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  1. Judging on my research, Vincennes at Reitz is going to be a very fun matchup. Vincennes defense will be much improved and returns 9 starters on it. Currently have Vincennes returning around 14 starters and Reitz returning around 16 starters. I already have Mater Dei, Memorial, Castle, Reitz and Vincennes all done.
  2. SIAC returning production should be posted next week
  3. FINAL TEAM STATS THRU WEEK 15. Some numbers are different due to number of games Team PPG Reitz 35.6 PPG Vincennes 29.6 PPG Castle 29.1 PPG Mater Dei 29.2 PPG Memorial 26.8 PPG North 24.0 PPG Jasper 26.2 PPG Harrison 17.5 PPG Bosse 12.20 PPG Central 2.6 PPG Team Defensive PPG Allowed Reitz 12.7 PPG Mater Dei 13.7 PPG North 17.2 PPG Memorial 17.3 PPG Castle 18.9 PPG Jasper 19.8 PPG Vincennes 25.8 PPG Harrison 29.6 PPG Central 39.3 PPG Bosse 40.8 PPG Team Offensive YPG Reitz 377.2 YPG Vincennes 343.7 YPG Mater Dei 337.7 YPG Memorial 312.2 YPG Jasper 305.08 YPG North 305.1 YPG Castle 292.3 YPG Bosse 228.2 YPG Harrison 181.7 YPG* (No Week 8 or 10 Stats) Central 96.8 YPG* (No Week 7 or Week 9 Stats) Team Passing Defense(allowed) Reitz 73.1 YPG (804 yards) Memorial 94.4 YPG (1227 yards) Mater Dei 104.2 YPG (1250 yards)*(No Week 8 Harrison O stats, No Tell City or NP) Castle 104.5 YPG (1359 yards) Harrison 105.2 YPG (947 yards)*(No Week 7 Central O stats) Bosse 126.8 YPG (1268 yards) North 142.9 YPG (1572 yards)* (No Week 9 Central O stats)- DNP Jasper 143.1 YPG (1431 yards) Central 161.5 YPG (1615 yards) Vincennes 171.7 YPG (1717 yards) Team Rushing Defense (allowed) North 83 YPG (913 yards)* (No Week 9 Central stats) Jasper 99.4 YPG (994 yards) Mater Dei 121.4 YPG (1700 yards)*(No Week 8 Harrison stats) Reitz 134.8 YPG (1483 yards) Memorial 152.2 YPG (1978 yards) Vincennes 158.6 YPG (1586 yards) Harrison 175.8 YPG (1582 yards)* (No Week 7 Central stats) Castle 181.5 YPG (2360 yards) Central 197.0 YPG (1970 yards) Bosse 231.6 YPG (2316 yards)
  4. To add on, did not know Greg Schaefer has been coaching since then, again, I do not follow Wrestling closely
  5. Oh…I thought he kept it going before they won state a couple of years ago.
  6. Most coaches would call it quits, but I think he keeps on going, however, he did recently retire from Wrestling too. We will let the MD insiders answer this one
  7. They lose 12 starters, but their main Offensive trio returns
  8. And time for the 2023 season talk! Some questions for next year: Can the Wildcats repeat as 2A State Champions? Does Reitz finally get over the hump and win S24? Obviously the preseason favorite, but crazier things can happen. Who wins in Vincennes at Reitz in Week 2? Who was the best schedule to set them up for the regular season? Jasper, Castle potential SIAC contenders? How will the Tigers respond from losing an heavy senior class? How will Bosse, Central, and Harrison look for next year? Can the Huskies be a SIAC dark horse?
  9. EC the 4A favorite for next year? Pretty sure they do not lose much
  10. Your 4A State Champion, East Central Trojans! Final: East Central-37 New Prairie- 7
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