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  1. Got to believe the 3 top teams in the CIC this year are Mississinewa, Blackford and Alexandria. A little surprised the Indians and Tigers took a loss this week. Frankton has my vote for tops in the 4-7 spot. They find a way to win. Could be 3-0 with a tough loss to Lapel last Saturday. But again any given night. Elwood will struggle again. Hope to see improvement in them Good luck to all and lets have a competitive season.
  2. Mississinewa Nice win last week Hope it put to rest the Funk doubters. MG The streak continues Eastbrook Keep doing what they do. Eastern Hope i'm wrong but Alex is up and down, never know who will show up.
  3. Oakhill Tipton Eastbrook Alexandria Madison Grant Delta
  4. I remember about 10-12 years ago we would have a side pickem in the CIC chat on if Mississinewa would score more points then Personal fouls. Coach Funk is doing it right.
  5. Eastbrook Madison Grant Mississinewa Frankton ( see if they bring some Senior Night fire )
  6. Eastbrook by 3TD's Blackford by a bunch Mississinewa by a bunch Oak Hill by 14
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