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  1. Holtman doades was tonight...he had four rushing tds
  2. It should have been 40-20...but, late long defensive td got called back...
  3. troy Noland is by far the best athlete on the field...but, those two kids are good also...I really dont pay attention to vincennes...just heard their offense is not good.
  4. heritage hills Mt Carmel North Knox Mt Vernon Washington
  5. I thought it would be interesting to look at...I am going to try to do it every week from now on...if i have the time.
  6. 121 correct 30 missed...one picked exactly...lol missed 19.86% of the games if my math is correct finsihed predictions for 3rd week.xlsx
  7. if anyone else wants to...I am attaching excel sheet with games and his predictions...along with a row for marking corrections and final score. john harrell predictions.xlsx
  8. North Knox and North Central are starting one this year...It is a carved out feather...each side is going to be painted in school colors...the start of the feather at NK was when North Centrals head coach was at North Knox...it's something both head coaches relate to...lol...whether that is true or not...lol
  9. Booneville by 2 scores... Unless Vincennes gets some offense going...to keep up with Booneville.
  10. Heritage Hills at Tell City North Posey at Mount Vernon Perry Central at Forest Park South Spencer at Gibson Southern Southridge at Jasper Tecumseh at Pike Central
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