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  1. You have to be delusional. It was literally the definition of targeting
  2. That was pure definition of targeting. Announcers act like nothing happen and Bowen is lucky to still be in the game right now
  3. Quite possibly the worst PI call I have seen that took away an MD first down and put them at 3rd and 18 and forced to punt.
  4. MD-7 Andrean 0 after the first. Andrean is putting on a nice little drive now but Bowen has gone off the field limping and has not came back
  5. Md goes up 7-0 after a td ti Stolz on the first drive. Had the run game rolling all drive and a couple completed passes. Great opening drive for the Wildcats!!
  6. MD needs to stack the box to slow down Bowen and trust the corners defensively. Offensively if they they can get the run game working just a little to open up the pass game I think Wunderlich can have himself a day and the cats can win. MD- 20 Andrean- 14
  7. Also went to Holy Redeemer which is a MD feder school
  8. Not sure what TV provider you have if you have cable… but they stream all state finals games on fox sports, or bally sports now
  9. Funny because every single player on the MD roster comes from an MD feder school🤣
  10. 2 scenarios here… 1. If md wins state and the sectional next year they will be moved up the following year. 2. If md loses state they would have to win the regional to be moved up to 3a the following year
  11. After watching the game last year I think if MD can stop Bowen they have a good chance. That is a big if tho… offensively for MD if they play how they did tonight it is going to be really tough to stop them
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