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  1. I think it will be a good matchup...Southmont is big and physical...also quick! They threw the ball exceptionally well...for a team that wasn't suppose too...lol I think Linton will win, but, Southmont might surprise them!
  2. any suggestions...OV vs GS...Linton and Southmont...any other good suggestions!
  3. So, someone give me some thoughts on Tecumseh...anyone on here seen them play?
  4. we were suppose to play them in jv monday...was told they went to eight man...
  5. NK scrimmaged them at Evansville north this year...big back and a couple of speedy receivers...but, you guys should win fairly easily...my opinion!
  6. I dont think it will be regionals...it would have to be semi state
  7. North Knox, Evansville North, Heritage Hills, and Terre Haute South scrimmaged last Wednesday...I thought it turned out well...weather was perfect!
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