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  1. What sucks is Dugger probably wont even have enough kids to play.
  2. Whos all playing in GCI since eastern an Bloomfield isnt?
  3. Can someone tell me the website to that other basketball site. I can not think of the nsme of it. Thanks
  4. Ok thanks. I paid last night to watch other games an it sucked on my phone
  5. How can i watch the game on my TV? An not my phone, or is that nit possible?
  6. And its alot better you will get more out it on the radio. If you watch the stream its highly advised to turn off the sound.
  7. How would one find that sounds interesting?
  8. Kids do leave and have came to linton for other sports
  9. I dont know so much how about football, but you are very right about other sports.
  10. There needs to be a crying emoji, or whatever they are called.
  11. North knox gotta good concession stand, with the marinated turkey breast
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