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  1. Bosse’s Wagner received an PWO from IU
  2. Give me the best version of S32 or give me death!
  3. Will be interesting to see the sectional realignments later this week
  4. Congratulations to Castle’s Patterson who just committed to NIU!
  5. All I know it’s a paint issue, but there has to more to this.
  6. $16 million repairs are heading towards to the Reitz Bowl and Enlow Field for remediation
  7. Castle’s DL Patterson and LB Leach both received scholarship offers from NIU today
  8. Definitely will be in my Top 3 predictions, I believe that Soph QB they have could be QB1.
  9. Every loves Sectional 32….I mean Sectional 30 now. Would be nice if they switched back over to S32, but I doubt it
  10. A little 2024 football preview/prediction from Sokeland: https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2023/12/26/evansville-area-high-school-sports-predictions-2024/71931565007/
  11. Besides Mater Dei (Close to the 3A/2A cut), looks correct to me. Do you know when the sectional realignments come out?
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