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  1. This reminds me if Dugger The field that Mudda posted
  2. Hate to say it but he seems to get butt hurt alot anytime someone says something here an on the football side. I'm from Linton an seems like every time he says something I just roll my eyes
  3. How do delete this now since I know an feel like an idiot. An I think it's a cool idea.
  4. Ok I got ya I just thought just it was odd
  5. As I been driving today I went by Terre Haute South, south Putnam, an I get home at 1am an the lights are on here at Linton an nothing going on any of the fields. So just curious is there a reason? An are there other lights on
  6. Yes I remember going as a kid. Semi state was against south Putnam. I remember all of them in shorts. Even a few years later I remember I think against Monrovia snow on ground and whole coaching staff wearing short.
  7. I think the coldest/miserable ever been watching a game would be semi state against Eastern Habcock. That wind blowing across them fields.
  8. Unfortunately most ppl will save to 2hr drive an watch it at home.
  9. Ts32 I saw your column in the paper that you are leaving. I just wanted to say it's been nice reading your articles an coverage not only on Linton athletics but Greene County sports in general. Good luck on your next adventure
  10. Is jack plummer related to Jake plummer. Just wondering since thought I saw he was from Arizona
  11. Wonder out of curiosity how many teams have actually came back an won after being down 35
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