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  1. I give Coach Goebel that award, as well!! Ha While the Rangers are legitimately 4-5 plays away from winning 5-6 games, right now, MD is king of Sectional 40 until someone knocks them off (obviously).
  2. We would love to do that again, as well, in Ranger Land. Still bummed about the IHSAA "frozen enrollment," as we would have had a really good shot at being down to 1A. Obviously, understand how/why this happened. 8 starters back on both sides of the ball, many with 2-3 years of varsity experience, 13 incoming seniors, just bad timing. Oh well, we just hope to be competitive in the conference and keep the culture/expectations moving the direction, they are currently heading.
  3. Forest Park returns 7 starters on both sides of the ball. There is definitely some optimism of continuing to build on the last couple of years. I do feel that if the Rangers could get down to 1A (right on the cut line as the numbers look now), they could definitely compete for that 1A sectional title!
  4. Heading into the 4th, score remains 35-14. Southridge Football.
  5. Agree oldtimeqb. Gasser just needs a little seam! 28-7 halftime
  6. Gasser runs KO back, 28-7 Raiders. 29 seconds left, 2nd Q
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