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  1. Nothing to be honest Unless its GS & Southport hammers them today
  2. Congrats on the big Win! Nice to see the Warriors off to a strong start. Also good to see ND come out on top! Hopefully the Miners & Warriors can knock off a couple Big 8 teams next week as well. If North Knox beats Lincoln and Lincoln beats Jasper...is North Knox the 2019 Big 8 champs?
  3. So who was the best athlete on the field???
  4. Can't this be handled via pm? Or do we all have to be judges in this d!ck measuring contest??
  5. You heard correct. The Coyotes politely declined.
  6. Monrovia punted on 3rd down. WTH? Looks to be a long season for Monrovia fans. I know they lost some players, but goodness...this doesn't look anything like the Bulldog teams we've seen in prior years.
  7. North Knox 65 Eastern Greene 0 North Daviess 28 North Central (F) 0 Riverton Parke 22 Fountain Central 20 All Final
  8. Linton 35 Sullivan 12 final Southridge 21 Jasper 17 4q
  9. I don't see home field having much of an effect on this game. As for who wins, too many uncertainties for me to pick a side, other than I lean Sullivan if close and Linton If it's lopsided. This group from Linton is talented enough to overwhelm teams that aren't as athletic or as physical. Their weakness has been showing they can win close games. Bone-headed mistakes, blown coverages/assignments, turnovers, and an inability to flush the previous play have been their demise against teams that match up physically. On the flip side I wasn't impressed with Sullivan's run game at all vs NK. If their line play struggles again tonight it will be ugly. I really think this game is more about Linton than the Arrows. Do we overwhelm them with better talent? Do we beat ourselves? Or do we start figuring how to win vs like teams? If this group of Miners figure out "winning" they'll have a great season and be a tough out for any 2A come tourney time. If not...going to be a long, frustrating season.
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