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  1. I guarantee NK will not overlook anyone...I know most of the coaches fairly well, I know none of them will overlook anyone. Love your write ups...
  2. I feel as though we will score more then them...we just need to stop them a few times...lol
  3. Like WW has theirs locked down? jk...give me some insight on Paoli...
  4. no doubt about it...but, they will have to play mistake free...it will be a good semifinal match...
  5. SECTIONAL 40 [BRACKET] North Posey [6-2] at Crawford County [2-4] South Spencer [3-5] at North Knox [6-2] Linton-Stockton [8-0] at Tell City [5-3] Forest Park [3-5] at Evansville Mater Dei [6-2] I'm sure Mater Dei is the favorite to most...but, a pretty competitive sectional.
  6. I have seen a lot of wrestling coaches walk away from a seeding meeting not happy!
  7. Number one for sure... exactly...you are going to have to play them in one of the weeks anyway...who cares which week...
  8. NK would like to join small school side 🙂 just for football...
  9. every week to condition the ball...but, a lot of the times...The balls are so slick when they come out of the box...
  10. we use the same thing...and no one has ever said anything...hmmm
  11. Last year the regular season ended with 12 undefeated teams...how many this year? over/under last years 12...there is 19 now...lol
  12. ok here it goes: here are wins and losses this year so for for 305 teams I counted 0 wins-29 teams 1 win-34 team 2 win-53 teams 3 win-46 teams 4 win-47 teams 5 win-46 teams 6 win-34 teams 7 win-16 teams out of the 29 0 win teams there are 4 games were 0wins vs 0wins play...so, at least 4 will have a win next week there are 19 undefeated teams...16 that are 7-0, 2 that are 6-0, and 1 that is 5-0... Like I said...I was really bored and thought there was a lot teams with no wins...so, i just started counting...everyone have a great week...cant wait until sectional draw.
  13. We lost to Mater Dei in second round last year...we beat forest park 59 to 15 in first round last year...fyi...lol
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