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  1. DK_Barons

    What is a "Dude?"

    It's an annoying filler word.
  2. DK_Barons

    GID Now Secure

    I am making another round of changes today. These will force people to abandon old outdated browsers. The site will no longer work on them. The only issue I see with this is if a school just isn't up to date with their software and you can't upgrade your own machine then there may be a problem. The correct solution is for them to upgrade though not for us to stay behind. Right now we get a C rating for security. I am working on improving it. https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=gridirondigest.net
  3. DK_Barons

    GID Now Secure

    The donation link is on the left of the home page on a PC and at the top on a tablet or phone.
  4. DK_Barons

    GID Now Secure

    That cost did cover 2 year... If we meet our posted goal, we are golden for the year. If you still have a screen shot of the pop up with the QR code share it here. Two step authentication is where everything is headed. Google has offered it for years, Apple followed suit and now any financial institution uses it in some form. Examples are the Google Authenticaion app like the forum is uing, security questions like what street did you live on at age 10, push or text codes snt that have to be entered before gaining access after logging in, etc...
  5. DK_Barons

    GID Now Secure

    Yes, it is... It only cost me $279 of our donations so far to buy the certificate. And a dozen hours or so to update my skill set and implement it. ...and the mod/admin level accounts are now on 2 step verification to log in and it may be coming soon to all.
  6. DK_Barons

    Final Donation Plea

    Thanks guys... It's $105 /month though. We covered May and have a start on June. A few more will take us to what we consider our calendar year and we will start rolling out the new booster tag and start fundraising for the 2018-19 school year. Get the donation meter to $2100 and we are good through July 1.
  7. http://www.fellerandclark.com/notices/Ron-Kock
  8. No, and this stupid class system needs to be abandoned like we abandoned the Vietnam War. Just turn our backs on it and pretend it never happened.
  9. DK_Barons


    It appears that if you had a different address on the old forum and used the same handle here. The handle in the old posts was modified with an ID number appended to it. For example look up Stryker.
  10. DK_Barons


    The archives will be closed soon... Not to worry. They are all here. Not only the 2003-2013 TGD posts but the b-ball forum as well. Those that have accts at each place and used the same email through out are now merged into one account. I you have accounts at either or both sites and the emails registered were different you have multiple accounts here now. If you would like them merged together post the user name of both and I will take care of it. No the old OOB posts were dumped some time ago. We just kept the THD main forum database posts.
  11. DK_Barons

    Grindirondigest Twitter Account

    No bumping... LOL That is the reason for the "must be followed by... rule is in play. You wouldn't want just anyone's post using #tgd getting retweeted.