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  1. Really good write up on North’s rising underclassmen on HHF’s FB page. I’m sure whoever will be the North QB will enjoy being behind that O-line, while having plenty of weapons to choose from.
  2. Will be an interesting matchup for sure, 2 defending state champions going at it (Did SW win Kentucky 5A?). No idea if SW was senior heavy or not
  3. GS vs South Warren rematch, that should be a great one
  4. Bosse’s Ashon Steward has received an offer from Bethany College. Also this went over my head, but Memorial’s Jonny Shea committed to LWC earlier this month
  5. I am intrigued where Reitz and North will end up these next couple of years, both have experience coming into the season, especially Reitz's Defense with 8 or 9 returning starters. And North having some nice weapons on their offense too, Mitchell, Harris, St. Louis, and Northington, although QB is a question mark. Central is a question mark for this season, as I have heard stuff, but I think Coach Zirkelbach can get it done there, but it will take some time.
  6. I’m sure there will be other visits in the near future that he will be around
  7. I know some juniors around here got invited to their Junior Day
  8. Ball State’s DC visited Bosse today and I’m sure some other schools potentially
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