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  1. Glad Reitz is getting a new turf, seems like edges were always messed up
  2. Hmmm, I saw it too, but haven’t found any information
  3. Memorial’s football summer camp will be on June, 1-2 and June, 14-15 More information here:
  4. ZirkelBach has a mechanical engineering degree and Secondary education
  5. Congratulations to the NEW Head Coach of the Bears!
  6. Lol, I can’t find any of the coaching staff on MaxPreps...hahaha
  7. Spill the beans @Football Fanatic! can’t keep me waiting!
  8. South All Star players from the SIAC Colton Pence and Blake Mann Congrats on those young men and their accomplishments the last 4 years!
  9. Missing the pregame tailgates, hopefully we have those again
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