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  1. Do we have anyone experienced with using and configuring SeLinux onboard? And who would be willing to discuss the issues I'm having that are causing the problems with the forum. If so PM me... If you don't know what that is, that is ok just move on. 🙂
  2. sure, just pick the cash/check option and it will give you my mailing address
  3. I am already felling it. It was a long 8 week summer session. It's the first summer I've worked in a number of years. Right now... I feel it wasn't worth it.
  4. A couple female coworkers were discussing weather this week. One of them said that she liked snow and then started complaining about the weather man promising a foot and then she'd be disappointed because she only got a couple inches. To which I interjected into their conversation, "is this weather man someone you found on Tinder?" To which she seemed confused, but the second lady started choking on her lunch. Swear to God I thought I was going to have to make a call to 911 for her.
  5. 1st week... well 1st full week any way.
  6. That should be a temporary fix... for posting now. Trying to fit this in between classes and office hours. Usually office hours are free time :). I just got rid of a young lady who sat in here for almost 3 hours all by crying. Calc II is hard any how, but it's really hard when you lack the prerequisite algebra and trig skills... sorry just venting.
  7. It seems like there is usually an early season hiccup too. Perhaps it's the increase in traffic, perhaps is coincidental...
  8. Every little bit helps. My services are free, but you have to wait for me to fit anything needing work here into my normal work flow. One my wish list for here, I need a couple drives and want some RAM: Drives such as this one (we need two as replacements for aging drive, but the server would hold eight of them): https://www.newegg.com/p/1Z4-00WE-00082 RAM such as this set would fill the machine and replace a couple failing sticks that are throwing errors right now: https://cloudninjas.com/products/dell-288gb-18-x-16gb-ddr3-1333-mhz-pc3-10600r-ecc-registered-server-memory-upgrade-kit Those two things would go a long way towards seeing our 2011 server last many more years. ...just a wish list since you ask, but I wouldn't sent them back if then showed up on my stoop. 🙂
  9. Anything you find that appears to be broken by all means leave me a not in here. I'm still tracking issue, but at least it appears the basic functionality has been restored.
  10. ...for the downtime this week. My main reason for making this post is really to test. This 'thing' has been a pain in my back side this week. Carry on, enjoy yourselves.
  11. I'm having all sorts of backend issue right now. I will continue working on those known issue and hopefully it fixes this too. If not I'll check it out next.
  12. Every time it comes up, the neighborhood fights it. They won't allow lights to go up. Many a softball game has been called early there for darkness. :-/ If that attitude has changed I haven't seen it yet. I have several friends who live just east of Lane M.S. and I know they don't care one way or the other (at least they wouldn't fight it).
  13. I think you are correct. I'm a little shocked honestly. $850 from 19 donations in barely 12 hours... Thanks again everyone!
  14. Thanks all. Yes that are also some new features. I haven't even had time to check them out myself. I have everyone up through right now caught up with your booster status.
  15. Thanks for the quick response. I don't have the time to call out each and every name individually, but know you are appreciated for you generous support. I will try to keep up with crediting those who donate with their booster tag, but If I get behind, I apologize now.
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