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  1. Brasher, Hazelwood, Davis, Reeves, and K. Hazelwood. Huge OL right there
  2. Just saw North’s Hazelwood has been offered by Miami (OH), huge returning lineman for the Huskies
  3. Since we are talking about parody accounts…what ever happened to Juan Hurley?
  4. Extremely good point about VL if they want to compete for the SIAC crown. Have to win a handful of tough road games. Reitz, on the other hand, has to deal with Jasper and Castle on the road
  5. Once we figure out our trenches, we should field a pretty good team. But it’s going to take a couple of games for them to mold inmo. That is why Memorial is currently in the 4-7 range for the time being
  6. I predict a 7-way tie for the SIAC because why not
  7. Reitz vs East Central in the Regional Championship maybe? Oh boy that would be a fun to watch
  8. Memorial’s 2020 class either had 27 or 28
  9. I meant entire offense btw, dang you 5 minute edit timer
  10. Pretty much the same tier on what I have, Tier 2 is going to be such a tossup, since a lot of factors are involved. Like Mater Dei pretty redoing their entire defense or Castle replacing some of their strong defensive players like Purdy. In my opinion, this season is going to feel like a the B10 basketball conference games. Who knows what will happen between 2 and 7
  11. Let’s stir up some conversation..Preliminary March SIAC Power Rankings 1. Reitz (They are going to be tough all season long) 2. Vincennes (Can the Alices live up the preseason hype?) 3. Jasper (Already know they will finish Top 4 somehow) 4. Castle (Definitely a wildcard, but they seem to compete) 5. North (Returns a majority of their starters, can the trenches hold up?) 6. Memorial (They got athletes, huge questions on the trenches, we will see what Hurley does) 6. Mater Dei (Defense is going to improve, however, entire offense is pretty much gone, but they do have Coach Goebel) 8. Bosse (Wagner/Tomilson duo is going fun, but let the foundation build up) 9. Harrison (They have their QB in Brown and has players to throw too, in the same boat with Bosse) 10. Central (No coach right and looking at 5 different coaches in 7 seasons, lots of uncertainty about Central)
  12. Just saw Memorial’s Carac Johnson committing to Wabash this morning!
  13. Mater Dei’s Mason Wunderlich commits to UT-Martin! Love it when SIAC kids play at the next level
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