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  1. My nephew graduated from St. Eds in '17 - currently at UC now.
  2. Reserved.... Admins can edit this to add thanks A big thank you to our first booster of 2019-20 gonzoron and thank you to WWFan CoachPHD
  3. Be the first to be added to the new group by donating at least $25 to the operation of the site. The link is above the forums this year rather than in the sidebar. I really could use $200 in the account by Monday so I don't have to answer to my wife again on the question "Why are we paying for all of this?" when I pay the hosting fee. 🙂
  4. ...CONFIRMED This is a bug in this current release. It is fixed in 4.4.3 which is due to release sometime in the next few weeks.
  5. I know what it is supposed to be... but not sure why it is messed up. It should be: fan, coach, parent, etc...
  6. where did those come from...? Nope not me.
  7. That is something I am yet to set up...
  8. Here's the documentation they provided:
  9. Wife: What are you staring at? Me: what? um, oh, just your pretty new fixtures. You really know how to light up a house.
  10. Well, that took a long time. Sorry, had to stop what I was doing and deal with other obligations. That said, welcome to the shiny new version 4.4 of Invision's software.
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