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  1. North knox has officially hired Dan Crabtree...who had recently been a coach at Princeton.
  2. we play there every other year...always end up with a kid with asphalt rash...very dangerous...
  3. Sounds to me like it could still happen...from what i heard! GS and Booneville
  4. I think the Spring practices helped this year...that was a good idea.
  5. Pretty stand up guy...he will be missed... On a side note...he was my driving instructor and every time we would drive he would take us all out to eat before we would head home!
  6. they are week 4, 6, and 9...doubt that will help...lol...oh well!
  7. I just realized at our coaches meeting last night...we(NK)will probably have to find 3 new teams if this goes through...we have booneville, Vincennes, and Washington on the schedule...yikes!
  8. I can scan articles and stat lines from NKvs Linton probably from 91-95 if you want them...
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