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  1. It's (past) that time again. A new year is upon us. There are teams to support and bills to pay. There is a now a new Booster group available. The old group is now once again exposed to the ads on the site. To be placed in the Booster 2022-23 group and have the ads hidden from view until July 1, 2022 make a donation of $30 or more anytime this fiscal year and we will manually process you donations as fast as life allows us. Thank you for all your past and your continued support of the Gridiron Digest.
  2. The truth is only about 8% of the nation is against "all" abortion. And another 14% are against but are willing to concede in certain situations it should be allowed such as medically necessary, rape, etc. 42% - support abortion without restriction. 24% - support abortion but with restriction such as time limits, waiting periods, mandatory counseling, etc. and the intelligent 12% left were taught when to keep there mouth shut and had no opinion.
  3. It's manual, I will go check on it for you.
  4. Yeah, it expired at 3:00am today. I installed a new one after lunch today.
  5. I forgot to touch on the costs. Our collation is just over $200 a month. I budget it at $2500 a year. The forum software went up from $170/yr to $240/yr this fall (they hadn't changed the price for e over 10 years though). Our SSL certificate runs $399 every 2 years so $200/yr. We own the .net, .com, .org, and .info URLs which costs about $100/yr to keep the registrations up to date. To keep the hard drives on a 3 year replacement rotation it costs between $100/yr to $150/yr depending on the current market prices. Then there's all the hours I put in that would be billed at $75-$100/hr that I charge exactly $0/yr for 🙂. I'm sure that are a few minor incidentals I'm leaving out but it's pretty easy to see how quickly we reach an annual operating cost north of $3k. I don't mind sharing these numbers at all. I think I had a similar post on a recent years post where it was ask. I think this thing has far outgrew anything Tim ever imagined when he started it up.
  6. I have been kicked off of 3 different shared hosting companies due to a breach of contract. This forum dominates the processor (actually MySQL is what does it) and it isn't fair to the others sharing the space. We had one that was just $7 a month for hosting and their bandwidth caps were large enough based on our past use at the time. so we set up there and didn't last 60 days until I go the eviction email stating we were breaking their network. I think that was the last one before I rented a dedicated server then later we got our own and collocate it in Fort Wayne.
  7. The first beside me to know... This thing is being a pain in my back side this year. Every security fix that drops breaks something when I install it.
  8. sure, just pick the cash/check option and it will give you my mailing address
  9. I am already felling it. It was a long 8 week summer session. It's the first summer I've worked in a number of years. Right now... I feel it wasn't worth it.
  10. A couple female coworkers were discussing weather this week. One of them said that she liked snow and then started complaining about the weather man promising a foot and then she'd be disappointed because she only got a couple inches. To which I interjected into their conversation, "is this weather man someone you found on Tinder?" To which she seemed confused, but the second lady started choking on her lunch. Swear to God I thought I was going to have to make a call to 911 for her.
  11. That should be a temporary fix... for posting now. Trying to fit this in between classes and office hours. Usually office hours are free time :). I just got rid of a young lady who sat in here for almost 3 hours all by crying. Calc II is hard any how, but it's really hard when you lack the prerequisite algebra and trig skills... sorry just venting.
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