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  1. Q Yes. 1 point for each postseason championship won. 6 points in a two year cycle = bump
  2. If GS lost a 7-on-7 game it could only be due to injuries. Apparently, they simply don't lose when healthy but really suck when it comes to thigh bruises and groin strains
  3. Girls basketball has played the last two seasons. Can't recall any recent match-ups on the boys side.
  4. Finally heard back from someone who attend this game. Turns out we had 2 OL banged up, and our all-conf JV LB missed the 2nd half.
  5. 2 things.... #1 - IME, Fort Branch has the worst muffins around. They're musty, dry, and smell like they were baked in a fish tank 🤮. OTOH, Miner City is world renowned for the quality of our muffins. They're always fresh, warm, and moist! #2 - We have no use for Telecom Engineers around these parts. Until we get some rural cell service up here, all Telecom Engineers risk being shot on sight
  6. Are you Esso Ayche & Titan32 or do you just randomly answer questions directed towards others?
  7. You coming to the Reitz Bowl Friday? Or does your freshman team have a game?
  8. Injuries are expected this time of year. As are excuses from Gibson Southern after a tournament loss.
  9. Linton hasn't played a clean game all year. We have spurts every game we look unstoppable, but also spurts we look very beatable. Hard to explain. Has to be 4 quarters of our best football next Friday or we don't stand a chance.
  10. Bluffton @ Luers - Luers wins big. Running clock. 56-7 FWBL LCC @ Andrean - Upset of the week. 28-24 Central Catholic Mater Dei @ Triton Central - Like TC here. Think they control the LOS on both sides & force MD to be one dimensional. 24-14 TC Lapel @ Linton - Lapel's better than their record. Finally healthy and playing their best football. Power run game with Big O line & workhorse RB. Freshman gunslinger at QB. Had they been healthy & played all season as they are now, record would be 9-3, possibly 10-2. Can't ignore the 2.5hr+ bus ride however. Lapel keeps it close early, but if Linton gets up multiple scores I can see this one snowballing late. 42-14 Miners
  11. Cal Preps: 2022- 38 2012- 31 2022- 35 2015- 31 2022- 28 2016- 40 2022- 35 2021- 34 Be interesting to revisit when the season ends
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