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  1. Damn near close to 2A enrollment if you ask me, so it is impressive
  2. I saw the 2A preseason rankings first, and thought that was a good place for MD at 3. Then I saw the other ones and was very surprised. I think Memorial should be around the Top 7 mark, Jasper Top 10. Then Castle in the Top 10 too. I do think if North does have a good season, they will be ranked sometime too
  3. Football Digest preseason 5A: Castle- not ranked North-not ranked 4A: 10-Memorial Jasper-not ranked Central- not ranked 2A: 3- Mater Dei
  4. Yes, they do return some solid players too. Should be a good team this year. Question mark is Central and how they will overcome the season.
  5. Now that is beautiful! Which part of Alaska did you stay in?
  6. here is the link to the memorial one
  7. I believe C&P are working on the pre season reviews
  8. Best evsc school in football the last few years
  9. That 2019 game against Reitz was a hell of a battle
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