blue Devils by 34 Blackford @ Eastbrook Panthers by 30 Good Luck and stay healthy
  4. Final week of the regular season is upon us . I didn't think we would get this far 9 weeks ago. Eastbrook @ Madison Grant Panthers by a bunch. Up 40 by half Frankton @ Alexandria This should be the closest game in the CIC this week. But after watching the past few weeks who knows what will happen Got to go with my Eagles by 2 Mississinewa @ Elwood Indians by 40 Oak Hill @ Blackford Golden Eagles by 3 TDs Good luck and stay healthy
  5. Great Draws for the top 4 Teams. Looks Seeded do to location and drive time. 🤣 If there are no upsets in round one, the second round games will be good ones. I have not seen Eastern play yet and wondering if they are legit or is it Big Fish / Small Pond thing for them in conference play.
  6. so here we go Alex @ Eastern Lapel @ Frankton Tipton @ Elwood Blackford @ Eastbrook This draw looks like it was based on geographic location. Should be a great sectional having the top 4 not playing each other until round 2
  7. yep. Last Year and Blaze Kelly and Company were pretty good.
  8. I understand that. I think Frankton would rather play Alexandria too. Elwood has figured out how to score, and are getting better each week. It Seems the last 10 years or so Frankton has found a way past the Tigers. Even when they probably shouldn't have.
  9. Sectional 36 would be a perfect Sectional to seed. With 4 top 15 teams according to the recent Coaches poll, and 4 of the bottom teams in 2A Eastbrook vs Elwood Lapel vs Blackford Tipton vs Alexandria Eastern vs Frankton This could be one of the toughest sectionals with the top 4 teams all being pretty good Bittergymteacher.. If you go put $20 on Red for me! 🤣🤣 Also what are the Odds of Alex drawing Elwood for a 5th time in a row?
  10. First off Congratulations to the Elwood Panthers for breaking the streak. Alexandria @ Oak Hill The Golden Eagles by 20 Blackford @ Mississinewa Indians by 2 TD's Elwood @ Eastbrook Panthers for Grant Co. by 6 TD's Madison Grant @ Frankton The Eagles in a shoot out 28-26 Good Luck Everyone and Stay Healthy
  11. i totally agree that fundamentals and a system is what gets results at the lower level. i also think that success also gets kids excited about the game and builds unity in MS. i also agree that positions you play in MS can be totally different then HS. I laugh when the biggest kid is the RB and we all know he will have his hand in the dirt in HS. Frankton has a big rock to push up the hill before we can ever think about competing with the top of the CIC. But at lease they are trying to pushing the rock.
  12. Yes, the Sophomore / Freshman class is pretty good. Middle School programs are solid too.
  13. Anderson has a unique problem this season, they have been in virtual learning until last week. its 12+ miles from the North boundary to the school. It was probably real had getting players to practice if parents worked and players didnt drive or have an available car. You never know who would be there. When Anderson consolidated they lost a bunch of good athletes to Pendleton, Lapel, Frankton, Daleville, and Alexandria.
  14. Yes, Tri-Central dropped us for a 1A school . A real big Jump! We have tried to strengthen the schedule since dropping APA. Tough, but should show us where we are with Tipton and Lapel as our first 2 games.
  15. Franktons first game on the new field will be next year VS Tipton
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