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  1. I completely agree JR Hazelwood 6’3 330 JR Dixon 5’10 280 Soph Brasher 6’3 290 Replacing experienced players in Mooney and Hatt will hurt. But I’m sure the Huskies got players up for the challenge Thomas, Vera, Burnett all fast players for Brunson Jasper has proven themselves so far, if they beat Memorial in Week 1, watch out for Lewis’ Wildcats
  2. The 1993 Roncalli vs Memorial SS game is on Youtube, not all of it, but around 40 minutes
  3. I have been so accustomed to adding the ‘s’ to Goebel that it just flies over my head
  4. Mid Summer Power Rankings- slimmed down version 1. Mater Dei (Coach Goebels is a mastermind and gunning for that 2A Crown) 2. Memorial (Some shoes to fill, but the Tigers will be solid behind another massive OL and O) 3. Jasper (It’s Jasper, those tricky Wildcats coached by Lewis) 4. Reitz (Barely edges Castle right now, but the Offense is shaping up, although new faces in the trenches) 5. Castle (If they figure out the QB and replacing some D1 talent on the OL, Castle will skyrocket in the rankings) 6. North (Losing experience Offensive players hurt, but North should achieve another winning regular season) 7. Bosse (Mullen is the right hire for the Dawgs, it will take some time) 8. Central (Tricky stuff in the Bear Den, but Coach Z will get the Bears back in shape eventually) 9. Vincennes Lincoln (Seems like it’s gloomy over in Lincoln, for the regular season at least) 10. Harrison (Losing Xavier Thomas hurts a lot in the backfield, but TE 6’6 Brooks Thomas will be a force to be reckon with in the future)
  5. Thank you! I try my best to keep the Thread running and sparking up conversations on a regular basis.
  6. Haha, while I do love some PACtion every once in a while, I’m sure someone in that thread will do one as I’m not totally connected to the Conference. I’ll release an final SIAC preseason ranking right before Week 0. Cause the Top 5 are going to be interesting
  7. Thanks, which GID had an 24 hour edit button. Also, my power rankings are completely unbiased and somewhat reasonable. If you have any questions just ask!
  8. Mid-Summer Preseason Power Rankings 1. Mater Dei Coming off the 2A State Run in November, Mater Dei is looking like one of the preseason favorites for the SIAC and contender for 2A again. With QB Wunderlich, Stolz, Pierre and Martin returning, MD’s O should be having another formidable offense, although losing McDurmon hurts in the receiving game. Defensively they take a massive hit losing Martin, Ralph, Wolters and Boots, but returns key parts in Darr, C. Martin, Adler, Spencer in experience. Also never count against Goebels in Football, as the Wildcats are gunning for another deep run. 2. Memorial Coming off from another deep run in the 4A SS and 1 half away from being in LOS again, the Tigers are definitely one of the favorites in the SIAC. With another big OL shaping up, receivers in Collins, Brackett, Pearce and more. QB Ellspermann will have plenty to choose from, but questions loom who will be the RB on the season. There are some questions on the Defense, due to it being hit hard from graduates, but Coach Johnson will shape it up. As Hurley and theTigers are hoping to see another deep run in November. 3. Jasper The reigning 9-0 SIAC Champion will be gunning to repeat and contend in the SIAC again, as the Cats have proven they can stay in the race. While they did suffer an unfortunate loss in the first round of the sectional, the Cats will it use for motivation this season. Although losing Foley and Day will hurt on the O, Jasper will find their way. On the defensive end, Blair might be of the best DBs in the conference, unfortunately, Jasper does not provide accessible stats to the public, so my knowledge is limited in returning production. Just a gut feeling that they will place in the Top 3 4. Reitz An unexpected ranking, Reitz is barely 4th in my power rankings, especially coming off last season. However, with the QB situation in Ben Davies solved and weapons in Burnett, Vera, Beal, Thomas and Summers, Reitz O will improve, but with new faces on the OL, Reitz might see a rocky start in the beginning. All eyes look at the Defense due to the Panthers returning nearly all of their starters from last season, there will be a lot of pressure on the defense for improvement. Can Coach Brunson finally get his first winning season in the SIAC? 5. Castle An very, very expected ranking for the Knights in Paradise as Castle was looking like a preseason favorite. While their ranking can change, they currently sit at 5. With confirmation of QB Tilly retiring from football to focus on his Baseball career, an QB competition is underway in Paradise between Gordon and Harper. Who ever is under center this fall will have Guerizini, Harris, Bishop, and Aigner to throw too. Castle’s Defense is going to be one of the best in the SIAC, if they can get their offense set up, watch out for the Knights. 6. North The Huskies are so, so close in achieving an overall winning season, while I do think they are underrated and can pull off an upset or 2. They do lose key important parts in QB Brawdy, RB Hankins, WR Gelhausen and some on the OL. However, with a great RB and WR Mitchell returning with a nice OL, North’s offense shouldn’t be that bad at all. Defensively, they were young with not a whole lot of seniors, but loses MLB Happe. Going to be a tough 4 weeks for the Huskies, which will say a lot. 7. Bosse With 1 play away from an sectional championship appearance, Mullen and Co got their heads high for Bulldog football. With RB Jaiden Thomas coming back and WR Amari Hope returning will be a nice combo for the Dawgs. But losing a lot on the defensive end too. While it may be a while to see Bosse seeing continued success, for some reason I can see them getting to 3-4 wins potentially. 8. Central Seems like the Bears are in a little dark age after continued success. But with a rumor going around saying that QB Herdes might not be done does shed some light for the Bears. However, their problems are far from over as it seems like another difficult season will be coming for the Bears. Coach Z has his hands full, but he is about to challenge. 9. Vincennes Lincoln With an surprising run in the Sectional Final, which came down to the last Quarter, VL surprised people with their Sectional run. However, there is uncertainty whether or not SIAC is great fit for VL judging by reports in February. The future doesn’t look too good for the Alices, but maybe they can grab another win before the postseason. 10. Harrison Nothing much to say about Harrison other than that Brooks Thomas might be the best TE in the SIAC at a whopping 6’6 240. Going to be a long year for the Warriors as many, many questions are high. Losing your best defensive player does hurt a lot.
  9. Hopefully Collins is able to make it through his knee problem, integral part to the DL. Don’t recognize the Seward kid at all, but I do know Wade has gained a lot of weight.
  10. Pretty big projected line for Memorial LT- Cassidy 6’4 250 LG- Weinzapfel 6’2 245 C- Vaughn 5’11? 265 (Don’t know the other names involved in the position) RG- Waller 6’3 245 (No idea if Hartig takes it back or who else takes it) RT- Hartig 6’6 290 rest of the O: QB- Ellspermann RB- Rode*/Baker WR- Collins, Pearce, Johnson, McGuire, Brackett, etc.. Defensively, that line should be pretty big, C. Johnson leads the way in the LB Corp, but I do agree with us having troubles on protecting the outside. Which is something I noticed last year too
  11. Thanks for insight Titan! Hope the PAC will represent 3A again!
  12. How did the overall event go? Haven’t heard much about it
  13. Well, he is pretty flexible on those positions, Miami might make him a Tackle due to his height/weight
  14. If I had to guess LT- Cassidy LG- Weinzapfel C- ? RG- Hartig RT- ? Waller Makes sense, however, in Coach Johnson we trust
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