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  1. A lot better from last year.. Coach H is a good hire, even though we are 7-8. Can’t wait for the future for the Boy’s team
  2. Zoomed in, there are some areas Bosse could absorb from the North District, if another realignment is planned Wow, I did not know it’s been 30 years, always thought they redid it when the new North opened
  3. I have a feeling they will start shifting the districts soon again Here is the map for people who can’t find it https://district.evscschools.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_74688/File/About Us/Attendance Districts/evsc-building-map.pdf
  4. I think it’s rising to be one finally, loads of good teams year in and year our in all the classes. Basketball will still be king though. Don’t count out Soccer too( maybe because I’m spoiled).
  5. Updated pre season 1. Memorial(-) 2. Mater Dei(-) 3. Castle (-) 4. Jasper (-) 5. Reitz(+1) 6*. North(+1) 6*. Central(-1) 8. VL(-) 9. Bosse(-) 10. Harrison(-)
  6. I’m sure they will hire someone around April, or right before Summer practices
  7. I think it could be one of the assistant coaches, go for an interim hire
  8. I think Central’s Administration was stunned with the resignation, I never expected it Maybe an interim hire for a year?
  9. So, with Coultis gone, where does Central turn too. I do not know who they have in their mind
  10. Reitz or North in my opinion, there is still not a lot of information on what is happening
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