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  1. https://dailycaller.com/2019/01/21/commissioner-roger-goodell-rams-saints-pass-interference-reschedule-rule-17/
  2. My kid probably had the best arm in the middle school and would have made a good quarterback and was downright mean as a linebacker, but I advised her not to play football.
  3. DK_Barons


    I can be turned off (I just turned it on). We require it and we always have. After getting back up and running we are just getting it put back together one item at a time.
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    A New Spin on OOB

    Looks like this in a smaller browser...
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    It all depends on the browser. Chrome is a lot better at saving situations like that. Edge/Explorer is not. More than a couple clicks later and it's gone in both.
  6. Apologies to those forced to enter the same info more than once while I am setting up features.
  7. Try as you might. I specifically avoided wrestling due to the existence of a free forum for that purpose already existing. CC, track, swim, tennis, and golf just didn't seem like they would garner any interest. ...and well soccer... this is a football forum after all. 😉