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  1. Your predictions have been pretty bad this post season. Consider this a good sign for NP.
  2. This will be a much, much closer game than most expect. Mater Dei is going to have their hands full. Just my uneducated & uninformed opinion of course 😉
  3. We aren't playing those bums until they upgrade their endzone cameras.
  4. Cass has some biggins up front. Their backs are athletic & extremely physical. They refused to be tackled vs Pioneer. Pneumatic sledgehammers
  5. That's ballsy. I see no reason why WeBo isn't the south favorite. Defending champs. I haven't checked Calpreps, Sagarin has them #1 in the south...on a neutral field they would be favored by 2 points over L-S & 4 over MD. Personally, I believe Triton Central will be a tough out as well
  6. Really? If we beat MD by multiple scores I would be estatic and leave the Bowl with a huge smile on my face. Not my expectation however.
  7. Donoven McKinney (Sullivan #8) and his family need everyone's prayers. Donoven suffered a movement/spinal cord injury during last night's game. Lot's of concern locally for this kid. The more prayers, the better.
  8. Yes. It's not even close. They've held everyone below their average, held many to their season low, and allowed >14 only once. Mater Dei is 2nd in the SIAC conference in points allowed and 1st in points scored. That includes games against 4A's #6 & #7 teams. Per Sagarin, MD's played 5 teams ranked 125 or better; 3 of those in the top 80. They finish the regular season vs Reitz (#129).
  9. If I had to pick the order knowing Linton has to face MD & NK in consecutive weeks, I rather MD 1st. NK & MD both play a physical style that's likely to leave a few lingering bumps and bruises. I'd rather play NK a little sore than MD. Looking down the road...if Linton and NK would square off for the 40 crown, Warrior Field will be rocking!!!
  10. I agree. Did I say something different? My point was instead of Linton and Mater Dei playing in the championship they will in round 2, which compared to some other draws, isn't that bad. Sectional 40 lined up pretty well. Pioneer, Cass, Avon, Brownsburg, and others have much worse draws. If Linton swaps with NK how would you feel?
  11. Have you even looked at some of the other draws? What makes sectional 40 "insane"? It's actually a pretty fair draw for everyone. In a seeded bracket Linton and Mater Dei would be set to play in the final (in Evansville). Instead, that game will be a week earlier if both teams get there. Not really that big of a deal. Several sectionals are much, much worse. I would say 40 is one of the more accurate draws if you compared it to an actual seeded format.
  12. Could you expand on why you feel that way? Not saying your wrong. Mater Dei is obviously one the 2A favorites, but Linton isn't too bad either. Admittedly, I know nothing about MD this season other than they've been very competitive in a conference full of bigger schools. I would expect them to be fundamentally sound, probably not prone to beating themselves. Undoubtedly with their schedule, they've played a team or two better than Linton. My biggest concern is an opponent with a strong passing game and excellent run D. I see they've only allowed more than 14 points once. That's very impressive against their schedule! Our pass D has been our soft spot, and while Goodman's had an excellent season throwing the ball I'm not sure how well we'd do if the run was shut down and we had to be a pass first team. Of course none that matters if we don't clean up some mistakes that keep lingering.
  13. 45 was one of the few to come out reasonably close. Adjust for FC/RP/Covington and it would be just about right. The semi finals could look basically the same as they would if it were seeded and the favorites won. Even keeps the two favorites on opposite sides and the most likely darkhorse on the side of the bracket with what would be the #2 seed. The ping pongers were pretty good for sectional 45.
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