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  1. Miner pride kinda said it in his second sentence. Thats the way i take it.
  2. I saw that an was curious about that. Is it something that i can find video on or something
  3. What happened to webber? Why did he leave, or was he gonna get fired?
  4. Where would they get the tenderloins from?
  5. It seems like there isnt much talk on here at all, an not just Linton. I know the sites been down lately, but really even before that.
  6. Ya i know its just the dang thought. they all basically brand new. Never worn them last year. An probably only done 1 maybe 2 games year before.
  7. Ya it sucks i just started doing this probably back in 19. So obviously i got all new, now got turn around an buy them again. So dont really look like I'll be doing any games any time soon.
  8. So say you do 5 different sports. You basically have to go out an buy brand new shirts for every sport. Since they dont send out patches no more, correct?
  9. For some reason the first time i ever went down to Lawrenceburg, it reminded me of that movie lol.
  10. Heard last night on the news vigo county school board was gonna consolidate cple elementary schools. Could this possibly be a start for further considerations?
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