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  1. New Castle Semi State Frankton had Crew Farrell 160 Hunter Branham HWT (qualified for state)
  2. Eastbrook by 30 Tipton will be resting starters by the second half with a running clock.
  3. Mississinewa over Elwood by 45 OakHill over Blackford by 21 Eastbrook over MG by 30 The best game of the night Frankton over Alexandria by 13 Good luck to everyone and stay healthy for Sectional
  4. Oak Hill over Alexandria 35-12 Eastbrook over Elwood Running clock second half Mississinewa over Blackford Same as above Was it Injuries or Contact tracing that caused Blackford to cancel last week? Frankton over MG 28 - 14 The young players had good games last week. It takes time.
  5. Eastbrook big over Blackford MG over Elwood Mississinewa doubles up Alex. Going out on a limb here.... Frankton by 2 over Oak Hill. This is the game that will determine where the Eagles are in the Conference. Top Half or Bottom feeder. They have improved so much this year. Still 2 years out from really being a contender.
  6. Eastbrook big over Alex. Running clock in second half 54-14 Blackford over Elwood in a close one. 28-26 Mississinewa over Frankton. Hope they play with some heart and keep it close. Oak Hill over MG by 21 Stay health everyone
  7. This has the makings of the 2016 game. The pass goes off the finger tip of the Frankton receiver in the end zone, as the horn sounds. Eastbrook won 24-20
  8. Blackford over MG in a shootout Eastbrook over Frankton in the battle of #1's Alexandria over Elwood Mississinewa over Oak Hill
  9. Mississinewa over MG. Could be over by half time Alexandria over Blackford. Could be close if Alex turns the ball over. Frankton only had 2 possessions in the first half. So the tigers need to take advantage of every possession. Frankton over Elwood the Eagle get to 2-2 after a tough non conference schedule of ranked teams. Seeing improvements and players buying in to the program. Eastbrook over Oak Hill. Should be the best game of the day. Good Luck Everyone , See you Saturday.
  10. Oak Hill over Elwood 48-0 Frankton over Blackford 30-28 Mistakes will determine this one. Alex over MG 28-14 Eastbrook over Mississinewa 56-20 Right now Oak Hill is the team showing the most improvement over last year.
  11. If Frankton can eliminate the big plays on Defense it could be a good game. Last week against Tipton, giving up the long run and the kickoff return really hurt. The Eagles are still trying to figure out how to win. In the big picture I saw improvement over the past 2 seasons. Its just going to take some time. The past 2 seasons of 1-9 dont help. Lapel 30- Frankton 14
  12. They were putting in a turf field and with the possibility of a new HS in the future. They decided to put it back at the present HS location. If they build a new school it would have been where the football field is located by the Elementary. We are now able to get the visiting team in a locker room. (52 lockers) It is bigger then the Home locker room was last year. I never understood why it was not built at the HS. Glad its back home
  13. Most of these matchups look like good games. I do not have much knowledge on a lot of these teams to say much. It will be a big night at Frankton.... first game at the new Otis Cress Field. New Coach and staff. Introducing past player and coaches. The team looked decent at Yorktown last week. They held YT to one score. Defense showed some grit and flew to the ball. (Finally) Offense looked like the push mower you pull out of the barn in the spring... sputted and struggled to get going ,but by the end was running pretty good. We all just want to see some improvement over the past 3 years. Show some Eagle Pride.
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